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  2. I like it a lot! And yes. Hands are the devil.
  3. Hands! The worst thing to try and draw. Prepare for many years of internally freaking out about hands. I really like your interpretation of the nukie, it can be really tough to figure out what some of these suit should or are supposed to look like. x3
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  5. The poor Mechanic could do what everyone else does and ask the HoP for EVA access instead of committing Major Trespass into a restricted area.
  6. To play devil's advocate, technically the mechanic doesn't need a suit to build pods and test drive them. The job description is "mechanic" not space explorer. They can also just fly to engi sector and go in thru the mass drive airlock to grab an engi suit, if not from somewhere else.
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  8. Well, This game names GameMaster hosted a DnD session in paradise. I was a knight, We had a mage and a few others. Well we were on a ship. Than, The ship sank and we fled on a boat. I was a janitor at this time but..hell, I'd rather play DnD. So, The row-boat landed at a island, We found a cave. We ventured in, Threw long and short narrows, We saw a little chain. I pulled on it, Later do you know. Thousands upon Thousands of tiny spiderlings fly out the ceiling, We flee, Jumping off a small edge. We lose the spiderlings and than MOMMA spida gets mad, She comes in. I jump ontop of her while the mage freezes the spider and i stab it right through here. Than, We all had to go back on shift
  9. Here's my interpretation of a nukie. The gun looks...bad and the hands, oh god the hands.
  10. Short and VERY blue and shiny, thank you also.
  11. As mentor said, there is a verb mentors can use to check if it's a new player, or a rusty old player. I don't think you need a flavour text to identify new players.. It's pretty.. Obvious. We need to create an environment that's friendly to new players, where even non-mentors would be willing to have the patience to teach them, or the ones without any patience just getting out of thei way and leave them to learn their stuff either alone or along with mentors to *not* bully them or make them feel bullied for being new. This matter, however, is complicated to achieve.
  12. Main argument used by the oldest players here is that peacekeeper borg is SO COOL in theory, but in practice it.. Doesn't. Work. The Peacekeeper borg doesn't work in practice, just like Devil gamemode (always leads to self-antagging) or nations (always led to game rules-related ahelps). Or even super heroes (that require some good degree of RP that doesn't happens). Maybe if someday we could all achieve a mind where we have the actual capacity of actually treating peacekeepers like what they are, then, only then we'd be accepting him into the game officially.. original peacekeeper borg also looks awesome(once again, in theory), i'd totally have him ported to paradise
  13. 100% Agreed. The process should have some comeback such as an small explosion enough to blow limbs in case the librarian himself does something wrong, or some poisoning, Redspace stuff. Also the spells or artifacts should have minor utilities, like a super cleaning mop for janitor, or a talisman that increases the effectivity of healing items on others. It'd be interesting if most of the items contributed to all the station himself. Would give the librarian more stuff to do, achieve good small results that make practical difference. 10/10 idea, if i was headmin i'd approve
  14. I don't want to get this polemic but.. Let's suppose Slime People start roleplaying as they are supposed to. Would they respect their culture and become a bunch of Ungas? Would Kidans become all Bandits and start raiding the station? No. It's not about how roleplay-wise some race is being, but it is directly related to the Race's Lore. Vox are the most technologically advanced non-ancient race (taking as a point of start when it was discovered) which implies they have an easier interaction with the high-tech ambient proposed by the game in counterpart to Slime People who REFUSE technology and, as vox have, does not have possession of a special way to talk like vox do. Thereafter, RP is not purely based on race. I've seen better roleplayers than some Vox, and the most roleplay-wise ALL VOX do is to talk like.. Vox , and be protective when it comes to their kin. That's not High for roleplay standards. Roleplay has several factors here, and i'm yet to see a Vox go play DnD at the library when the librarian proposes to. I say, if we make some more races have cultures as UNIQUE as VOX have, we'd have some more roleplay elements as explicit as Vox are with their protective instincts and.. Vox-Talk.
  15. So. Our story begins with an unnamed swarmer, not long ago a lifeless shell, now a cog in the machine that is the will of The Masters, set to consume everything in its path, save for a few things they want inta.....wait. Our story begins with First Class Xenobiologist Bobbie Wilkins, a veteran of ill-fated ventures and failures of the mind. Though assigned to work in the Cyberiad's Xenobiology Lab, Wilkins saw something more in the power that Science access had vested in him. He saw....the magic of bluespace. Tirelessly, Wilkins worked to obtain the materials needed for his personal laboratory, a(Making a sidenote here that there is a perfect room for ghetto Science stations in South Sci-maints)cramped, yet cozy room that was not much frequented by the denizens of the station. After countless hours, a labour of love, Wilkins' masterpiece had been completed, a personal teleporter station, set to locations that man has not stepped for years, and Wilkins was ready to explore, to find the remains, the ruins of these lost stories, lost civilizations. However, Wilkins made one, fatal mistake. Wearing a bag infused with the energy of bluespace, Wilkins was fully unaware of the sad fate about to befall upon him. As he stepped into the teleporter hub, two bluespace discharges met, one from the teleporter, one from the bag. In milliseconds, the bag, and Wilkins with it, were ripped from the station, and flung to the cold, empty vacuum of space. Wilkins' dream would never be seen through, his body never recovered, and his soul lost to the ages. Now. Enter an unnamed swarmer, not long ago a lifeless shell, now a cog in the machine that is the will of the Masters, set to consume everything in its path, save for a few things they want intact. The swarmer's dreadfully focused mind sees a wall, and attempts to break it down. ZAP. A minor disabling shock runs through the swarmer. The Masters do not want that wall broken down. Apparently, its existence keeps the air in. What is air? The swarmer doesn't care, there are plenty more walls to break down, ones that won't result in a painful shock. Perhaps several minutes into this swarmer's existence, it finds a small room. A strange light shines under the door, and the swarmer is instantly attracted to it. Breaking down a meager barrier, one that is suppose to open and close, the swarmer sees a thousand lights in so small an area, small charges of a sort being emitted from a swirling mass of colors. Though the swarmer's first instinct is to break down the contraption, another painful shock courses through it. As the swarmer buzzes into the mass of colors, a sudden change takes to the environment. The swarmer has been teleported, this time to a new, brightly lit room, with a similar, yet disabled teleportation station below it. So many walls. So much to consume. The swarmer tries most of the walls around it, receiving a countless number of shocks. But, after several minutes of testing, the swarmer finds its mark. To the North is much to consume. And so it does. After several minutes, the swarmer can replicate itself. Then again, several minutes after. Soon, the entire interior of the structure, some sort of communications satellite, has been ravaged. But wait. A sudden development. Two organics, draped in suits made of metal, yellow in color. These organics have teleported in. Upon sighting the unnamed swarmer, they flee, opening airlocks on their way to outer space. A mistake. The swarmer pursues, and the organics attempt to fight back. A failure. Several disabler beams are fired, and the two organics float helplessly off into the vacuum, destined to die, never to be heard again. A original swarmer begins to spark from the damage wrought upon it by the organics. Swarmers do not think of such things, but, as the unnamed swarmer falls disabled to the ground, it is surrounded by the children that it has fathered(and grandfathered), continuing on its legacy to the last, and, at long last, it is happy.
  16. He's so shiny! I love his colour palette
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  18. Same guy is actually..a bit short in his stature. Wouldn't wanna upset him though with that baton hes got.
  19. Even though Mechanic is meant to explore space or build pods, in practice, the crew does not generally want a pod, and the Mechanic generally goes to explore space, and any and all space ruins are so often tight that a pod can't get in, and the pod itself cannot interact with the ambient, requiring the Mechanic to eventually get out of his pod, thus making the use of EVA gear inevitable. Mechanic is a part of engineering himself and for some reason the ONLY engineering job that does not have access to EVA Gear(even though ironically the ONLY job in engineering that has to get out of the sector). I think this would be as simple as adding a suit storag unit with a softsuit or an engineering-themed hardsuit inside, magboots and an oxygen-filled jetpack. Here's an image of a sad, anonymous Mechanic with a puny softsuit he had to hack into EVA and almost get arrested to get, now his ghost looks sadly at his body, lamenting for both his life AND suit, that he didn't had right to have at roundstart.
  20. Miczu555


    Instead I get bashed to death by random greytider, they can do that because pets are not crew, it's not bannable, and max prison time you get for it is 5 min, beside there just handful of people that know how to revive you. Funny how there are no animal rights in space law. Thanks NT, very cool.
  21. A good friend of mine made this edit to be a Chief Engineer plasmaman for me! Figured I would share it here.
  22. Currently in the law office for IAAs there is a tracking implant console which the IAAs have no access too. Asking it to be removed and replaced with either smoke vending machine or security profile console. or give IAA access to the tracking console, which would be useless.
  23. BeanOS


    Imo, Runtime should have the ability to force people into help intent and pet them, whenever they meow.
  24. Hello, it's me the Space D&D guy returning with another photo and story. This time I built a D&D club at the library and had a few visitors, people like like Kaz and Koolo and the players in the photo. I always ask for permission before taking the photos by the way, I will list the players that decided to stay with me untill the end of the shift and are with my character (Doctor) in this photo. Niti: The interesting xenomorph number one was her miniature and character. Felix the engineer: His character was Jadyr the rogue. Drone: A little drone that found us in the library, we gave him a miniature and his character was combat drone 623. Doctor: The blue slime and my character, just the DM. Note: This round had a cult, clown demon, sentient glowing goblin and even a Honknomaly but somehow we managed to continue playing. (Also, thanks Kaz the vox for the background music.) Edit: If you're not in the photo your character left before I asked for permission to take one and post it here, peace.
  25. Meow19


    As an expert on this matter i have to agree wholeheartedly.
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