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  2. Tonight, I played a round as Chemist, and someone was given an objective to assassinate me. The assassin tried to grab me twice, and got stopped by security both times. The first time, a security borg came along before the violence could get started. The second time, I called out for security's help because I was getting dragged out of the med chem lab and murdered along the way. If you really want to assassinate Katlyn Hudson, here's how you do it: - Ask for help. No really, that's it. Katlyn loves to help, and assumes the best about people. She is sometimes suspicious, but is never paranoid. If my assassin had said, "Hey, why are you hiding in this locker?" I would have come back with "Oh, I was just in the brig for giving Space Lube to the clown, and I saw a Prince of Terror spider come through. So I'm hiding until the spiders are dead." If my assassin came back with, "Yeah, sec killed them. Hey, would you make me some Space Lube?" ... that's it, now Katlyn can be lured just about anywhere. "I've got a sec encryption key. Let me see your headset, then you'll know if sec is going to arrest you again for making lube for me." ... it's almost too easy. If someone grabs me and tries to murderize me, yes, I'll jump immediately to "HELP SEC! MED MAINTS!" on the comms. If someone talks to me and only does non-lethal things (slip, stun baton, tape on mouth, apply cuffs, grab headset, etc.), I usually say 'OW!' or 'HEY!' and talk to them. Katlyn also has some character weaknesses than can be exploited fairly readily (these are recorded in IC medical records); - Katlyn loves Space Cola, and it can be used as a bribe. You won't get All-Access with it, but you might get a tour of the Captain's office. - Katlyn is terrified of bees. She often tries to get Sugar pills at the beginning of the shift, to ward against a Beesease outbreak. In a round where someone needs to steal something from Katlyn, just threatening to open an apiary in the same room is enough to accomplish that objective. "Now Captain, I don't want to open this apiary, but I need your Deluxe Jet Pack..." In short, if you are really robust, you can just grab/kill Katlyn before she can summon help. If you are less robust, all you need to do is talk. If you do win, I'm not going to be salty. You'll probably get a karma point, unless I've already spent it.
  3. No, it is not. The only person who is able to give Paroles at all, is the Captain or Magistrate. If an EoC is caught doing anything, even nothing but has everything pointing to them being an EoC, they are to be perma'd. If the EoC was standing around and flashed a e-sword. If the EoC was subjected to a random search and class S contraband was found on them. If the EoC is able to deflect all ranged attacks. They are marked as an EoC and are to be dealt with as such. They can if they wish, but they are still an EoC as to KNOW it, you are admitting you are an EoC because you had Class S contraband and used it. It'd be the same as if you used an E-mag to e-mag the cargo console. Still an EoC, regardless of your claims. You completely disregarded what I had said, since I said and I quote "WIZARD who taught you magic". If a Wizard taught you magic, they are a member of the SWF and learning magic from them makes you an SWF member. If a Syndicate Agent used Class S contraband to kill a target, regardless if they themselves are an EoC, they are still an EoC. If the Changeling killed an Agent, still an EoC. If the Vampire killed a Changeling, still an EoC. 1 good deal or merely saying "It's not illegal to KNOW the item" is completely wrong in terms of space law. If you KNOWING an illegal martial arts? You're an EoC. You carrying class S contraband, using or learning from it? Still an EoC. Again, it's the same as trying to say "Yeah, I found this holoparasite injector and handed it in. Oh what's that? It's used? Well yeah, I used it on myself. It's not illegal to OWN a holoparasite right?" Wrong, you're an EoC. To use Class S contraband marks you as an EoC, regardless of your intent, regardless of how you word or argue it. As pointed out by Denth, to know and use Class S contrband, even those that are used up, still classify you as an EoC and even Kyet says anyone who says otherwise is wrong.
  4. Depending on the security team, legal team, and the exact writing of space law itself, it is very possible to argue against an EoC jail term, or jail at all from an IC perspective due to a lack of hard evidence to counter any claim you may make. It all depends if the various aspects of security are willing to listen as the exact writing of SL, does not specify that the martial art itself is a crime to know, only the scroll one could use to obtain it, while onboard a NanoTrasen station. The simple act of knowing it, is not listed, and thus it can be argued on an IC level. This in no way guarantees you get away with it, but it is an option one can pursue if they wish. Abyos, you noted that knowing magic makes you a member of the SWF and that the fact you may know magic is a crime, though the lore page contradicts this as well as SL and notes: "Wizards are unique individuals who have access to powers that defy scientific principles. Most are part of the Space Wizard Federation" Even if 80% are apart of the SWF, there is still a chance that such a magic user is not apart of the SWF. SL itself does not state ALL magic users are EoCs, but those who are members of the SWF, as during a SWF attack where spellbooks pop out everywhere, any crew who were to read said book, would be immediately classed as an EoC and presumably executed due to their possible uncontainable aspect, even with no crime having been committed. While in this example obviously a wizard who has boarded without authorisation is subject to the usual procedures of an unauthorized presence aboard the cyberiad, the mere fact they know magic, is not what makes them an EoC, but their membership to the SWF and or their proven intent to do harm. Personally I enjoy these more grey area aspects of SL, as they encourage people to try to weasel out of things with varying degrees of hilarious/horrible failure, to lucky/amazing successes. In the end, its entirely IC handable without any edits to the page, you just need to be clever in how you go about either enforcing SL or sneaking around it. Example: A syndicate agent murdering their target in the open with witnesses, BUT the target in fact was a vampire who was biting someone, and thus an EoC, not crew, and thus a murder by law, never actually took place.
  5. was a good round my plan was to kill Qix while they were bucklecuffed to a chair and sleepy penned, but i couldnt. then i later realized my objective was just to maroon, not assassinate so I guess that was stupid... we ended our adventure at russianstation (thats just where we were at round end). we killed a big spider, and then i had to fix Qix's internal bleeding via ghetto surgery. how romantic
  6. There is no argument on this topic or reason it should be or will ever be changed. Knowing sleeping carp makes you an EOC just as much as possessing any other S class contraband. That is the staffs judgement on such including Kyet as headmin.
  7. If you know the technique, you're an EoC. Seeing as how the only way you can get it, is being a member of the Syndicate. You can't claim X person taught you X many years ago and Nanotrasen randomly hires you to be a Civilian, knowing X technique that was not approved by them and allows you to screw security over but totally legal because Nanotrasen hired you. That makes no sense. That's like saying knowing Magic isn't illegal because a Wizard taught you years ago and Nanotrasen hired you. That means you're a member of the SWF, who is also on NT's hit list.
  8. But space law States sleeping carp scroll is contraband, not the technique itself. What if i officially announce that 5 years ago monks taught me the secrets of this martial art?
  9. Space law talks about it quite clearly, that having the item, using the item or knowing the knowledge BEHIND the item is all illegal and points to the user being an EoC. There is no "Assumption", you're assuming that merely having the item is contraband and not USING the item or gaining the KNOWLEDGE of the item is contraband / illegal, when it is. Even merely having an uplink in any way, shape or form marks them immediately as an EoC. Only Syndicate have it, only Syndicate can order it. Only a person with a Syndicate uplink can buy it and learn it. Why would a random Syndicate buy the item and hand it to a non-Syndicate? Unless that person was mindslaved, that would accomplish nothing. You're focusing more on the "Item" part and not the knowledge. If a Syndicate uses a CQC manual and starts beating people up with it, they are an EoC because they USED the item to GAIN the knowledge into their head to attack people. If a Syndicate uses a holoparasite.. they USED the item to gain a SYNDICATE GROWN LIVING ORGANISM into their body to attack crew members. If a Syndicate orders Space Carp, and USED the item to make a Space Carp to kill someone, and security kill the Space Carp. That person is still an EoC, because they had to order it and their intent was quite clear. Knowing Sleeping Carp, marks you as an EoC.. you used illegal ways to gain an illegal item / knowledge to do illegal activity on the station.
  10. You used an item to learn Sleeping Carp. If you used a holoparasite implant, then took it out of yourself persay, you are still guilty of having used the implant. Using the scroll - which disintegrates after use - gives you Sleeping Carp. You knowing sleeping carp in it of itself is proof you used S-class contraband. This was answered twice now. Yes. Only people with uplinks can buy it - or get it from nullcrates. You are an EoC for USING the scroll in the first place - which is the only way to obtain knowledge on sleeping carp.
  11. As I said, Space law talks only about items being contraband, not knowledge. You seem to be only assuming you are right here. But to answer the point about knowing sleeping carp implying you had contraband, I thought about that, but it depends on external (to space law) facts about sleeping carp that I do not know. Is there any other way of learning sleeping carp in universe? Do only syndies know sleeping carp? The analogy to implants is interesting, but presumably the implant is inside you and it could still be considered an item, and there's really no other way to have a implant other than being implanted.
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  13. Welcome back, always time for a second chance at things.
  14. All Hail the might Pizza Dog...lord of the scared hot Dogs!
  15. I am quite sure we have crossed paths...welcome to the fourm!
  16. Space law is quite clear on the matter and there's no way of confusing a sleeping carp user with just about anything else. CQC - Close Quarters Cooking - Only the chef can use this and it can only be used within the Bar and Kitchen area. The Chef is legally allowed to use it to deal with people being problematic within the bar or breaking into the kitchen. They are encouraged to not use lethal unless a clear threat is within their life (Self-defense). They are also able to block, dodge or even counter melee attacks against them so long as they have throw mode on with a % chance. Legal as the chef was trained by Nanotrasen to do this. CQC - Close Quarters Combat - A nukie only item, though I've heard it's possible to get it in uplink crates and hacked cargo crates. Exactly the same as the Chef's CQC, but they're able to do it anywhere on the station. The only way of getting this item is to have an e-mag or an uplink, meaning, you're marked as an EoC immediately. Both for having an e-mag and using it, and having found / gotten an CQC manual, learning and using the martial arts. Security are well within their right to kill the CQC user and have them cloned as having CQC makes them uncontainable (A lone security officer can immediately be stunned or even killed even in perma) Warden's Krav Maga Gloves - Warden only item, though anyone is able to get the gloves and temporarily learn Krav Maga. Unlike CQC, where your options depend on your intent, theses ones are always on disarm, grab or harm and require a button to be selected. CQC requires comboing, while the Krav Maga are a simple two button click system. Theses are legal as the Warden spawns with them and was provided by Nanotrasen. Sleeping Carp - A traitor only item, meaning you'd need an uplink to buy and learn it. Similar in terms of CQC with it's comboing, but two differences. First is the fact that you cannot be hit by ranged weapons. Anyone attempting to shoot you with tasers, lasers, even pulse rifles will have their shots deflected with the text "Alexis Bell deflects the projectile; he can't be hit with ranged weapons!" That's the first immediate sign of a Sleeping Carp user. The second is the fact what they shout when they do combos. They shout out random things such as "Never turn your back to the enemy! HIYOH! YOU CAN'T SEE ME! KYUH! CARP BITE! HUH! OOPYAH! BANZAIII!" Security are well within their right to kill the Sleeping Carp user with melee attacks and have them cloned as having Sleeping Carp makes them uncontainable (As they can't be stunned with ranged weapons and the fact that a lone security officer can immediately be stunned or even killed) Gloves of the North Star - A traitor only item, meaning you'd need an uplink to buy and use it. Let's you rapidly punch as quick as you can click, easily stunning and placing just about anyone into crit, as long as you have the gloves on and aren't holding an item. Two of the items are legal to have as they are from Nanotrasen. Others are Syndicate only, which are illegal under space law.. I do not understand how you claim the person who had Class S contraband that immediately marks them as an EoC, using the Class S contraband that gives them illegal martial arts.. is not classified as an EoC because they did not have the contraband on their person and space law isn't clear on it, when it is. They USED the contraband.. it's the same as a Holoparasite user.. they USED the contraband which is illegal in the first place, and using illegal technology to do illegal activity onboard the station.
  17. Yes. The only ways that I know of obtaining Sleeping Carp is via syndicate equipment. Such as buying it via the uplink or buying a null crate through Cargo. (I know null crates carry CQC manuals but I believe they carry Sleeping Carp as well.) Sleeping Carp in both usage and the possession of the scroll counts as contraband. The only things similar to Sleeping Carp are CQC proper - which is S class as well - or 'CQC' aka Close Quaters Cooking. This should only be known by the chef and only usable in the kitchen and bar. An easy way to test that is if the user is able to use it outside of the kitchen or not. You can tell the difference between CQC and Carp easily. 1. Can the user deflect disablers/tasers/ranged weapons? If yes, Carp. If no, CQC. 2. Pay attention to the move combos. They have notably different combos. Carp prisoners are typically to be cloned as it is the only way to forget the use of carp. There is no way to make the user forget how to use it. Due to deflecting all ranged projectiles, making disarms do damage, allow for combat stuns and large amounts of damage it is not viable to throw someone in perma or elsewhere with knowledge of Carp. The usage of Carp designates that you used S class contraband to learn the skill - and are thus an EoC via the usage of that contraband.
  18. But they are only EoC because they are charged with Possession of Class S Contraband, no? Is the only possible way to know sleeping carp in universe through syndies and the scroll?
  19. Qix and Zix at it again but this time with a plot twist ! @Nikitaw99
  20. I saw the title of this topic and came in, but didn't read the original post because it's long and I've got distracted by a weird bug crawling on my wall. In my defense, it's a really cute weird bug.
  21. Plasmamen are supposedly religious, and slimepeople are supposedly (former?) tribals. However, not enough (and by that, I mean VERY few) players use that to their advantage, which is why it seems like vox have more indepth lore when in actuality it's pretty much the same aside from the wiki going about on the roles vox arkships have.
  22. Vox compared to their Slime and Plasma 45 Karma counter parts, have had the benefit of a long history. They've existed for a longer time and have had huge swathes of lore written for them, making roleplaying as them a far easier task. Compare the wiki pages of the three, and you'll see Vox have the benefit of a lot of background lore, which is huge in the roleplay department, especially if you're roleplaying 'as a race.' And in terms of race, yeah I'd say Vox players are typically do better with roleplaying because they actually have material to work with, and a whole clique of Vox players enforcing the behaviors socially. However, many Vox still RP very little and stay extremely mechanically oriented, and only usually go far enough to do 'Voxxy Speak'. The 'Voxxy Speak' which I personally dislike, (to me they sound like toddlers) but is justified by a physiological difference in Vox that forces them to speak in such a way, but there's nothing in lore that forces them to write that way, and yet I still see it all the time in announcements and paperwork. The 'Kin' thing is also used as an excuse to do some extremely low RP greytide behavior, and has been way worse in the past. I wouldn't really consider doing things 'just because Kin' as a very interesting or good RP reason. Vox rant over. Now a bit on the Karma system. The Karma system is weird to say the least. You can get one or two points here and there for helping people, while at the same time you can get massive truckloads for being extremely robust. Another player I've talked with once pulled out an extremely clutch victory for the Nukies on a round that was really close and got 40 karma in one round. In my experience, karma is awarded to those that entertain the most people, usually ghosts. I don't know if it's necessarily a bad thing to be honest, but with how Karma is advertised does conflict with reality a bit.
  23. I found it indeed. It is in the Protolathe. Costs the correct costs but require Data 2 instead of Programming 2 (Or maybe the names are talking about the same thing ?)
  24. The protolathe can definitely print pAIs, the name might be written out or something.
  25. Page in question (optional): Personal AI ( Role(s) involved (optional: Masters of Personal AIs Brief description of unclear/missing info: The wiki claims "R&D can create more by going down the programming research path. They are inexpensive to produce, requiring only Programming 3 and 500 glass and metal." that's either a bit unclear as it doesn't mention which machine is used to produce them or completely outdated as I've been unable to find any machine (Circuit Imprinter, Autolathe, Protolathe and Exosuit Fabricator) that can make one. That or I'm a massive dingus that can't find something that's also a possibility.
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