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    • Tonight, I played a round as Chemist, and someone was given an objective to assassinate me. The assassin tried to grab me twice, and got stopped by security both times. The first time, a security borg came along before the violence could get started. The second time, I called out for security's help because I was getting dragged out of the med chem lab and murdered along the way. If you really want to assassinate Katlyn Hudson, here's how you do it: - Ask for help. No really, that's it. Katlyn loves to help, and assumes the best about people. She is sometimes suspicious, but is never paranoid. If my assassin had said, "Hey, why are you hiding in this locker?" I would have come back with "Oh, I was just in the brig for giving Space Lube to the clown, and I saw a Prince of Terror spider come through. So I'm hiding until the spiders are dead." If my assassin came back with, "Yeah, sec killed them. Hey, would you make me some Space Lube?" ... that's it, now Katlyn can be lured just about anywhere. "I've got a sec encryption key. Let me see your headset, then you'll know if sec is going to arrest you again for making lube for me." ... it's almost too easy. If someone grabs me and tries to murderize me, yes, I'll jump immediately to "HELP SEC! MED MAINTS!" on the comms. If someone talks to me and only does non-lethal things (slip, stun baton, tape on mouth, apply cuffs, grab headset, etc.), I usually say 'OW!' or 'HEY!' and talk to them. Katlyn also has some character weaknesses than can be exploited fairly readily (these are recorded in IC medical records); - Katlyn loves Space Cola, and it can be used as a bribe. You won't get All-Access with it, but you might get a tour of the Captain's office. - Katlyn is terrified of bees. She often tries to get Sugar pills at the beginning of the shift, to ward against a Beesease outbreak. In a round where someone needs to steal something from Katlyn, just threatening to open an apiary in the same room is enough to accomplish that objective. "Now Captain, I don't want to open this apiary, but I need your Deluxe Jet Pack..." In short, if you are really robust, you can just grab/kill Katlyn before she can summon help. If you are less robust, all you need to do is talk. If you do win, I'm not going to be salty. You'll probably get a karma point, unless I've already spent it.  
    • No, it is not. The only person who is able to give Paroles at all, is the Captain or Magistrate. If an EoC is caught doing anything, even nothing but has everything pointing to them being an EoC, they are to be perma'd. If the EoC was standing around and flashed a e-sword. If the EoC was subjected to a random search and  class S contraband was found on them. If the EoC is able to deflect all ranged attacks. They are marked as an EoC and are to be dealt with as such. They can if they wish, but they are still an EoC as to KNOW it, you are admitting you are an EoC because you had Class S contraband and used it. It'd be the same as if you used an E-mag to e-mag the cargo console. Still an EoC, regardless of your claims.   You completely disregarded what I had said, since I said and I quote "WIZARD who taught you magic". If a Wizard taught you magic, they are a member of the SWF and learning magic from them makes you an SWF member. If a Syndicate Agent used Class S contraband to kill a target, regardless if they themselves are an EoC, they are still an EoC. If the Changeling killed an Agent, still an EoC. If the Vampire killed a Changeling, still an EoC. 1 good deal or merely saying "It's not illegal to KNOW the item" is completely wrong in terms of space law. If you KNOWING an illegal martial arts? You're an EoC. You carrying class S contraband, using or learning from it? Still an EoC. Again, it's the same as trying to say "Yeah, I found this holoparasite injector and handed it in. Oh what's that? It's used? Well yeah, I used it on myself. It's not illegal to OWN a holoparasite right?" Wrong, you're an EoC. To use Class S contraband marks you as an EoC, regardless of your intent, regardless of how you word or argue it. As pointed out by Denth, to know and use Class S contrband, even those that are used up, still classify you as an EoC and even Kyet says anyone who says otherwise is wrong.
    • Depending on the security team, legal team, and the exact writing of space law itself, it is very possible to argue against an EoC jail term, or jail at all from an IC perspective due to a lack of hard evidence to counter any claim you may make. It all depends if the various aspects of security are willing to listen as the exact writing of SL, does not specify that the martial art itself is a crime to know, only the scroll one could use to obtain it, while onboard a NanoTrasen station. The simple act of knowing it, is not listed, and thus it can be argued on an IC level.  This in no way guarantees you get away with it, but it is an option one can pursue if they wish. Abyos, you noted that knowing magic makes you a member of the SWF and that the fact you may know magic is a crime, though the lore page contradicts this  as well as SL and notes: "Wizards are unique individuals who have access to powers that defy scientific principles. Most are part of the Space Wizard Federation" Even if 80% are apart of the SWF, there is still a chance that such a magic user is not apart of the SWF. SL itself does not state ALL magic users are EoCs, but those who are members of the SWF, as during a SWF attack where spellbooks pop out everywhere, any crew who were to read said book, would be immediately classed as an EoC and presumably executed due to their possible uncontainable aspect, even with no crime having been committed. While in this example obviously a wizard who has boarded without authorisation is subject to the usual procedures of an unauthorized presence aboard the cyberiad, the mere fact they know magic, is not what makes them an EoC, but their membership to the SWF and or their proven intent to do harm.   Personally I enjoy these more grey area aspects of SL, as they encourage people to try to weasel out of things with varying degrees of hilarious/horrible failure, to lucky/amazing successes. In the end, its entirely IC handable without any edits to the page, you just need to be clever in how you go about either enforcing SL or sneaking around it. Example: A syndicate agent murdering their target in the open with witnesses, BUT the target in fact was a vampire who was biting someone, and thus an EoC, not crew, and thus a murder by law, never actually took place.
    • was a good round my plan was to kill Qix while they were bucklecuffed to a chair and sleepy penned, but i couldnt. then i later realized my objective was just to maroon, not assassinate so I guess that was stupid... we ended our adventure at russianstation (thats just where we were at round end). we killed a big spider, and then i had to fix Qix's internal bleeding via ghetto surgery. how romantic
    • There is no argument on this topic or reason it should be or will ever be changed.  Knowing sleeping carp makes you an EOC just as much as possessing any other S class contraband.  That is the staffs judgement on such including Kyet as headmin.
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