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    Hello everyone. As you probably know, I was recently elected by our staff team to be a Head of Staff for Paradise. You may not know exactly what a Head of Staff (henceforth: "Headmin") does, or what my plans are in particular. This thread is going to explain those things. First, what does a headmin do? Headmins have a few responsibilities beyond those of a normal Game Admin: Co-ordination and management of all branches of the staff team Handling Admin Complaints Enforcing staff policy and admin guidelines Moderating interpersonal conflicts, as needed Managing certain back-end things, such as our Patreon Voting on the acceptance/rejection of PRs submitted to our Github (IE: changes to the game's code, features, sprites, etc) Representing Paradise to other SS13 servers Handling anything that doesn't get handled by other people, eventually, for whatever reason Like any Paradise headmin, I will be doing these things, as they are inherent to the position. That said, most staff (including me) who run for election as headmin also have a specific platform that they run for election on. My platform was: Transparency Accountability Better Communication I know those sound a bit vague. So, let me give you some concrete examples of what I intend to do. First, let's take PR voting. Yes, headmins vote on PR acceptance. But I plan to do more than simply vote. I consider every PR author that contributes to our codebase to be valuable - part of the team that makes our server awesome. I want to encourage PR authors and grow the number of people who contribute to our codebase. As such, I will be following a set of best practices, designed to ensure PR authors feel valued, and treated fairly. My hope is this will encourage quality contributions over time. I will not be voting against any PR, any author's work, without first explaining exactly why, clearly and directly, on the PR itself. If my issue with the PR is fixable, I will explain how it can be fixed, and give the PR author some time to fix it, or at least respond, before I consider voting against the PR. In essence I want to be sure PR authors know they are getting a fair shake, that they never feel like they're being left in the dark, and they never feel like they need to guess what they need to do in order to get their PRs merged. If I consider a PR idea totally unviable, to the point it cannot be fixed, I will aim to say so as early as possible, so that the author doesn't invest more time into it under the false impression it has good chances of being merged. More generally, when I comment on PRs, I will aim to be very clear about who I'm speaking for, and what I mean. I will also make myself available to any PR author who has questions. While I recognize that this will give PR authors direct feedback they're not used to getting, ultimately I think (and as a PR author myself, I believe I have good reason to think) they will quickly appreciate it and be encouraged by it. I have also be encouraging other headmins and maintainers to follow these best practices. More generally, I want a more constructive, informative atmosphere on our github and I am working with everyone involved, especially the maints and other headmins, to achieve this. As part of this effort, I have already appointed someone to be responsible for helping to moderate Github, and discourage toxic comments there. Second, let's take accountability. I have already promised to put myself up for re-election in 6 months by the staff team, so, if they don't think I'm doing a good job after that time, they can boot me out and get someone else in. Accountability is for everyone, though, not just me. This includes admins, players, and even visitors who don't play here. If someone has an issue with an admin's conduct, they need to explain the issue in our Admin Complaints forum. It is against the rules to discuss bans and other punishments in our discord server, and for the sake of eliminating toxicity, holding admins accountable under our guidelines, and holding players accountable under our Discord rules, I will be enforcing this rule, and pushing admins more generally to do the same. Consider this your forewarning that under my plan, complaining about being banned in our Discord will not be tolerated like it has before. This also applies to in-game LOOC, deadchat, OOC and similar. This is not a new rule - such talk has been against the rules for a long time. What is new is that I will be enforcing the already-written rule, and encouraging all other admins to do so as well. Third, let's talk about better communication. One of the long-standing issues we have as a server, with our elected leadership, multiple branches of staff, etc, has historically been a lack of unified vision for the future of the server. Obviously, this is an enormous topic to tackle, and progress on it is going to require lots of work, and not just by me. It is the sort of thing that will require lots of discussion over a period of time. Still, I am already taking steps to move us in this direction. The first change you may notice is the creation of a #changes-wanted channel on Github. This channel is the new central repository for lists, posted by headmins and maints, of all features/PRs/etc they want implemented for the server. There are many benefits to this, such as helping PR authors choose a PR topic that's more likely to get merged, triggering healthy debate on server direction, etc. Ultimately though, this is just a first step towards what I really want for the server: a more general development roadmap. I know we're a volunteer project, a 2D spaceman game, and we're never going to be as organized/detailed in our future development goals as a professional game company is. Still, I don't think its unrealistic for us to take basic steps, like agreeing a list of long-term goals, trying to make progress towards them, and tracking that progress. This discord channel is the first step in that direction. I hope I've given you a sense of what I'm about as a head of staff. Obviously, the changes I want to make will require that I work closely with the rest of the staff team. My hope, though, is that I can push the server in the right direction. That I can get people pushing together in the same direction more effectively. And, if not, well, the staff can always vote me out again in 6 months. Here's to the future! -Kyet
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    I'd usually make a PR with my changes but with the flood of revivability PRs, the maints decided not to accept any further PRs about the topic, so instead I'll just write down my thoughts. I decided to make this its own thread instead of putting it in the crit discussion since it extends beyond the changes of the crit rework and touches on other things as well. Let me first define what I consider interesting and boring gameplay in medbay. The Issues First, interesting gameplay is when a doctor manually fixes a patient, using their knowledge of the game mechanics, chems, the patient's medical state and so on. What counts here is that he is making decisions and is actively engaged. The prime example of this is surgery, as the probably most involved medical procedure. But also things like brain and other organ transplants, etc. Secondly, boring gameplay is when a doctor puts a patient in a machine, turns it on and then walks away, or otherwise takes a single action and then leaves, especially if there is no or very little decision making involved in this. For example, deciding which chems to give someone in a sleeper is still somewhat more involved than pushing them in the cloner. The cloner is the single most boring and uninteractive machine in medbay. It fixes a patient regardless of their body's state and proceeds totally automatically. Most often the poor clonee even has to go poke a doctor for a mannitol pill for his brain damage. You can grab a greytider with no medical knowledge whatsoever, give him a one minute crash course and he can clone. Once cloners are upgraded, even that part is moot. The current main issue of medbay is that cloning is easier than fixing people in other ways. We've seen a PR that reduced defib time from 5 to 2 minutes, an attempt to increase cloning time and an attempt to make SR not work on non-clonable races. And now, the big crit rework will completely remove the revive function of defibs. Raising defib times was an attempt to, in the words of the author: "Push[ing] more individuals to use cloning". The now closed 'Revivability Update' attempted to double clone times as if it fixes anything besides doubling the time you can fuck off before checking on the cloner before putting the next body in it. The crit rework being test-merged has the same issues. By removing defibs as a revival method, you incentivise cloner use, pushing people into the least interesting 'mechanic' of medbay. Now, in the crit rework's credit it also attempts to make you survive longer in crit and give medbay lots of chances to stabilize and pull you out of crit, which is definitely interesting gameplay, but the issue persists that players can avoid that (and often do) simply by letting the patient die and putting them in the cloner. So, to summarize the current issues: 1. Involved, many-step processes that benefit from player knowledge and experience are interesting. IE surgery. 2. One-click solutions that fix all issues with a patient are boring. IE Cloning, Cryotubes to a lesser extent. Solutions Now, how do we fix this issue? Clearly, we should push people towards 1 and not 2. I've thought about a number of approaches: Make cloning take longer. This is a solution that's already been attempted, unsuccessfully. Faced with waiting 4 minutes for a patient to clone instead of 2 doesn't actually make doctors chose the more involved procedure, since they aren't the ones waiting as a ghost to rejoin the round. You could raise the time to ridiculous levels before this actually starts having an effect. This solution is clearly unworkable. Rejected. Make cloning consume meaningful resources. Biomass is easy to make in raw amounts, and besides that all a cloner needs is some power. You could make it necessary for cloners to be fed with some hard to get or valuable ingredient to work, but it would be hard to think of something lorewise fitting, imo (maybe something cargo has to order in an expensive crate?). At least, of something that doesn't just tax the chemist even more. Other servers have cloning cost money I think, but money has no meaning in our economy. Rather bad, imo. Make cloning come with not easily removed downsides. Having cloning cause some permanent downside or disability that isn't instantly removed by a pill of mannitol or clean SE could potentially work. For example, you could give cloned people a chance of getting a 'cloning trauma', which gives them a mental issue that they then have to play out (maybe even give them a little 'objective' like abductor victims get?). (Bonus: Give the psych something to do). Potentially interesting idea. Less RP-intense alternatives might just be stuff like unremovable disabilities, but I can already see players REEing about that. Workable, maybe? Make cloning no longer the default/lowest tier revival method. The most 'radical' method. Cloning is used because it is easy and available from roundstart. We could simply...change that. Remove the roundstart cloning setup and lock cloning behind decent research levels. You'd have to undo the nerfs to alternative revival methods while doing that (IE give the CMO omnizine in his hypospray again, raise defib timer, make defibs not insta-kill slimes again because brain damage multiplier lol). This would mean medbay has to carefully preserve their SR pills, patch people up, rush in with their defibs to save on SR, perform surgery to fix internal bleeding, broken bones, etc each time someone dies. Radical, but IMO the best idea so far. Something that can go hand in hand with 4., make more people reach medbay alive. The crit rework, as far as I can tell, somewhat intends this already. Have the paramedic bring in less dead people and more crit people, so medbay can patch them up, work under time pressure to stabilize, etc. To do so, we could introduce some more tools to stabilize patients, like stasis bags, or simple tweak the crit numbers to make dying slower. Nice but not enough on its own, imo. So, what do you all think? Do you agree or disagree with my analysis of medbay's issues and what makes good gameplay? And what do you think of the possible solutions I talk about?
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    Warden is, from my experience at least, a bit 'easier' than Security Officer in some ways since you don't need to be as 'robust' in split-second combat but instead it feels slightly more based on knowledge and SoP. Yes, you will probably get into some sort of scuffle with a prisoner, a brig invader or the rare time you have to leave the brig such as when the HoS dies or more 'hands on deck' are needed - so you still have to maintain a certain level of 'robustness' - but otherwise you're basically Sec's babysitter and backup officer if the crime is in range. A sort of miniature guide to Warden/things you're going to want to know and keep on-top of: You have to know your timers for crimes. Having the wiki open to consult is very helpful. You're basically IAA in that you're a stickler for wording. If the wording states, 'more than four punches' is assault - then make use of that. You have to be prepared to communicate in some way with your security team. Figuring out why someone was brought in even though they are not set to 'wanted' in the system, dealing with officers arresting the clown for graffiti honk or other false charges is surely to happen every shift. To avoid this you have to correct officers and make judgement calls. Manage your prisoners well. Don't stand there and wonder if Perma is in flames or if the prisoner finally offed himself because a nosy lawyer got involved so you couldn't execute him. Be prepared to handle attempted breakouts, reset timers of rowdy prisoners and restrain prisoners if the pose a threat to themselves or others. You don't want to be remembered as the warden who forgot to take off the confirmed syndicate's PDA, tool belt full of explosives and didn't implant check him for a storage implant or EMP implant. Remembering to thoroughly search and process people is highly needed. Know your alert levels. On code green you cannot make arrests, must read out what the person being processed is guilty of and you may not give out firearms. Code blue allows you some more freedom - being allowed to hand out lethals if permitted by the HoS or Captain. Red is where you get to shine as you can finally make arrests if needed and guns are surely handed out. If you choose to play Warden you have to remember that you're not just a security officer - you are the warden. Your priorities are the brig, armory and prisoners unless stated otherwise by the situation at hand - such as nukies or an extreme case of code red/gamma. Be PREPARED to step up to the post of Acting Head of Security if the HoS dies or if you're (un)-lucky and don't have one at round start. You can decline the promotion but it's typically frowned upon by the rest of security unless you have a proper reason to do so or another security officer offering to step up willingly. Finally, my biggest issue with most wardens - THE ARMORY IS NOT YOUR TOY. While an officer is responsible for whatever murders/lethal action he takes it is your responsibility to make sure lethal firearms are turned in when not needed anymore (such as code green alert and code blue depending on situation) or are issued out when hostiles are known to be operating with ether harmful intent or are unable to be subdued in any normal fashion. No one should be that type of warden who does something like: Fill his pepper spray with acid, carry around a lethal despite not being permitted to hand any out to security, etc. Most of all - just remember Rule 10 and Security SoP still applies to you as Warden. You're expected to be more 'serious' when you play warden as compared to an engineer or medical doctor. Not exactly 'serious' in being a dick but serious in how you run things. Sure, making a bar in the Sec lobby to say "I'm not allowed to leave the brig sooo I bought the booze here!" is fine and funny but it can be round ruining to others if you do things like acid-spray prisoners, purposefully let their wounds get infected or other things similar can ruin someones entire round. That being said people have a habit of treating it like "Security Officer+" or "Security Officer but I call the shot but don't have the HoS' responsibilities" and that's not how it's really supposed to work. It's best to picture it like a 'stand alone' job. You're still part of Security, you're still /like/ a Security Officer but you are the Warden. Best tip of all - Humor the clown or he'll ruin your day and launch a prison riot.
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    Was he a hero or villian. You decide. Someome offered him immediate counseling with a crowbar...then thr corpse was delivered to security to be detained...and possibly questioned. I'm unsure.
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    I think it is partly because of irrational furry hatred, but i also think there are real issues with paradise. Here is my personal thought on what paradise does well and not so well as compared to TG terry / sybil. + Somewhat higher levels of RP + More interesting alien races + Baymed makes medical roles more interesting and injuries feel more significant. + Paradise atmos makes breaches more dangerous and impactful + Vampire is a fun mode - Stale code base, the last time i compared merged PR for a given week paradise had about half as many as TG, and many of those were minor changes or ports from other codebases. - Boring antagonists, due to the heavy restrictions placed on them they are rarely a real threat to the station. The balance of power is also shifted too much towards security. - Heavy restrictions on IC language leads to a sanitized PG-13 experience, the world is not going to end because Urist McGreytide calls the janitor lizard a "l*gger" or the chef calls you a rectum lapper for disliking his deep fried appendix burger. - In the admin team there are those who carry themselves like some kind of duke or Gulf state prince, this is probably why you see so much groveling in paradise ban appeals. On TG the admins feel like fellow players. - Boxstation all day, its too small, i hope you've added more maps to rotation since i left. You will probably not agree with me on all these points but i think this is how many players outside of paradise see it, at least tg players. In short people dislike paradise because of three factors, furries, over-moderation and staleness.
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    Having a good or bad Warden has as much of an effect on security as having a good or bad HOS...and a good Warden will pick up the slack where a bad HOS is lacking,,,and vice verca. I'd like to get into a debate regarding how too many HOS think its their job to go be a super officer and get their asses killed far too frequently...and that's the main reason there is even ever a NEED for the Warden to be promoted to acting HOS...but that's not why we are here. Things I think are important to be a good Warden... Pay attention to comms. You are in less danger then most of security so its easier for you to pay attention to comms and catch things others who are busy in the field may miss and help direct officers where they are needed. I usually have the brig doc grab me a crew monitor and make sure officers sensors are maxed so I can direct assistance their way when they are in danger. Keep records up to date. Set people to arrest promptly when asked. Clean records save a lot of time, confusion, and unnecessary conversation. (Officers...you can assist in this by actually giving a reason for an arrest instead of just saying "SET JOHN SMITH TO ARREST" because it ALWAYS leads to the follow up question of "For what?") Reward good behavior from criminals. You can let people off with a warning for most crimes. If someone gets brought in and they are very cooperative and understanding, skip the brig timer. Pat em on the head, tell them to keep their nose clean, and send them on their way. Much of the time they'll leave security in a better mood then they came and won't be hell bent on trying to make security miserable the rest of the shift. On the other side...if they are being an asshole? Brig them for all they are worth. Can even give them a chance to try to attack you by taking your time while uncuffing them in their cell to see if you can add more charges for them attacking you. Or even verbally taunt them to provoke them into doing something stupid. They really can't help themselves most of the time :^) I don't think anyone should play Warden if they aren't prepared to pick up the reigns and become the HOS if needed...but then again there are plenty of people who play HOS and other command positions that have no business being there. Most importantly...and this could sort of be said for all of security. Don't take it personally. Try to have fun dealing with the people who are intentionally being pricks. There will always be certain players who are just going to treat security like crap no matter what cuz you know...fuck authority...right? Once you can learn to have fun with those people, however you go about doing that, you are in a good place.
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    Here's a few tips regarding some of the traitor items you can acquire from the uplink: Agent ID The AI won't be able to remotely track you while you are wearing it, they'll need to follow you around manually with the camera view. Your infraction level with beepsky will be lowered while it's worn, meaning he wont go after you if you're wanted or carrying a gun without a permit. Camera Bug Clicking on a camera while this is in your hand will bug it. This will give you the option to disable the camera on the bug's main menu (works like emp'ing the camera, so people will notice it's been tampered with). Access Tuner You can use this while looking through a camera, allowing you to hack doors from across the station. This includes the camera spying feature in the camera bug. F.R.A.M.E Cartridge Any new uplinks generated with this are fully usable once loaded with telecrystals, with each one getting a new set of discounts generated for it as well. Smuggler's Satchel The satchel will fit inside regular backpacks, but will hold normal sized items inside (excluding another satchel for obvious reasons). You can use it to increase your effective backpack space if you want. Uplink Implant As with the F.R.A.M.E, this counts as an entirely new uplink and will have its own discounts. Injecting more than one uplink implant will add another 10 telecrystals to it per use. Energy Dagger Throwing this at someone will deal nearly twice as much damage as a melee attack with the added bonus of always embedding itself into a target. This will make the dagger non-retrievable however. Emag Emagging a regular hypospray will let you fill it with any chemical you want, removes the chat message saying what you injected and will make the hypo work through hardsuits. It will still make a noise and can only inject 5u at a time but does let it function as a makeshift sleepy pen when combined with strong toxins (namely traitor poison bottle chems).
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    That's it, we're done boys, pack it up, time to retire.
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    Come one come all and marvel at the latest technological advancement achieved by NanoTrasen's wonderful Central Research Department! In our current technological age, the use of ballistics has become horrendously outdated and yet, for some odd reason certain organizations that will remain nameless insist on using this outdated and wasteful technology to launch chunks of metal at high velocity like barbarians! Unfortunately these same organizations have forced the wonderful and civilized organization of NanoTrasen to respond in kind with weaponry designed to nullify the clean, resource friendly use of beam technology instead! Unfortunately while we can simulate a defense against beam technology for the longest time the damage from ballistic technology has been difficult to nullify... UNTIL NOW! Introducing KRA-Armor otherwise known as Kinetic Redirecting Armor! Using patented technology, we've woven together a new combination of metals, plastics, and gels to create a unique armor with properties that absorb the kinetic energy from a projectile that comes in contact with it and redirects it from the object to be redistributed rather harmlessly away thus preventing penetration from the projectile and minimizing the damage done to the subject encased within. Now you might be thinking, wait... if it absorbs kinetic energy coming into contact with it, how will I be able to move? GOOD QUESTION! The combination of gel and plastic polymers incorporated with the highly secretive woven metal alloys allows for a threshold in which the effect activates, allowing for minimal kinetic energy to exist around it but preventing major sources from doing the same! However there is one unintended but serendipitous effect in that the kinetic energy being redirected from a ballistic projectile will cause the subject to be launched in the opposite direction of the trajectory of the projectile! Now our Security never has to chase those filthy criminals that shoot them as they'll be launched towards them almost immediately! Expect to see these sweet pieces of... Wait... what was that? ... Oh damn, it seems that the Quality Control and Safety Review boards have teamed up with the Legal Department to put a hold on distribution at the moment. Something about how test subjects can repetitively be launched into walls or even worse the ceiling or floor which will inevitably cripple them as they hit it at near the speed of sound. I say hogwash! Who would dare be so low as to shoot their targets with a wall between them or a thick piece of cover! Its just plain unfair! Until next time! Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open for the latest technological renovations from NanoTrasen Corporation! Building a better future, for the sake of profit!
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    If more security players and antags played this way it would lead to rounds being so much more fun and interesting for all. I know I've beat my chest about this endlessly on the forums but, I'll continue to say the best security players know when to turn it up and when to lay off the gas. Stomping the antags into the ground constantly doesn't make someone a good sec player. I think if we got to the point this behavior was commonplace on both sides it could even lead to victims being more respectful of antags...then we could see some really interesting stuff happen. Imagine antags and victims "working together" to make things more interesting. And security playing along with that. We would be in a place where being a target of an antag could be as interesting as being an antag. In a perfect world right?
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    MetaStation is built around a scavenger playstyle, very few jobs are given all the material they need to complete their task and are expected to scrounge, trade and steal to accomplish their task or feck off to do nothing until their job is missed enough they are given the resources and/or someone else does it for them. In theory, this works for some codebases. Assistants having maint as their play ground while anyone who's not some form of Security or Engineering has to stick to the main corridors gives those roles first dibs on loot, and can trade it to relevant jobs as they see appropriate and the offer is good. In theory, this is good because it encourages departments to work together, in practice this usually winds up departments unable to fulfill their job because an item or resource that might be of use to them is in some greyshit's backpack who'se waiting to trade it for a gun or some of medical's supplies. Being able to barter with another department to make one or both of your jobs easier is good. Having to deal with someone willfully with holding resources to prevent you from progressing your job is bad. On the overall I like the layout of meta, research and medical are centered nicely and the only thing that feels needlessly far away from everyone else is engineering (and thus the AI sat) but the current status of a lot of departments leaves a lot to be desires, especially when it comes to karma roles (such as medbay's double-double doors where one button opens both sides and everyone tresspasses because they can.) TL;DR MetaStation is SS13's second best map but it still leaves a lot to be desires as it's geared towards a different philosphy and governing rules that makes it less than ideal for Paradise.
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    A close friend with whom I've had secret vice of regularly having LAN's - of course with absolutely nerdy games - since kids, introduced me. That was last summer though if I remember right he did tell me of it a time before that, but then I didn't try. Both times it was Mandalore's video during a break after extensive DOOM sessions, so I guess we both count as being bought here by Mandalore. That my friend plays here too, but we don't interact much in station. As far as I know he isn't even around OOCly (if you read me anyway, thanks, nerd). But yeah I was immediately sold for it. My first two rounds comprised of getting killed by oxyloss at arrivals at first and then being introduced into the art of flipping by some chaplain and being thralled by Slith while maintlooting. My successes back then were being able to flip, to talk into the sling hivemind and to make a spear (for I thought initially that being armed is mandatory in order to stay alive, couldn't actually believe they were not after my spaceman. As you could guess got quickly to know that oh yeah they aren't, and when they are, they will slip and honk you to the chest faster than one could spell Desmond Summy, and then kill you, probably squishing in the process). Then got into medical, somebody effectively taught me chemisty during my first medbay shift. Played medbay until I felt comfortable enough with the game mechanics to try security. Thankfully, that shift HoS Heidi Kujala did recruit me from the manifest, so long I've most been into sec, if not a med. Mentioned these, for I love it most because of the attitude here. Couldn't think a video game to get much more human, while still being a fun game about some men in space.
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    Whenever i antag as a normal tator (im piss poor at anything else) i just do my kills as neccesary. One time i killed my target and stuck around even as sec came rushing, why? Because it made sense that i would be one of the first to arrive (Target was an Atmos Tech, me an Engineer) I even tried putting them back together (it was an IPC) and i was ESCORTED to robotics with the body and allowed to fix it. Safe to say, i took its Posi and put a dead Posi in. So many witnesses, but play it cool, act as normal and noone but powergamers can stop you, and in that case you have the admemes to assist. I never get why some tators murderbone for "no witnesses", its a stupid excuse.
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    Brought to you by Angry Russian Station.
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    Something completely innocent. Something spooky?
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    Missing the part where Pckables was methed up to the eyebrows by a poor borer during the medbay and the durand fight. After said sad borer left his corpse he found a crit guy escaping the summons via disposals, nursed him back to health, and the guy proceeded to loot a fire axe and a miner suit to make an epic last stand at the arrivals pods chopping harvesters, to escape alive in the end. The other borer also fought with their host to survive the final summon.
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    This is... fairly strange, but I've been here for almost five years. I've unlocked all the karma purchases, and quite honestly I'd prefer if people gave karma to players that need it more. Don't get me wrong; I appreciate that I make people happy while I play, but I... really don't need it now. I'm sure I'm not alone, either.
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    An agent finally caught himself sufficiently enough, by outright attacking me. After a long, long game of hide and seek talks, with evidence 99% worth to jail him from my side, and offers of gambling with a prize of information about a lost person from his side, I was only waiting for it. Yet I was surprised to find him at brig along with three officers batoning him next to a broken mech he had stolen, or by his own words being turning it back in. When I even then resumed it with talking, by his request and the fact that the situation was - inobviously - unclear, he finally decided to end it. And failed it. Execution room. He demands me to personally perform execution by the firing squad, after having whispered me his final words. "Some of us do not have the choice. Remember that when you do these." Shane O'Brien, I am sorry that I couldn't answer your final words, since my breath was busy on gasping the air due your hut-hut CQC tricks. See you in the byond.
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    All up for the idea. Maybe add a little message too. "X thinks your karma should be given to someone else"
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    Or something else. Best story I have is a janitor slipping people on blob, and we told some of his victims it would be OK to space him. We also jobbanned him from janitor. But in general, people often view OOC warnings on behavior as something they can ignore or argue their way around. They seem to work way better when handled IC, as that also lets people observing them know the behaviour has a consequence.
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    So I've been spending some time on the Bad Deathclaw server and they have a system there that I really thing should be something that we tried to implement. This IS just a suggestion though as I lack the code knowledge to implement it myself. Anyways, the first thing I noticed when I joined was that the different roles were all time locked, as per usual for all of the servers I've been on except CM. But what was different was that each of the different factions on the server, the NCR, Brotherhood of Steel, all had different time locks. So, for example, the Brotherhood of Steel had two starter roles, the Initiate Scribe and Initiate Knight. In order to unlock the next role, the Scribe, you needed 10 hours of playtime as the BoS specifically. The NCR had the same thing for the Sergeant and officer roles and the like. Anyways, my idea is that this mechanic should be applied to every department except service. So for example, in security, if you wanted to play Warden or HoS then you would need to play as a security officer for 5 hours to unlock warden and then 10 hours as Warden or Officer to unlock HoS, for example. The exact timing can be figured out later. Then for like medical, if you wanted to play CMO, you would need 10 hours of experience as an MD or Paramedic. Maybe a 5 hour barrier on Virology. Same for science with the RD. Not sure about HoP. Maybe like a 1-2 hour time block on QM with experience as a cargo tech. And then for Captain you would have to play 10 hours or something as any of the other command roles. AI would require maybe some time spent playing a cyborg or something. I'm unsure how hard it would be to code but I think the game already keeps track of play time as specific departments already from what I've seen in the player playtime menu so the system is already there to track department playtime. Anyways, that's all, appreciate any thoughts.
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    Remember that Cult Buildings can be unanchored by hitting them with your tome. Take the pylons with you to the summon location for extra healing and cover.
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    Heya, Just thought I'd introduce myself. I played a round or so on the server, my third or fourth SS13 experience ever, and I gotta say Paradise lived up to its name. The RP was great, people were friendly (S/O Onnvar), and it only got too chaotic as we left, which I think is pretty much unavoidable. So I wanted to say thanks for the great time and if any of yall see one Joe Johnson hawkin his memory system, be sure to write down your name so he can remember ya. Thanks, CSelH
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    Orrr...instead of building a table and things, just have a bodybag around with you, place it and drag to the tile you want to go and drag yourself on it can be pretty fast actually Also if you want to get to the other department you need a friend and some plastic flaps, basically you lay down and some person drags you under the flaps. You stand up and drag your friend with you, boom two of you are in there.
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    @ZN23X Listen you shaved bald sister of a Monkey! Do it right, call them a snaggle toothed flea bitten walking rug!
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    Okay of course never is a strong word but this method will seriously increase your chances of not being deconverted by security. In fact, I'm writing this guide as a result of me being a cultist just 30 minutes ago and walking out of security with a clean record still as a cultist. This is also good for terror spiders with venom. 1.) Print a "chemical implant case" and "implanter" from the protolathe, or have a nice doctor or friend be ready for a dental implant. 2.) Put 35u of charcoal and 15u of calomel in a beaker and click on the chemical implant case with the beaker until its empty. If your doing dental implants just put the 35 15 into a 50u pill and get it implanted. 3.) Click on the case with the implanter and implant yourself along with all your cultist buddies. 4.) When security starts forcing holy water down your throat, pop the implant and sit tight until they think your deconverted A quick way to get fat charcoal is 20u welding fuel + 20u carbon hydrogen + 10u water sodium chlorine + cheap lighter spam on the beaker. A quick way to get calomel is 50u mercury + 50u chlorine + cheap lighter spam on the beaker.
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    I have a pet peeve with a specific type of toddlers that think it's badass to chuck away food from kitchen tables. Like, what the heck man, who let them out of the pram.
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    I was playing Katlyn Hudson, Head of Personnel. Earlier, in the shift, I promoted Irithyll Rheon, Station Engineer to Acting CE. Irithyll locked Poly in a closet, and Poly wanted revenge. So Poly came to the HoP (that's me!) and asked for a Chief Engineer ID in a collar; I gave it regular Engineering access, but labeled it with a custom job title "Chief Engineer". I think Poly may have been upset with me about the ID deception... Poly squawks, "What do you want to tell your master ian?" Lieutenant Ian woofs, "YAP" Poly says, "Ian told me" Poly yells, "He wanted to tell you something" Lieutenant Ian barks, "Bark!" Katlyn Hudson asks, "What's that Poly?" Poly yells, "What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? Ill have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and Ive been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and Im the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. Youre fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and thats just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to" Poly squawks, "Thats about it" Lieutenant Ian tilts his head. Silent Knight stares at Poly in awe Ekoh'O says, "Issss lovely" Katlyn Hudson looks extremely confused.
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    Have a virus cured by ethanol but dont want to spend the next 10 minutes stumbling around drunk? Grab charcoal along with the ethanol, and preferably someone with a medhud. Take the ethanol, and once the medhud says you're cured, take the charcoal. The charcoal will instantly turn the ethanol in your body into Antihol, which will purge any excess ethanol and cure drunkenness.
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    When a strange plant is put into a fermenting barrel the alcohol potency is random each time. It can be anywhere from .1 to 1.5. There's a 1% chance it'll be 2. Even drinking straight Ethanol, Suicider, or Pan Galactics only have an boozepower of 1. If a sip tells you the alcohol is suicidally strong its over 1.2. Sadly its hard to mass produce as every plant added will be random. You have to work one plant at a time and taste every batch. You'll get hammered faster than any clients.
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    I was thanking admins for the announcement before realizing they were scapegoating him. Here's Hero NPC Pun Pun protecting the station after being teleported in by a wormhole
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    I think the correct term you were looking for was "spessmen" Anyways, welcome!
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    Feb 26th, 2019: R1f73r is no longer on staff. Mar 13th, 2019: FreeStylaLT has retired from the staff team. Kyet has been elected head admin.
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    1 more PhantasmicDream comment that makes me deeply uncomfortable.
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    My friend who also plays here introduced me since I needed something to kill time and take my mind off of some bad things going on at the time. When I first tried it, I ended up playing as a Botanist and didn't exactly enjoy myself since everyone knew how to do stuff and nobody was exactly willing to teach me. Eventually though, I landed into the role of Chemist and instantly fell in love with the building aspect of the game and how you can do so much with creating stuff, even if everyone finds blowing it up more enjoyable. From there I was pestered encouraged to try Security but, not having a lot of confidence in combat decided to go with Internal Affairs where I spent six entire rounds reading Space Law and Standard Operating Procedure, totally not realizing I could do it through the wiki and well the rest is history.
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    To give even more context from the cultist perspective: The slippery cult sacrifice target was the pod pilot, who was AFK in their pod until security raided the engineering outpost base. After a lot of yelling over medcomms, we were joined souls out of security's hands and went full-on war. The target was finally out of their pod and heading to medical, so in response, cult went all out and killed pretty much all of security in medbay with a single attack... with the exception of the target who ran away. Now that security is dead, we've got a handful of people trying to capture the target, one or two people reviving dead cultists with resurrection runes, and the latter half getting new converts with no resistance. The sacrifice target manages to get into a gygax and starts gunning down every single cultist they find, until I destroy it with EMPs and get killed. Target gets a second gygax, again gets destroyed by EMPs and manages to run to the labor outpost with a borg. During all of this, the cult is continuing to convert non-stop and the round has been voted to continue because of the chaos. We chase the target down to the labour outpost, but the borg is on the shuttle console, forcing me to go around. Borg shoves the target into the locker and runs out into the asteroid, also killing the target via space, luckily a corpse can't run anymore. After a short bit of hide and seek, the borg gets EMP'd and the body gets grabbed and teleported back to station for Tribute. If there were any non-cult left on the station, they were holed up in the brig, helpless as the Cult casually summoned in the captain's office to their victory.
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    a project I once attempted and nearly completed on two separate occasions was basically this, but with two more steps. 7.) Apply advanced mutagen from a black slime, then frost oil when they become a slime person. 8.) Transplant slime core into new human body. You now have a fully organic human made wholecloth.
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    not sure if this is still a thing, but back in MY day, you could throw dead borgs into airlocks to open them up. This was major for xenos, since the only way to get through an airlock before then was melt it.
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    I really love your signature. Not related to the post, but god your signature is just gold.
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    Good thing from a few days back. So, a mostly mute warden and a blind civilian walk into a brig. . . How unfortunate
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    Pretty sure the only flogging that should occur on station is the Captain 'disciplining' the HoP with the Chain of Command for opening multiple high priority clown slots. 1 Honk = 1 Lash
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    The scientists and medical teams of NanoTrasen have heard the pleas of the crew who are in desperate need of a cloning alternative as well as those who are upset by the recent model upgrades of defibrillators that have been distributed to NSS Cyberiad and have come up with a unique solution! Now introducing The BodyMaster5000™! No longer will individuals have to wait for cloning that is slow as molasses or risk decaying into bones if their body isn't quickly delivered to the hands of Medbay. Now with this new machine, doctors can print out a skeletal frame in which a brain can be implanted, along with the necessary organs to sustain life and even a customizable skin for those individuals that would like to retain their racial uniqueness! Primarily the BodyMaster5000™ will run off a combination of Synthmeat and Blood which requires manual loading into the machine before it can effectively print out the organs necessary for life and with additional modifications from your local Science Department can extend to printing out even exotic organs for Diona, Slimes, and even Vox, placing your life in the entirely capable hands of the doctors assembling you. Each Operating Theater will now be outfitted with a brand spanking new BodyMaster5000™ pre-stocked with a small amount of synthflesh and blood to allow for the construction of a basic humanoid creature. Get your own BodyMaster5000™ today and let the issues of death become a problem of the past! Warning: Product may malfunction if application of certain devices or emp shocks come in contact with system. NanoTrasen takes no responsibility for malfunctioning machines or organs that are damaged during the malfunction process. Product may contain bluespace materials that could cause unstable reactions if inappropriate materials are loaded within the BodyMaster5000™. Do not use BodyMaster5000™ if you're pregnant, expecting, infested with cortical borers, suffer from shadow tumors, are infested by spider eggs, or xenomorph eggs. NanoTrasen takes no responsibility if earlier less functioning models of BodyMaster5000™ are distributed to your station. Contact your local Chief Medical Officer or NanoTrasen Representative if your BodyMaster5000™ is not the model received. BodyMaster5000™ is to be used for the purpose of reconstructing bodies that would otherwise be deemed beyond being salvaged. Should BodyMaster5000™ be used to print bodies without a corresponding brain, subject empty shells have been noted to decay at an advanced rate, become hostile, and spread highly infectious diseases. If BodyMaster5000™ is modified using components not listed in NanoTrasen Approved Component Upgrades listed in NTC-83D42 your warrenty will be voided with the possibility of your contract with NanoTrasen.
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    The Maime should make others near it also mute.
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    Hi all, As some of you may be aware, a few days ago 6 people were banned for metagaming, including two mentors. More bans may follow as we continue to investigate. Needless to say I'm incredibly disappointed, especially with the two mentors we placed our trust in. Not only does this completely violate the letter and spirit of the rules, but is a personal insult to have our trust violated by people who claimed they wanted to help new players by mentoring them. Taking advantage of our trust and their positions to supposedly help the community is incredibly low. This occured on a private discord server, whose owners seem quite upset that someone would reveal that it's being used to metagame. I've seen terms like "metagrudge" and "witchhunt", being thrown around at the people they suspect revealed them, as well as people being put in "quarantine" to avoid further leaks. This is pretty blatent admission to me that they have no issue with said metagaming - just it being revealed. . We will have absolutely no tolerance for that at all, and I personally find it pathetic that they think that those who were "undermining integrity of server" were those who revealed it, not those who metagamed in the first place. The evidence provided to us was concrete, and I have no reason to doubt its authenticity - especially seeing as there have been admissions of guilt from some of the parties. However, if people wish to dispute that they were breaking the rules, they're more than free to appeal. We've acted on the information we are given, but are happy to discuss such things. I'd also like to take this chance to remind you we take allegations like this seriously. If you suspect something like this is going on without proof, please let an admin know - we won't be banning anyone for unfounded allegations, but tipping us off means we can look into it with the many tools we have. As long as you're not clearly using this to attack people you dislike, then it's ok to be wrong here.