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  2. My favourite job is probably the barber...because i love impersonating people...and do surgeries with pens, forks and mouse traps... Cooking stuff is fun too i guess... Science...especially telescience...the "telescience" first i really tried hard by finding coordinates, carefully calculating everything and i just take approximate coordinates and hope for the best, sometimes it works, sometimes i get teleported into time i got teleported into the permabrig with vampires, good thing i mostly play as an IPC and i had a bloodpack on me Recently got some fun out of wardening it's pretty relaxing half of the time
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  4. Magistrate, IAA and NT Rep. Reason is mostly the same for all of them. I enjoy the interactions I typically get to have with others as IAA, Magistrate and NT Rep. You can get a lot done with paperpushing, you can make really N I C E looking papers using formatting. Captain and Head of Personnel I really enjoy these but they're iffy sometimes. Captain can be sitting there staring off into space while you watch the station fall apart but in a way it's nice to be able to have some authority. Not be a dick using it but making decisions, impacting the round and actually doing stuff such as big judgement calls. Interactions with crew can be great too, especially actually having your belongings be targets of antags which makes you have to deal with them to an extent. Head of Personnel is similar but add on some paperwork and the ability to change someones ID from Engineer to C L O W N for being annoying. Plus - traitor HoP is honestly great to do. Messing with ID's, sometimes struggling with objectives due to everyone's eyes being on you yet being easier due to your mystical ID machine, etc. Left one out - Warden. Wardening is fun to do since you get to control brig timers. The issue tends to be trying not to be a dick by shoving someone in a cell for 15 minutes for something small even if space law says you can give them 15 minutes with how many charges. It feels unique from Sec officer in a way - some good interactions with other security members and prisoners. Managing the armory, being a sort of 'backup' Sec officer on code red/when the station is DYING. Being security but being a bit 'separate' from the regular officer when it comes to what you do. Plus you can make rounds for people, fix Security being Shitcurity with their timers, etc.
  5. Captain already has a hard suit
  6. I frankly wouldn't mind it for at least the feet.
  7. Add a captain ID locked hardsuit container in his office near his special gun as extra protection in emergencies.
  8. I feel like I was one of the few people who enjoyed that mechanic's existence and regret its removal. Stuff like that going away has always been disappointing to me.
  9. This exactly. If I recall, it was specifically removed as a QOL improvement just because it was an extra mundane mechanical step that needed to be taken by these races at the beginning of every round just to wear certain hand or footwear. Essentially while on paper this makes the race feel more unique, in game it doesn't.
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  11. Yeah, clearly this deserves a code 600. Such an unabashed crime carries a weight above Capital.
  12. The 'digitigradism' was removed from the game at some point for tajara and vulpkanin, before they used to need the toes cut out of certain boots or to wear sandals/wraps
  13. So, new list of suggestions: - Update the wiki to reflect the following: 1. Non-FTL space capabilities with moderate reflectance to explore outside of the system. Terraforming capabilities present and used. 2. Revise anatomy to reflect finding noted. Blood vessels in ears are not necessary, single eye colorblindness as it would mean we wouldn't have to change anything, still debating the chest but I see nothing wrong so long as we elaborate on the organs (not for damage reasons), ability to eat raw meat, stronger liver, digigrade nature. 3. Discuss culture to reflect society norms, etc. - Potential in game updates? 1. Digigrade would require a lot of changes to the point they'd have to start with feet wrap (already in game) and job specific footwear in their inventory or have a means of modifying it to allow for vulps to wear. 2. Allow for the consumption of raw meat without penalty.
  14. What? This has to be a joke.
  15. Captain, I enjoy this rank due to you have control over everything going on the a point. I want the station to run smoothly, not just for me, but for everyone else who is playing and being captain makes this happen 90% of the time. Many people don't like Wolf as captain. NT Representative, this rank I find relaxing to do. I feel I can offer a lot of my knowledge to command, especially when they are new, and hopefully get them on the same page as Wolf on how to run a station/department as smoothly as possibly while being very rude about it *Flexes* Chief Medical Officer, this rank is third of my favourites because it makes time go by really are constantly busy with patients, new medical staff, or being targeted by antags for your gear. Head Security and Blueshield, I don't know why I don't play this more, I really should as I don't get much battling experience. They share number 4 because I like them both, I am currently playing more BlueShield to get slowly get my battle experience back to par. Lastly, Magistrate, this role I like to keep an eye on security. Being NTR really helped me getting a better understanding for legal standard of procedures, allowing me correct officers handling process, Warden's and HoS. I have witnessed a lot of shit-curity bullshit which should never happen and hopefully, I can make them less of shit-curity and more security.
  16. I wanna say my favorite job is probably HOP.
  17. 12 victims through a wall, Wolf walking away from the scene
  18. Mining and janitor, always has been and always will be! It's how I started and how I'll end.
  19. Code: 500 Image: <not available> Crime: Grand Lipsticking Description: To forcibly apply lipstick to another crew member without their consent Notes: If the color of applied is a crime against fashion, the offender may be sent to perma for twice the normal duration and/or executed twice, at the discretion of command.
  20. 10 catgirl uprisings, I think they're seizing the bridge
  21. 10 minute sentence for yoinking the Agreeable Glasses from that area in Evac. The Moment(TM) was worth it.
  22. Already replied to this thread, but I've recently discovered a love of Robotics. It's science but fun and easy to figure out.
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