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    Hello, my name is Buldinn. My characters name is also Buldinn, a light blue Unathi. I want to start off strong by saying I love you guys. I love Paradise Station. Thank you all for being part of my life. It's slightly more than a game for me. I'm so grateful I get to see friends login and hang out, just doing their jobs and being themselves. If you see me in game and you need help, or just want to talk, dont be afraid to ask. If Im an engineer or miner I might be a bit rushed to get back to the grind but I'll still at least say 'hi' and apologize for not being able to talk. I really am very grateful I found SS13 and this community. You guys have given me so much more than you realize. Sorry, I know...Im a huge nerd:^)
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    First off, I would like to say I'm sorry.
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    WHEW that took me longer than I thought it would, but I made up a little thing. FEATURED in this chaotic scene (Which I hope can still be seen okay at half size) is: A clown driving the shuttle with the captain's spare with their PAI sidekick, a plasma-man taking off their helmate while a panicked (And slightly misguided) doctor tries to patch them up with burn-patches, a sec officer that has no idea how to make the boots stop stomping, a happy slime assistant stuffing Ian down the disposals, an IPC and borgo hanging out outside while a Vox skreeeees at the fact they forgot those magboots, a disgruntled AI witnessing all the CREW HARM, a danger-redboi lookin' at the shuttle and a few meatie-orbs heading to the station with the others. PARADISE OR BUST! YAYA! Hope you like it...
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    Well! After a ton of thought and nudges from friends, I decided it’s about time that I made an art thread of my own. And what better way to start it off than with an art trade I did with @Drakeven ! Their voxxy, Giki! I’ll be updating this thread over the next few days with everything else I’ve drawn of spess
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    A little piece of art done for @Mochi (psst Mochi, if you want a hires version - dm me) Also, if anyone wants an art of their character - dont hesitate to send me a mesage
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    Honestly I wouldn't mind bumping up the security officer playtime compared to the other jobs just because it's such an abusable role, especially for greytide/power-tripping new players. If you don't have at least a basic grasp of robustness, space law, and hell even the station dynamic, then you're going to have a bad time. Hell, I don't see this being an unpopular opinion at all, it's just common sense. Now for an opinion that may very well be unpopular! I'd say this is less of a pickle than it seems. Station incompetence is a fundamental part of as to why this game is still a game. It's a disaster simulator. Yes, choosing a department and being able to master it (such as learning how to be an extremely robust Doctor or robust Engineer) is immensely satisfying for a lot of people, and there are many people that come in time and time again that learn, grow, and become valuable assets. But when there are 100+ moving, individual players, all with different ideas roles and routines, it's easy for things to fall apart and not work smoothly. You can play scientist and not be able to do anything cause the entire mining team died on Lavaland. You could be a doctor and be overwhelmed by patients and have zero chemists. It's part of the game. If everything ran smoothly every single shift there wouldn't be a point, cause when it does run smoothly it's boring (play medical with a fully competent medical staff and no antags, you'll find yourself tempted to cryo from boredom) My problem is that people sometimes get used to the status quo of a perfectly running station. You get killed by bullshit (which is normal), get mad at it, and then get even madder because a newbie doctor fails to revive you or an newbie engineer failed to cover a breach. Everyones gotten mad at this game for it's bullshit, including me, including every admin, including every veteran player that's been on the station for a year. As counter intuitive as this might sound: stop it. Let the doctor fail to revive you one time without bitching at him. Let the engineer fuck up and shock himself. Let mining die (you can't help it). Every mistake pushes people to get better. But it's important to remember that with every outburst and every yell of "worst medbay ever" may absolutely crush some poor clueless kids motivation and prevent them from reaching their full potential. Now then, Security. The biggest exception. Security (or shitcurity) isn't just hard because of the power and responsibility; doctors and engineers also have power, except in different fields. It's because it's so confrontational. When you fuck up people will without fail call you shitcurity. When you let them go they will continue calling you shitcurity. Even when you were 100% in the right and justified you will still be called shitcurity. It is without a doubt the most thankless, abused, and misunderstood job in this fucking game, and playing or maining it is honestly exhausting, emotionally draining, and sometimes straight up not fun. People walking into that job for the first time not knowing what kind of hell that job is will be absolutely crushed. Job timers are only the half of it. They should be upped for security, or a bigger and bolder warning should be put on the job so that people fully understand why not to play it. But honestly, if people truly want security to be better they're going to have to stop treating security like shit. Good security players have thick skins by default so stop intentionally trying to break them and make them feel bad. They won't lash out at you, they'll just give up on the job and leave. You're not making it worth it. Appreciate and respect them, and if you don't like what they're doing then go play the role yourself and set a good example to others instead. And also don't be afraid to have fun sometimes as a sec officer: roleplay, dick around in the bar, let them miss a couple obvious antags because the department is a mess, understand the difference between a power trip and a legitimate mistake. TL;DR: Game is fucked and chaotic, don't expect perfection from anyone. Edit: I uh, almost forgot to add my opinions on the main suggestion -Raise time for Security, other jobs are probably fine but Sec because yknow, abuse of power and also no one wants to play sec -The station fundamentally hates sec so much anyways that I don't feel like any more incentives would bring anyone back unless they were security buffs. Hey, the department changes made in the past 4 years (there's been like 2 reworks) might be enough for *myself* to start up the job again. Pardon the rant and don't be afraid to respond to me, I didn't proof read.
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    This one was drawn quick. It Praxis!
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    Hello all, for the uninitiated let me introduce myself. I am IntentEldiablo, Mentor and also known as Ipsum Bellus Crinitus. I just recently finished my University Honors Degree in Audio Engineering and started to have ideas on what I could contribute, improve and/or add to the sound and quality of the audio on our server. So far, I have a number of ideas, such as adding more racial sounds, such as screams and yells or adding more ambient sounds too such as airlocks and maints. But I wanted to reach out to the community and gather your own thoughts and opinions on the different sound affects you would like to see added to the server, or any existing sounds that YOU feel can be made better and improved. I don't play a wide range of job rolls on the server, typically security and mining as such i would be relying on you to throw suggestions from different departments or roles in order to gain a bigger scope. Likewise, for those who are working on big projects or new PR's for the server who would like some assistance with audio files please feel free to message, I don't bite (Ipsum might). So, leave any suggestions down below, or Pm me on discord lists or single suggestions and I shall start looking into things this coming week. Let me know what you think Thank you :3
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    An aaaaaaaaaart trade! Phoebe, nice purple hat. Keepin' an eye on those halls... I wonder what could be lurking around the corner. Probably nothing. Just another relaxing day outside bar...
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    Fun fun fun, I decided to make Zeke's shirt a reality.
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    more of my cute au! And here we have my Spidersona!!
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    Let's get the party started with some high quality content so noone's ashamed to post their work!
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    Clone Memory Disorder. Just that, flat. Rather than optional, i think it should be something enforced. Because murdering Jimmy DoGood in maint because he decided it was a good idea to try and toolbox you, then have him coming rushing again five minutes later because the coroner did their job and Jimmy decided CMD was optional.... Well, why do you think a good amount of veteran antags outright space the bodies, pretty much locking one out of the round (as their usual char, that us). CMD, Dot.
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    I feel the HoS needs better defining at what their role is and more discipline to HoS's who shirk their duties to go valid hunt. I've never been a fan of how much combat gear they get in the first place (much of it being on par or within spitting distance of Captain's gear.) For a job people profess is vital to the well being of the station, Chain of Command should have it last in line for Captainship if that is true, since someone competent needs to be in that job and other departments can still function with their head serving as Acting Captain. If more HoS players did their actual job of running security, dealing with incidents as they come up and firing incompetent officers Security would be better department to play in general. I count on one hand the number of rounds I've played Warden and had a competent and capable of HoS running the department and not leaving all the administrative duties to me while they ran around in maint alone. There also needs to be more attempts to kill this 'Us vs Them' mentality that has taken hold in Security. Security trusts no one who didn't spawn with an implant. They don't hire from the manifest, they don't let engineers and doctors in to do their job as needed, and they certainly don't interact in any meaningful ways with the crew unless it's to arrest them, beat them or brutalize people. Yes, I'm aware there is a sizeable greytide population that makes it their goal to harass Security and make their live shit. But hard to blame the playerbase for disliking a role that is professed to be entirely combat based, that gets authority over the rest of the crew and is given almost free reign to do what ever they want in the name of valids. I could write novels over everything that is wrong with our current security meta and policies, but it generally boils down to their SOP is a joke that disappears the instant antags are confirmed, their chain of command and checks and balances to keep them from overbearing on the crew for no reason simply don't do their job, their over reliance on the concept of mindshield/loyalty implants makes them actively avoid interacting with other players when they are aren't arresting them. Not all of our security players are bad, but a significant portion of our regular security players certainly reinforce the stereotype that security players only play the game to kill people.
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    Help Bot in all his glory.
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    Yeaaaaah, nah. I would be profoundly against that. What you are suggesting is that characters shouldn't exist at all. Because that's what this suggestion would achieve. Your look is randomized, your name is randomized, you get to decide nothing about yourself. And frankly that's just a terrible idea in general when it comes to trying to achieve roleplay, if you don't care about your own character that you are playing, you're not going to care enough to roleplay it. Arcana, my slime, is named Arcana because she's obsessed with magic. Like, REALLY obsessed with magic, will hoard items she things are magical or enchanted an would do a LOT of things in order to learn the secrets of the Wizard Federation. She also may or may not have a pet fish named Cantrip. That above information exists BECAUSE I was able to name and create MY character, not be given some random hunk of failure from SS13's randomization. This is what you'd be expressly removing from the game by mandating Randomization and denying people the ability to make characters. The cons far and away blow the pros out of the water.
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    This is a bad idea and will have the opposite consequence of what you think. Most of the time I see people greytiding or LRPing, they are using random names. I have mentally come to associate random names with greytide. It takes time to flesh out a character. If they are actually a new character each shift, they will either never get defined, or people will treat it as the same. This has happened before on a smaller scale, back when Vox were first introduced as a race, they would get a random Vox name at the start of each shift. I always played it as "Other species can't understand Vox names." But it did not have a meaningful effect on much other then reinforcing the Vox clique. Without an individual identity, the Vox identified as a species. Which was really cool for the development of the Vox culture, but also created the Vox greytide hivemind. The effect both created higher RP, in the form of unique Vox culture, but it also created greytide birbs. The "Kin, Shitcurity has steel VOXYGEN! SKREEEEEE!" thing came from when that would be yelled, and all the Vox would swarm security to rescue their kin. So.. I guess mixed? It will stop the IC favouritism, and replace it with OOC favouritism, you are suggesting removing the IC component. We already talked about the group-greytiding aspect (Cappy is crappy, is demand Vox rights Ya ya! Kikikikikiki) It will not create a healthier role playing environment, it will create a healthier PVP environment, as we move from a repeated game to a non-repeated game. This has consequences in player behaviour that is going to focus very much on the round, and payoff to ones self. A non-repeated game is call of duty. More on this at the end on what I have seen in the past from players who make this argument. I don't view this as a problem. It is a problem, if that OOC friendship starts moving to other characters that did not become friends IC. First, from a community perspective, people will be more OOC friendly to each other if they have some sort of OOC bonds. SS13 does not always have the best community, but we are not the CS:GO or Call of Duty communities either. Second from an IC perspective, we are a MRP server. We can't really say "Everyone should try to RP realistic characters" while at the same time saying "Except for the most fundamental part of the human social experience." ]-----Endnote-----[ This has come up before, it essentially boils down to "People should not be able to know who plays a character or use information from previous experiences in the round." I have been around long enough to notice a trend. This argument is most frequently raised by players who are concerned with "Metagaming" which they define as "I am an ass to people, and people have started to react poorly to my characters in game. SS13 should really be each round being unique with no pre-existing relationships." I am not saying the OP is in this category, just that whenever this has been brought up before, its brought up by people in that category. The end goal is to not just have randomized character names that opt them out of the "meta-grudges" but to make everything randomized so that "meta-friends" do not exist as yes, that does provide an in game advantage. Characters who are known as being friendly and well meaning, get way more leeway with other station staff then those who are known to be anti-social or murdery who are treated with less mercy. What these proposals seem to come down to is "Anti-social behaviour should not have a negative effect beyond one round, and positive behaviour should also not have a positive effect for more then one round." Where people fall on this seems to be controlled by where they fall on that spectrum. This is essentially "Why do I get the bad ending in Prey/BioShock/MassEffect if I murder everyone? That sucks."
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    my quality hasn't been great of late, probably because I've been so busy playing... But, here's my favorite Lizboi, Srusu. They're always a pleasure to play with, and they're a preeetty good traitor too, heh.
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    General thoughts: Everyone feeling like they understand the rules and can play without fear of getting in trouble if they're honestly trying to follow them is more important to me than what the rules actually are. Very sympathetic to what Rurik is saying. I would like less traitors, but each one having 2 objectives again and having more freedom to go beyond them. Getting an antag role should be special, not 5 minute objective then you're just crew again. It's always going to be hard to have RP between antags and sec in a game where RP opens you up to a single shot stunning you and ending your round. Requires trust, which is hard when you get burned for doing it so many times. Feels like Sec and Antags are just two factions detached from the crew and crew generally doesn't care who wins as long as they're left alone. Crew doesn't fear antags since the rules protect them, when that should be sec's job. Hard problem to solve. Strongly disagree that sec should be 'open season' to antags for bunch of different reasons. Elaborating on it could fill a post in itself. We have way more people than the game systems were really designed to handle right now. The tide is still too high and it's throwing everything off. We're seemingly stuck on box forever so it's not getting better until the tide recedes.
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    I have a feeling this might be a long thread, and I don't want to bore everyone by writing a essay, so I'll keep it as short, simple, and eloquent as I can (which isn't very much). We expect too much out of antags, and give too little freedom in return. We don't want them to rush objectives, murderbone, stealth objectives perfectly and be a bore, be "friendly" antags and be a bore, do objectives 30 mins in and then hide for the rest of the hour and thirty, complete objectives too flawlessly without any chance of retribution from security, and we want antags to find "interesting" ways of doing things, do "fun" gimmicks, not play to "win." On top of this, there is barely any freedom given to objectives outside of hijack, and antags as a whole being pretty much bottle-necked rule wise. I find it hard to expect antags to find interesting and fun ways to do things when, to get any extra freedom or objectives, they either have to ahelp or fax the syndicate (the former usually remaining unanswered as admins have better things to do and the latter requiring a emag that can be hard to fit into TC builds). All in all that wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't compounded by the gray area in the rules surrounding antags. I feel well versed in what will get you bwoinked and what wont, but even then situations arise where I'm not sure, and the best option is to ahelp. But by the time a admin actually has time to answer you, the situation/moment you were asking for permission to do will probably be gone. Answering gray area situations on a case by case basis isn't a effective means of doing so. I hate to admit it, but at the end of the day whenever I am doing something action packed or violent as antag there's always a worry in the back of my mind that what I've done is wrong and is against the rules even though I don't see how, and that it will be the final straw as I've made plenty of mistakes before. Its only a matter of time before I forget something in the heat of the moment and am hit with, "You should of known better." As @Birdtalon put it, treading on eggshells.
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    Tried doing something new! I was thinking of getting into spriting, so I picked up myself a pixel program and gave it a test run, this time with Ratika! Who is a very good NT rep and cares for their PAIs well. It was neat to do, and I think I've got a handle on things now, though I hear the process for making sprites for beyond is a lot... more complicated.... BUT I guess now I don't have to learn about the program I use, and I know that I can pixel without it looking like a COMPLETE mess. There's some things I'd like to improve on, like layer management and such, but all in all I think this came out pretty well...
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    Experimenting with colours, exhausting rounds call for drinks... and Zeke normally carries a bottle around in his tendrils. And here we have a cute ass video.
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    Name: HelpBot2000 Age: 85? [Note: Specific age of this unit is uncertain, as the HelpBot line has been out of production for quite a while.] Gender: Male? [Note: HelpBot doesn't care about its gender, and only identifies as a male for simplicity.] Race: IPC Blood Type: AB+ [Note: IPCs have blood?] General Occupational Role(s): Assistant, Helper, Station Engineer, Detective Biography: The HelpBot line of robotic servants were briefly a wild hit and many households across the stars had them. Due to poor business decisions and severely cut corners the company that introduced them went under and the HelpBot license was sold to a group known for making knock-off robots. In short time HelpBot production ceased entirely as catastrophic breakdowns, along with grossly obsolete hardware and software, completely destroyed most credibility for the models. Hobbyists who remembered the good old days of having top-of-the-line HelpBots decided to buy the rights at a spectacularly cheap price. For a brief duration they were pumping out even better HelpBot models who were granted enough intelligence to classify as sentient beings. This, unfortunately, did not last as the hobbyists had terrible business sense and quickly fell bankrupt. Once more the HelpBot rights have been up for sale and the line as a whole has been mostly forgotten, especially as modern robots of any variety are usually much more effective in any task. HelpBot2000 is one of, if not the last of the HelpBots created by the Hobbyists. At its creation model 2000 was the best of the best in its line. That was a long time ago. Nowadays its parts are under dubious condition at best, and its operating system is so old that it can not update firmware. Despite being comparably slower, weaker, and dumber than modern IPCs this unit really wants to do what it loves: helping people. Qualifications: Helping People Employment Records: Helping People Security Records: Helping People Medical Records: Helping People Personnel Photo (Appearance text): Helping People Commendations [only to be added by admin]: Reprimands [only to be added by admin]: Other Notes: OOC stuff is going to go here. Initial inspiration for HelpBot2000 was something like a mix between Yes Man (Fallout: New Vegas) and C3P0 (Star Wars). The 2000 bit of his name is just there to sound like he'd fit in one of those old corny sci-fi movies.
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    hi i just started playing yesterday and my god i´ve already have a ton of fun still not sure how to do stuff but i´ll learn with time thanks for being awesome :D
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    I recently noticed something. Every time the armory is opened and the officers come streaming in to get their lethals, the shotguns are always the first to go. If you join late into a round as an officer and come in to see the armory is open, you might find energy guns or laser guns left, but the only thing remaining of the ballistics are the rubber shots scattered all over the floor. I'm pretty sure this is due to a simple reasons a lot of sec and probably antag regulars will likely agree with. Energy weapons kind of suck when it comes to lethal force. Sure, tasers and disablers are nice since the game's entire combat system focuses around stuns, but as soon as you are up against something that is very resistant or even immune to them, you'll need a lethal option. Let's go with an example. You have a laser gun, and a traitor released their lesser hellhound on you. You land every shot your energy gun is willing to give you, 12 shots all dealing 20 damage (Assuming I'm reading everything on the github correctly). That is 240 damage, but a lesser hellhound has 250 hp. Sure, one more whack with your gun will do it in, but if it gets in even one attack it might break a bone, or in the case of a hellhound depending on your internals setup knock you out and easily turn the fight around. And all of this is assuming you hit literally every shot. A shotgun on the other hand can deal enough damage without needing to reload, and even if you miss, you can, you know, reload. I've decided to list what I think are the advantages of both energy lethals and ballistics: Energy Only requires energy to recharge, which is effectively infinite. More locations to get ammo (chargers), which are scattered around the entire station, as opposed to just lathes. Burn damage is slightly harder to heal without preparation compared to brute damage. Chargers bundled up in a location can make an area sustainably defendable in a siege type situation, such as a fight against a blob. This takes time to set up however. Can be cheaply mass ordered from cargo, mostly useful against blobs. Doesn't leave lasting damage such as IB or bone breaks when lethaling someone you don't want to stay dead. Can be printed on station. Passes through windows (Lasers at least). Ballistics Deal lasting damage that is very hard to deal with without help and preparation (Bone breaks, IB), extremely useful when fighting a KOS enemy. Causes bleeding. Can carry as much backup ammo as you can carry. Can be reloaded very quickly, compared to waiting in front of a charger for half a minute. Significantly higher damage output. Variety of ammo (Technological shotgun shells, Different Auto Rifle ammo) Best way of dealing with enemies that can block/reflect energy projectiles (How often do you see people screaming "For fucks sake, cargo ordered lasers against nukies!" "Shitsec just tried tasing a desword." etc.?). Also became a more important factor since blobs got reflective tiles. While you don't see this happen, you could technically set up more autolathes to have ammo available in more locations, while chargers cannot be built. While energy weapons have a couple of things going for them, a lot of their pros are situational, and they are severely outclassed when it comes to the primary use of lethals: Causing damage. Looking in the #changes_wanted channel on the discord, the headmins and maintainers are not a fan of ballistics in crew/security hands. Which makes sense, given this is supposed to be a sci-fi with energy weapons, and the fact that ballistics are more the Syndicate's thing. I therefore have some suggestions as to how one could make energy weapons more viable and popular, rather than have everyone run around with ballistics. Suggestions as to how energy lethals could be made more effective Have energy gun batteries be upgradeable: Simple one, if energy guns could have their batteries upgraded and therefore ammo capacity increased, people using them could actually sustain fire long enough to deal with a threat without having to carry several guns on themselves, and without the need to run to the nearest recharger after every fight. Have energy gun batteries be rechargeable in the field: If there was a portable charger which could be used to recharge an energy gun in the field, it would allow people to stay in a fight without having to run to a charger, while still forcing periods where they can't fire. Have lasers cause bleeding: Lasers don't necessarily cauterize IRL, and it would make sense to design a lethal laser weapon to not cauterize the wounds it causes. In game, this would be dangerous to species that have blood or a blood analogue if they didn't prepare medicine in advance, forcing them to seek help. At the same time, this doesn't cause serious lasting damage, lost blood is easily fixed with the correct medicine on hand. Have chargers be constructable: This would just be a nice addition in general, especially in rounds where the chargers end up destroyed. Problems with buffing energy lethals Even with the addition of reflective blobs, the default reaction to blobs is to order a dozen laser gun crates. Blobs would have to be rebalanced around buffed energy lethals. Science antags already get access to a ton of really dangerous stuff, and buffing energy guns which they can print will make them even more dangerous. Drask. Oh poor, poor Drask. Security vs. Antag balancing in general, as security are the ones that start out with energy weapons. Now I'm sure I didn't think of everything, and there are more things that need to be taken into consideration. Feel free to give your own opinion and further suggestions. Telling me to just git gud is also an option.
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    1) A ton of our game modes feature security heavily, yet they are frequently under/not staffed. Inexperienced security players have a massive effect on the round. Hence we have a actually need to fix the causes of the staffing issues. 2) When Tide breaks into science and needs to be removed, who gets called? Science is not usually the place people go to harass because its a slow shift. Security has to deal with antags, people harassing them, and people harassing other departments.
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    Don't worry, Rsik is free with Wolf. *Puts on gloves*
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    I hope he has medical insurance...
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    In general: I think we should look to code-based solutions, not simply admin-policy solutions. Admin-policy solutions exist to do things we cannot do with code, NOT to do things we could instead do with code. I think that any solutions we do implement should be carefully thought out and aimed at (A) making security more fun, so more people want to play it (B) making security more competent, so it has a better reputation, and (C) making the crew treat security better. Some specific ideas: I still think we should have a device in processing that automatically times how long suspects/prisoners are in there, and generates an alert on security radio when someone has been in there over 10 minutes. This would help cut down on people being left in processing far too long, which always results in a worse relationship between security and crew. I also think that batons should have an inbuilt sec radio, which generates a one-time message on sec comms the first time each baton is used on harm intent. This would help magistrate/HoS/Captain notice and stop shitty officers. I'm also inclined to believe that security should get automatic basic department access on red. This means security officers should be able to simply walk into medical, eng, science, etc on red. The airlocks should open for them. It doesn't make sense to me that security are supposed to have access to these areas... yet they usually don't. I believe that yelling 'shitcurity' over radio for no good reason, or otherwise needlessly antagonizing security, needs to be a crime under space law or a SOP violation. Security should feel like the crew will treat them with respect, and we should make whatever changes are needed to ensure that happens. I'm still keen on my idea of 'give the head of every department a medal in their locker that they can award to excellent crew from their department'. Something to reward players for being great at their jobs. In fact in this case I'd go further and I'd deem the magistrate a head for these purposes, allowing them to give out a 'Legal Excellence' medal to whoever they feel is the best at upholding space law each shift, including say IAAs who challenge unjust sentences. I am skeptical that security cadets would be a good idea, as I think they'd just end up as loot pinatas. Even with lesser gear, merely being able to get a stunprod, sec ID and sec comms from them is already reason enough for antags to kill them for their gear. However, I am willing to let the idea be testmerged and trialed, and willing to admit if the results of such a test prove me wrong.
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    I appreciate you putting up this suggestion and sharing your opinion but I agree with everyone else here the main appeal of paradise are the personalities it’s a very essential part of what we have and we’d be losing a lot by taking away everyone’s freedom to play who they want to play
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    You want my honest opinion? Adjust the Librarian role to be Media Curator in general, not just print media but digital as well. Books should be a nice throwback to simplier times in the 26th century and a large collection of them in the age of digital media something for niche audiences. Move the holodeck to the Library and give the Curator/Librarian authority over it. People want to goof about in it they can ask the Librarian for access or to load a program. Add programs based on books and stories. Give the Librarian a random set of programs the start of each shift that can vary from random Shakespearean play, a movie of some sort or some last stand like Thermopylae or aliens with hostile holographic entities attacking everyone in the room (non-lethal knock outs of course). With a few upgrades from science/engineering the LIbrarian could outfit mini shows for entertainment to any place on the station with a holopad (which the AI uses to talk to folks.) There is no reason for anyone to really want books in SS13 when books in the library don't do anything. Even if we slipped sleeping carp scrolls and wizard tomes randomly into the shelves, nobody would explore the library after the round start. The Librarian needs more to do than write fanfaction and run a gossip column. The ultimate ideal implementation of this would for a digital library of entities and customization tools the librarian could use to craft their own stories to put on shows or run Holo-LARP D&D campaigns.
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    Every now and I thought I like to draw up Movie Poster mocks, because it can be fun to do. This could be a bad 80's sci-fi horror movie.
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    I'm going to repost here what I posted on the PR before moving on to comment on some peoples insight on this threat. ~~~~~ Antagonist roles are meant to spice up the round, bring danger and intrigue as security skirmishes with the threat. On both ends of the spectrum having the ability to instantly put the other combatants out of commission with just one shot is both wholly unfun and dissuades people from taking risk. The best stories that I've heard come from paradise are ones that involve people taking risk and ending up having their efforts rewarded tenfold either in magnificent greentext or hilarious failure. Having methods to circumvent putting oneself at risk not only puts those who want to take on major risk (such as taking a hostage to levy for the HOS's gun, bribing a head of staff for their secret documents, or even pretending to be a demon via chameleon projector and some cardboard cutouts to demand tributes of bananas) at risk of losing their entire round in just a single shot but also encourages antagonist to retaliate in kind. Stunning then killing security knowing that if they do not completely finish off the officer they may get up and get off one lucky shot. In my opinion instant stun combat is one of the worse things to have to deal with on Paradise, it leaves you completely vulnerable to, as mentioned above, have your entire round ruined in just one shot. Yes, if this PR is merged then people will complain about the loss of the most risk free way of dealing with each other in the short run. In the long run though I believe this change will bring about much more interesting and engaging interactions with security and antagonist. ~~~~~ The combination of gameplay and roleplay is what makes SS13 such a unique mess experience. Roleplay is what makes us deal with the clunky gameplay of SS13, without it the game would just be a top down team battle with atmospherics simulation. Roleplay is what also turns your run-of-the-mill round of SS13 into a story worth sharing. Taking one out of the equation to focus on the other does not do justice for such a major change and without touching on both this discussion will not be fully applicable to the actual reality of SS13.
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    I've been thinking about my strategies for hunting the various megafauna on Lavaland and that got me thinking, I realized there was no real strategy for dealing with the megafauna, I'll be doing that here and now. Ash Drake Suggested Equipment:Fully upgraded explorer suit (or the champion's hardsuit/inquisitor's hardsuit), an upgraded KA (my preference personally is 2 cooldown 1 range), a fire extinguisher, a large empty area clear of hostile fauna, burn meds (brute meds aren't included as getting hit directly by the drake is usually the end of the fight) Optional:stabilized legion souls (if you think you won't be able to avoid getting hit directly), fireproofing potions. In many a miner's opinion this is the easiest of the megafauna to take down and also their first, this is for a very good reason, butchering the body grants access to an armor that rivals the feared blood red hardsuit. To start off, always stand at a diagonal, the drake can only use its fire breath in the four cardinal directions, use this to your advantage to pelt it with your KA outside of it's range, this next part is absolutely vital, never stop moving, the drake will constantly be moving towards you, you do not want to be in melee range ever, after the drake has taken enough damage it will start using it's swoop attack far more often, this is a potentially devastating attack that most likely will end up with your death if you fail to avoid it, the drake will stun you, break a bone, then proceed to maul you to death and eat your body gibbing you and healing it. This next tip holds true for all megafauna, having a group makes fighting megafauna significantly easier as the megafauna will only target one person at a time allowing for the others to rain hell on it in relative safety, but of course, with more people means dividing the loot between you, in a group of 3 everyone gets 1 piece of loot, armor, or the chest the drake drops (I personally always go for the armor as it makes all of the future fights far easier. Ahh the loot from this guy is arguably the best from all the megafauna, of course there's the most vital piece of equipment for all of this, the armor, now this armor isn't quite a drop, rather, you need to butcher the body and craft the armor from its remains, there will be enough material for 2 suits, the armor as stated previously rivals the syndicate hardsuit, being beat out by it only in bullet biohazard, and bomb resistance, the drake armor does beat it out in the energy department however making this set something to be feared, its other features are being completely immune to ash storms and fire proof (this suit is not pressure resistant, do not try to EVA or fight a plasma fire with it), next is the chest, this one's a bit of a dozy, the chest can contain various things, ranging from a potion with various effects, to a spell book and a fireball wand, to a less exciting staff that can create lava and turn it to basalt (very useful for cults as this allows you to cut off access to lavaland entirely). The potion can do many things, ranging from simply making you immune to lava to being able to transform into a lesser ash drake at will. And the very last drop is the spectral blade, this weapon allows you to call ghosts to you and they become visible, for each ghost orbiting you dealing greate damage as well as reducing the damage of incoming attacks, Blood Drunk Miner Suggested Equipment:Drake armor/Fully upgraded explorer suit, fully upgraded KA, brute meds, legion soul Optional:A partner to help tank This guy might catch you a little off guard at first as he does look just like an ordinary miner, though for any slightly experienced eye it's rather obvious of his presence, he will be standing in the middle of a small area with necropolis tiled floors and will visibly be wielding a Cleaving saw, while his attacks may not hit the hardest out of all the megafauna he hits fast, very fast, he'll be able to rack up quite the amount of damage as well as blood loss if you aren't careful, overall this is one of the easier guys but the weapon he drops can be very, very powerful in the right hands. The loot, now this guy doesn't actually drop all that much, his main piece of loot, as mentioned earlier, the Cleaving saw, it has two modes, the first causes a bloodloss buildup in fauna that can deal devastating damage, the second will strike in a wider area than the first, rapidly switching between the two modes effectively resets the attack cooldown and allows for rapid attacks that can rack up damage quickly, he also drops a KA but if you're already hunting megafauna it's almost certain you've got one by now. Heirophant Suggested Equipment: Ash drake armor, upgraded KA, several burn patches Optional: Legion souls, splints, Cleaving Saw This one has significantly less setup than the previous, part of that is because the Heirophant lacks any attack that can ignite you and comes with a pre-built arena, in this fight moving is even more important, standing around will result in you rapidly building up burn damage which will slow you down, this is why you carry those burn patches, some of the attacks can be really hard to avoid and your only option is just to tank it if you can't quite dodge it, the patches will save you from the damage you've built up and allow you to keep going, most of his early attacks are fairly easy to avoid, it's when he gets low on health that the more fearsome attacks come out, you should try and save your burn patches for this phase of the fight, you'll need them, he also has a rather potent melee attack that can and will break bones. The Heirophant drops something vital to beating the next one on this list, his staff is a ranged weapon that allows you to teleport to a set rune after a short channel and damage enemies without gaining their attention, it also functions as a reasonably good mining tool Colossus Suggested Equipment: Heirophant Staff, Drake Armor Optional: Several monkeys strapped to chairs This guy is arguably the hardest boss right now simply due to how fast and hard hitting his attacks can be, this is why most players tend to try and "cheese" him, as stated in the Heirophant section the staff you get from it can allow you to kill the Colossus without even gaining its attention, this is the safest and easiest way to take it out, however, this strategy takes quite a while 5 ish minutes of whittling away at its health while just barely keeping its feet on screen, the other option is more dangerous but much faster, you're going to take several monkeys and buckle them to rolling chairs, you'll then set these monkeys around the area where you will be fighting the Colossus, the monkeys are there to be a distraction for it, while it's busy ruining the monkey you get in and blast it with your KA, you'll need several monkeys as it's very unlikely you'll deal enough damage to take it out in one go, for both of these strategies the drake armor is pretty vital as it is storm proof allowing you to keep up the fight regardless of if there's a storm or not. The loot sadly is a little underwhelming, though the voice of god you get is a fairly fun ability to mess around with, the crystal however tends to be mostly useless as it requires a very specific activation source and a good effect to even be worthwhile. Swarmers Suggested Equipment: Upgraded KA, Drake Armor, at least one other miner, burn meds Optional:EMPs, an exo of any variety Yeah, these little buggers are considered a megafauna, that's for a damn good reason though, these little pests aren't the same as the ones you see on station, for one, they're AI controlled, this basically means perfect aim and relentlessly chasing you, they also have two other varieties now, a laser and baton variation, both are capable of killing, the baton swarmers are colored yellow while the laser swarmers are red, and oddly enough, the blues are entirely passive, the baton swarmers are considered the worst as the make a b line straight at you at full speed and will stunlock you to death, the laser swarmers are just as hellish, they fire lasers with roughly the same damage as a laser rifle from security, one hit will slow you down if you aren't wearing armor with decent burn resist, the goal with these swarmers though, isn't to kill them all, it's to kill enough so you can go kill the beacon that is spawning more, do note that any attack on the beacon will alert most nearby swarmers to your presence, the beacon itself is surprisingly beefy and will almost certainly spawn a few before you destroy it. Worst part about these buggers, they don't drop anything special. Legion Suggested Equipment:Drake Armor, Legion Cores, Multiple Miners, brute meds, a cloner pre-scan. The big, the bad, the one and only Legion, this guy's a pain in the ass, he always spawns at the north most part of the map, this means one hell of a trip to get to him, this fight will go on for quite a while hence the need for the drake armor, getting hit will almost certainly break a bone and require the use of a legion soul lest you die and get turned into a legion, now on to the fight itself, Legion actually doesn't have many attacks, it's essentially just a large version of the typical legion skulls you see, he also has a charge, and spawns said legion skulls constantly, the skulls aren't too much of a threat but will block your shots and can break bones if you let them hit you, once you deal enough damage to Legion it will split into two Legions, each skull will do this roughly 3 times totaling up to about 7 splits, (don't quote me on that one). The worst part about this guy, all he drops is a shitty staff that makes an ash storm, the only use one would ever really have for this is to hijack the shuttle by making it unlivable or deny access to a certain areas while you're doing some nefarious deed. Bubblegum Sadly I haven't encountered this guy yet as he's quite the rare spawn on lavaland so I can't really offer any advice, but I can tell you about the loot he gives, the only drop he has is a blood contract, this item sadly doesn't have much use outside of hijack or ahelping it first as it allows the user to select a target then it gives them a chainsaw, pumps them full of potent chems while also making everyone appear as a slaughter demon the victim is then marked for death by the station and can kill as many people as they have to.
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    We already have shifts were almost nobody signs up for security. Cutting the pool of applicatints and raising the bar for command is going to make that significantly worse. I think we need to find ways for security to be fun, so that we retain experienced security players. I recently had an incident where security broke their electric chair from zapping a corpse for fun. So when they dragged in another antag for execution (who for sure had not commited a capitol offense) one of the officers yelled "harmbatton execution!" and they all went at it. Its not one or two new officers, its when most of the officers are new. I used to main security back in the day. I would not have authorized a harmbaton execution. However the role changed overtime, when I played it almost exclusively, we had more serious command, and security felt like security. We all had security webbing and a bunch of gear, more things were illegal, including harrassing security IIRC (and killing pets and desecrating corpses). We had laws to enforce and were better armed. Also rounds were slower so when things got bad, we had time to get the armory open. As that started changing, I started playing BS and kinda gave up on security. I unlocked Vox, BS, NT Rep, and pod pilot, all on security karma in very short order. It was a different time.
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    sleepy boi ghoost.
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    I think valids are not being punished enough sometimes. Crew holler into maint way to easily even if they get threatened or shot. Then the other issue comes. If you kill them as antag you have to justify it usually. And because you can't non lethally shoot them down with lethals you will have to kill them usually due to new crit. I believe that antags should get an easier time if they want to kill somebody or such. I'm hearing way to many reports of people getting banned for defending themselves as antag while being chased. So short of it. Punish valid hunters more. Crew chasing into deep maint to try and get you should be bwoinked at least. And spare the antags the bwoink if they kill that person chasing them.
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    Human!Zeke and Skrellian!Jonah
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    Another part of this, is its just not fun to play security. A lot of the gameplay is forced and repetitive. As a small example The station will always end up on red, and you will always need to convince the warden to hand out weapons that you can't be trusted with on green, because security are the mall cops. The appearance of being mall cops opens security to random acts of greytide (I am guilty of this). Random acts of greytide disarm spam leads to many security players, just being on the edge of calling it quits. Part of the reason for this appearance of being mall cops, is that most of our players are based in the United States. In the US, all police, even volunteer ones, are armed. While mall cops are not, corporate security is often armed outright, this is especially true at things like chemical plants, or research labs. The harder it is for the police to get somewhere quickly, and the more expensive/dangerous the thing in question is, the more likely security will be armed. The private security guard who watches the self checkout machines at my local supermarket is armed. For the country most of our players live in, if you see unarmed security, their job is to call the police if they see something and not get involved themselves. (Source: I worked my way through college in Florida as a security guard.) Security in SS13 are mall cops, they are therefore treated like mall cops, and it should not be surprising if they have the same turnover (burnout) as mall cops.
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    As far as ensuring a certain level of competence and understanding of not only the game itself but space law, I think time does a generally good job at managing that. I also think that Kyet's right that the culture around security is terrible and generally you can see that as a thing across many severs made worse by a lot of popular players propagating it. So it's not that just OUR server has a toxic attitude towards sec but MOST servers have a toxic attitude towards security. A lot of this has to be mended more or less by the Security team presenting itself in a better light to begin with. Frequently getting laws wrong, frequently harming people, frequently keeping people in processing for far too long with inadequate evidence. Cracking down and punishing actual shitcurity to at least a minor extent can help with this matter with the intent of the punishments being "corrective action" rather then trying to make them want to quit all together. On the flip side, giving security more freedoms to actually handle said toxic people would likely go over better as a community thing then having admin intervention for it. It's already in General SOP that creating a hostile work environment can get you demoted. Either way there needs to be a written, well understood, and easy bar to measure what is considered acceptable verses unacceptable when it comes to calling out security as it would be wrong to silence players all together when security is legitimately acting up.
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    What do you think NT Rep stands for? NT repsected... that's how you spell it right
  48. 3 points
    Security being bad at their job, and players hating security, are both symptoms of the same problem: security has a very high player burnout rate. The burnout rate of sec means it is typically staffed by less experienced players, relative to other less stressful jobs. Fixing this requires efforts on both fronts - cracking down on players being shitty to security for no reason, AND helping sec get better at their jobs, faster. The former would require us doing things like bwoinking people who self-antag, harass security as non-antags, or just create a toxic atmosphere for security. The latter will require us to make structural changes that help sec be better at their jobs, such as having a 10m timer that's actually tracked in prisoner processing to prevent people being accidentally left in there too long.
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    Imo we should increase sec playtime requirement and the introduce a security cadet role to compensate. That way new players can still play security but it is guaranteed you also have some veterans, and you can give cadets less equipment to make them less of a loot pinata.
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    "Whysies under arrest, officer..?"
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