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    • Honestly, short and simple, the karma system in my opinion supports those with the bigger friend circles. If you have a party of like 5-7 people that meme with you every round? Violá, there's your karma laundering coming from. Just how I feel about it.
    • I'm locking this thread. If you want to discuss changes to a race, you can, but you need to raise the topic in a constructive way. Don't make untrue, inflammatory claims.
    • All races are removing their space-proofness. Vox, Plasmaman, Diona, none of them are remaining space-proof. If you were part of the community meeting or read up on the PRs, you'd see that is the case. - Vox PR - Diona PR - Plasmamen PR
    • Heads said they were removing diona's spaceproof for balance reasons but vox are staying the same. WHY? Almost nobody plays diona. How is this even a problem? I think I am the only Diona main here. Playing diona comes with the following debuffs: Instantly killed by plant spray. Take increased heat damage. Slowly die in darkness. Lose any melee fight vs anyone who  knows how to kite. Lose any gun fight because of inability to dodge or run. Movement speed equal to a human with two broken legs. Inability to escape from security due to movement speed. Inability to do most heavy movement based jobs like Engineer/Security. Inability to be cloned. Inability to replace missing limbs.   In exchange we get the following buffs: Higher melee damage (if the person stands still and lets you pummel them) Feed and heal from exposure to light. No blood/Bones. Healed but still effected  by radiation. Able to survive in space without a spacesuit like vox. We use to also be able to pop out of the dead  husk as a nymph on death and regrow ourselves since  we can't be revived but that was removed. I miss that. 😞     It's pretty obvious  why most people do not play Diona. 50% slower move speed in this game is a death sentence. It takes minutes to walk from one side of the station to the other. I like diona, I like the lore, I often skip wearing armor because we are plants. We want to maximize surface area to absorb light. Forcing us to completely cover our selves with a space suit does not fit the design, or the lore. How are we suppose to stay alive in a space suit with 0 exposure to light?   Please don't take away our space survival racial. It ruins the race. If you want to nerf us, take away the ability to wear body slot items like armor. It's more fitting to the character. Diona should not be wearing anything that completely covers them.      
    • Well to be fair, it took me almost a year to unlock vox.  All I can suggest you, try to enjoy the game flow as it is without kinsies. Getting into karma gathering mindset is not one bit enjoyable. I was there.  (also if you are so desperate to roleplay voxxy, you can always ask for smutagen transformation.)  Yes. trying to game the karma system will only get you blacklisted from it.  Karma system might not be ideal, but I don't think its inherently wrong either. Newcomers rarely catch enough eyes to accumulate karma which is correct, but if you become a person that community can recognise you will have it much easier. To have bonus things not everyone has access to and need to be unlocked? My remark to reworks was rather a displeased note to say I don't like them, but that is not the subject of this conversation. Good luck in being recognised! As for checklists, I dont agree. Karma is not about "you did your job you deserve a reward", because the system doesn't allow progression unlocks (you unlock ability for playing heads/command just for playtime), they are extras, RP roles and Unique bonus races. So it says that Paradise doesn't let you in to shiny extra bonus stuff before you're part of the recognised community and get recognised by community with karma.
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