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  2. Last time I gave karma it was to an assistant who, unlike all the doctors in medbay, realised I was hooked up to an anesthetic a Vox and that I needed a blood transfusion. I was defibbed 16 times that round.
  3. (Moi is actually bi but, lel)
  4. This would indeed be nice! Though i can deal without it to.
  5. While playing paperwork roles like Corner, I really tend to like the Holopad's call function. It's an underused device I think is really useful. The only problem with it is that its impossible to find the target Holopad in a reasonable amount of time. To fix this, I recommend sorting the possible receivers before showing them to the client. Implementing a sorting algorithm is relatively easy, I would do it myself if I understood how to work with Byond, and its a nice quality of life improvement.
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  7. Huzzah! Slowly I'll make the whole playerbase be Skrell.
  8. You should just be able to order the vending supplies from cargo and put it in the vendors without taking it apart...
  9. Your fanart got me to finally play the skrell I made a while ago. no regrets.
  10. Well, now that I know you can "refill" the clothing vendors, I'll definitely remember to do that next time I'm Janitor. Means I'll have to run to the tools vendor at roundstart so I can actually make sure I have the tools, though...
  11. Corporeal Shield runes are your BEST FRIEND! When activated non-cultists can't move through them or shoot through them. They also can't be easily destroyed like other barriers. Watch out for the chaplain though, his null rod will erase the shield in a snap.
  12. Nice suggestions! I hope for a cult round soon so I could implement them
  13. I mean, as EvadableMoxie said, it's just quality of life. This isn't a pack of cigarettes or bread tubes. It's cosmetic.
  14. I am against this if it surely for that reason. Janitors or cargo techs are to refil the vending machines if it is empty. That is why there is an ability to order more stock at cargo. Tsk. Lazy.
  15. The loadout menu wouldn't have to include ALL of the slotted clothing, then. Anything deemed purely cosmetic.
  16. I always though that things in loadout menu must be "fair". Mad Scientist Labcoat gives you two additional "small" slots, while other external wear like military jackets do not. Powergamers would first jump onto those in loadout, now they have to pick it up ingame.
  17. Did I ever post my doodles? Same round for both Surprisingly, nobody got mad
  18. What happens when you ask Alexa to play Despacito on Paradise Station? She gets an ion bolt to the chest
  19. As a xenophobe I disapprove. (Still good work though)
  20. Making art in this game is a headache. Such is the struggle of the artist, however.
  21. I just gave up on trying to deal with the IAA. Plus the Roboticist was acting dumb as fuck when we asked him where the papers were for borging, instead he just said what you needed to do to make a borg.
  22. Murder requires intent. I feel like in your case, this would be, at worst, manslaughter, since you were honestly trying to perform a requested service for someone. Not having the paperwork makes this a little hard to prove, however, which is why you always have paperwork on hand for any borging. At that point, the person may have realized there was an error in communication, or they consent to the borging and you're good to go.
  23. I remember when I was HoS I had just dealt with a prisoner and I go into my office to do one thing. I go over to me spider but... I forgot my intent was to harm so instead of petting him I hit him. It took half of security including me who ended up with a broken leg. And then it took about half the shift to determine if I had damaged station property In the end I think the IAA finally gave up wrote a report and CC fucked me over with the final say in our problem.
  24. I was the HoS at the time maybe warden. Was the Warden or HoS's name Sybil Vader or Margaret Marks? Do forgive me for over reacting I was confused as fuck on how and what happend. And indeed I do think that perma was a bit much for a mistake like your's. But the IAA was like, "PERMA HIM AND ARREST HIM!" and I just gave up on trying to deal with the IAA.
  25. Last week
  26. You can heal an IPC internal damage with a screwdriver As an AI, you can easily and quickly locate people by typing their name in the verb bar, and even unknowns to spot the sneaky people who dare wear masks in front of your cameras. A third thing crossed my mind when reading this, but I forgot it when I started typing, woopsie daisy. OH OH OH, and, if you find yourself hacking into an area frequently, slap a signaler on the wire, and slap a voice activated signaler in your pocket, and now everytime you need in, snap your fingers and crowbar your way in, easy n' quick!
  27. Emagging a toolset implant and then getting it inserted into your arm gives you an arm combat blade. This can be then sharpened with a whetstone.
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