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    So I made this. Not sure if it qualifies as art tho.
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    “Warden - Shitsec No More” This is a guide focused specifically on the job of the warden. Certain parts may be applicable to regular Security Officers and the Head of Security when it comes to the use of consoles, processing and timers. Table of Contents: Preface - Terms Used in this Guide Chapter I - Job Outline/Your Duties Chapter II - Job Outline & SoP Chapter III - Processing & Timers Chapter IV - Your Equipment, Consoles, Armory & Storage Chapter V - Permabrig, 'Gulag' & Execution Chapter VI - Closing Notes *Divided into subsections. Preface - Terms Used in this Guide Specifically for newer players or those not experienced with shortened in game terms. Enemy of the Corporation - An Enemy of the Corporation, or EoC, is the in character way of referring to most antagonist types. These range from the Syndicate, Changelings, Vampires, Wizards and so forth. Standard Operating Procedure - Standard Operating Procedure, or SoP, is a departments operating procedure. Every department is to follow their SoP or the employee could face demotion. Brigging - Brigging is a term to describe the processing and sentencing of a prisoner. Chapter I - Job Outline/Your Duties Congratulations! You have been selected to be a Nanotrasen Corporate Security warden! Your job is as follows: Oversee the maintenance of the Station’s Brig & Armory. You are to ensure all the guns are within the armory, that evidence is kept within evidence storage, that processing remains in one piece and that all security lockers remain locked when not in use. Oversee and handle the processing of prisoners. You are responsible for the treatment, proper processing and imprisonment of all prisoners that go in and out of the Station’s Brig. Know and obey Space Law and Security SoP. You are essentially the second in command of the Security department. You are expected to have better knowledge than an officer when it comes to interpreting and understanding Space Law and Standard Operating Procedure. Links to each respective guide can be found here: Space Law & Security SoP Oversee the Perma-Brig, make sure prisoners are healthy oversee executions when required. You are responsible for the entirety of the Station’s Brig and ALL prisoners therein. This includes those in the Perma-Brig,those in either solitary confinement, and lastly, those awaiting execution. Be prepared to step up to the position of Head of Security if needed. As the second in command of the Security department you are to be prepared to step up and take over if the Head of Security is unavailable. Keep in mind you are NOT a normal Security Officer. This job specifies around processing prisoners, managing timers, overseeing the armory and making sure officers conduct legal arrests. If this feels too slow paced you may wish to try Security Officer instead. Chapter II - SoP & Space Law Section I - Space Law “I AM not THE LAW!” Space Law is not as complicated as IAA may have you believe! Nanotrasen has set up an entire law rulebook for you! It is suggested that one has their copy of Space Law open on a tab while playing. That said, review the following hypothetical. The clown throws acid peels on the ground outside of the bridge. Three people slip on said peels and receive moderate burn damage. What do you do? A. Beat the clown, steal his kick-ass shoes and shove him in the electric chair as punishment for his actions. B. Charge the clown with Workplace Hazard (200) and Assault (202) for 10-20 minutes. C. Permabrig the clown because acid peels must mean he’s an EoC. D. Charge the clown with three accounts of Battery (102) and Workplace Hazard (200) for 15-30 minutes. If you answered A - If you answered B - If you answered C - If you answered D - Section II - Security Standard Operating Procedure “SoP is not optional.” Standard Operating Procedure, no matter what the Head of Security or Captain tells you, is not optional. It is suggested that you know the ins and outs of Security Standard Operating Procedure before you play as the Warden. In rare circumstances, Central Command is the only authority capable of overriding Standard Operating Procedure. When in doubt, A-Help. Let’s try another hypothetical now that you’ve read up on SoP. Which of the following is true? A. The Warden may issue non-lethal armor and weapons from the armory at his leisure no matter the code color or situation. B. On code green the Warden may set up portable flashers and barricades in the Brig. C. On code blue the Warden may make arrests. D. On code red the Warden may hand out armory equipment to officers freely without permission. If you answered A - If you answered B - If you answered C - If you answered D - Chapter III - Processing & Timers “My timer should be 5 minutes not 35. I didn’t assault the clown, resist arrest and sabotage anything! Thanks for ruining my experience. I am get admin! ShItSeC!” Once someone is arrested they should be brought into the processing room and either processed by the officer or by the Warden. Although officers can process and brig prisoners, it is highly suggested that you take most cases yourself. Officers can typically handle a 100 level case but it is suggested the warden handle cases such as 200 levels and up. IAA will typically request your presence when arguing with an officer, you should be handling processing by default anyhow. In processing the person should be thoroughly searched; Pockets, the belt and backpack should be thoroughly inspected. When a person is suspected to be a traitor,other actions should occur - such as making sure to search their PDA and radio headset to check for a Syndicate uplink or cartridge. Evidence found linking someone to a crime is to be confiscated and placed into evidence storage with, preferably, a labeled evidence bag. You can label evidence bags with a hand labeller, which can be found in Evidence Storage. Timers are dictated by Space Law. As stated in Chapter 2 you are to know Space Law well and should consult the book if needed. If a criminal complies, surrenders or otherwise works with you, you may adjust their brig timer appropriately. If you have a Magistrate aboard the station you will have to work with them when it comes to deciding on Brigtimers. While it is your job to process, Brig and set timers it is the Magistrate’s to make sure timers are both correct (In respect to Space Law) and ‘fair’. If a person manages to rack up enough crimes to equal 60 minutes of brig timer is a five time repeat offender (for the same crime) you may proceed to place them in the Perma-Brig them. Chapter IV - Your Equipment, Consoles, Armory & Storage Section I - The Warden’s Locker “Warden! Gimme badge gimme badge gimme badge” Your locker contains most of the things you will need to start a code green shift. It contains the following: Security Belt - Equipt already with a Seclight. (I suggest placing the spare Seclight in your pocket or mount it on your taser) Spare Taser - Incase you lose yours. Warden Clothing - To look snazzy. Just don’t forget to up your suit sensors. Pepper Spray - Spray n’ pray. Only works if the target is not wearing eye or mouth protection. Stunbaton - Used to stun prisoners. Or harmbaton the Clown for fun. The latter is not suggested. Warden Mask - Operates similar to a Security gas mask but covers the entire face. Spare Security HuD - Incase you lose yours. Krav Maga Gloves - These are a HIGH RISK ITEM! Do NOT lose these! Wearing them gives you special take down, mute and ‘stop breathing’ moves as well as do more punch damage. These items should either be kept on you or within the locker at all times. Section II - The Warden’s Consoles “Warden, set some guy with a green afro to arrest. I don’t know who, I didn’t catch the name.” In the above picture you will notice that there are three consoles in the warden’s office. These consoles are as follows: Implant Management Console - This console allows you to view the implants you have placed into prisoners. If a tracking implant is used you may send an internal message to the implanted person and track their exact coordinates while on station. If a chemical implant is used this is where you can activate it. Security Records Console - This console is the same one you will find at the Security front desk. It can search and adjust Security records. This is how you would set someone to arrest. This one is a bit ‘safer’ to use as you do not have to sit at the front desk to use it. Remember to log yourself out after use. Security Cameras Console - This console allows you to use the security cameras around the station to check on remote areas. It is suggested that you monitor these if you have nothing else to do. The amount of times officers have caught someone trying to cremate a body in front of a camera is staggering. Cell Management Console - This console can remotely control the prison cells within the brig. The Warden can use this console to adjust times, release prisoners and view the reason given for the prisoners timer. Section III - The Secure Armory “Yo warden, give me a riot shotgun. So what if it’s code green?” The Secure Armory is where all of Securities’ lethal and non-lethal weapons are to be stored. Upon round start you should find a piece of paper on your desk stating what the armory should contain. This may depend upon if you have the normal armory layout or if Central Command graces you with the “experimental armory” which contains different weapons. By default it’ll contain the following: Three Laser Guns - Lethal mode is the only mode on these. Three Energy Guns - These can switch between lethal and disable. They can also mount a Seclight. Three Spare Tasers - These do not include the extra found in your locker. They can also mount a Seclight. Three Riot Shotguns - These come pre-loaded with rubber bullet non-lethal shells. Used during riots to suppress and disable protesters. Three Boxes of Buckshot - These are lethal rounds for the riot shotgun. Only to be issued on code red to shotgun users. More effective the closer you are to your target. One Box of Tranquilizer Darts - These are non-lethal rounds for the riot shotgun. They put a target to sleep while dealing minimal damage. Two Boxes of Beanbag Slug Shells - These shells operate similar to rubber bullets but fire a single slug projectile. These are identical to what the Bartender uses to keep the peace. Bulletproof Armor & Helmets - Located beneath the ion rifle and ablative vest is a single rack containing helmets and chest pieces. These are better than normal armor for officers. Riot Armor, Helmets & Shields - The riot armor and helmets are some of the best armor Security has access to. However it is notably bulky. The riot shield is able to deflect around 50% of physical attacks such as bullets or stabs that comes towards the wearer. The Riot shield can be worn on the back, but it does not provide protection when worn that way. Ion Rifle - The ion rifle is extremely useful at taking down borgs, mechs, AI’s, IPC’s and other beings that are susceptible to electromagnetic pulses. BE CAREFUL if an officer takes this! The last thing you need is a shitsec officer thinking this is a normal rifle. Ablative Vest - This vest is similar to armor but protects the wearer better from energy related projectiles. This is an IMPORTANT ITEM so make sure it stays secured! Section IV - The Armory/Storage “Sorry, Warden. I broke into your office for a free chem implant. But hey, I have meth now!” The armory is directly above the wardens office and directly to the left of the secure armory. This is where extra non-weapon security equipment is stored as well as the Warden’s implants, portable flashers and deployable barriers. Your equipment in here is as follows: Spare Boxes of Flashbangs - Very helpful for security officers incase the vendor in the front runs out. Sectech Vending Machine - This machine can be found next to the security lockers beneath the secure armory. Sec lights, zip ties and so forth are found in these. Helpful to use this one if the other runs out of items in it. One can also hack these machines for security hailers. Biohazard Locker - Used incase of a virus outbreak or handling materials that could infect someone. This suit is nearly worthless. Bomb Suit Locker - Allows the wearer to survive explosions. Typically should be used when defusing bombs aboard the station. Deployable Barriers - These can be used to block off areas of interest, such as hacked open doors.r They can also make choke points to aid Security incase of a Brig raid. Now in grenade form! Deployable Flashers - These can be set up around the brig with a wrench to blind those who do not wear sunglasses or security HuDs. However these will stun security borgs! Tracker Implants - Tracking implants are found within the tracker implanter box. Inside should be a set of tracking implants in their case and an implanter. Chemical Implants - Chemical implants are found within the chemical implanter box. Inside should be a set of implants in their case, an implant viewer and implanter. Mindshield Implants - Mindshield implants are found within the Mindshield implant lockbox. Any officer can unlock the box. Inside should be a set of Mindshield implants and an implanter. You’ll need to unlock the box before the contents can be accessed. Mechanics Toolbox - The mechanics toolbox is nothing special but contains useful tools. A wrench can set up deployable flashers. A screwdriver can adjust one’s security mask setting and a welder can aid in welding the Brig’s many vents. Chapter V - Perma-Brig, ‘Gulag’ & Execution Section I - Perma-Brig & Preparation Following Space Law any containable EoC’s as well as anyone who has committed an exceptional or capital crime should be processed, search and prepared for transfer to the Perma-Brig. The Permabrig is more isolated than most of the station but that does not mean you can ignore it. Escape attempts may occur. To prevent escape, one should follow the proper process for permabrigging. Search Syndicate EoC’s for implants. Brigging an EoC with an EMP or storage implant can be potentially hazardous to yourself and the Station at large. As such, implants should be searched for and removed as soon as possible. This can be done via Organ Manipulation surgery on the chest. Surgery can be performed by the Brig Physician or a Medical Doctor. When handling an EoC in general medical, it is advised you consult the Chief Medical Officer, or bring another Officer along with. See to a termination of the prisoner’s ID. It is suggested to do this while the prisoner is undergoing surgery. It is the HoP’s job to terminate ID’s so do not be afraid to ask him on security coms, PDA or in person. Sometimes it is best to task an officer to do this for you if you are under severe pressure, or you can’t be bothered. Dress the prisoner in proper clothing and confiscate their headset/PDA. If you have not already confiscated the prisoner’s headset and PDA do so while dressing them in prison clothing. The prisoner should be given a new headset from the locker. You may give the prisoner a new PDA but do NOT return them their old PDA. Only the original PDA modified and issued by the Syndicate round start is capable of containing a radio-uplink. Implant the prisoner with a tracking implant. This should be done so one may passively track the prisoner in case of escape attempt, or alternatively of parole. Chemical implants are suggested for Vampires or particularly rowdy prisoners. Lock the door to the perma cell. Perma cells are where the beds are located in the Perma-Brig. You should press the button on the wall to lock the door to prevent other perma prisoners from ambushing you with any shenanigans. If you feel you may not be able to handle this yourself ask your fellow officers or the AI to watch you while you place a new prisoner into Perma. Undo the cuffs and stun as per usual brigging. Make sure you do not leave any materials or items in the cell with the prisoner. Remember, ALL perma prisoners are to be evacuated to the escape shuttle at the end of the shift. Take proper precautions to make sure you are able to cuff them and haul them to the shuttle. It is highly recommended to have officers assist you in this to avoid escapes. Ensure that Perma prisoners are buckle-cuffed to the shuttle chairs in the security section, lest they escape while you handle the general evacuation. All prisoners who escape the permabrig are immediately flagged as ‘Kill on Sight’. Be sure to update their records to reflect proper crimes whenever possible. If re-apprehended it is suggested that you ask the Magistrate’s permission before executing an escaped prisoner once recaptured. You should do all in your power to re-capture Perma Prisoners. Lethal force may be used at your discretion. For those who do not know how to use *chemical implants, here is an easy step by step. Take the chemical implant in its case out of the box. Hold the chemical/substance you wish to load the implant with in your other hand. Pour the liquid into the chemical implant. Take the implanter out of the box. Use the implanter on the chemical implanter to take it out of its case, thus loading the implanter. Use the implanter on the prisoner. *Vampires should receive holy water chemical implants while a Syndicate member should receive an ether implant. Or liquid ants. Section II - ‘Gulag’ The ‘Gulag’/Labor camp can be utilized for either prisoners deserving perma or as a sentence to those with major crimes but not having any perma-able offenses. For those without a perma-able offense, use the prisoners prison ID on the console located in the labor shuttle bay. Adjust the points to be proportionate to the punishment. The console should do the conversion of minutes to points for you. For those who are an EoC or have committed either an exceptional or capital crime proceed with permabrigging as normal. After having the prisoner checked for implants, dressed and injected with a tracker/chem implant - transport them onto the shuttle. The prisoner may be left unattended at the labor camp but it is typically recommended that the Warden keeps an eye on them via the security camera console. Gulaging someone has the benefit of making a prisoner mine valuable resources for the station. However there is a danger of leaving a possibly violent prisoner down on lavaland, even if he is isolated from the general miners via a lava chasm. Section III - Execution All executions should be done in accordance SoP as well as Space Law. To execute a prisoner you MUST have either the Magistrate’s approval or the Captain’s approval if the Magistrate is not present. Neither you or the Head of Security have the right to order an execution. The steps of a proper execution are as follows. Terminate the prisoner’s station ID. If this is not done the execution is considered UNLAWFUL and can result in murder or manslaughter charges. The prisoner is to be dressed in proper prison clothing. All non-prison clothing should be kept in the prisoner gear lockers located outside of the perma hallway. Authorization to carry out the execution must be given by the magistrate. If the Magistrate is unavailable, the judgement falls upon the Captain. If the Captain is also unavailable, Central Command must be faxed for authorization. The Prisoner is to be set to execute with their crimes clearly labeled. The authorizing official's name should be recorded on the security record under ‘notes’. Right before execution the prisoner is to be allowed to say their final words. It comes down to the decision of the Magistrate, Head of Security or Warden how those words will be heard. Typically the prisoner should either be given a headset to record his last words to the crew or, if fearing unrest from crew, simply record their last words via a recording device. It is suggested to have a medical personnel or the brig doctor on site to verify the prisoner’s death. This is not mandatory, but highly recommended. The prisoner may request a Chaplain to be present. The Head of Security has final say if they wish to allow this or not. It is suggested that the Chaplain is summoned if the prisoner requests so. Standard Execution Methods: Electric Chair - The electric chair is the most common form of execution. Simply place the cuffed prisoner into the chair and activate the receiver found on the table. Lethal Injection - Lethal injection is a common form of execution. The prisoner is to be buckled into the electric chair or bed located in the execution chamber. The locker in the corner contains syringes full of lethal fluids. Needless to say this execution method is not possible for IPCs. Firing Squad - Firing squad is considered one of the most common forms of execution next to the electric chair. Buckle the prisoner into the chair. After they state their last words any security wishing to perform the execution may open fire with any lethal ranged weapon. Asphyxiation, Gas/Space - Asphyxiation is another rare yet standard form of execution. The prisoner is to be placed into the electric chair, the air valve turned off to the room and the blast doors opened. Once the prisoner dies from asphyxiation one is to close the blast doors, reopen the valve and allow the room to repressurize and vent. This method is not available on Box Station as there are no blast doors. You may also asphyxiate a prisoner by injecting non-breathable gases into the room via a Canister Port. There should be one placed obviously next to the air-switch in each station’s respective execution chamber. Prisoner Request - The prisoner may request other forms of execution. It is up to the magistrate if this is acceptable or not. Some examples include: execution via harm baton, execution via mass driver while in a casket, execution via force-fed mint, execution via beheading, etc. The prisoner is not entitled to decide his execution method. Execution Alternative, Exile - Exile is an alternative to execution and requires either the Magistrate, Captain, Head of Security or Warden to approve of. To exile a prisoner you are you bring him to the gateway room, inject them with exile implants found within the room inside the exile implant locker. Once implanted he is to be prepared with food, a breathing mask, an oxygen or other breathing tank and an emergency auto-injector. Afterward they are to be shoved into the Gateway. This implant should successfully prevent the prisoner from returning to the station via gateway. Congratulations! You’ve made it through till the end! Feel free to leave feedback and correct this guide if it was wrong in any way!
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    Yet another collab with @PhantasmicDream, I cannot thank them enough for bringing this image to life, and if you somehow haven't taken a look at her work please do so right now. From left to right: Heather, Heather, and Heather Vespa, Cecilia, and Tetra.
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    Oh yeah, I forgot to post this. Speak of the devil, this is @Spacemanspark 's ANGELICA! It was a quick ol' thing... and uh, you can probably see I've been over-using the sparke brush. I'm trying to take Dreamy's advice on backgrounds. I'm GETTING there. Maybe.
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    ...and without the blood or clown
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    heeeeey, little art thing for fun. really fun
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    First round as a Roboticist was also a malf AI round. What fun. So I couldn't really make any new borgs. I decided to have some fun though, and instead of making borgs I put robo-brains into mechs, and IPCs. One of these Robo-brains referred to me as 'Mom', and I thought that was kinda cute, so instead of putting them into a mech like their... I guess, siblings, I put them into an IRC. Being called 'Fate' they decided on the name 'Omen' which I thought was nice. They helped me out with robotics. Heh. The player said they'd make Omen their IPC character! Which made me quite proud. To the left is Fate, and left is Omen. They both have hex codes after their name that represent their colours!
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    And right after liznerd here goes slimenerd, Vespa for @Cheeseman
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    Here we have Zeke, who had a stressful shift and needs to unwind. He probably has a lot of bubble baths...
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    All together. "Kickin nerds in the nose!" Nailed the outfits perfect! Thanks for making me part of this I plan to sit down at some point and write up a full or at least partial parody of Candy Store that is more befitting for security squad in spess.
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    i had quite a few ideas on what the officer could be fighting but a clown got selected other ideas included a shadowling, a vampire or a changeling
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    Hey! Welcome to Paradise Riff/y/s SS13 can be a pain to get used to, but soooo worth it. If you ever need help, feel free to ask anyone, whether its myself (keep an eye out for a robot named TURING), another player, or the admins. I reckon we're a good lot. Well, I am anyway
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    Just a fun thing to maybe set up, so if any of the artist of Paradise wanted to collab together the could!! Maybe you have already collabed with someone and just don't know where to post it, we'll here's you're chance. It can be fun working with someone, but at the same time it can be hard, but in the end we can all just have fun. So everyone, get together and have fun!! To start it off here's something Machofish and I did together last year, Macho did the original sketch and I went over and coloured it.
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    this is very cool. only little thing that could be changed to make it the perfection - i would like the cap to be either blue (grey-blue), white or black. icon is awesome though
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    You all flatter me so much. ^-^
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    Sihsse's Tips and Tricks of Being a Professional Internal Affairs Agent First and foremost All Internal Affairs Agents must remember that your greatest asset in performing your duty is that the crew sees you as someone who is professional and can be trusted to handle their issues. If you act biased, unprofessional, or you lack sufficient knowledge in Space Law or Standard Operating Procedure, the crew are less likely to seek you out to resolve their issues or even ignore you outright. At worst you can be deemed a hindrance to productivity and may lose your position. Make the crew aware that Internal Affairs is open and operating. This can easily be accomplished by stopping by the Head of Personnel's Office and asking them to broadcast a station wide message on your behalf. Failing that putting up a few papers on the airlock can also let crew know that Internal Affairs is there to help, not as effective as an announcement however something is better than nothing. Get in contact with the Magistrate and NanoTrasen Representative.The former is your boss and can often refer cases to your office or asking you to keep an eye on things, your boss is also a very good source of information and will provide their own opinions on Space Law and Standard Operating Procedure when you're unsure of how to proceed. The NanoTrasen Representative is very interested in Standard Operating Procedure and making sure the Station functions properly, if you have complaints about a member of Command its always important to forward those to the Representative to handle if there is one on board before attempting to handle it yourself. They can also be an excellent source of cases should something between crew is brought to their attention or a department needs checked in on. Standard Operating Procedure: Guidelines for a better Station. Standard Operating Procedure is definitely important, however you have to remember first and foremost that they're A Set of Guidelines and Not a Checklist for Firing Someone. While someone can be fired for violation of Standard Operating Procedure you have to look at the context in which it is broken. If Genetics are handing out genetic powers to civilians without authorization, is it because they're giving them to friends for fun or is it to help bolster the crew against the Terror Spiders that are currently rampaging. Context is king in assessing a situation and the two questions you should ask yourself are always "Is the effect for the benefit of the station?" and "Is this action hurting the station and causing issues?" Politeness, the Strongest Weapon in your Arsenal. Being polite and cordial when approaching someone will have a multitude of effects. Not only will you often receive a much more open reception when asking questions and investigating, if an individual is being unreasonable and hostile towards you it strengthens your position when you need it. Nobody enjoys someone who screams and tries to flout authority, make sure you don't slip in to this category. Knowledge is Power. One of your greatest assets is the extensive library of Standard Operating Procedure and Space Law within your Office. You're expected to have a firm grasp of Space Law and Standard Operating Procedure for various departments however no single agent can remember every single procedure for every single department. If you need a refresher or you haven't memorized the SoP for a particular department it never hurts to carry a few books with you, especially Space Law and Legal Operating Procedure when you're hanging around the Brig. Legal Therapist with Paperwork. Sometimes an issue that crew brings to you isn't sufficient to warrant an investigation or even intervention from you and they're just looking to complain to you about it. Be open and receptive to their complaints, let them know they you're there for them and that you'll try to do something to curb the problem that they're having or even offer advice to them on how to avoid or resolve their conflict with a co-worker who is an asshole. Not only will they appreciate being able to complain but they'll thank you for your time and you'll build a stronger more positive relationship with the crew. Reputation is Important. If you're fresh and new to the Internal Affairs game, you won't get a lot of cases to handle. Keep your nose to the grindstone and build your reputation shift by shift and eventually you'll be known as that Agent who not only crew will listen to but even Security will come and ask for your opinion regarding things they're unsure of. With a good reputation for impartiality, friendliness, and strong knowledge in your field, you can even have Command seeking you out for issues that require your solid judgement. Demotions and Where You Fit In. A good Agent never threatens someone with demotion or demands the demotion of crew. If you believe an individual is a detriment to the department and is violating Standard Operating Procedure in a way that harms it, the best course of action is to seek out their Department Head and speak to them about your concerns. If you're unable to or they're busy, writing a simple report and faxing it to the appropriate Command member for their review will let you accomplish the same thing. Staving off Boredom. One of the biggest issues Internal Affairs have is what to do between cases. Brush up on Standard Operating Procedure and Space Law while sitting in processing. It gives you a chance to see how Security is performing and offers opportunities to give advice if you see something that perhaps a new Security Officer is doing that could be done better. Visit departments and watch them work, get a feel of when a department is operating good and when a department is operating poorly. You can even send a status report to Central Command if there isn't a NanoTrasen Representative to do so or just shoot off a pleasant message to inform them that you're there. A Final Word. Internal Affairs Agents are there as problem solvers on behalf of Central Command and NanoTrasen, you're there to make sure the station functions properly and that the crew are at least doing their jobs to a reasonable extent. A good Internal Affairs Agent can handle a myriad of issues on station without Central Command even knowing there was a problem to begin with and knows when to shoot off a fax to the big bosses when the problem is beyond their capabilities. Always exhaust every option available to you in contacting the appropriate Command Members before grabbing the attention of the big guys at Central Command. Having the Magistrate and/or NanoTrasen Representative add their signature and stamps to your report can also lend it considerable weight and show its something that needs their attention.
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    I've been working on a new station goal myself. It's still very much WIP but you can find it here https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pull/12062 and if you have any suggestions, feel free to make them.
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    Greetings everyone! Recently i was thinking about karma unlocks and what else could we add to the game. While I understand that there are a lot of things which are more important and have a higher priority, i decided it would not hurt to throw in my ideas, so here they are. It was quiet a big list of ideas, however i cut the least interesting ones, because the list was too big, and left the best of what I have, and made it as short as possible. First thing that comes to mind of everyone who thinks about new karma unlocks is fluff items. I have one idea for that - Medal of loyalty. 3 verions - for 10 years, for 25 and for 50 years of service. I think it would be cool to have each one being unlockable only if you have unlocked the previous one, so, if for example they cost like 5-10-20 karma, the 50 years medal would cost total of 35 karma, that way we wont see many of them around. I also imagine that if you add somehow a medal of loyalty to a specific character, that character would have his ingame crew record automatically updated to represent the fact that this person in fact is working for NT for over 10-25-50 years already. 18 years old catgirls with 50 years of NT work experience inbound Lets not linger for a long time on fluff items and move forward to my first big idea - the karma locked borg module. Now we move to another thing - secondary jobs. And the last thing is - new karma locked job. Here are my suggestions. I hope someone (especially coders and heads) likes them. You can post your suggestions or discuss mine. P.S. Sorry for all the grammar mistakes.
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    Competition breeds excellence. I like this idea, willing to try it.
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    Personally, I like to group them so that I am doing all the protolathe things first, then the circuit imprinter after, and space them out into groups that I can print at a time, so less time is wasted going back and fourth. toolbox,(Combat: 1) welding tool,(Plasma: 1) Protolathe Basic Capacitor(Power: 1) Micro Manipulator(Materials: 1, Data: 1) Basic Micro-Laser(Electronics: 1) Tracking Beacon(Bluespace: 1) High-Capacity Power Cell(Power: 2) Reagent Scanner(Biotech: 1, Plasma: 2, Electronics: 2) advanced hard disk drive(Data: 2, Engineering: 2) global positioning system(Bluespace: 2, Materials: 2) Health Scanner HUD(Biotech: 2, Electronics: 3) Security HUD(Combat: 2) Holographic Sign Projector(Data: 3) Advanced Capacitor(Power: 3) Advanced Matter Bin(Materials: 3) Mining Drill(Engineering: 3) Advanced Reagent Scanner(Biotech: 3, Electronics: 4, Plasma: 3) Large Grenade(Combat: 3) cybernetic heart(Biotech: 5) cybernetic heart(Biotech: 5) Circuit Imprinter "Gygax" Weapons & Targeting Control module(Combat: 4, Data: 4) SUPERPACMAN-type Generator(Power: 4, Engineering: 4) Teleporter Console (Bluespace: 3) Quantum Pad Board(Bluespace: 4) wired network card(Data: 5) Chem Dispenser(Materials: 4, Plasma: 4)
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    Thanks for the very nice guide! I'd just add the locations of soaps and space cleaner and tell folks that keeping brig clean is wardens job.
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    Aw cute chibis! But also! SWARMERS ARE SKREK
  25. 1 point
    These chibis are so cute!!
  26. 1 point
    Now, I understand that mining is all about fighting megafauna and not about acquiring resources for the station, but it's getting tiresome for miners to get geared up and then start patrolling maints for antags as drakes and maniacs with meathooks. It isn't their job to be security, but there are no restrictions enforced on where they can take their weapons, meaning that they essentially become a security force that answers to nobody, and I've yet to see security ever enforce restrictions on miner weaponry. So, to cut down on the miner lynch mobs roaming maint looking for people to kill, I propose that like the gateway energy gun, mining weaponry doesn't function on the station. Honestly I don't know how much coding it would take, perhaps just a z-level check as a safety switch for the stuff, but having them come onto the station geared up like gamma and start hunting for antags without even having probable cause is common and, in my opinion, unfair. TLDR: Remove mining's ability to be an unopposed lynch mob by keeping their weapons from working on station.
  27. 1 point
    I think it was just never thought of in the first place, which is why it's not added in. IPCs are pretty much untouched when it comes to newcrit, so my straight forward guess is that it was never thought of, cause no one really expected IPCs to need it.
  28. 1 point
    Hello all, hoping to make this a fun thread with fun examples of paperwork. Played as HOP and had a guy give me this brilliantly filled out form for replacement of ID: S-23 Form: Replacement ID card for lost or damaged ID card request Name/Aliases: Ozzy Baker Current Job: Virologist Was the card lost or damaged?: You better believe it was How was the card lost or damaged?: THEN FUCKING SPACE NEIGHBORS STOLE IT AND MY ORGANS. What can be done to avoid this occurring again?: If Viro wasn't a loney job, and if the monkeys could have saved me. Get better monkeys so they can be my god damn bodyguards. What, if any, executive action needs to be taken?: KILL THE SPACE NEIGHBORS
  29. 1 point
    Hey, welcome biba!! Always great to see a new face around. Ss13 is a *bleep*ing hard game to get the hang of, but soooo rewarding when you do. Look forward to seeing you on board
  30. 1 point
    Now you can get the AI to open IRL
  31. 1 point
    Screenshot dump time. After 4 or 5 recalls: When Paradise was down and we went to the clone server: When the Chaplain recruits you for their church:
  32. 1 point
    Wow! These are incredible character studies! You're really evolving into an incredible style!
  33. 1 point
    This is a very unpopular solution/suggestion from me, but personally whenever i wanted to try out new jobs I'm not familiar with i go to a small pop server that have similiar jobs to the one in the main server i played at just to learn from it, the benefit from small pop server since they have low amount of players they all kinda agreed anonymously to not acting harshly to other without reason, removing one of stress factor coming from in this case security job, furthermore there's less cases of problem to dealt with and generally everyone are kinda on the same side to not mess up the station too quickly, lastly on the antagonist since small pops mean small security number sometime even just 1, new player who are starting out security roles might be able to learn the pressure a lot of the jobs with simple objective in mind, to catch that antagonist without worrying about lack of coordination cause again, Low pops. So what I'm saying is, ask them if they ever had experience as security on other server, if yes taught the basic of space law in here, if not well good luck and suggest them to either read or try it out on other server first <- (very dumb idea) That's all what my retarded mind wanted to say
  34. 1 point
    I go by this rule. "If you're doing something 'just in case X happens', then it's powergaming."
  35. 1 point
  36. 1 point
    I wrote this so that people coming from other, half-decent, servers could adjust to Paradise's rules and nonexistent RP. Tips as follows: 1) 'RP' is a code word for 'sitting in the bar talking for 30 minutes, while avoiding our actual jobs'. 2) When someone says 'book club,' they really mean 'metafriend clique.' 3) As an antag, 'Steal a jetpack' is syndicate jargon for 'Blow up all the space pods, decimate security, assassinate the Captain, and loot the armory." 4) When being arrested by security, spam the radio with wild, unfounded, accusations and protests. If they take away your headset, rant in LOOC until muted. Proceed to file an admin complaint on the forums with the most ridiculous username you can think of. 5) As a security officer, know your procedures by heart 6) When an admin finally PMs you regarding all of the above, they aren't really looking for answers, they want an excuse to ban you. Give them one, go out in a blaze of glory. 7) If the ban you receive is a fair, reasonable temp ban, appeal with the maximum vitriolic nonsense you can fit in a poorly written paragraph. If it's permanent, wait a few weeks and start ban evading! Note: The above is a just a joke, please do not take it seriously or follow any advice therein. Should the Administration wish to move this thread, feel free to do so.
  37. 1 point
    I think giving sec borgs ranged lethals at round start for free would screw the balance a LOT, remember that you can still give borgs lethals tho you will need illegals 4 level and diamonds to do so. I also think cyborgs are cool as they are and they don't need either a nerf or a buff.
  38. 1 point
    I do want to bring up a very important part of this that has affected a lot of us who end up wanting to invest in Karma collection to get unlock more options to really just gain more freedom as roleplayers and characters within Paradise. Because whenever I get to play, I am reminded of my goals in mind, I end up deciding to roleplay in a way that is conducive to a Karma-gaining standpoint and take part in behavior that would do the same. I don't have a ton of time to play like others, and SS13 as a whole can be a very tiring experience when you're really TRYING for something. This includes engaging in heavy RP and entertaining behaviors, and when you're learning or working a real difficult job. A dream of mine has always been to actually learn how to properly construct and deconstruct the station, which usually means working in one of the least Karma-productive roles on the station, like Atmospherics. I am in turn pre-disposed to never properly spend the energy and time to learn how to learn this kind of job since my goals and sights are currently set on playing as a roleplay conducive role for the next 30+ hours of gameplay to hopefully rack up enough Karma to unlock another race or two. I'm not saying that Karma doesn't make sense as a productive system for rewarding good behavior, interesting interaction, and generally a more 'fun' experience. But because my options of how I can interact with others is so limited by the role I choose, I rarely will play a productive role in the station or learn anything else new. Only thing I may do now is play Virology, finish my work as quickly as possible, and then quit once there is adequate resources for medical staff so I can follow some Karma-driven dream. I definitely enjoy being a character, having my ideas come to light, and entertaining others as I go on mad pursuits of crazy ideas that end up moreover having a decent Karma flow compared to others. But that's really just me, and not everyone benefits from this system like I do. I get rewarded for becoming an inspired yet unproductive role and getting radical with my ideas, but many others find roles that provide no Karma to be significantly more entertaining, and find themselves in a rut. I find this is most applicable to people who enjoy other aspects to the game outside of roleplaying their way throughout an entire round to hope that someone took enough notice to reward them. You are less likely to reward those who don't end up trying to make banter or talk to you, trying to get noticed, yet many of us who end up in Medical like being out of Medical as soon as possible. It may be an interaction chance, but the Nurse who fixes you up faster than a Medical Doctor can see you doesn't get much from the Karma system. I don't think the system is broken, but this is clearly a fair topic to debate further on. The only valid thing you take between each and every round you enter into is Karma, and those who keep the rounds alive end up having nothing to show for it most of the time. Shout out to the Atmospheric Bros.
  39. 1 point
    The only problem i really see with karma system is not a big amount of karma unlocks. While it is really stupid to have million jobs and species, some minor karma lucked stuff would be good, like cosmetic items
  40. 1 point
    Yeah i am up for "if antag is rolled, you get certain character" I think there should be an option that allows you to choose one of your character for antag preferences. So i dont have to choose between trying to get an antag and playing my nonantag character. It will also allow to get cling or vamp even if you selected ipc character for roundstart.
  41. 1 point
    I dislike it, borers relation with crew is a simbiotic one and the objectives will only cause borers to get instantly valid or people to get griefed by and because of them.
  42. 1 point
    Kinda late to suggesting, but some more coat options would be nice. Being a vox and all, I primarily use my coat slot as an easy option for my air tank, but having some more options for style would freshen stuff up. Sadly don't have too many ideas on what kinda coat visually.
  43. 1 point
    Azul; @Gaty Read up in Standard of Procedures regarding Legal, Green, Blue and Red Alert. Also, fuck you, not happening. - Wolf
  44. 1 point
    Another idea that may or may not be unbalanced. This time, it's something that could very well make sense. My proposal is this, give Malf AI some way to essentially mindslave crew, it would be a moderately expensive single use ability that after a short while (similar to thralling a mindshield crewmember as a shadowling) injects the victim with a swarm of nanites that override the victims will, these nanites can be deactivated via EMP on the affected crew member, this will not destroy the nanites however, only deactivate them, the AI then needs to spend an increasing amount of power to reactivate them after a reasonable delay. This would give malf AIs access to operatives with hands, something very valuable to an army of robots without fine manipulation, as well as potentially giving them the opportunity to commit some crimes without immediately having crew scream "AI IS ROUGE GET DA IONS" now this may seem like a straight buff but the crew may be able to use this new ability to their advantage, if the AI is outed they can use an EMP on the victim to potentially send them in as a saboteur, the AI isn't notified when the nanites are deactivated so an inattentive AI may not notice that their former agent is no longer loyal and when brought into the core to help defend turns on the AI killing them and saving the station.
  45. 1 point
    Honestly I wouldn't mind bumping up the security officer playtime compared to the other jobs just because it's such an abusable role, especially for greytide/power-tripping new players. If you don't have at least a basic grasp of robustness, space law, and hell even the station dynamic, then you're going to have a bad time. Hell, I don't see this being an unpopular opinion at all, it's just common sense. Now for an opinion that may very well be unpopular! I'd say this is less of a pickle than it seems. Station incompetence is a fundamental part of as to why this game is still a game. It's a disaster simulator. Yes, choosing a department and being able to master it (such as learning how to be an extremely robust Doctor or robust Engineer) is immensely satisfying for a lot of people, and there are many people that come in time and time again that learn, grow, and become valuable assets. But when there are 100+ moving, individual players, all with different ideas roles and routines, it's easy for things to fall apart and not work smoothly. You can play scientist and not be able to do anything cause the entire mining team died on Lavaland. You could be a doctor and be overwhelmed by patients and have zero chemists. It's part of the game. If everything ran smoothly every single shift there wouldn't be a point, cause when it does run smoothly it's boring (play medical with a fully competent medical staff and no antags, you'll find yourself tempted to cryo from boredom) My problem is that people sometimes get used to the status quo of a perfectly running station. You get killed by bullshit (which is normal), get mad at it, and then get even madder because a newbie doctor fails to revive you or an newbie engineer failed to cover a breach. Everyones gotten mad at this game for it's bullshit, including me, including every admin, including every veteran player that's been on the station for a year. As counter intuitive as this might sound: stop it. Let the doctor fail to revive you one time without bitching at him. Let the engineer fuck up and shock himself. Let mining die (you can't help it). Every mistake pushes people to get better. But it's important to remember that with every outburst and every yell of "worst medbay ever" may absolutely crush some poor clueless kids motivation and prevent them from reaching their full potential. Now then, Security. The biggest exception. Security (or shitcurity) isn't just hard because of the power and responsibility; doctors and engineers also have power, except in different fields. It's because it's so confrontational. When you fuck up people will without fail call you shitcurity. When you let them go they will continue calling you shitcurity. Even when you were 100% in the right and justified you will still be called shitcurity. It is without a doubt the most thankless, abused, and misunderstood job in this fucking game, and playing or maining it is honestly exhausting, emotionally draining, and sometimes straight up not fun. People walking into that job for the first time not knowing what kind of hell that job is will be absolutely crushed. Job timers are only the half of it. They should be upped for security, or a bigger and bolder warning should be put on the job so that people fully understand why not to play it. But honestly, if people truly want security to be better they're going to have to stop treating security like shit. Good security players have thick skins by default so stop intentionally trying to break them and make them feel bad. They won't lash out at you, they'll just give up on the job and leave. You're not making it worth it. Appreciate and respect them, and if you don't like what they're doing then go play the role yourself and set a good example to others instead. And also don't be afraid to have fun sometimes as a sec officer: roleplay, dick around in the bar, let them miss a couple obvious antags because the department is a mess, understand the difference between a power trip and a legitimate mistake. TL;DR: Game is fucked and chaotic, don't expect perfection from anyone. Edit: I uh, almost forgot to add my opinions on the main suggestion -Raise time for Security, other jobs are probably fine but Sec because yknow, abuse of power and also no one wants to play sec -The station fundamentally hates sec so much anyways that I don't feel like any more incentives would bring anyone back unless they were security buffs. Hey, the department changes made in the past 4 years (there's been like 2 reworks) might be enough for *myself* to start up the job again. Pardon the rant and don't be afraid to respond to me, I didn't proof read.
  46. 1 point
    Have uh..this thing i have mainly mixed feelings about with really. I kinda drew a blank of what the main purpose this was but i suppose it looked cool.
  47. 1 point
    Mmmmaybe for the one that isn't dead.
  48. 1 point
  49. 1 point
    I'm no artist, and this feels super selfish to ask, but I'd love to see some renditions of firebug, especially since I'm kinda proud of how the rework turned out. For reference:
  50. 1 point
    Hadn't seen that before, damn good!
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