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  3. I suggest taking a read on the Wiki page to get a better idea on what to expect
  4. Hey, I played SS13, like, once before, and I had a friend who showed me the ropes. Honestly, I'm still lost just on the basic controls, but the stories that I heard about this game were amazing, so I want to keep trying. So hey, I hope you'll have me.
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  6. A tiny umbrella would be lovely. I`m not even an IPC and i wanna get my briggy little hands on it already.
  7. I like pulling this one as a cling in a way. I'll transform into someone else, beat the hell out of someone in public, run off into maint, beat the hell out of myself a bit, then transform into someone else. When sec shows up I'm like "Oh thank god! They went thataway!" and I get brought to medbay for treatment.
  8. oh one of my fav things is the transformation ability. Sec breathing down your neck? throw your job items into the grinder, shapeshift and act as though you ere kidnapped. "Oh, thank you officer! I'm saved!"
  9. You might have to make it so harmful reagents get a bigger boost if we expect people to regularly break or remove their livers for powergaming reasons. Also i created a couple of WIP sprites for the hypothetical synthanol beverage i suggested. I might make lower phase a little bigger, tweak the colours and add a straw or an umbrella or something.
  10. Sarcasm and ironic posting aside, Vampires really aren't fun to play with since their abilities are too powerful for the minimal effort it takes to acquire them. They would be a LOT more interesting if their stealth mechanic wasn't 'Jaunt to a new area', but rather had things like Dark World vampires obfuscating and being able to blend into shadows or (temporarily) appear to be another person. Things like Celerity, Protean and Potential would be far more interesting and fun mechanics than aoe stuns.
  11. Bring back a souvenir for us!!
  12. Vamps have a lot of options, maybe even more than clings do. A noteworthy example would be making a business centered around sucking blood in exchange for "employment" or just some loot in general. Plus, the example you listed could be set to ANY antag. Traitor: "Shoot with taser, uses adrenaline implant, ebows you, runs away", or with changelings "Shoot with taser, handcuff, get last resort'd and robusted by a monkey", etc etc..
  13. It should be possible to code yes, although eliminating reagents slower isn't necessarily even a bad thing. It would make beneficial reagents more powerful.
  14. My feeling is that when the kidneys are completely dead the toxin reagent should be added to the body every tick, perhaps at twice the rate of depletion(or however slow it needs to be to make dialysis a viable treatment until a new pair of kidneys can be obtained.) It should be a life threatening condition not a minor coffee related annoyance. Perhaps toxin should start being added earlier but at a slower rate. What happens if you add toxin below the depletion amount, do the character still take the toxin damage but no toxin reagent builds up? If it is implemented this way it would closely mimic real life kidney failure as the kidneys filter out endogenous toxins from the blood. As for liver failure, is it possible to code it so that patients with a dead liver eliminate reagents much slower? This snippet from the paradise station wiki indicates that this might be possible: If this was changed keeping your liver in good shape might become a lot more important and allow for some new interesting poison mixes. Im my dream world where these changed are implemented, the Drask race special liver; the metabolic strainer, has more hitpoints. This would potentially lead to some interest cross species transplantation work.
  15. To answer the question regarding Kidneys: If damage is 10 or higher and coffee is in the subject’s system, they take 0.1 toxin damage per tick. If damage is 30 or higher and coffee is in the subject’s system, they take 0.3 toxin damage per tick. Livers are similar but affected by more reagents. Specifically: Ethanol, toxin, plasma, sulfuric acid, fluorosulfuric Acid, cyanide, amanitin, or carpotoxin. It's all done on the same check so if you have multiple types of those reagents you still only take 0.3 toxin per tick. To quote the notes in the code: // This should probably be expanded in some way, but fucked if I know
  16. revamping the taste system would be neat, but I know how tedious it would be
  17. definitely interesting to poison with. maybe this will make people pay attention to what things taste like!
  18. This is pretty interesting It would be cool to have.
  19. No Scichem is kinda of a let down. Having all the clothing vendors in some back alley maint room is an odd choice (Considering the main communal area is so big). The design of the canteen/theartre is much more restrictive than Box I wish it was more open and more like a "foodcourt"
  20. Ehhh I don't agree. Vampires are too basic, at least with clings you have some options. Plus doing the whole "Shoot vamp once, vamp mistforms, find vampire again, repeat" gameplay loop really drags
  21. In the real world many toxins damage the liver and kidneys, but in ss13 I've never seen anyone suffer from kidney failure. How does kidney failure even work ingame? If we had more ways people could get hurt it could increase the fun for both the antagonists and medical staff. I suggest: Introducing a new reagent as the principal kidney toxin; Ethylene glycol(commonly known as antifreeze), this is an interesting toxin because of its sweet and pleasant taste, it could give the generic "You can taste the sweetness" message when imbibed. Introducing a new synthanol based drink that is sweetened by ethylene glycol, this makes sense because it is used to cool machines and both toxic and non-toxic glycols have been used in alcoholic beverages to provide sweetness and improve mouthfeel. Since we already have the very potent liver toxin carbon tetrachloride in the game under the name firefighting foam, i suggest it be renamed to its proper name and given the ability to actually cause liver damage in addition to putting out fires. Consider adding kidney toxicity to transfused blood of the wrong blood types. Consider adding delayed liver damage to amatoxin(perhaps this is already in the game?) If kidney failure has not been coded, it could cause a buildup of generic "toxin" and thus be able to be alleviated by dialysis. Since both of these toxins have at least one alternative usage they can be obtained from the chemist with some social engineering. My suggested recipe for ethylene glycol: 3 parts oxygen 3 parts welding fuel 3 parts water 1 part silver Heat to 473k I am willing to attempt spriting the new IPC drink. Should it be a "girly" drink since it contains a lot of sweetener? Help me come up with a name and recipe. If you have any thoughts about these suggestions or know of another reagent you think should cause organ damage, please post in this thread. Here are some snippets from Wikipedia on the toxicity of these compounds.
  22. welp, tried to use your suggestion, and it works well. Thx
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