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    Alffd, who has hosted us for several years, is retiring from that role today. We owe him our thanks for years of high-quality hosting, managing the ~17 (!) back end servers that made up Paradise. We wish him well. As of today, I've officially taken on the role of host, and we have completed our migration to a new set of servers. You may notice some changes as I settle into the role and implement new back-end systems. For example, the game server MOTD now tells you the last time the server was updated, as well as what version of paracode it is running.
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    Some backstory: Lich, everyone's favorite NT Rep, has been attempting to assist two of his friends in getting married. Every time they attempted to FINALLY get somewhere- all hell would break loose to the point that it was neigh impossible. Between the usual chaos of the station or one or more parties not being present, it turned into quite the wait before everything was minimally ready. After much patience and a few space cows: It finally happened.... Sorta. Current Story: So the shift started off rather normally, nothing jumping out as being otherwise dangerous or requiring a lot of action on anyone's part to handle. It just so happened to finally be the day that both parties were on the same shift with enough people to finally get the paperwork done. Lich, being the master of paperwork that he is, eagerly stepped up to the plate when it came to filling out the appropriate forms. With pen in hand, he laid down the foundations and before long- the basics of the marriage certificate were all but officiated. For the paperwork to be considered complete, Lich needed to get a Minister and three witnesses to make the document complete. With his own signature, he turned the number of witnesses down two just two. And so started Lich's adventure to get signatures on a piece of paper! What could possibly go wrong? Fast-forward ten minutes later and Lich is banging his head against the wall. Lich failed to remember that he had a strange encounter with the Chaplain and their friends prior to starting the paperwork. They were requesting the nuke of all damn things to worship! The captain was a bit unsure about giving it to them but wasn't tossing the idea out the window due to threats from the chaplain regarding the 'Wrath of Atom'. The captain decided at that point to leave to go ask CC if they could have it, this raised two problems: 1. The Chaplain was clearly not going to help Lich sign as a minister unless he was ultra lucky. 2. The Captain was too busy doing other things to actually sign his form and was not answering any of his requests regarding it for some time. Lich did what any rational person would do in his position. He sat infront of the captain's door and spammed the shit out of it until the captain got so annoyed they opened it up. Success! Once inside, Lich had it easy as the Captain was all too happy to sign... As a WITNESS. They signed it, stamped it, it was done unless he wanted to start all over again but apparently that's what the couple wanted anyway so-... He'd have to figure out Something. At the same time, the Captain politely informed Lich that the church was likely not going to be TOO happy given that CC gave a rather strongly worded response about handing the nuke out to random people. With this information in hand, he left and did what he could to try and make amends with the chaplain in HOPES that he could get this paperwork filled out. Another witness would be easy, the minister signature? Now that was a bit harder, so this was critical to his success. Lich made his way to the chapel and found one of the chaplain's friends in there but the chaplain was nowhere to be seen. Lich was apparently in so much of a rush that he didn't really register that the chaplain's friend was putting down green flooring... And was wearing a radiation suit... And was holding uranium... Needless to say Lich did his best to quickly leave that place and head towards the medbay, attempting to recover from this situation and get some treatment. Yeah.. That didn't happen. As Lich finally got to the Medbay, he learned very quickly that someone had gotten into the space lube and had coated all of the area in front of Medbay with it several times over. So there Lich was, slipping from one end of the hallway to the other, slowly dipping further and further into a crit state while he was clutching this precious document for all it was worth. Then... He passed out. Lich awoke with a start! The defibrillator going off as he was hip tossed into a cryopod and returned to his comatose like state... Another start! Again on the ground, Lich found himself being dragged up and hip tossed BACK into cryo. Another start! And again Lich was on the ground but he didn't even get to see the damn cryo before... Another Start! And again Lich... Another start!... This happened for about four or five times before they seemed to give up. He felt his spirit finally start to drift a bit as his body slowly rested... Another start! Lich was semi-conscious enough to look over and see himself... Sort of. A half of his face floated by in the mess of biomass that was the failed cloning attempt they had tried on him. Perhaps it was watching the literal blinder mess that was his clone's body or perhaps it was the fact that he was going into cardiac arrest, either way- you know the drill. Another start! Thankfully it's the last one. Lich finally stood up, stark naked in the middle of Medbay but not really caring. He NEEDED to get his paperwork back. He didn't care about ANYTHING other then his damn paperwork. Rushing to the cloning area, he managed to get in and recover his dignity as well as the precious documents before skulking off towards the bridge, defeated for the moment. Screw it, he decided, I'll just PDA them and tell them to come HERE. After all, it's the least they could do after THAT mess, right? Just as he hit Send on his PDA, asking rather politely for the chaplain to come to the medical bay he heard something in his headset: The chaplain was in critical state in the medbay reception area. Lich banged his head against the wall a few times before going to see if the chaplain would survive or if he'd have to wait for her to die about five times too before she'd be deemed okay to walk out again. As he entered the Medbay he noticed the CMO hovering over the chaplain, perhaps there was hope after all for this situation! The CMO, to their credit, wasn't involved in his care until the very end when he was able to walk away- so perhaps the chaplain would actually make it out of there in a timely manner!.. Eh, sorta... The chaplain died about two or three times total, a mixture of advanced radiation poisoning (ironic), cardiac arrest, and perhaps some legitimate wrath from a deity. Either way, the chaplain was FINALLY spit out of the cryotube and given the CMO's blessings to walk out. Lich was ecstatic, shaking the chaplain with the goal of waking her up or giving her brain damage in the process, which ever came first. She finally managed to stagger to her feet and Lich whipped out his trust PDA, eager to send his request to her to SIGN THE DAMN PAPER AND HOLD THE DAMN CEREMONY. Just as he was going to hit send he heard a ping overhead: Ionospheric anomalies... Telecoms down... FUCK IT! Lich grabbed the chaplain and handed her a pen, practically stabbing it into her with the urgency he had. As he went to hand her the other form he realized she had fused her arm into a fucking arm blade because of course she did. Frantically, Lich grabbed ahold of her and dragged her over towards the nearest table. He slapped that paper down and pointed to the Minister line. It was RIGHT there. The chaplain raised her hand, moving to sign before collapsing over again. Lich thought she died for a moment then he realized.. She's just asleep... SSD... Lich proceeded to flip the table and get on his knees, silently crying out to whatever god was deciding to take a serious piss on him at that moment. After a private pitty party, Lich grabbed the SSD chaplain by the ankle and hauled her to the bridge. If she was waking up, he'd be there dammit. And yet- he was running out of time! He had to think of SOMETHING! Smashing his head against the bridge walls again, it finally hit him- the chaplain's friends! They were given titles of Clergy! Frantically, Lich PDAed them as soon as he could and thankfully- it worked... They showed up, or the first one did and proceeded to hand it to the second one who THEN proceeded to hand it BACK to Lich until Lich showed them EXACTLY where to sign. Thankfully, he FINALLY got that signature! Lich turned around and went back into the bridge, having only been just outside of it. Now inside, the couple was there, their other friend signing as witness, THINGS WERE FINALLY GOING WELL! They even decided to hold the chapel service then and there, not wanting to hold any other delays, right on the bridge. They closed the shutters, blocking out the Christmas tree that was attempting to wail on the bridge window and actually managed to get through the whole process! They were finally married! Then they were all eaten by a slaughter demon... Literally. The end.
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    My latest infraction inspired me to draw this Please dont hate I know it's crap
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    To be honest, I don't know what's going on anymore. But at least @Spacemanspark helped @shatterdcoyote with his eye sight issues.
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    What do you do when CC sends someone to demote you for being a crappy head and letting prisoners die? Threaten to say the n-word, of course. Other things he did that round include the navy seals copy-pasta and saying he got demoted because he 'redpilled' command.
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    So, here's an idea: mobs that are able to vent-crawl should also be able to access the pipes through open/unconnected/"broken" pipes, not just through vents/scrubbers. Additionally, when a mob that's ventcrawling runs into a broken section and leaves the pipes, it also removes the tile on top of that broken section of pipe, if any. Why? It makes sense that a mob that can fit inside the pipes can also enter through an open pipe. It nerfs the "strategy" (which I personally think is borderline metagame) of unwrenching pipes all around the station to fuck with xenos/terrors/swarmers/etc. It will be still annoying for them if they randomly walk into a broken pipe and pop out, especially in populated areas, but now they can climb back into the pipes instead of being basically fucked/stuck in some cases, especially considering vents are welded 90% of the shifts anyway. The tile on top of a pipe with an open end should pop off whenever a mob crawls out of it, to allow the mob to see and access the pipe it walked out of. Might give that unused pipe cap noone ever bothers with *some* usage. Unlikely but hey.
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    Name's Connor! I'll admit it, I got interested because of some YouTube videos and the wacky shenanigans that happened in them. I poked around the Wiki and read most of the lore behind the station, NanoTrasen, and the species on board. That was a fun read. I hope to see you in space!
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    The morgue can get a little haunting sometimes... mostly by people who are wanting to be cloned. ^^^ that is also a recreate from the concept I did here Did some watercolours, The first one is just a mermaid, and the second piece of Shota Aizawa from My Hero Academia Lastly a drawing of Tetra and Terry, finding the right colour of marker is hard to do.
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    Hey everyone. I'm happy to announce some updates to our Patreon system. 1. A new $15/mo tier called the Silver Tier has been added. It grants access to silver, prisoner, and emag ID card skins as loadout options in your character preferences. These skins can be applied to your ID card to turn it that color, but do NOT grant any additional access. 2. The Emoji Tier ($20/mo) is now called the Gold Tier, and grants access to a gold ID card decal, instead of the ability to create an emoji for our Discord. We had to make this change as were running out of emoji slots in our Discord, and we wanted to make it because we wanted our top donors to get an ongoing perk for their kind support. 3. We are moving away from our old system (where every change to any patron's status required manual database updates by one of our staff team). Instead, we have a new, automated system, where linking your forum and patreon accounts (via the patreon button on our forum homepage) and setting your ckey in your profile preferences on our forum, should be enough to get you in-game perks automatically. If you can't get that working, at least set your forum email to the same email as you use on Patreon, so we can link your accounts that way. It will take longer, but it should always work. 4. We now charge patrons up front when they become patrons. Primarily this was done so that someone can't pledge to us on the 2nd, enjoy benefits until the 29th, and then cancel right before they get charged. As a secondary goal, this allows us to give patrons their perks quicker (because our integration software will show them as having paid) sooner than before.
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    Yea, I mean people comment saying "telescience is more often used to send bombs across the station" but is it really? Have you really seen somebody actually in game with your own eyes seen someone teleport a bomb across the station? Because I haven't personally. Maybe it's just me, but it seems to niche of an activity for any old antag to robust with it. You really have to know what your doing, and most people aren't up to par. I'd argue its easier to robust with chemistry rather than telescience.
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    I still stand by every argument I've made thus far as to why I'm against removing this. Furthermore, I'm gonna put out there that this feels like it's "Looking for reasons" to remove a system. That bad experiences were had, so some people want it on the chopping block, that it has little to nothing to do with it being "Overpowered" in actuality. Because the facts don't add up, especially when a fix to the proposed issues was put forward and subsequently ignored. The problems proposed have been corrected and debunked several times an the legitimate ones have had a proposal put forward to fixing them, but apparently nuking this is just the only way to be sure for some reason. That doesn't seem like "Balancing" an OP system is a goal to me, that seems like it's about removing one that's made people upset because they happened to be on the bad side of it, those few rare times a month it happens. I'd respect this idea a lot more if it came across being honest with ourselves. If we wanna say "Hey, we just don't like this system, we think it's not fun. We don't think how it works is fun and that it can't be made fun in it's current form." Then I'd at least respect the honesty put forward, because that's just as valid a reason to propose something's removal as anything else. But this? Saying it's "Because it is too strong" ? This feels like we're looking for "Boogey-man" situations to emphasize how secretly OP the barely used system is and trying to use those outlier rare circumstances as justification that the entire thing is broken. Because the majority of arguments made in favor of removing this system are grounded mostly in anecdotal evidence or are assuming that a LOT of variables line up perfectly to make telescience this unstoppable god of death, and the facts simply don't match that accusation. It is factually easier, faster and simpler to do a lot of spooky antag things by hand, then it is through telescience. It is easier to dispose of bodies unless you happen to specifically be an antag scientist and telesci is already set up, and saved coordinates to space to use in just this sort of rare circumstance, which the vast majority of players do not have. It is far easier to dispose of targets with any number of science weaponry or antag specific weaponry, it is impossible to use telescience to do mass bombings unless you are, specifically An Antag Scientist with Hijack due to the nature of server rules. That is a lot of variables that have to line up for it to be worth the effort or in the case of bombings, even allowed. When it comes to blobs and rogue AI, AI do have a problem, that's true. AI also have a means to counter it via cyborgs and sabotaging APCs, but it's still true that it's a hard counter so to speak. Blobs however, unless you know the precise coordinate location of the core, dropping a bomb in, is liable to kill as much crew as it is blob, and you can't exactly drop in a max cap even then, you will not be looked at kindly icly, oocly or from administration. So we're talking precision, pin-point blob execution and that is not as easy or feasible as it sounds, not compared to just massing flashbangs, X-rays and mechs. The facts of the matter are that any proposed issues made against telescience thus far exist in multiple game systems right now, and there's not a single peep about them. I bring up Chemistry a lot in comparison to this because for every single complaint of "I could get a bomb dropped right on me and die instantly and there's nothing I could do about it." there's a dozen more complaints related to hellmixes and memechem formulas where one application of a spray bottle or one click of a syringe gun is instant death. For every complaint of telescience stealing victims from antags away, there's a dozen more accounts of Virology basically patenting immortality and distributing it to the crew/command/security. None of those departments are removed. They get changed, they get tweaked, but we never even dream of removing them, I wouldn't want them removed. Virology has the worst of it right now, but that's because a major system change is more what staff are looking for (Swapping to /tg/ virology if I recall discussions correctly.) But it still is not removed. A proposed tweak to fix the problems of stealing items easily has been made, why is that being overlooked? We've made far more sweeping changes for far less issues before but adding a single new "Jammer" item or using the no teleport flag or combination of both is a bridge too far? So I'm again going to ask, because I've never really been answered on the topic. What is the difference here? Why is it perfectly fine for those systems to have outliers where they can be potentially extremely powerful, but Telescience is just a bridge too far? What makes 1 click deaths from a spray bottle any better then 1 click deaths from a console, when they are far, far fewer in number and farther between then those other systems everyone is seemingly okay with?
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    Thanks for the positive words, guys I use Photoshop CC as my main art program. Some doodles I made for my boyfriends, and a friend
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    Why is this a thing. I do feel dirty because of it
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    Little did the human know: Qerrballak and it's people thought the name of the game was hilarious, and many were avid players since childhood. Though it was an even game for much of their time together, the human accidentally put his entire hand into the card deck not too long after power was restored to the station. Some might call it an accident, others would call it a hasty escape.
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    Beautiful drama it's a Gif.
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    The main purpose of bans isn't to punish individual players or turn them into better payers. It's preventative, to ensure that other people can play and have fun in the environment laid out by the rules. So "sorry" isn't enough, because if you keep getting warned and banned for the same thing, then we can't just let you back on to reoffend, get banned again, force you to write an essay, repeat. It affects others to have a constant rule breaker on the server. Locking this thread because further conversation will just turn into ban appeal-lite.
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    Currently, your bones will break if your limb damage exceeds the bone break threshold.. this is 15 damage for feet and hands, thats about three punches. I'd like to make bone-breaking less predictable and way less common, there should be a minimum damage threshold necessary to actually break bones(so something like ants don't break your bones). and instead of having bullets break bones they should embed themselves in you.. its kinda weird having your elbow snap after you've been shot by a 9mm. I'd also like a raising probability of bones breaking the more damage a bone takes instead of just OOP IT HIT 15 DAMAGE GUESS ITS BROKEN NOW. Thoughts? Details i'd like to work out with community feedback: How can we make bone damage unpredictable but still make sure its not unfair/unfun RNG? Can we change the downsides of bone breaking to be less debilitating and game ending or perhaps raise the downsides but make them much more rarer? If we want to handle bullets differently and have them embed themselves in you how would we do it? Having lead in you could lead to toxic damage and even infections. This should be around the same level as having a broken bone but should still be unique in its own regards.
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    A clown round, I asked (politely) a genetcist, if he could give me any powers. Well, he did - deciding to torture me a bit he gave me deafness, daltonism, short size, spontaneous combustion, Swedish and made me able to speak only one word at a time. No one wanted to help me - I don't blame them, I was a clown, so I was roleplaying the characer to be pretty depressed (basically the origins of Happy Tim). Went to maints, there is that Vox Vampire. He takes me, and he's about to bite into me... then spontaneous combustion kicks in. Vampire dies, I die. Security find the dead vampire, take him away, put me in disposals. Guess even my blood was cursed that round.
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    Was golem made by a traitor xenobiologist who needed captains gun. Golem was good boy. Master gave golem guest pass to science. Golem make sonic hammer. Golem drill into teleporto and captain office, from hallway, no one care. Break noise glass, steal gun. Golem escape into scichem from teleporper. Golem hand gun to master, hide in one of many locker, master hide gun in dispoble shoot. Three minute pass, security come with mech, ask questions, look for golem. They no find gun, master too smart. Security check every locker except one golem hide in. Golem smart. Security leave, master happy, Golem happy. Golem become free.
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    I like this idea because it makes sense that if they can fit in vent pipes why cant they enter and exit directly.
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    As of now the poll is looking at 5 yays and 3 nays. Even then 8 votes is not necessarily a big enough sample to say this accounts for the voice of the community. If you guys ever have time please encourage your friends to toss their name in! If we can atleast get 50 votes (that’s half a normal shift’s population) then it’ll have enough to influence whether or not the project continues or comes to a halt. I also ask everyone to take time to read all announcement posts that I’ve sent out there. So to prevent redundancy
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    I figured that new players don't care about the forum (its only real use is ban appeals), and the SS13 community in general might not always have the best of intentions when joining our Discord. The most useful thing for new players in terms of learning how our server works is the wiki... so that is what I linked to.
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    Commish for @V-Force_Bomber ELO! Only the best surgeon can get voxxy patched up after a disaster!
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    CE decided to run 6 teslas in containment at once. CE forgot to set engine SMES to charging. Containment ran out of power. 6 Teslas were unleashed on the station, CC announced reality breaking down and then...the teslas turned into bananas.
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    Playing along with some coloring details. And an attempt to make a semi-poster-screen.
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    Department assist job slots would be great. Security Trainee? Department pet for the HOS or warden to take to the firing range to train! Medical assistant? I once offered to take a newbie as my surgeon trainee, he did great and fun times was had by all, except the patients under his meatgrinder surgeries but he had to learn! Engineering trainee? No more busted teslas or singulos (optimism)! Let him see how it`s done first! Service dosn`t really need any assistant slots, as they are, by nature, rookie jobs. Command underling? HOP or Cap`s little pet, fetch coffee, watch them boss around, get a grip of things.
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    Indeed, this is a problem that affects all jobs; there's nothing special here to make people any more or less likely to take gear and go fuck around. That said, my suggestion is to lessen their access to whatever area they are assisting. For example, an Engineering Assistant doesn't need engine room access; if they need to go in there, it should be with a qualified engineer.
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    I agree with tetris. I am glad I can waste less by just adding here.
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    I terrorized @AffectedArc07 and @Christasmurfand *doesn't want to be mentioned* to put in work on this job and I will be damned if I just wave my arms and say "oh well GG" when I feel based off my experiences in SEC that this job is needed. I agree, but the challenge will be to prove to the heads / maintainers that we as a community truly believe the job is necessary and wanted. Either that or prove to ourselves that it isn't necessary or wanted. After a discussion of some folks with discord I believe one way to visualize whether or not the community feels this job is necessary is to compile a list of those who support it and those who are against it, fortunately we have this thread to store that information. BEFORE WE CONTINUE The final decisions are set in stone: Job Name: Field Training Officer (No SEC Instructor / Drill Instructor) Equipment: Normal SEC Gear Karma Locked Job SOPs are still the same, HOS and Captain work as the checks and balance to the SEC Instructor to avoid karma job comdomery. If you agree with these key points, feel free to either post here or PM Me so I can start putting together a list of those who believe the job is necessary and wanted. First thing's first though minor details are going to be fixed, Morgue Access ((dont know where that came from)) is getting removed, SEC Instructor is in the bucket, Field Training Officer is in and a few grammatical errors are going to be patched up. Understand there are more critical projects than the Field Training Officer project that coders have to dedicate resources to, so it will be some time before a second PR is compiled... And even then I won't ask for it to be turned in until I am sure the community actually wants this job. This is where everyone who has support for the job count the most. Not only are you proving to the maintainers and head that the job is necessary but you are also proving to me that the job is necessary. To those who disagree: You are important too, we need to officially visualize the yays and nays for the job.
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    NOTE: I am not writing this out of hate but out of a desire to fix the race so that they're not just "dog people". So I have an artist friend who deals a lot with animals, anthropology, and such and I asked them to draw my character. When attempting to explain what a Vulp is, I used the Wiki article and that's when we both discovered that there are some things that definitely need explained if this race is going to be anything other then "Dog Person". I have a background in medicine so we put our heads together and came up with a few things to point out. Based on their anatomy and physiology we determined that prior to NT finding them they were likely a hunter-gatherer society that likely had some amount of farming capability but primarily relied on tools and ambush tactics. This idea is supported by the fact that they have low light vision, opposable thumbs, and plantigrade feet which would not make them very fast in comparison to something like an actual dog. Their ribs are apparently fused in a web-like lattice structure. This structure, we deduced, has to be relatively flexible not only to suit their ambush tactics but if it was rigid, they'd have more 'barrel chested' appearances. Additionally, having this lattice like structure would actually give them more blood flow then a human (as humans have bundles of veins and arteries tucked under each rib in a small notch) since blood flow can go and reach just about anywhere in the chest cavity without major obstruction. This would require them to have rather tough lungs to help push up against their own chest. As far as organs are concerned, it is noted that they have two primary differences to humans: 1. A two chambered stomach. 2. A 'special' liver. Ill discuss these later. Their face will have to have center focused eyes (like a human) that don't offer as great of a field of vision as a prey would have. In addition, due to their overall structure and nature they can probably smell very well but at the cost of requiring them to have strong muzzles. Their jaws, on the other hand, don't need to be as strong nor do their necks as they don't appear to need to be able to hold thrashing animals in their teeth, thus their teeth aren't too tough in comparison to humans. Here are the things that we feel need to either be clarified or otherwise changed as to make the race actually make some means of practical sense. If Atlam was a temperate world, why the increased blood flow to the ears? You wouldn't need greater thermo-regulation in a temperate environment, regardless of how 'big' their ears are it's otherwise excessive. If you're saying it's an evolutionary adaptation, it's been about 4 generations since they've moved and become space fairing, that's very fast evolution by anyone's standards and while variances in height might be possible in that time, developing entire networks of collateral blood flow in ears to accommodate space? Color blindness and correction. The reason why a lot of creatures are colorblind is because they've got an advantage in light conditions that we as humans (who see more color) don't have. Most wild animals are able to see in low light areas which increases their ability to hunt. As we already mentioned, we're pretty sure that they were ambush predators who relied on hunting so them having relative color blindness in favor of low-light visibility makes sense. What doesn't make sense is if it's later corrected, they should, in theory, lose the ability to see in the dark as effectively as they previously could. Possible solution: Only one eye is usually fixed. The brain will be able to bridge the gap and fill in the color blindness while also allowing them to retain their low light visibility. Chest cavity. Due to how their chest is made up, it's got to be more flexible then a humans. This would be a lot more akin to our floating ribs due to their overall requirement of flexibility and allowing expansion during inhalation. The ribs, in conjunction with the muscles of the chest, would support them taking breaths in and would also do decent jobs protecting their chests from slashing damage but would be relatively shit at protecting them from blunt trauma. This is due to the fact that, unlike a human's semi-rigid chest thanks to the presence of a sternum, they have nothing but a flexible chest that prioritizes supporting their stream-like design rather then being protective and thus take more organ damage from blunt trauma. Organs. While their heart is likely 4 chambered, lungs will have to be different in the sense that they're more tough and able to support moving their chest in a uniform motion as they draw in a breath. Otherwise, the muscles on their chest have to be rather significant as they're always relying on these (what would be to a human 'accessory') muscles to help move their chest in a meaningful way. Additionally, their stomach is two chambered apparently? We actually figured this is reasonable if they're able to consume raw meat. We're aware that creatures like bears are able to do both with a single chambered stomach but we realized that while the stomach is very strong in a bear, it requires a ton of intestines to help support its large structure as the whole system is generally inefficient when compared to the relatively compact design we're going for here. Thus, the stomach should be noted to probably be able to handle raw meat a lot better then most other crew members could be able to. What about the specialized "vulpkanin liver" as when a vulp is gibbed, it's even denoted as such? Well that thing has to support a very fast metabolism which makes since with the +11% loss to hunger. In turn, medications, toxins, and food should all be processed quickly though the body but remain for very brief amounts of time. For example, if you give a vulp and a human the same med: The vulp will have the medicine activate sooner and end sooner then the human would by a significant amount. This means that vulp may require more medication to heal them then most crew. The issue with the tails: Since they're plantigrade creatures they are able to enjoy all the benefits that humans do with their hands and feet, like the ability to be bipedal, climb, pick things up, wear clothes, etc. Since their so plantigrade why have the tails in the first place? Tails are usually used as a means of providing some amount of balance to a creature as it moves in some form or fashion. Cats use it to turn while running and falling. Now, their tails do have some use in the way of communicating in their language as well as playing a role in their overall body language. Where this doesn't make sense is that their tail has a similar bone structure to a limb rather than a usual tail? Monkeys, dogs, cats, etc all have tails that are essentially part of their spines and play an active role in such. They are, thanks to their spinal nature, light weight and generally easy to control in some form or fashion. Vulps apparently have a bone structure more akin to a limb? For a vulp to wag their tail as they do in game, that means that we know it's at least greater than one to two bones (likely closer to around three to six at least) because the more long bones present, the less flexible and able to 'wag' the tail. This means that not only is their tail Heavy due to the bone presence but the flexibility required to communicate would be staunched greatly. Simple fix: have it as a part of their spine. Makes it light weight, non-weight bearing (can't pick shit up with them), but able to be controlled to some degree that would make it essential for communication. Simple fixes: Amend the wiki and potentially give them more organ damage as a result of blunt trauma to the chest.
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    Do you smell it? That smell. A kind of smelly smell. A smelly smell that smells...smelly. SUGGESTIONS! On a more Serious Note I felt like thinking of some Traitor items and because I actually do not intend to spam suggestions to death I contained all of em in one list. Alright lets begin! Reverse Russian Revolver - 2 Tc - Functions and looks like the normal russian revolver but comes with 5 loaded chambers instead of one. Perfect for duelling your target at the bar, just make sure to convince them to go first. (And god have mercy on your soul if he survives the first round.) “Never trust a member of the syndicate to play fairly, especially in matters of life and death.” Madder Dog Hot Sauce - 2 Tc - The hottest Hot Sauce to exist in the universe. It is in fact hot enough to ignite anyone ingesting it on fire. (And make them scream a lot. (Bonus points if they get a giant red message that is even bigger than the OH SHIT ANTS one)). Can be used to put a drop of it into food to make the food just as hot (and dangerous). “Categorised as a chemical weapon in over 30 different planets.” Fake floor Tile - 2 Tc - Looks exactly like a floor tile, but is in reality a piece of painted cardboard. Anyone stepping on it trips and breaks the tile. (At least I think there's enough space between a floor tile and the floor below to get your foot stuck in it if you were to go through the floor suddenly. I mean the smugglers satchel fits there.) Best used to prep a meeting place. “These rarely ever get traced back to a syndicate agent as clowns love to do the same thing.” (Man imagine if anyone could actually do this with some cardboard and a crayon) Martial Mopping Scroll - Janitor Only - 12 Tc - Teaches you the Art of “Mop Fu”. As long as you have a Mop in your hand you gain a bunch of abilities: Instantly wet any floors by clicking on them with mop in hand Deal extra damage with mop on people lying on the ground (Bonus points if he yells random messages like “SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO THE SIGN!”) Natural immunity to slipping on wet floors Maybe projectile deflection like Carp Fu? So the poor guy doesn’t just get shot while trying to look cool. The counter to this would be 2 things: Literally just walking (As they will still be normal wet floors) Anything with slip immunity Borgs. Ps: You really just gotta imagine a madly laughing janitor spreading wetness everywhere while borgs run after him. “An ancient art born from the need to fend off enraged people who didn’t read the sign.” Bucket of Bluespace Paint - 2 Tc - Splash this onto any wall to paint a fake airlock onto it. Anyone trying to use it by running into it runs straight into the wall, sustaining minor brute damage and falling on the ground for a moment. Trying to use it by clicking on it will reveal its true nature as a wall painting. Can be cleaned like crayon drawings. (Omega Bonus points if you remove an actual Airlock and replace it with this) “Someone faxed the syndicate that they should try being creative, now we can’t even trust our own doors anymore!” Advanced Cardboard Cutout - 2 Tc - This Cutout is equipped with sensors that react to light. If shined on with light, after a short delay this cutout will teleport a short distance away and then proceed to self destruct, leaving no trace of its existence. The perfect tool to scare the station into believing the round is Shadowlings. "I'm telling you man IT MOVED!" That's it for now. May make another post in this thread later when I got a new batch of ideas in my head.
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    Mar 19th, 2019: Vargh has gone on leave from his position of Game Admin for a few months. Mar 22nd, 2019: MarkVA has rejoined the staff team as a Coder. Mar 28th, 2019: Alffd has stepped down as host. He remains a Game Admin. Kyet has become the new host.
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    Don't forget to show people how to get their greentext:
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    You’re doing great to manage the process Furasian, thanks.
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    I went into my brother's room one time in 2011 and he was on this weird game. "What is it?" "Space Station 13, you should download it and play with us." I left his room and forgot the conversation had ever happened. On Christmas day, at about 2:30am in 2016 I suddenly remembered the conversation with my brother and downloaded it. I have only played on Paradise since I started.
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    The SECMAINs found out about Hailers earlier this week. It hasn't stopped since.
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    The thing is that sure it can be strong, but that is from chance... most of the time you don't get anything good till end of round, and even then you're dying from Genetic DMG and Toxin and Burns, the RND just makes it boring.... Genetics is a fun role to play and you have to be willing to focus on it. It can be extremely difficult to play, but this RNG update makes it boring, dull, and just purely random.... I got Xray on 2 different block... the first one it was sharing with Buff, then the 2nd it was sharing with mute... and I got it the 2nd time on a CLEAN!!! SE!!! This RNG takes away the realism of genetics and makes it so boring that it's unplayable, whenever I go genetics I notice I am the ONLY geneticist that stays in genetics and does the job.... others take off running around the station etc... PLEASE bring back old genetics or at-least make it less RNG and for the love of all things holy make the Genetic, Toxin, and Burn DMG less unavoidable ...
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    I used to love Telescience, now I'll rarely use it with the exception of memes, let me rant about it for a moment. Ive used it to prank, save bodies, warp to different Z levels, antagonist, ect. so i feel like i can talk about this. I'll list pros and cons, this wont be a complete list because I'll probably forget stuff, and im bias against telescience. And for simplicity I'll only talk about the normal telepad and telepad control console setup you'd usually see, i'll include a little thing about quantum pads at the end though. Pros 1. You can use it to save bodies This is the strongest positive argument for telescience and it makes sense, by rescuing a body you're potentially saving a life, in turn saving someones entire round, not to mention sparing the poor medical staff from venturing into maintenance for dead bodies. I've seen this listed as a bad thing because you can "mess with antag rounds" and to that i have a counter argument turn their suit sensors off 2. You can have harmless fun with it You can mess around with it! Teleport monkeys to your friends, send the captain food, warp the clown into deep space, and just generally mess around. Cons 1. You can warp most items with it Some people might disagree and that's fine, but if i can warp items to myself i can warp antagonist items or items from different Z levels and the Z level telescience steal makes mechanics sad because someone stole the loot before they could get a chance, yes no-tele flags can prevent this to an extent, but there are plenty of items in space and on station, and with enough time and knowledge you can get coordinates for literally anything, even mundane items, and thats just warping items TO yourself lets not forget that you can warp items away from yourself as well, this includes bombs, and I've heard of a malfunctioning AI round get ended that way and one where a nukie nuke was stolen (Yea no-tele flags can be used to stop the nuke one, i know but I'm listing examples shush) you get the idea. 2. You can have harmful fun with it I've warped a lube bomb to bridge before, not gonna lie it was funny, captain was pissed but it was green alert and in the end it didnt fuck with the round too much, now imagine if i sent over hostile xenobio mobs. Telescience is a power thats easy to abuse and if someone tells you that they've "Never abused telescience uwu" they're probably lying, because its easy to abuse, I've done it, and most of telescience nerds i know have done it as well, and a bored person with telescience WILL most of the time fuck around with it and sometimes the outcomes of this fuckery can really damage rounds, like they could lube bomb like i did but on red or gamma alert and instead of bridge its security or in the halls. 3. You can warp anyone willingly or unwillingly (Last i used it that was the case at least) You can warp people willingly or unwillingly, you can space someone or as Pennwick stated above, steal a crew member that isn't moving much like a captain, chemist, HOP, QM or a cargo tech, you can easily set it up so that the telescience pad is set in a box, and warp someone to that and then space them with it and thats only scratching the surface of what you can do with the power to warp ANYONE who you're able to either get the coords to (Via a crew monitor or GPS) or whoever you're able to get your hands on. Quick notes on Quantum Pads I fuckin love these things, they're awesome as heck please keep them, I'm sure it can be abused, anything can, but I've never in my life seen these things used in a way to negatively impact someones round meaningfully. Generic other stuff i am putting at the end because heck I don't like telescience, its fun sure, but its usually just fun for me or whoever is doing it with me, sure the person i might prank has a laugh but sometimes not, should it be removed? dunno im not a coder/admeme/maintainer or whatever, I'm a random player ranting, I think it at least needs a nerf, no-tele flags are a step in the right direction though. I have a lot of memories with this type of science so the thought of it being removed is a little sad, but in the end its still broken and the fact that any scientist can make it is stupid. OH and don't say its hard to learn, I learnt it in like 10 minutes (granted it was from a very robust player who was excellent at explain it and demonstrating it) it was by no means hard to learn, and you can literally make or get a custom telescience calculator that does all the math for you, breaking whatever immersion and fairness that was there with to make it even quicker and easier (also is using such a program rule breaking?). Also i have 100% forgotten stuff, i always do aaaaaaaa! Anyway, this is just my opinion (In other words please don't yell at me i will cry) Any sorry for writing a long ass post, i tend to do this so though so weh AND I RARELY PROOF READ SO IF THERE ARE SPELLING MISTAKES OR FUCKED SENTENCES I AM SORRY .
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    I don't really see it used much at all, but for all the very good reasons stated mostly by Jazz that I've seen I'm against removing it. There's plenty of ways to nerf it, such as adding that no teleporter flag as was stated by Jazz. It's often useful for body retrieval. I rarely if ever see it used for much more than that. As Dinar said, if you're going to look at one OP thing look at others. Chemistry is hilariously overpowered on its own and all it takes is opening a wiki, looking over chemical combinations, and making them. Congratulations you now have death in chemical form.
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    Hello everyone! Furasian here, I have currently put out a poll to see if we can set a foundation for what the SEC Instructor should look like. Here are two options I've developed based on discussions here... Since we've weeded out the idea of SEC Instructor being a centcomm asset like the NT Rep and Blueshield I've currently taken those two appearance options out until otherwise. I am currently looking at two options, feel free to add more in the discussion! Option 1: 1980s copper- A true sign of a veteran! You've done your time and got some stripes. Now you stand with your fellow officers like the grumpy veteran you are! You smell bribes and loafing around so get those coppers on the streets to write those damn tickets! WHAT?! What do you mean we don't write tickets on this station?! Inspired by the pixel game Beat Cop, the true image of the tough old days, where you had to actually take fingerprints to a machine to get DNA instead of a handheld device. These rookies have it easy compared to the days you were on the street! Option 2: Drill Instructor- STAND AT ATTENTION! You lead these maggots and turn them into hard core officers! This is a paramilitary organization! If they don't like it they can leave! YOU ARE NO LONGER BLACK, OR YELLOW, OR GREEN, YOU ARE NOW RED! YOU ARE NOW DARK RED! Inspired by well.. Drill instructors. https://www.strawpoll.me/17878229 Vote now! Let your opinion shape this job the way YOU WANT it to be shaped! I've seen a couple discussions about the job along with a couple of ideas on the discord, reminder to post them here on this thread so it's all together in one location instead of being buried in the chaos that is discord THE VOTE WILL CLOSE ON 05/01/2019 (ONE WEEK FROM NOW)
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    Something a bit more... gruesome, which I'll leave behind a spoiler.
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    Administratively it would be a bit more for us to enforce, but it's a nice idea. It would be a little canned, but a selection of prompts (pre-filled responses) would nip any potential issues in the butt (you could select roleplay, antag, helpful, etc., basically to let people know why you karma'd them).
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    Alright let me open up my comment with I have spent dozens of hours mastering telescience along with every single aspect of it (from hubs to quantum pads to z level loot to the depot etc). I've even edited the wiki and wrote the majority of the page itself. And yes, I am the guy who makes that "public hub" that has been mentioned before, so I can most definitely touch on that as well. I'm Crangus Pangaria btw. After reading both the original post and people's comments, there are some discrepancies that need to be corrected. 1.) The telepad can only teleport objects from z levels 1, 3, 4, 5, and 6. So no, you can't teleport anything you want from any z level. And, as I will touch on with depot, there are areas where telescience is not permitted. 2.) A large amount of space ruins are procedurally generated, all non-procedural telesciencable loot can be found by a google doc I created here. After using telescience dozens and dozens of times for multiple rounds, I've found that the combat gloves are the most teleported item I get from space ruins (even though there's a free double barrel shotgun, white ship circuit board, infinite hardsuits, and abandoned crates). 3.) Anything important that should not be telescience accessible that is not procedural are on z level 2 (admin ship, abductor ship, golem ship default spawn). All procedural space ruins are on levels 7-whatever the max z level is, which again is not possible with the limited 1, 3, 4, 5, 6. 4.) As far as "if your suit sensors are maxed you can get anyone," this is true unless the target is inside something with density, say a terror spider cocoon or being buckled to the ambulance. That or they're on a z level not listed above, therefore making it impossible to even use the teleporter. They're called quantum pads to be specific, and yes they can only be linked to eachother hence their harmless nature and the reason why I use them as a "public hub" rather than say an actual teleporter hub or a public telepad setup. There is a flag that can applied to an area that, when attempted to teleport to, will make the console bleep "ERROR! Target destination unreachable due to interference." This flag can be found in places like cent com, I believe the escape shuttle, the syndie depot, and probably more random places. ALL AREAS ON THE CYBERIAD ITSELF ARE NOT PROTECTED BY THIS FLAG. Yea the flag added to an area is the map altering bit that was specifically designed to prevent teleporting, so it kinda already exists.... As for the topic of calculators nobody friggen does the math by hand. It's not a question of "they're out there, and some scumbags are using them to robust telescience" its just plainly a part of telescience as it is. The actual reason why this hinders a telescience user is not difficult math but the fact that you have to manually enter target coordinates, press calculate, then enter the bearing and elevation. This stops users from pulling moving targets, as has been a real pain in the ass when I'm trying to pull a dead body being dragged by a spider... Also, absolutley nothing can stop people from using calculators, literally nothing within the realm of possibility. Ok now for me bein mad Whoever thinks that telescience has no non-antag purposes is absolutly undeniaably unequivalally wrong. There is no debate, there is a 100% productive and legitamte use for telescience. Telescience paramedic. If anyone wants to argue with me I will literally join any round, fire open telescience with a one-way quantum pad leading to medbay next to the telepad (or have my own cloning setup next to the telescience setup) and count the number of bodies I save from otherwise permanent death. There is a good chance somebody who commented on this thread has been saved by me, or has used my quantum pad network, or has been unlucky enough to be a rogue AI. As for telescience being easy to setup, yea it's stupid easy to setup. As soon as you get 6 bluespace crystals your friggen done, literally 3 minutes to build and calibrate the offsets. As an antagonist I find telescience as an omega cheese, but only in certain circumstances. In order to properly use telescience to complete objectves, you have create stuff (eg bombs) to actually use it. This makes it slightely less robust, however still powerful. Personally after 500 hours of paradise I have never once been killed by telescience; however, I have used telescience to greentext myself as well as subvert rogue AIs. My suggestion to nerf telescience (speaking from massive amounts of experience) prevents two of the most powerful aspects of telescience that I personally abuse. 1.) There is no area on the cyberiad thats protected with the no tele flag 2.) You get 20 something teleports per calibration My suggestion: Make it so you have to re-calibrate for every teleport and add the flag to certain places like the armory and the AI sat. If anyone has any questions regarding telescience or science in general, I am walking encyclopedia.
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    Honestly - what I'd want is the re-adding of dietary mechanics for Vulpkin and all races. Partially for 'flavor' and realism, the other part to give the chef something to do and have to serve more types of food. Vulps are supposed to be carnivores only, just like Unathi, but dietary mechanics in game are turned off. That and making chocolate poisonous to vulps would be GREAT.