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  2. As far as i am aware, drone were intended to give permadead players something to do, without any interaction with current round (or at least as low as possible). They should be able to be emagged since it is ss13 and we need as much freedom as possible, but emagging drones shouldnt be something that happens every time. It must be small rare feature, not something antags base their plans on. Therefore, it should be useful if you meet drone accidentally but completely useless to try to find one on purpose In conclusion - it is pretty good as it is right now
  3. Please note that you can rejoin as a drone. Unlike regular conversion antags where after getting gibbed you are gone for good, you can just press a respawn button.
  4. IMO? Change the Drone Sprite when emagged so the 'eyes' glow red or they have some obvious "That drone looks suspicious" visual clue about them. Remove the drill (they never needed this anyways nor does it fit the MO) and replace it with an E-Dagger and ensure there is an inhand sprite for when the dagger is active. Keep or remove the 360 second timer, though the server as whole needs to consider if there really needs to be a 10 minute timer on drones, one of the few thing I like about tg drones is that drones can occupy shells, if crew doesn't want or is worried about rogue drones they can destroy the shells or make more as needed.
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  6. (Also, I am very biased toward the drone player, as I play drone often, and have never personally emagged one, so take that as you will)
  7. What about a new traitor item specifically for emaging drones? Make it similar to the ai board for mining drones, in that it can only be used on one drone. You could balance the cost of the item, and now you don't have a source of "infinite respawning antag ghosts." Take the ability to hack drones out of emags, and throw it into this "illegal drone ai board". You could even throw the drill module being reactive with this new item, since it would make sense from a RP perspective. Alternatively, keep the emag the way it is now with the 5 minute limit, to give antags time to purchase this new item and apply it, which would then remove the time limit and activate the drill module.
  8. I echo @davidchan points for the most part, which beat me to the post. Adding three major nerfs that all deserve discussion on their own at once is a mistake. Even if such a nerf is needed, it is always better to implement it slowly, one change at a time, to see how the community responds. I've seen other games fall into this trap as well. Seems the knee jerk reaction of a outraged populace to a overpowered mechanic is to nerf it into the ground, all at once, so it sinks into irrelevancy. Thus shifting overpowered mechanics into pointless/useless ones. It is disappointing, really.
  9. Had it been only the timer, or the removal of the drill, or limiting their mobility and table pass, it may have been acceptable nerf. But this nerf was the quintessential 'i ded plz nerf' response to a problem that could be solved with two clicks of an ion rifle or less. Most if not all the nerfs should be reverted and some new method implemented, as well as certain people coming to understand that 'No interference' does no mean or equate to 'run away from all crew on sight'
  10. Sort of. 5 minutes limits your misery, but before you could be given orders to go an chaos havoc, to be a saboteur. Now, five minutes is barely enough plan to lay out a plan, get there and enact it.
  11. Isn't that better than being an antag's personal all-access ID for an indeterminate amount of time? At least a timer puts a cap on the amount of time you have to be sidetracked before you can respawn and go back to what you were doing.
  12. A PR was made to do exactly that, and it was shot down. And to be honest, at this juncture I find it the most preferable option. It's better to justn ot be able to be emagged at all, then to be emagged while you're on some other project an be forced into an Antag's personal all-access ID card for 5 minutes instead of doin somethin like pipe atmosia or somethin'.
  13. I don't think it went far enough. An infinitely re-spawning ghost role shouldn't have the option to be converted into an antag at all.
  14. I love how Aurora Caelus brings crew of all kind together to enjoy the view! One of my favorite events.
  15. That's no different then, as a civilian, running at a Shadowling or cult to get converted, but you don't suddenly make it so all converted greytide gib after 5 minutes or making Emagged cyborgs blow after 5 minutes. There are somethings that cannot and should not be handled via mechanics for these kinds of reasons. That is something for administration. As I recall it, few people disagreed Drones were TOO strong, but the nerfs applied to them were far and away too much, and that was the toned down edition. It's of dubious use to most antags and it's a direct killjoy on the Drone to go "Welp you got 5 minutes lol gg no re". Because bear in mind the death also forces that 10 minute cooldown on being able to rejoin. So as somone is playing a drone, gets e-magged out of the blue and toddles on to a death they can do nothing to stop, their entire gameplay interrupted, they now have to wait just to get back to what they were doing, a total of at most, 15 minutes. The equivalent of a Major Crime brig sentence, just for being caught out. It was to the point a LARGE portion of people in the debate when it was happened said to just make drones unable to be e-magged BECAUSE the nerfs were so extreme. They needed to be toned down, but what they got was ridiculously overkill. You want to make an e-magged drone not a combat machine, I'm fine with that, make thme utterly unable to attack things while emagged so they can be nasty little sabotage bots, I am fine with that. But their current state is easily the most painful experience I have had on paradise since it went through. Making something painful to play as a 'Balance' to discourage an activity you will NEVER be able to stop, is not good. It punishes a player who did nothing wrong and does nothing to stop the other kind of player they'll still do it for a chance at 5 minutes of murderboning. Drones are actual players too, they should PROBABLY be allowed to have fun now an again.
  16. Updated relations and added a few new ones.
  17. Depends on your definition of fun. Emagged maint drone isn't "fun" in the sense of you get to robust people, but it's not that different from normal maint drone play in that you're just doing your job but in an evil way. The "emag = death" thing is helpful in that it incentivizes drones to run away from being emagged. Before the changes, drones would run toward antags to get emagged all the time.
  18. For sure though, no doubt. I'm pretty sure I'm just about out of chances too in the regard ^.^'
  19. Oh I agree 100% prenerf they were insane. Post nerf, however, they're not very fun for the player being emagged. The current time limit seems to be balanced toward the following assumptions: 1. Both the traitor and the drone are competent/robust enough to execute a complicated plan. 2. Said plan can be explained and executed within 5 minutes, usually including the time it takes to move to a secluded position to explain after capturing a drone. 3. The drone knows the pipe system enough to be able to travel to the intended area with enough time to spare to accomplish any goals. Maybe change it so the drone just goes back to regular programming after the time limit is up? Right now it's just a death sentence, and if you're caught the drone fabricators are usually quickly turned off.
  20. emagged drones are literally free, prenerf they were disproportionately strong to an insane degree
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  22. What makes a man turn neutral... >.<
  23. What about... stop getting banned? Just a thought :3
  24. I think the goal on that change may have been to make emagged drones a sort of sabotage helper. Since drones had their combat capabilities severely nerfed anyways, they weren't really meant at that point to be killing things. The idea is that you can use your drone to do targeted sabotage that can't be traced back to you.
  25. Removes their ability to pathfind under people's legs. Remove the hidden diamond drill module Rewritten its drone control code so that drones that don't call home and verify their programming after a certain amount of time are destroyed automatically. The "certain amount of time" is 5 mintues. I understand where the nerf came from, after seeing a couple rounds of antags that would carry 3+ emagged drones and throw them like pokeballs at sec, but I personally think the nerf went a little too far. Specifically, the 5 minute time limit is not enough time to even find a target, let alone cause that target chaos. Aside from the debilitating time limit, the other two changes were greatly needed. Thoughts?
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