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    Please see the updated version of the server rules.
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    Hi all, As some of you may be aware, a few days ago 6 people were banned for metagaming, including two mentors. More bans may follow as we continue to investigate. Needless to say I'm incredibly disappointed, especially with the two mentors we placed our trust in. Not only does this completely violate the letter and spirit of the rules, but is a personal insult to have our trust violated by people who claimed they wanted to help new players by mentoring them. Taking advantage of our trust and their positions to supposedly help the community is incredibly low. This occured on a private discord server, whose owners seem quite upset that someone would reveal that it's being used to metagame. I've seen terms like "metagrudge" and "witchhunt", being thrown around at the people they suspect revealed them, as well as people being put in "quarantine" to avoid further leaks. This is pretty blatent admission to me that they have no issue with said metagaming - just it being revealed. . We will have absolutely no tolerance for that at all, and I personally find it pathetic that they think that those who were "undermining integrity of server" were those who revealed it, not those who metagamed in the first place. The evidence provided to us was concrete, and I have no reason to doubt its authenticity - especially seeing as there have been admissions of guilt from some of the parties. However, if people wish to dispute that they were breaking the rules, they're more than free to appeal. We've acted on the information we are given, but are happy to discuss such things. I'd also like to take this chance to remind you we take allegations like this seriously. If you suspect something like this is going on without proof, please let an admin know - we won't be banning anyone for unfounded allegations, but tipping us off means we can look into it with the many tools we have. As long as you're not clearly using this to attack people you dislike, then it's ok to be wrong here.
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    Hello everyone. As you probably know, I was recently elected by our staff team to be a Head of Staff for Paradise. You may not know exactly what a Head of Staff (henceforth: "Headmin") does, or what my plans are in particular. This thread is going to explain those things. First, what does a headmin do? Headmins have a few responsibilities beyond those of a normal Game Admin: Co-ordination and management of all branches of the staff team Handling Admin Complaints Enforcing staff policy and admin guidelines Moderating interpersonal conflicts, as needed Managing certain back-end things, such as our Patreon Voting on the acceptance/rejection of PRs submitted to our Github (IE: changes to the game's code, features, sprites, etc) Representing Paradise to other SS13 servers Handling anything that doesn't get handled by other people, eventually, for whatever reason Like any Paradise headmin, I will be doing these things, as they are inherent to the position. That said, most staff (including me) who run for election as headmin also have a specific platform that they run for election on. My platform was: Transparency Accountability Better Communication I know those sound a bit vague. So, let me give you some concrete examples of what I intend to do. First, let's take PR voting. Yes, headmins vote on PR acceptance. But I plan to do more than simply vote. I consider every PR author that contributes to our codebase to be valuable - part of the team that makes our server awesome. I want to encourage PR authors and grow the number of people who contribute to our codebase. As such, I will be following a set of best practices, designed to ensure PR authors feel valued, and treated fairly. My hope is this will encourage quality contributions over time. I will not be voting against any PR, any author's work, without first explaining exactly why, clearly and directly, on the PR itself. If my issue with the PR is fixable, I will explain how it can be fixed, and give the PR author some time to fix it, or at least respond, before I consider voting against the PR. In essence I want to be sure PR authors know they are getting a fair shake, that they never feel like they're being left in the dark, and they never feel like they need to guess what they need to do in order to get their PRs merged. If I consider a PR idea totally unviable, to the point it cannot be fixed, I will aim to say so as early as possible, so that the author doesn't invest more time into it under the false impression it has good chances of being merged. More generally, when I comment on PRs, I will aim to be very clear about who I'm speaking for, and what I mean. I will also make myself available to any PR author who has questions. While I recognize that this will give PR authors direct feedback they're not used to getting, ultimately I think (and as a PR author myself, I believe I have good reason to think) they will quickly appreciate it and be encouraged by it. I have also be encouraging other headmins and maintainers to follow these best practices. More generally, I want a more constructive, informative atmosphere on our github and I am working with everyone involved, especially the maints and other headmins, to achieve this. As part of this effort, I have already appointed someone to be responsible for helping to moderate Github, and discourage toxic comments there. Second, let's take accountability. I have already promised to put myself up for re-election in 6 months by the staff team, so, if they don't think I'm doing a good job after that time, they can boot me out and get someone else in. Accountability is for everyone, though, not just me. This includes admins, players, and even visitors who don't play here. If someone has an issue with an admin's conduct, they need to explain the issue in our Admin Complaints forum. It is against the rules to discuss bans and other punishments in our discord server, and for the sake of eliminating toxicity, holding admins accountable under our guidelines, and holding players accountable under our Discord rules, I will be enforcing this rule, and pushing admins more generally to do the same. Consider this your forewarning that under my plan, complaining about being banned in our Discord will not be tolerated like it has before. This also applies to in-game LOOC, deadchat, OOC and similar. This is not a new rule - such talk has been against the rules for a long time. What is new is that I will be enforcing the already-written rule, and encouraging all other admins to do so as well. Third, let's talk about better communication. One of the long-standing issues we have as a server, with our elected leadership, multiple branches of staff, etc, has historically been a lack of unified vision for the future of the server. Obviously, this is an enormous topic to tackle, and progress on it is going to require lots of work, and not just by me. It is the sort of thing that will require lots of discussion over a period of time. Still, I am already taking steps to move us in this direction. The first change you may notice is the creation of a #changes-wanted channel on Github. This channel is the new central repository for lists, posted by headmins and maints, of all features/PRs/etc they want implemented for the server. There are many benefits to this, such as helping PR authors choose a PR topic that's more likely to get merged, triggering healthy debate on server direction, etc. Ultimately though, this is just a first step towards what I really want for the server: a more general development roadmap. I know we're a volunteer project, a 2D spaceman game, and we're never going to be as organized/detailed in our future development goals as a professional game company is. Still, I don't think its unrealistic for us to take basic steps, like agreeing a list of long-term goals, trying to make progress towards them, and tracking that progress. This discord channel is the first step in that direction. I hope I've given you a sense of what I'm about as a head of staff. Obviously, the changes I want to make will require that I work closely with the rest of the staff team. My hope, though, is that I can push the server in the right direction. That I can get people pushing together in the same direction more effectively. And, if not, well, the staff can always vote me out again in 6 months. Here's to the future! -Kyet
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    (Still very much WIP, especially on the design front!) A newborn being of pure energy has come to the station, drawn both by curiosity and the enticing power flowing through its machinery. They desire only to feed, grow, and learn, but the crew may find this interfering with their work... and safety. As creatures of energy, Luminaries are not subject to many physical restrictions, enabling them to travel through the station's electrical fixtures such as lights, computers, and consoles (though only powered and unbroken ones). They are also immune to most forms of attack, and in fact absorb fire and energy projectiles; though disablers, ion rifles, and temperature guns on low settings are effective. Those wishing to stop a Luminary will likely have to use different tactics than a guns-blazing chase, however. On the other hand, Luminaries by default have no directly harmful abilities. Even their melee attack only does stamina damage. They may sometimes unlock deadlier powers as they progress, however... GAMEPLAY Luminary objectives include gathering a certain amount of power from the station's devices and learning more about the things on board the station (via interacting with certain things in certain ways). As it gains more power and knowledge, a Luminary will develop new skills/powers, likely based on what it has been studying/doing. Here are powers as designed so far: Transmission: The Luminary's most basic ability, incorporeal travel via electrical devices. Works similarly to bloodcrawl. Galvanization: Finding a dead creature, the Luminary probes its internal energy pathways and figures out a way to restore the flow, reanimating the body with a surge of energy. Corpses missing hearts or brains receive a couple... improvisations. Reanimating humanoids may count towards a learning objective. A corpse with no owner becomes eligible for ghosts, which creates a new mind with no memory of the body's original life. Such beings may or may not receive objectives (as some kind of reanimated minion, probably), needs discussion. Assimilation: The Luminary feeds itself into various machines and computers around the station, learning how to use/mess with them. For instance, entering an autolathe. Another probable research objective. Network Lance: One of the Luminary's few offensive abilities. Having studied the powernet, the Luminary directs it against a single (or not?) target, causing arcs to strike them from nearby machinery. More machines nearby, more arcs, more damage. Lightning: A non-damaging variant. The Luminary discharges chain lightning, stunning nearby humanoids. Translation: The Luminary gains the ability to pull an incapacitated (or willing?) target into the airwaves with it when it transmits.
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    I didnt think I needed to write this but people asked so here goes. Reasons for resignation are as follows: - Im not happy the direction the server is going in - I am tired of the way members of this community are treated, not even being informed, let alone asked before big changes happen (The community managers werent even informed of the nickname changes, and thats just one example) - It ate into far too much of my time and honestly just hurt to deal with (Not to mention this shit is literally right in the middle of my finals) Let me just elaborate/debunk a few reasons people thought I was gone: Salt over boxen being removed: I requested that removal as part of my leave Salt over being fired from mentor: I asked to resign as part of my leave The fluff cuff removal PR: I made that, and I dont plan to be a tiger repeat Thanks for a good 2 and a half years, but I am moving to better places now, possibly see some of you around on other servers, but for now, goodbye - AffectedArc07
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    Hi everyone, I recognize it was probably a bit improper to leave without so much as a bye. I've had a lot of fun over the five or six years I've spent here. I've spent a lot of hours frittering away on projects (wiki out of date ree) and spent even more time just shooting the shit with members of the community (including staff!). It's been a pleasure having the opportunity to work/play with all of you and I wish you all the best going forward. It's my hope that someone will eventually take up the reins for the wiki (most of the hard work is done!) and that the community continues to be the warm, glowing, and sometimes stressed out and shouty place it's always been. Paradise is a project that I've easily sunk several thousand hours into, so I hope and look forward to all the best things in the future for both the server and the people who elect to continue playing/volunteering here. I have tremendous regard for the community here and I know that you'll all continue to diligently work, play, and contribute to making Paradise the server that it is. Godspeed, Cyberiad. - Shadeykins (brb absorbing people in the morgue)
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    Hiya! This is going to be a pretty long post considering it's kind of a big thing for me and I want to write out everything I can. I'll still be in discord if anyone's got any questions, but having a lot of answers in one place is probably a good idea. So you guys have probably noticed that I've been showing up less and less over the past few months up until now, until I've pretty much been entirely silent a good majority of the time. I've got busy work with school and the like to deal with since I've started at college, and I've been working more towards getting things settled life-wise. On top of that, my interests have shifted pretty significantly since around the start of summer, changing to different games and hobbies that I've been having a lot more fun with. I'm not nearly as in touch as I used to be, and I've been taking what feels like too much of a back-seated approach to headminning for some time, which, being an advocate for a much more active headmin role, doesn't sit right with me. I've had a lot of fun with you guys over these last 4 years, and I hope to continue to later, maybe as a player again, or as an admin if I ever find myself invested again, throwing about seals and random space horrors as usual. I've also met a lot of good people, some of whom I'm spending a lot more time with as of late, who've hopefully become lifelong friends of mine. For as eccentric and strange as the community is, the majority I've met are pretty awesome people, and I hope that doesn't change. As far as what I've been doing, I've been getting into other games and text roleplay with some of our community members and staff. Nonsense involving For Honor, Divinity OS 2, Pillars of Eternity 2, and some more casual stuff D&D with some people IRL (If you want my steam I'll throw it here https://steamcommunity.com/id/dumbdumn/ ). In terms of more serious stuff, I've been upholding my grades and handling my current job working for my university. With only so many hours in the week, all of these things combined makes it hard to focus and usually ends up in me jumping from one thing to the next without much of a coherent schedule. As of next week on Saturday, I'll be stepping down from my position and hanging around as a bluemin to see if less responsibility from the role has any effect on my activity or interest, since sometimes headminning and playing the game can feel more like work and less like a neat thing I can chill out with. If that doesn't work I still fully intend to stick around in the general discord, retired or not. That's about as general as I can make it without throwing in an information overload, but if you guys have questions or want to talk about something I'll be looking out for replies on this thread for the next few days. See you nerds around, Dumb.
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    I hate it every time I choose to play a fat guy, everyone calls me fat Yeah, thanks. noticed. Then they try to force me to drink weight-loss shake. I wanna play as a fat guy, can I please be left alone? Why should I get my secway stolen by a clown, only to never ever be returned because I choose to be fat? LET ME BE FAT. So what if my sec belt has nothing but donuts stored in it? I demand that all the bad guys stop running so fast, I can barely breathe, stop trying to give me a frickin heart-attack, damn you.
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    First off, I would like to say I'm sorry.
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    Yea keep in mind this thread is in the unban requests declined section I posted it there on accident. This is something I was replying to someone on discord about when he asked. I also didn't use google to look up these facts I've known about them for the longest time. Political correctness is in no way shape or form used by our current president. The BLM movement is illogical considering that under 50% of the US is not racist. Leaving the BLM with no point in existing. These statistics are a complete educated guess based on my analysis of things going on with race now a days. We have black history month, black entertainment television, martin luther king day, black only scholarships and clubs, the majority of the NBA is black and making millions. However the people that protest against the black lives matter movement are almost equally illogical other then there statistics which are based on fact for instance there are far more black on white murders then white on black murders. However aknowledging the true statistics isn't a good idea because it leads to a bias against black people giving no room for the good eggs to shine. My opinion on the BLM is that it shouldn't exist based on the assumption that I have made due to all of that, that under 50% of the US is racist. A very slim minority speaking. The KKK is dying and the Arian nation only has like 4-8 people in each HQ. You cannot gather accurate statistics on racism because if you make a national poll being a "Racist" is largely based on opinion that questions the moral values of the individual regarding race. When you generalize a race or a group of people by statistics it leave almost absolutly no room to aknowledge the good eggs and if the statistics show mostly good the bad eggs. This is Buford Prescot self educated deep thinker haha. I say that the people that protest against the BLM movement are illogical because they try to imply by statistics that black culture is overun by immoral rap, violence, and gang banging. Which statistically is true but should NOT be used as a tool to attack the entire race considering that there are a lot of good people that are black and should be valued like barack obama and morgan freeman. Response to someone claiming they are a terrorist group equivelant to the Neo Nazi's and all that: All of them are a hybrid between different groups of people. The violent protesters and the people that try to use there form of "Logic" which isn't logic it's completely stupid to communicate that there is a lot of racism in the US and they strive for equality which is a complete dellusion. Most of these people are the BLM self proclaimed leaders who primarly appear on television interviews and Coed activist groups. They are composed of there self proclaimed leaders and coed activist groups* They aren't a terrorist group as a whole. Response to acclaimed CIA manipulating statistics due to racism or an agenda: I know nothing of BAMN. But the CIA in no way shape or form manipulates statistics. Most of these statistics were taken during the period of 1995-2017 a time where racism was and is severily declining by taking the crime statistics by police records and documents on crime. CIA is a covert group that sends agents to area's to convert the enemy into becoming double agents for them. Or to train rebel groups against government. They have in the past worked with some shady people in the mafia and drug lords. There whole purpose is to disrupt and manipulate groups and governments while trying to keep a low profile and to minimize the blame of the actions on the United States. Some individual people of the enemy in authority positions by bribing them, indoctorinating them, finding people that disagree with there government and organization I ment. Response to someone commenting about the CIA supporting drug lords in south america: They used to but ever since nixon declared a war on drugs operations of the CIA have been severely minimized when it comes to manipulating and bribing drug lords. During the cold war when the soviets attempted to invade afghanistan the CIA funded and trained there militia along with Bin Laden being one of them since he had a major influence on the population. They gave them gear and they succesfully defeated the russians. Later on Bin Laden fucked the US over so they killed him. Yea don't ask me how I know this LOL. In game playing HoS as Buford Prescot I made a couple fuckups as a basic security guard by using what the CIA coined "Enhanced Interrogation Methods" which was basically an innocent term for torture. I even said were going to use "Enhanced Interrogation Methods" Kinda funny lol. Then I got boinked and stopped. The CIA's method of torture was water boarding, stress positions, depriving them of sleep. Things like that. Response to someone commenting that the CIA is dangerous and a threat to democracy: When it comes to covert spy operations every government has them. During the cold war russia had the KGB. China today has the ministry of state security. Even Afghanistan when they killed Bin Laden they built a government based on the principles of the US to gain a stronger foothold there covert spy operations department is called National Directorate of Security. Well almost every country has them but there effectiveness varies. They CIA does answer to certain points of authority. Basically they have blood feuds with congress similar to the blood feuds and disagreements between central command, magistrate, captain, and the HoS. The* The CIA is basically a department that feuds with congress and tries to hide things from them or cover up/manipulate them while congress makes the ultimate decision on the fate of certain members of the CIA or the way they operate they are the equivalant to central command. The president is the equivelant to the captain. Also, magistrate and NT rep can't accurately be implemented into this analogy.
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    Here's some art of my vulp, Tariq Yon-Dale, mostly. I like drawing cartoons first and foremost.
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    Hello all, 1. Started the round as a civilian. 2. Go to HoP line and transfer into an understaffed Security. 3. Get Mindshielded. 4. Spawn an Agent Stamp, Mask, and Uniform. 5. Proceed to the IAA. Ask them how the Fax worked - asked if I could try logging in and checking its mechanics. They trusted me, a Mind Shielded Officer. 6. Copy their ID. 7. Forge paperwork, faking the identity of Major Han Sol - the CC Officer. Requesting my target's cremation. 8. Target gets cremated. I go on patrol. 9. It's blue alert by now, due to confirmed Syndicate Activity. I abuse this change in colour, and randomly search the CMO [peacefully]. 10. Ask to see his ID. Check his bags. Copy his ID, gain bridge access. 11. With Bridge Access I go to IAA to fake another Fax. This time announcing Major Han Sol's arrival to the Cyberiad. Saying I'll be their main point of contact with Central Command. So anything that was meant to go to CC was redirected to my Office [NT Rep]. 12. Discarded old attire, binned and destroyed it. Equip the ID, Gas Mask, Security Helmet, Taser, Detective's Cloak and rock up to the Bridge without a Radio or proper equipment and complain this is due to the 'Budget Cuts' enforced by Central Command after the Station accidentally releases the Tesla [to be fixed by Admins at a 10,000,000 debt to the Station]. 13. I go through all of Command's SoP. Ask to check the HoP's ID, and copy it in the process of checking if he had all-access. 14. He didn't. So I cycle through command, and the Captain recommends I take on an IAA to follow me around. I do, and decide to give the IAA a fake promotion, to 'Naval Officer Recruit'. 15. While handing the new Naval Officer Recruit all-access, I copied their ID. 16. Issued orders continuously throughout the round. No one suspected a thing. 17. Escape successfully, and without my cover being blown. 18. Got no karma that round due to people thinking I was an admin character.
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    Introduction: Let me tell the story of a round I played earlier today: The station is full up on jobs, >80 players. Every single Medbay role is filled to capacity...except for Doctors. Previously, there'd be up to five MDs on the manifest, with at least one or two bouncing around the Medbay at any given time. Yet in a round absolutely stuffed with players, with everything from Chemistry to the Coroner all staffed up properly, only two people even bothered to play MD. Needless to say, both of them are nowhere to be found. Two large bombs go off, in the middle of the station. Casualties are everywhere. Of course, between fastmos and the explosions themselves, it's >2 minutes by the time the bodies are brought to Medbay. None of them are revivable. Previously, MDs would receive them and begin the difficult and dangerous job of trying to SR and revive these players. Instead, they're all dumped at the Cloner like a stack of logs, where a Chemist and the CMO take turns shoving each corpse through like it's a microwave. Cloning was jam-packed, and both surgical theaters were literally spotless. I have a very, very hard time imagining the ORs being clean back when they were still relevant...but when no one's revivable, who needs 'em? This same pattern has repeated itself almost every single round that I've played during the recent changes, with only slight variations in each one. Reviving and Strange Reagent made for interesting, suspenseful resuscitation efforts, where you had to repeatedly zap someone to keep their heart afloat, do surgery to patch up their many injuries, transfuse to keep them from bleeding out again, clean as much as possible to prevent infection, etc etc etc. The new changes make Medbay - even worse, death itself - downright boring. The problems: Speaking as a real-life RN, the old approach of suspenseful, high-acuity action alongside regular, low-acuity fractures or cloning made for surprisingly on-point gameplay. The actual practice involved in treating someone is surprisingly simple most of the time; the issue in RL care is not some Dr. House-esque mystery solving and much more a question of efficiently managing resources. The new medical system, though, is less like working at a trauma center and more like working at a community health clinic (where I've seen nurses downright panic over epistaxis, a.k.a. "a nosebleed"). To try and summarize the basic issues in play: 1. Predictability: Past the two-minute mark, it's over. Boom. Done. Minimize the game and go do your laundry. Needless to say, this does not make for an interesting and engaging experience. There's no question of whether you'll get found in time, because you never get recovered in time for a defib anymore. There's no question of whether or not a competent MD will hit you with SR, because all they can do is to pop you into the cloner like a Hot Pocket and wait for it to finish cooking. Death has become boring; it's now just a question of twiddling your thumbs and watching something on YouTube until the metaphorical microwave has done its work. 2. Lack of human agency: If your corpse gets recovered, you'll likely get cloned eventually. There's nothing anyone can do to speed it up beyond the basic R&D upgrades, which means that there's no point in having anyone competent in Medbay; even the best players can't do anything more than wait for the magic cloning pod to churn through the corpses. Medbay could be crewed by the A-team or a pack of dribbling incompetents, and it has little impact (if any) on patient outcomes. 3. No effect past Medbay itself: Cloning has some new temporary downsides, but those are easily fixed with a trip in the cryopod or a bit of mutadone. It may mean more time spent twiddling your thumbs (yay, such fun, much excite), but once you've done a little more time in the cryopod then you're in the clear. The new death system means more time spent being dead, but it means literally nothing once you're alive again. 4. Lack of alternate playstyles: I've had quite a few games where some whiz-bang MD patched me up in the SS13 equivalent of a back-alley medbay. Rare, to be sure, but being revived even when the original Medbay was a flaming crater made for an interesting round that I can still recall today. The current system prevents all that, because without the cloner or getting really lucky with a defib, you're basically toast. Whoo-wee, such fun, much excite. Personal aims: I'm looking to effectively reverse these four factors. To elaborate a little on what I'd like to see: 1. Unpredictability: I don't want death to be the same thing every time. Maybe I'll get found, defibbed, and get back on my feet in no time. Maybe I'll get patched up in a cave by a guy with a box of scraps. Maybe Malpracticebay is in full effect, and the best I can hope for is to get cloned. Maybe, maybe, maybe. 2. Human agency: In keeping with the above, I want a good Medbay to be able to save lives like there's no tomorrow. Sure, make SR expensive and difficult to acquire - that just means it's cooler when the Chemists are on-point and the stuff is available in spades. Make bodies rot sooner, forcing them to be quickly injected with formaldehyde in order to be saved, or put more restrictions on how it can be used...but leave the option open. It makes for much more suspenseful, interesting, and compelling gameplay when things could happen. I don't mind failure, but I want there to be a chance of success in the first place, because having an alternative to failure makes it that much more poignant and interesting. 3. Long-term effects: To put it bluntly, I want the cloning pod to be the failure-state. I want people to hate being cloned, and the easiest way I can see that happening is to put some sort of un-fixable, long-term penalty to being cloned. Having some sort of unsolvable penalty counterbalances the ease of the cloner: it can still be the simple answer, but it's also not the one which people should want to take. The possibility of a full recovery would leave an incentive for good doctors to go through the effort of patching every boo-boo and fixing every wound (and for players to sit around in their broken bodies long enough for docs to fix them), whereas the cloner would still be a potential, if undesirable, option for people to re-enter the round. More on this below. 4. Allowing alternate playstyles: I'd like to give more options for fixing people, rather than a "one-and-done" approach. Maybe Genetics has a a power which prolongs defibrillation time with few downsides; the issue then becomes one of effectively spreading that same power stationwide, or at least to the most at-risk individuals (i.e. resource management). Maybe Medbay is reliant instead on the Coroner or a similar triage person during an MCI (Multiple Casualty Incident), with them running around and moving defib-able people to the cryopod area while injecting the long-term cases with formaldehyde before they start to decompose. Maybe transplantation would remove the cloning penalty, allowing for someone who'd been cloned by MD-McDumbass to get fixed if there were other MDs and Genetics on the ball that round. Overall, though, I'd like to see the game mechanics encouraging more options rather than simply railroading everyone towards the magic cloning microwave. Suggestions: A. The defibrillator issue: -Slightly increase defib times. IIRC the old defib-capable times were up to five minutes, while the current number is two. The current number is far too small, given that defibrillators are rarely ever used in the field; unless you die inside the Medbay itself or near a mediborg, there's no saving you. I'd suggest moving it back to five minutes, to be counterbalanced with a significant penalty (see below). If you're dead-set on reducing defib times, though, then please at least split the difference and make it 3.5 minutes instead of the current "flash in the pan." -Increased defibrillator times could be counterbalanced by having defibrillation inflict severe damage on the heart like it does IRL. This would require doctors to be careful and sparing about their defib use, and make it a gamble every time you place the paddles. Inflicting variable 10-35 heart damage per shock would allow someone to survive a single defib at a bare minimum, but would make multiple uses of the defibrillator a very dangerous game (i.e. suspenseful). Heart damage requires either chest surgery or mitocholide to fix, so either Chemistry or an MD being on the ball would be able to fix the damage. This'd add additional uncertainty due to the ever-present question of player competence, and would allow for meaningful success-stories to happen, such as "a competent Chemist saves patients from a defib-happy MD's mistakes" or vice versa. B. Strange Reagent: I'd suggest limiting SR through: -Requiring a higher dose and/or more exotic materials. Space fungus might be a good 'un, or diamond, or some similarly hard-to-acquire substance. The goal here should be to make SR achieveable to make, but only by someone who knows what the hell they're doing. Alternatively, it could require help from another department, such as needing a high power draw from Engineering, ambrosia gaia or a similar higher-level plant from Botany, or upgraded parts from Science. -Shortening the time available before a body begins decaying. I'm not sure how long the current time is until bodies start decaying, but the first stage (i.e. "They are beginning to smell") is the cutoff point for SR. If you shorten that time down, then formaldehyde and good corpse-triage becomes vital to saving them. In other words, something like this. -I think the current system of "SR revives with brain/genetics" damage is good enough as-is. It allows for revives in the field, but inflicts a serious penalty if you lack access to a cryotube, and also requires that the field medic have remembered to pack along some mannitol as well. C. Cloning: As mentioned, I'd like cloning to be the "failure-state" of Medbay. People should have a real, lasting reason to not want to be cloned, and I'd suggest the following mechanisms for doing so: -Implementing Clone Memory Disorder (CMD) for an in-character penalty. A rule like "you aren't able to remember anything that happened for the past thirty minutes" would allow for some interesting RP opportunities for anyone who's so inclined, and also keep people from being able to easily nail their killers. After all, if someone starts yelling "JOE IS A 'CLING!" the moment they pop out of the cloner, that's fairly bwoinkable. There won't be 100% compliance, and the initial implementation will be patchy as usual, but having some IC penalty for getting cloned should make RP-heavy, powergamey-light players want to avoid it. If possible, I'd like to also include some mention of "You will only be able to retrieve these memories with heavy counseling" or the like, to provide people with an IC reward for visiting the Psychiatrist. Basically, if you sit down and RP out talking through "shit I'm a clone, what happened back there," you can circumvent the penalty (and ID your killer). This should hopefully make the Psychiatrist a little more relevant, while also allowing for a method of dealing with the penalty providing the player is willing to put in enough effort. -Implement some sort of [was cloned] penalty tag for anyone whose body was cloned. This would have a significant mechanical drawback which cannot be easily removed (that part is key). Options here include a brute/burn damage multiplier like IPCs, decreased maximum health, or a similar significant mechanical disadvantage. The goal here is to provide a penalty which even the powergamey-est of players would have to sit up and pay attention to; even if you don't give a shit about CMD, the mechanical cloning penalty would still make you sit up and pay attention. This could then be circumvented by brain transplantation into a humanized monkey (which would require both Genetics and an MD to be on the ball), or a similarly-circuitous method for anyone who really wants to get around it. -I don't mind autoprocessing and autocloning, and I'd suggest keeping it in light of the above penalties. This would make prescanning a gamble: do you hope that your body gets found, or do you just say "screw it" and hop into the cloner, hoping that you can find a competent Geneticist and MD to help you out on the other side? (or will you be too busy once cloned, and have to just deal with the penalty anyway?) Conclusion: Thank you to whoever took the time to read all this, and I hope this provides some decent food for thought. I agree that the previous Medbay system was definitely flawed in some respects, but I don't this approach is a positive one to fixing it. In lieu of the current changes, I'd like to provide labor-intensive methods to circumvent death, and to make cloning a last-resort option which no one wants to have happen. If you have any questions or comments about my proposal, feel free to make 'em.
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    First Name: Tetra Last Name: Vega Gender: Female Orientation: Heterosexual Nicknames/Alias: Tet, Tetris, Vegan, Status Eyes (yes I've been called all those IC XD) Personnel Photo Age/D.O.B: 33 (11/25/2529) Place Of Birth: Colony 23-NR Species: Human Blood Type: B- Alignment: Neutral Good Affiliation: Nanotrasen Security Force, Sol Gov Navy Religious Beliefs: Acolysm Childhood: Runaway Rebel Adulthood: Workaholic Detailed Information Appearance: She is 5'7" and weighs 165 pounds, an average build. She has piercing green eyes and her red hair is always pulled back into a messy ponytail. She has a turquoise snowflake tattoo on her right bicep. Personality: As gentle as possible, as ruthless as necessary. She is normally a mixture of cheery and sarcastic. When focused on something she becomes quite stern. She also becomes a real hothead when overwhelmed. Character Voice:The backstory within the backstory. I first created Tetra in Anarchy Online in 2001. I've used her in any game with a character creator since. Her red ponytail and green eyes have always been a staple. It wasn't until I saw the following cinematic from Starcraft 2 that I realized I portrayed her in the image of Sarah Kerrigan. My wife is actually familiar with Tetra's adventures as well, and when I had her watch this video she got a confused look on her face and said "Is that Tetra?!" It would only be right if she shared her voice: Medical Record She has a mechanical heart, is a heavy smoker, light drinker, and has a minor pain killer dependency [CONFIDENTIAL] Her psych evaluation indicates she has been suffering hallucinations, most likely caused by stress. She believes she is being haunted by ghosts. Her psych taught her relaxation techniques and recommended she have a companion such as a pAI with her to keep her mind from wandering. Security Record Major Crimes: One count of Manslaughter As Head of Security, Tetra Vega caused a vampire suspect to ignite by force feeding them too much holy water without sufficient extinguishers present, resulting in the suspect dying. Under the manslaughter law, she served a permanent sentence for the duration of the shift and was further reprimanded upon returning to Central Command. Minor Crimes: From time to time she is reprimanded by Central Command for using unnecessary verbal force on prisoners and hurting their feelings. Prior to being employed on the NSS Cyberaid she has various counts of vandalism, petty theft, trespassing, and battery. [CONFIDENTIAL] There is evidence that suggest that, despite her loyalty to Nanotrasen, she has been working for the Syndicate from time to time. It is believed they are forcing her to work using some sort of leverage they have over her. When questioned she appears uneasy yet conveys that nothing is out of the ordinary. Character Biography Born on a space colony, she has never set foot on a planet. The station her family lived on was older and run down...it did not have access the resources or technology of the newer stations. Her mother died giving birth to her, forcing her father to raise her and her brother Zeke alone. When Tetra was 10 her father was diagnosed with an aggressive form of heart disease. After months of unsuccessfully treating it, the doctors finally obtained a heart for transplant. The disease continued to attack the new heart, and her father died when she was 11. His autopsy confirmed that the heart disease was caused by a rare genetic defect. Testing showed that Tetra and Zeke also had the same defect. Current technology does not have a way to reverse this, so the only safe solution was to replace their hearts with mechanical hearts. With their father gone, Zeke had to raise Tetra. He was a fair bit older than her, in his early 20s at the time. He was one of the stations engineers trying to help keep the old heep functional. He kept a short leash on Tetra due to her being the only family he had left, so she spent much of her time with him and his co-workers learning and helping where she could. Being too young to understand why her brother was so strict with her, she became quite rebellious. When Tetra was 17 she stowed away on a supply frigate visiting the station and set out on her own to escape her brothers restrictive grip. During her lonely downtime she discovered she had a talent for the guitar. Her talent had not gone unrecognized as the agent from her favorite punk rock group, Fluffy Fever, contacted her. Just around the time they discovered Tetra, their guitarist had a falling out with the group and they needed a new one. She was their girl. This decision was not without controversy as many of the fans were angry that the band would dare allow a human into this formerly all Vulpakin group. Tetra took it in stride, but the insults and death threats sometimes weighed heavy on her. After a few months of touring, the original guitarist made amends with the band and they cast Tetra aside so he could make his triumphant return. Later Tetra learned that the falling out and hiring her was a PR stunt all along. Both bitter about how it ended but thankful for the memories, Tetra returned to her lonely existence. She skipped the galaxy around from one station to another doing what she had to survive, mostly working on small spacecraft with her limited engineering knowledge. Shortly before her 19th birthday she got word that there was a Zeke was severely injured by in a terrorist attack by The Syndicate. She rushed home to find her brother a broken man, both physically and mentally. Two of his limbs were now robotic, as well as his eyes, and his voice lost do to trauma caused to his throat. Despite being maimed, he made out better than his two coworkers who perished. He refused to have his voice fixed in commemoration to his lost friends, and was now spending most nights drowning himself in whiskey to help sleep through the recurring nightmares of that awful day. Enraged by what her brother had become Tetra finally found her purpose. She joined the Sol Gov Naval Academy so she could obtain the skills required to fight the Syndicate and devote her energy to ensuring nothing like this happens to anyone else. After graduating from the academy she served as mechanic and pilot in the navy for a few years. When she finished her service and sought employment with Nanotrasen due to the amount of Syndicate activity that seemed to find them. She is now part of the security force on the NSS Cyberaid, where her story continues... Nanotrasen Employment Record: On the NSS Cyberaid, she initially served primarily as the pod pilot, however after gaining experience she now regularly serves as the Warden or Head of Security as well. She occasionally serves as the brig physician due to the knowledge she gained working with and observing her good friend Mercy. She does not know conventional surgery as she never went to medical school, so when it comes to that she relies on the skills she gained while a mechanic in her late teens. She also gained enough prestige with the higher ups at Nanotrasen to have clearance to serve as either the Blueshield or Magistrate when the need arises. Family Father: Trev Vega (2497-2540) Mother: Kraesha Vega (2499-2529) Siblings: Zeke Vega (2518-present) History 11/25/2529 - Tetra is born, her mother dies due to complications giving birth. 2/5/2539 - Trev is diagnosed with heart disease. 10/7/2539 - Trev receives heart transplant. 4/23/2540 - Trev Dies to heart disease. 3/1/2547 - Tetra runs stows away on a supply frigate and runs away from home. 11/05/2548 - There is a Syndicate attack on Colony 23-NR. 11/19/2548 - Tetra learns of the attack and rushes home to care for her brother. 11/23/2548 - Tetra arrives home and begins caring for her recovering brother. 2/4/2549 - Tetra joins the Sol Gov Naval Academy. 5/20/2553 - Graduates from the Academy and enlists in the Sol Gov Navy as a mechanic/pilot. 6/25/2559 - Finishes her service with the Sol Gov Navy and begins seeking employment with Nanotrasen. 1/20/2560 - Hired by Nanotrasen to serve as part of the security force on the NSS Cyberaid. 3/25/2561 - Gains clearance to serve as the Blueshield. 10/23/2561 - Gains clearance to serve as the Magistrate. Personal Relationships (I'll fill this out later, I have far too many names to put here and I've already spent an exhausting amount of time on this bio. I'll add them all at once when I'm done with them because I don't want to be updating the profile over and over again. Stay tuned???) Faction Relations Sol Gov Navy: Allied/Loyal "They taught me nearly everything I know. I wouldn't be anywhere without their guidance." Nanotrasen: Allied/Loyal "They pay well and always seem to have Syndicate activity swirling around them. This is where I belong" The Syndicate: Hate/Enemy "I will use every ounce of energy in my body to prevent them from hurting anyone else the way they hurt my family..." Other Information Living Quarters Tetra lives in a small bare bones apartment that is an absolute mess. Sink always overflowing with dishes. Empty coffee cups and food containers lay about. Ash trays that are overflowing with cigarette butts.The floor is littered with dirty clothes and empty packs of Robusts. There is a circular path carved through the mess that originates from desk in the corner. Well organized articles and reports of criminal or terrorist activity targeting Nanotrasen and the NSS Cyberaid lay upon the desk. These include profiles of the various enemies of the corporation detailing their strengths, weaknesses, and tendencies. On the nightstand is a dusty handle of Uncle Git's Special Reserve that is still half full next to a picture of Tetra with her brother Zeke. Inside the night stand is a loaded Stetchkin and a pill bottle filled with Salicylic Acid and a loaded Stetchkin.
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    ⌂ Home > Appeals and Complaints > Unban Requests > [Declined] Banned by cyberiad_OS: Ban Appeal for FluffyVulp_SE posted Saturday, 3:56 AM (edited) REASON FOR BAN: The connection has been closed. Reason: "Holy shit. Holy fucking shit. What the fuck." This is a permanent ban. YOUR APPEAL: Okay. So I understand that what I did may be considered excessive to some, but let me tell you that it was not my intention to cause as much damage as I did. Though I can understand why I'm banned, I really don't agree with any of it. For starters why wouldn't anyone check the hidden wall in the brig? Sure, stripping the HOS of all his gear, turning him into a monkey, and tying him up with the cuffs and gag might have been excessive but he could've yelled or something. No need to bring the admin's in for an IC issue. I did not "set the PA to 3 and release the tesla" all I did was attach a remote signaler to the particle accelerator and set it to the most common frequency and waited for someone to activate it. It was just a funny prank, I assure you, and I had every intention to fix it, but security had already taken my rightfully-received all-access ID and stripped my engineering access. So if you think about it, it's their fault for not letting me fix a problem that only I knew the solution to. Why aren't they permabanned? I just think the admins have it out for me, imo. I also did not ERP. I don't see anywhere in the rules that prohibits me from running around the halls using the *squish emote. Is it because I became an obese human instead of a sexy slimegirl? Talk about a double standard. Absolutely nothing erotic was happening except me *squishing around at the speed of sound. All in all I think this weird ban is without merit, and just a sign that the admins don't like me. I've already raised these grievances in general, admin complains, in the official discord server, the unofficial discord server, some other discord servers, and among a bunch of friends who were also permabanned. I was also talking on discord with another player during that round and they said that what I was doing was hilarious. So I think I should be let back onto the server because I like it here, and also because I spice things up. I promise not to tie the HOS up with fetish gear and leave him in a slowly depressurizing room again. :) edited Sunday at 8:25 AM by FluffyVulp_SE ------------------------------ Part time wage slave. Part time gamer. All-time cool guy. THE ENLIGHTENED GAMER COALITION NOTHING IS TRUE, EVERYTHING IS PERMITTED re: Banned by cyberiad_OS: Ban Appeal for FluffyVulp_SE posted Today, 3 minutes ago Holy fucking shit. Is this for real? Please tell me I'm not the only one reading this. When we say "appeal in your next life" we did NOT mean willingly transfer your brain into monkey. We meant it more like "Don't ever come back because holy shit, what the fuck." You've been banned like, 8 times, each one more spectacular than the last. Honestly, if we didn't permaban you now you might've escalated to breaking into our servers and smashing the hardware itself. APPEAL DECLINED this is a work of satirical fiction. all references to persons and unban requests, accepted or declined, are purely coincidence.
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    Thank you for posting this, as there has been a lot of misinformation floating around here that needs to be cleared up. First of all, i have heard that asking for your notes will result in a permaban. This is utterly untrue. Notes may have information to do with suspected ban evasion, metagaming, antag fishing, etc. We require these to be secret to properly do our jobs. We will not be showing these. Other notes may not be written in a manner that we want the player to see, eg, "acted like a complete fuckwit as a captain.", or just "i have a bad feeling about this guy". I prefer admins leave blunt and honest notes about things rather than having to phrase it in a way that won't look bad when its posted on reddit. There are plenty of times we have shown notes to players. With at least 100k notes, determining whether or not to show players is done on a need to know basis. Even if we do show some, its entirerly our word that you're seeing them all. Same as for those other servers. We're also clearly not showing you everything said about you on the staff discord, host chat, or when we talked about you when ive met up irl with admins. I'm sure players won't dilvuge everything theyve ever said about admins to other players, friends, etc. Comparing this to the evidence in a criminal case or the like is insane. No one here is getting imprisoned. No one is on trial where notes are evidence to if they did or didn't commit a crime. Notes don't contain some smoking gun or evidence of a one armed man who actually committed the crime. If you get banned for breaking the rules then you either did it or not. If you didnt, post in an appeal that you didn't and we'll go log diving. Being warned or banned is purely at admin discretion. If you've ever been warned not to do something that's against the rules, you could have been banned. If you got a temp ban it could have been perma. If youve been pmd by an admin before and been told not to do (x) then its likely in a note. All the admin pms are also in the logs, as are all the attacks and says and mes etc. We don't like people discussing their bans because they lie, or leave out vital information (eg, people saying they were banned for powergaming, and leaving out thar they told the admin to fuck off and ban them already). Having to constantly correct people requires us to constantly monitor the discord. Thats a pretty big waste of time. We have better things to do, and discussion of bans has rarely been productive at all. If you want to discuss a ban, past or present, then you can message an admin. This is complete bullshit. That has never been said in any banning or warning. If im wrong, please let me know so i can tear the admin a new one. This is a perfect example of why we dont want people discussing bans. Because many people lack the maturity to discuss this properly without resorting to reductive reasoning, or in this case, absolute lies.
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    WHEW that took me longer than I thought it would, but I made up a little thing. FEATURED in this chaotic scene (Which I hope can still be seen okay at half size) is: A clown driving the shuttle with the captain's spare with their PAI sidekick, a plasma-man taking off their helmate while a panicked (And slightly misguided) doctor tries to patch them up with burn-patches, a sec officer that has no idea how to make the boots stop stomping, a happy slime assistant stuffing Ian down the disposals, an IPC and borgo hanging out outside while a Vox skreeeees at the fact they forgot those magboots, a disgruntled AI witnessing all the CREW HARM, a danger-redboi lookin' at the shuttle and a few meatie-orbs heading to the station with the others. PARADISE OR BUST! YAYA! Hope you like it...
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    Did a thing, usually I'm pretty precise with my pixel work. I tend to probably spend more time than really needed placing certain pixels in different spots but with this one I decided to use some big brushes and just went loose. Turned out way better than I originally thought it would.
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    Heya everyone, I’m GunDOS. Some of you will probably know me better as “Aurora”. This is a kinda sad day for me, I’ve spent a lot of time here on Paradise. It’s a server I love with all my heart, and a server which helped me get out of my darkest moments. Earlier today, I lost my adminship. For reasons that are well and truely my fault. So, I’m writing this as a kinda goodbye to all of you, it’s honestly just too painful to stay for the time being. I joined paradise a couple of years ago, I believe it was late 2014 or maybe early 2015 when I started playing often. I was going through a traumatic period in my life, and I was in a very dark place. I played here for a good bit, with various characters. Then I started playing as an A.I. called “A.U.R.O.R.A.”, soon after I met a friend who very much helped me. One “Peppy-Bashline”. She gave me a group of friends I still have to this day, and made me realise I was actually worth something as a person. I played like this, until roughly late 2016 where I applied for mentor, and was accepted. This period, apart from some minor in comparison incidents. Were the happiest few months I had on this server, I played hours a day. I made so many great friends, and I helped a lot of people learn to love this game, the one I love so much. About this time last year, I applied for adminship. During a time of great upheaval in the staff, it was a time where there was a lot of politics going around, which I stuck myself right in the middle of. And, after that I just became more and more obsessed with the staff. Employing more and more of my free time into it, eventually all of my free time was made up of paradise, if not directly to do with it. Then with other tertiary projects surrounding it. I’ll say, I did have fun. But it made me a different person, I was unreasonable at times, brash and I made a number of enemies. It took my almost failing my admin trial, and good friends giving me a smack in the face, to realise why I applied to admin in the first place. But, I sadly never realised my arrogance until right now, looking back at my time as admin. This I deeply regret. I did so much, following my own desire of what I thought was “better for the players”. So, a few weeks ago, I made a big mistake, I lied to my fellow staff about something big. And it ate away at me, resulting with my admitting to what I did. I soon after, lost my adminship. I personally apologised to everyone it affected, but I had lost the trust of my fellows. What happend was perfectly just, I’d have done the same in their place. I want my meaning in that to be perfectly clear. I want to say I’m sorry to anyone I affected, I say that from the bottom of my heart. So, this is probably goodbye to a lot of you. I may come back, but I honestly don’t know. I feel very guilty, and I’m not sure I’m going to shake that. Thank you all for the lovely time you all gave me, it’s made my life better. And given me such happiness. - Aurora
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    Woah, a big commission here We have BEER, S.A.M, Jerkio, S.Y.R.E.N, Slade, LUMI, JRO, Aurora, Spark 5.5 and Spark 5.5m, P.A.T.C.H, and E.L.O
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    take the dirty soap challenge...
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    How to lose friends and infuriate people A guide to combat on Paradise Station "Robusting", "Robustness" or "Being robust" are the colloquial terms for being good at things in Space Station 13, more specifically applied to combat. Combat can take many forms and end with many outcomes; such as death, incapacitation or mutilation to a stint in the Brig or a minor slap on the wrist. This guide will take you from the basics of interacting with other players in a combat situation, to surviving and eventually winning a combat situation. The absolute basics I have defined Combat as to engage in a fight with; or to oppose in battle. It is almost impossible to play Space Station 13 without engaging in combat of some shape or form eventually, combat is not every player's cup of tea and rightly so, however it pays dividends to know how to approach (or not) a combat situation when it happens. Firstly and foremost I must outline the number one rule for engaging in combat; "This is a game, I can die." Remember that we all play this game for enjoyment, if you approach combat with the sole intention of winning above all else then you will not enjoy the experience. Combat in this game has far too many elements to consider and you will need a level head to be good at it; try to approach combat with a calm attitude and don't rage if you lose. There will always be someone better, luckier or better prepared than you are. Remember we all play this game to have fun and it's not all about winning, so try to take each loss with good grace and sportsmanship and use it as an opportunity to learn and develop yourself as a player. Maybe even congratulate another player after the round is done if they did something great? ------ Now, this guide is about winning after all - so now that is over with, lets get on with it. For all of the below, I highly recommend playing in Hotkey Mode. Hotkey Mode allows you to use WASD for movement as well as access key shortcuts detailed below to save you time in twitch situations, all hotkeys will be highlighted in purple going forward. Important Hotkeys and shortcuts to know are as follows Z - Use item in current hand X - Swap hands R - Throw Q - Drop Shift Click - Examine Control Click - Drag Intents Learning to switch between intents quickly and as needed, as well as how the intents change how you interact with the world is one of the most fundamental parts of combat. Knowing which intent to use and when could be the difference between success and failure. In Hotkey Mode you can use the number keys at the top of your keyboard to change intent corresponding to the below numbers Help (1) - Help intent might not seem too important for combat, however help intent allows you to pass through other players who are also in help intent which is very useful, whereas all other intents will make you unable to be passed through yourself. Disarm (2) - Disarm intent is useful if you are unarmed yourself, using disarm intent on someone has a chance of disarming the item they are holding to the tile below them, or pushing them over which results in a short stun of around 1 second, however as this is RNG based you should not rely on it. Grab (3) - Grab intent when used on someone with an empty hand will apply a passive grab, you then have the option to reinforce the grab by clicking your hand or pressing the Z hotkey which will change the grab to an aggressive grab. An aggressive grab allows you to table someone by clicking an adjacent table, which will stun them momentarily. You can also throw people by using the throw button or the R hotkey. Once in an aggressive grab you can again reinforce the grab to aggressive grab (neck). You can reinforce this grab yet again to begin strangling the person, effectively incapacitating them and making them unable to resist or take an action. Be aware that someone is able to resist out of this action at all stages except for the last. There is a cooldown between each reinforcement stage. Harm (4) - Harm intent will allow you to attack aggressively with your fists or an item. Harm intent is not as important as you may think as most weapons default action is to attack when you click on a person, this is best used situationally and dependant on the item you are using at the time. For example, using harm intent with a ranged weapon on an adjacent person will cause you to hit them with the weapon instead of firing it. Movement and positioning The way that you move is fundamental to all combat encounters, the combat system in Paradise stun-based and being stunned unexpectedly by a taser or baton can and will end you if you do not have an anti-stun. Therefore it is paramount that you stay out of the reach of stuns as much as possible. Do not take your opponent(s) for granted and assume that unless they are incapacitated they can and will be a threat to you. If you are able, you should be moving all the time whilst you are fighting, remember that if you move faster than your opponent can click on your sprite then they cannot attack you. Avoid moving in straight lines or in predictable patterns and use the environment to aid you, corners and choke points can help to funnel enemies if you are outnumbered, open spaces are helpful for dodging ranged weapons. If you are in a bad place or being overwhelmed by numbers - move somewhere else if you can! Better still, learn and prepare your environment before fighting. Don't fight fair and always have an escape route such as a hidden door or a window. Having good knowledge of your opponents potential weapons or abilities will greatly aid you with knowing exactly where to position your character in relation to theirs. Preparation "If you fail to prepare you are preparing to fail." If you do not prepare adequately for a combat encounter then you have a much greater chance of coming off worse from it. Having a weapon, chemical or ability available to use can ensure that your enemy's body is floating in space at the end of the shift and not yours. Knowing exactly who you are fighting against and what they bring to the table will also increase your chances of coming out on top significantly. If you are playing as an antagonist then find a security headset and keep tabs on security communications, if you are security then communicate with your team. If you are able to identify threats before they come down on you then you can prepare that much better. Useful items to keep on your person are as follows; Melee stun - A melee stun such as a stun baton, telescopic baton or stun prod. Abilities such as the Vampire's glare can also fulfil this role. Security officers and Heads of Departments carry these. Ranged stun - Ideally give preference to a hard stun such as a taser or a weapon with a taser mode. Disablers are strong at range however require around 5 shots to incapacitate someone fully whereas a taser requires one albeit at closer range. A lot of these weapons have different modes which can be toggled with the Z hotkey. Security officers usually carry these, however you can find them in the Secure Armoury or you can print weapons from the protolaithe in Research and Development. Slip item - Useful to have to slip people chasing you. A slip is almost as good as a taser and gives more than enough time to apply handcuffs, however these must be used with caution as you can easily fall on your own sword. Empty a spray bottle and refill it with water to create an easy reusable slip. (10 units of water required) Handcuffs - Handcuffs, cable cuffs or zipties. Once you have stunned someone it is wise to cuff them to ensure they cannot easily continue fighting once they recover. This is especially important when fighting multiple opponents as it is almost guaranteed you will run out of stuns before you win the fight. You can make cable cuffs with 15 cables. Flash - Use on cyborgs to apply a stun, almost necessarily if playing antagonist on a cyborg heavy shift. Most security officers carry one. Toolbelt with all tools - Tools are almost always necessary and can be printed from an Autolaithe. Toolbelts can be found in maintenance and are usually carried by engineers. Backpack or Satchel - With space, once you disarm or stun someone then take their weapon immediately, if their weapon is in your backpack then they cannot use it against you should they recover and you have the opportunity to use it for your advantage. Medical Kit - If you get hurt it's wise to keep a few patches or medical items around to heal up fast, remember that damage can slows you down significantly. Actually fighting So you're kitted out with your gear and ready to robust whoever comes your way, but how do you actually use it effectively? Effective combat follows three basic steps as of the current meta. Disable - Either with a stun of some form or with heavy damage, we want our opponent on the floor and helpless so they cannot inflict damage on us and we can move on. Secure - Highly situational, securing your opponent can range from simply applying handcuffs to stripping them depending on what you are trying to achieve. Handcuffing your opponent renders them unable to pick up items or move if you are pulling them; always handcuff first if possible. Removing the headset means that they cannot call for help easily, removing shoes will slow them down, removing their jumpsuit will mean they have no suit sensors. Ideally at this stage you want to ensure that your opponent has no means of retaliating against you. If you intend only to kill and have significant stopping power then you can skip this step completely. Finish - Congratulations you now have someone at your mercy, it's up to you to decide how to proceed, if you are fighting multiple opponents you may have to simply leave one person handcuffed while you repeat this process with the others. Remember you do not have to kill everyone at this stage. Simply leaving the person bucklecuffed to a chair naked while you make off with their equipment may be victory enough. Remember they are a player too. Sounds pretty easy doesn't it? In the next stage we will expand on these steps and discuss the most effective ways to achieve them.
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    Mimefield gives you a gentle smile that implies that the Head of Security has been kidnapped by a changeling and was taken into old bar maint.
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    Are there any plans to actually develop the codebase in any particular direction and actually encourage original content for Paradise?
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    I was in a low pop round as a non antag engineer. Someone had been disabling cameras around the halls so i decided to be a good worker and fix them. Nek minut an officer charges in tazes me and radios in that ive been wrecking all the cameras. I get dragged off to the brig screaming at him the whole way. Get interrogated as they think im a traitor. Despite my constant denials I'm considered a risk and thrown in perma with the other 2 "traitors" for doing my job. Turns out one of them was a ling and and had already eaten the other guy. After pleading with him not to eat me i realised that the half assed officer only took my hardsuit,pda,radio and backpack but not my insulated gloves or toolbelt. Decided to bargain i let the ling out in exchange for not eating me and was promptly lasered to death on site by the same officer who arrested me for now being "a fucking ling". ?
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    Here's a new one. Hot off the presses. I'll name this one "Riot or Wrong?" I'm an officer, early on we catch a traitor with a pen sword and emag who attempted to kill someone. We put em in perma. Captain orders we borg them. There is some opposition amongst command that delays the borgification but it finally is complete. The opposition was made public somewhere along the way and riots began in front of the bridge. It was really confusing for a while but at some point security needed to don riot gear to break up the crowd. We told them to disperse, some refused, we began arresting, uncuffed rioters began dragging cuffed ones away, a civilian who, as far as I knew wasn't a rioter, started dragging a cuffed rioter off. I tase and cuff them, another officer gets the rioter, I start bringing the civ to the brig. Here's where it got...interesting. in LOOC they say "Why am I being arrested? I've committed no crime, answer or I'll AHELP" I stop and IC I say "you are being arrested for helping a criminal, you tried to drag away a cuffed rioter that we were arresting" I can't remember what was IC or LOOC at this point but from this point forward there was a mixture of the two with them telling me that's not a law, I'm not allowed to search them. Despite them being SO cooperative I say I'm going to search them and if they have nothing on them they get off with a warning. I find a stunprod on them. Tell them I need to brig them for weapons possession. They keep arguing IC and OOC that I can't do this, so I say in LOOC "Alright I'll amuse you, I'll AHELP this" I end up MHELPing explaining that I've arrested a civilian that was helping a rioter get away, am I allowed to arrest and search them? Mentors get back saying "yes, aiding and abetting." So I've now confirmed with mentors I'm in the right, inform the civ in LOOC, they continue arguing. I confiscate the weapons, bring them to a cell, and say all I'm gonna brig them for is weapons charge, 10 min. I COULD have given them another 10 for helping the rioter and lack of cooperation but I felt bad cuz they were already in a bad mood. Before leaving I say in LOOC "while you are in your cell, go read space law, look up weapons posession under medium crimes, then scroll below capital crimes and find aiding and abetting" They respond in LOOC "Fuck you, I've read it enough...I'm right..also 'while you are in your cell?' ICKY OOCKY!" I respond "ICKY OOCKY? Like asking me why you are under arrest in LOOC? or arguing the arrest in LOOC?" He's says "FUCK YOU" admin turns off LOOC Sort of felt like I needed to report their behavior but again, they were already having a bad enough time, so I didn't bother. Already felt bad enough about all the stuff I put the guy through already but, I've got a job to do. Pretty sure the admins were already dealing with the situation. I never got bwoinked so I'm all good. Just another day in shitcurity. AS FOR THE RIOTS. The round ended with the AI being pitted against the captain, AI obviously siding with rioters. Security was divided, some trying to arrest the captain, some trying to help captain. I believe the HOS remained neutral through the whole thing, and kept a fairly cool head despite the situation. Good HOS. Karma for him. I didn't know what the hell to do so aside from a few confused tase and handcuffs, I was just trying to prevent violence. I believe the captain ended up getting spaced. Shuttle was emagged. GAME OVER YEAAAAAAA!!! If anyone wonders why someone would primarily work security, notably I've read someone saying "Anyone who works security primarily is a masochist"...once you get adjusted to the stress it initially causes, and are adept at dealing with all the various situations that are thrown at you, it leads to a hell of alot of interesting stories. Seclife. EDIT: I explained this story to my spouse, and we've now decided any time we get in an argument where one of us is clearly wrong, when the party who is wrong realizes they are wrong they are to end the argument by saying "FUCK YOU! I KNOW SPACE LAW!"
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    USE A TITLE LIKE THIS: "Banned by ADMINNAME: Ban appeal for [YOUR BYOND USERNAME HERE]" EXAMPLE: "Banned by Regens: Ban appeal for [insert ckey here]" IC NAME: The character name you used when you got banned CKEY: This is your username on BYOND DATE OF BAN: Date you were banned, shown in the ban message you get when entering the server DURATION OF BAN: Same as above ADMIN BYOND KEY: The admin who banned you. Please type '@' in front of their name, so it looks like this: @Kyet. If you don't know which admin banned you, ask one of us privately to look it up for you. REASON FOR BAN: The reason as to why you were banned. Shown when you connect to the server. DO NOT edit this, quote the exact ban reason shown when you connect. YOUR APPEAL: Explain why you think we should unban you. The best approach is generally to read the rules, then explain which rule you broke in your appeal, explaining why you won't do it again if unbanned. If you're truly convinced you never broke the rules in the first place, you could alternatively explain why - but that approach has a much lower chance of success. Try hard to identify which rule you broke. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ EXAMPLE: IC NAME: Grayman Tide BYOND KEY: Greytide16236 DATE OF BAN: 7/9/13 DURATION OF BAN: This is a permanent ban ADMIN BYOND KEY: Regens REASON FOR BAN: Insulting people YOUR APPEAL: I broke rule 1, and openly insulted another player in OOC. I am sorry I lost my temper and did this, and will not do it again.
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    Well! After a ton of thought and nudges from friends, I decided it’s about time that I made an art thread of my own. And what better way to start it off than with an art trade I did with @Drakeven ! Their voxxy, Giki! I’ll be updating this thread over the next few days with everything else I’ve drawn of spess
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    A little piece of art done for @Mochi (psst Mochi, if you want a hires version - dm me) Also, if anyone wants an art of their character - dont hesitate to send me a mesage
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    Maybe i'll regret it but someone will probably ask me eventually.
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    Honestly I wouldn't mind bumping up the security officer playtime compared to the other jobs just because it's such an abusable role, especially for greytide/power-tripping new players. If you don't have at least a basic grasp of robustness, space law, and hell even the station dynamic, then you're going to have a bad time. Hell, I don't see this being an unpopular opinion at all, it's just common sense. Now for an opinion that may very well be unpopular! I'd say this is less of a pickle than it seems. Station incompetence is a fundamental part of as to why this game is still a game. It's a disaster simulator. Yes, choosing a department and being able to master it (such as learning how to be an extremely robust Doctor or robust Engineer) is immensely satisfying for a lot of people, and there are many people that come in time and time again that learn, grow, and become valuable assets. But when there are 100+ moving, individual players, all with different ideas roles and routines, it's easy for things to fall apart and not work smoothly. You can play scientist and not be able to do anything cause the entire mining team died on Lavaland. You could be a doctor and be overwhelmed by patients and have zero chemists. It's part of the game. If everything ran smoothly every single shift there wouldn't be a point, cause when it does run smoothly it's boring (play medical with a fully competent medical staff and no antags, you'll find yourself tempted to cryo from boredom) My problem is that people sometimes get used to the status quo of a perfectly running station. You get killed by bullshit (which is normal), get mad at it, and then get even madder because a newbie doctor fails to revive you or an newbie engineer failed to cover a breach. Everyones gotten mad at this game for it's bullshit, including me, including every admin, including every veteran player that's been on the station for a year. As counter intuitive as this might sound: stop it. Let the doctor fail to revive you one time without bitching at him. Let the engineer fuck up and shock himself. Let mining die (you can't help it). Every mistake pushes people to get better. But it's important to remember that with every outburst and every yell of "worst medbay ever" may absolutely crush some poor clueless kids motivation and prevent them from reaching their full potential. Now then, Security. The biggest exception. Security (or shitcurity) isn't just hard because of the power and responsibility; doctors and engineers also have power, except in different fields. It's because it's so confrontational. When you fuck up people will without fail call you shitcurity. When you let them go they will continue calling you shitcurity. Even when you were 100% in the right and justified you will still be called shitcurity. It is without a doubt the most thankless, abused, and misunderstood job in this fucking game, and playing or maining it is honestly exhausting, emotionally draining, and sometimes straight up not fun. People walking into that job for the first time not knowing what kind of hell that job is will be absolutely crushed. Job timers are only the half of it. They should be upped for security, or a bigger and bolder warning should be put on the job so that people fully understand why not to play it. But honestly, if people truly want security to be better they're going to have to stop treating security like shit. Good security players have thick skins by default so stop intentionally trying to break them and make them feel bad. They won't lash out at you, they'll just give up on the job and leave. You're not making it worth it. Appreciate and respect them, and if you don't like what they're doing then go play the role yourself and set a good example to others instead. And also don't be afraid to have fun sometimes as a sec officer: roleplay, dick around in the bar, let them miss a couple obvious antags because the department is a mess, understand the difference between a power trip and a legitimate mistake. TL;DR: Game is fucked and chaotic, don't expect perfection from anyone. Edit: I uh, almost forgot to add my opinions on the main suggestion -Raise time for Security, other jobs are probably fine but Sec because yknow, abuse of power and also no one wants to play sec -The station fundamentally hates sec so much anyways that I don't feel like any more incentives would bring anyone back unless they were security buffs. Hey, the department changes made in the past 4 years (there's been like 2 reworks) might be enough for *myself* to start up the job again. Pardon the rant and don't be afraid to respond to me, I didn't proof read.
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    A new critical system is on its way that is more involved, chaotic, and engaging to deal with--it's a long-awaited companion for Goonchem. This new system doesn't apply to all races--station races that do not utilize this new system are Diona, Slime People, and IPC; they will die using the old method of blacking out, slowly accumulating damage, then dying. Treating people is basically the same as before, with a few nuanced caveats. You apply patches or advanced trauma/burn kits to heal people, you inject them with chems to heal them, you can throw them in cryo to stabilize them. That said, how people lapse into crit will be fairly different. When your patient hits 0 health, they will lapse into a critical state where they can't see well, their movement can become scrambled, and they fall down a lot. During this time, they can acquire shock. Shock worsens these conditions. If shock is not treated, then the person will start undergoing cardiac failure. Treating shock can be healed by injecting saline or healing the underlying damage and getting their health solidly back into the healthy category. It's recommend you still inject saline as a primary tool, especially if they have heart failure (or you can't treat them in time while you're running to get some other medicines). Cardiac failure is even worse than shock; it'll become even more difficult to breathe, and if left untreated, will result in full out cardiac arrest. Treating cardiac failure is done with atropine or epinephrine. This condition will not go away by merely curing the underlying damage. You must treat it with atropine or epinephrine. Both chems are equally good at treating it; having both in the bloodstream, at once, increases the chances of treating it. Finally is cardiac arrest. When acquired, you'll flop on the ground and rapidly take brain and oxygen damage. Treating cardiac arrest can be done with full size defibs or the new handheld defibs. It it strongly recommended you utilize handheld defibs, as they're specialized in treating cardiac arrest. Death occurs primarily by brain damage; if the brain dies, your patient dies. A few helpful pointers and tips: -STOP RELYING ON CRYO. Cryo just heals damage, but doesn't treat the underlying conditions when someone is in a critical state. Time is your enemy under this new system; it's faster and better to apply patches (or advanced burn/trauma kits) or medicine directly to the patient than to throw them in cryo and wait for it to kick in and their body temperature to be low enough. Cryo should be used to stabilize patients who you don't have time to treat, but it shouldn't be the primary treatment method you rely on. -THERE IS A NEW HANDHELD DEFIB. Hanheld defibs work differently from full size defibs. They do not revive people from the dead. They purely treat patients undergoing cardiac arrest. They can also treat heavy O2 damage, so even if a patient isn't undergoing cardiac arrest, they are still useful for rapidly lowering O2 damage. Full size defibs cannot treat the O2 damage like handheld ones, and have a sizeable delay before activating; it's not recommend you use full size ones unless it's a desperate situation. -PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR HUD. A frowny green face is indicative of viruses; it could also mean they're in shock or undergoing cardiac failure. -CPR CAN SAVE A LIFE. CPR has been buffed dramatically under this system. It heals a significant chunk of O2 damage and completely resets the losebreath timer on a patient. In can really help, in a pinch, when someone is in critical condition. Don't expect it to save someone in full out cardiac arrest though. -Treating patients in deep critical is going to require a broad range of medications. It's strongly recommended you keep saline, epinephrine, mannitol, and salbutamol on you for dealing with deeply critical patients. Handheld defibs can help correct high amounts of O2 damage as can utilizing CPR, but handheld defibs can be unreliable at this task. O2 damage can accumulate incredibly rapidly, leading to a death spiral that will result in the patient's death in no time flat. In some situations, there will be cases where there nothing you can do. Treating a patient's damage is important, but always factor in shock, heart failure, and cardiac arrest into your plan of treating your patient, or else they're going to pay the ultimate price; their death. I'm sure there's more, but this should help you get a good start and help you treat patients on some level. Feel free to ask me any questions though!
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    So I've been spending some time on the Bad Deathclaw server and they have a system there that I really thing should be something that we tried to implement. This IS just a suggestion though as I lack the code knowledge to implement it myself. Anyways, the first thing I noticed when I joined was that the different roles were all time locked, as per usual for all of the servers I've been on except CM. But what was different was that each of the different factions on the server, the NCR, Brotherhood of Steel, all had different time locks. So, for example, the Brotherhood of Steel had two starter roles, the Initiate Scribe and Initiate Knight. In order to unlock the next role, the Scribe, you needed 10 hours of playtime as the BoS specifically. The NCR had the same thing for the Sergeant and officer roles and the like. Anyways, my idea is that this mechanic should be applied to every department except service. So for example, in security, if you wanted to play Warden or HoS then you would need to play as a security officer for 5 hours to unlock warden and then 10 hours as Warden or Officer to unlock HoS, for example. The exact timing can be figured out later. Then for like medical, if you wanted to play CMO, you would need 10 hours of experience as an MD or Paramedic. Maybe a 5 hour barrier on Virology. Same for science with the RD. Not sure about HoP. Maybe like a 1-2 hour time block on QM with experience as a cargo tech. And then for Captain you would have to play 10 hours or something as any of the other command roles. AI would require maybe some time spent playing a cyborg or something. I'm unsure how hard it would be to code but I think the game already keeps track of play time as specific departments already from what I've seen in the player playtime menu so the system is already there to track department playtime. Anyways, that's all, appreciate any thoughts.
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    A drunk Zeke Here's Zeke in a pretty dress. I was then told to draw more males in dresses, so here's a sketch And here's Terry and Gerhard in a dress!! they're pretty and cute.
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    You lift the tape to allow passage...
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    a BUNCH of title cards I made for gamemodes.
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    Pretty much copy pasted from the #pictionary chat. I learned that gifs can only support 256 colors soooo....I used too many with this picture and now it looks funky. I think it looks good enough for me to be done with it though and I'll keep the color limitations in mind the next time I work on something. Damn you blending layers.
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    I realized I never really posted this here. Some of you have seen me talk about it, but I haven't really posted many photos. Here you go! Me and my bird. She was named "Sunshine" by the previous owner, and I had decided to keep the name. Tail number N566FD. A Flight Design CTLS. She's powered by a Rotax 912 ULS. A 100 horsepower 4 cylinder horizontally opposed engine. It's a true boxer engine, like in Subarus, but also has a blend of air cooling and liquid cooling; something not common in aviation at all. Most engines are purely air cooled. This one uses coolant on the cylinder heads only, while the barrels are still air cooled. Here you can see cylinders 1 and 3 with the green ROTAX rocker covers. 2 and 4 are on the opposite side, 180 degrees out. Nose gear was removed for servicing. I also am a certificated A&P, meaning airframe and powerplant, which are mechanic ratings issued by the FAA. Here's a time when I'm doing work to the wings. A few years ago, someone damaged the wings and put a hole in them. This airplane is a composite aircraft, meaning it's not made of metal, but rather a blend of carbon fiber and epoxy, much like the Boeing 787. I had to use a die grinder to remove the damage. It only penetrated the outer layer and into part of the foam core. The skin is about 1/4 of an inch thick. Now that I know how deep it is, I create the tapers and the filling compound to fill the hole. Unfortunately I had forgotten to take the photo of the repair ply, so I can't show you that part, but after that was done, we painted over. The company that mixed the paint messed up and didn't quite get the shade correct. These day's I'm considerably more skilled with repairs to where they are much harder to see the paint. This was another CTLS aircraft that got scraped on a hangar, and I repainted. No damage to the skin occurred so it was pretty simple. The after photo before final polishing: Now obviously, what's the point of having a plane if you don't fly? I don't take a whole lot of pictures of flying, mainly because pictures do NOTHING to capture the actual moment. There's no feeling of depth. Here's a trip over Niagra/Horseshoe falls: The sunset near Niagra: Stopping in Buffalo NY for food, fuel, and the return trip: Here's a few over Columbus during a night flight: Columbus Zoo: Children's Hospital: Downtown, Columbus: A couple years ago, I took the airplane over to a local high school: Avionics panel: Turning final, KTZR: Got a chance to put her under the wing of a 727: Air to air: Taking off! I've been planning to do a trip in the next few months to visit a few people I know from Paradise! If you have any questions, shoot!
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    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018 2562! But on a different note, here's some other pictures that I haven't had a chance to post yet An "ID" picture for my DeviantArt account: and a slightly dramatic sketch with a cultist:
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    I planned to write something up longer as I normally do, but I forgot and then the term flipped over and my resignation got accepted, so here's the short version! While I commonly do take extended breaks when I suffer from game/admin burnout, I unfortunately finally have to hang up my ban hammer for good due to needing to focus on my passion and career. Ss13 is a unique, engaging, and insanely entertaining time sink that I'm grateful to have discovered and take part in. Being on the Admin Team has been an absolutely amazing time and I don't regret a single second of it. But unfortunately, while the game has been an amazing time-sink, it's still a time-sink that I'm going to have to break out of if I'm going to continue pursuing music as a career choice. That being said, the damn game already sinked it's hooks into me, so I'll likely be back in 3 months or so as a normal player. A couple things I do wanna get off my chest before I head off: 1. @Allfd, @Regen, @Sanpd, @tigercat2000, @Crazylemon, @Fox McCloud, @Fethas, @Krausus, @VampyrBytes, @ZomgPonies, and everyone involved/previously involved in Coding features and/or physically keeping our server alive. The behind the scenes nerds that I don't believe get thanked enough, and the nerds I really misunderstood until I joined up with staff. These fucking guys sink hundreds and thousands of hours into making Paradise a better place for other players to play on. I don't understand the first thing about how you guys do your job, but I do know that we wouldn't be around without them, and everyone should take some time out of their day to thank these idiots for continuing to help create hours of entertainment to shove down our throats. 2. To the people intending on applying for Adminship. The role isn't for everyone. It requires patience and understanding, emotional-control, a strong stomach, and a lot of alcohol. But again, I don't regret taking up the hammer. Serving a community like this speaks for itself. So I wish everyone the best of luck. Oh, and I wrote up the interview process and questions, and specifically designed the entire thing so that everyone would fail except for players whose ckey started with the letter S. See you nerds later!
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    It was a normal shift but with Syndicate declared war with us. I worked as the Roboticist back then, there was a call from Medical that there's a scientist dying in the Toxin. So I went there and investigate. But it turned out it wasn't the call from the Toxin but rather Sci Chem. However, visiting the Toxin Bomb making guy, he gave me a Toxin Bomb with all the signal code ready to use it against the Operatives the ultimate weapon. I continued to work and loot everything I can in Cargo and Security Brig for weaponry. And while I'm repairing an IPC back in pieces, it came clear that the Operatives are raiding RnD right below my lab. As I took a peek on the chaotic fight out there, one of the Nuke Ops commando with a heavy sniper rifle spotted me and almost snipe my head as I dodge it by a pin. With that moment, I realized it's now or never, if they took over the RnD they'd break into the escape hallway and cause more destruction and the more lives will be lost. I did not hesitate even one bit to take out the Bomb from the Toxin lab with the remote ready. And in rage. I shouted out my perfect warcry. And then. Silence. However, I still somehow managed to survive the blast as I was send flying with the impact into the table counter where the crew found and retrieved my very messed up body still alive and breathing. I was drag into the medbay and then the cyrotube immediately. I lived. And with costs of destroying entire Research department while killed at least two Nukie Operatives from the bomb. And my footings. Was it all worth it?
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    Adding 3 more images with a different pixel style. A Detective, 2 Security + HoS, and a crime scene near arrivals.
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