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  2. Yeah I would very much love to see Blood Brothers as an event first, and eventually maybe as an antag type even. From a coding perspective, this would probablely a fairly straight forward port from TG, I think. Might take a look into a port myself to try and learn. Love this idea.
  3. Some of the oldmins, myself included, may also be a bit biased due to seeing some very awful borers over the years....not to mention a time the logging fucked up with them that was hell on us mins. Not to say this is a good reason to be against them, just to put our bias on the table as we've seen how bad they can go. I'd personally like to see them as more dangerous so people don't want a brain controlling parasite in their head.
  4. Have some very interesting abilities on vg. How that would combine with objectives idk but worth a read.
  5. Borers as antags does not sound very good to me. It would be a constant struggle of controlling a person and them taking control back. But yes they are very boring at the moment. Some smaller objectives that are abductor like would be fun, even such things as send an assfax to CC or steal as many shoes as possible.
  6. I may edit this as I am asking someone to read over it again and help clear things up. I will edit this comment if I am 100% finished. Name of Event: Blood Brothers One Sentence Description: Team-Syndicate-Antags with no TC or uplink. Map Changes: No Will this work with the standard NSS Cyberiad map. Just remember that anything requiring mapping changes is unlikely to be organized any time soon. Code Changes: No(?) Will have to force this via admincommands I assume. Will this work with the standard Paracode base. Again, anything requiring coding changes is a long way off. Suggested Number of Players: 60+ What type of population level would this be best for? Just remember that paradise rarely drops anything below 30, even when invisible. Events for smaller player numbers may not be possible. Full Description of Event: Ooc: Security has it too simple. Every Antag can be identified somehow and there are appropriate reactions for it. Space law is VERY often not applied unless its murder or grand theft often confirming EoCs and once a guy is in perma its rare to get out. The idea is to have Syndicate Agents with no uplink or access to contraband (except for random loot) and instead of relying on gear, they have to rely on each other to achieve their objectives. The objectives are normal antag objectives. The teams should be 2-3 people with 1 objective per person. Teams may have to kill other agents, however they should be considered a TEAM ANTAG like Cult and are under no circumstances allowed to fight each other or sell each other out unless its part of a plan (going to perma to kill their target). There should be no way the individuals can be linked to any other antag type except for their objectives. In comparison to a normal round this would feel like something strange and dangerous is happening while at the same time there is 0 evidence of any agents being on board. IC: The syndicate has noticed that the expense of PDA Uplinks and highly-expensive equipment is not working out as they hoped. Often a desperate agent would reveal themselves too early and put other Agents in jeopardy. They have decided on project Blood Brothers. These trained agents were psychologically manipulated from a very young age going through excrutiating training and work together with their assigned partners. They prefer death over defeat and have learned to rely on each other in all situations. They have gone through countless simulations expertising in stealth, breaking in, combat, sabotage and disguise. In case they fail NOTHING can link them to the syndicate and they will just look like some random gang. The NSS Cyberiad holds countless valuable objects that the Syndicate is interested in and with the recent regular agents failings and the consequences they have suffered they have decided to run a trial-mission on the Cyberiad. Welcoming Message/Objectives Example: You are Fridge Quirin the Scientist. You were sent to the NSS Cyberiad by the Syndicate with your BLOOD BROTHERS. Your BLOOD BROTHERS are "TORQUE" and "KAHTICHA". You are a TEAM ANTAG and are not allowed under any circumstances (unless it is planned to accomplish your objective) to sell your BLOOD BROTHERS out to Security or reveal yourself as a Syndicate Agent. You are NOT allowed to reveal that you are a Syndicate Agent under ANY circumstances. These are your objectives: #1: Steal the HoS Gun. #2: Kill The Virologist Krikachik. #3: Steal a hand teleporter. #4: Make sure ALL of your BLOOD BROTHERS survive until the end of the shift. Notes: No document exchange, No die a glorious death. #4 has to be survive until end of shift or escape with shuttle/escape pod.
  7. But.. it was used before the answer about instructions came in... I would issue no compensation in this case!
  8. Yesterday
  9. The other day I tried to sue the station for personal damage with a circular saw I printed while trespassing in RnD. The was no NT rep and every single character I tried to convince to make the payment, told me to speak with someone else. Talk with the IAA, talk to the RD, talk to the captain... The HoP finally sent it to CC but I think he was lying, because used his own fax and never got any kind of answer.
  10. I like the third idea, but not the first or second. I dunno, I just get the vibe of cult but with two players in one body.
  11. let me rephrase that: Objectives that are at least somewhat interesting or challenging. If a borer just wants to survive, he can idle in a pipe until round end or whatever. The purpose of antags/their objectives is to make the round interesting and shake things up. Right now, borers really don't do that.
  12. A way to fix this would be to have each hit after crit have a chance to insta-knock out. (Depending on how much damage the hit deals and how much damage they currently have) Once already knocked out, further hits have a chance to instantly kill. We keep the damage threshold in case someone gets really lucky with RNG.
  13. Borers are in my opinion intended to be a Venom sort of thing. "You help me and I'll help you." On a HRP server like Baystation this could probably be played out better, but we aren't HRP. Giving borers harmful objectives is a bad idea. We already have problems with borers occasionally killing people for no good reason, which they shouldn't do. We don't need them to be given in-game permission to do that. If borers are to get objectives it should be something a) minor and b) non-harmful. Things like "remove all floor tiles from x area" or "steal the YouTool from Primary Tool Storage".
  14. Well, its relativly easy. You can also control braindead monkey humanoids from the clonebay , and i think that this should be nerfed. Maybe, a lively and juicy brain of RD for example, that can give sustance for the borer, and maybe add some sort of evolution menu akin to changelings, exept borer need to gain a certain amount of "brain power" before he can unlock his powers. It can be normal "chem borer"; or it can be a mutant strain that gives random power from vampire or changeling, after infecting host for some time; the last will be "mimic" - it can turn invisible when standing still and when stay long enough inside a host, can hide him too. As for objectives, besides "live and reproduce", it can be ordered to infect and keep a certain host until the end of the round, get borers to infect at least 1 host in each department, exept captain, or, at random, forcing a newcome borer to become a part of "infector strain", that spread the disiease, which makes people to move slow and do things longer, if they dont have a borer inside. But it can be spreaded only from infectors host with a touch and disease lasts for 5 minutes, it also massivly reduces sugar stun timer. The host himself become immune to any disease, while its borer cant breed. Another random strain can be "sindie borer" that molds the flesh of its host into a killing machine. As it infects a host, the effects begin to take appearance after 3 minutes. Then, you will take over your hosts body completly and you will have to find a safe place withint 1 minute timer. After that timer ends, you enter a cacoon, after short gestation period, now yours body turn into angry piece of very leathiry meat, as the mind of your host enters your rejuvinated borer body and goes on to repeat the cycle, you will have a sturdy and fast body with 2 armblades, that can breack airlocks. But, you arent exactly a golem, as well as its agains your interest to kill a potential host for your decendant. You dont have any means to paralyze and safely secure a host, instead, you'd have to guard your nesting place until cycle repeats few more times, before your mission begins - destroy all security and commanding staff on the station. But, not to drag this out for way to long, if no normal human remains on the station (and not anywhere else, like in CIT case) its a victory. However, you are strongly against butchering innocents, as sindicate imprinted a set of instructions upon your tiny mind: 1) Fufil your mission 2) Do not harm unarmed hosts 3) Attack only in defence - you must scare away your hunter, but do as less harm as possible. 4)Do not create envierment, hostile to the hosts.
  15. I think their objective is already just surviving.
  16. Personally, I think borers should get _some kind_ of objective, though maybe not those. Something for them to actively work towards instead of a) dicking around being jerks or b) being a personalized chem dispenser pAI with no agenda.
  17. Glad to have you with us and even more pleased that you're enjoying yourself! A few things to help you get started first and foremost make sure you've read our rules. They're not hard to follow at all, basically boils down to not being a dick and to treat players how you yourself would like to be treated. Whenever in doubt, you can always contact Admins to clarify if something is against the rules or if something confuses you about them. I'll just drop these here as well since they're very useful for new players. The last link is exceptionally good if you'd like to make your role play more immersive with the universe that is provided. Welcome to Paradise!
  18. Might have seen me around the past couple of weeks since I've been popping in and out as Bobbie Wilkins, priding myself in being the most baseline human around. Probably the only reason you've had a memorable interaction with me in game is because my character's pretty janky and all over the place RP-wise, but everyone's been great so far and people seem to roll with it so I'm likely going to be sticking around for a while.
  19. I generally dislike borers as a midround event. I would love to see them reworked and becoming rotation antag, some sort of cult style. I understand that this is just the game and all, but i just cant understand how sometimes cute girl characters look at borers like how they look at fluffy kittens, when in reality they are gross slugs who enter your body through only god knows which holes. Being infected by a borer and then helping them reproduce by puking more borers from your mouth is like one of the most awful things that exists in the game. Anyway, i agree that they need to have some negative effect on the crew, so people would treat those disgusting abominations as they deserve to be treated. Antag-borer symbiosis is a valid option, tator can consider helping borer in order to benefit from its chemicals, however it must have downsides, so not every crewmember would allow themselves to be infected like it is right now.
  20. Yeah i am up for "if antag is rolled, you get certain character" I think there should be an option that allows you to choose one of your character for antag preferences. So i dont have to choose between trying to get an antag and playing my nonantag character. It will also allow to get cling or vamp even if you selected ipc character for roundstart.
  21. While I'd like this, I'd also like the option to selectively choose which characters can be what antags, rather than have it be a global preference.
  22. Last week
  23. I dislike it, borers relation with crew is a simbiotic one and the objectives will only cause borers to get instantly valid or people to get griefed by and because of them.
  24. The idea is to have a preference in the character that randomizes it when you roll antag to avoid recognition. For example, my security officer character seems very suspicius when he has a warrant in every round that is not a sec officer. And I know some characters that are usually antags when they have certain jobs. I think its easy to code, if the current code for the regular character randomization can be used in the middle of the antag rolling process or after it happened.
  25. So the Borer is in a bit of a tough spot at the moment. They're considered antags, but the vast majority are friendly towards the crew and are more often than not a good thing to have. I believe that borers should be a neutral, somewhat hostile entity that needs to be treated less like a pet and more like an actual potential threat to the station. Sure, there'll still be benefits to having one in your head, but the borer should be more interested in its own affairs than the host. To fix that, I believe the borer needs new objectives and/or mechanic changes. The first objective idea being Create and defend a nest till the end of the shift. This objective essentially requires a borer to find a location for a 'nest' structure, get a host there to build the nest, then have the host sit within the nest for a certain amount of time before becoming assimilated by it, causing the host to (At their choice) either be killed or turned into a borer (defaulting to kill if they don't respond soon enough), and the original borer to be ejected from the body. The nest acts as a permanent borer spawn, creating new borers about every two minutes. Once created, all other borers are informed on its location and given the objective to protect it. Unless the nest is destroyed, no other nests can be built. People infected with borers will be 'struck by sudden guilt' when attempting to harm the nest and won't be able to damage it. Essentially, the more people infected, the harder it'll be for the crew to destroy the nest. Of course, the crew can accept the one sacrificed crew member for an infinite supply of chem injector implants, but they should also consider the fact that the borers may hijack the crew if their nest is threatened. The second objective idea is Infect enough people to establish the hivemind/Infect as many individuals as possible. This objective requires the borers to infect a certain number of people (About 10, depending on server pop) in order to establish the 'Hivemind'. Borer telepathy will not be altered. Unlocking the hivemind will give the borers new powers that scale based on how many people are infected. Thinks like faster chem creation, longer stun and control duration, or a HuD to identify other infected individuals. The downside is that the increased neurological activity from the borer slowly damages the hosts brain. Now, the borer could use their chems to heal this damage, or they can wait till the host becomes brain dead, which allows them to assume permanent control. The other downsides being that, once the hivemind is established, the borer will always show up on Health HuDs, are are more vulnerable to sugar. The final idea I have, (Which should require minimal coding) is to randomly give borers simple miscellaneous objectives. No assassinations or grand thefts, but things like 'Consume a certain food' (May or may not be toxic to the host), 'Hug/knock over/punch a certain number of people', or 'Make your host wear certain clothes upon escaping the station'. They're borers. We know next to nothing about them, where they're from, nor why they may want to do all this weird stuff. These are minor things that'd give borer players more to do than just reproduce, and it'd make things interesting for the crew as people wonder why the captain is running around in the clown outfit while hugging everyone. If a lore reason is needed, it can be that the borers are 'collecting experiences and memories of a certain kind to benefit the hivemind'. This isn't gonna make all crew hate borers, but it'll be enough to actually make them disruptive to station affairs.
  26. Appending to this that there be some additional restrictions on things such as Golems and other "new sentience" creatures preforming security duties as there is no way to ensure that they are in anyway knowledgeable or have the level of prior knowledge to be effective. Still saying that letting newer players have access to security is dragging the entire department down. I know we're not trying to "scare them away" but at current, allowing new players who don't even know how to ctrl drag, how to recharge a baton, how to use a flashbang, how to properly and safely restrain people, or even how to assess a situation based on game knowledge. It's not that a new player is "bad" but they lack the knowledge required to actually do this job and that's something you learn with time, experience, and study. Jumping straight from assistant into sec officer is how we get so many ahelps, the stigma of of shitcurity, and such.
  27. Thanks for all your help and advice, everyone! I'll keep at it. Nerf
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