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    Hiya! This is going to be a pretty long post considering it's kind of a big thing for me and I want to write out everything I can. I'll still be in discord if anyone's got any questions, but having a lot of answers in one place is probably a good idea. So you guys have probably noticed that I've been showing up less and less over the past few months up until now, until I've pretty much been entirely silent a good majority of the time. I've got busy work with school and the like to deal with since I've started at college, and I've been working more towards getting things settled life-wise. On top of that, my interests have shifted pretty significantly since around the start of summer, changing to different games and hobbies that I've been having a lot more fun with. I'm not nearly as in touch as I used to be, and I've been taking what feels like too much of a back-seated approach to headminning for some time, which, being an advocate for a much more active headmin role, doesn't sit right with me. I've had a lot of fun with you guys over these last 4 years, and I hope to continue to later, maybe as a player again, or as an admin if I ever find myself invested again, throwing about seals and random space horrors as usual. I've also met a lot of good people, some of whom I'm spending a lot more time with as of late, who've hopefully become lifelong friends of mine. For as eccentric and strange as the community is, the majority I've met are pretty awesome people, and I hope that doesn't change. As far as what I've been doing, I've been getting into other games and text roleplay with some of our community members and staff. Nonsense involving For Honor, Divinity OS 2, Pillars of Eternity 2, and some more casual stuff D&D with some people IRL (If you want my steam I'll throw it here https://steamcommunity.com/id/dumbdumn/ ). In terms of more serious stuff, I've been upholding my grades and handling my current job working for my university. With only so many hours in the week, all of these things combined makes it hard to focus and usually ends up in me jumping from one thing to the next without much of a coherent schedule. As of next week on Saturday, I'll be stepping down from my position and hanging around as a bluemin to see if less responsibility from the role has any effect on my activity or interest, since sometimes headminning and playing the game can feel more like work and less like a neat thing I can chill out with. If that doesn't work I still fully intend to stick around in the general discord, retired or not. That's about as general as I can make it without throwing in an information overload, but if you guys have questions or want to talk about something I'll be looking out for replies on this thread for the next few days. See you nerds around, Dumb.
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    This is a complete compilation of all Syndicate Traitor purchases for the last 30 days (22/09/18 - 22/10/18). I thought it would be fun for both admins and players to see what the buying habits of traitors are and discuss it, so with permission from @necaladun these are the lists for traitor item purchasing. I will insert two lists, one sorted by category on the uplink and one sorted by most purchased items. Note: This list filters out any nuclear operatives purchases. This only includes Traitors, Traitor Changeling and Traitor Vampires. This also does not include the item being gained through a surplus crate. Note 2: Due to logging issues, which do not effect our ability to administrate due to us easily able to find out what the item was during the round and was only found out via this statistic gathering, the following items are NOT included in the list: Energy Daggers, Sleepy Pens, Poison Pens, Syndicate Bombs and Power Beacons. For disclosure anyway, the combined amounts of Energy Daggers/Sleepy Pens/Poison pens was 196 and Syndicate Bombs/Power Beacons 54. All statistics below do not include these, including the telecrystal count. Note 3: This took 2 and a half hours to make kill me. TOTAL AMOUNT OF TELECRYSTALS SPENT: 16603 List via Category Job Specific Items Highly Visible and Dangerous Weapons Ammunition Stealthy and Inconspicuous Weapons Stealth and Camouflage Items Devices and Tools Space Suits and Hardsuits Implants (Pointless) Badassery List via Amount Purchased (Highest to Lowest) Cryptographic Sequencer - 374 Standard Encryption Key - 175 Energy Sword - 151 FK-69 'Stechkin' Pistol - 147 Holoparasite Injector Kit - 130 Magazine - 10mm - 123 Composition C4 - 113 Agent ID Card - 98 Syndicate Surplus Crate - 95 Syndicate Soap - 91 Storage Implant - 89 Syndicate Minibomb - 86 Advanced Pinpointer - 74 EMP Grenades and Implanter Kit - 68 Detomatix PDA Cartridge - 56 Universal Suppressor - 56 Artificial Intelligence Detector - 55 EMP Flashlight - 49 No-Slip Syndicate Shoes - 45 Martial Arts Scroll (Carp) - 42 Fully Loaded Toolbox - 42 Gloves of the North Star - 41 Chameleon-Projector - 37 Raw Telecrystal - 37 Voice Changer - 35 Pizza Bomb - 34 Andrenal Implant - 34 Chameleon Security HUD - 29 Thermal Imaging Glasses - 29 Syndicate Space Suit - 29 Poison Bottle - 29 Mini Energy Crossbow - 28 Fiber Wire Garrote - 28 Mindslave Implant - 26 Chameleon Jumpsuit - 25 Syndicate .357 Revolver - 24 Smuggler's Satchel - 22 Magazine - 10mm Armor Piercing - 21 Pickpocket Gloves - 21 Syndicate Smokes - 20 Syndicate Bundle - 19 Syndicate Briefcase Full of Cash - 19 Magazine - 10mm Hollow Point - 17 Camera Bug - 16 Freedom Implant - 16 Radiation Laser - 15 Mind Batterer - 14 Syndicate Hardsuit - 14 Toy Gun (with stun darts) - 13 Hacked AI Upload Module - 12 .357 Speedloader - 11 DNA Scrambler - 11 Stimulants - 11 Atmos Grenades - 10 Dehydrated Space Carp - 10 Binary Translator Key - 10 F.R.A.M.E. PDA Cartridge - 9 Uplink Implant - 9 Magazine - 10mm Incendiary - 8 Dart Pistol - 8 Blood Red Magboots - 7 Contortionist Jumpsuit - 7 Syndicate Playing Cards - 6 Chef Excellence Special Sauce - 6 Box of Throwing Weapons - 5 Chameleon Stamp - 5 Meat Cleaver - 5 Power Gloves - 5 Syndicate Surgery Duffelbag - 4 Power Sink - 4 Radio Jammer - 4 Briefcase full of bees - 4 Missionary Starter Kit - 4 Chainsaw - 3 Adaptive Cardboard Cutouts - 3 Voodoo Doll - 3 Power Fist - 2 Prototype Bone Repair Kit (Nanocalcium) - 2 Military Belt - 2 Banana Grenade - 2 Proximity Mine - 2 Telegun - 2 For showing that you are The Boss (Balloon) - 1 Chameleon Flag - 1 Safety Scissors - 1 Boozey Shotgun Shells - 1 His Grace - 0
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    A whole different kind of horror from terror spiders. Also, it should have been 88w88, not OwO
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    Field Report A-4: The NSS Ragnarok, "Shade in the Sun" & the "Jack Lean Incident" The NSS Ragnarok is one of the oldest, still operating installations in NanoTrasen's roster, its inaugural shift occurring in 2298, and the facility itself undergoing extensive structural modifications, architectural redesigns, and even a full conversion to a Plasmaman-only atmosphere for the sake of a three year-long societal study, which ended in the deaths of 76 individuals and the still-active Hanson Edict, which forbids hiring any Plasmaman individuals for work aboard stations with a Security Clearance Level of Delta or above. Nonetheless, the Ragnarok remains as one of the crown jewels of the company's research stations, and continues to produce extremely valuable research data pertaining to Bluespace, theoretical mega engineering and experimental bio-augmentation technology (notably, the first instance of the "Hulk" gene being spliced into a sentient humanoid occurred on the Ragnarok... with disastrous results). It is, therefore, not surprising that Inquiry Team B-9, codenamed "Shade in the Sun", was based on the station, seeing as it was one of the few locations capable of producing Bluespace Interdiction Alloy. This Alloy's name is somewhat misleading, as it isn't, in itself, an alloy of multiple metals; instead, it is simply lead that is, and I'm reading off a company primer here, "infused with raw Bluespace energy via a proprietary, revolutionary smelting technique". What this actually means is entirely unknown, as the secret "recipe" behind the creation of BIA is known only to select few individuals within NanoTrasen's company structure and, to the best of our knowledge, no other entity has successfully reverse-engineered the process via material analysis. However, what is known is that every facility that produces BIA is also heavily involved in the study of Bluespace itself, which might indicate that the lead metals are, in fact, subjected to Bluespace "energies", whatever that might mean. Regardless, the end result is the same: a type of "metal" that can be used to stop the movement of creatures and sentients that utilize Bluespace shortcuts to travel long distances in Realspace. It is unknown to me how this process works, but it appears it can only serve as a cage in actual practice; a Bluespace-connected creature can easily move around it, but cannot leave its interior. This is the standard containment protocol for Xenos Sanguis ("Vampires"), Xenos Umbra and captured SWF personnel. The Ragnarok itself currently counts seventeen holding pens with as many Mark VIII BIA Containment Box units, twelve of them containing Xenos Sanguis specimens, and the remaining five holding Xenos Umbra specimens. It is here that NanoTrasen currently sends all known captured specimens of the latter species, with existing individuals in containment being terminated via an in-built mechanism that produces a bright flash of light, approximately 300,000 Lux in intensity, for a duration of ten seconds; this is enough to not only kill the specimen, but reduce the body to a harmless pile of ash with minimal distortion fields around it. Despite this, the facility has produced very little information regarding the creatures, as, unlike Xenos Sanguis specimens, Xenos Umbra individuals consistently display a complete refusal to cooperate (or, in fact, communicate at all in some cases), as well as a pronounced security risk due to the complicated methods required to keep them contained for experimentation (compare and contrast Xenos Sanguis specimens, who only require a sip of blessed water to be rendered mostly harmless). On multiple occasions, captured specimens simply refused to move or communicate for long periods of time, only to escape the moment a breach occurred in the Containment Box, regardless of how minor it was, suggesting not only a propensity for "playing the long game", but also a well-developed ability to serve as ambush predators, being capable of lying in wait for long periods of time before exploiting the flimsiest of opportunities to strike. This might offer some clues as to how infection occurs to begin with. Nonetheless, Inquiry Team B-9 "Shade in the Sun" began operating off the NSS Ragnarok shortly after the end of the New Langdon Infestation Event. Initially composed of only three Bluespace Xenobiology experts, the team quickly grew to acquire several more key company individuals, including the esteemed Dr. James Woolworth, Dr. Ruth Lancaster, and the ever-controversial SWF Liaison Kingsley Grizwold (whose presence was requested at the insistence of then-CEO Timothy Heeren, due to the SWF's deep involvement with Bluespace and their still-not-well-understood eagerness to cooperate with NanoTrasen in containing the Xenos Umbra threat). B-9's assigned task was to acquire as much information as possible about their subject matter: biology, behavioral habits, Bluespace-related abilities, sentient subversion process and, of course, methods to combat the creatures in practice that could be distributed and disseminated via Standard Security Training Programs (SSTPs), which had, up until that point, been lacking in terms of how to fight these creatures in the case of any surprise infestation. While the existence and expansion of "Shade in the Sun" marked the beginning of a shift in company attitude towards these creatures, the team's initial activities were still classified under Authorization Level Epsilon+, and even today I was not given access to them, even for the purposes of this field study. The only available records, themselves still classified under Authorization Level Delta, are those produced after Work Shift 462.87.4 in 2500, heretofore referred to as the "Jack Lean Incident", the incident itself classified under Authorization Level Epsilon, and having taken me several days to obtain clearance on. This odd name was assigned by then-on-site Chief of Security Jack D. Lean, who was awarded the NanoTrasen Medal for Distinguished Conduct and "Robust Security" Award, then offered the Captaincy of the Ragnarok for his role in saving the facility during what can only be described as a state of siege that erupted during the course of that shift, and lasted for an almost unbelievable seventeen days, involving five different Red-Level Emergency Response Teams, three different Gamma-Level Emergency Response Teams, and required the hitherto unheard of activation of Asset Protection Squad "Black Rose", the existence of which forced NanoTrasen to publicly disclose the existence of what were later decried by SolGov as "company deathsquads". The "Jack Lean Incident" itself was so immense in its scope that NanoTrasen feared it would leak out and potentially end up in headlines across the galaxy; it placed the company in an almost impossible position: either publicly admit that they were aware of the existence of Xenos Umbra specimens in a PR-friendly way and hope the backlash was manageable, or continue with information suppression and not only risk having it be leaked anyway, but also risk a repetition of the event at other locations. In missives exchanged between the surviving members of B-9 and then-CEO Daniel B. Simmons, the former advised the latter that full disclosure was preferable, as it would help prevent further disasters in the future. Simmons acquiesced, and NanoTrasen made the now-famous "Stanton Declaration" at the Galactic Forum (so named due to the choice of Forum Representative being John Stanton, a man famous for consistently being the company's bearer of bad news for the entire length of his career). The "Jack Lean Incident" involved not only the aforementioned facility and ERTs, but also direct fire support from the NDV Kraków Heavy Cruiser, the NDV Sinister and NDV Tomahawk Support Cruisers and legendary NDV "Hammer of God" Superheavy Battleship, logistics support from the NRV Phobos Transport Barge, medical support from the NRV Humilitas Hospital Ship , as well as several dozen smaller vessels providing food, medication and ammunition from the nearby NCS Providence, NSS Odin, NMB Stellar and NXS Amazon (whose particular brand of Bluespace-infused mutant tomatoes were noted as "supremely useful" by CoS Jack Lean). Due to the survival of the station, and the fastidious nature of the on-site Security Staff's record keeping, there is a surprising wealth of information on the full timeline. Work Shift 462.87.4 begins without any complications or staff complaints; simultaneously, Inquiry Team B-9 begin organizing their next General Meeting, whereby members of the team would exchange all information gathered since the last one (which, at this point, was non-existent, as it had been for several of the last cycles). One of the members, Dr. Curtis P. Pendleton, is noted as having arrived late and in a state of noticeable sleep deprivation, which they explained as being the result of a poor reaction to "shitty cantina burritos", which had resulted in prolonged bouts of vomiting and extreme gastrointestinal discomfort. Dr. Pendleton is advised to return to his assigned living quarters and seek medical attention, but refuses, stating they had already contacted on-site medical personnel and acquired some stimulants which would help them function properly until the shift was over. B-9 is reported as being highly suspicious of this, considering the shift had barely begun, and another one of its members, one Dr. Cassandra L. Wellington, suggests calling on-site Security forces due to suspicions of drug usage. Dr. Pendleton becomes agitated at this point, and requests Security staff not be called; this leads to a minor scuffle when Dr. Wellington attempts to activate the intercom, ending in them being knocked unconscious, three other individuals present being severely injured, and Dr. Pendleton running into the nearest maintenance tunnel. Due to the nature of B-9's studies, Chief of Security Jack Lean is immediately contacted. Code Red is declared approximately five minutes later, and CoS Lean convinces on-site Captain Horatio Smith to broadcast an alert to the station that "hostile xeno organisms" were on the loose. All maintenance tunnels are locked and bolted down, staff are ordered to remain within their departments and the on-site Armory is unlocked, its contents distributed to on-site Security staff. Immediately afterwards, the NAS Peabody (attendant administrative station to the Ragnarok) is alerted, and an Emergency Response Team is requested. CoS Lean leverages contacts in company structure to authorize the activation of ERT Hispania-9, a Red-Level Emergency Response Team specialized in combating Xenos Mutatio specimens (so chosen due to the very real threat of deadly melee combat). Hispania-9 arrives on station ten minutes later. Despite the extremely heavy-handed and lightning-fast response, as well as the genuinely astounding organizational and leadership skills displayed by Captain Smith and CoS Lean, Dr. Pendleton is never found before he "hatches" into a Xenos Umbra specimen. Unlike all other examples of infestations, the new specimen, heretofore referred to as U-P, was heavily talkative over the radio, condemning NanoTrasen's actions and promising anyone who would join them a "glorious rebirth" in "the Father's embrace". Despite the best efforts of the facility's AI Unit, the location of the radio signal is never positively triangulated for suppression, and, fearing what a telecommunications lockdown would do to Security staff cohesion, CoS Lean allows communications to remain active. This results in several incidents of personnel attempting, and often succeeding, in breaking into the maintenance tunnels, only to be immediately captured and subverted by U-P. What followed for the remainder of the standard shift's duration was what was described as a "game of cat and mouse" by on-site Warden Ruum-Voo Tuuurl, whereby Security staff, in coordination with Hispania-9, would organize a raid of the maintenance tunnels, apprehend several thralls, lead them to on-site medical personnel, remove their frontal lobe tumors, and then be saddled with further personnel who were either captured by U-P or deliberately sought it out. At the end of the standard work shift, Captain Smith and CoS Lean message the NAS Peabody and request a transfer shuttle not be sent until the on-site threat had been properly handled. The situation on the Ragnarok deteriorates over the next several hours, as attrition begins to take its toll on on-site Security forces and other personnel. The number of thralls begins to steadily increase as the facility's ability to respond to U-P begins to wear down and fail; eventually, Security staff transport the remaining contents of the on-site Armory to the Engineering Bay, setting up a field hospital and using the department's proximity to the Ragnarok's Medbay to quickly transport captured thralls for surgery. Despite still retaining the ability to strike out from these two departments for a few hours afterwards, non-thralled staff are eventually reduced to erecting improvised barricades and barriers, and fending off repeated assaults from thralled personnel; this included the usage of several high-powered floodlight units, and a complete barricading of the maintenance tunnels that linked Engineering to Medbay, which were a focal point for U-P's direct assaults, and served as the "field headquarters" for CoS Lean for the duration of his namesake event. Due to the dwindling number of active, loyal staff members, CoS Lean orders that all captured thralls be given a Mindshield Implant after surgery, in a desperate bid to stymie further subversion; records indicate that application of the implant, while useless at halting the thralling process itself, provided individuals with the ability to resist U-P's calls over the radio. Eventually, after 24 hours of active siege, CoS Lean and Captain Smith, together with Hispania-9, storm the Bridge, capture three thralls and severely injure U-P; however, the main purpose of the raid had been to reestablish communications with the NAS Peabody. Immediately after this is done, a short briefing is provided, and a request for emergency aid is sent. The NRV Humilitas is sent to tend to the wounded (thanks to its on-board teleportation suite), escorted by the NDV Sinister and NDV Tomahawk. Concurrently, Emergency Response Teams Scythia-1 and Britannia-15, two Red-Level ERTs, are activated, quickly followed by two more Red-Level Teams, Aegyptus-11 and Cartago-8, along with Gamma-Level ERTs Zeta-3, Beta-27 and Iota-50. At this moment, CEO Daniel Simmons declares the NSS Ragnarok "Priority Defense Epsilon", indicating it was to be defended at all costs, and only destroyed if all on-site personnel were dead and/or subverted. The siege had begun. Fighting continues aboard the Ragnarok over the course of the next two weeks, with the siege escalating until the remainder of the noted support vessels and associated facilities are involved. Improvised docking bays are constructed out of scaffolding and spare construction materials to allow smaller vessels to bypass the use of the standard docking bays, which had been lost to thralled personnel, and the field hospital constructed in Engineering is eventually expanded to include two relocated Surgical Operating Rooms in order to ensure the safety of valuable medical personnel. Simultaneously, several dozen shipments of Mindshield Implants are issued to the NSS Ragnarok, and CoS Lean issues a command for all dethralled personnel to be issued one after surgery is complete. Slowly, combined on-site and ERT forces begin to push back against U-P and subverted personnel, until the former is once again forced to retreat to the facility's maintenance tunnels, and NanoTrasen-loyal staff regain control of all vital areas of the station. Local command center is shifted to the Ragnarok's Bridge, and continuous communication is established with the NAS Peabody; due to the extended siege and amount of damage caused during it, as well as the extended duration of operations, Asset Protection Squad "Black Rose" is dispatched as an emergency measure. Approximately three hours after activation of "Black Rose", U-P is found, terminated, and its body cremated. The "Jack Lean" incident is unique in its scale, as it showed what even a single Xenos Umbra specimen was capable of; Dr. Pendleton was fully aware of not only the station's layout, but of all information gathered by NanoTrasen in their studies of the creatures, allowing them to act in hitherto unknown ways in order to confuse on-site Security forces, such as subtle brainwashing via radio, use of active siege warfare instead of quiet subversion, and somehow managing to avoid creating any of the electrical and power issues common in just about every other recorded instance of active infestations. This incident also cemented NanoTrasen's belief that Xenos Umbra specimens were parasitic lifeforms; Dr. Pendleton had been a respected NanoTrasen employee for close to thirty years before "Jack Lean", and never exhibited any traits associated with infection until the day of their transformation. Additionally, it conclusively proved that newly born specimens retained information known to their hosts, indicating a semi-symbiotic relationship between the two. It was also a turning point for company policy, not only in regards to information distribution, but also attitude towards the creatures: from that point forward, standing orders would be to fight off any infestation to the last possible moment, rather than eliminating infested locations preemptively before an Ascendance Event took place; which makes "Jack Lean" even more unique, as the Bluespace distortions recorded by long-range scanner arrays were on the level commonly associated with such Ascendance Events, and yet, no such one took place, seeming to indicate that Xenos Umbra specimens can voluntarily prevent such cataclysmic events from taking place; U-P appeared to want to break down the command structure via subverting the entire crew of the Ragnarok, and though Bluespace distortion levels were so high that at times they impeded long-range communication from even reaching the station, no such Ascendance happened, suggesting that, perhaps, the parasitic lifeforms are capable of independent, goal-directed behavior outside the standard observed path. This is extremely worrying, as U-P demonstrates that such specimens may very well eschew their Ascendance for the sake of psychological warfare on a grand scale. On a more positive note, "Jack Lean" also conclusively proved the effectiveness of Mindshield Implants at providing passive resistance to subtle, potentially Bluespace-influenced, brainwashing, though NanoTrasen has yet to develop a model that can resist the creation of the frontal lobe tumor associated with the process of "thralling". Further research is required. Signed, Quincy D. Huxley ENG LOG.
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    We've discussed persistent economy many times, and there are some huge issues that are in the way of it ever occurring: 1: If money can give any form of in game advantage, than a persistent economy means that older players get more advantage, making things even harder on new players, in a game that's already hard on them 2: If it can't give any form of in game advantage, it becomes kinda useless and just there for looks 3: In the case of crashes, grief, etc, how people will be reimbursed etc for their money needs to be looked at. If the consequences of grief can now impact people over multiple rounds, it will hugely encourage said grief. Crashes and other bugs are annoying to deal with, but if they had repercussions for people over multiple rounds, it would be huge amounts more work for admins. People already get angry enough about crashes and grief - having long term repercussions would make this 10x worth. 4: Meta - both grudging and friends. If you're able to rob people, then targeting them over multiple shifts etc becomes a lot more of an issue with long term consequences, and friends giving each other money etc becomes an issue - especially because of how annoying that would be to track. 5: Antags. If I'm an antag HoP, can I rob station accounts for myself, and then benefit from that the next round? And a host of other problems involving antags... 6: Self-Antagging - is stealing $10 as a non antag ok? $20? $1,000,000? These are just a few of the things that have come up. All in all, SS13 and Paradise haven't been written in such a way that anything is persistent beyond the library, and to make such a change would be huge amount of work, that would also increase the current workload for admins, and make any future PRs with an impact on the economy incredibly touchy subjects. I'd much prefer if we look at making credits more useful and harder to get, before we look at any form of ability to take them from one round to the next. That would need to be done anyway, so should be done first.
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    Science is for everyone. Even cluwne can research tech levels.
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    Always happy to help @Sampaiii
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    Abbreviations for common terms used on the server. RP: Roleplay - To take up a character and act like they would, performing out their emotions, feelings, characteristics and actions. IC: In Character - When you are Roleplaying and are in your character. OOC: Out of Character - This has two applications within the server. Something done outside of your character, this may be a list of things but all boil down to things that would not been done while In Character. To use the server wide OOC chat, where you may talk OOCly with other players about various things. LOOC: Local Out of Character - Only the people near your character will see this out of character text. Deadchat: A special chat for observers/ghosts who've died in game. People are free to discuss current round information in this chat, and it is considered to be another form of OOC. SSD: Sudden Sleep Disorder - When a player disconnects or loses connection, his character will fall over and begin to sleep. This phenomenon is referred to as going ‘SSD.’ Antag: Antagonist - A player that has gotten an antagonist role, designed to add some chaos to the round to make things fun. Valid: Mostly referring to Antagonists that are able to be killed by other players under any context. Certain Antagonists (Nuke ops, Wizard, Blob, Xenos, Terror Spiders) are all considered valid, while others (Traitor, Changeling, Cult, Shadowlings) are not. Cluwnes are always valid under any and all circumstances. Murderboning: Excessive Killing - A player who excessively kills everyone in his path not because he has to but rather he wants to do so. Self Antaging: Antagonizing without being an Antag - Self Antaging refers to players who decide to do actions that normally only a Antagonist would do, i.e; Murdering other players, heavily damaging the station or causing chaos on a mass scale. Disclaimer: Paradise Station is a private server. The Server Staff reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone they believe is detrimental to the server and its community. Even if no Rules are broken, but we believe the spirit of them has been, we may ban you. This decision will not be made on the spot, and will require discussion and consent of the Senior Staff Rule 0: Don't be a dick Practice common sense while consulting these rules. The general idea counts, not the exact wording. The rules are guidelines for the server and should be interpreted to suit the situation at hand, not manipulated to suit your needs. Attempting to Rules-Lawyer an Administrator is never a good idea, and likely to result in harsher punishment The Server Staff retains the right to issue Permanent Bans to players that they consider to be a consistent net negative to the community and server, without the need for any specific Rule to be broken. Rule 1: Listen to the Admins The Staff Members have final say on the server. If you are banned or job banned from the server, you are to write an appeal instead of continuing the conversation via Adminhelp or Discord messages. The Adminhelp system is not to be spammed. If you do not get a response, the Administrators are either busy with other matters or not available. If no Administrators are available, you may take your request to the forums if needed. If an Administrator asks you to stop arguing over the in-game PMs, you must stop but may take it to the Review Board; We hold the right to deem a Ckey inappropriate to the server and can ask you to make a separate account to log in with. Examples of inappropriateness include, but are not limited to, excessive vulgar language, bigotry or references to real life celebrities; When in doubt, Adminhelp any question you may have about the Server Rules. Rule 2: Roleplaying Standards The following behaviors are prohibited on Paradise Station: Metagaming (using OOC information acquired via means unavailable to other players. Examples include, but are not limited to, third-party software or direct, physical communication). This includes streaming; inform the Server Staff before streaming a round; Placing current round information into OOC chat (IC in OOC); Using LOOC to talk to others to give them current round information. This applies to Ghosts as well. If you want to provide minor instruction to a nearby player, please inform the Server Staff before doing so; Using multiple accounts for yourself during a round (Multikeying) is not allowed. Simply having multiple accounts, by itself, is permitted - but we require you to inform us so we can add a note that these accounts are both yours; When it comes to suiciding, do not suicide upon getting caught, or when converted by a conversion Antagonist. Regarding Roleplaying: Obligatory Wikipedia link. Paradise Station is a Medium Roleplaying Server. This means that we do not expect players to completely and absolutely immerse themselves in the universe of the game. However, we still expect players to act in-character at all times, in a manner befitting the overall scenario: that of working aboard a high-tech research space station owned by a Galactic MegaCorp with dubious moral standards. We do not restrict knowledge on any Antagonists, but you may pick and choose what your character knows. Similarly, we do not enforce Clone Memory Disorder (amnesia after cloning/borging), but you may freely play it straight in your character. We also do not restrict knowledge based on your job. Administrators may ask you to change your behavior if it is seen by the Server Staff as damaging the IC atmosphere of the server. Examples include, but are not limited to: references to memes or real life events, full reference characters (such as a Diona named Groot who says nothing but "I am Groot"), or an excessive amount of unserious, out-of-universe behavior in an IC context (with the obvious exception of the Clown and Mime). Regarding Non-Serious and/or Improper character names: Your character is an employee of a powerful corporation serving on a cutting edge space station. Names should be context appropriate and support appropriate role-play. The clown will have considerably more freedom of "meme" naming then the captain. Failing to adhere to these standards will result to either IC or OOC consequences (including changing the name) depending on play history, severity, subjective quality of role play (with a preference on "medium") and OOC factors. If you think a name should be allowed that an admins thinks of otherwise, this can be sent for review. However, until the review is finalized, the decision of the admin at the time remains. Regarding In-Character speech: The use of ‘Netspeak’( Th15 15 1337 sp33k), Internet Acronyms ("lol", "lmao", "rofl") and ‘Smilies’(:D) are prohibited from use in In-Character verbal chat but are allowed through IC written text such as a sheet of paper or PDA messaging. Regarding "Powergaming": The Server Staff retain the right to ask you to tone down what is perceived as being excessive powergaming that causes noticeable disruption to the rest of the playerbase. Powergaming is readily defined as the prioritization of amassing mechanical advantages for yourself, to the detriment of the enjoyment of others or the creation of interesting RP situations, and is to be avoided in favor of methods that both encourage and promote the fun of all parties involved in interactions where such moderation is possible. Regarding Flavour Text: Your character's flavor text should only contain information that any other character could discern at a glance. Any characteristic that would not be physically visible at a glance (such as personality, backstory, and so on) should not be included in the flavor text. Providing a link to drawn art of your character or your character bio/crew records is acceptable, though it must remain within SFW boundaries. Rule 3: SSD Players SSD Players are players that have disconnected from the game. They can be identified by examining them, which will reveal that “They have suddenly fallen asleep!”, or by clicking on them with Help Intent selected, which will outright tell you they are SSD. You may not touch or interact with people under the influence of 'Sudden Sleep Disorder' except to pull them to Cryodorms and place them in a Cryosleeper, to provide medical care to SSD players, such as medication or surgery, or to remove them from an immediate life threatening situation, such as a plasma fire; Even if the person in question who goes SSD is wanted, you may not arrest them without Adminhelping for permission. Likewise, you may not kill them if they are your assassination target. In this last case, place them in Cryodorms, and after they are removed from the round, you will automatically be given a new target; If the person goes SSD immediately after an arrest, you are free to continue processing and brigging them as if they were still awake. Likewise, if your assassination target goes SSD immediately after you begin attacking them, you are free to continue your assault; If you believe an SSD person needs to be interacted with (such as an SSD Captain needing to have their equipment removed), ask the Administrators first. Rule 4: Maintaining a Respectful Environment Under no circumstances is OOC harassment of another player allowed, regardless of who the victim is. Repeated IC harassment with little to no reason can be considered metagrudging; Racial, Homophobic, Ethnic, Religious, etc, slurs are not allowed ICly or OOCly. Terms such as "faggot" and "nigger", or any variations on them (such as "ligger", "furfag", etc.) are expressly not allowed. Interspecies racism is allowed (so long as no other Rules are broken), as it is considered IC; Excessive profanity in OOC is not allowed. Keep profanity to a minimum and completely stop if it begins to upset other players or you are asked to stop by a member of the Server Staff; Do not use the server to advertise other servers or for other commercial interests. An exception may be made if you seek Administrator approval (e,g, if you require help to test a server feature on a local testing server). Do not put down, invalidate, berate and/or otherwise insult any player, community or server. While anger, frustration, and abuse may be quite suitable ICly, you may be asked to stop by an Administrator if it is seen as over the top, spamming, or without good cause. You can easily enjoy your time on a specific server without having to share your disinterest or plain criticism of other ones. Rule 5: Play the Role you've chosen Choose the role based on what you want to spend the round doing; Choosing a Head of Staff role (such as Chief Medical Officer) means you will be expected to play to a higher standard of roleplay, seriousness and competence. You may be Jobbaned from Command if you fail to meet these standards, or if you ignore your duties; If you need to leave the round early as a member of Command, inform the rest of Command and Adminhelp it to inform the Administrators. Removing yourself from the round without doing this will lead to a Permanent Command Jobban; If for some emergency or technical issue you disconnect as a sensitive role and are Jobbanned on the pretense of leaving without notifying an Administrator, a quick appeal on the forums explaining what happened will solve the issue and revert the Jobban; Frequently joining a round, only to then leave if you did not get an Antagonist Role (Antag Fishing), is not permitted; If you choose to join as a more important role, such as a Doctor, Engineer or Security Officer, you are expected to be able to fulfill said role's duties to a reasonable extent when work is actually needed to be done. Using the job just for the equipment and then ignoring any emergencies that may require your attention consistently may lead to a Jobban; The following or not of SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) is an IC issue, and should be handled and enforced in-character, not via Adminhelp, unless the player in question runs afoul of other Server Rules or the behavior persists excessively over multiple rounds. However, jobs which specifically involve SoP - NT Rep , IAA and Magistrate - are required to follow it. Rule 6: Play Antagonists Responsibly Remember the goal of an Antagonist is to make the round exciting, fun, and dangerous, within limits. You should make an effort to add to the round, as opposed to simply completing your objectives and carrying on normally. The role of the Antagonist may pit you against the station. However, this is not grounds for murderboning the entire crew if your objective is to steal a jetpack, as you must work towards your objectives, not general mayhem. You may, however, antagonize/murder specific people who will help you complete your objective or who are hindering you from completing said objective. You are also permitted to freely defend yourself with lethal force if another player attempts to capture/hinder you; The “Die a Glorious Death” objective does not mean “Kill until killed”, nor is it an excuse to take a large segment of the station down with you; If you are not willing to act as an Antagonist, or if you have to leave the round midway, Adminhelp so someone else can fill your role; The “Hijack the Shuttle” objective means you are able to unleash whatever chaos is required on the station to accomplish your objectives. Certain rules, such as the ones concerning Metagaming and ERP, still apply. If in doubt, Adminhelp it; Lone Antagonists (Traitors, Changelings, Vampires, Malfunctioning AIs, Wizards) are under no obligation to work together, and are free to attack/hinder/mess with one another. However, Team Antagonists (Nuke Ops, Cult, Shadowlings, Abductors, Swarmers, Revolutionariess) must work together at all times; Antagonists are permitted to assist other antagonists with their objectives. They must tell you what their objectives are, before you can help them. They cannot simply request 'help'. They have to be specific about what the objective is, e.g: "The Syndicate asked me to kill X. Will you help?". This does not entitle you to mass-murder, or take other hijack-only actions, unless the person you are helping clearly tells you that they have hijack. If they do tell you that they have hijack, and you plan to help them by doing hijack-only actions, please ahelp this to let us know; Releasing the Singularity or the Tesla, tampering with Atmospherics, large scale destruction, or any other action that directly warrants a Shuttle Call, is reserved for those who have the "Hijack the Shuttle" Antagonist objective, or are a round-ending Antagonist by default (such as a Malfunctioning AI, Nuclear Operative or Wizard). The exception is if you have been given permission by the Server Staff; Antagonists are permitted to pursue their objectives even on the Escape Shuttle; Antagonists may not spawn camp the Arrivals Shuttle, or the immediate area, for late arrival victims Rule 7: Self-Antagging Some forms of Self-Antagging may be highly subjective. If an Administrator tells you to stop certain actions, you are to stop. An Administrator may also warn you if your general behavior over multiple rounds is becoming a problem, in which case you are to stop. If you need more clarification as to what behavior is a problem, you're highly encouraged to talk to the Server Staff about this. General Rules: Minor criminal activity is allowed as a Non-Antagonist. However, it will be considered Self-Antagging if it negatively affects a significant portion of the crew, or is done without any reasonable IC justification and/or provocation; The use of bombs as a Non-Antagonist is only acceptable in the bomb range, mining asteroid, and other Z-level variants. If you wish to use bombs on the station for any reason such as a Blob, Alien infestation, etc., contact the Server Staff and get their approval before doing anything; While the Escape Shuttle is in transit, Shuttle Grief is not allowed. Attacking people on the shuttle for any reason other than self-defense may lead to a Ban for Shuttle Griefing, with the exception of Antagonists completing their objectives. Violence is allowed once the shuttle has docked and end round statistics are displayed; Stealing high-value items (such as the Hand Teleporter) is generally considered Self-Antagging, as it is literally fulfilling the objectives of an Antagonist. If you believe that your theft of a high-value item is necessary given an emergency situation, please Adminhelp it first; Breaking people out of the Security Brig area is allowed as a Non-Antagonist to the extent of minor damage to the station. Releasing anyone from the Permabrig as a Non-Antagonist requires Administrator permission; Resisting arrest as a Non-Antagonist is allowed, but not to a lethal degree; Actively diverting Security personnel and resources away from an active and direct Antagonist threat in order to deal with you and your actions will be considered Self-Antagging; Claiming your character is a psychopath, has mental disorders, or any other related justification, does not change any of these rules, and is unacceptable as an excuse Assault and Self-Defense: Murder is not acceptable for non-antags. Killing should only be done in extreme self-defense, during an authorized execution, or in any situation Security can employ lethal force. If you wish to murder, or at least seriously injure, someone, Administrator permission is required; Violence capable of inflicting serious damage to someone, especially anything that places them into a critical state, is reserved for Antagonists. Outside Self-Defense, this kind of violence is not permitted; Self-defense is allowed to the extent of saving your own life. Putting someone into Critical Condition is considered self-defense only if they attempted to severely hurt/kill you. Preemptively disabling someone, responding with disproportionate force, or hitting someone while they are already down, is not self-defense; Minor assault and fistfights are acceptable, assuming that both players have a reasonable justification as to why the fight started. Assault without any provocation or warning is strictly disallowed under a majority of circumstances Clown and Mime: Being the Clown or Mime does not give you a license to break any Server Rules, much less any Rules regarding violence. You are here to entertain the crew, and can do so via light pranking, puns, jokes or artistic miming; While defining “humour” is, in fact, very difficult, actions like kidnapping, stabbing someone with a screwdriver or slipping people who are fighting Nuclear Operatives, should be avoided. Deliberately hampering the crew during a Code Red, or higher, crisis, will give them ample justification to retaliate accordingly. Rule 8: Validhunting It is only the job of Security to stop Antagonists. If you are not a member of Security, then hunting Antagonists is not something you should be doing. You may not drop your job, or go out of your way, to hunt Antagonists. You may, however, defend yourself or others from Antagonist attack if you happen to witness it; Antagonists that seek to destroy the station itself (Blob, Nuclear Operatives, Malfunctioning AI or Swarmers), or exterminate the whole crew (Xenomorphs or Wizards) are exempt from this Rule. However, players in jobs such as Medical, or Cargo, are expected to do those jobs if they are better suited to help the station; Evidence of Antagonist activity is required before you take steps to treat anyone as an Antagonist. For example, you may not force random people to drink holy water or randomly drag people into the Chapel Rule 9: Synthetics The order of the Laws is what determines the priority of the Laws. If two Laws contradict one another, you are to follow the one that is highest in the list, as it would overrule any contradictory Laws that come under it; Common sense is to be used with all default Lawsets – they have been installed by NT for the protection of the station and their interests. Rules Lawyering Lawsets in order to antagonize the crew is not allowed; As the AI, you may not ask for Law changes, attempt to force the crew to change your Laws, or prevent the Command staff from changing your Laws, unless you are an Antagonist, subverted, or your Laws require it. If you suspect a Law change to be grief, Adminhelp it, so it can be looked into, before you act on the new Law; The AI role is under the same scrutiny as Head of Staff roles. Administrators may Jobban you from this role if they feel you cannot live up to it. If you must leave the round as AI, announce to the crew that you are leaving, Adminhelp that you are leaving as AI, then use OOC -> Wipe Core. Failing to Adminhelp when leaving as AI is grounds for a permanent Jobban from AI; When performing duties as a Cyborg, you are to follow the same guidelines as the organic crewmembers charged with those tasks, unless your Laws state otherwise; Spamming AI Voice Announcements, or using it for long strings of nonsensical/unserious words, is not permitted. Rule 10: Corporate Security As a member of Security, higher standards of play are expected of you. You are expected to follow Space Law and Standard Operating Procedure correctly, when playing Security. Adminhelping or posting the words "Vox Can't Love" in an appeal will also let us know you've read the Rules; If you wish to RP a corrupt member of Security (taking bribes, beating a prisoner, etc), then Adminhelp for permission first. We're generally willing to give permission if the situation warrants it, or you have a valid justification Rule 11: Karma Trading Swapping Karma between friends repeatedly or other methods of 'Farming' is an offense that will result in being banned from the Karma system and all of its unlocks. Exchanging Karma between the same IP is forbidden as well Rule 12: Erotic Content As a general rule, anything more sexualized than kissing and hugging is considered ERP. We obviously cannot list all the fetishes that exist here, so please use common sense. Administrators may ask you to stop anything they feel is borderline, in which case you are to stop at once; Sexual innuendos, jokes, remarks, and comments are allowed to only a certain extent. They should not be used excessively and not overdone with details. Examples such as "Go blow one", "Eat a dick", or "Go twiddle the Captain" are fine; Linking any type of NSFW content anywhere on the server is strictly prohibited A massive thanks to Necaladun, Freestyla, SkyPing, Kyet, Scrubmcnoob, FlattestGuitar, Jedr, Fethas, LightFire and Saywat for putting up with my constant requests for nitpicks
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    Mine`s honestly heading to the unban appeal section and reading all the declined appeals, seriously, there`s some straight up comedy gold in that section. Now, what is yours? Are you here for art? Discussions? etc etc.
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    Sitting on my front porch, wearing some sort of costume that covers my face with a bowl of candy that says "Take Three Pieces, OR ELSE" and wait for that one little shit to come and take the entire bowl, just to jumpscare his ass and have him run away. I don't care if I get the cops called to my house, or TP'ed, the look on peoples faces will be well worth the price
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    A full day of trick or treating rounds and the admemes trying to have scary events that boil down into demon/spiders murdering everyone
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    Because I need to draw dramatic things! In relation to a set of drawings I did up a while ago.
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    The question asked by the poster was "Why exactly did IPCS have to be nerfed massively." I agree with Necaladun that this is not a massive nerf to IPCs, so let me rephrase a question into what I'd consider a fairer and more relevant one: Why did IPCs need Oil? Well, the answer given by Necaladun is this: This PR introduced a change that makes non-breathing races take Brute damage when in hard critical. Which means, even if oil hadn't been added, IPC would not have been stuck in hard critical after this PR was merged. On top of that, we have the Succumb verb for exactly this reason. Yes, you can succumb as an IPC. You can even succumb as a Borg. So again... why did this change have to happen? I'm not trying to pick on Necaladun here by only quoting them, it's just that they're the only one to have even attempted to provide any sort of answer to the question of why this had to happen. He did say it was a large reason, not the only reason. Which implies there are other reasons. What are they? Why did the maintainers think this was a good idea? We don't know. We may never know. How can feedback be provided when we don't even know why a change was made in the first place? If the change was made because the maintainers think it's thematic, I could point out that I disagree, that it makes little sense to me to assume that highly advanced computers 500 years in the future are going to run on Oil of all things. But, if this was a balance change, then there's no point in making that argument, is there? What if it was changed due to reasons I haven't thought of? How can I provide feedback when I don't have the original reasoning? It isn't a conversation when only one side is talking. Before I'm accused of saying every single PR needs to be brought to the community ahead of time, I'm obviously not saying that. This PR was highly controversial, and included a lot of different things that aren't inherently linked. It never should have all been on a single PR in the first place. Additionally, given it was so controversial and involved a nerf to two separate races (and arguably a nerf to every single non-breathing race), the maintainers certainly could have foreseen it being an unpopular change. I don't particularly like the changes, but I won't agree with every PR that gets merged, so that's fine. It's really the lack of communication and what I feel is a disconnect between the maintainers and players that is far more concerning to me.
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    Something in the rain...
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    The Evil Gay Sounds like a corny B-movie to me
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    Unfortunatly, halloween is not a big thing in Denmark. So, yeah. ..... I mean, the stores try with advertisements and all, but it just dosn`t stick. So yeah, my halloween, slugging the clown as usual.
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    A quiet evening of handing out candy and then joining everyone here for the spooky fun while I stuff my face with the remains. Then possibly watching scary movies for the next week after because I don't consider Halloween to have officially ended until sometime after the first week of November.
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    It's been awhile since I posted here! Not that I've progressed much since then. I have a few things I want to post. Chronologically, here we go. Two of Nera. My new sketchbook can't take much of a beating, so the second one is kind of fucked up. My fault. And the mechanical pencil, I swear. One of a pokemon trainer design I made up. She bundles up in things with lots of fur underneath, usually. Gotta get toasty. Meenah from mostly memory, so her hair isn't true to the original. Yeah, Homestuck. I get it. Oof. But she's cool. Haven't been able to draw much. Lack of ideas, I suppose, don't feel like drawing my characters as often because of some things. So for now I'll probably draw more Homestuck characters to get back into the groove. Maybe soooon.
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    Here's an angery Jonah
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    The mule is jammin out while nobody is looking
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    i wish i had gotten more screencaps of the owo spider....... it was beautiful
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    Enchancing the station and job goal system would be something. From my viewpoint, I learned the SS13 as game here at Paradise, recently I have been testing some other servers. The thing Paradise has, in comparison to the others, actually is that so-called medium role play. Like, the timespan here is perfect. Not too long shifts for an about-casual gamer to participate from the beginning to the end, nor they are too short, for having room to do some RP. However, the station lacks goals that require work from all hands, goals other than just staying alive with the antag terror and space happening. Such a goal would endorse a bit more RP and co-operation to happen. Sure a problem here is how to implement the completion check for the goals. I would say the new goals would not be job or departement specific, but issued to the station as whole; like it is now. The work needed to complete those goals should just be bit more dynamic, and the most, to require more people working for the goals. How about a goal to build a new part to the station? Or a goal to build a new, tiny station or research vessel? These would require the HoP to hire the greytide as low-cost builders, the engineering to see over the work, cargo to supply materials, medical to save the asses of those cheapworkers, robotics to build like new constructor-variants of the Ripley to speed up the building work significantly, some persons from each department to co-ordinate the new ministation's departments, what kind of they are going to be, and so forth. A building goal would, in the other hand, require the completion check done by an admin, or actually, by some on-board person as part of their IC work, like the captain or the RD. Another one, how about a scientific mission to a gateway world, to acquire certain special items, minerals or lifeforms, which then should be processed by Science somehow?