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    Personal Opinion: I would be perfectly fine if X-ray (Genetics) was dumbed down to Nightvision. It still leaves the element of surprise, it doesn't leave the Stealth antags with the choice of going through the murder-bone route, giving them a chance to still play in a stealth manner. X-ray, the implant compared to Thermals, is just a full on upgrade with zero downsides. Thermals have a weakness to Flash and light based attacks whilst X-ray has none of this but giving you more of a view. I don't feel like X-ray belongs in a game like this, in its current form at-least. It eliminates the element of surprise, the spooky atmosphere of Space Station 13, and have on many occasions, ruined the roundtypes leaving them extremely dull and boring. (See: Cult"stended" episode 132). Limiting the effects, giving it some nerfs, or even removing it, would honestly be an impact that would be purely beneficial to the server. It would allow people to be more creative with antagging, creating on-station bases, on-station lairs, and even some bargaining rooms, in short... Freedom (From validhuntings too). Those are my two cents. I am welcome to discuss balance means and theory-crafting too.
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    Mulebot Adding two metal sheets to a mulebot gives it a cowcatcher ram, it works just as expected, pushing anyone in the way of the mulebot aside harmlessly, like when beepsky is chasing a suspect. Make mulebots colorable with paint, we all know we deep inside want neon-green snails terrorizing the hallways whenever someone cuts the safety wire. Give more destinations inside RND for the mulebot to arrive at, I know quite a few eggheads that refuse to leave their 2x2 laboratory to visit the crate delivery, so let's just move the delivery to them. Possibility of setting to mulebot to either Deliver or Retrieve a crate at the delivery zones, right now, I do believe they'll only drop of crates and nothing else. Cargo A cargo mech, while the Ripley with clamps do a good job, that much armor scares security, so maybe a sorta forklift-like mech with the operator visible would scare them less? Think the mech from the Alien movies. More cargo-related tech, self-returning crates, mule-HOVER-bots, you name it! More stuff to press-gang RND into researching. New crates, I mean, we already have plenty of stuff available in the supply console, but maybe add a few high-end items available to be sent from CentComm, to the right prices of course. Add glass windows to the conveyor in the mail room, or pressurize the pipes to do harm, far too many people use it as a free ride. Make the ORM unwrenchable, said pipe-riders often escape from the mail room by simply unwrenching the ORM and pushing it away, seriously, the ORM, big, fat, loaded with too much glass, how even? Civilian You know that handy console there's in almost every work room? The green screen? Where you can things like request help or supplies? The one noone uses? Make it possible to be used as a supply request console, with the selection inside tied to the department it's located in. Generally more fancy things for the civs, right now everything is reserved for RND, Sec or medical, where's our bluespace spraycans and floorcluwne detergent. More arcade games, Orion Trail and the same boss fight game but reskinned get a tad dull, let's get more games, anyone up for ping pong? More PAI Programs, simp!y swipe your ID card through it and several new job-specfic options become available! Where's my free e-mag at boss?
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    ♫It's beginning to look a lot like Chriiiistmaaaaas~♫
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    Encyclopedia Medicina When I first started playing SS13 the first job I picked up was medical doctor. Over the years I code dived to learn more about the profession and recording my findings. I eventually moved on from medical, but the notes remained. I've reformatted all the data I've mined from looking at the code and placed it into Encyclopedia format, along with my own experiences and advice in medical. Because the info was extracted over a period of a few years some info might not still be accurate although I've tried to go back and update everything. If there is anything you know for sure is inaccurate please let me know. I've tried to stick mostly to facts and not opinions although a but of editorializing was necessary. If you disagree with anything herein feel free to reply and give your reasons respectfully. If anything is inaccurate or incomplete please let me know so a correction can be made.
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    I have 2, not trying to flex or anything.
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    Hehe, I hope to get more dark themed art like that soon... Anyhow, here's more art! So, some miscommunication with the artist led to Santa Medic tending to an injured Rsik. Originally it was meant to be a medibot, and the joke was that there's Rsik, pumped full of bullet holes and a little medibot comes along and injects him, which does feck all for him... But santa medic works as well, if not better!
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    This is from the same artist who did the above one. He has a very different style than normal, which I like.
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    When atmos won't deal with the fact Central Primary hallways is 4500 kPa and the connected hallways are beginning to increase in pressure, so you break into atmos yourself to try and fix it...
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    IAA was a greytider in sechuds. Jumped the bar, tried to blind me with a laser pen (forgetting Bartender has sunglasses), attacked me with his briefcase on more than one occasion. He later stole the booze-o-mat and stored it in the IAA office. I found him passed out drunk in front of the HoP's office who promptly demoted him on the spot. This led to him trying to get the other IAA to demote me with....mixed results.
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    I threw money at people and the drew me things! Here's a movie poster mock done by Draw-it-Ralph Here's a drawing of Churchy and Edward Anderson O'Connell by OblivionsGate They were both great people to work with, and mygod their styles are probably a nice change to see on here! Lol
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    Yikes, chill down Rsik, I know the clown is quite a pest, but at least call an IAA before strangling him-
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    "Ho ho ho, I'm actually injecting you with an extremely lethal toxin!" "What the fuck, Santa?" "Nobody will hear the screams of a dying man. Ho ho ho!"
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    Steven is back at the cyberiad
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    Merry Teamas/Happy Holidays with some Tea-doodles.
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    Straight from the genius scientists of NanoTrasen Robotic Laboratories comes the new IPC PROSTHETIC LIMBS! Tired of your robotic limbs always failing you when under the pressure of an EMP blast or simply bugging out after general wear and tear of every day use! Now no more! You can own your very own prosthetic limbs made from 100% WOOD! Exosuit Fabricators will now eventually be able to be loaded with wood freshly grown from Tower Caps where with the prerequisite biological technology level it can now print out wooden prosthetic limbs for IPCS! While brute damage modifiers will remain the same IPCs will no longer suffer losing the functionality of that limb from accumulated damage or EMP blasts! However beware of that pesky open flame as you'll now take a rather hefty bump in burn damage! In other unrelated news NanoTrasen Xenobiological Centers have reported finding a new breed of termite that have been seen among stations in the Epsilon Eridani system. Please report all findings to your nearest Research Representative immediately.
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    Yup, without a permit he lynches you. Found out the hard way when I picked up an abandoned tazer
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    various illustrations of my incineroar.
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    Admin tools Ability to give one chosen person a free ticket to the Clown planet, reserved for those "special" cases. A literal banhammer that crushes its target into a fleshy mass, a loud bwoink can be across station when it hits. One big red button to automatically gib anyone carrying a blue toolbox One big blue button to turn everyone into various Ians. One big green button to automagically inject everyone with 5 units of toilet water. Random species ideas 1/100 chance for whenever a vox rustles their quills, it'll cause them to catch on fire, due to friction. Humans can suffer from toolboxitis, a disease that causes toolboxes to grow from their hands. Unathi move faster the hotter they are, the fastest being when on fire, consequently they move slower if cold and are completely stunned if exposed to freezing water/air. Vulpkanin constantly shed small parts of their fur, perfect for driving the janitor mad and making the surgery ward an even bigger biohazard than before. You can use a plasma man as a substitute for a singularity core, in case you manage to lose the old one. Random traitor ideas Lightling, the exact opposite of a shadowling, is added, have fun running around in total darkness to stay safe, thralls are identified by glowing eyes, so have fun kidan boys. In case a nuke ops flukes, a HONK Syndicate Squad is automatically called in. Abductors and Nuke ops can now happen at the same time, watch people metagame the fuck out the moment you abduct the HOP. Entrepreneuring tator engineers can now create themselves a Tesla car, literally a small Tesla orb with wheels and a steering wheel. The IAA can now be a traitor.... Of boredom, objectives include pressing the HOS into suicide over the paperwork and making sure the clown is straightjacketed and getting mental help. None of these are to be taken seriously, thus the title.
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    Yes, I am C H E S T E R and it is E G G T I M E
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    @ZN23X yes! I believe we were planning it out around March of 2017, but didn't become canon until around December of 2017. Her name is Nora (or Eleanora) she's a cute slime baby!! And clearly I needs to draw more Daddy Alex.
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    Another round, another day in medbay Being a surgeon, i quickly grab my usual gear and set up an OR with ease, handing off my defib to a paramedic and acquiring two medkits for some reason..... Now, over comms, i quickly hear some chatter from my fellow doctors, turns out one of them, a fellow named Jean, wants to become a surgeon apprentice. I quickly volunteer (as the only) surgeon, CMO gets him reassigned to me, where i quickly see Jean is essentially a greytider but in medical clothes. No really, bald, black eyes, but thankfully very talkative and open minded, lovely fellow. I acquire him some red surgical scrubs, to differentiate him from my blue scrubs, and get him to put on a mask and gloves, then wash hands, afterwards, i acquire us a humanized monkey. I teach him the very basics, cut, clamp, retract, then continue with the other steps, such as drilling, sawing and cauterizing. He`s very open-minded, quickly doing what i show him. A guy i presume decided to jump from a tall ledge without a parachute, rolls into medbay, every damm bone broken. I shove the monkey aside and start preparing to fix his.... well, everything. I explain everything i do to Jean and let him do the bone repair steps, gel, set, gel, then patch the patient up. We do this to two of his seven affected body parts before we see he`s gone SSD. Another fella waltzes in, IB, i shove off the SSD fella and begin. I let Jean do it this time, cut, clamp, retract, then show him the fix-o-vein, unfortunatly we didnt put the patient under, so Jean fails a few times, damaging the patient, he grows anxious from it, thinking i`ll judge, which i dont, because he was a newbie, i let a borg do it instead. The shift goes on, after a few, less severe cases, where i`ve let Jean do the steps, RND delivers the fancy IMS surgery tools. Jean is amazed and confused, never having seen those before. When he finds out the IMS essentially does the first three steps of any surgery FOR him, he`s sold. With it, he patches up more patients, doing better and faster each time. A guy that wants to be implanted comes in, we agree, and i teach Jean about implants and how you put them in. After he`s done, having done everything according to my instructions, i decide i have taught him enough and get him promoted from "Assistant Surgeon" to "Surgeon". He`s overjoyed, so am i, we highfive and cheer, before returning to medbay to get back to work. At this point, im tired, but happy, i say goodbye, hand him the IMS and head to cryo. ..... It`s shifts like these that draw you to the game, at least for me. And to Jean? If he reads this, i`m bloody proud of ya.