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  2. Six vulps, all just bribed with mice, the perp snickers, it'll be such a lovely day
  3. You need to be even more robust than officer, sorry. While you spend much much less time fighting, You are the last line of defense of brig. Also you carry a high value item, which means you might be a target of evil people. Also since warden has authority over brig and all processes inside, and have a higher rank than regular officer, they better be experienced officer themselves. All of these is not mandatory ofc, but recommended k
  4. Warden is, from my experience at least, a bit 'easier' than Security Officer in some ways since you don't need to be as 'robust' in split-second combat but instead it feels slightly more based on knowledge and SoP. Yes, you will probably get into some sort of scuffle with a prisoner, a brig invader or the rare time you have to leave the brig such as when the HoS dies or more 'hands on deck' are needed - so you still have to maintain a certain level of 'robustness' - but otherwise you're basically Sec's babysitter and backup officer if the crime is in range. A sort of miniature guide to Warden/things you're going to want to know and keep on-top of: You have to know your timers for crimes. Having the wiki open to consult is very helpful. You're basically IAA in that you're a stickler for wording. If the wording states, 'more than four punches' is assault - then make use of that. You have to be prepared to communicate in some way with your security team. Figuring out why someone was brought in even though they are not set to 'wanted' in the system, dealing with officers arresting the clown for graffiti honk or other false charges is surely to happen every shift. To avoid this you have to correct officers and make judgement calls. Manage your prisoners well. Don't stand there and wonder if Perma is in flames or if the prisoner finally offed himself because a nosy lawyer got involved so you couldn't execute him. Be prepared to handle attempted breakouts, reset timers of rowdy prisoners and restrain prisoners if the pose a threat to themselves or others. You don't want to be remembered as the warden who forgot to take off the confirmed syndicate's PDA, tool belt full of explosives and didn't implant check him for a storage implant or EMP implant. Remembering to thoroughly search and process people is highly needed. Know your alert levels. On code green you cannot make arrests, must read out what the person being processed is guilty of and you may not give out firearms. Code blue allows you some more freedom - being allowed to hand out lethals if permitted by the HoS or Captain. Red is where you get to shine as you can finally make arrests if needed and guns are surely handed out. If you choose to play Warden you have to remember that you're not just a security officer - you are the warden. Your priorities are the brig, armory and prisoners unless stated otherwise by the situation at hand - such as nukies or an extreme case of code red/gamma. Be PREPARED to step up to the post of Acting Head of Security if the HoS dies or if you're (un)-lucky and don't have one at round start. You can decline the promotion but it's typically frowned upon by the rest of security unless you have a proper reason to do so or another security officer offering to step up willingly. Finally, my biggest issue with most wardens - THE ARMORY IS NOT YOUR TOY. While an officer is responsible for whatever murders/lethal action he takes it is your responsibility to make sure lethal firearms are turned in when not needed anymore (such as code green alert and code blue depending on situation) or are issued out when hostiles are known to be operating with ether harmful intent or are unable to be subdued in any normal fashion. No one should be that type of warden who does something like: Fill his pepper spray with acid, carry around a lethal despite not being permitted to hand any out to security, etc. Most of all - just remember Rule 10 and Security SoP still applies to you as Warden. You're expected to be more 'serious' when you play warden as compared to an engineer or medical doctor. Not exactly 'serious' in being a dick but serious in how you run things. Sure, making a bar in the Sec lobby to say "I'm not allowed to leave the brig sooo I bought the booze here!" is fine and funny but it can be round ruining to others if you do things like acid-spray prisoners, purposefully let their wounds get infected or other things similar can ruin someones entire round. That being said people have a habit of treating it like "Security Officer+" or "Security Officer but I call the shot but don't have the HoS' responsibilities" and that's not how it's really supposed to work. It's best to picture it like a 'stand alone' job. You're still part of Security, you're still /like/ a Security Officer but you are the Warden. Best tip of all - Humor the clown or he'll ruin your day and launch a prison riot.
  5. 3 Vulps being chased by an engineer with a flamethrower.
  6. 2 vulps getting spaced by a random assistant. "fuckin' furries."
  7. 2 mentors sigh, as they attempt to teach a guy how to speak on comms.
  8. Hello. Yeah, it's been a long time since I've worked on this. A lot has happened in my life and I've had other projects come up, and have changed computers more than once. I've thought of coming back to it several times, but when I take a break, there are significant factors I have to account for and it's a pain in the ass to update what I have to the current code base before I can get working on anything new. Still, if there is interest here, I could come back. To be honest, I may need some help though.
  9. It's very important as warden to know space law quite well as you are in charge of the brig an inturn the prisoners. So you'll make sure proper times are set and letting prisoners out when needed. You are in charge of the brig so you should know all the proper procedures surrounding it. Good luck!
  10. Recently on a discussion on play time job restrictions someone said en passant that you don't need lots of experience as sec to play Warden. Since then I've been thinking about trying Warden, any tips? I have some experience as IAA, and a little bit as sec. I think warden, just sitting there and trying to coordinate people through radio will be more my thing than sec. It's kind of what I do in atmos or as CE. But listening to people with more experience for sure will help me, so I though I’d ask you guys what you think of the job.
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  12. One more time someone hurt this one vulp deeply. Expect to find him at the old maints bar, passed out drunk.
  13. I'd really like a blueprint hud actually
  14. You can hack radios, including attaching signalers. So you can make some interesting things, like voice activated sbr for when someone gank you in maint and takes off your radio.
  15. 19 greytides breaking into armory unaware of the waiting armsky
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