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  2. Okay. I'll have to do this as a mini-event at some later point. Wait for a time when there's like 20 civilians with nothing to do and no major antag activity, then go recruit Clown Trainees.
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  4. @Rurik I've seen one roach in my life, it was in my garage. I know you don't just step on em cuz they could have eggs so I picked it up in newspaper and smashes it, then put it in my driveway, poured gasoline on it, and lit it on fire. There is still a burn mark in my driveway despite this being years ago. But I haven't seen any more roaches.
  5. Roaches. Aka Kidan. I absolutely fear and despise roaches. Aside from carrying a multitude of diseases and being absolutely disgusting, its extremely hard to wipe a nest out from a house and they breed rapidly. They also enjoy crawling into ears. They should be purged in flame, also like kidan. Spiders are chill though.
  6. Here is a gadget, my idea for this is like a expendable luxury item that lets you gild your gun or other suitable item. Who wouldn't like a golden stechkin? EDIT: The handle is hard to see against the background.
  7. Here is a great video on them to alleviate your fears, they apparently have a pretty robust combat system. PS. Earwig Kidan when?
  8. Field Report A-1: Resource Acquisition Site Romeo-19 While the shuttle I've been assigned is anything but comfortable, it does the job it was designed to do. As I was informed, it possesses all the amenities required for a long-term field study, as well as the facilities necessary to keep me alive and well-fed for the foreseeable future. On a further positive note, a fully furnished and supplied Autolathe and Cyberiad-Pattern Protolathe have been installed on a last minute recommendation by the overseer assigned to pre-flight maintenance; this should mean that if I do not possess a tool for the job at hand, I can simply make one. This will most likely make things extremely simpler, as the stylish sunglasses I'm now wearing most definitely prove. Nevertheless, I digress. The first officially recorded contact with a Xenos Umbra specimen occurred in 2389, though previous, unrecorded encounters have not been ruled out at this moment (it being likely that, given the apparently supernatural abilities of these creatures, precious encounters may have been passed down through tales of "Shadow People" present in various cultures across the galaxy), in Resource Acquisition Site Romeo-19, my very first destination. It is currently a sprawling industrial complex built around a city-sized asteroid, and located within the asteroid belt surrounding CHA-12312B, the G-class star of the Lambda-15 system. Its current assigned goal is the exploitation and strip-mining of the asteroid belt, and it currently produces mostly Titanium and Plasteel for delivery to the Tau Fringe and the Omicron Core Worlds. However, at the time of First Contact, it was little more than a series of hastily-pressurized habitation blocks connected by umbilical tubes that were prone to failure and malfunction, something that cost the lives of 37 personnel during the initial construction period, which lasted from 2387 to 2391. Full mining operations only began in 2493, and expansion of the facility only began in earnest in 2446. The encounter with the specimen, heretofore referred to as U-1, is therefore poorly logged in company records, having occurred in a barely functional construction site staffed entirely by low-grade miners and only a half dozen trained engineers. For this reason, I have traveled to the complex myself, where I met with Chief Engineer Aaron Kemsley, current on-site Chief of Operations. Thankfully for my research, on-site records have been well kept in backup hard copies, and Dr. Kemsley permitted me access to the databanks for the duration of my stay. The findings, while minuscule in comparison with future ones, nonetheless shed a much-needed light on the early history of NanoTrasen's involvement with these creatures, and their methods (or lack thereof) to combat possible infestation. Anomalous reports first began appearing in early 2388, with the construction staff reporting multiple power outages, unusually frequent light fixture malfunctions and, eventually, high incidence of migraines, insomnia and nightmares in the staff. As the situation degraded, and multiple individuals began issuing formal complaints with the site's engineers, then-current Chief of Operations, one Michael Brattis, requests emergency medical aid from the NCS Venture, the nearest NanoTrasen installation, located in the Lambda-13 system. Due to the relative unimportance of the construction site at that time, along with the lack of trained medical personnel on-board the Venture, the request went unheeded for approximately 3 STT (Standard Terran Time) months, during which the medical condition of the construction staff deteriorated further. Eventually, as a team of emergency medical personnel arrived, the continued operations aboard Romeo-19 were deemed unfeasible; on-site Staff were evacuated and construction was halted until a replacement team was found. The original crew, which had been working on-site since the start of the construction process, made a full recovery, but refused to return, citing "horrible things" happening to them in their sleep, but refusing to elaborate further. The trail grows cold, as the records proceed to the next staff rotation. Is it notable that NanoTrasen does not seek to investigate these complications further, as no reports of further inquiries into these medical conditions are logged. The issues present with the first rotation carried on with the second one, with early 2388 logs reporting a much quicker-acting onset of nightmares and night terrors, along with several incidents of miners disappearing during work hours and reappearing several hours later with little to no memory of the time lost. One of the miners, one Robert Proudhon, would never return, though his corpse (or what became of it) would be found later (see below). This would carry on throughout the following standard weeks until, at a certain point, on-site Chief of Operations Sarah Carver sends the following message to the NCS Venture: The records show the reason for this message: earlier in the work shift, one of the mining teams reports spotting an "unidentified creature" in one of the deeper mining tunnels. One of the miners reports having spotted a "hole full of resin", which was quickly ordered to be torched. What happens afterwards is unknown, but the next communication arrives approximately 5 minutes later, with the mining team reporting having killed a "black humanoid thing", specimen U-1, which was quickly dumped into a deeper tunnel. After evacuating the mining site and sealing the entrance, construction is once again halted until reinforcements from the NCS Venture arrive. Further expeditions into the mining tunnels revealed that the resin was made of an hitherto unknown material, and that the corpse of U-1 was dressed in the tatters of a uniform reminiscent of the one used by on-site construction crew. An ID Card was never found, but odds are good that U-1 was, in fact, Proudhon, having transformed into a Xenos Umbra specimen. The Security team from the Venture is recorded as having safeguarded the corpse, which was brought off-site by a team of scientists from the NSS Shiva, the closest research installation with Xenobiological research facilities. The trail disappears after this point, but on-site medical complaints ceased following this incident, and RAS Romeo-19 proceeded with regular operations as scheduled, with Robert Proudhon still officially marked as "Missing" in company records. It is worth nothing that the dispatched team of Scientists recorded the corpse of U-1 as being covered in a "layer of light-reactive chitin", and possessing "remarkable regenerative qualities", though further inquiries into the possible origin of this creature were not performed. This incident provides some information on possible infestation methods, as it is clear that none of the members of the initial staff rotation were turned into a Xenos Umbra specimen, but suffered through the same symptoms as the second rotation, which produced U-1. This may indicate that whatever causes the transformation, be it a viral agent, bacterium or Bluespace anomaly, it is capable of affecting a geographical area independent of any host, with the actual infestation and transformation occurring afterwards, a pattern repeated throughout history in regards to these creatures. It is also an indicator of NanoTrasen's attitude towards them, as the corpse was immediately sent for further study. It is, however, impossible to follow the trail to the NSS Shiva, as it was decommissioned in 2485, and all on-site records erased from company databanks. The next step is still unknown to me. More research is required. Signed, Quincy D. Huxley END LOG.
  9. @PhantasmicDream me too so the solution is to STEP ON YOUR SHOES and then hold them up to see if anything comes out, you dont want to hold them up before stepping on them or else it will be alive but if you step on them and crush it then you'll have bug guts in your shoe so you'll have to burn them
  10. This is usually why Wolf does not clone. Drives him into insanity
  11. i have an extreme hate and fear of horses. when i was a kid i was hit by a horse and nearly trampled, then a day later while i was riding a completely unrelated horse it go extremely close to a fence and nearly crushed my leg in the process. horses are shit
  12. Here's something dramatic; And nothing is more dramatic than popping out of the cloning machine nude and on the cold floor, thinking to yourself how you fucked up or how did this happen. How at this moment and time you're vulnerable and exposed.
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  14. I have a fear of finding a spider (or an insect) in my shoes/slippers. I think to myself, when I put my foot in this shoe will something else be in there... I love swimming and being in the water, but have a slight fear of open water. Only because I think to myself what if a shark or some other fish/creature swims up behind me and attacks me even though we only have fresh waters where I live.
  15. Seems like many people are simply just afraid to tell others thier fears. Honk
  16. "What do you plan to do should you aqquire one of our kind? What knowledge do you hope to gain...?" - Halqu'Shi-Ny'Arleth Yessssss finally some well written shadowling stuff
  17. Hi there! Thanks for all the feedback. I've published a new version with a very important feature that was missing (manually setting the offsets) and a useful coordinates history list.
  18. Aye, if you need them dead, i think i can rig a flare to a slug, those damm things hates flares. I hate them too. ... Sorry, what was it again? A Umbroc? Brek? SKrek? But seriously, this, this is nice
  19. just a brief post on the disaster thing well funnily enough I get glimpses of those rounds sometimes like once I loged on to BYOND go onto paradise see it's really late into the round. I think I'll observe to see whats going on then I see. half the station is a terror spider hive it's code DELTA alert, the nukes about to go of the whole station is a complete shithsow of death and spiders. and I think dam why do I never get these rounds, this is part of the reason I kept playing para I was always just hoping for one of those rounds. Yet never really got one as far as I can remember.
  20. A Short Introduction Much has been said about the curious specimens colloquially known as "Shadowlings" by the doomed crew of many a research station and scientific outpost. Despite the numerous encounters with the creatures, as well as a multitude of detailed after-action reports from failed Ascendance Events, very little is known about them, be it their history, behavioral patterns outside known encounters and even biology, if such a thing even applies. While officially NanoTrasen defines Shadowlings as Xenos Umbra, following in the naming scheme utilized for other creatures such as the Xenos Mutatio ("changelings") and Xenos Venenum (genus utilized for a variety of giant spider species), recent findings (Bolton & Carter, 2512) have cast doubt on the notion that Shadowlings can even be classified under the same taxonomic rules as Realspace animals, considering their innate connection to Bluespace. Curiously, it appears that the creatures have an increased interest in NanoTrasen assets and activities when compared to other companies, sovereign governments or other smaller independent polities, most likely due to the former's heavy interest in Bluespace experimentation and various active Research&Development projects dedicated almost exclusively to the weaponization of this dimension of space, hinting at their true nature. However, despite this fact, and due to the disparate sources involved in collecting data about the creatures, a full picture of their species as a whole has never been painted before, something that presents itself as a clear and present security risk for the company, its employees and its shareholders, considering the disastrous effects of Ascendance Events and the amount of damage involved. Due to this lack of a complete picture, the NanoTrasen Board of Directors has empowered me, Senior Research Director Quincy D. Huxley, to seek out and compile any information available on the Xenos Umbra, with the ultimate goal of compiling a full compendium of the sum total of knowledge available at this point in time on the creatures themselves, starting with the first recorded encounters and ending in the current day and the verifiable increase in Ascendance Events. This will most likely require vast amounts of resources; therefore, full access to a special company wallet has been granted, and a personal shuttle provided for any transportation required; this shuttle will be equipped with a small library and research laboratory, as well as a Series-17 Bluespace Restrictor Cell, meant to house exactly one (1) Shadowling specimen, should one be acquired. This will most likely be a long-term endeavour, and I have therefore terminated my current contract for the sake of proceeding with this study. Provided enough space is available, I will inquire into the possibility of recruiting additional trusted researchers. For now, however, I must gather what little data I have available, and set course for my first chosen destination. Signed, Quincy D. Huxley References: Bolton, K. D., & Carter, L. L. (2512). Anomalous readings in post-experimentation toolsets: an investigative report on Xenos Umbra effects on laboratory equipment. NanoTrasen Science Report, 4685(15542), 425-498. END LOG.
  21. thanks for the comment, you actually gave me a really interesting idea for an event. so why don't we sort of reenact to half life plot have resonance cascade of our owen in this round. so maybe an our in the admins send in this crystal and if science messes with it(which they will) we get a resonance cascade. We'll have our owen monsters(the code is already there) obviously not half life ones but you get my idea. then as well as that we have anomalies appear on the station, in many places.(you know the random event ones) but afterwards we give everyone who died(which will be most of the station) the opportunity to play space hecu,(we obviously won't call them that) and maybe latter on also they ability to play more powerful alien type solidure things our owen version of the alien grunts and vortigaunt's(thought I don't know if the code for a monster types like that exist probably not), they wouldn't be re skins thought they would have unique traits from the half life ones of course. I think if we try this we could have an interesting round like what I described still gives ghosts something to do to.
  22. That sort of thing does happen, though. There are rounds where Xenos or terror spiders get out of control and most of the station is dead, in addition to adminbus rounds where things just go to shit for various reasons. Generally this is fine because new Xenos and spiders are playable by ghost roles, and there are ERTs and the like to bring players back into the game. A fair amount of people do complain in dead chat, especially if the disaster was an adminbus, but they can and do happen. I will say that your complaint about limited antag interaction is a valid one, and how exclusive (In that they exclude people) some of the rounds are is one of the things I dislike about rounds like Cult. I really wish there were more ways to get involved outside of directly fighting antags as security. For the problems Shadowlings has as a round one thing it gets right is that there is something for pretty much every department to do.
  23. in this post I am trying to prove the point that describing SS13 as a "workplace disaster simulator" only holds true for LRP servers. . To prove my point let's say that on a round of SS13 we have a resonance cascade(from half life if you don't know what that is look it up). Let's use paradise as an example so it happens say an hour in to the round. the place get's fucked up by anomalies and xen creatures we can assume about 80% of the stations population dies within 20 minutes afterwords. The station would be left in disary creatures everywhere and the place ruined by anomalies. now I think It would be pretty sweet to play the players that survive the initial incident desperatly trying to escape and fighting for survival maybe with some buddies. But for the rest of the players it would be an awful experience having the round ended like that and dead chat would be full of salt and such and event would never be repeated again. you see what I am getting at here server that is not LRP would not tolerate a proper space disaster because it would end to many players rounds to quickly. you see I recently learned that in SS13 despite what this server says it is not a perfect mix of RP and action for anyone not playing command/sec 9/10 rounds when I play sci I feel like I am playing extended I get zero antag interaction. the only way I would get some is valid hunting that's it and so anyone RPing a normal person on paradise playing non- command/sec just have that feeling or at least I have. So what do you think about my post comment down blow.
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