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  2. hey man thanks for accepting me. to be honest you're a amazing admin keep it up.

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  4. I don't think becoming combat-capable is necessary (Or even desirable) but the modules they're supplied with at current are dubiously useful at best. I mean, their 'host bioscan' module tells you even less then an un-upgraded health analyzer or even just a medical chip inserted into a PDA. That's... sort of depressing. It just sort of says "Hey. There's damage here" and their body temperature and that's genuinely about it. No read out of what limb is damage like analyzers, nothing. pAI becoming capable of attacking or defending someone was never my intent to imply. What I would like pAI to supply is information. Currently the information they can provide to people is questionably useful, Records access is rarely needed except for Security, and they don't look at it half the time either. The one use there would be helping over-burdened Wardens with managing Security Records, but they cannot write Records, only read them. (To prevent ghostly griefing, which is understandable, but drastically impairs usefulness.) The atmos analyzer is never needed, the people who need to worry about atmospherics have far better tools to handle it then you do, and the analyzer tool you have is incapable of scanning anomalies, so just grabbing a basic one available literally everywhere on station, is still a better option then you. I would prefer pAI become more utility or information tools, something akin to an SS13 equivalent to a Smartphone. And I would honestly sacrifice the "Living Death alarm" aspect if that helped achieve it, I don't feel that's exactly interesting gameplay for anyone, the host, the pAI or the antag being foiled. I would much rather pAI can hear the radio, but be unable to speak on it, if it meant giving them some TLC in the terms of more impactful modules.
  5. pAIs are a mostly flavor + RP role because we're still an MRP server and there's still room for that kind of thing. When people put themselves up for pAI, they're not necessarily looking to be holoparasite lite. Lavaland ghost roles are cordoned off in Lavaland, so unless you want pAIs to have additional restrictions (restricted to Lavaland, capped number, or something like that), I don't see why they should become capable of combat.
  6. Given all the other ghost roles we have added into Paradise since pAI's, them being intentionally designed in such a manner seems increasingly more questionable, when comparatively, you can spawn as an ash walker and literally hunt miners in your territory or golems, or plant people or any number of roles that not only provide things to do, tangible things with tangible gameplay and rewards, but still enable you to roleplay. You can get the same experience as a pAI as a sentient creature (A pretty common event roll.) Except the sentient creature could also be something on the level of Sergeant Araneus and be capable of doing things beyond talk. I understand Paradise is not a democracy, this has been established frequently enough. But I also hope you'll understand that this response gets increasingly harder to take seriously and harder to swallow as time goes on and more and more ghost roles are added that blow anything a pAI can do out of the water. Particularly when there's only one or two on station to start with and almost nobody bothers to actually print out more.
  7. June 18: MysticLiger has joined the team as a Trial Admin
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  9. When i tryed to find out the exact cemicals embrosia has, the "guide to hydroponic" had a list of plants and theyr contents, but when i tryed to find the cemical "bicaridine" in cemistry guide, it told me these cemicals were replaced whit better cemicals... So yeah...
  10. Upgrading via RPED fixes a number of these issues.
  11. One Sentence Description: NT and Syndicate operatives wake up in an extremely hostile area after their ships crash. They can choose to work together or against one another to accomplish their goals. Map Changes: No Can utilize abandoned outposts / stations / other sections of the map to negate the need to switch maps. Code Changes: Unlikely All assets should be otherwise available at this time. Suggested Number of Players: Any number provided it is even. Full Description of Event: This event is to allow ghosts or other persons who are not actively playing a means of potentially enjoying a RP/Action based event. The Premise is that two groups of individuals (NT and Syndicate) crash land on a planet or area for what should have been a routine mission. Due to their now stranded state the two groups can either choose to fight or work together to survive against the fauna and flora around them while they attempt to accomplish their own goals. The goals are usually as follows: - Find X object. - Build Y object. - Obtain Z from the other faction. (Where Z is some high-tech or very useful item) - Survive. While the groups are ABLE to kill one another, the situation should be set up in such a way that doing so would likely lead to one group having a lot harder time attempting to survive / accomplish their objectives on their own. This creates an ongoing amount of tension as cooperation is not required but advised. Simply shooting each other is an option as well but doing so will deplete ammunition, injure your team, and generally be a questionable move.
  12. Leanfrog

    how to fix vox

    This guide can also apply to slimes as they go through a very similar process but don't experience septic or dead organs, outside of potential damage to their core (which is easily treated with mannitol), any septic limbs can easily be treated by amputation, as Slime People are easily able to regrow their amputated limbs.
  13. pAIs aren't meant to be little more than talkative companions with a few neat features to go with it. As is they're already fairly useful, especially being a player controlled death alarm.
  14. Right now pAIs are useless, unless you are new, and new players do not know where they are found or if they even exist. I think pAIs shold have some improvements: Apart from the health that pAIs have, add also a battery which cannot be removed or upgraded, recharged from a cable someone has to connect to a PDA or an APC, the PDA would be very slow but with no risks (it can also connect to cyborg rechargers, mechs, mules... But it will have a chance of damaging the pAI, damaging its battery or electrocuting it for 15 seconds; if there is a large amount of power in the power grid the APC can be somewhat risky) While in chasis form, be able to have one "hand" being able to grab a small object or pull with a 30% speed reduction a medium object. While in chasis form, be able to push buttons such as light switches and open doors which anyone without and id could open. Only by order or previous order of its DNA master, be able to electrify itself while not in chasis mode. This can be done with +power or -power, each one costs a different amount of battery percentage and leads to various outcomes, including falling off of someones pocket/hands or making someone fall and be stuned without any damage for 2 seconds for -power and eletrocuting someone and dealing burn damage, with a small chance of a desfibrilation effect and an even smaller chance of using up to 80% of the battery life for +power While in chasis form, consume more battery than in normal form and have less resistance to attacks and instead of collapsing back to normal when interacted or hit by someone keep on chasis form. The pAI can be interacted with to collapse it, but only by the master (if the master did not insert his DNA enzymes then anyone can do this This things could lead to a more active use of pAI, maybe restricted to command, who knows!
  15. pen lights check for blindness and other things, but not brain damage
  16. Smol art spam time! Liznerds Our one and only awooing Terry The lovely Umbra
  17. Also please lower the amount of genetic damage done from injecting...
  18. Im from finland the land of snow and...its pretty much like Canada but with more snow and a unspeakable language
  19. Tobehonest, I've never thought about using the brushes as something other than clouds.
  20. Hell yeah they are, and sometimes I don't use them as clouds. They can make wonderful 'dirty' brushes, if you have them on the right opacity you can just make it a bit of a different colour to make something look a bit less new.
  21. Not to mention that, afaik, a "functional AI" would only count if the AI was, you know, functional.
  22. You shouldn't. It's... beautiful (I think we use the same cloud brushes) (ᵃˡˢᵒ ᵏᶦˡˡ ˡᵃ ᵏᶦˡˡ)
  23. You can always ahelp that, admins are usually chill about minor changes like that, at the end of the day they want people to enjoy themselves and perform actions that entertain. The idea of silencing an AI like that, is the exact opposite to entertainment, it is akin to "cyborg hell", the state of being a cyborg with no power cell for an extended period. At that point you have only one option, to ghost, which then locks you out of doing anything else.
  24. Tit for tat. Ruin a player's round by grabbing early, get shit on and have the same happen to you.
  25. The issue is that the objective you get is random. You shouldn't HAVE one of the hardest possible objectives forced on you randomly. Not to mention that not everyone is capable of being a very good antag! Yet because of the rules there isn't much we can do besides our job or objectives.
  26. @MrMagolor Grabbing the AI at the start of the round, like you did in your example, was pretty crappy imo, you blinded and imprisoned someone with the intent for them to remain that way for an entire round, and the price for that is that you have to then struggle to keep said AI contained. The later into the round you take the AI, the easier it will be to get away with should you succeed. Trying to just mute people and have them trapped like that all round, without even the dead to talk to, is unacceptable.
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