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  2. look at that bullyable nerd! good work!
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  4. NT Rep Emily-7 posing with an Enforcer pistol
  5. I guess I never made one of these. I've been here a little.. I actually started playing SS13 3 years ago but the controls made me give up the game. I tried it again a year later and I hated combat controls. I tried it again a few months ago after being introduced to Paradise and it turns out hey this is pretty neat. So I learned everything about SS13 basically with I first started Paradise this year. I play the following in order of most (IN)FAMOUS: Vin Croi: the female snarky serious vulp who has a major in psychology and a backstreet major in.. surgery? X.V.M.: the sad little security IPC robot that wants to be respected but everyone just rubs her head instead Dayana: just a character I rarely play who is mostly an innocent slime character who never does anything wrong or evil and just wants to do good for the station and help everyone. yeah sure. I also have art for my characters but I am in bed and I can't sleep please send help I have a Inorganic Chem lab in 10 hours oh god oh fuck
  6. I have no idea where to even start for borg stuff tbh
  7. nice! I really like seeing shitcurity in action. The only thing misisng is maybe AI and Borg Artworks
  8. Daum, i actually feel bad for the clown. Very nice
  9. Yup, welcome to the community! Real glad to see new faces here! Hope you enjoy your stay!
  10. i had quite a few ideas on what the officer could be fighting but a clown got selected other ideas included a shadowling, a vampire or a changeling
  11. Aw hey! Welcome welcome!
  12. this is GOOD ART. Nice work. Face expressions are heckin on point
  13. ...and without the blood or clown
  14. It is time for the worst best art to ever grace the forum. Kicking off strong with a speedy wizard boye:
  15. I'm experimenting with seeing how useful my work can be as an educational resource for new sec players. I'm not sure how many new sec players look at this thread, but I keep seeing the same mistakes repeated over and over again in regards to dealing with certain threats. If this gets positive reception I might release more visual PSAs for new security. So, my first topic here is going to be a few basic pointers on xenomorph combat: Second piece of advice: Head protection. Of @Fursamie's character, Domitia Aquila. First time I've managed to a request without it going terribly. This was from a Nuke Op round that took place sometime last year, if I remember correctly. As a gimmick we decided that all of the team would hide, fully equipped, inside a single cardboard box, and get as close to the nuke disk as possible before jumping out. We only got as far as dorms before a nosy civilian opened our box, but it was a hilarious, glorious failure. Having played in sec for long enough, I find that long-term regular players tend to fall under similar 'personality types'. Bolton Grey and Chad Wolf are good examples of this: They're both ridiculously robust, know their stuff, and can be trusted to hold their own in a chaotic situation... if you can convince them to stop goofing around for fifteen seconds, that is. I think most sec regulars who play in the afternoons are familiar with Cardiox and his vampire shenanigans at this point. He's quite a challenge to deal with when there's a competent sec team. When there isn't, well... From either a cultist round or a changeling round, can't remember which. In any case, sec had already 100% redtexted the antags, so an admin (pretty sure it was Spark, but I'll give it the benefit of the doubt just in case) decided to spawn 2 perfect copies of Cecilia and gave control of them to players from Dchat. This was around the same time as the Heathers collab with Phantasmicdream, so needless to say, dropping references to the musical was one of the first things I thought of. Space Lube: 'Because fuck you, that's why'. "That HoS was bad. Why did they keep ignoring me?" I'd elaborate but this image sucks out my will to live the longer I look at it, so I'll sum it up like this: This is what happens during Highpop when there's no warden or magistrate. If it seems like Cecilia's ignoring you, believe me when I say she doesn't do it on purpose.
  16. Beach club is full of patons today!
  17. Yesterday
  18. TinnCatt

    Howdy Y'all!

    Eyyyyyyy, seems no other admin said hello, so, I shall be the first. Welcome to Paradise! Some jobs can be harder than others, just takes practice and experience! Just remember, if you need help, don't be afraid to press f1 to ask us or the mentors. Mentors just love answering questions, as it is their purpose. Anywho, yea, don't be afraid to pop into the discord either if you haven't already. It's quite active and you'll see many friendly faces there! Good luck.
  19. Hey! Welcome to Paradise Riff/y/s SS13 can be a pain to get used to, but soooo worth it. If you ever need help, feel free to ask anyone, whether its myself (keep an eye out for a robot named TURING), another player, or the admins. I reckon we're a good lot. Well, I am anyway
  20. You know, I think I like this style a bit more... It's pixel-ie and suits the more simple drawings that I do for this. Anyway, here's your N.N.O, Alyssia! So fluffy, but if you try and pet, you will probably be promptly dead'd.
  21. Not sure if i'll use this more organized approach, since i've already color-coded department specific items, can't be fucked to redo the icons, and i'm just used to the layout i have. Still, is nice.
  22. Well assuming that its just my mind transfering over to declan's body and i get to keep his memorys skills and traits, it would be rather odd i mean on the one hand i am now. a man with a wide range of skills from fightig to medical and so on. got some great cybernetic implants and the means to repair them of course im living in a world with vast advances im a lot of areas. among other great things... But on the other hand... i am now living on a very crime infeted mass housing planet am only about 40 percent human and i am now a drinker, smoker and a bunch of other things and some other fairly bad things So i guess its a bit of take the good with the bad but really what i would most likely do is live declans life and try to survive
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  24. BeanOS

    R&D Superguide

    Sorry, didn't realize I was using my mismatched notes, I use chem dispenser for plasma & materials 5, didn't even know MRSPACMAN-type Generator was even a thing.
  25. Yeah, that's more efficient, i got it in a similiare fashion, but a bit more distributed on each of the eight segments. You forgot the Machine Board (MRSPACMAN-type Generator) by the way.
  26. BeanOS

    R&D Superguide

    Personally, I like to group them so that I am doing all the protolathe things first, then the circuit imprinter after, and space them out into groups that I can print at a time, so less time is wasted going back and fourth. toolbox,(Combat: 1) welding tool,(Plasma: 1) Protolathe Basic Capacitor(Power: 1) Micro Manipulator(Materials: 1, Data: 1) Basic Micro-Laser(Electronics: 1) Tracking Beacon(Bluespace: 1) High-Capacity Power Cell(Power: 2) Reagent Scanner(Biotech: 1, Plasma: 2, Electronics: 2) advanced hard disk drive(Data: 2, Engineering: 2) global positioning system(Bluespace: 2, Materials: 2) Health Scanner HUD(Biotech: 2, Electronics: 3) Security HUD(Combat: 2) Holographic Sign Projector(Data: 3) Advanced Capacitor(Power: 3) Advanced Matter Bin(Materials: 3) Mining Drill(Engineering: 3) Advanced Reagent Scanner(Biotech: 3, Electronics: 4, Plasma: 3) Large Grenade(Combat: 3) cybernetic heart(Biotech: 5) cybernetic heart(Biotech: 5) Circuit Imprinter "Gygax" Weapons & Targeting Control module(Combat: 4, Data: 4) SUPERPACMAN-type Generator(Power: 4, Engineering: 4) Teleporter Console (Bluespace: 3) Quantum Pad Board(Bluespace: 4) wired network card(Data: 5) Chem Dispenser(Materials: 4, Plasma: 4)
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