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    I've done a major upgrade to the wiki. As of today: Logging in to the wiki now uses your forum username/password. You no longer have to remember a separate username/password just for the wiki. Creating a wiki account is now automatic, when you log in via a forum account which doesn't have a wiki account. No more manually registering separate wiki accounts. Logging in will now synchronize your email, email verification status, displayname, etc with the forum, so it won't get out of date on the wiki. Game Admins now automatically get moderator permissions on the wiki, including the ability to view the list of unpatrolled edits, and to mark edits as patrolled. This enables game admins to keep an eye on the wiki. Players can no longer send each other email via the wiki. This had the potential to be annoying.
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    Natalya! A neat space Russian with a habit for catching criminals. I love the effort she puts in to her backstory, and it's always a pleasure to roleplay with her. I had some great times as sec drinking on green in the bar while talking to Nat. Fun times. Da!
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    I've brought this up before elsewhere as a means of balancing out raised requirements to play security (like more time - No I am not letting that go). The best way to approach giving them more access is if it's general access to departments / and only works on Red. That way, if it's an extended round or all the antags are handled, security isn't able to waltz about getting in the way of everything and everyone. Additionally, it also means that security has to consider the pros and cons of having a higher degree of access at higher threat levels.
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    This one happened last round; We had vampires and traitors, i was playing the warden. Now these weren’t your typical vampires, these were a pair of organized and skilled vampires. They holed up in the atmos room in security maintenance and started competently obliterating the entire security force with hit and run attacks. Eventually they got brave enough, after obtaining a security guard’s ID, to attack the armory. There were around 4 officers, me and the head of security nearby when this happened. They charged in, stunning an officer standing in the equipment room, and barged into the armory. They quickly saw that they were outmatched and started to retreat. Seeing the situation, I, a moron, thought: “They are outmatched 2:1 against tasers, now is the time to attack” and I charged in. I missed my first and the most important shot, and got tased back in return. In a couple of seconds they had tased me and 2 other officers and were dragging me down the hall towards the maintenance, with only the Head of Security in pursuit. Naturally he got hit by a taser electrode not far from the maintenance door, and was unable to save me. They dragged me through a fake wall of some sort into the security maints atmos room. I quickly met my end there, as I was in an inescapable stun lock. Officers in hot pursuit didn’t notice this wall trick they were doing until they dragged another person in, but for some reason they just forgot about it and left us there to be massacres by the vampires. I really don’t know what went down after that point, so this is it. The excuse: I thought I had a read on the situation, where I actually did not. What I learned: The taser is an amazingly strong weapon. Especially when deployed from a defensive standpoint, where you get to focus on hitting that crucial shot against a closing enemy. Forcing my then strong defensive position into an offensive one was a grave mistake. Literally. Had I stood my ground and defended the armory, I would have likely been able to repel them both by myself. Chasing someone with an effective ranged stun weapon, even as a team, is likely to end very poorly, especially when the hostile is a skilled player. What I feel like I should do in the future, is let the hostile retreat and hold my ground. Lose the battle to not lose the war, or something like that. When I am reacting to the actions of another player, who has the element of surprise, all the cards are stacked against me. They are in control. When they are doing hit and runs from the maintenance, I must hold my ground and think, instead of reacting blindly. Sure there are times when I should chase them into the maintenance, but in many cases, that is just the domain, where they are in control, and I am forced to react to their initiative. I am beginning to feel that a big part of what leads into “shitcurity” is blind reacting to the actions of our adversaries in situations, where it makes little sense. I feel like this can be improved by being mindful of the fact, that you most likely do not need to chase them into the dark maint NOW, but you should instead regroup and create a plan, where they will not be in control of the situation and will be forced to react to YOU. The security team has a huge advantage against any antagonist; an actual team that can execute a coordinated and controlled response against an often solo player. As long as the solo antagonist keeps the team from grouping up and making a plan, they have a fighting chance. Please feel free to comment on my thoughts here and point out any likely holes in my thinking. TL;DR: I was shitcurity.
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    A lot of the points you're making there aren't logical. If being onboard an NT station is dangerous and there's clearly a risk to all employees while they're on the job then why don't they all get pepper spray or a self defence taser as part of their standard loadout? Why even have the security team if they're expected to fail almost all the time? From what I remember seeing and something I agree is likely the case, the round you play is implied to be "The shift", where everything goes wrong and either corporate sabotage, monsters or complete chaos descends on to the station. Shifts before that have otherwise been normal, security have handled minor troublemakers as expected and nothing has gone horribly wrong. This is why the security team only start with tasers and batons, they're expected to maintain the peace on a normal shift not be armed with auto rifles and tele-shields right from the get go because the Syndicate are likely to send people down to wreak havoc. This extends to the points I made about making stun prods and stealing security gear - at the start of the round there's no threat to the station and you've no reason to think someone's after you. So why start stockpiling several self-defence items "just in case"?
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    My Escape looks better then your Escape. I'm sorry but it's true.
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    how can i even eat this i don't have a mouth...well i suppose i could just shove it in my face and smear it over my monitor
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    Name of Event: Severance Package One Sentence Description: Unbeknownst to the crew, the Captain(or any other major Command role for that matter), has been fired due to some socialist-leaning remarks found on their record, but refuses to leave their post without the severance package promised to them by yet another bureaucrat that Nanotrasen has since eliminated, so CC is to covertly replace them. Map Changes: No Code Changes: No Suggested Number of Players: 60-80 Full Description of Event: Sensing the upheaval that would result in the replacement of such a central authority figure, CC has created an exact, yet more loyal, clone of the Command figure, and has sent an undercover team to remove the standing Command figure and replace them with the clone, delivering to them a very literal severance package. Complications include the following: One or more Command figures are to be replaced. The Command figure is aware of the incursion. One or more Command figures are aware of the incursion. The Syndicate is aware of the incursion. The clone is clearly not the Command figure being replaced. The clone has a severe genetic disability and/or must be humanized. The clone arrives without the necessary effects to prove that they are, in fact, the real Command figure. The undercover team is not, in fact, an undercover team, but a Honk-Squad. The undercover team is not, in fact, undercover, and their objective is to publicly behead the defector.
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    I'm very disappointed in myself for how long it took me to realize it had an OwO face..
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    There are a lot of appeals that get processed through this forum. While a majority of them have been accepted this is often after a lot of posts back and forth. This results in players being unable to play the game for a longer time while they're waiting for their appeal to be processed and in the admin team spending a lot of time working with people to bring an appeal to the successful stage. This post is intended to help cut that time for everyone by telling you upfront what you'll need to include. 1) Use the template. As a policy, any appeal that doesn't follow the template will not be processed until you use the format from the template. This template covers all of the information we need to know to process your appeal and it keeps everything in a consistent format which is easy for the admins to read and respond to. 2) Read the rules. These will show the code of behaviour that you're expected to follow while on the server. Your appeal is a commitment to follow these rules in the future, something which you can't do without reading them. If your ban was legitimately based on breaking any of these rules, then you'll be expected to identify what rules were broken so that you can demonstrate that they won't be broken again. 3) Decide what sort of appeal you're writing. They'll generally fall into the following categories. Identifying a factual mistake of the admins: If you didn't break the rules, then let us know. While we investigate every ban, mistakes do happen. Sometimes we get the wrong person's ckey if multiple people were involved in an issue. Sometimes a situation that looks like one thing was actually something else. In these cases it's best to get straight to the point. Identify what the ban was for and what we thought was going on, then explain the actual situation. If we were wrong then your ban will be lifted. Apology and commitment to improve: If you've actually broken the rules then the ban was legitimate. Regaining the privilege to play on the server may require some work on your behalf but if you can demonstrate that you're going to be a valuable member of the community and able to follow the rules in the future, we will work with you to find a way to bring you back. The best way to show that you're genuine is to understand and identify what you did wrong, if you don't know then how can you change it. If you genuinely don't know, even after looking through the rules, then feel free to ask and we can explain. It also helps for us to know why you did the action you were banned for. This isn't a matter of making excuses, it's helping us to understand the situation you were in and perhaps provide better strategies for handling that situation. Finally if you are going to change your behaviour, then say it so that we can see the commitment that you've made. If you're not genuinely willing to commit to this, then don't bother with this form of appeal. You might pull the wool over our eyes and convince us, but what's the point if you'll get banned for the same thing in a week's time. Work with us and we'll work with you. 4) Avoid using arguments that aren't accepted for appeals. There are some arguments which aren't accepted as valid reasons, while it's impossible to be fully comprehensive here are the ones we see most often. I don't like your rules Your appeal isn't a place to question the current rules of the game. That would be the suggestion forum. We will only be granting appeals to people who will commit to following the current rules of the game. If the environment you want isn't what we provide then unbanning is a waste of everyone's time. My brother did it You are responsible for everyone who uses your Byond account. By giving someone your password, you're enabling them to perform whatever actions they want in your name. Now this does sometimes happen and we're not asking you to lie if this is what genuinely happened, but it's not a defense. Instead you'll need to follow the policy above and understand what went wrong (allowing other people to use your account) and letting us know how you intend to prevent it happening in the future. Abusing the admins It should go without saying that abusing the admins isn't a good way to get us to invite you back to our server. However sometimes in the heat of the moment things slip out, so I'll remind you here to avoid this method. While we'll try to look past this, it does send a signal that you're not looking to co-operate. It should be a temporary ban If you're going to do the right thing, why would we wait to bring you back instead of doing it straight away? If you're not going to do the right thing, why would we ever bring you back? We only use temporary bans when that seems like the best way to change someone's behaviour. If you think that some time away will be a strategy you can use to commit to following the rules, then that's fine. You're welcome to suggest a temporary ban as the best way to bring you back, but this isn't detention or a prison sentence, it's not about providing justice or "paying for your crime". It was good roleplaying You choose the character you play and all the consequences that follow. Your character isn't a real person and we can't hold them accountable for your actions, it has to be done the other way around. Someone else did something wrong first If you've broken the rules, then it doesn't matter what anyone else has done. This is your appeal and unless we've clicked on the wrong person's ban button, we're not going to ban other people based on what gets decided in your appeal. Letting us know what someone else did, at the time with an adminhelp is the best way to see that appropriate action is taken against them. Once you've taken vengeance into your own hands, the issue gets so muddied that it's hard to take any action against them. 5) Listen to what the admins reply. If we're asking you questions or trying to teach you something, then it's pretty clear that we intend on keeping you around. We rarely waste this sort of effort on someone we're kicking out forever. Usually we're telling you exactly how to get your appeal accepted. Regards, M Kenner. Senior Admin.
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    Mostly a bartender because I bartend in real life so I feel at home doing it. That and medbay are usually where you'll find me. I'm a shite antag but I'm trying to learn. See you guys on the station! Glory to pizza dog.
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    that is quite a shocking picture
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    Dear god, yes I will also, a callback to 2017 Kikeri
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    You'll need a fresh copy of paracode for it. Open paradise.dme, this will bring up the dreammaker. Compile, and then look for "map_files". The gateway missions are at "randomzlevels". Opening the .dmm files will pop up the mapeditor. I've never tried to seriously do anything with the mapeditor, so I don't know what-everything you have to keep in mind while tinkering with the maps, but it sure is fun to play around with them, at least.
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    The other day, I felt the inspiration to tinker with the beloved "Thunderdome" track. It impressed me greatly back when I discovered the station. Spend then the evening in the band garage, resulting into this: It's done with assorted rock instruments, scratch keys, as of I tried to do the lead part with guitar. I recorded the stuff with my old multitracker. Result is bit distorted by peaking, due the hasty way I recorded the drums. Had fun time playing this, so that I wanted to post the outcome out here! And as of credits of the track were, not too long ago, discovered, the great original is here: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/312622
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    Cardboard Golems Super, super weak. Can turn themselves into any kind of cardboard box and will be immobile. Can be used as extra storage. Will require completely meaningless code changes.
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    I wrote this so that people coming from other, half-decent, servers could adjust to Paradise's rules and nonexistent RP. Tips as follows: 1) 'RP' is a code word for 'sitting in the bar talking for 30 minutes, while avoiding our actual jobs'. 2) When someone says 'book club,' they really mean 'metafriend clique.' 3) As an antag, 'Steal a jetpack' is syndicate jargon for 'Blow up all the space pods, decimate security, assassinate the Captain, and loot the armory." 4) When being arrested by security, spam the radio with wild, unfounded, accusations and protests. If they take away your headset, rant in LOOC until muted. Proceed to file an admin complaint on the forums with the most ridiculous username you can think of. 5) As a security officer, know your procedures by heart 6) When an admin finally PMs you regarding all of the above, they aren't really looking for answers, they want an excuse to ban you. Give them one, go out in a blaze of glory. 7) If the ban you receive is a fair, reasonable temp ban, appeal with the maximum vitriolic nonsense you can fit in a poorly written paragraph. If it's permanent, wait a few weeks and start ban evading! Note: The above is a just a joke, please do not take it seriously or follow any advice therein. Should the Administration wish to move this thread, feel free to do so.
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    So since there's something of an agreament on the dual nature of the IAA role right now, i guess we could just split the role. Give one IAA slot for general SoP enforcement under the NT rep, and one lawyer slot under magi to defende crews right and enforce SoP in sec.
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    Its Been a bit but i've got two new pieces here, The second one i'm rather proud of really.
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    So, there's been a few JoJo references that I've drawn now. And while me being a basic white girl browsing through Instagram, I came to a post where it was a compilation of JoJo pictures and memes... And I found one that I had to redraw with Jonah and Vamp!Zeke.
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    On the tenth day of spessmas, Nanotrasen gave to me... A dead clown in security.
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    Name: Silmz-get-here Age: 30 Race: Unathi General occupationa role: Quartermaster, chemist Biography: A unathi born in the voidness of space as a pirate slave. He served the "Ciurma dei Pirati della Pizza, della Pasta e dell'aceto" as a drug producer. He learned with the Pirates the basics of robustness, chemistry and hiding like a coward (this last one was mastered by him). He was "rescued" by the Solgov at the age of 22. After recovering the major wounds contracted during the "rescue" attempt he signed an NT contract. As a unathi slave pirate the Solgov soldiers shot at him at first sight, but being an harmless, miserable, inferior race saved him and it was, instead of being executed, "sold" to the NT, bureaucratically speaking, his contract is a bit more restrictive thatn the normal ones. Qualifications: Good knowlege of Space laws and SOP, proficiency with any type of chemicals (went to a night school to have a degree), Master in Xenobiology from a telematic university Neo-Ruskiya: written: bad - Spoken: Excelent Sin'unathi: Written: good - Spoken:Excelent Galactic Common: Written: Excelent - Spoken: Good Italian: Written: Excellent - Spoken: Good Other names: Silmz-get-Spaced, Silmz-get-wiz (ths one when he's called as a nerd apprentice from he's collegues of the telematic university), Silmz-get-there, SIlmz-get-Drunk, Silmz-get-Quite, Silmz-get-Harmbatoned. OH AND READ THIS! MY NAME IS SILMZ NOT SLIMZ.
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    If that is in fact the case, a few text prompts could maybe be added then to indicate to players that something is wrong, much like broken bones, eye damage and the like. Perhaps when you pat down your body to examine it, it can say instead of just numb or normal "Your (body part) feels swollen and looks discolored" With a few red text pain prompts that can show up if you continue to use the limb in question, much like broken bones. This would let the player know they have IB, without you always having to cough up blood from a IB foot wound.
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    Why isn't there a reaction
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    You won't catch me arguing with the server owner over whats what, but I just thought it should be known what was found. All the same, I made the changes to the map and removed the HOP for the Vault and Upload. Let me know if there are any other discrepancies. IAA *cough* *cough* that one I feel is also contentious, but who knows.
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    This whole Topic is going to be about jokes more specifically dad jokes The best kind of jokes so i will just start this off with one of my many jokes If a child refuses to sleep during nap time, are they guilty of resisting a rest?
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    Hmm, what would Zeke's tools of choice be as an Agent?
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    That brings up a point of how I noticed different people rp past shifts. I've noticed some usually rp shifts aboard the NT being always chaotic and people dying all the time, and then even reference past rounds with announcements and such in small ways. Then theres the other way to rp (my personal choice) where nothing ever happens, shifts are usually calm and there's no reason to suspect anything. I don't know which one is considered "right" as any lore rules here are extremely vague or non-existent, but the latter one seems to be the proper way. If chaos happens all the time, people dying all the time, I'm sure there would be a lot more security personnel that would be better armed with better regulations as it makes no sense for NT not to properly protect their assets should they know its a common site for threats. I never really reference past rounds, and I consider the one round where you're antag/everything goes to shit to be the abnormality. The exception. The shift you haven't had or at the very least, haven't had commonly. If we take that as the standard for shifts, stealing/stashing security guns and making stunrpods "just in case," looks like blatant powergaming to me. Same goes for sec taking the arrivals security locker to security "just in case." Hell, I've even seen the Captain do that before several times. Or, my personal pet peeve, security holding onto their lethals after the threat has passed and HoS orders them returned. Civilians will do the same if cargo orders gun/RnD prints guns for a threat (tspiders/blob) and then the threat passes. They won't give up their weapons, even if ordered. Hell, I've been called shitsec by some IPC once for taking their stunprod (and not giving them jail time) because it was green. There's always going to be the fun bit of everyone knowing everything about a given antag or situation. Not much to be done there, though typically I try to have some fun by feigning ignorance and such. As a note, this isn't really me advocating for change or anything. Just mentioning passing thoughts of what I notice at times.
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    yes hello we see that you have infiltrated our base now please die have a good day !
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    Just a short film I made to test out the software footage I have and for fun. The Description: A skrell gets upset due to the station's trash they slip on and vows to take revenge on the station. Or something like that. Bleh.
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    I like the editing! good song toooo
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    My one and only contribution to 2019
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    Can really relate to my own character, I'm just not tall enough. On a serious note, I'm as chill and majorly capable as my bartender, which gives me a burning passion to act as myself, especially when I'm serving at least 200 units of Vodka to a mime I can actually understand through water spurting and table smashing.
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    Mime Vespa reminds me of a little sister from Bioshock Burial at Sea But with far more murrrrrrrrrdeerrr behind the eyes. Great job
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    I like some of the idea however a few points I'd like to make. Unlimited talisman use or talisman use in spell form should cost some blood each time its used since blood is needed to make them originally. Aside from a minor regeneration, I feel they don't need x-ray vision, arcane bolts, or strong resistance to stuns, same with the binding a slaughter demon to them. They're going to be exceptionally powerful already with the talismans and ability to perform most if not all but the summon god ritual by themselves. Yes super antagonists are over powered but there is still the possibility of killing or overcoming them, if you throw in too many perks you're going to make an antagonist that's so powerful no matter how admins play them it isn't going to be a fun time for the crew because its just way too difficult of an obstacle for them to overcome. If you add all these things together, I'd have to literally play this guy passively and wouldn't have an option to be aggressive since I'd wipe out pretty much anything I came across or would be able to easily retreat even if I'm surrounded, not that I ever would be since I'd be able to see through walls.
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    Nice idea. Unfortunately, gateway maps require a LOT more effort to create than you think.
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    I agree the decade was on balance worse than 00s, probably due to the aftermath of the 2009 recession. But on the bright side global poverty kept on falling. (mainly due to china thou). Think space is going on a good pace, probably better than the decade preceding the 10s. We'll finally get Bannerlord before the end of the decade. Also i think people are too pessimist on gaming. The conversation is completly dominated by monetization problems and such, but we have more options than ever, we have tons of indie games filling a lot of niches, we still have a lot of things launched in the preceding decades, even thou people complain that big companies just make cash cows now, they still launch some great games, like BOTW, God of War, etc. I honestly have more games I want to play than time to play them. I'm clearly happier about my gaming experiences now than I ever was. I'd guess the 20s will be better than the 10s due to regression to the mean. Probably not as good as the 90s, but something like the 00s with less china growth and side effects from china growth.
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    This sounds very complicated. You have five AIs with unlimited power to the station. Four of which seeks to kill one and other. This will make it hard for crew to do anything like defending and attacking since AI can cut supply, power, and cause harm to said crew. New cyborgs could potentially be corrupted since the masters can be one of four AIs. Station AI will be powerless to stop it depending on what law it has and risks to station crew. If Captain knows the existence of said AIs and those AI get that Law 0 with kill any who knows, the captain is dead. Same goes to whoever else in Command that knows. I like the idea, but I believe it went the wrong direction
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    God that run and stitch to mining was a nightmare with swarmers on our asses. This is why I always prepare a bugout bag lol
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    whats wrong with a good old fashioned harm baton to the knee
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    I think one thing that would help keep rounds interesting for people who play a lot of engineering (such as myself) would be additional station goals, while the three we have are quite enjoyable they tend to get repetitive after you've done each two or 3 times. As such adding a few extra goals could be interesting. Some suggestions for goals which could be implemented using existing mechanics would be: Constructing a supermatter/thermoelectric engine, and adding it to the grid. A going green goal where the singulo and tesla being built causes the goal to fail. Would give engineering the task of upgrading solars in order to meet demand or using a tertiary engine source like the turbine. Renovate mining station, adding an autolathe, protolathe, cloning bay and cryotube. Renovate con site, have X rooms with a breathable atmosphere, charged apc, fire alarm, intercom, camera, etc. Could also add goals of having a functioning set of lathes, cloning pods, ai, etc, on the site. Anyone who has any other suggestions feel free to add them to the thread. Also worth mentioning these are entirely engineering focused goals, it would be nice to see other departments getting goals such as cargo, botany and specific science departments like xenobio and toxins.
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    WHEW that took me longer than I thought it would, but I made up a little thing. FEATURED in this chaotic scene (Which I hope can still be seen okay at half size) is: A clown driving the shuttle with the captain's spare with their PAI sidekick, a plasma-man taking off their helmate while a panicked (And slightly misguided) doctor tries to patch them up with burn-patches, a sec officer that has no idea how to make the boots stop stomping, a happy slime assistant stuffing Ian down the disposals, an IPC and borgo hanging out outside while a Vox skreeeees at the fact they forgot those magboots, a disgruntled AI witnessing all the CREW HARM, a danger-redboi lookin' at the shuttle and a few meatie-orbs heading to the station with the others. PARADISE OR BUST! YAYA! Hope you like it...
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    A commission for Danni, here we have Lazz gifting Slade a sword she made. Slade thinks it's great, and will put it on the fridge.
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    1. Introduction Hello! This thread contains a complete list of all guides currently on the forums. I amalgamated this list because: I found it irksome that decent guides which are still relevant were buried under lots of new threads; I wanted one place where you can see, at a glance, how to do a job; and that it would save people from having to write their own guide when one already exists. It will be updated as more guides appear, and kept up-to-date. Outdated guides have been noted as such, and have been kept for posterity. Huge thanks to Valkyrie, who updated this list to be in line with the new forum layout! 2. The list Antagonist guides Command guides Engineering guides Medical guides Science guides Security guides Service guides Supply guides AI / Cyborg guides Telecomms guides Non-serious guides Other guides 3. Closing thoughts Notice anything wrong? Any missing guides? Let me know in this thread! (Also, Tully's the biggest nerd, according to the guides forum. He's written nine guides so far!)
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    8), Go to /r/ss13 make a complaint post there. You will get all the sympathy in the spess.
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    Kaskreyarawkta. I am not a bird.
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