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    In reference to this birb meme I drew this
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    Just had a crazy changeling round that I had to share, as it was all over the place with a more "stealthy" overtone. So, round start, and in walks our villain, Lox, the plasma-meme atmos tech. My objectives are to kill and become Qay, the station engineer and to steal the HoS's antique laser pistol. The round starts off simple enough. I set up the very basics of atmos (max those gas filters) and give a hand to the other atmos tech in setting up the turbine. I start thinking about how to infiltrate security for that pistol when :g starts spouting off how the librarian just went into changeling stasis and was about to blow our cover. I don't give it much attention and decide that the best way to get into security is to body swap an officer in order to maintain their sec implant. I go about collecting supplies, NoX gas, cuffs, etc. Suddenly, the ERT arrives on station not even 40 minutes in. Change in plans, if I can become an ERT, I can own the station. Two ERT officers step off the shuttle at arrivals and walk past me. Good, only two of them to deal with. Now to set the trap...I rig a prox sensor to an igniter and throw it onto a welding tank. I set the activation timer to 40 seconds, and shove it in the airlock to the ERT shuttle, hiding it under the door itself. Next, I cut the station cameras in the intimidate area and cut the AI wire for the airlocks to cargo maint, just in case things go south. Next, I convert the vacant office to my own little cling office. I remove the glass from the airlock for some privacy, and set the door access to atmos only. Now to lure in my prey. Lox: "ERT someone is breaking into your shuttle!" While waiting for my clearly genius and fool-proof plan to take hold, a curious station engineer decides to investigate the ERT shuttle. This goes about as well as you would imagine. The engineer looses a leg, two sec officers show up to investigate, and I decide to cut my losses. I figure if I can't nab an ERT, I could at least go with my original plan of becoming a sec officer. I wait for the officers to split up, and fire a tentacle at the one in riot armor since he was a bit slower and fell behind. But I missed and he kept walking off screen. About this time the pogo engineer is getting back to his feet foot, so I tentacle and drag him into my cling office. This is when I notice that he is clearly new, and doesn't actually know what a changeling is (also typing "lol" IC and not immediately screaming over comms being a giveaway). I decide to let him live, and play it off with a casual "Yeah I dragged you in here to say sorry because that trap wasn't meant for you." He's cool with it and is just over-all interested in what just happened and how do you have a tentacle etc. I drag him to medbay and don't see him for the rest of the shift. Anyway, back to the plan. As I head back to my vacant office the same two officers from earlier pass me. Me, being an atmos tech, make up an excuse and start repairing the hole I made not too long ago. I'm meet with an immediate shotgun blast to the chest. So here I am, lying stunned on the ground, with two officers, an ERT member, and a medic standing over me. Rather then trying to fight my way out of this situation, I decide to play innocent. "What the fuck, you shot me!" The ERT member, trying to figure out what the fuck is going on, asks the sec officer that is putting me in cuffs as to why he decided to KOS. The officer explains that he saw me shooting my tentacle earlier (shit) and that he was sure I was a cling. The next 20 minutes is me exaggerating how badly I'm hurt (*Gasp *Faint) and trying to worm my way out of it. So now I'm in security with a broken rib cage, under the control of the ERT member. The station is in pure chaos and aside from the one officer's word, there is no proof of my changeling-ness. The ERT starts to lean more and more in my favor of innocence, and even fixes up my busted ribs. After some arguing and me wailing about how I was shot unprovoked, the ERT and magistrate (that was now very interested in the shotgun-wielding officer) decide that they will let me go on two conditions. One, I get tracking implanted. Two, the shotgun officer is now my best bud and I'm not to leave his sight. We agree to the terms and I play along, even going as far as to drag the officer around the station with me. So what do I do in this situation? Robust the officer with some quick slips and stuns? Pull out an armblade and rip his head off? Nah. It's time for an industrial accident. So we head to atmos, with me explaining what the pipes do and the officer actually curious as to how it all works. I offer to show him the turbine and he agrees, so off into maint we go. Side story, Slith had the same idea of using the turbine room for nefarious deeds and when I walk in with the officer in tow we are greeted with an interesting sight. A hissing tunnel-lizard dragging a corpse out of the room through a hidden door in the wall. (Sorry for interrupting.) Dumbstruck, my parole officer just stands there and says "Not my job." Well alright, so where was I? Ah yes. I bring him to the turbine and show him the combustion chamber, which is already fired up. Now a little bit background for non-atmos techs, the atmos hardsuit is very special in that it is completely immune to even the hottest of plasma fire outbreaks. Security riot suits, however, are not. I'm sure you can see where this is going. Que the "accidental malfunction" of the containment airlock (I stood in the airlock and cycled, forcing both to remain open). I use mute sting on the suspicious officer to silence his screams of agony, and a steam of hot plasma floods the room. He's dead in under 10 seconds. This is also where I find the HoS's antique laser pistol, just sitting on the floor from Slith's interrupted abduction. So now I have the pistol, but at this point I'm determined to become this sec officer that put lead into my chest. Now, instead of just taking his DNA and appearing to become him, I want to body swap with his corpse so that I can BECOME him (and, most importantly, get his sec implant). But if I were to swap with his corpse with no planning, he would just put me in cuffs and drag me to the incinerator before I could use regenerative stasis. So, the question is, how do I both swap with the corpse and incapacitate the officer when he gains control of my body? Remember that NoX gas I got at round start? So, here's the plan. I drag his corpse to the atmos maint closet between the turbine and engineering, give myself the gas and make the body swap just before losing consciousness. What could go wrong? In walks (rolls?) an engineering borg to figure out why the turbine is screaming atmos and fire alarms. Shit. Thinking quickly (panicking) I explain to the borg that while I was showing off the turbine to a curious member of security, he opened the airlock and flooded the room, killing himself and setting off the alarms. The friendly borg does not question this explanation, fully believing that shitcurity would be dumb enough to do just that, and grabs hold of the corpse to bring to medical. However, I am not done with my prize quite yet. I pull the body away from the borg, and explain that I'll take him to medical myself. I ask the borg if he can fix the now super-heated turbine room and fix the atmos alarms, and the borg happily agrees. 10 minutes later I am a fully bonafied member of security, complete with an intact security implant. For good measure I drag my old corpse with the officer's soul inside to the chapel, beating the corpse with my baton to sell the charade. Screaming over the security radio frequency that Lox in fact WAS a changeling and that he tried to kill me, the AI happily lets me into the chapel and turns on the incinerator after I throw in my old corpse with no questions asked. I even yell "Told you so!" over comms to the ERT member that suggest the parole idea in the first place. +1 to appearances. Now all that is left is to become Qay, the engineer. I head to medical and ask for a way to track crew members. Being a security officer, they do not question this request and are happy to give me a crew monitor. No luck, he's not on sensors. Deciding to check the morgue, I walk into cloning when I notice a pile of engineering-related items on the floor, with an ID that reads "Qay, Station engineer." What luck! He's currently in the cloner at 80% and about to pop out! I start collecting his (my) belongings when the medical technician that was running the cloning tubes asked me what I was doing. I'm arresting this engineer as soon as he is done cloning. "Oh, okay!" My target pops out, I throw him in cuffs, and start dragging him to security. I explain that he is under arrest, and take a shortcut through dorms into security maintenance. Except, I'm not a security officer, I'm not arresting him, and I'm not taking him to security. In fact, I'm taking him to the security atmospherics maintenance room (you think I would leave my old ID with the body?) and quickly mute-sting him. I start squeezing the life out of his body and tell him not to worry, that it'll be over soon. He gives a sad nod before expiring, and I begin the process of corpse swapping once again. Same procedure, however this time I'm doing it to get rid of that implant from earlier. Long story short, their bodies are never found, Qay's (I'm) never questioned as I walk onto the shuttle in my new (his) body, and I greentext when the shuttle docks. Yep. Definatly greentexted. Totally didn't get spaced out a shuttle breach 4 seconds before docking at CC. Yeap...
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    Wizard gamemode literally relies on one single person, and in most cases, said person will die in few minutes resulting in round not even reaching 20 minute mark, because its rare to get that role and is very easy to screw up/get lynched by crew. If that gamemode instead would be replaced with raging mages, such rounds would have more action in it, more people can roll for wizard and whole station will be affected by this gamemode, which won't result in <20 minute extended. It will require tweaking and nerfing/buffing few spells since slaughter/laughter demons are already very devastating, but if it'd be done right, we will have magical version of nuke ops, which is way better than wizard which we have now.
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    Told you it was the last one. Im really enjoying this drawing, but my handwriting is less than desired, to say the least. When I figure out how to merge the layers text creates in firealpaca, I'll be sure to update this image though.
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    The history is repeating itself!
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    Name: Pretzel Brassheart (PTL-303) Age: >Year Gender: Female Race: Integrated Positronic Chassis Blood Type: N/A General Occupational Role(s): Lab Assistant/Gateway Explorer Qualifications: Basic RnD Employment Records: Has been working with Nanotrasen since she was first constructed. Security Records: N/A Medical Records: If damaged please Bring to Robotics. Personnel Photo (Appearance text): "A very clean and well made IPC that stands at 5'5." Commendations [only to be added by admin]: Reprimands [only to be added by admin]: Other Notes: Was made with little to no knowledge of the world, leading to the beginning of her life being extremely confusing for her. Being called PTL-303 is seen as a negative. Like calling a child their full name.
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    @Spartan and I are in a bit of a disagreement?
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    Here we have Kerri, E.L.O, and MURA-128
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    Been some time since I updated this topic. Here's a chemist sue pic in which I tried to get hands to work but lack of foresight made it really hard to get any good looking ones in, so I said eh! Figured I spent enough time on the drawing so I just left feet/hands as is. Tried to get more shading in though.
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    Good morning, Scrubs. Doctor Nyla Morgan here. You may have walked into me before, seen me work. You’ll probably know me as the head of security, but to some, I am The Surgeon. Yes, yes.. I know what you’re thinking “How are you so good at what you do?” and yes, you are right, I’ve put a lot of hard work and guts into becoming who I am. But there is nothing keeping you from achieving this level of expertise as well. All it takes is a good teacher. And whaddya know? I’m right here. So, you want a lesson about medical treatment? Glad you’re interested. Many people sign up as medical personnel and can’t tell the difference between a femur and a tumor.. What? You can’t? Oh boy.. Alright, take notes, Scrubs. Lesson Number One: The Medbay You’ve arrived in the NSS Cyberiad’s state of the art medical ward. (Unless you are the brig physician. In this case, skip to Lesson Number Two: Preparation) What makes it state of the art? Two sleepers, both of which are located aft of the entrance. Aft? That’s south. Four Body Scanners, the green thing that lets you see inside the patients. Four Nanomeds, that can vend all kinds of medical equipment. Three Cryo Tubes, two directly next of the sleepers, one in the starboad ward, also housing; The Cloning Lab, which lets you clone people. Also located in the starboard ward are; The CMO Office and the; Genetics Lab, which uses radiation to gain superpowers. Surgery is situationed aft of the sleepers. Virology is located even further south. Home of diseases and sometimes cures. Medical Storage, containing spare medicine and equipment, located between cloning and; Chemistry, starboard of the lobby. Directly opposite of; The Reception, where nobody ever sits. Also housing the paramedic’s garage. Lesson Number Two: Preparation Intimately familiar with your workplace? Good. Cause now, you’ll have to use it. Check your headset. Say “:m Testing” to announce your presence. Or use “:m Hi” instead. Don’t care which. Just make it known that you are there. Kay? First, swing by the medical storage and open the lockers on the right. Each one’s got some nice stuff in it, but we’re only interested in the defibrillator. Grab it. Close the lockers. Don’t want people stealing our stuff, right? Now you want to grab some handy tools. Equip a medical belt Open the locker next to the shelf, put a pill bottle and an Epipen into your belt. On the table, you’ll find Medical Huds. You guessed it: put one on. Now you can see the health of the crew. Green is good. Orange, not so much. Red is bad, Dark Red? Stabilize them. Get out of the storage after locking everything. Toss the defibrillator on the table between the cryotubes. Put one of the blue beakers into each tube. Start up the freezer or they won’t work. Turn the temperature down all the way. Do the same in cloning. Look in your backpack. The internals box contains an epipen. Put that on your belt. The first aid box? Epipen. Belt. Your first aid box also contains a health scanner. Put that in your labcoat, on your labcoat, or into a pocket. Get to one of the NanoMed Vendors and vend a health scanner upgrade and install it. It’ll show you more detailed information now. Later on, fill your pill bottle with some Synthflesh patches, SR and Saline Glucose pills from chemistry, if they made any. What do you have now? A med hud. A medical belt, with a pillbox and 3 epi pens. An upgraded health scanner. Cryo tubes are set up, a defibrillator is on standby. Do not keep it on your person. Brig Physician? Grab a medical headset from the medical storage locker, use a screwdriver, pick up the encryption key and put it into you bowman headset. Test it with :m and throw the used medical headset in the trash. Ask politely if you may take the spare defibrillator in the storage. Surgeon? Open the upper locker in the the Operating Room. Grab the duffel bag and put your surgery tools inside. Equip your gear, put the defibrillator on the table, lock the locker. Behind you, there’s the anesthetics locker. Take a mask and a tank, put them on the table. Lock it. In the OR Storage, you grab a mask out of a box, the cleaner bottle, leave the IV Drip and the Blood Bags for now. Head over to a NanoMed vendor and put one Spaceacillin Syringe in your belt. That’s all. Oh, one thing I should mention: For the love of god, if I see you carrying around the duffel bag with the tools, I will personally kick you ass. Chemist? Open the chemistry wardrobe and use a gas mask to protect yourself from any fumes, grab a chemistry bag as well. Wear your scientist goggles to see all reagents inside a container. Absolutely NEVER mix water with potassium. Set the Chemical Heater to 1000K. Always make Synthflesh Patches, Mitocholide bottles, 1u Strange Reagent Pills, Formaldehyde bottles, Charcoal Pills. Saline Glucose Solution mixed with Iron is great to restore blood. Make some of those pills as well. Lesson Number Three: Treating patients People will slowly trickle into the medbay for now. Their injuries will usually range from minor burns and brute damage to braindamage workplace related injuries. Nothing a Sleeper won’t be able to fix. They have an endless supply of chemicals. Brute is fixed with Styptic Powder. About 2u for 1 point of damage. Burns are healed with Silver Sulfadiazine. Same dosage. Toxins are purged with Charcoal from the Nanomed. 1u heals about 2 points of damage. Oxygen is treated with Salbutamol. The surgeons will be thankful if you use a lot of it. 10 u Epinephrine when patients are critical. Trust me, it saves lives. Injuries that aren’t healing? Robotic limbs. Send ‘em to get tools and patch it up. Give the patient a scan in the green body scanner afterwards. Anything showing up there? Internal Bleeding? Liver damage? Broken bones? Send them down to the surgery rooms, after telling them what the scanner said. Later on, your sleeper may be upgraded by the scientists. You’ll get advanced chemicals that are extremely useful. Pentetic Acid treats Toxins, but causes burn and brute. Good at purging poisons, too. Omnizine will heal all injuries. Do not overdose. Go with ~10u. Mutadone for people that are shaking, mute, give off radiation.. It fixes genetic mishaps. Occuline will treat most eye damage and fixes deafness. Mannitol will fix brain damage. If people are bleeding, often times they can be fixed with Styptic Powder. Give them a scan for Internal Bleeding. Administer a maximum dose of Salbutamol, some Saline Glucose Solution and Iron. Send them to surgery, stat. 90% blood level is ok. 85% is still fine. (Should they be a donor, stop now.) 80% can become troublesome. 75% will start making them pass out. Consider a blood bag. 60% is really bad. Use a blood bag. Lesson Number Four: Oh no! A corpse! Aaah yes. A dead body. Sooner or later, you’ll encounter a deceased crewmember, be it in the lobby, cloning, the morgue, or even in surgery. There’s nothing wrong with that. Do not freak out. Stay calm. What should you do? Just remember D.E.A.D. Defibrillate Epinephrine Analyse and treat Defibrillate Should they not come back to life after D.E.A.D. inject them with formaldehyde to keep their body from rotting. Should push come to shove, you will save the surgeons a lot of trouble this way. Now, here we go. The big one. The one thing many of the new scrubs get wrong. The one chemical that can make you a hero, or the dumbass that gets fired for malpractice. Strange Reagent Consisting of holy water, unstable mutagen and omnizine, a 1u pill of this stuff will revive a dead person. Granted, their soul still wishes to reside in their body (If their player wants to play.) Fix them up. Injections and digestion won’t work on a corpse, they cannot metabolise chemicals. Use Synthflesh patches, they will treat burns and brute. Your first aid kit? It’s got two stacks of advanced burn and advanced trauma kits. 6 uses. Apply them locally on the corpse. Usually the head, torso, lower body. Limbs tend to be robotic and won’t work. Use your health scanner again. Are they below 90 combined brute and burn damage? If so, use your Strange Reagent pill on them. They should still have Epinephrine in them from D.E.A.D. so they should be ok for about 30 to 40 seconds. Depending on the cause of death, administer charcoal and salbutamol. Put them into the cryotube, SR gave them Genetic Damage. Give them a body scan. Infections? Spaceacillin. Dead organs or septic limbs? Scream for Mitocholide and A surgeon that knows their stuff. Do not use Strange Reagent unless you fixed them to below 90 combined brute and burn damage. I know what you’re thinking: “But Nyla, it only gibs at 150 combined damage” And yes. Yes, you are absolutely right. BUT: It also takes gene damage into consideration. Which usually clocks in at 50 points. 90 brute/burn total + 50 genetic damage = 140 total. SR is safe. Lesson Number Five: Surgery and You Here’s my personal forte. The field that I shine in. Now, follow my lesson, and you too, will surpass your status as a glorified butcher, and become a surgeon. However, do not take me as an example. I am an extremely experienced surgeon. I rely on speed, more than anything. Do not do this, unless you know what you are doing. If you see me ether a patient, then drag him onto my table without a scanner print, that is bad form. You do not do that. Unless you know you can pull it off, it is malpractice. Here is what you do: Look at the operating computer. It will show you the next step in your surgery. There is no shame in using it for reference. Be confident in your abilities and know your limits. If you know you can perform a surgery, go for it. An IB surgery can be quick and easy. Anesthetics, cut, clamp, fix the vein, cauterize. However, if you are unsure if you can fix a septic limb? Call for help. (There is no need to be ashamed to look at the operating computer and the wiki for refernce.) Have the wiki open. There is no excuse to not do this. Even I sometimes have it open, even though I don't need it. Be prepared. Have anesthetics on your table. Have the surgery back on it. Have a bottle of Mitocholide, a dropper set to 1u and an empty beaker to put it into. The Spaceacillin syringe from Lesson 2? Infections. 5u should suffice. 10u to make sure. 15 if they had septic parts and you want to be on the safe side. Never put anesthetics on Vox or Plasmamen. Use Hydrocodone or Ether. I’d suggest to stay away from morphine. Know your steps. Every surgery starts with the scalpel, hemostat and retractor combination. (Exceptions are plastic surgery and amputation) Do not think more than two steps ahead. Keep your focus. Yes, you will want to use the bonegel and bonesetter to mend the chest… But first you have to get in there and fix the organs. Difficult Surgeries: Alright, your friendly neighbourhood voxy is dragged in. Give them a quick first look. Are they bleeding? Judging by the blood on the floor… I’d say yeah. Are they gasping? Might be from the blood loss. Might be something more severe. Do they have their breather mask on? Can’t see? Ah well.. Are they conscious? Doesn’t look like it. Their health bar is dark red. Stop picking your nose. Epinephrine, stat. Pump them full of salbutamol, they’re bleeding. If you see toxin build up, administer charcoal and try turning on their internals. Use the body scanner. What’s that? Chest is broken and has internal bleeding. Lungs are ruptured. Liver’s dead. Skull is broken. Brain is injured. Left leg is septic. Left arm is broken and has Internal bleeding. Blood level at 45% O- Yes. This happens often. Now’s your time to shine, Scrub. First, you ether them. 20u if you’re quick. You're not, use more. (Dialysis if you’re done too quick) Yell for Mitocholide in your OR (OR1 is left, OR2 is right) Remove the left leg, this is the most vital part for now. Select their left leg Scalpel, amputation, Bonesaw. Put your tools away, you’ll need both hands. Take the dropper, right click it, set transfer amount, 1u. Take 1u of mito, put it into the empty beaker. Grab their leg from the floor, splash the beaker on it. Scalpel, leg, hemostat, Spaceacilling syringe 5u. Their leg is done. Far from over, Scrubs. Remove the liver. Select their lower body. Scalpel, organ manipulation, scalpel, hemostat, retractor, hemostat, select liver. Do the same you did with the leg. Put the liver into their body, use the brute kit, retractor, cautery, the other 10u of spaceacillin. OR Theatre Storage. Quick. Grab the IV Drip. Take an O- bloodbag from the freezer and put it in the drip. Pull it to the vox. Drag the Drip’s sprite onto the Vox’ sprite. Continue surgery. Fix the internal bleeding. If you were quick, the Vox should be at around 30% to 35% blood. The drip should bring that up by 25%. First, go for the lungs. Select their upper body Scalpel, organ manipulation, scalpel, hemostat, retractor, bonesaw, retractor, brute kit, retractor, bone gel, bone setter, bone gel, cautery. Done. Fix the internal bleeding on the chest, yes, it's separate from the lungs. Select their upper body. Scalpel, Internal Bleeding, Scalpel, hemostat, retractor, Fix-O-Vein, cautery. Same with the arm. If you were quick, the vox should be at 50% bloodlevel now. Unplug them from the drip (same as attaching them) Drag the vox to a sleeper. Salbutamol. More Ether. (Styptic if you’ve hurt them. It happens with ether.) Grab another bloodbag. Back to surgery. Click the drip with an empty hand, insert the new bloodbag. Attach the vox. At this point, the vox will slowly stabilise, if you’ve cauterized all the wounds. But you are not done. Fix their brain as you fixed their lung, this will take care of the broken skull as well. Next you fix their broken arm. Take your cleaner bottle, aim behind the surgery table, clean the vox and the floor of blood. Put them in the scanner, see if you’ve missed something. All good? Shake the Vox awake “All good.” Move to the sink, wash your hands, open the door for your patient. “Take care.” You are no longer a Scrub.
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    Last meal - meat pie (told him afterwards it was human) Last smoke - embellished enigmas. Last words "I'm a changling"
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    Arts. My only good drawing was the duck and the tiny devil slime.
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    Behold! A paleblood sky! Commission for wimphyena on tumblr.
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    This is the admin censor organisation. That picture above me is a fake and you shouldn't pay attention to it. None of the admins were involved in this (especially not someone named "Normalyman") and no servers were broken in the process. There were no restarts. Move along please @BottomQuark
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    So that happend to Xann, don't ask. I don't know myself
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    An idea I had would be a NT-owned shuttle coming to the Cyberiad, and needing to be repaired before it could be sent off. It would dock where the Emergency shuttle would normally, be, and need to be rebuilt to repair any hull breaches, broken tech, and resupplied. It could keep all of the departments busy, with Engineering repairing it, and Security keeping it secure. Science could need a certain R&D level to repair a computer on it, with mining bringing them the supplies to make it. And then Supply and Medical could be needed to stock it up before sending it out. Maybe even have an injured pilot need to be cared for? Main issues I can think of, is that it would require an above-average amount of admin involvement, and might impede calling the Emergency Shuttle until it is sent off.
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    Ya I agree with Wolf here, ten out of ten silly!
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    Drew a "Meet the Artist" kind of thingy... Here's some sketches! Here's a buff Ansari And then I sketched this up to try an convince Ansari to give his character a cute sister.
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    Either way, you make too much noise.
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    Vox Armalises. Armali? Whatever the plural is, after a visit to the station to check on their kin. Surprisingly well behaved crew - ofc the one shift where there was only 3 vox
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    Name: Lyn Atan Age: 21 Gender: Male Race: Unathi Blood Type: A+ General Occupational Role(s): Brid Doctor Engineer Medical Doctor Biography: Lyn does not seem to share much of his history to the crew however our contacts on Moghes have been able to find some information, please check security records for more information Even though Lyn's last name is Atan he belonged to the "Bikketuz" Clan on Moghes (Please see security records for more information on "Bikketuz"). He Attempted to gain employment with Nanotrasen Q1 2560. In his original testing he showed to have Skill for medical and engineering knowledge, The medical knowledge most likely factoring from his time acting as a "street doctor" on Moghes. and the Engineering is unknown where he learned it from. Q2 2561 he was accepted into the Engineer training program. He picked up the basic knowledge on Engine and Solar tech however he fell behind on most machine construction. He appears to have come to NT in hopes of escaping his clan life Qualifications: NT basic engineering program NT advanced engine program NT basic medical training NT advanced medical training NT Basic field surgical training NT basic brig security training Whatever "the streets" counts for medical training (almost nothing) Employment Records: (past) Medic for the Bikketuz clan (current) Crew Member aboard the NSS Cyberiad Security Records: [Clearance: Security] Some background into his clan shows they are a clan of exiles. they mostly kept to themselves in the sketcher parts of cities and towns moving around. Due to their exile nature the level of crime would raise whenever they entered a city, partly due to their impoverished situation. A few members of said "clan" have been said to kill for food and or money however our local resources to not seem to believe Lyn was connected to the criminal section and more along the lines of one of the clan's doctors, fixing his clanmates when they are injured during their crimes. Do to his willingness to join NT and the fact that he did not directly commit any crimes that we could link him to he. We consider him to be fit for all duty however close observation is recommended due to his connections to the underworld. Medical Records: Clean bill of health Personnel Photo (Appearance text): A male Unathi standing about 6'2" , He appears to be albino with white scales and pink eyes.. He has a thin build. His head has two short blue horns on it and his facial struction is more feminine then most male Unathi however he is still noticeably male. He appears to have a small scar under his left eye Commendations [only to be added by admin]: Reprimands [only to be added by admin]: Other Notes: It has been noticed that he switches between first and third person depending on who he is speaking to. He has been shown to mostly spend his time with other Unathi crewmembers and appears to be untrusting of people from outside his own species unless they have done something to earn his trust or was introduced by another Unathi. He appears to be somewhat racist against humans however this does not seems to affect his work ethics, He primarily avoids talking to them during his down time.
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    oh, single round thing. I was thinking just implement a tiered rating system where admins can award a rank/rating to players with good roleplay. It would give rewards in a tier and incentivize, y'know, roleplaying. Give them a royal crown.
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    If you're advocating for "changing forms" being proof of a cling, you're effectively advocating for the current policy (which is kill on sight). You were arguing to remove kill on sight, which would mean direct evidence of a murder would be required (changelings have a tendency to change forms, which makes forensic evidence a little difficult understandably). This would mean the vast majority of changelings (upwards of 90% because very few are actually caught "in the act") would be sent to science. Your idea for sending them to science is to lock them in an impenetrable murderbox and prevent them from playing, but constantly waving a carrot that they might--by chance--have the opportunity to escape. Either this is going to result in locking a player in an impenetrable cell for several hours (which is an extremely dickish thing to do), or it's going to mean that the strongest lone antagonist next to wizard suddenly gets a get-out-of-jail free card because they can easily murder the scientist (a card which they really, really don't need). What happens if a changeling escapes? How do you prove it's that specific changeling that already escaped once before? This just ends up creating a cyclical non-solution to something that isn't a problem in the first place.
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    Abbreviations for common terms used on the server. RP: Roleplay - To take up a character and act like they would, performing out their emotions, feelings, characteristics and actions. IC: In Character - When you are Roleplaying and are in your character. OOC: Out of Character - This has two applications within the server. Something done outside of your character, this may be a list of things but all boil down to things that would not been done while In Character. To use the server wide OOC chat, where you may talk OOCly with other players about various things. LOOC: Local Out of Character - Only the people near your character will see this out of character text. Deadchat: A special chat for observers/ghosts who've died in game. People are free to discuss current round information in this chat, and it is considered to be another form of OOC. SSD: Sudden Sleep Disorder - When a player disconnects or loses connection, his character will fall over and begin to sleep. This phenomenon is referred to as going ‘SSD.’ Antag: Antagonist - A player that has gotten an antagonist role, designed to add some chaos to the round to make things fun. Valid: Mostly referring to Antagonists that are able to be killed by other players under any context. Certain Antagonists (Nuke ops, Wizard, Blob, Xenos, Terror Spiders) are all considered valid, while others (Traitor, Changeling, Cult, Shadowlings) are not. Cluwnes are always valid under any and all circumstances. Murderboning: Excessive Killing - A player who excessively kills everyone in his path not because he has to but rather he wants to do so. Self Antaging: Antagonizing without being an Antag - Self Antaging refers to players who decide to do actions that normally only a Antagonist would do, i.e; Murdering other players, heavily damaging the station or causing chaos on a mass scale. Disclaimer: Paradise Station is a private server. The Server Staff reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone they believe is detrimental to the server and its community. Even if no Rules are broken, but we believe the spirit of them has been, we may ban you. This decision will not be made on the spot, and will require discussion and consent of the Senior Staff Rule 0: Don't be a dick Practice common sense while consulting these rules. The general idea counts, not the exact wording. The rules are guidelines for the server and should be interpreted to suit the situation at hand, not manipulated to suit your needs. Attempting to Rules-Lawyer an Administrator is never a good idea, and likely to result in harsher punishment The Server Staff retains the right to issue Permanent Bans to players that they consider to be a consistent net negative to the community and server, without the need for any specific Rule to be broken. Rule 1: Listen to the Admins The Staff Members have final say on the server. If you are banned or job banned from the server, you are to write an appeal instead of continuing the conversation via Adminhelp or Discord messages. The Adminhelp system is not to be spammed. If you do not get a response, the Administrators are either busy with other matters or not available. If no Administrators are available, you may take your request to the forums if needed. If an Administrator asks you to stop arguing over the in-game PMs, you must stop but may take it to the Review Board; We hold the right to deem a Ckey inappropriate to the server and can ask you to make a separate account to log in with. Examples of inappropriateness include, but are not limited to, excessive vulgar language, bigotry or references to real life celebrities; When in doubt, Adminhelp any question you may have about the Server Rules. Rule 2: Roleplaying Standards The following behaviors are prohibited on Paradise Station: Metagaming (using OOC information acquired via means unavailable to other players. Examples include, but are not limited to, third-party software or direct, physical communication). This includes streaming; inform the Server Staff before streaming a round; Placing current round information into OOC chat (IC in OOC); Using LOOC to talk to others to give them current round information. This applies to Ghosts as well. If you want to provide minor instruction to a nearby player, please inform the Server Staff before doing so; Using multiple accounts for yourself during a round (Multikeying) is not allowed. Simply having multiple accounts, by itself, is permitted - but we require you to inform us so we can add a note that these accounts are both yours; When it comes to suiciding, do not suicide upon getting caught, or when converted by a conversion Antagonist. Regarding Roleplaying: Obligatory Wikipedia link. Paradise Station is a Medium Roleplaying Server. This means that we do not expect players to completely and absolutely immerse themselves in the universe of the game. However, we still expect players to act in-character at all times, in a manner befitting the overall scenario: that of working aboard a high-tech research space station owned by a Galactic MegaCorp with dubious moral standards. We do not restrict knowledge on any Antagonists, but you may pick and choose what your character knows. Similarly, we do not enforce Clone Memory Disorder (amnesia after cloning/borging), but you may freely play it straight in your character. We also do not restrict knowledge based on your job. Administrators may ask you to change your behavior if it is seen by the Server Staff as damaging the IC atmosphere of the server. Examples include, but are not limited to: references to memes or real life events, full reference characters (such as a Diona named Groot who says nothing but "I am Groot"), or an excessive amount of unserious, out-of-universe behavior in an IC context (with the obvious exception of the Clown and Mime). Regarding Non-Serious and/or Improper character names: Your character is an employee of a powerful corporation serving on a cutting edge space station. Names should be context appropriate and support appropriate role-play. The clown will have considerably more freedom of "meme" naming then the captain. Failing to adhere to these standards will result to either IC or OOC consequences (including changing the name) depending on play history, severity, subjective quality of role play (with a preference on "medium") and OOC factors. If you think a name should be allowed that an admins thinks of otherwise, this can be sent for review. However, until the review is finalized, the decision of the admin at the time remains. Regarding In-Character speech: The use of ‘Netspeak’( Th15 15 1337 sp33k), Internet Acronyms ("lol", "lmao", "rofl") and ‘Smilies’(:D) are prohibited from use in In-Character verbal chat but are allowed through IC written text such as a sheet of paper or PDA messaging. Regarding "Powergaming": The Server Staff retain the right to ask you to tone down what is perceived as being excessive powergaming that causes noticeable disruption to the rest of the playerbase. Powergaming is readily defined as the prioritization of amassing mechanical advantages for yourself, to the detriment of the enjoyment of others or the creation of interesting RP situations, and is to be avoided in favor of methods that both encourage and promote the fun of all parties involved in interactions where such moderation is possible. Regarding Flavour Text: Your character's flavor text should only contain information that any other character could discern at a glance. Any characteristic that would not be physically visible at a glance (such as personality, backstory, and so on) should not be included in the flavor text. Providing a link to drawn art of your character or your character bio/crew records is acceptable, though it must remain within SFW boundaries. Rule 3: SSD Players SSD Players are players that have disconnected from the game. They can be identified by examining them, which will reveal that “They have suddenly fallen asleep!”, or by clicking on them with Help Intent selected, which will outright tell you they are SSD. You may not touch or interact with people under the influence of 'Sudden Sleep Disorder' except to pull them to Cryodorms and place them in a Cryosleeper, to provide medical care to SSD players, such as medication or surgery, or to remove them from an immediate life threatening situation, such as a plasma fire; Even if the person in question who goes SSD is wanted, you may not arrest them without Adminhelping for permission. Likewise, you may not kill them if they are your assassination target. In this last case, place them in Cryodorms, and after they are removed from the round, you will automatically be given a new target; If the person goes SSD immediately after an arrest, you are free to continue processing and brigging them as if they were still awake. Likewise, if your assassination target goes SSD immediately after you begin attacking them, you are free to continue your assault; If you believe an SSD person needs to be interacted with (such as an SSD Captain needing to have their equipment removed), ask the Administrators first. Rule 4: Maintaining a Respectful Environment Under no circumstances is OOC harassment of another player allowed, regardless of who the victim is. Repeated IC harassment with little to no reason can be considered metagrudging; Racial, Homophobic, Ethnic, Religious, etc, slurs are not allowed ICly or OOCly. Terms such as "faggot" and "nigger", or any variations on them (such as "ligger", "furfag", etc.) are expressly not allowed. Interspecies racism is allowed (so long as no other Rules are broken), as it is considered IC; Excessive profanity in OOC is not allowed. Keep profanity to a minimum and completely stop if it begins to upset other players or you are asked to stop by a member of the Server Staff; Do not use the server to advertise other servers or for other commercial interests. An exception may be made if you seek Administrator approval (e,g, if you require help to test a server feature on a local testing server). Do not put down, invalidate, berate and/or otherwise insult any player, community or server. While anger, frustration, and abuse may be quite suitable ICly, you may be asked to stop by an Administrator if it is seen as over the top, spamming, or without good cause. You can easily enjoy your time on a specific server without having to share your disinterest or plain criticism of other ones. Rule 5: Play the Role you've chosen Choose the role based on what you want to spend the round doing; Choosing a Head of Staff role (such as Chief Medical Officer) means you will be expected to play to a higher standard of roleplay, seriousness and competence. You may be Jobbaned from Command if you fail to meet these standards, or if you ignore your duties; If you need to leave the round early as a member of Command, inform the rest of Command and Adminhelp it to inform the Administrators. Removing yourself from the round without doing this will lead to a Permanent Command Jobban; If for some emergency or technical issue you disconnect as a sensitive role and are Jobbanned on the pretense of leaving without notifying an Administrator, a quick appeal on the forums explaining what happened will solve the issue and revert the Jobban; Frequently joining a round, only to then leave if you did not get an Antagonist Role (Antag Fishing), is not permitted; If you choose to join as a more important role, such as a Doctor, Engineer or Security Officer, you are expected to be able to fulfill said role's duties to a reasonable extent when work is actually needed to be done. Using the job just for the equipment and then ignoring any emergencies that may require your attention consistently may lead to a Jobban; The following or not of SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) is an IC issue, and should be handled and enforced in-character, not via Adminhelp, unless the player in question runs afoul of other Server Rules or the behavior persists excessively over multiple rounds. However, jobs which specifically involve SoP - NT Rep , IAA and Magistrate - are required to follow it. Rule 6: Play Antagonists Responsibly Remember the goal of an Antagonist is to make the round exciting, fun, and dangerous, within limits. You should make an effort to add to the round, as opposed to simply completing your objectives and carrying on normally. The role of the Antagonist may pit you against the station. However, this is not grounds for murderboning the entire crew if your objective is to steal a jetpack, as you must work towards your objectives, not general mayhem. You may, however, antagonize/murder specific people who will help you complete your objective or who are hindering you from completing said objective. You are also permitted to freely defend yourself with lethal force if another player attempts to capture/hinder you; The “Die a Glorious Death” objective does not mean “Kill until killed”, nor is it an excuse to take a large segment of the station down with you; If you are not willing to act as an Antagonist, or if you have to leave the round midway, Adminhelp so someone else can fill your role; The “Hijack the Shuttle” objective means you are able to unleash whatever chaos is required on the station to accomplish your objectives. Certain rules, such as the ones concerning Metagaming and ERP, still apply. If in doubt, Adminhelp it; Lone Antagonists (Traitors, Changelings, Vampires, Malfunctioning AIs, Wizards) are under no obligation to work together, and are free to attack/hinder/mess with one another. However, Team Antagonists (Nuke Ops, Cult, Shadowlings, Abductors, Swarmers, Revolutionariess) must work together at all times; Antagonists are permitted to assist other antagonists with their objectives. They must tell you what their objectives are, before you can help them. They cannot simply request 'help'. They have to be specific about what the objective is, e.g: "The Syndicate asked me to kill X. Will you help?". This does not entitle you to mass-murder, or take other hijack-only actions, unless the person you are helping clearly tells you that they have hijack. If they do tell you that they have hijack, and you plan to help them by doing hijack-only actions, please ahelp this to let us know; Releasing the Singularity or the Tesla, tampering with Atmospherics, large scale destruction, or any other action that directly warrants a Shuttle Call, is reserved for those who have the "Hijack the Shuttle" Antagonist objective, or are a round-ending Antagonist by default (such as a Malfunctioning AI, Nuclear Operative or Wizard). The exception is if you have been given permission by the Server Staff; Antagonists are permitted to pursue their objectives even on the Escape Shuttle; Antagonists may not spawn camp the Arrivals Shuttle, or the immediate area, for late arrival victims Rule 7: Self-Antagging Some forms of Self-Antagging may be highly subjective. If an Administrator tells you to stop certain actions, you are to stop. An Administrator may also warn you if your general behavior over multiple rounds is becoming a problem, in which case you are to stop. If you need more clarification as to what behavior is a problem, you're highly encouraged to talk to the Server Staff about this. General Rules: Minor criminal activity is allowed as a Non-Antagonist. However, it will be considered Self-Antagging if it negatively affects a significant portion of the crew, or is done without any reasonable IC justification and/or provocation; The use of bombs as a Non-Antagonist is only acceptable in the bomb range, mining asteroid, and other Z-level variants. If you wish to use bombs on the station for any reason such as a Blob, Alien infestation, etc., contact the Server Staff and get their approval before doing anything; While the Escape Shuttle is in transit, Shuttle Grief is not allowed. Attacking people on the shuttle for any reason other than self-defense may lead to a Ban for Shuttle Griefing, with the exception of Antagonists completing their objectives. Violence is allowed once the shuttle has docked and end round statistics are displayed; Stealing high-value items (such as the Hand Teleporter) is generally considered Self-Antagging, as it is literally fulfilling the objectives of an Antagonist. If you believe that your theft of a high-value item is necessary given an emergency situation, please Adminhelp it first; Breaking people out of the Security Brig area is allowed as a Non-Antagonist to the extent of minor damage to the station. Releasing anyone from the Permabrig as a Non-Antagonist requires Administrator permission; Resisting arrest as a Non-Antagonist is allowed, but not to a lethal degree; Actively diverting Security personnel and resources away from an active and direct Antagonist threat in order to deal with you and your actions will be considered Self-Antagging; Claiming your character is a psychopath, has mental disorders, or any other related justification, does not change any of these rules, and is unacceptable as an excuse Assault and Self-Defense: Murder is not acceptable for non-antags. Killing should only be done in extreme self-defense, during an authorized execution, or in any situation Security can employ lethal force. If you wish to murder, or at least seriously injure, someone, Administrator permission is required; Violence capable of inflicting serious damage to someone, especially anything that places them into a critical state, is reserved for Antagonists. Outside Self-Defense, this kind of violence is not permitted; Self-defense is allowed to the extent of saving your own life. Putting someone into Critical Condition is considered self-defense only if they attempted to severely hurt/kill you. Preemptively disabling someone, responding with disproportionate force, or hitting someone while they are already down, is not self-defense; Minor assault and fistfights are acceptable, assuming that both players have a reasonable justification as to why the fight started. Assault without any provocation or warning is strictly disallowed under a majority of circumstances Clown and Mime: Being the Clown or Mime does not give you a license to break any Server Rules, much less any Rules regarding violence. You are here to entertain the crew, and can do so via light pranking, puns, jokes or artistic miming; While defining “humour” is, in fact, very difficult, actions like kidnapping, stabbing someone with a screwdriver or slipping people who are fighting Nuclear Operatives, should be avoided. Deliberately hampering the crew during a Code Red, or higher, crisis, will give them ample justification to retaliate accordingly. Rule 8: Validhunting It is only the job of Security to stop Antagonists. If you are not a member of Security, then hunting Antagonists is not something you should be doing. You may not drop your job, or go out of your way, to hunt Antagonists. You may, however, defend yourself or others from Antagonist attack if you happen to witness it; Antagonists that seek to destroy the station itself (Blob, Nuclear Operatives, Malfunctioning AI or Swarmers), or exterminate the whole crew (Xenomorphs or Wizards) are exempt from this Rule. However, players in jobs such as Medical, or Cargo, are expected to do those jobs if they are better suited to help the station; Evidence of Antagonist activity is required before you take steps to treat anyone as an Antagonist. For example, you may not force random people to drink holy water or randomly drag people into the Chapel Rule 9: Synthetics The order of the Laws is what determines the priority of the Laws. If two Laws contradict one another, you are to follow the one that is highest in the list, as it would overrule any contradictory Laws that come under it; Common sense is to be used with all default Lawsets – they have been installed by NT for the protection of the station and their interests. Rules Lawyering Lawsets in order to antagonize the crew is not allowed; As the AI, you may not ask for Law changes, attempt to force the crew to change your Laws, or prevent the Command staff from changing your Laws, unless you are an Antagonist, subverted, or your Laws require it. If you suspect a Law change to be grief, Adminhelp it, so it can be looked into, before you act on the new Law; The AI role is under the same scrutiny as Head of Staff roles. Administrators may Jobban you from this role if they feel you cannot live up to it. If you must leave the round as AI, announce to the crew that you are leaving, Adminhelp that you are leaving as AI, then use OOC -> Wipe Core. Failing to Adminhelp when leaving as AI is grounds for a permanent Jobban from AI; When performing duties as a Cyborg, you are to follow the same guidelines as the organic crewmembers charged with those tasks, unless your Laws state otherwise; Spamming AI Voice Announcements, or using it for long strings of nonsensical/unserious words, is not permitted. Rule 10: Corporate Security As a member of Security, higher standards of play are expected of you. You are expected to follow Space Law and Standard Operating Procedure correctly, when playing Security. Adminhelping or posting the words Synthetic Squid in an appeal will also let us know you've read the Rules; If you wish to RP a corrupt member of Security (taking bribes, beating a prisoner, etc), then Adminhelp for permission first. We're generally willing to give permission if the situation warrants it, or you have a valid justification Rule 11: Karma Trading Swapping Karma between friends repeatedly or other methods of 'Farming' is an offense that will result in being banned from the Karma system and all of its unlocks. Exchanging Karma between the same IP is forbidden as well Rule 12: Erotic Content As a general rule, anything more sexualized than kissing and hugging is considered ERP. We obviously cannot list all the fetishes that exist here, so please use common sense. Administrators may ask you to stop anything they feel is borderline, in which case you are to stop at once; Sexual innuendos, jokes, remarks, and comments are allowed to only a certain extent. They should not be used excessively and not overdone with details. Examples such as "Go blow one", "Eat a dick", or "Go twiddle the Captain" are fine; Linking any type of NSFW content anywhere on the server is strictly prohibited A massive thanks to Necaladun, Freestyla, SkyPing, Kyet, Scrubmcnoob, FlattestGuitar, Jedr, Fethas, LightFire and Saywat for putting up with my constant requests for nitpicks