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  2. You aren't locking jack shit. Say goodbye to your living residence.
  3. Updated with picture and marriage status
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    I did this to the response from the last post above. Figured out it'd be fun to "remix" my stuff in variety of theme and all. But ahhh... it been like what. Three years since I drew the original one. And it fairly odd to compare!
  6. Meanwhile the cargo techs are still obliviously moving fr8.
  7. Speaking of minimum values: one way to disincentivize breaking out of your cell early on, since resetting the timer gets linearly worse the longer you spend brigged, is to say "add enough time to reset the timer, or five minutes, whichever results in the longer sentence". This will make it so that if you try to break out of your cell 1 second into your sentence, you will get 5 minutes added instead of 1 second added.
  8. That sounds like a big improvement. I'd say put the number at the high end for both positive and negative modifiers.
  9. Decided to practice some level of shading along with not using black for lineart. I think it turned out fairly well!
  10. That's a very salient point--modifiers are inherently less useful on minor crimes and proportionally more severe on larger ones. Removing 25% altogether would nerf positive modifiers and dis-incentivize cooperation. What if we gave them minimum values? IE: 25%, with a minimum value of 2-5 (somewhere in this range) minutes?
  11. Three vulp cultists summoning the one true God.
  12. I know your secrets now Spartan your doomed
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