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  2. Devs would never let that fly, sorry bro...
  3. Bluespace box: A handheld box that can send items put inside to other bluespace boxes. Boxes have their own frequencies, and will be sent to a set target frequency when used. If there are two targets with the same frequency, the receiver will be random. Works across Z-levels. Good for quickly/discreetly sending small items to others, provided it doesn't get intercepted, or someone sends a live bomb.
  4. *squish here's a drawing of my slime girl Dreamy Rockwall Here's a drawing of my Elf boi Damien Bryar
  5. Yeah Air pressure isn't the same as volume, the only mention of volume is the 28 moles of plasma traitor objective.
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  7. The pressure of tanks dont nessicarly equate to the capacity of the tanks you can have the same pressure but not the same capacity You can check yourself as emergency tanks pressure drops much faster than regular tanks
  8. I'd love the cuffs. Also cant emergency tanks already be filled to the same capacity as large tanks?
  9. Blue space air lock (Have it as an airlock circuit) Allow you to walk through them if you have access you can manually open by clicking on it for those without This allows you to move faster in station
  10. Weapon implant works just like toolset or surgery implant You get in a box with auto implanter Srewdrive to set to which arm as usual It starts with no weapons you must attach the weapons or weapon as it only allows one or two slots depending on balance This allows people to stealthy carry weapons Or steal caps gun and implant it in your self
  11. Wait so they like have it in their hands then they click on a visible tile to dispense water onto it?
  12. Bluespace Swiss Army Knife - All tools of a tool belt (minus multitool and devices) in one "convenient" item. Bluespace Bottles/Mugs - Endless Alcohol / Coffee for the true addicts among us. Could have the potential of "malfunctioning" and giving you something else every so often. Bluespace Fire Suppression System - Has the benefit of allowing teleportation of Water via visualization of the target however lacks Metal Foam or Nanofrost options. Safer, yet less effective in the long run.
  13. New idea Bluespace cuffs Rechargable cuffs when used on criminals creates energy cuffs (maybe cable tie or zip die length time to undo when undone dissapears into nothing) on the criminal but needs to be recharged in the charger after 3 uses this allows officers to save space in bag Spawns in a lockbox
  14. I'll code the tank, hud hud (with a better name) and the pen. The others I know are going to be instantly rejected.
  15. Bluespace tank size of emergency tank but has capcity of a proper tank Blue space hud hud allows 2 hud overlays which you can config by screwdriving and attaching huds Blue space Headset allows unlimited encrption keys slots and maybe hearing protection Bluespace pen allows all colors of ink...... Bluespace magazine /speed loader allows more bullets to be stored inside the gun
  16. Well, yeah but you can always do autopsies on the remaining dead body, question the cloned personnel etc. If the victim was murdered in secret by unknown weapon, like 9mm pistol, we can then keep an eye on that and I can also warn my security team to be prepared to engage someone carrying illegal weapons. Though yeah, very often, the stations falls in so much shit that we don't have time for autopsies. Sad, cause I really enjoyed being a coroner and filing reports on dead people.
  17. Reaing dis requires alotta coding despite me not knowing any thing about coding
  18. Pretty much no one ever does autopsies, sadly. There's just not that much point, because if you have a body, you can usually bring them back.
  19. I am proposing a minor antag called the repoman The story behind the antag is that the trans solar federation has discovered tax or unpaid debt within nano trans and sent in their repoman to reclaim resources from nanotransen The antag is not suppose to be attacked by the crew or attack the crew Possibly things needed to be coded A repo gun that breaks things down possibly using swarmer code A bag that breaks down items A spiffy sprite for repoman How does the antag win the antag must gather points in order to recoup the debt(ripping swarmer code possibly for mechanics) How does crew win or get rid of repoman repay the debt or have internal affairs discover a tax loophole through rp(not sure how this mechanic would work though)
  20. Drone Syndicate hideout in science maint.
  21. Sweet. The office sitting is one of my favorite stuff to do. I am very good at communicating and giving out orders (I think), I practiced order giving while being a Chief Engineer. I planned on starting every HoS shift with three things: Roll call and give out patrol orders (also find out if possible the skill level of security team, it would be best if I manage to line them up in front of the office); Coordinate with Chief personnel and captain for a short meet-up at the Bridge office for a briefing on the shift priorities; Get back to office and write down some operative procedures for my Security Team, in case of crisis so I can print them up and give them to less experienced personnel. (The operative procedure will come at first in less amount but i think the more I play and SURVIVE shifts, the more my HoS char will know how to deal with various shit. At one point I think I'd be able to issue strategies on how to deal with blob, xenos, spiders, lings etc etc) All the while I keep an eye on comms and that's basically it. I'll also insist on doing autopsies for killed bodies, coordinating detective and coronary for that and I'll also insist on calling RD and xenobiologists if we're dealing with an unknown xeno threat so that scientists can asses the threat levels. How does that sound?
  22. ZN23X


    As HOS I try to sit in my office or on the bridge listening to comms and giving orders. I will only go into the field in the case of some sort immediate emergency that requires additional manpower (officers under attack somewhere and my intervention could be the difference between them surviving or at very least being recovered or not) or to help officers get into a specific location with my additional access (engineering, science, whatever). The worst type of HOS is the one who just takes the role and uses thier gear and access to be officer+. Your access, your gear, and your ability to keep security coordinated is too valuable of a resource to risk losing by patrolling. As awful as it sounds, thats what officers are for. They should be the ones patrolling and being put at risk because they are simply less valuable. Its also fun to jack up chucklefuck officers and show em whos the boss.
  23. I'd say robustness is far further down the list of a good HOS than most people think. The biggest two differences in my experience between a good sec force and a bad one is not how quick they are with a baton or a tableslam. It's organisation and communication. No worse officers than those who don't use the radio. (And yes, there are those who basiaclly don't use the radio at all. Roll call? No reply. Help, I'm being attacked outside the vault? No reply or reaction. Who booked this prisoner? No reply. The worst.) You can usually tell if a shift will be good for sec or not after a few minutes, just by the amount of radio banter, and what is being said. And a lot of that is on the HOS. You have to get your officers to work together, and to do their different jobs efficiently and correctly. Reports if they see anything on patrols, notes on prisoners, cooperation with the warden on proper brigging (no abandoned prisoners in processing, no toolbelts in cells, no dying voxes with no headsets), properly coordinated patrols that cover the entire station regularly, and proper mobilization in case of a crisis (by that I mean: everyone's there and armed if there's a maniac with a double sword, but you don't get six officers watching the clown slip people in the bar, either.) Radios > Paperwork > Tasers.
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