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  3. Changes to rules such as antag knowledge are beyond the scope of this project, and are best discussed in another thread. I see no problems with changelings being KoS, as they've only gotten harder to contain since that was originally brought into place. Overall this is looking basically ready for implementation, and while a hotfix or 2 might be needed for things we've overlooked, I'm excited to see this in play.
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  5. If you're advocating for "changing forms" being proof of a cling, you're effectively advocating for the current policy (which is kill on sight). You were arguing to remove kill on sight, which would mean direct evidence of a murder would be required (changelings have a tendency to change forms, which makes forensic evidence a little difficult understandably). This would mean the vast majority of changelings (upwards of 90% because very few are actually caught "in the act") would be sent to science. Your idea for sending them to science is to lock them in an impenetrable murderbox and prevent them from playing, but constantly waving a carrot that they might--by chance--have the opportunity to escape. Either this is going to result in locking a player in an impenetrable cell for several hours (which is an extremely dickish thing to do), or it's going to mean that the strongest lone antagonist next to wizard suddenly gets a get-out-of-jail free card because they can easily murder the scientist (a card which they really, really don't need). What happens if a changeling escapes? How do you prove it's that specific changeling that already escaped once before? This just ends up creating a cyclical non-solution to something that isn't a problem in the first place.
  6. I don't really understand what you are trying to say. from what I can gather: If you are talking about changlings having no proof of muder you just catch them in the act, changing forms as well, it doesn't really change anything from base game.
  7. Bay has a fundamentally different notion of what a changeling is, so I don't think these are fair examples. Changelings in our codebase will more or less always have an objective to kill someone. They are also not the person they start as in lore terms, they would have murdered aforementioned crewmember and absorbed them in order to get on board. If this happens once in a blue moon with decent controls, it can work--the issue is this would be occurring every single time there's a changeling with no direct proof of murder which, thanks to their ability to change forms constantly, is already nearly impossible to pin them for.
  8. Also, if you do cooperate, chances are there will probably be no need to keep you in the death state, provided they shouldn't by the idea I proposed, even know that much about you. The changeling could use this as a way to get to gain the trust, wait for an opportunity to escape, work out a deal to complete their objective. One example from a bay round: I was a ling, my objective was to absorb three DNA and settle on an exoplanet. TO BE EDITED IN THE REST
  9. You don't have to be cooperative when caught. You may always try to escape and risk being incinerated. That was just a rough idea of containment. As I said, you can cooperate and being jailed at research it is an option.
  10. There is little roleplay to be had when you are constantly being murdered and forced to ghost for the duration of a round because people are arbitrarily keeping you alive. Roleplay for the other parties, sure--for the person playing the changeling itself? No, not really. I am diametrically opposed to any implementation that forestalls the ability of a player to actually do anything. People have limited time to play games, they do not want to spend that time being murdered endlessly for two hours because a scientist wants to "experiment" on them for no tangible gain whatsoever. You are effectively advocating that the vast majority of changelings now, rather than simply being killed outright, face something much worse than death--being murdered endlessly and not being allowed to ghost out of it without it being seen as a "cop-out." This not only boils down to an issue with the rules in the context of antagonist knowledge, but also in the context of not being a dick. This is the mechanical equivalent of welding someone in a locker, RCDing walls around them, and leaving them locked up for the rest of the round. As I said, it is a massive disservice to anyone who has the misfortune of rolling changeling.
  11. Not really, they do this thing on bay, there are a lot of interesting rp opertunities that come of it.
  12. This is still pointlessly keeping a player in their body for no real purpose whatsoever. Changelings can also melt cuffs now--you're proposing something that takes nearly an hour of setup time w/ a scientist and atmos tech which has a high chance of failure, other threats, etc. so rather than outright killing a player and letting them roll for midround antag, you can keep them from playing indefinitely. It's not feasible and it's also a massive disservice to whoever has the misfortune of rolling changeling.
  13. No, take them out to test on them. A solution to breaking walls and airlocks would be to keep them in a burn chamber so that they are constantly dead until they are needed when the burn chamber is vented and the ling is taken out.
  14. You can destroy airlocks/walls with an armblade under the new damage system. Damage system aside, this would also just mean a player would be locked in a tiny room with next to nothing to do for the rest of the round.
  15. Can't you lock them in a bolted high pressure room with no vents.
  16. As I said, changelings are not possible to contain. If you specify that you require evidence of an exceptional crime to execute them, that is extending the hand to one of the most dangerous lone antagonists in the game that they would otherwise not have. It also creates the issue wherein a changeling making themselves obvious/known is no longer something people are able to respond to (IE: killing a changeling who didn't openly murder someone in front of you would suddenly get you permabrigged for murder).
  17. Affect game ballance? A guy trying to kill someone when they are a syndicate is still a guy trying to kill someone.
  18. See the above edit. I can pitch it to administration if you're dead-set on the idea, but it's very likely to be a categorical "no" simply for the purposes of game balance.
  19. Well the first part about the changelings not being KOS is a spesslaw change, the last bit about restricting knowledge is a rules change, it still affects spesslaw. If I had it my way I would ban/ heavily restrict all knowledge of antags and build the spesslaw around that. EOC and all mention of antags would be remove and will allow people to improvise and figure out how to deal with a certain unusual situation without being restricted by an already set thing. Thats just my argument for spesslaw.
  20. That would be a rules change for the latter part, not a Space Law change. I'm also reticent about allowing the most dangerous and powerful antagonist in the game (sans maybe Wizard) not be KOS. A changeling has multiple means of resisting death and more or less immediately/silently killing people with various stings (mute+cryo comes to mind). They also have several AoE stuns, instakill methods against Voxes/IPCs that can't be disabled, and an innate weapon capable of decapitation. There is no means of safely containing a cling, especially with the changes to damagecode (you can just armblade an rwall down now, AFAIK). Changelings are also intended to be a stealthier antagonist (this is their original intention/design) in the vein of John Carpenter's The Thing and KOS enforces this. We used to have "friendly lings" due to loyalty implants (security lings, essentially), it was pretty awful.
  21. I feel that changelings shouldnt be KOS if they are cooperative, in that case they should be relocated to research for the purposes of research. To pair along with this knowledge of changeling powers should be restricted. At research they should find a containment procedure and perform tests on them I guess.
  22. Can a morph communicate if they shapeshift into someone? Would be nice to have 'friendly' morph incidents. I must admit that the thought of a morph in a nukie round 'guarding' the disk makes me smile. How they would hunt the disk all over the station...
  23. Implemented. Clarified. Repeatedly damaging or otherwise destroying a cell enclosure is considered an escape attempt. Pitched it to administration, majority is in favour of keeping crime stacking a no-no for sanity reasons/also to simplify Space Law and reduce potential abuse. It's now Reset or +5 minutes, whichever is greater. Scaling modifiers (25% ones) have had minimum values added of three minutes as well (IE: the minimum that can be added or removed from a charge due to a modifier is now three minutes). Will check on this again, but my impression from talking about parole (I'm not in favour of EoCs being paroled myself) is that headmins want it to stay. Has already been reduced from 6 times to 5, but I will see if headmins are fine with it being perma on fourth offense.
  24. Morph is very annoying to fight given how much health they have, how much damage they deal, and general ease they have of acquiring more mass without any visual indication of their strength. This also assumes they don't spend much of their round just running away from any conflict that isn't 1v1 where they know they can win. Blob is much better round type imo as the entire crew is given a goal to work against, the blob is largely stationary so much of the 'action' isn't people welding vents, but rather gathering tools to fight back and the actual attempts to stifle the blob's growth. You slow a morph by... throwing everything in a locker and hiding it away from a vent easy access area for the morph. The only 'fun' morph rounds I've seen are those in which much of the crew is generally unaware of the morph's existence as they vent crawl disguised as a bot, drone or monkey that might be a typical sight in the area, eat everything when nobody is really around to look, and move onto the next empty area. Such engagement. Much fun. I don't see the point in pushing combat focused antags to be mid-round RP events when we actually have RP focused roles that could be made into midround events such as the Merchant or Vox Traiders, and we could easily make things like Refugees, CentCom Civies (Centcom is not solely staffed by 1 admiral or comm officer, by definition there HAS to be some form of support crew) or even the suggest Wizard Apprentices
  25. Regarding the "perma store of bodies", they do drop everything they have eaten when gibbed. This can easily be done with a sharp object on harm intent, they are a simple animal, and can be cut apart, it is the same as the chef slaughtering animals for meat.
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