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  2. Now, this is a tale from the far reaches of Baystation, onboard the SEV Torch. It had been a quiet shift, everyone was either talking or working, the poor janitor had been attempted murdered by the mime, but survived and the mime was swiftly arrested. Everything seemed fine, except... The mime had been a mere puppet for something far worse, a mindslave trying to fulfill his masters impossible wishes. That master were currently loading a revolver in a dark spot. Loaded and with spare ammo, he hid the gun in his pocket, the joys of holdout weapons, and continued towards the brig, intent on retriving his puppet. The first officer got a single shot on him, but to no avail, the puppeters work vest deflecting the shot, soon the officer fell on the floor, clutching his wounds as he begged for mercy. "Please! I surrender! I SURRENDER" He begged, but the puppeter was already unloading his revolver and putting in new bullets, the pain of a non-removable magazine. Another officer came rushing to his aid, firing his tazer but missing every shot as the puppeter evaded each shot, continuing to load his revolver. Aware of the threat, the officer pulled his lasergun instead, took aim and fired.... BOOM He had hit a transfer valve, causing it to detonate, filling the hallway with smoke and debris, allowing the puppeter to fully load his gun in relative peace. The puppeter took aim and nailed the officer right in the head, thankfully just a fleshwound, but enough to incapitate him. Another officer showed up, an unathi, an angry female one armed with a big laser rifle. The puppeter took aim and nailed her right in the head... She stumbled, she screamed in pain, but was still standing, the bullet had lodged itself in her snout, the bleeding wound.... Healing, blood drying and clotting, new scales growing.. She took aim and fired, dropping the puppeter with a well aimed shot to the leg. That day, Alfred learned that Bay Unathi were a tad different from Para. He lamented his lack of knowledge as he bleed out on the floor...
  3. We have already told Yuliy to keep the matter to ban appeals / ACs. They have failed to do this. Thread locked. They are now banned from the forums as well. Goodbye.
  4. Howdy, Is this still something that's of interest? If it is, I can put some time in to polish up the sprite optimiser script, instructions, and finish / share some of the documents I was writing to go with it and the sound stuff.
  5. I have never been hostile towards you during this entire endeavor of you talking about me openly, and I don't appreciate you talking about me negatively to other people in discord direct message's resulting in people making their own judgement of my character. You have to understand that if you behave negatively it only causes more negativity. You decided to escalate things to the point of trying to kill me and hide my body. (Poorly at that, as I was found literally moments after you left me.) I usually give people the benefit of the doubt when they are antags and willing to barter for life. I will now be listing the events as I remember them so the facts are there. Regardless of how it makes me look. First off, I walked into science and you were hostile as you always are. I head patted you and you decided to hit me with your telescopic baton multiple times and threaten my demotion from science as you were the RD. I went down to the experimenter to make myself some gadgets as all of the other science department wings were in use. I ended up getting a soap device and you demanded that I come to your office to have my demotion carried out. I instead stood outside of your office and used the soap device as you came at me to take my ID away. This part I'm unclear of as you mention a syringe gun being used, however I don't recall this. You then caught up with me, zip tied me, and brought me into your office to remove my headset and ID. Upon removing my ID you demoted it to civilian using the console in your office. You then decided to drag me into science maintenance down to the medical maintenance airlock and sucked my blood to the point where I died. Removing my clothing and shoving me in a locker to rot. The mime just happened out of (luck for me I guess) to look around maintenance and happened to find my body. While watching in ghost you were trying to get the coroner not to revive me and he then revived me when you walked out of the room. Upon coming out of the cloning tube I gave you two options: I got to security with the information leading to my death, or you give me my job back and I stay quiet. You insisted I hand you my ID right then and there while in the cloning room. I had no headset at this time so if I were glared again and dragged into maintenance I would be completely defenseless against you like the first time as no one was around cloning at that time. I then came to a ultimatum with you saying if you went to your office with me following at a distance you would be able to fix my ID. You insisted on arguing with me regardless of how much power I held over you at the time due to my information. I then decided to say "Fuck it, I'm going to security." and stormed off to security because of your inability to realize the great deal I had offered you. I got to security and they decided to cuff me as well for absolutely no reason. I then tried to break from my restraints as I was in fear of you using the powers given to you from draining my previous body as security left us in processing together. As we were being processed a syndicate bomb went off south of the processing room leading to us being separated: You being dragged off to isolation cells until the blast happened, and I was dragged into brig bay. I was then released by the Head of Personnel and brought to brig lobby. I heard you attacking the head of security with vampire powers from the lobby of security and I had informed them as to you doing so. You then walked down to the lobby of security stunning both officers in the area with a screech and escaping through the doors leading into security. I then went to the head of personnel and offered to be the new Research director. I apologize for any issues I caused you, but your ban was definitely nothing that this situation contributed to as I hadn't informed the administrative team of your hostile messages in discord after this round had happened. You took it out on me in direct messages and in the general chat of the paradise discord.
  6. Mate, I'm not gonna lie here, That doesn't sound like grief, that sounds like you smacked him with a telebaton randomly, so he took it from you. If you abuse an item or randomly smack people around, it's gonna get taken. Ask any player here, if a sec officer starts to whack random people down, some assistant is gonna grab his baton and run off with it. From what information I gathered, he headpatted you, you smacked him with a telebaton multiple times, and he took it, That's not grief. That's action and reaction. Number two, it wasn't a stun grenade, it was a strange device that created soap, there's a difference, a stun grenade has the ability to blind you if they're used repeatedly in a short period of time, which could in some ways constitute as grief if he randomly ruined your eyes. However he slipped you with harmless soap. Three? You are dragging a scientist as the RD into maint, after shooting him with a syringe gun, everything about that screams 'EOC'. He has every right to scream, and kick, and call sec. That's his duty. If we had a standard of nobody screaming out when an EOC grabbed them, Security would be out of a job. Lets keep going on. You, as the RD, told the CMO that they were an EOC, The CMO doesn't have to trust that at all, unless you are in an EOC marked body-bag, and the Captain/HOS can recall it, or the HOS/captain have said he is an EOC, the CMO can over-ride that and clone him at any time, that's not the CMO's fault. Now, lets go into any reasonable roleplay aspect, you offered him his job back, since CMD isn't actually forced here, he remembers that you just killed him, now, lets put you in his shoes, yeah? Fear roleplay comes into effect here, you have a brig, where you can be protected, security forces who are more than capable of taking care of a single vampire. You have to pick between going to work for a boss who legitimately just killed you, or going to security? I'm pretty sure you already know the answer for that yourself. Now, lets tie all this into the perspective your taking here? You understand that this is a roleplay server, we're low-med roleplay, meaning you are still roleplaying a character, what Koala Ice may have done, doesn't reflect on the player behind them, and your post clearly seems to take a OOC aspect to this, as do the DM's you've been sending to the guy. This sounds like alot of your actions were based on OOC distaste, or dislike of the guy, including how you've been likening him getting back at you ICLY for you randomly smacking his shit around with a telebaton as 'griefing'. I think you have very slurred lines between IC and OOC, and you need to understand that what happens IC isn't directly a reflection on the player OOCLY I play multiple characters, ones an extremely egotistical self centered Vulp Anothers an insanely kind, and overly-trusting IPC I have another thats a very angry/snappy Tajaran with a really kind hidden heart. These are characters, both ranging from the complete opposites of each other, to being similar in small ways. it doesn't reflect on me as a person OOCLY as I am playing them ICLY. That's the spirit of roleplay, to play a role, to play a character. Finally? This doesn't seem like an apology at all, this seems really like your trying to incriminate a guy who just put a ban appeal up to lessen his chances of getting unbanned, I understand that you may be 'attempting' to make an apology, but it seems very half hearted, and at the very least insulting to another player of the community.
  7. 5 victims shot with said caneguns, barely got a scratch
  8. Im impressed but also just.... What Great work
  9. Oh, I saw one of those bars
  10. ...Well. If this is getting quite dirty look, I apologize for making it. However, instead of making a struggle to get in, I'll just make a record what happened before I make a leave. It all happened on month ago, where the usual round start happened. This will be copy-pasted from DM at Korala Ice. And to Korala Ice, you can post up the dirty words I have made on DM, while I once again, apologize for it due to the snap. I am trying to control the sodium level right now, especially after the ban and actually improving. From CM, it is showing up at least. First. Round has started. I was a vampire as an RD. Objective was clear, getting the cargo technician, and take my own vest. However, when the round start, you have start to spam the pat or whatever constantly in RnD despite you know what will come after and I have done nothing to you on the round and even on the previous round. I didn't glared you or what-so-ever. But instead, a telebaton you once instead of the spam. Right after you recover, you slipped me with the water, taking the baton, stunned a couple times before you trot away into the maintance. I was annoyed at the time, but instead ahelp to admin about your grief, I just tried to figure out ICly - Telling to the security. While I was keep on trying to get my objectives done, once again you came along, hiding the baton away somewhere else. Not only that, you made a stun grenade, making another stun to me. Just to grief. Not only that, but before you show up, you constantly insulted me through the radio channel even I tried to figure this out quietly. Personal thought here, I think I should've just ahelp about your griefing behavior. As I thought you will grief me forever, I have decided to take you down - By muting you first with the syringe gun. Guess what. The thing you also hate - screaming spam. You have spammed the scream for over 5 minutes while I drag you in the maintance and even until your death. At the time of the moment when I captured you, I was thinking of making a warning to you and release just before you start to spam out the scream. Aprox 10 minutes later, I noticed that the mime brought your dead body to the medbay to clone. And of course I was awared most of the peoples; While wasn't sure about you if you would do or not at the time but didn't want a dangerous bet, will scream all the knowledge of it which is really dirty, I have directly sended you to the morgue. Another personal thought, this wouldn't get this much bad if I have cremated you or else. Soon, some new-to-the-job CMO has cloned you despite the fact that I said you were an EoC. Right after you popped out from the clone, you instantly spam screaming again. Yelling that I'm a Vampire. Yes, it is not out of the rules, but I would advise to look what you have done previously. Also you requested your ID card and your job back so you'll keep it shut, so I took it, telling you to give me your ID card. Also mentioned that I have the ID card modification laptop and if you aren't trusting me, just throw the ID card to me so I'll adjust it. However even I was being chill despite what you have done, you scramble into the brig and starts to spam again, "He's a Vampire". I continued to told you that I will return your job back, but you never listened. HoP, Boris - Who was a traitor with objective to get my vest while I was completely given up because of your grief, expecting it won't gonna go well, came to the processing to handle out. Also trying to sneak me away. However again as you were constantly spamming that "Vampire", he was also exhausted. But at the time, suddenly, an engineer decided to blow up the brig by using the syndicate bomb. Yes, I have survived and was on top of the metal even I was in the bomb range. Even though I had an escape chance, I tried to get the peoples out from the atmos exposure. And actually made everyone out while you were keep on screaming at me, I'm a Vampire. Soon, I headed to the perma brig, trying to get me tested out. That was the moment I thought would get messed up for good. I have screeched, using my ability and ran off. HoP Boris at the time, didn't wanted to expose himself as a traitor by just staring, so he started to drag you off into the bridge. You were his mask, not to save you for real. Because if he just stares of course, you will going to spill out again after your death. Like you did it to me. Lots of fight continues up until I have got your message, "Eat that you chicken shit brain head, I'm now in your spot", I finally got snapped for good even I have hold the anger while you griefed hard and done whatever that is frowned upon, including bunch of constant insults. I didn't wanted to deal with you at the time anymore. At all. I simply just fought to death with the ERT after I got your PDA message and a constant insult over the radio. I also heard your word on command radio channel all the words towards me. While not expelling what you did. This is direct copy-paste from the DM that I have sent to Korala Ice. Issue about what I have done wrong was getting snapped in the end. Soon after the round got end, I have made the insulting single sentence on the Discord towards Korala Ice, soon even more dirty and filthy words via DM, full with anger how the round was messed and a mass disappointment. It definitely is my fault and deserve a punishment - Which is now, I am banned. Soon after I have ended my words, I've left the server and while I was making words, Korala had send the help message to Shadykins. What he is claiming was just a help, not a report. However, ban has been applied instead of laxing down the relationship between him and me. Without checking what happened at the round. Thinking with a calm, cool head, I also have made a mistake deeply, even making an admin complaint after I realised that the ban was applied despite that Korala actually tried to cover up. I really am thankful for the choice he made even I made such an insults, however at that time, I got again, really confused. Also very disappointed where Shadykins never have asked why I was so mad at him before giving a punishment. Thinking again, it definitely was again, my fault that I have left the server so he had no way to make a contact with me but applying the ban. Also the point I wanted to get on admin's complain was making even more precise check on the incident, not to get my ban lifted. If it was lifted, I would request re-ban as the ban, was legit like what reply was said. All records are back in the server's database. Log, Discord record and in the DM. If anyone requests, I'm going to show out. If admins reveal the contents, I'm also going to be fully okay with. Right now, however. I am making a message to reveal how it have became, all the way through the end. If Korala Ice makes an apologize of the behavior, I'll take it without second thoughts. And even if Korala Ice and Shadykins and peoples in general doesn't take my apology, I understand fully as making an insult after getting snapped, it wasn't and isn't really a good action. Once again to Korala Ice, from the DM, I wasn't going to use you to get my ban lifted but to explain how it gone started. It is fully my faults, and I hope you one day take an apology. To Shadykins, sorry. For making a lot of message via forum message. It was half disappointment as the inspection wasn't been done completely - Which it will be again, my fault. Also the last half was a confuse as I thought Korala has actually reported even he wasn't. And to General forum peoples, sorry. For making too much noise. This may and will be the last noise I will make, but just telling what happened and making an apology to general, before making a leave completely.
  11. 2 terrified shrieks as a Vox has their mask removed
  12. One idea for making those events more interesting could be to give the virus they can spawn unique symptoms that you can't just get with reagents, so that the virologist is encouraged to go out and secure some samples.
  13. In before other vulps start using a recording of an awoo, and ear plugs in their own ears, to distract security/command so they can sneak past and do stuff. In fact, I think I've already seen a video of this happening...
  14. Oh? You're approaching me? Instead of running away, you're coming right to me? I can't beat the shit out of you with a toolbox getting closer. Oh ho ho. Then come as close as you like!
  15. Yesterday
  16. I forsee myself being banned from coding for slipping in a proc that makes vulps Awoo automatically if they hear an Awoo. Thust starting and propagating a chain reaction.
  17. Because Dumbdumn shared a picture of mannequins striking a pose after I said to Tully "I think I might have to draw Jonah in some sort of JoJo pose." This is either the least threatening thing or the most, I haven't figured it out yet.
  18. I'm for making the events more interesting. Although I'll keep these PR's to the scope of advanced viruses first.
  19. Bumping around in an old anime/rp chatroom back in 2012 when someone mentioned it and describing their first encounter of roaming the station lost before a clown ran up, stabbed them in the eye with a screwdriver and then dragged them into the bathrooms and stabbed them to death before leaving their body there and running off. Downloaded byond and hopped on the first server I saw (goon) and immediatly hated the controls, UI and sprites. Few weeks later same friends told me of another server and had me try that, would up playing as a janitor bumbling around aimlessly cleaning up water with an oh so friendly AI/telescience god who just started teleporting me and my mop bucket everywhere he saw a mess before he tricked me into touching a xenoarch artifact that borged people (the exchange being something along the lines of 'What do you want to do now?' 'I don't know, something fun.' "a moment...' **ZAP** 'That artifact is very interesting and fun.' *Touch* "I LIVE AGAIN") Since than it's been on and off over the years surfing servers and seeing the best and worst this game has to offer.
  20. What I would like to see, is that the normal cures for viruses (lvl 7 biohazards) disappear, and that a virologist HAS to manually make a cure. Make level 7 biohazards no longer globally announced, but get crew infected gradually, perhaps so that a patient zero can be located, or something. Just .. make a disease an actual inconvenience rather than just "oh here have some sugar kthxbai".
  21. This... Just this one thing... It just went on my here i am...
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