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  2. Honestly, the concept of convicts and security has so much going for it it could be an entirely new server. Not sure whether its scope can be reined back to fit into Paradise but its legit cool
  3. Easy fix. Don't read it. I grew up in a time where you couldn't look up the best or most efficient way to do everything in games online. I very much enjoy games this way. It actually humors me how much newer gamers need this crutch in order to survive. (G-get off my lawn) I've been playing for nearly 1000 hours n I still have no idea how most of science n engineering works because I've rarely played those departments n I've never read about them. Aside from the basics, everything I've learned about the game has been learned in the game.
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  5. Automatically restricting access to maint on red might be problematic. Sure, SOP says people should stay in department - but that is just standard operating procedure. There are many code-red situations where maint access is useful to the station and its crew. For example: Blob - where crew can use maint to get to it. Spiders - where crew can use maint to get away from them. Nuke ops - if a bomb goes off in (say) medbay, maint allows crew to escape. Surely in an emergency more access would be available - so you can escape danger. The problem is that this is a game and sometimes shitty people want their characters to "get into danger" so they can be cult or thrall. And yet, where it is problematic (Cult/Shadowling) with people almost self-antagging can be solved by decent security or command leadership; either sweeping maint in pairs, making proper use of stop & search or asking AI to bolt down sections. Limiting maint access would severely hamper antags - especially clings/vampires. Could experienced players get around this using eva/gateway/outposts etc - of course. But it would limit the experience for inexperienced antags. It would also make sling/cult laughably easy to stop.
  6. Hello, PhantasmicDream! Your art is very pleasing to me, so I'd like to give you some constructive criticism on how to improve. With a minority of your characters, their poses seem natural and something an actual human would do. With the majority, just try replicating it and see that it'd be impossible to actually do this without thinking. This was a problem with Chronarch's art, and it is a problem with yours. To bring up an example, you like to draw Zeke clutching his hand into a fist while it's sort of raised, his elbow at an acute angle. The problem with this is, it isn't a natural physical expression. Worried, happy, angry, sad - it's just not a normal thing someone would do. I advise you, like Chronarch, before drawing the art piece, you should try doing the pose you want your character to do or reference a model. The greatest artists in the world did this to a legendary extent, but for your artstyle and skill a quick look at a picture won't do any harm. Your art seems kind of rushed, like a fully coloured sketch. Now, this wouldn't be a problem if it went with the art you're trying to make. For example, your IPC Necromancer fits this very well because of the white, black, and red colour palette(with a greyish background and blue medhud), it gives off a feeling of either authority or uneasyness, which I suppose you were trying to accomplish. But with other arts, like the demon, fallen angel and Cherub(?), it gives off a vibe that you're trying to stick it in as quickly as possible. Jonah? Whenever you draw Jonah, his face is so pointy that it's almost like an entirely different artist drew him compared to the roundness of other characters. If you want him to stick out, then this is a very creative and artistic way to go about it, but it's very obvious you don't want him to, even putting him in the roundstart detective outfit 9/10% of the time. Because of how pointy his face is, he looks malnourished. Now, wouldn't Zeke care if his/her husband/boyfriend stopped eating? Remember, your art is still good! But no one's perfect. I hope to see you improve in the future. Take care!
  7. Like I said, it’s required to have these wiki pages in order to do your job. But do you NEED to know what happens if you inject plasma into a green slime? No! It’s not important to your job at all. Do you NEED to know what a bag of holding does? No! Because RnD is about experimentation. I like scichem because (although it’s never happened) the notice at the bottom saying that there are chems beyond the wiki page makes me feel excited that I am no longer a god at ss13 and ruler of the universe. This is also why I like playing as an atmos tech, because other than air alarms and disposals systems, I have no clue what it entails.
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  9. If things had just loaded a bit faster, I would have called myself Grin Fangdango.
  10. Gentleman clown vampire leaves a letter behind at the scene of the crime.
  11. *screeches like a pterodactyl Painfully cute!
  12. A fancy wizard named Darius White, My IPC NECROMANCER, A little comic from a round I had, because sometimes I like to draw up some obscure scenes that happens (sadly I don't remember the HoS's name) A little doodle of myself and a smol blue lizard named Garoon Gawoon.
  13. A list of cooking recipes is way too long to remember (I keep cooking notes IRL). The same is for drinks at bar. And for chemistry. The recipes are not obvious at all, and cookbooks are outdated, covering only 25% of available options (if they are available. There is no instruction book for robotist)
  14. this is kind of what OOC was made for, you ask mechanics based questions like "how do i build a wall?" and get an answer and about two backpages of quips and memes which made up for unintuitive mechanics while not INTENTIONALLY giving gamemode spoilers. Now there's a discord server for that I guess? I didn't join it so idk you can check that out if you want
  15. That's one of about 70 pages filled up. why put time into my school work when I can doodle into my notebook and hide in the library?
  16. Been two long since I posted here... how is everyone?
  17. Then there should be some sort of incentive for security members to understand antags decently so they may perform their job, or even just become a requirement.
  18. I understand your point, but in this example you put here, is the alternative any good? If none of sec knows what a vamp can do, or if it is KoS except, lets say, one regular, it can go one of two ways. They either listen, and now they know what a vamp can do so we are back at square one. Or they don't listen, and the regular player gets fed up with the newbie team and leaves out of frustration, which leads into the problem we've been having for some time.
  19. With things you NEED to learn like surgery, I understand. But it takes away the intrigue when you have no clue what a vampire can do, and it takes away the bravery of you attempting to fight it. Now everyone knows mist = powered = KoS.
  20. If it wasn't for surgery wiki, I would never of even learned how to fix someones bones. And if it weren't for the cultist wiki, would of probably taken me easily four or five more rounds to learn all the inner connections. Thus, I am a bit iffy on that idea. I have lost a lot of the mystery that comes with initially learning the game. I do miss that feeling. But it never came from learning the wiki. It came from learning that midround blobs are a joke 95% of the time, and that I can ignore them. It came from learning that tspiders without whites or a queen aren't really a threat and I don't need to take them seriously since odds are they will all die in 10 mins. It came from learning that if I die on station and not hidden in a clever spot, odds are I'll be found and cloned like nothing ever happened. It also came from learning strategies with cultist, vampire, changeling and so on, and how to use their abilities to combat sec and the AI. It came with competency. I wouldn't say that's a bad thing, and while the wiki may of helping with that learning, its not the full picture. The wiki can't teach you how to do things effectively or well, nor about other peoples characters, at least not from my experience. Perhaps theres a wiki page out there with clever strategies out there I never read.
  21. Consensus is that science is the overpowered antag department, right? Giving engineering something else to go for it isn't the worst thing ever.
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