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  2. As a side note about the emergency maint access: It removes all access requirements, that includes the normal access required. So a maint door to medbay could be used by anyone. Which could lead to stuff like dropping to blue to fight a blob (midround one), return to red once dealt with for the prior reason of the alert. It might be worth giving a second toggle for the maintenance access you can swipe for, toggling whether maint access is required or not, which might only work for a certain time if it sets it to the option that does the opposite behaviour of the alert, requiring a reconfirmation if it's needed to be kept. Should also need a reason for the toggle, so it could be handled why the captain uses red as basically blue alert and not blue alert. There also should be a grace period before shutting down maintenance access, to allow people to leave maint before they get locked in rather than out.
  3. The main problem I see with it is people getting locked in maintenance when it goes to red. You don't often see it being announced beforehand.
  4. Sounds logical but antags will suffer from it so hard. If instead of removing access restrictions from maint which is pointless, there was a button that made maint airlocks only engineering or security access only, and required red alert to do so, that could possibly be good
  5. Do you know how code red says people should stay in their departments yet they gladly wander maint even with cult and shadowlings around? Do you know how maint access is completely pointless because everyone has it? Do you know how the station usually goes to code red and never comes down because there's no downsides to it at all? I think I've found a solution for all three problems at once. Let me elaborate: Make it so doors that grant access to maint work differently based on the alert level. At green or blue, they do not require any access at all to open, so that everyone can use them. But when the alert is raised to red, they require maint access to open. At the same time, we could remove maint access from civilians, science and other jobs that have no legitimate reason to go into maint. They can still go greytiding in maint on green or blue, but on red it becomes a lot more inconvenient for them. It gives maint access a reason for existing, makes red alert actually inconvenient so as to discourage having it on constantly and should limit the amount of assistants lurking in maint when there's shadowlings that "just so happen" to be converted. What do you guys think? Edit: In an emergency that requires general access to maint like a blob in maint, you could still grant emergency maint access, which is I believe a function that's rarely if ever used?
  6. Love is kinda a human concept. I don't think it really applies to Vox. Romantic love especially, for an asexual species, makes no real sense. Love as in love of family, however, for kin and friends, could easily apply. There's also the love of their homes and arkships, as well as their gods. But again, it's fairly different to human love - when your family is in the millions, it's a bit different...
  7. A simple solution would be not to read it if you want to discover things about the game yourself. The wiki is a valuable resource created by the community for those who do wish to know how things work. Unfortunately SS13 is not blessed with lead-in mechanics or tool tips nor is the game-play intuitive in a lot of cases meaning that the sharing of knowledge is important so players aren't left in the dark about things.
  8. The wiki tells you TOO much about the game. With jobs like engineering and chemistry, understandable, but it ruins the whole science department once you try it out maybe 3-4 times. I used to like xenobiology but now that I know what they all do, I just get gold slimes and light pink slimes and call it a day. Same with RnD, because with certain items that are listed on the wiki you can just speed the whole thing to get an item you like only gotten by RnD. I'm not saying I have an idea to fix this or shun the people that made an effort to write the wiki for those sub-departments, but it's not fun once you instantly know that a thrall's face is tight and weird looking, or how changelings work at all(besides playing it before). It was fun the first time I heard about shadowlings about the station and it felt like an actual mystery, but now thanks to the wiki that I know they can be robusted with two flashlights.. It isn't as fun.
  9. A star-spawned horror rattles its crystalline cage! I'm tempted to suggest that there should be a way for ghosts to spawn in (as husks, Things, or something else), both to give ghosts a way to get back into the round and to give the Sleeper some protection and workers to get that first wave of converted crew, but aside from that, hell yes give me some more freaky space horrors, I'm all about that.
  10. Vox only marry so other vox can steal shines during the wedding
  11. Ah. Wasn't aware walking made them passable. Never any mention of that that I've ever seen.
  12. Vox exist for the Shoal. They can't love! This is why you can't let them leave the Shoal, they spend to long among the meat and start getting these ideas in their stacks.
  13. I did't mean sex if that's what you mean. I meant like being in love. Like of on the shoal it's acceptable for it...
  14. @necaladun how do vox feel about marriage and love?
  15. So I was told by @Tzo to post this suggestion on the forums and flesh it out a little, not sure if its the right place to suggest that. But it could be a nice event I guess. Name of Event: The Eternal Blossom/Fissure in Reality/Crystaline Corruption One Sentence Description: A cyan crystaline growth appears from some kind of fissure in reality itself and starts spreading, consuming everything in its path, heavily inspired from Darkest Dungeons Color of Madness, Stellaris, Cataclysm DDA and C&C Tiberian Sun. Map Changes: Yes/No Not required Code Changes: Yes/No Requires some extra code, the spread code could be taken from glowshroom spread. Those reskinned "glowshrooms" could cause a disease on contact/vicinity called "Crystaline Corruption" that purges all other viral ages and take over the body of the person. The person that are not cured in time turn into a "Crystaline Husk", "Thing from the Shroud" or a stationary entity called "The Sleeper" that is basicly some sort of "AI" given orders to the husks and things (things are changelings with only certain skills aviable). The Sleeper could be an admin basicly relaying orders to those afflicted by crystaline corruption. The cure for Crystaline corruption could be something like Plasmadust and Unstable mutagen (both combined) or of course death. Disease developement should be slow. The disease is a 5 Stage disease, at stage 3 people start coughing up/spawning crystals. How to fight it? Similar how you stop crystalization. You heat them. Suggested Number of Players: 80+ Full Description of Event: "An Unbidden Presence": Recent extradimensional manipulation experiments of NT have caused a massive resonance cascade resulting in a tear in spacetime near the Cyberiad warping reality itself. Entities from different universes with different laws of physics blurr in and start spreading out. One of those "gaps" harbours an entity named "The Eternal Blossom" and it appears on the Cyberiad. While a fairly small gap it brings forth one of the more horryfing spawns from a realm called "The Shroud". A crystaline malignant growth that consumes and spreads while assimilating all in its path, capable of absorbing most forms of energy, with the notable exception to heat. Initially the crew will be alerted about an experiment going very wrong in the department of extradimensional affairs of NT. The message could look like this after the alert gets raised to Red by Central: "An experiment of the extradimensional affairs department has gone very wrong and caused a MASSIVE tear in reality in the sector. The Cyberiad might be affected aswell. The crew is advised to sweep the station and report any and all irregularities.". Somewhere in maintenance the "Eternal Blossom" fissure will spawn (basicly use the tear in reality the veil render causes) and a cyan growth starts spreading. The crew knows nothing about it being highly contagious. After some crew made contact with it medbay should notice (and the crew probably too) that a disease is spreading (spreads only by contact with the crystals, not airborne) and those infected will start to feel like their blood is turning solid alongside cyan crystals rupturing out of their skin causing massive pain and seizures. Meanwhile Central updates the station that whatever the fissure brought though is hostile and has the intention of spreading across the sector, perhaps more. "Ceaseless Expansion": "Hail Cyberiad, An update on the ongoing crisis. So far we figured out that the fissure is self aware, extremly hostile, feeds on most forms of energy and spreads a contagious crystaline growth. This means a nuclear option is completly out of question since it would feed the fissure. The station is under quarantine to resolve the crisis. The crystaline growth it seems to grow can be contained with heat based weapons and tools. Get welders for the crystals itself and energy weapons for the husks and other things the crystals seem to create. Personnel transformed by the crystals cannot be recovered. We have their DNA on backup. DO NOT hesistate to put transformed personnel down. The cure for an ongoing infection inside personnel seems to be a combination of Plasma Dust and Unstable Mutagen. The fissure might be containable by creating a singularity near it. We provided a stabilized singularity. Use it directly next to the fissure. Alert level raised to Code Gamma, we send in reinforcements. Destruction of the growth and closure of the fissure is of utmost priority.". People in the last stage of the disease are husked and turn either into "Crystaline Husk of [Name]" or "[Name], Thing of the Shroud" the former being a regular crewmember but at permanent walking speed but with regenerative abilities while spreading the crystals and being able to infect other healthy crewmember, they can use any tools and have a hivemind similar to the shadowlings, their objective is "Spread the gift, assimilate the untouched, help the Eternal Blossom, listen to the Sleepers order". The latter is more or less a changeling with an permanent armblade (renamed to "crystaline blade), permanent armshield (crystaline growth) and some ling abilities like regeneration, speed boost etc. They are strong and fast combat units but cannot use any tools. Their objective is "Destroy any noteworthy opposition to the eternal blossom, pave our way. Listen to the Sleepers orders.". An admin is the overmind named "The Sleeper" and basicly orders the husks and things arround to spread and coordinates them. Central declares gamma when the first husks and things appear and sends in additional reinforcements (be it tools, weapons and or personnel) to stop the spread of the outbreak since nuking the station would only give the eternal blossom what it wants which is energy. Heat might destroy the crystals but nuking the station would result in the fissure enlarging basicly endangering the entire sector. The crew fights the crystaline corruption similar how they fight a blob, vines and comdom botanists spreading shadowshrooms: Grab welders and laser weapons and go ham. "A glimpse of what horrors to come": The fissure closes at the 1:30-1:55 hour mark for unknown reasons and if the crew has not defeated the growth by then NT either sends the cleanup crew (read deathsquad) to nuke the station or gives the captain, should they be alive, the Nuke Codes since the fissure is closed and the station can safely be nuked. NT excuses themself to the crew that this is the only way and they have their DNA on backup (everyone, that includes none cloneable species) should the Nuke Codes be sent, saying that those experiments might have opened Pandoras Box so to say, or if the crew and ERT miserably fails "We cannot leave any witnesses of this, commencing purge. Activating Code Epsilon". The point of this event is to bring some more "pseudo" cosmic horror into the game which is kinda lacking with only 2 dedicated antags to it (Slings and Cult). The pseudo is because a true cosmic horror cannot be beaten by mortals (or even some immortals) due to their sheer overwhelming nature. The event would bring the entire crew together fighting a greater kind of "evil" (atleast from their perspective) that is an unbidden guest in their universe. It is not a biohazard per se and should not be treated as one (nuking it will only give it what it wants). It is more of a "containment breach" ala SCP stories. Fluff and Lore (short and not too fleshed out, convoluted and Insanity Inducing, You have been warned): The Eternal Blossom is coming from a seemingly far older reality/universe known as "The Shroud" which harbors far far more complex laws of physics thus having to adapt forms like the crystaline corruption to be able to "advance and conquer". The "Shroud" has many different inhabitants and the "Eternal Blossom" only being one of many "lifeforms" in there. Not all are intrinsicly hostile like the "Eternal Blossom" but most dont understand that their very presence, even the adapted forms is incredibly destructive to all things in the known universe. Think of the "Eternal Blossom" being something inbetween the Blob, a Virus and a Parasitic Fungus. It consumes, reproduces and enslaves. "The Shroud" harbors forms of energy not present in the normal universe. It lacks however "Heat" as a form of energy. "The Shroud" as the name suggest appears to be a dimension/universe/reality which is covered in a thick cyan glowing mist, no clear structures being found when having a short gaze into it. Gazing too long upon it turns people simply insane by its sheer complexty (and the fact that the cyan glow irradiates something that messes with the brains of organics and synthetics alike, no matter who or what they are). Few examples of other entities that inhabit this realm are the "Shroudhunters" or "Shabanash", think of Unbidden of Stellaris. They are the Apex Predator in the Shroud and feed on any other "life" there and the "Wraith" or "Dagaal" which feed on the "Eternal Blossom" and lesser shroudborn. The Eternal Blossom in terms siphons energy from the "Shroudhunters" (which are aware of that and treat the "Eternal Blossom" as a disease). The Shabanash are of one mind and truly sentient. They are not a hivemind but have no deviants in their "species". Think of Vox kinship but with no backstabbing at all, not under any given circumstance. They are a swirling mass of blue energy, vaguely in humanoid form with up to 6 piercing cyan spheres in an appendage what vaguely resembles a head. They have no interest in feeding on life in the regular universe (It is not worth the effort, but they are interesting to study) and are more intrigued that there are entire stars, singularities and "Kugelblitz Phanomena" blazing with energy which they could feed on without any resistance or anyone bothering them. They can simply form an "avatar" which they can remote control from "The Shroud" to explore the regular universe, the "Avatar" has some noteable features however, like cyan glowing eyes and most of the time being vulnerable to electromagnetic pulses. "Shabanash" can manifest part of themself to feed on energy sources in the regular universe should they desire so. The "Dagaal" are similar to the "Shabanash" but instead feed on anything they can find. They are unable to siphon energy out of things without completly destroying them. They take any scraps they can. Think of Locust. They harvest one place and go to the next. No will to sustain. Just go, pick what they can and move on. Their appearence is a green cyan cloud with multiple lemon green piercing orbs of light in them. They cannot adapt very well to the regular universe and thus are more bound to "The Shroud" unlike the other inhabitants. Lookout/Things for the distant future: The entire event could, in due time and provided my (and potentially other people interested in) coding abilities improve so far enough, to make it an actual side antag/mid round antag with a player in control of the sleeper/overmind of the "Eternal Blossom". But thats far into the distant future. Additionally another late round antag to join the bunch we have already. TLDR: Tiberium like adminbus event that corrupts people and brings some cosmic horror stuff in it ala Stellaris, Darkest Dungeon and CDDA. Some lore behind it that noone reads anyways. Ends in "Unga Bunga LASER GUNS FOR CREW ZOMBIE LIKE CREATURES ATTACK US" and "PRINT WELDERS". Could be potentially fun. Acknowledgement: Thanks to @tzo for encouraging me to post this suggestion and fleshing it out a litte. I thank the creators of the games Cataclysm DDA, C&C Tiberian Sun, Darkest Dungeon and Stellaris for giving me this massive inspiration. This suggestion has been brought by Irkalla Epsilon, someone with a mind that is not really too sane as most of you know. Thank you for reading.
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  17. May want to mention how you get get ash by burning paper.
  18. It is, but it doesn't tell you step by step how to make it with the units, this is for people who aren't naturally good at math, or just want to know exactly how to make certain chems in a bottle each time.
  19. Isn't there a Wiki for all of this all ready
  20. They must have lost their tail in a fight with the greytide!
  21. Note! That this is a work in progress and is subject to updates! If you have any recommendations or suggestions, PM me, post below, or message me on discord! Acetone: (10u Welding Fuel + 10u Carbon + 10u Hydrogen) + 30 Welding Fuel + 30 Oxygen; Makes 90u Acetone/3 30u Bottles Ammonia: 90u Hydrogen + 10u Nitrogen +10u Nitrogen +10u Nitrogen; Makes 90 Ammonia/3 30u Bottles Ash: (20u Welding Fuel, 20u Carbon, 20u Hydrogen) Heated to 480K; Makes 30u Ash/1 30u Bottle OR (40u Welding Fuel, 40u Carbon, 40u Hydrogen) Heated to 480K; Makes 60u Ash/2 30u Bottles Carpet: 5 scrapes from fungus on the wall to get 50u Fungus + 50u Blood; Makes 100u Carpet OR 6 scrapes from fungus on the wall to get 60u Fungus + 60u Blood; Makes 120u Carpet Diethylamine: (45 Hydrogen + 15 Nitrogen) +45u Ethanol, Heated to 374K; Makes 90u Diethylamine/3 30u Bottles OR (60 Hydrogen + 20 Nitrogen) + 60 Ethanol, Heated to 374K; Makes 120u Diethylamine/4 30u Bottles Oil: 30u Welding Fuel + 30 Carbon + 30u Hydrogen; Makes 90u Oil/3 30u Bottles OR 40u Welding Fuel + 40u Carbon + 40u Hydrogen; Makes 120u Oil/4 20u Bottles Phenol: (10u Welding Fuel + 10u Carbon +10u Hydrogen) + 30u Water + 30u Chlorine; Makes 90u Phenol/3 30u Bottles Saltpetre: 90u Oxygen (+ 5u Potassium + 5u Nitrogen)*repeat 6 times;Makes 90u Saltpetre/3 30u Bottles Sulphuric Acid: 30 Sulfur + 30u Oxygen + 30u Hydrogen + 10u Sulfur + 10u Oxygen +10u Hydrogen + 5u Sulfur + 5u Oxygen + 5u Hydrogen; Makes 90u Sulphuric Acid/3 30u Bottles Welding Fuel: Get it from welding tanks, whether they are mobile or the wall-mounted ones. Charcoal: (30u Welding fuel, 30u Carbon, 30u Hydrogen) heat to 480K, + (15u Chlorine, 15u Water, 15u Sodium) heat to 380k; makes 90u of Charcoal/9 10u pills OR (40u welding fuel, 40u Carbon, 40u Hydrogen) heat to 480k, add in (20u Chlorine, 20u Sodium, 20u Water) heat to 380k makes 120u of Charcoal/12 10u pills Cryoxadone: (5u Water, 5u Plasma, 5u Nitrogen) + (5u chlorine, 5u plasma, 5u radium) + ((5u welding fuel, 5u carbon, 5 hydrogen) - 10u Oil + (5u welding fuel, 5u oxygen)) + 15u plasma; makes 60u cryoxadone/2 30u bottles OR (10u water, 10u plasma, 10u nitrogen) + (10u chlorine, 10u plasma, 10u radium) + ((5u welding fuel, 5u carbon, 5u hydrogen) -5u Oil + (5u welding fuel, 5u oxygen)) + 30u plasma; makes 120u cryoxadone/4 30u bottles Mannitol: (30u Hydrogen, 30u Water, 30u Sugar); makes 90u Mannitol/9 10u pills OR (40u Hydrogen, 40u Water, 40u Sugar); makes 120u Mannitol/12 10u pills Salbutamol: (20u Salicylic Acid) + (30u Hydrogen, 10u Nitrogen) - 10u Ammonia + 20u Bromine + 20u Aluminum + 20u Lithium; Makes 100u of Salbutamol/10 10u pills Saline-Glucose Solution: (10u Sodium, 10u Chlorine, 10u Water) + 30u Water + 30u Sugar; Makes 90u Saline-Glucose Solution/9 10u Pills OR (15u Sodium, 15u Chlorine, 15u Water) -5u Salt + 40u Water + 40u Sugar; Makes 120 Saline-Glucose Solution/12 10u Pills Silver Sulfadiazine: (30u Hydrogen, 10u Nitrogen) -10u Ammonia +20u Silver + 20u Sulfer +20u Oxygen +20u Chlorine; Makes 100u Silver Sulfadiazine/10 10u patches Styptic Powder: (10u Sulfur, 10u Oxygen, 10u Hydrogen) + 20u Aluminum + 20u Hydrogen +20u Oxygen; Makes 80u Styptic Powder/8 10u Patches OR (15u Sulfur, 15u Oxygen, 15u Hydrogen) + 30u Aluminum + 30u Hydrogen + 30u Oxygen; Makes 120u Styptic Powder/12 10u Patches Synthflesh: ((5u Sulfur, 5u Oxygen. 5u Hydrogen) + 10u Oxygen +10u Hydrogen + 10u Aluminum) -10u Styptic Powder + 30u Blood + 30u Carbon; Makes 90u Synthflesh/9 10u Patches OR ((5u Sulfur, 5u Oxygen. 5u Hydrogen) + 10u Oxygen +10u Hydrogen + 10u Aluminum) + 40u Blood + 40u Carbon; Makes 120 Synthflesh/12 10u Patches Synthmeat: ((10u Water, 10u Plasma, 10u Nitrogen) - 10u Cryostylene + (10u chlorine, 10u plasma, 10u radium) - 10u Unstable Mutagen + ((5u welding fuel, 5u carbon, 5 hydrogen) - 5u Oil + (10u welding fuel, 10u oxygen)) - 10u Acetone + 20u plasma) + 1u Blood via IV Drip; 1 Synthetic Meat
  22. Any Vox that can speak common competently should be shunned. Other species are little better then food. How much time should be dedicated to trying to learn the language of Commander Clucky? What true Vox would willingly live in a barn? Their cortical stacks should be removed by force, they are a disgrace to their ancestors.
  23. Just a doodle I did today at school. Edit: I forgot the tail... shucks.
  24. I do a bit of adding "Ing" to and some "s" and avoid saying "I" I usually replace it with "is" that and I avoid "yaya" with a burning passion. Like.. "I'm going to the store" is "is goings to store" And "I had a great shift today" is "is of hadings great shift."
  25. yeah. Theres also nothing wrong with speaking perfect english as vox in your native tongue of screechin....
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