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    • Command mostly,and security,botany too but it’s not as important/impacting    for command,I’m going to choose the sec point of view,as you have to obey your superiors,the incompetence of HOP or captain can be a killing blow to sec,and often it’s reputation,I have seen many issue KOS orders on innocent people, or not knowing interrogation procedures,or generally law and SOP "why do you want the ling’s account ? You want to rob him or what,i’m Not giving it" or simply with them not responding nor interacting, sec has to rely on them for many things, calling Gamma,issuing Red..ERT..and it’s organisation suffers from their common incompetence.   security,I have a sec main,it’s the department I play the most, there’s too many new officers,that do not get assigned to more experienced ones, they let people in processing for too long, are not effective in giving sentences and such, don’t remove the time passed processed,same problem with SOP and Law,confiscating Russian revolvers,giving 30 minutes sentence to battery...and generally not taking most orders with a grain of salt or intelligence. HoS not understanding the job is to do each at all time,Officer,warden and command,going to only chase people in maint when they need to watch if the others do their jobs is annoying, they’re expected to know everything to do in case of threats, the reality being they often do not,having them thralled/replaced (ling) roundstart condemns the station usually. -A ranting sinta Officer.   oh yeah,HoP giving paperwork to sec asking basic department access on code red makes me laugh painfully too.    
    • Can't choose one, will say what better me the most in each department. Science don't man R&D often enough; Robotics half the time can't fix anything if their life depended on it. Can’t count how many times I’ve seen dead IPCs and borgs forever forgotten on robotics floor while they build their mechs. Sec can be shitters, abuse people, arrest without reason, give unreasonable or illegal sentences, kill people illegally, and don't usually enforce the law against their own.  Service has the greatest concentration of inexperienced players and is unusually affected by people dropping off. Bar and kitchen are frequently unmanned. Botany some rounds can't do shit. Janitors use water instead of space cleaner.  I feel cargo has the same problems as service, but because of 3 people there, they more frequently can man cargo. Could never get them to mail something for me when I have no access to a request console or want to send a bigger package. QM do not take care of his miners nearly well enough. Engies are lazy fucks, atmos even lazier. Lot of rounds all hardsuits are taken and there's no one working. Atmos never clear their alarms. But at least it's a big department, and 1-2 people can do the job. If there's something really big happening sometimes people who fucked off start working again, so that helps too.  Command is frequently highly incompetent. My impression is that Cap and RD are the most incompetent on average. Guess It make sense for Cap to be the most incompetent guy on station since he does nothing, but sometimes he must take pretty consequential decisions that fuck the station over. Also, command communicate way less often than they should, and sometimes is difficult to fire cap simply because people are not listening to radio. In like 10% of the rounds not the AI or CE turn on the fucking solars in tcomms. CEs don't know tcomms enough to repair it if something happens most of the time, and frequently never even check on tcomms problems. RD's frequently can't deal with AI problems and other heads must do it for them.  Medbay is fine enough in my experience. 
    • Security, whether it is as crew or as borg, I hate being security. My main dislike of this department is not having to deal with crimes or generic crew stupidity, it's dealing with the incompetence, stupidity and cruelty of other security personnel. Sec is often filled with people who don't give a crap whether or not other people are enjoying the round, and are generally happy to force people to sit isolated, even in processing, for extended periods, whether or not they are innocent, this even extends to being extremely anti-fun, because they technically can. The problem with being in science is that a lot of other departments depend on you doing your job quickly, which means if you are 20 minutes in and haven't done the first round of upgrades, then that is an issue, so I believe it is perfectly acceptable for people who can do rnd quickly to throw out slowpokes, if you want to do rnd, then prep beforehand is essentially required and there is a handy tool that Kyet provided, on the Guide to Research and Development which will allow you to construct of list of items you will need to do rnd effectively.
    • @PhantasmicDream Did a little sketch of her wonderful Skrell putting the charm on Jay. Needless to say, he's a good bartender for a reason. I took the sketch and did a little bit of colour and shade~ Sorta a colab, I suppose
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