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  2. After quite some time of being bannu'd, and in general, not getting antagonist, I finally have another story to tell(In addition, I changed the title so it's more inclusive, #ImWithThem). I'm a roboticist, and a vampire, too. Objectives : 320 u of blood, kill a scientist, steal the hand-tele, After I get over the feeling of butterflies in my stomach, I get to work. I work a bit as a robo but mostly spend my time in maintenance. Some guy wanted to be borged, so after I borged him, I took his body and went to le epic secret maintenance room, where a civilian in plague doctor garb(hereon referred to as PD) saw me, succ'd, and walked a bit in maintenance. This is where I found Fluffy sucking on a guy, so I walked in, introduced myself as a vampire, and we were about to succ on the guy, but he starts pleading for his life. I feel a bit guilty, only take a sip, and me and Lumpy let em go. I walk a bit, find PD and a guy named Sully arguing. Sully tries glaring PD, but it doesn't work because both are vamps. I tell them to both knock it off, and try to find more people in maintenance. Succ a few more people, get a few more powers, etc etc. Now, I met the mime in maintenance and someone she tried to succ (they were cuffed). I helped take off their headset, disabled suit sensors, and we both succed on the poor guy. I welded that room shut to make sure no one would go to it, and we went along our way. After a bit of walking about, not really getting much blood, me and Lumpy found each other and decided to prowl maintenance together. Eventually we found the mime, and made a plan to get the tele-armour, which Lumpy needed for his objective. In addition, the scientist I needed to kill was idling so with the help of Lumpy, kidnapped and succ'd him. All was well, all objectives met, and the shuttle was called. I succ'd on a clone, headed to the pods, but it was welded. I unwelded it, stepped into the first tile of the pod, and the pod rocketed off. I fell out of the pod, and into space. LITERALLY just 3 seconds more and I would've greentexted. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
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  4. Was a great shift. One of those fine examples of how players in a event can make it turn a very random direction. I went in thinking I wouldn't get elected, bringing the values of Crewmocracy to the stand. Somehow Greytide liked that and voted me in ((Even when the polls were rigged by two of the candidates)) My first order of business was to establish the Rangers... I didn't even know they would betray me. When Sepulchre said he was glad he was retiring I forced him out of retirement to be the secretary of Defense... Job name Forced Out of Retirement. When a syndicate killed the nanotrasen officer the crew voted to wage war with Syndicate, and wage war we did. While I was doing my duties the Vice president handed a very suspicious document to me and founded a Red Guard. I knew it would endanger democracy to have such a political party, but I had no proof to act on until one of the party members ratted out Boris. But the investigation was cut short by the USSP attack. With Sepulchre's help we disabled two mechs and killed their pilots, then we retreated to SEC to be met by Solgov. The battle was tough, and Deathsquad had stepped onto the field. I would eventually die in my office after requesting a nuke which would detonate shortly after. Good times fellas. 10/10 would die before letting democracy fall... Space Ronald Reagan would've been proud
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  6. It's hard to rp when there is shit going on, so that is probably why they just yell "traitor!!"
  7. Name: Connor Ficht Age: 28 Gender: Male Race: Vulpkanin Blood Type: O+ General Occupational Role(s): Chemist, Station Engineer, Security Biography: - Connor was born on Dalstadt and enjoyed a relatively normal yet boring life within one of its older sealed cities, taught of the exodus and destruction of Altam. He was fascinated and in awe of those who left the homeworld and sought a new home among the solar system. Idealizing their resolve and tenacity, a feeling of Kelebunzt, or wanderlust, began to grow inside of him. After finishing his primary schooling, Connor soon left his life inside of the sealed city behind, signing a rather lengthy contract that seemed too good to be true with a company he had seen news of every so often. Before the gravity of what he had just signed set in, he was on a one-way ticket to Luna and several weeks of culture shock and corporate grooming. As the years went by, he was enrolled in Luna's academies and left to work in NBS Anansi in Tau Ceti as a probationary requirement before being transferred to his current place of work, the NSS Cyberiad in Epsilon Eridani. Qualifications: Associate's in Engineering and a B.S. in Chemical Biology. Employment Records: - NBS Anansi 2554 -- 2560 - Chemist - NSS Cyberiad 2561 -- 2562 - Station Engineer 2562 -- Ongoing - Open contract Security Records: Not found (or filled in yet) Medical Records: Connor reported that he had undergone noninvasive surgery that altered the curve of his cornea. He said the doctor had used 3D-printed molds to quickly reshape living tissue with no incisions, scarring or recovery time. Personnel Photo: A starry-eyed, black-furred Vulpkanin with white "hair", blue eyes, and a bushy black and white striped tail. Commendations [only to be added by admin]: Reprimands [only to be added by admin]: Other Notes:
  8. I presume the captain got the hailers banned.
  9. Catgirl nanites HAS to be included, just for the meme material.
  10. From Sseth... I never even heard of BYOND before finding his video, so, yeah, came in the Ssethtide.
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  12. I was so long ago Like literally more than 2 years ago So I'm not sure, I usually use Segoe UI Semibold tho so it might be it, not 100% sure.
  13. Amazing. Can i ask what text font you used?
  14. If making them not bleed internally is too big a buff, you can add a counter weakness by making them take a load of damage and get a really long stun and be unable to talk clearly for a short time (slimes dont have "mouths" or if they do they are just there to blend in and dont actually have a function. According to their lore and just release vibration from their bodies to talk) when affected by drying reagent. Dont make it a 1 shot but make it to where if you get affected by it youre pretty much a fish out of water and if an antag wants to kill you, youre dead once this happens since youre pretty much powerless except to scream gibberish over the radio.
  15. As a vox player I can confirm. Brute weakness means Im pretty much always in surgery every time I take damage. but yeah porting nanites from TG would be better.
  16. Hand breaking is really annoying, its so easy to do (only takes 15 damage) meaning any weapon of any substance doing brute will 1 shot break your hand. TG removed aiming for hands and feet completely (I think it was for that reason but I'm not 100% sure on that) I'd really like to see it reworked in a way such that aiming for hands does not practically make the hand removed. I like your idea of the downsides being changed specifically for broken hands, rather than being unable to pick anything up and just dropping everything perhaps make the dropping happen only occasionally and make it so theres a failure chance of picking something up but once you have it in hand you likely wont drop it for a while. Perhaps when your hand first breaks it will be a guranteed disarm of the hand but after that the effect becomes manageable?
  17. On the topic of bullets not breaking bones, maybe it would be a good idea to expand this to other damage types. Maybe blunt weapons have a higher chance of breaking bones, but things like bullets and scalpels maybe not so much.
  18. This isn't really a bug but an oversight, and my biggest issue with new crit as is. This absolutely breaks old crit races to the point where new crit vs old crit engagements are entirely broken. Why you may ask. If you are an old crit race you go unconscious at 0 health with no roll, meanwhile a new crit race does not start rolling for heart attacks until -300(? correct me if i'm wrong on this). This essentially means you need to do triple the amount of damage to a new crit race to even get a chance of knocking them unconscious. I don't think I need to explain why this is unfair for the old crit race. I really think something should be done about this as soon as possible.
  19. Suggestion: Have bones break based on an increasing percentile based on that specific bone damage. Torso, head, arms, and legs should be fairly robust while hands, feet, and abdomen should be relatively soft. Every damage basically raises the "chance" of a bone breaking once it reaches a base threshold. This percentile just needs to be balanced enough to be not-frequent but it won't save unlucky souls implicitly. IRL the issue with long-bone fractures such as the femur is blood loss that pools in the cavity. With those bigger bones that are more robust, add internal bleeding and remove it for the "softer" bones.
  20. I agree actually. It shouldnt be a predictable thing. And yeah bullets should embed.
  21. Let's get this back on topic you nerds.
  22. Currently, your bones will break if your limb damage exceeds the bone break threshold.. this is 15 damage for feet and hands, thats about three punches. I'd like to make bone-breaking less predictable and way less common, there should be a minimum damage threshold necessary to actually break bones(so something like ants don't break your bones). and instead of having bullets break bones they should embed themselves in you.. its kinda weird having your elbow snap after you've been shot by a 9mm. I'd also like a raising probability of bones breaking the more damage a bone takes instead of just OOP IT HIT 15 DAMAGE GUESS ITS BROKEN NOW. Thoughts? Details i'd like to work out with community feedback: How can we make bone damage unpredictable but still make sure its not unfair/unfun RNG? Can we change the downsides of bone breaking to be less debilitating and game ending or perhaps raise the downsides but make them much more rarer? If we want to handle bullets differently and have them embed themselves in you how would we do it? Having lead in you could lead to toxic damage and even infections. This should be around the same level as having a broken bone but should still be unique in its own regards.
  23. Spark is totally your friend but you didn't see that door fly off its hinges. It didn't happen. You saw nothing
  24. Skrell? Forgotten they even exist.
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