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  3. This also enables you to right-click byond in your taskbar to launch paradise as well as run it (WITHOUT BYOND BEING OPEN) from your desktop. All you gotta do is right click your desktop -> New -> Shortcut. Set the destination to byond:// and your done. Also if you haven't already pin byond to your taskbar and paradise should come up now in the right click menu.
  4. I never thought anybody would ever have the willpower to actually write down every single detail about every single medical item in the game. You must be really good at writing essays...
  5. Not you and Serac at all, nooooo.
  6. "Oh thats a cool engineering door" >scrolls down
  7. I'm making a two tile big of all the doors. It's much much more work then I was thinking it was going into it. This is the naner door. Honk.
  8. Bluespace Cigarettes: A pack of cigarettes that generally have a good taste and flavor but have a 1% chance of exploding when lit and teleporting you somewhere random.
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  10. I understand that a nuke op is supposed to be more powerful than an individual crew member or a small group. When 6 people, however, can't kill a single double esworser and they walk out with minimal damage despite dumping rounds into them- its op.
  11. I roll Nuke Ops often and the strategy has been super armor with adrenals and d-sword. You send your rusher straight into their lines and it simply leaves them unphased. Combine this with any strategy and it is incredible. Does this need a nerf? I don’t think this is the problem. It’s just a staple of a functional strategy. If you plan you maximize your tools, strong nuke leaders do this often because it is powerful when used with teamwork. I think we see this often work because it isn’t as expensive as some of the other /HEAVY/ Nukie builds. Perhaps the solution is to raise the TC price. Then it will demand excellent planning if the other OPs have even more limited TC.
  12. @xeroxide Just finished lots of your items, sprites are the only limiting factor at the moment. If you want to see your loot get added, it would be a massive help if you or a friend could fire out a few (preferably animated sprites cause why not).
  13. Oh, thank you! I'm usually rather awful at this kinda stuff so I was quite worried about the quality or how interesting it may be.
  14. Ohmygod I can't believe I forgot about the cake idea! I'll have to sketch something up today for it!
  15. I believe it is time we have a fresh new villain and crew for the station! The Great Lizardo and his reptile ruffians!
  16. Oh yeah, I was actually just about to check it to post about that due to its creators being inspired by ss13, undertow games also made the original SCP containment breach game, glad that they are still making original content. Though really I was just about to post this before I opened this sub
  17. I agree that adrenals should come with a "burst" and then a "cool-down" phase rather than being a prolonged dump like it is that makes you impossible to beat. I still also believe that being able to deflect 100% of incoming lasers and having a 75% chance to deflect an individual projectile (meaning that it doesn't matter What gun it is. You just have to roll above 25% for that given shot to not even matter)is really the issue here. I literally watched an entire team of Nukies, who didn't seem to have adrenals, rely on predominately on E-swords to take out an entire station. I have seen entire magazines dumped into a single nuke for only 1 round to have hit because the rest all got deflected and that single round got soaked by the armor so didn't matter anyway. I won't say that E-swords shouldn't dominate up close, it's a sword made of pure energy (somehow) and it is entitled to reckface when you get that close. I just question that if anyone picks it up, should the automatically be able to block lasers and bullets with no effort?
  18. My point being that adrenals need to be retooled so they are not reliable for prolonged fights. It either needs to be a short burst of anti-stun that allows you to quickly finish a fight you otherwise would have won were it not for the stun, or to give the agent/op a chance to break combat and run away to regroup. Not the current minimal effort get out of jail free card with out any discernible downside since it's one use anyways and you can't OD. Thats a bad analogy since W + M1 only works if you ambush your opponent or otherwise going against someone who can't properly fight back. It's not overpowered, it just requires an objective lack of skill to be overwhelmed by it.
  19. I think both adrenals and d-sword is the problem, honestly. In my perfect world, melee would be the king in tight spaces or from ambush, but ranged would be stronger in open areas. Instead, you just pop adrenals and mindlessly charge everyone with a d-sword because you'll close the gap before they can react anyway and even if they do you're immune to all energy weapons and 75% of projectiles on top of having massive armor. Even if they get a shot off, it probably won't connect. Even if it does, they're just going to be absolutely murdered a split second later. D-sword is the SS13 equivalent of W + M1. There is literally zero strategy, just run up and click spacemen until they go sideways.
  20. I continue to become green with envy from these excellent personnel files. Hell, i can barely write my own. But hey! Good work right there fella!
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