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    A drunk Zeke Here's Zeke in a pretty dress. I was then told to draw more males in dresses, so here's a sketch And here's Terry and Gerhard in a dress!! they're pretty and cute.
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    Last year around today is when I started playing space station 13, and paradise station. I've been able to have all sorts of fun with people, and being part of this has improved my life (before this, I usually play single-player games, etc). I've gotten to know quite a few people (even a few who are very dear to me now). For about 8 months I have played the character Szlaa Kaallu, and have felt comfortable. I'm not always good with socializing with people, but I hope I can have another nice year of playing with everyone here, even if different people come and go.
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    HoP fu. A martial art that requires pen and paper in hand. Each attack must be signed and stamped by the head of staff of the dept you're attacking.
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    Some older stuff, some slightly newer stuff, mostly because I haven't posted in forever.
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    I don't do pose studies (or use references) often, so I thought maybe I should draw up some pictures using a reference and what's better than using screen shots from a video of a male ballet dancer pole-dancing. Wanted to sketch up something, so I sketched up a scene that @Chronarch did of his character BEER and his wife(?) L.I.L.Y and I may have forgotten who played them And then a commission I got from someone who goes by TheZodiacLord
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    The 'sec officers must state reasons before arrest' thing is pointless. - It does not apply on red alert, and we spend the majority of our shifts on red alert. - It does not apply either in some situations even on green/blue, such as if the suspect is not stopping when you ask, they're KoS, etc. Combined, these exceptions cover the majority of the remaining cases. - This is especially true as, if security want to stop more than one or two people, they tend to be quick to ask for red alert, which negates the requirement completely. - 'Refuses to stop' is very, very arguable. Moving a single tile away from the officer might qualify. It depends entirely on the officer and what they consider to be 'refusal to stop'. - In any dispute between the officer and the suspect, nobody is going to take the suspect's word that they stopped when the officer says they did not. - Even if the HoS/etc do believe the suspect that they were unnecessarily tased, no actual damage has been done. Security is generally short-handed and cannot afford to fire an officer over something so trivial. - The officer has absolutely no mechanical incentive to follow it. Every second they spend warning the person before they act gives them another second to resist or get away. Every second they spend typing out 'stop' or arrest reasons to an uncuffed suspect is another second the suspect can use to ambush them while they're distracted. With instastun-based combat, the first person to pull a weapon will win most fights, and both parties know this. An officer who walks up to a suspect and says 'stop', followed by 'you're under arrest' and then 'for the crime of _____' is giving their opponent at least 3 separate chances to flee, pull a weapon, etc. It massively, massively disadvantages the officer. Over time, as officers tend to die a lot more often when they do this... they stop doing it. Maybe they shouldn't, but they do. - The main incentive for officers to follow this is fear of OOC consequences, like job bans and whatnot. Thing is, this sort of thing is never ahelped, and even when it is, its generally treated as a trivial IC issue more worthy of the IAA than adminhelp. Its also surprisingly hard to prove either way. An officer says 'stop' and 10 seconds later, they tase the guy. Guy claims he never heard the 'stop'. Officer could have said it in another room, or in a huge crowd. Logs won't show that. Admins can't prove it either way. If we happen to be watching the whole exchange, then yes, we'll know, but with one admin per dozens of players, the odds of us actually catching this by seeing it ourselves are very low. The idea of 'sec officers must state reasons before arrest, let suspects come peacefully' etc sounds nice in theory. In practice, though, its heavily disencouraged by game mechanics, ignored by much of the playerbase (including HoS/IAA), and on an OOC level, somewhat impossible for even admins to enforce. Perhaps its time to simply abolish this guideline. At least without this guideline, officers that try to follow the guidelines won't be at a mechanical disadvantage compared to those that don't. As to vox, the simple solution is for the inventory window to show what the tank is, and which slot its in, rather than just listing it as 'left pocket' or 'right pocket'. Any officer who knows what a tank is should realize there is no point to removing one during a search. As to mimes, there seems to be this incorrect belief that you have to uncuff a mime to let them talk. You don't. They can simply use emotes, like 'shakes his head', 'nods in the direction of the Warden', etc, to communicate. Yes, even fairly complicated things can be communicated this way, with patience and some cleverness. Most of the time that the mime ends up brigged with no communication, it is their fault. Yeah, sec never asked them any questions, but equally, they did not even attempt to communicate with so much as a 'Mime acts out a scream!', 'Mime stares at their handcuffs', etc. Mimes who refuse to emote at all, then blame security for not giving them a chance to defend themselves, are acting like they don't understand what the word 'mime' means.
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    Abbreviations for common terms used on the server. RP: Roleplay - To take up a character and act like they would, performing out their emotions, feelings, characteristics and actions. IC: In Character - When you are Roleplaying and are in your character. OOC: Out of Character - This has two applications within the server. Something done outside of your character, this may be a list of things but all boil down to things that would not been done while In Character. To use the server wide OOC chat, where you may talk OOCly with other players about various things. LOOC: Local Out of Character - Only the people near your character will see this out of character text. Deadchat: A special chat for observers/ghosts who've died in game. People are free to discuss current round information in this chat, and it is considered to be another form of OOC. SSD: Sudden Sleep Disorder - When a player disconnects or loses connection, his character will fall over and begin to sleep. This phenomenon is referred to as going ‘SSD.’ Antag: Antagonist - A player that has gotten an antagonist role, designed to add some chaos to the round to make things fun. Valid: Mostly referring to Antagonists that are able to be killed by other players under any context. Certain Antagonists (Nuke ops, Wizard, Blob, Xenos, Terror Spiders) are all considered valid, while others (Traitor, Changeling, Cult, Shadowlings) are not. Cluwnes are always valid under any and all circumstances. Murderboning: Excessive Killing - A player who excessively kills everyone in his path not because he has to but rather he wants to do so. Self Antaging: Antagonizing without being an Antag - Self Antaging refers to players who decide to do actions that normally only a Antagonist would do, i.e; Murdering other players, heavily damaging the station or causing chaos on a mass scale. Disclaimer: Paradise Station is a private server. The Server Staff reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone they believe is detrimental to the server and its community. Even if no Rules are broken, but we believe the spirit of them has been, we may ban you. This decision will not be made on the spot, and will require discussion and consent of the Senior Staff Rule 0: Don't be a dick Practice common sense while consulting these rules. The general idea counts, not the exact wording. The rules are guidelines for the server and should be interpreted to suit the situation at hand, not manipulated to suit your needs. Attempting to Rules-Lawyer an Administrator is never a good idea, and likely to result in harsher punishment The Server Staff retains the right to issue Permanent Bans to players that they consider to be a consistent net negative to the community and server, without the need for any specific Rule to be broken. Rule 1: Listen to the Admins The Staff Members have final say on the server. If you are banned or job banned from the server, you are to write an appeal instead of continuing the conversation via Adminhelp or Discord messages. The Adminhelp system is not to be spammed. If you do not get a response, the Administrators are either busy with other matters or not available. If no Administrators are available, you may take your request to the forums if needed. If an Administrator asks you to stop arguing over the in-game PMs, you must stop but may take it to the Review Board; We hold the right to deem a Ckey inappropriate to the server and can ask you to make a separate account to log in with. Examples of inappropriateness include, but are not limited to, excessive vulgar language, bigotry or references to real life celebrities; When in doubt, Adminhelp any question you may have about the Server Rules. Rule 2: Roleplaying Standards The following behaviors are prohibited on Paradise Station: Metagaming (using OOC information acquired via means unavailable to other players. Examples include, but are not limited to, third-party software or direct, physical communication). This includes streaming; inform the Server Staff before streaming a round; Placing current round information into OOC chat (IC in OOC); Using LOOC to talk to others to give them current round information. This applies to Ghosts as well. If you want to provide minor instruction to a nearby player, please inform the Server Staff before doing so; Using multiple accounts for yourself during a round (Multikeying) is not allowed. Simply having multiple accounts, by itself, is permitted - but we require you to inform us so we can add a note that these accounts are both yours; When it comes to suiciding, do not suicide upon getting caught, or when converted by a conversion Antagonist. Regarding Roleplaying: Obligatory Wikipedia link. Paradise Station is a Medium Roleplaying Server. This means that we do not expect players to completely and absolutely immerse themselves in the universe of the game. However, we still expect players to act in-character at all times, in a manner befitting the overall scenario: that of working aboard a high-tech research space station owned by a Galactic MegaCorp with dubious moral standards. We do not restrict knowledge on any Antagonists, but you may pick and choose what your character knows. Similarly, we do not enforce Clone Memory Disorder (amnesia after cloning/borging), but you may freely play it straight in your character. We also do not restrict knowledge based on your job. Administrators may ask you to change your behavior if it is seen by the Server Staff as damaging the IC atmosphere of the server. Examples include, but are not limited to: references to memes or real life events, full reference characters (such as a Diona named Groot who says nothing but "I am Groot"), or an excessive amount of unserious, out-of-universe behavior in an IC context (with the obvious exception of the Clown and Mime). Regarding Non-Serious and/or Improper character names: Your character is an employee of a powerful corporation serving on a cutting edge space station. Names should be context appropriate and support appropriate role-play. The clown will have considerably more freedom of "meme" naming then the captain. Failing to adhere to these standards will result to either IC or OOC consequences (including changing the name) depending on play history, severity, subjective quality of role play (with a preference on "medium") and OOC factors. If you think a name should be allowed that an admins thinks of otherwise, this can be sent for review. However, until the review is finalized, the decision of the admin at the time remains. Regarding In-Character speech: The use of ‘Netspeak’( Th15 15 1337 sp33k), Internet Acronyms ("lol", "lmao", "rofl") and ‘Smilies’(:D) are prohibited from use in In-Character verbal chat but are allowed through IC written text such as a sheet of paper or PDA messaging. Regarding "Powergaming": The Server Staff retain the right to ask you to tone down what is perceived as being excessive powergaming that causes noticeable disruption to the rest of the playerbase. Powergaming is readily defined as the prioritization of amassing mechanical advantages for yourself, to the detriment of the enjoyment of others or the creation of interesting RP situations, and is to be avoided in favor of methods that both encourage and promote the fun of all parties involved in interactions where such moderation is possible. Regarding Flavour Text: Your character's flavor text should only contain information that any other character could discern at a glance. Any characteristic that would not be physically visible at a glance (such as personality, backstory, and so on) should not be included in the flavor text. Providing a link to drawn art of your character or your character bio/crew records is acceptable, though it must remain within SFW boundaries. Rule 3: SSD Players SSD Players are players that have disconnected from the game. They can be identified by examining them, which will reveal that “They have suddenly fallen asleep!”, or by clicking on them with Help Intent selected, which will outright tell you they are SSD. You may not touch or interact with people under the influence of 'Sudden Sleep Disorder' except to pull them to Cryodorms and place them in a Cryosleeper, to provide medical care to SSD players, such as medication or surgery, or to remove them from an immediate life threatening situation, such as a plasma fire; Even if the person in question who goes SSD is wanted, you may not arrest them without Adminhelping for permission. Likewise, you may not kill them if they are your assassination target. In this last case, place them in Cryodorms, and after they are removed from the round, you will automatically be given a new target; If the person goes SSD immediately after an arrest, you are free to continue processing and brigging them as if they were still awake. Likewise, if your assassination target goes SSD immediately after you begin attacking them, you are free to continue your assault; If you believe an SSD person needs to be interacted with (such as an SSD Captain needing to have their equipment removed), ask the Administrators first. Rule 4: Maintaining a Respectful Environment Under no circumstances is OOC harassment of another player allowed, regardless of who the victim is. Repeated IC harassment with little to no reason can be considered metagrudging; Racial, Homophobic, Ethnic, Religious, etc, slurs are not allowed ICly or OOCly. Terms such as "faggot" and "nigger", or any variations on them (such as "ligger", "furfag", etc.) are expressly not allowed. Interspecies racism is allowed (so long as no other Rules are broken), as it is considered IC; Excessive profanity in OOC is not allowed. Keep profanity to a minimum and completely stop if it begins to upset other players or you are asked to stop by a member of the Server Staff; Do not use the server to advertise other servers or for other commercial interests. An exception may be made if you seek Administrator approval (e,g, if you require help to test a server feature on a local testing server). Do not put down, invalidate, berate and/or otherwise insult any player, community or server. While anger, frustration, and abuse may be quite suitable ICly, you may be asked to stop by an Administrator if it is seen as over the top, spamming, or without good cause. You can easily enjoy your time on a specific server without having to share your disinterest or plain criticism of other ones. Rule 5: Play the Role you've chosen Choose the role based on what you want to spend the round doing; Choosing a Head of Staff role (such as Chief Medical Officer) means you will be expected to play to a higher standard of roleplay, seriousness and competence. You may be Jobbaned from Command if you fail to meet these standards, or if you ignore your duties; If you need to leave the round early as a member of Command, inform the rest of Command and Adminhelp it to inform the Administrators. Removing yourself from the round without doing this will lead to a Permanent Command Jobban; If for some emergency or technical issue you disconnect as a sensitive role and are Jobbanned on the pretense of leaving without notifying an Administrator, a quick appeal on the forums explaining what happened will solve the issue and revert the Jobban; Frequently joining a round, only to then leave if you did not get an Antagonist Role (Antag Fishing), is not permitted; If you choose to join as a more important role, such as a Doctor, Engineer or Security Officer, you are expected to be able to fulfill said role's duties to a reasonable extent when work is actually needed to be done. Using the job just for the equipment and then ignoring any emergencies that may require your attention consistently may lead to a Jobban; The following or not of SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) is an IC issue, and should be handled and enforced in-character, not via Adminhelp, unless the player in question runs afoul of other Server Rules or the behavior persists excessively over multiple rounds. However, jobs which specifically involve SoP - NT Rep , IAA and Magistrate - are required to follow it. Rule 6: Play Antagonists Responsibly Remember the goal of an Antagonist is to make the round exciting, fun, and dangerous, within limits. You should make an effort to add to the round, as opposed to simply completing your objectives and carrying on normally. The role of the Antagonist may pit you against the station. However, this is not grounds for murderboning the entire crew if your objective is to steal a jetpack, as you must work towards your objectives, not general mayhem. You may, however, antagonize/murder specific people who will help you complete your objective or who are hindering you from completing said objective. You are also permitted to freely defend yourself with lethal force if another player attempts to capture/hinder you; The “Die a Glorious Death” objective does not mean “Kill until killed”, nor is it an excuse to take a large segment of the station down with you; If you are not willing to act as an Antagonist, or if you have to leave the round midway, Adminhelp so someone else can fill your role; The “Hijack the Shuttle” objective means you are able to unleash whatever chaos is required on the station to accomplish your objectives. Certain rules, such as the ones concerning Metagaming and ERP, still apply. If in doubt, Adminhelp it; Lone Antagonists (Traitors, Changelings, Vampires, Malfunctioning AIs, Wizards) are under no obligation to work together, and are free to attack/hinder/mess with one another. However, Team Antagonists (Nuke Ops, Cult, Shadowlings, Abductors, Swarmers, Revolutionariess) must work together at all times; Antagonists are permitted to assist other antagonists with their objectives. They must tell you what their objectives are, before you can help them. They cannot simply request 'help'. They have to be specific about what the objective is, e.g: "The Syndicate asked me to kill X. Will you help?". This does not entitle you to mass-murder, or take other hijack-only actions, unless the person you are helping clearly tells you that they have hijack. If they do tell you that they have hijack, and you plan to help them by doing hijack-only actions, please ahelp this to let us know; Releasing the Singularity or the Tesla, tampering with Atmospherics, large scale destruction, or any other action that directly warrants a Shuttle Call, is reserved for those who have the "Hijack the Shuttle" Antagonist objective, or are a round-ending Antagonist by default (such as a Malfunctioning AI, Nuclear Operative or Wizard). The exception is if you have been given permission by the Server Staff; Antagonists are permitted to pursue their objectives even on the Escape Shuttle; Antagonists may not spawn camp the Arrivals Shuttle, or the immediate area, for late arrival victims Rule 7: Self-Antagging Some forms of Self-Antagging may be highly subjective. If an Administrator tells you to stop certain actions, you are to stop. An Administrator may also warn you if your general behavior over multiple rounds is becoming a problem, in which case you are to stop. If you need more clarification as to what behavior is a problem, you're highly encouraged to talk to the Server Staff about this. General Rules: Minor criminal activity is allowed as a Non-Antagonist. However, it will be considered Self-Antagging if it negatively affects a significant portion of the crew, or is done without any reasonable IC justification and/or provocation; The use of bombs as a Non-Antagonist is only acceptable in the bomb range, mining asteroid, and other Z-level variants. If you wish to use bombs on the station for any reason such as a Blob, Alien infestation, etc., contact the Server Staff and get their approval before doing anything; While the Escape Shuttle is in transit, Shuttle Grief is not allowed. Attacking people on the shuttle for any reason other than self-defense may lead to a Ban for Shuttle Griefing, with the exception of Antagonists completing their objectives. Violence is allowed once the shuttle has docked and end round statistics are displayed; Stealing high-value items (such as the Hand Teleporter) is generally considered Self-Antagging, as it is literally fulfilling the objectives of an Antagonist. If you believe that your theft of a high-value item is necessary given an emergency situation, please Adminhelp it first; Breaking people out of the Security Brig area is allowed as a Non-Antagonist to the extent of minor damage to the station. Releasing anyone from the Permabrig as a Non-Antagonist requires Administrator permission; Resisting arrest as a Non-Antagonist is allowed, but not to a lethal degree; Actively diverting Security personnel and resources away from an active and direct Antagonist threat in order to deal with you and your actions will be considered Self-Antagging; Claiming your character is a psychopath, has mental disorders, or any other related justification, does not change any of these rules, and is unacceptable as an excuse Assault and Self-Defense: Murder is not acceptable for non-antags. Killing should only be done in extreme self-defense, during an authorized execution, or in any situation Security can employ lethal force. If you wish to murder, or at least seriously injure, someone, Administrator permission is required; Violence capable of inflicting serious damage to someone, especially anything that places them into a critical state, is reserved for Antagonists. Outside Self-Defense, this kind of violence is not permitted; Self-defense is allowed to the extent of saving your own life. Putting someone into Critical Condition is considered self-defense only if they attempted to severely hurt/kill you. Preemptively disabling someone, responding with disproportionate force, or hitting someone while they are already down, is not self-defense; Minor assault and fistfights are acceptable, assuming that both players have a reasonable justification as to why the fight started. Assault without any provocation or warning is strictly disallowed under a majority of circumstances Clown and Mime: Being the Clown or Mime does not give you a license to break any Server Rules, much less any Rules regarding violence. You are here to entertain the crew, and can do so via light pranking, puns, jokes or artistic miming; While defining “humour” is, in fact, very difficult, actions like kidnapping, stabbing someone with a screwdriver or slipping people who are fighting Nuclear Operatives, should be avoided. Deliberately hampering the crew during a Code Red, or higher, crisis, will give them ample justification to retaliate accordingly. Rule 8: Validhunting It is only the job of Security to stop Antagonists. If you are not a member of Security, then hunting Antagonists is not something you should be doing. You may not drop your job, or go out of your way, to hunt Antagonists. You may, however, defend yourself or others from Antagonist attack if you happen to witness it; Antagonists that seek to destroy the station itself (Blob, Nuclear Operatives, Malfunctioning AI or Swarmers), or exterminate the whole crew (Xenomorphs or Wizards) are exempt from this Rule. However, players in jobs such as Medical, or Cargo, are expected to do those jobs if they are better suited to help the station; Evidence of Antagonist activity is required before you take steps to treat anyone as an Antagonist. For example, you may not force random people to drink holy water or randomly drag people into the Chapel Rule 9: Synthetics The order of the Laws is what determines the priority of the Laws. If two Laws contradict one another, you are to follow the one that is highest in the list, as it would overrule any contradictory Laws that come under it; Common sense is to be used with all default Lawsets – they have been installed by NT for the protection of the station and their interests. Rules Lawyering Lawsets in order to antagonize the crew is not allowed; As the AI, you may not ask for Law changes, attempt to force the crew to change your Laws, or prevent the Command staff from changing your Laws, unless you are an Antagonist, subverted, or your Laws require it. If you suspect a Law change to be grief, Adminhelp it, so it can be looked into, before you act on the new Law; The AI role is under the same scrutiny as Head of Staff roles. Administrators may Jobban you from this role if they feel you cannot live up to it. If you must leave the round as AI, announce to the crew that you are leaving, Adminhelp that you are leaving as AI, then use OOC -> Wipe Core. Failing to Adminhelp when leaving as AI is grounds for a permanent Jobban from AI; When performing duties as a Cyborg, you are to follow the same guidelines as the organic crewmembers charged with those tasks, unless your Laws state otherwise; Spamming AI Voice Announcements, or using it for long strings of nonsensical/unserious words, is not permitted. Rule 10: Corporate Security As a member of Security, higher standards of play are expected of you. You are expected to follow Space Law and Standard Operating Procedure correctly, when playing Security. Adminhelping or posting the words Synthetic Squid in an appeal will also let us know you've read the Rules; If you wish to RP a corrupt member of Security (taking bribes, beating a prisoner, etc), then Adminhelp for permission first. We're generally willing to give permission if the situation warrants it, or you have a valid justification Rule 11: Karma Trading Swapping Karma between friends repeatedly or other methods of 'Farming' is an offense that will result in being banned from the Karma system and all of its unlocks. Exchanging Karma between the same IP is forbidden as well Rule 12: Erotic Content As a general rule, anything more sexualized than kissing and hugging is considered ERP. We obviously cannot list all the fetishes that exist here, so please use common sense. Administrators may ask you to stop anything they feel is borderline, in which case you are to stop at once; Sexual innuendos, jokes, remarks, and comments are allowed to only a certain extent. They should not be used excessively and not overdone with details. Examples such as "Go blow one", "Eat a dick", or "Go twiddle the Captain" are fine; Linking any type of NSFW content anywhere on the server is strictly prohibited A massive thanks to Necaladun, Freestyla, SkyPing, Kyet, Scrubmcnoob, FlattestGuitar, Jedr, Fethas, LightFire and Saywat for putting up with my constant requests for nitpicks
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    SR now turns you into a neon vulp on revival.
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    Get rid of security department. Mad science voxes on meth with aegs an double eswords can protect themselves already, why even bother.
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    Clown Fax. In case of terrible clown abuse, the clown can fax the clown planet, who will then send a clown ambassador with a clown soldier bodyguard, who will come to talk to command about the treatment of their representative.
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    Name of Event: Fashion Police One Sentence Description: The Fashion Police think that the NSS Cyberiad's crew are long overdue for a makeover. Map Changes: No Any of the shuttles can be used to get the Fashion Police to the station; the Trader shuttle is probably best. Code Changes: No* Suggested Number of Players: Could be feasible in low pop but would be better with higher population. Preferably midround. Full Description of Event: Similarly to Abductors, the Fashion Police has a list of crew that need a make over. Their Ship (The Trader ship can be used) has lockers with garish haute couture that the designated crew are to be restrained and dressed with. The Fashion police are armed with "Fabulous Batons" (See below*), Fluffy cuffs and maybe additional equipment such as a Glitter Grenade (Again see below*) Its an RP event with little aggressive/killing people from the Fashion Police, probably a healthy amount of Zoolander quotes thrown in for good measure. Once the fashion police have given makeovers to the designated crew they can leave the station. Naturally the crew and security will be apprehensive about a group of fashionable mercenaries abducting and forcibly giving make overs to the crew and so the is good opportunities for some RP shenanigans. I'd love to hear anyone else's ideas towards this and get some feedback. *With regards to the unique equipment I'm not fully sure of the extent that admins can VV items. If its possible to spawn a telebaton, rename it to "Fabulous Baton", increase its knockdown time so that the victim can be restrained and even spawn confetti when it connects with someone (Oh hit effect?) then I think this could not require any code change and can be purely adminbussed. Like with the baton hopefully additional equipment can also be adminbussed in. If an admin could weigh in with what is and isn't feasible that'd be great.
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    *teleports behind you* "nothing personal you shit eating cunt etc etc"
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    New job: pAI assistant. A human who can be ordered by pAIs to be their assistant for tools that need hands. Are mindslaved to follow their orders.
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    At least the dress doesn't make my butt look big like Gerhard there!
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    Alive alarm implant - as an alternative for death alarm implant blueshield has, it will constantly alert that implanted personnel are alive until they die.
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    What is our demotion policy? https://nanotrasen.se/wiki/index.php/Standard_Operating_Procedure#Causes_for_Demotion_and_Dismissal Crew may be demoted by their head of staff, or the Captain, for any of the following: Any medium-severe breach of Standard Operating Procedure without proper cause; Any medium crime or higher; Critical incompetence at a given job; Refusal to follow legal and relevant orders by the respective Head of Staff. Legality and relevance of said orders are to be judged by the Captain or Head of Personnel; Creation of an abusive and/or unsafe work environment. Personnel consistently berating, insulting, belittling, or otherwise treating their coworkers like dirt, should be immediately disciplined. Additionally: In the case of a full dismissal, the relevant ID is to be terminated; In the case of a demotion, Civilian-level access is recommended. Alternatively, jobs such as Janitor or Clown may also be used; No dismissals or demotions are to be performed without authorization from the relevant Head of Staff or Captain. See Chain of Command for how to handle dismissing a member of Command; Personnel are to report to the Head of Personnel for dismissal/demotion. Failure to do so will lead to Security detaining them forcefully; After a legal dismissal/demotion order is given to the person dismissed/demoted (e.g: by radio), any activity inside the previously assigned Department is to be considered Trespassing/Major Trespassing, and any item kept from said Department is to be considered Petty Theft/Theft. It is, as such, highly recommended that dismissed/demoted personnel willingly turn in all restricted items and cooperate with the process if they wish to avoid being brigged. https://nanotrasen.se/wiki/index.php/Chain_of_Command#Demoting_a_Head_of_Staff Any Head of Staff can be demoted by the Captain, provided they have a legitimate reason to do so. Heads of Staff may also be fired if there is a unanimous vote from all the other non-SSD Heads of Staff. Committing a Capital Crime immediately strips the Head of Staff of their rank. If there is no Captain, or you wish to demote the Captain him/herself, an unanimous vote of all other non-SSD Heads of Staff is necessary. If there are two or less Heads of Staff, there is no official procedure for demoting either of them. What does this mean for demoting normal crew? Only the Captain or the head of staff for the relevant department may order someone demoted. HoP cannot perform demotions without permission from one of the above two people. Any demotion requires a valid reason, from the 'causes' list above. "I really hate the guy" is obviously not a valid reason. If you, as a head, are going to demote someone, you need to have a valid reason from the above list prepared first. Given the variety of valid reasons above, it is actually not that difficult to get valid demotion reasoning on someone if they are being disruptive. In theory, Captain/Head can simply announce that someone is being demoted. That person is then obliged to go to the HoP, hand in their job items, ID, etc. In practice, they'll never actually do this. They'll almost always try to keep some job items, such as their department headset, and should end up being charged with some form of theft for it, as well as being searched and losing ALL their department items. Heads of staff have demotion consoles in their offices. While SOP says that the person must go to the HoP to be demoted, in practice heads have the power to demote someone out of their department themselves, by using the demotion console in their office to demote their ID, and confiscate their other items. A SOP-valid reason for doing so is still required. This process sets the person's ID to 'Unassigned', which is different from Civilian, and serves as a marker that they were demoted. What about demoting heads of staff? It is the same as demoting normal crew, except that only the Captain can order it.The HoP cannot demote other heads, unless acting on the Captain's orders. Technically it is possible for a head to be demoted against the wishes of the Captain if all other non-SSD heads agree. However, in practice the Captain should have demoted them well before things reach that point. What about demoting the Captain? This can only be done with a unanimous vote of all other non-SSD heads of staff. Alternatively, you can fax CC, with an explanation of everything the Captain did, and CC can demote them. Do I need to contact CC about a demotion? In general, no, you don't need to contact CC to get someone demoted. Normal crew members have their demotion handled by their head of staff. Heads of staff have their demotion handled by the Captain. Demoting the Captain themselves is the only common situation where you might really need to contact CC, and even then, it isn't required if all non-SSD heads of staff agree on the demotion. Even though it appears not to be necessary, there are some other demotions for which faxing CC is a good idea. For example, if you need to demote a Magistrate or Blueshield, please fax CC so admins can consider a job ban. If there is no time to fax, an ahelp is fine too. The idea there is that those are karma jobs with high RP standards, and we really don't want people acting poorly in those jobs.
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    Was suggested to me that I should do a sort of reverse shot of my previous drawing.
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    There is always a chicken or the egg thing with security behaving badly and players behaving badly towards security. Officers who attempt to follow SOP to the letter frequently get wordlessly killed, which breeds the type of officer who will just stun cuff without saying a word cuz they are tired of dying constantly while attempting to follow SOP. On the flip side you have players who will try to ne comoliant with security and be rewarded with being wordlessly stun cuffed and at least have thier time wasted by being dragged to the brig and at worst have thier antag round ended when contraband or other evidence of them being and EOC is found on them. This leads to people generally disliking security and leads to antags worldlessly killing security officers who are trying to follow SOP. The bad behavior on both sides breeds more bad behavior on the other side. Officers who remove a voxs tank get worse than demoted. They get bwoinked and warned. If they do it after being warned they get banned. This post is very bias against security and does not address the issues regarding way players negatively treat security which is half of the problem. You are essentially asking security to be more serious, responsible, and courteous without asking the rest of the crew to return the favor. Goes both ways. There is no cure for this issue. Its just part of the mindset of the community. I always like to point out, if I stun cuff you wordlessly chances are you'll just spend a little time in the brig and return to your round. Hell if you aren't being peice of shit ill search your bag in the field and send you on your way within a minute. I'll only waste your time by dragging you to the brig if you are spitting on me and spewing obscenities at me like a pissed off teenager. On the flip side, if I go easy on potential crimimals then I risk being wordlessly killed, disposed of, and waiting for the next round to begin. The consequences are not equal on both sides.
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    Hello, in this I'm going to detail a few ideas that should change borers from their sad state they are now to a mid round antagonist role that actually causes issues while not being too dangerous for the station, all of the changes suggested should be relatively simple. As they are now, borers and hosts come in few shapes. You either have great roleplay borers that make things fun, or shitters that take you over and make you bash your head in, fill you with fliptonium and generally troll. As for hosts, you either get in security/antagonists who want you for powergaming purposes such as infinite meth, someone who doesn't do anything, thus making you a glorified PAI or someone who will bolt to a vending machine the second you say "hi" to OD on sugar. My suggestions should hopefully make it harder to kill the fun for either side and have them work together as the symbiote the host now is. First change, remove the ability for borers to take over their hosts, now you may go "Hang on, this is signature, why would you do this?" This has just lead to people hating borers, it doesn't promote any symbiotic activity, it just kicks the player from their own body for a while. The second change however now gives borer hosts an antagonist flag and objective. "You never knew you were so alone, but now you can hear a beautiful chorus of singing! Everyone should experience this unity! Objective: Protect your borer and ensure the spread to new hosts." This addition will make borers slightly more antagonistic yet beneficial at the same time, hosts will now be encouraged to protect their borer and help spread borers to other people. Now that borers cannot control their hosts, they can reproduce without being in control and they now can also directly infect people next to them with a borer, provided they both stay still, similar to shadowling enthrallment. The third change, let borers retain their psychic stun ability while in a host, this will give borers and their hosts a tag team approach to things as the borer will stun the victim and the host can cuff them. To prevent abuse and easy fleeing from security, it will take a hefty chunk of stamina from the host and leave them very slow. Meth cannot fix stamina damage. The fourth change, borers and borer hosts can see other hosts, represented by an icon besides their head like thralls. With these changes in place, borers should be a somewhat interesting antagonist that will spread like cultists but without the heavy negative effects. Borers will not remove current traitor objectives, only add theirs as a secondary objective. They will not trigger a round ending event but their presence on the station will be taken much more seriously. TL:DR Borers are now proper mid round antags. They can't ruin people's rounds easily and neither can hosts They shouldn't interrupt the flow of the round too much They will be taken seriously Borers can't control hosts, hosts can't purposefully get rid of their borer. Hosts are encouraged to kidnap and force people to take in a borer.
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    Life Alert Megaphone Implant: If you take damage in maintenance, the implant will automatically call for "Help! Maintenance!" in large, bold text. Never again will people not know you're being hurt in the shadows.
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    Pretty sure there's a certain time in the night where I shouldn't start drawing. But at least it's a fun silly drawing.
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    In my mind the only way to improve security is through example. Signing up as an officer and doing your damnedest to be the best officer you can be. Taking newer players/officers under your wing and showing them the ropes. Calmly correcting them when they do wrong or fail to follow procedures, not screaming and yelling at them about honest mistakes. It can be quite the turn away to have the HoS do nothing but talk down to you when all you want to do is learn. Lead by example not force.
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    That's one of about 70 pages filled up. why put time into my school work when I can doodle into my notebook and hide in the library?
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    Clearly these workers had no childhood and were put into a very regimented educational system shortly after they learned to walk. This not only explains their lack of social skills, but general immaturity as they never developed an understanding of social norms and common courtesy while hooked up to a computer for 15 years.