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  • Posts

    • In my opinion i think vox wins it, vox is a really organised race, and it's really fun to play with, the way they talk is funny and nice, the sounds are amazing,  the culture about vox apex as well.
    • I like to think all the races have something going for them to make people want to play them, either it be their mechanics or their appearance. Personally, I've had fun playing as an IPC, Slimeperson, and Vox.  But Skrell will always be my favourite, cause reasons...
    • 1st of Hematite, 51st Year Post-Founding --- --- --- At the very least, this place has enough clay that we could probably fleece the knife-ears out of all their wares shrewdly negotiate with the knife-ears tree-huggers knife-ears for whatever they deem worthy of being sold off. Probably old socks and wood. Not that we don't need those, obviously, but Armok forbid it be all we have. The bloody morons at home will have a field day trying to figure out where we are, so I sent out our Carpenter to make some sort of sign a few miles south; after he slapped together some beds for us, obviously, we can't expect our good folks to sleep on dirt, now can we? At the very least we have a couple of competent planters, and enough seed to keep us stocked for the foreseeable future. Our current accommodations are, frankly, shite, but we don't have much choice; we'll have migrants from the Mountainhome coming our way soon (assuming they can find us) and we need some place to keep everything we own before we dig further down and settle permanently. Most of this season was spent doing just that: carving out holes in the clay and keeping our things safe from the bloody giant monkeys. Really, who makes giant monkeys? Armok forgive me for this intrusion into His thought process, but giant thieving monkeys sounds like a ridiculous thing to spend time and energy creating. Note to self: make sure to hunt them to extinction, but preserve a few specimens for future breeding purposes. The eunuch-miners have been sent down to try and find any source of heat we can use to power our forges. There seems to be plenty of limestone to go around, but I'd rather all our available coke go towards making steel in the future, not wasted heating up the forges to begin with. Considering how long it took for us to breach through the sedimentary stones... we may be here a while. Signed, Ezum Giginsakzul, Expedition Leader
    • Vulpkanins are my favourite, maybe, because I'm a furry or something like that. I don't like voxes, because they're always up to something, or they can just betray you at stressful moments by breaking the glass and going into a space leaving you alone :L
    • How to class up the station.  
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