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  2. I'm saying even in a team. I can't close in and disengage fast enough to not get hit myself. Also, "I shouldn't"? The entire point of this post is that it SHOULD be viable to fight megafauna in melee.
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  4. Beautiful! I'll be taking that nitrogen tank though. Its bad for you to breathe in that.
  5. Dovixx

    bad art

    Better than I could draw. 11/10 I approve.
  6. You aren't supposed to engage megafauna in melee alone, not even an ash walker is... If ash walkers are going to fight megafauna, they need to try and kite and throw spears (which does a decent amount of damage) and due to their speed, it is a doable task. If you are wanting to fight megafauna in melee ( which you shouldn't ) then you will need a couple people, alternating holding the aggro, and although I have never seen someone try to do it, I'd imagine it would be possible to ping pong some of the megafauna, exceptions would be like the colossus, who I don't really see a viable method of engaging in melee combat.
  7. Even with CornMyCob's PR that adds crusher trophies (which is still yet to be merged), the issue is that megafauna/player movespeed makes melee very unviable to use on lavaland. The issue is, you can't make it viable without increasing player movespeed (which is most likely widely opposed) or decreasing megafauna action speed (which is also a minor part of CMC's PR). I just want to see: what is the community's stance on this?
  8. Jokes aside, the IPC featured in the image is N.A.T.H.A.N, my one and only one of the two characters i use to play the game.
  9. Nathan with CC approval to do what he wants: heheheheh The station: get the nuke
  10. Help Bot in all his glory.
  11. A little piece of art done for @Mochi (psst Mochi, if you want a hires version - dm me) Also, if anyone wants an art of their character - dont hesitate to send me a mesage
  12. 1. Psychic 2. Rage 3. Hammer Arm (kinetic crusher) 4. Seismic Toss
  13. Experimenting with colours, exhausting rounds call for drinks... and Zeke normally carries a bottle around in his tendrils. And here we have a cute ass video.
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  15. 1. Hypnosis 2. Dream eater 3. Counter 4. Headbutt
  16. Minor edit : Added a couple of folk to the relations section, in addition put a bunch of long stuff / walls of text into spoilers.
  17. Song Nahas Yawn Hidden Power Chatter Fake Out So, y'know, a pain in the butt to deal with but most likely to just be stuffed away into the PC.
  18. Okay, so. About the second strike thing. I was just mildly upset my telearmor got yeeted by some tator, so i wrote that in. Some traitor had an objective to steal my telearmor. I got EMP'd with a flashlight. Tator stole telearmor. Salt ensued.
  19. Also there is crematorium, cheft traitor specific item butcher knife that gibs bodies (not sure if it destroys brain tho). How about implanting a brain into a monkey and leaving it dead somewhere? Who is gonna check the brains of monkeys? Also, does unsuccessful use of SR leaves brain?
  20. McRamon

    IPC EMPs

    Well maybe emp should only damage "organs" and not limbs
  21. Dinarzad

    IPC EMPs

    You have clearly never looked at the Tool Storage room mid-round. That places becomes a barren wasteland. Wrenches an the like are still there, and they are also worthless for what we're talking about, welder and cables are the only thing that matter. Cable is easy. Welder is almost always gone, even then the hacked super welders you get from enabling contraband on the youtool vendor. Just because you say things doesn't make them true. I can also say "Fixing organics is easy, stop saying it isn't, stop being biased" but it really doesn't do anything for an argument except be needlessly confrontational. You act like people who play IPCs some how don't know the systems or mechanics required to heal organics as if they didn't play a human to get the required 15 karma to unlock IPC to begin with, or that they haven't moved on to other races since then. So instead, let's do a comparison. your AVERAGE Medical injury is solved by one, perhaps 2 Synthflesh patches, maybe some Charcoal or a broken bone which needs surgery. Your AVERAGE IPC injury requires a trip to robotics, because even though the damage isn't that bad, it's over the threshold to be unable to be repaired with surface welding/cables, so basically, suergery on all the effected areas, and refilling any lost oil because unlike organics, the oil will never regenerated. Here's the problem. all that septic surgery and dead organs you just mentioned, how painful it is to revive? Welcome to every single IPC who has ever been EMPed, ever. Given you SAY you are repairing IPCs I should think you would know that an IPC who is hit by an EMP is fried across their entire body, every single 'organ' every single limb. But with IPCs we don't have the magical macguffins of chemistry to lean on, no Synthflesh, no Mitocholide, nothin. So that means surgical repairing every single limb, brute and burn, manually repairing every single organ with nanopaste (Assuming Science is polite enough to give you any, they mostly tell you to fuck off.) or printing out every single organ to replace. It is a very long, very painful process, except instead of happening because you weren't found for 30 minutes, it happened instantly when you died because lol good joke. Sounds pretty similar to finding a long desiccated corpse that gets SR'd to me. [CITATION VERY MUCH NEEDED] This is 100% untrue in every single respect. IPCs that take damage over a certain threshold can no longer fix their own bodies with welders or cables and it absolutely requires a roboticist to open the limb up and do an equivalent to broken bone surgery. So no. You cannot fix that on the spot and you still need mandatory surgery just like organics. The whole point here was "Easy to damage, easy to fix" right? Well then why in Nar-sie's tits is this a thing? Sure sounds to me like IPC repair and Organic repair are sounding very, very similar except one of thme is paper and the other is not. What the actual fuck is this logic? "If you don't like it just stop playing it." Like.... like what? Uhh. No. How about if something is very obviously so obnoxiously and hilariously not fun to play as that you have to tell people not to play it, maybe that's a sign your design is actually fucking bad. Like shit dude, why do anything at that point if you don't like it just go somewhere else screw iteration and improvement. Why should we even make any more PRs, clearly the people just need to learn "Love it or leave it" right? Shit dude, you right. Lemme just go make code changes to give Security Death Squad gear, because I mean lore wise, Cyberiad is an EXTREMELY Valuable asset, conducting highly advanced research on one of the most versatile and profitable materials in the known universe, the thing that MADE NT a mega-corp, clearly they'd want their station adequately protected and this is an RP game so we don't need to worry about silly things like game balance! You try making that excuse to any fucking game designer or even just coders here about any other system and just watch it be laughed out of the room. If you have to admit that it's broken and unbalanced and try to make excuses for that, maybe that's a sign it's ACTUALLY broken and unbalanced and that's not a fucking good thing.
  22. For my Humanish fellow Glare ( Why are you looking at me like that! Please stop!) Strength ( For Maximum Robustness) Roar ( Go away please) Slash ( Slicy Dicey)
  23. Thats evil..... I like the cut of your jib!
  24. Emanz


    Welcome to the jungle!...the spess jungle
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