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    So I made this. Not sure if it qualifies as art tho.
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    Honestly I wouldn't mind bumping up the security officer playtime compared to the other jobs just because it's such an abusable role, especially for greytide/power-tripping new players. If you don't have at least a basic grasp of robustness, space law, and hell even the station dynamic, then you're going to have a bad time. Hell, I don't see this being an unpopular opinion at all, it's just common sense. Now for an opinion that may very well be unpopular! I'd say this is less of a pickle than it seems. Station incompetence is a fundamental part of as to why this game is still a game. It's a disaster simulator. Yes, choosing a department and being able to master it (such as learning how to be an extremely robust Doctor or robust Engineer) is immensely satisfying for a lot of people, and there are many people that come in time and time again that learn, grow, and become valuable assets. But when there are 100+ moving, individual players, all with different ideas roles and routines, it's easy for things to fall apart and not work smoothly. You can play scientist and not be able to do anything cause the entire mining team died on Lavaland. You could be a doctor and be overwhelmed by patients and have zero chemists. It's part of the game. If everything ran smoothly every single shift there wouldn't be a point, cause when it does run smoothly it's boring (play medical with a fully competent medical staff and no antags, you'll find yourself tempted to cryo from boredom) My problem is that people sometimes get used to the status quo of a perfectly running station. You get killed by bullshit (which is normal), get mad at it, and then get even madder because a newbie doctor fails to revive you or an newbie engineer failed to cover a breach. Everyones gotten mad at this game for it's bullshit, including me, including every admin, including every veteran player that's been on the station for a year. As counter intuitive as this might sound: stop it. Let the doctor fail to revive you one time without bitching at him. Let the engineer fuck up and shock himself. Let mining die (you can't help it). Every mistake pushes people to get better. But it's important to remember that with every outburst and every yell of "worst medbay ever" may absolutely crush some poor clueless kids motivation and prevent them from reaching their full potential. Now then, Security. The biggest exception. Security (or shitcurity) isn't just hard because of the power and responsibility; doctors and engineers also have power, except in different fields. It's because it's so confrontational. When you fuck up people will without fail call you shitcurity. When you let them go they will continue calling you shitcurity. Even when you were 100% in the right and justified you will still be called shitcurity. It is without a doubt the most thankless, abused, and misunderstood job in this fucking game, and playing or maining it is honestly exhausting, emotionally draining, and sometimes straight up not fun. People walking into that job for the first time not knowing what kind of hell that job is will be absolutely crushed. Job timers are only the half of it. They should be upped for security, or a bigger and bolder warning should be put on the job so that people fully understand why not to play it. But honestly, if people truly want security to be better they're going to have to stop treating security like shit. Good security players have thick skins by default so stop intentionally trying to break them and make them feel bad. They won't lash out at you, they'll just give up on the job and leave. You're not making it worth it. Appreciate and respect them, and if you don't like what they're doing then go play the role yourself and set a good example to others instead. And also don't be afraid to have fun sometimes as a sec officer: roleplay, dick around in the bar, let them miss a couple obvious antags because the department is a mess, understand the difference between a power trip and a legitimate mistake. TL;DR: Game is fucked and chaotic, don't expect perfection from anyone. Edit: I uh, almost forgot to add my opinions on the main suggestion -Raise time for Security, other jobs are probably fine but Sec because yknow, abuse of power and also no one wants to play sec -The station fundamentally hates sec so much anyways that I don't feel like any more incentives would bring anyone back unless they were security buffs. Hey, the department changes made in the past 4 years (there's been like 2 reworks) might be enough for *myself* to start up the job again. Pardon the rant and don't be afraid to respond to me, I didn't proof read.
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    A new critical system is on its way that is more involved, chaotic, and engaging to deal with--it's a long-awaited companion for Goonchem. This new system doesn't apply to all races--station races that do not utilize this new system are Diona, Slime People, and IPC; they will die using the old method of blacking out, slowly accumulating damage, then dying. Treating people is basically the same as before, with a few nuanced caveats. You apply patches or advanced trauma/burn kits to heal people, you inject them with chems to heal them, you can throw them in cryo to stabilize them. That said, how people lapse into crit will be fairly different. When your patient hits 0 health, they will lapse into a critical state where they can't see well, their movement can become scrambled, and they fall down a lot. During this time, they can acquire shock. Shock worsens these conditions. If shock is not treated, then the person will start undergoing cardiac failure. Treating shock can be healed by injecting saline or healing the underlying damage and getting their health solidly back into the healthy category. It's recommend you still inject saline as a primary tool, especially if they have heart failure (or you can't treat them in time while you're running to get some other medicines). Cardiac failure is even worse than shock; it'll become even more difficult to breathe, and if left untreated, will result in full out cardiac arrest. Treating cardiac failure is done with atropine or epinephrine. This condition will not go away by merely curing the underlying damage. You must treat it with atropine or epinephrine. Both chems are equally good at treating it; having both in the bloodstream, at once, increases the chances of treating it. Finally is cardiac arrest. When acquired, you'll flop on the ground and rapidly take brain and oxygen damage. Treating cardiac arrest can be done with full size defibs or the new handheld defibs. It it strongly recommended you utilize handheld defibs, as they're specialized in treating cardiac arrest. Death occurs primarily by brain damage; if the brain dies, your patient dies. A few helpful pointers and tips: -STOP RELYING ON CRYO. Cryo just heals damage, but doesn't treat the underlying conditions when someone is in a critical state. Time is your enemy under this new system; it's faster and better to apply patches (or advanced burn/trauma kits) or medicine directly to the patient than to throw them in cryo and wait for it to kick in and their body temperature to be low enough. Cryo should be used to stabilize patients who you don't have time to treat, but it shouldn't be the primary treatment method you rely on. -THERE IS A NEW HANDHELD DEFIB. Hanheld defibs work differently from full size defibs. They do not revive people from the dead. They purely treat patients undergoing cardiac arrest. They can also treat heavy O2 damage, so even if a patient isn't undergoing cardiac arrest, they are still useful for rapidly lowering O2 damage. Full size defibs cannot treat the O2 damage like handheld ones, and have a sizeable delay before activating; it's not recommend you use full size ones unless it's a desperate situation. -PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR HUD. A frowny green face is indicative of viruses; it could also mean they're in shock or undergoing cardiac failure. -CPR CAN SAVE A LIFE. CPR has been buffed dramatically under this system. It heals a significant chunk of O2 damage and completely resets the losebreath timer on a patient. In can really help, in a pinch, when someone is in critical condition. Don't expect it to save someone in full out cardiac arrest though. -Treating patients in deep critical is going to require a broad range of medications. It's strongly recommended you keep saline, epinephrine, mannitol, and salbutamol on you for dealing with deeply critical patients. Handheld defibs can help correct high amounts of O2 damage as can utilizing CPR, but handheld defibs can be unreliable at this task. O2 damage can accumulate incredibly rapidly, leading to a death spiral that will result in the patient's death in no time flat. In some situations, there will be cases where there nothing you can do. Treating a patient's damage is important, but always factor in shock, heart failure, and cardiac arrest into your plan of treating your patient, or else they're going to pay the ultimate price; their death. I'm sure there's more, but this should help you get a good start and help you treat patients on some level. Feel free to ask me any questions though!
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    “Warden - Shitsec No More” This is a guide focused specifically on the job of the warden. Certain parts may be applicable to regular Security Officers and the Head of Security when it comes to the use of consoles, processing and timers. Table of Contents: Preface - Terms Used in this Guide Chapter I - Job Outline/Your Duties Chapter II - Job Outline & SoP Chapter III - Processing & Timers Chapter IV - Your Equipment, Consoles, Armory & Storage Chapter V - Permabrig, 'Gulag' & Execution Chapter VI - Closing Notes *Divided into subsections. Preface - Terms Used in this Guide Specifically for newer players or those not experienced with shortened in game terms. Enemy of the Corporation - An Enemy of the Corporation, or EoC, is the in character way of referring to most antagonist types. These range from the Syndicate, Changelings, Vampires, Wizards and so forth. Standard Operating Procedure - Standard Operating Procedure, or SoP, is a departments operating procedure. Every department is to follow their SoP or the employee could face demotion. Brigging - Brigging is a term to describe the processing and sentencing of a prisoner. Chapter I - Job Outline/Your Duties Congratulations! You have been selected to be a Nanotrasen Corporate Security warden! Your job is as follows: Oversee the maintenance of the Station’s Brig & Armory. You are to ensure all the guns are within the armory, that evidence is kept within evidence storage, that processing remains in one piece and that all security lockers remain locked when not in use. Oversee and handle the processing of prisoners. You are responsible for the treatment, proper processing and imprisonment of all prisoners that go in and out of the Station’s Brig. Know and obey Space Law and Security SoP. You are essentially the second in command of the Security department. You are expected to have better knowledge than an officer when it comes to interpreting and understanding Space Law and Standard Operating Procedure. Links to each respective guide can be found here: Space Law & Security SoP Oversee the Perma-Brig, make sure prisoners are healthy oversee executions when required. You are responsible for the entirety of the Station’s Brig and ALL prisoners therein. This includes those in the Perma-Brig,those in either solitary confinement, and lastly, those awaiting execution. Be prepared to step up to the position of Head of Security if needed. As the second in command of the Security department you are to be prepared to step up and take over if the Head of Security is unavailable. Keep in mind you are NOT a normal Security Officer. This job specifies around processing prisoners, managing timers, overseeing the armory and making sure officers conduct legal arrests. If this feels too slow paced you may wish to try Security Officer instead. Chapter II - SoP & Space Law Section I - Space Law “I AM not THE LAW!” Space Law is not as complicated as IAA may have you believe! Nanotrasen has set up an entire law rulebook for you! It is suggested that one has their copy of Space Law open on a tab while playing. That said, review the following hypothetical. The clown throws acid peels on the ground outside of the bridge. Three people slip on said peels and receive moderate burn damage. What do you do? A. Beat the clown, steal his kick-ass shoes and shove him in the electric chair as punishment for his actions. B. Charge the clown with Workplace Hazard (200) and Assault (202) for 10-20 minutes. C. Permabrig the clown because acid peels must mean he’s an EoC. D. Charge the clown with three accounts of Battery (102) and Workplace Hazard (200) for 15-30 minutes. If you answered A - If you answered B - If you answered C - If you answered D - Section II - Security Standard Operating Procedure “SoP is not optional.” Standard Operating Procedure, no matter what the Head of Security or Captain tells you, is not optional. It is suggested that you know the ins and outs of Security Standard Operating Procedure before you play as the Warden. In rare circumstances, Central Command is the only authority capable of overriding Standard Operating Procedure. When in doubt, A-Help. Let’s try another hypothetical now that you’ve read up on SoP. Which of the following is true? A. The Warden may issue non-lethal armor and weapons from the armory at his leisure no matter the code color or situation. B. On code green the Warden may set up portable flashers and barricades in the Brig. C. On code blue the Warden may make arrests. D. On code red the Warden may hand out armory equipment to officers freely without permission. If you answered A - If you answered B - If you answered C - If you answered D - Chapter III - Processing & Timers “My timer should be 5 minutes not 35. I didn’t assault the clown, resist arrest and sabotage anything! Thanks for ruining my experience. I am get admin! ShItSeC!” Once someone is arrested they should be brought into the processing room and either processed by the officer or by the Warden. Although officers can process and brig prisoners, it is highly suggested that you take most cases yourself. Officers can typically handle a 100 level case but it is suggested the warden handle cases such as 200 levels and up. IAA will typically request your presence when arguing with an officer, you should be handling processing by default anyhow. In processing the person should be thoroughly searched; Pockets, the belt and backpack should be thoroughly inspected. When a person is suspected to be a traitor,other actions should occur - such as making sure to search their PDA and radio headset to check for a Syndicate uplink or cartridge. Evidence found linking someone to a crime is to be confiscated and placed into evidence storage with, preferably, a labeled evidence bag. You can label evidence bags with a hand labeller, which can be found in Evidence Storage. Timers are dictated by Space Law. As stated in Chapter 2 you are to know Space Law well and should consult the book if needed. If a criminal complies, surrenders or otherwise works with you, you may adjust their brig timer appropriately. If you have a Magistrate aboard the station you will have to work with them when it comes to deciding on Brigtimers. While it is your job to process, Brig and set timers it is the Magistrate’s to make sure timers are both correct (In respect to Space Law) and ‘fair’. If a person manages to rack up enough crimes to equal 60 minutes of brig timer is a five time repeat offender (for the same crime) you may proceed to place them in the Perma-Brig them. Chapter IV - Your Equipment, Consoles, Armory & Storage Section I - The Warden’s Locker “Warden! Gimme badge gimme badge gimme badge” Your locker contains most of the things you will need to start a code green shift. It contains the following: Security Belt - Equipt already with a Seclight. (I suggest placing the spare Seclight in your pocket or mount it on your taser) Spare Taser - Incase you lose yours. Warden Clothing - To look snazzy. Just don’t forget to up your suit sensors. Pepper Spray - Spray n’ pray. Only works if the target is not wearing eye or mouth protection. Stunbaton - Used to stun prisoners. Or harmbaton the Clown for fun. The latter is not suggested. Warden Mask - Operates similar to a Security gas mask but covers the entire face. Spare Security HuD - Incase you lose yours. Krav Maga Gloves - These are a HIGH RISK ITEM! Do NOT lose these! Wearing them gives you special take down, mute and ‘stop breathing’ moves as well as do more punch damage. These items should either be kept on you or within the locker at all times. Section II - The Warden’s Consoles “Warden, set some guy with a green afro to arrest. I don’t know who, I didn’t catch the name.” In the above picture you will notice that there are three consoles in the warden’s office. These consoles are as follows: Implant Management Console - This console allows you to view the implants you have placed into prisoners. If a tracking implant is used you may send an internal message to the implanted person and track their exact coordinates while on station. If a chemical implant is used this is where you can activate it. Security Records Console - This console is the same one you will find at the Security front desk. It can search and adjust Security records. This is how you would set someone to arrest. This one is a bit ‘safer’ to use as you do not have to sit at the front desk to use it. Remember to log yourself out after use. Security Cameras Console - This console allows you to use the security cameras around the station to check on remote areas. It is suggested that you monitor these if you have nothing else to do. The amount of times officers have caught someone trying to cremate a body in front of a camera is staggering. Cell Management Console - This console can remotely control the prison cells within the brig. The Warden can use this console to adjust times, release prisoners and view the reason given for the prisoners timer. Section III - The Secure Armory “Yo warden, give me a riot shotgun. So what if it’s code green?” The Secure Armory is where all of Securities’ lethal and non-lethal weapons are to be stored. Upon round start you should find a piece of paper on your desk stating what the armory should contain. This may depend upon if you have the normal armory layout or if Central Command graces you with the “experimental armory” which contains different weapons. By default it’ll contain the following: Three Laser Guns - Lethal mode is the only mode on these. Three Energy Guns - These can switch between lethal and disable. They can also mount a Seclight. Three Spare Tasers - These do not include the extra found in your locker. They can also mount a Seclight. Three Riot Shotguns - These come pre-loaded with rubber bullet non-lethal shells. Used during riots to suppress and disable protesters. Three Boxes of Buckshot - These are lethal rounds for the riot shotgun. Only to be issued on code red to shotgun users. More effective the closer you are to your target. One Box of Tranquilizer Darts - These are non-lethal rounds for the riot shotgun. They put a target to sleep while dealing minimal damage. Two Boxes of Beanbag Slug Shells - These shells operate similar to rubber bullets but fire a single slug projectile. These are identical to what the Bartender uses to keep the peace. Bulletproof Armor & Helmets - Located beneath the ion rifle and ablative vest is a single rack containing helmets and chest pieces. These are better than normal armor for officers. Riot Armor, Helmets & Shields - The riot armor and helmets are some of the best armor Security has access to. However it is notably bulky. The riot shield is able to deflect around 50% of physical attacks such as bullets or stabs that comes towards the wearer. The Riot shield can be worn on the back, but it does not provide protection when worn that way. Ion Rifle - The ion rifle is extremely useful at taking down borgs, mechs, AI’s, IPC’s and other beings that are susceptible to electromagnetic pulses. BE CAREFUL if an officer takes this! The last thing you need is a shitsec officer thinking this is a normal rifle. Ablative Vest - This vest is similar to armor but protects the wearer better from energy related projectiles. This is an IMPORTANT ITEM so make sure it stays secured! Section IV - The Armory/Storage “Sorry, Warden. I broke into your office for a free chem implant. But hey, I have meth now!” The armory is directly above the wardens office and directly to the left of the secure armory. This is where extra non-weapon security equipment is stored as well as the Warden’s implants, portable flashers and deployable barriers. Your equipment in here is as follows: Spare Boxes of Flashbangs - Very helpful for security officers incase the vendor in the front runs out. Sectech Vending Machine - This machine can be found next to the security lockers beneath the secure armory. Sec lights, zip ties and so forth are found in these. Helpful to use this one if the other runs out of items in it. One can also hack these machines for security hailers. Biohazard Locker - Used incase of a virus outbreak or handling materials that could infect someone. This suit is nearly worthless. Bomb Suit Locker - Allows the wearer to survive explosions. Typically should be used when defusing bombs aboard the station. Deployable Barriers - These can be used to block off areas of interest, such as hacked open doors.r They can also make choke points to aid Security incase of a Brig raid. Now in grenade form! Deployable Flashers - These can be set up around the brig with a wrench to blind those who do not wear sunglasses or security HuDs. However these will stun security borgs! Tracker Implants - Tracking implants are found within the tracker implanter box. Inside should be a set of tracking implants in their case and an implanter. Chemical Implants - Chemical implants are found within the chemical implanter box. Inside should be a set of implants in their case, an implant viewer and implanter. Mindshield Implants - Mindshield implants are found within the Mindshield implant lockbox. Any officer can unlock the box. Inside should be a set of Mindshield implants and an implanter. You’ll need to unlock the box before the contents can be accessed. Mechanics Toolbox - The mechanics toolbox is nothing special but contains useful tools. A wrench can set up deployable flashers. A screwdriver can adjust one’s security mask setting and a welder can aid in welding the Brig’s many vents. Chapter V - Perma-Brig, ‘Gulag’ & Execution Section I - Perma-Brig & Preparation Following Space Law any containable EoC’s as well as anyone who has committed an exceptional or capital crime should be processed, search and prepared for transfer to the Perma-Brig. The Permabrig is more isolated than most of the station but that does not mean you can ignore it. Escape attempts may occur. To prevent escape, one should follow the proper process for permabrigging. Search Syndicate EoC’s for implants. Brigging an EoC with an EMP or storage implant can be potentially hazardous to yourself and the Station at large. As such, implants should be searched for and removed as soon as possible. This can be done via Organ Manipulation surgery on the chest. Surgery can be performed by the Brig Physician or a Medical Doctor. When handling an EoC in general medical, it is advised you consult the Chief Medical Officer, or bring another Officer along with. See to a termination of the prisoner’s ID. It is suggested to do this while the prisoner is undergoing surgery. It is the HoP’s job to terminate ID’s so do not be afraid to ask him on security coms, PDA or in person. Sometimes it is best to task an officer to do this for you if you are under severe pressure, or you can’t be bothered. Dress the prisoner in proper clothing and confiscate their headset/PDA. If you have not already confiscated the prisoner’s headset and PDA do so while dressing them in prison clothing. The prisoner should be given a new headset from the locker. You may give the prisoner a new PDA but do NOT return them their old PDA. Only the original PDA modified and issued by the Syndicate round start is capable of containing a radio-uplink. Implant the prisoner with a tracking implant. This should be done so one may passively track the prisoner in case of escape attempt, or alternatively of parole. Chemical implants are suggested for Vampires or particularly rowdy prisoners. Lock the door to the perma cell. Perma cells are where the beds are located in the Perma-Brig. You should press the button on the wall to lock the door to prevent other perma prisoners from ambushing you with any shenanigans. If you feel you may not be able to handle this yourself ask your fellow officers or the AI to watch you while you place a new prisoner into Perma. Undo the cuffs and stun as per usual brigging. Make sure you do not leave any materials or items in the cell with the prisoner. Remember, ALL perma prisoners are to be evacuated to the escape shuttle at the end of the shift. Take proper precautions to make sure you are able to cuff them and haul them to the shuttle. It is highly recommended to have officers assist you in this to avoid escapes. Ensure that Perma prisoners are buckle-cuffed to the shuttle chairs in the security section, lest they escape while you handle the general evacuation. All prisoners who escape the permabrig are immediately flagged as ‘Kill on Sight’. Be sure to update their records to reflect proper crimes whenever possible. If re-apprehended it is suggested that you ask the Magistrate’s permission before executing an escaped prisoner once recaptured. You should do all in your power to re-capture Perma Prisoners. Lethal force may be used at your discretion. For those who do not know how to use *chemical implants, here is an easy step by step. Take the chemical implant in its case out of the box. Hold the chemical/substance you wish to load the implant with in your other hand. Pour the liquid into the chemical implant. Take the implanter out of the box. Use the implanter on the chemical implanter to take it out of its case, thus loading the implanter. Use the implanter on the prisoner. *Vampires should receive holy water chemical implants while a Syndicate member should receive an ether implant. Or liquid ants. Section II - ‘Gulag’ The ‘Gulag’/Labor camp can be utilized for either prisoners deserving perma or as a sentence to those with major crimes but not having any perma-able offenses. For those without a perma-able offense, use the prisoners prison ID on the console located in the labor shuttle bay. Adjust the points to be proportionate to the punishment. The console should do the conversion of minutes to points for you. For those who are an EoC or have committed either an exceptional or capital crime proceed with permabrigging as normal. After having the prisoner checked for implants, dressed and injected with a tracker/chem implant - transport them onto the shuttle. The prisoner may be left unattended at the labor camp but it is typically recommended that the Warden keeps an eye on them via the security camera console. Gulaging someone has the benefit of making a prisoner mine valuable resources for the station. However there is a danger of leaving a possibly violent prisoner down on lavaland, even if he is isolated from the general miners via a lava chasm. Section III - Execution All executions should be done in accordance SoP as well as Space Law. To execute a prisoner you MUST have either the Magistrate’s approval or the Captain’s approval if the Magistrate is not present. Neither you or the Head of Security have the right to order an execution. The steps of a proper execution are as follows. Terminate the prisoner’s station ID. If this is not done the execution is considered UNLAWFUL and can result in murder or manslaughter charges. The prisoner is to be dressed in proper prison clothing. All non-prison clothing should be kept in the prisoner gear lockers located outside of the perma hallway. Authorization to carry out the execution must be given by the magistrate. If the Magistrate is unavailable, the judgement falls upon the Captain. If the Captain is also unavailable, Central Command must be faxed for authorization. The Prisoner is to be set to execute with their crimes clearly labeled. The authorizing official's name should be recorded on the security record under ‘notes’. Right before execution the prisoner is to be allowed to say their final words. It comes down to the decision of the Magistrate, Head of Security or Warden how those words will be heard. Typically the prisoner should either be given a headset to record his last words to the crew or, if fearing unrest from crew, simply record their last words via a recording device. It is suggested to have a medical personnel or the brig doctor on site to verify the prisoner’s death. This is not mandatory, but highly recommended. The prisoner may request a Chaplain to be present. The Head of Security has final say if they wish to allow this or not. It is suggested that the Chaplain is summoned if the prisoner requests so. Standard Execution Methods: Electric Chair - The electric chair is the most common form of execution. Simply place the cuffed prisoner into the chair and activate the receiver found on the table. Lethal Injection - Lethal injection is a common form of execution. The prisoner is to be buckled into the electric chair or bed located in the execution chamber. The locker in the corner contains syringes full of lethal fluids. Needless to say this execution method is not possible for IPCs. Firing Squad - Firing squad is considered one of the most common forms of execution next to the electric chair. Buckle the prisoner into the chair. After they state their last words any security wishing to perform the execution may open fire with any lethal ranged weapon. Asphyxiation, Gas/Space - Asphyxiation is another rare yet standard form of execution. The prisoner is to be placed into the electric chair, the air valve turned off to the room and the blast doors opened. Once the prisoner dies from asphyxiation one is to close the blast doors, reopen the valve and allow the room to repressurize and vent. This method is not available on Box Station as there are no blast doors. You may also asphyxiate a prisoner by injecting non-breathable gases into the room via a Canister Port. There should be one placed obviously next to the air-switch in each station’s respective execution chamber. Prisoner Request - The prisoner may request other forms of execution. It is up to the magistrate if this is acceptable or not. Some examples include: execution via harm baton, execution via mass driver while in a casket, execution via force-fed mint, execution via beheading, etc. The prisoner is not entitled to decide his execution method. Execution Alternative, Exile - Exile is an alternative to execution and requires either the Magistrate, Captain, Head of Security or Warden to approve of. To exile a prisoner you are you bring him to the gateway room, inject them with exile implants found within the room inside the exile implant locker. Once implanted he is to be prepared with food, a breathing mask, an oxygen or other breathing tank and an emergency auto-injector. Afterward they are to be shoved into the Gateway. This implant should successfully prevent the prisoner from returning to the station via gateway. Congratulations! You’ve made it through till the end! Feel free to leave feedback and correct this guide if it was wrong in any way!
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    Well I finally thought it's about time I actually use the forum! Ive been playing for about... 5-6 months give or take. This is my first actual experience with any kind of forum, so please excuse me if I don't take full advantage of features, or otherwise make mistakes! My main (And only) Character is Srusu Rskuzu! You've probably seen them around at some point! I look forward to being active here!
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    Kaskreyarawkta. I am not a bird.
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    I'd usually make a PR with my changes but with the flood of revivability PRs, the maints decided not to accept any further PRs about the topic, so instead I'll just write down my thoughts. I decided to make this its own thread instead of putting it in the crit discussion since it extends beyond the changes of the crit rework and touches on other things as well. Let me first define what I consider interesting and boring gameplay in medbay. The Issues First, interesting gameplay is when a doctor manually fixes a patient, using their knowledge of the game mechanics, chems, the patient's medical state and so on. What counts here is that he is making decisions and is actively engaged. The prime example of this is surgery, as the probably most involved medical procedure. But also things like brain and other organ transplants, etc. Secondly, boring gameplay is when a doctor puts a patient in a machine, turns it on and then walks away, or otherwise takes a single action and then leaves, especially if there is no or very little decision making involved in this. For example, deciding which chems to give someone in a sleeper is still somewhat more involved than pushing them in the cloner. The cloner is the single most boring and uninteractive machine in medbay. It fixes a patient regardless of their body's state and proceeds totally automatically. Most often the poor clonee even has to go poke a doctor for a mannitol pill for his brain damage. You can grab a greytider with no medical knowledge whatsoever, give him a one minute crash course and he can clone. Once cloners are upgraded, even that part is moot. The current main issue of medbay is that cloning is easier than fixing people in other ways. We've seen a PR that reduced defib time from 5 to 2 minutes, an attempt to increase cloning time and an attempt to make SR not work on non-clonable races. And now, the big crit rework will completely remove the revive function of defibs. Raising defib times was an attempt to, in the words of the author: "Push[ing] more individuals to use cloning". The now closed 'Revivability Update' attempted to double clone times as if it fixes anything besides doubling the time you can fuck off before checking on the cloner before putting the next body in it. The crit rework being test-merged has the same issues. By removing defibs as a revival method, you incentivise cloner use, pushing people into the least interesting 'mechanic' of medbay. Now, in the crit rework's credit it also attempts to make you survive longer in crit and give medbay lots of chances to stabilize and pull you out of crit, which is definitely interesting gameplay, but the issue persists that players can avoid that (and often do) simply by letting the patient die and putting them in the cloner. So, to summarize the current issues: 1. Involved, many-step processes that benefit from player knowledge and experience are interesting. IE surgery. 2. One-click solutions that fix all issues with a patient are boring. IE Cloning, Cryotubes to a lesser extent. Solutions Now, how do we fix this issue? Clearly, we should push people towards 1 and not 2. I've thought about a number of approaches: Make cloning take longer. This is a solution that's already been attempted, unsuccessfully. Faced with waiting 4 minutes for a patient to clone instead of 2 doesn't actually make doctors chose the more involved procedure, since they aren't the ones waiting as a ghost to rejoin the round. You could raise the time to ridiculous levels before this actually starts having an effect. This solution is clearly unworkable. Rejected. Make cloning consume meaningful resources. Biomass is easy to make in raw amounts, and besides that all a cloner needs is some power. You could make it necessary for cloners to be fed with some hard to get or valuable ingredient to work, but it would be hard to think of something lorewise fitting, imo (maybe something cargo has to order in an expensive crate?). At least, of something that doesn't just tax the chemist even more. Other servers have cloning cost money I think, but money has no meaning in our economy. Rather bad, imo. Make cloning come with not easily removed downsides. Having cloning cause some permanent downside or disability that isn't instantly removed by a pill of mannitol or clean SE could potentially work. For example, you could give cloned people a chance of getting a 'cloning trauma', which gives them a mental issue that they then have to play out (maybe even give them a little 'objective' like abductor victims get?). (Bonus: Give the psych something to do). Potentially interesting idea. Less RP-intense alternatives might just be stuff like unremovable disabilities, but I can already see players REEing about that. Workable, maybe? Make cloning no longer the default/lowest tier revival method. The most 'radical' method. Cloning is used because it is easy and available from roundstart. We could simply...change that. Remove the roundstart cloning setup and lock cloning behind decent research levels. You'd have to undo the nerfs to alternative revival methods while doing that (IE give the CMO omnizine in his hypospray again, raise defib timer, make defibs not insta-kill slimes again because brain damage multiplier lol). This would mean medbay has to carefully preserve their SR pills, patch people up, rush in with their defibs to save on SR, perform surgery to fix internal bleeding, broken bones, etc each time someone dies. Radical, but IMO the best idea so far. Something that can go hand in hand with 4., make more people reach medbay alive. The crit rework, as far as I can tell, somewhat intends this already. Have the paramedic bring in less dead people and more crit people, so medbay can patch them up, work under time pressure to stabilize, etc. To do so, we could introduce some more tools to stabilize patients, like stasis bags, or simple tweak the crit numbers to make dying slower. Nice but not enough on its own, imo. So, what do you all think? Do you agree or disagree with my analysis of medbay's issues and what makes good gameplay? And what do you think of the possible solutions I talk about?
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    I have a character (Willow Pennington) who plays the IAA role, under the title Human Resources Agent. I actually enjoy this character and this role, so I thought I'd offer some insights as to why. A Human Resources person in real-life is a job often misunderstood by most people who work regular jobs at regular companies. They tend to think of the Human Resources person as the ally who will help make their work environment better. Sometimes things work out that way. In reality, a company hires and pays a Human Resource person to limit company liability from their own human resources (i.e.: employees). Thus, in a real-life job, the role of a Human Resources person is to get you to tell them what you could sue the company about, so they can mitigate it as much as possible. Bob is sexually harassing you? Oh, that's terrible, tell me all about it ... *checks to see that Bob's mandatory sexual harassment training document, signed by Bob is on file* You think your work environment is dangerous? Oh, that's terrible, tell me all about it ... *checks to see that your safety training document is on file, signed by you* Quite seriously, a Human Resources person is paid by the company, to work for the company, and look out for the best interests of the company. The side effect of improving your work environment is just that; a side effect of the company trying to cover it's own ass legally. This is how I play Willow Pennington, as the cheery/perky HR lady who makes announcements that sound like she's concerned about the crew. In reality, every statement is crafted to ensure Nanotrasen can defend itself from employee lawsuits. Prisoners getting beat up in the brig? Willow's first question: Did anybody see it, or worse, record it? If not, we can sweep that under the rug, NT is safe. It's terrible the prisoner fell down on the way to their cell. If so, it goes up the chain of command. Not to follow SoP for it's own sake, but rather to make sure Nanotrasen has a Command-level scapegoat to pin the blame on. The fax to Central Command isn't about "Make X follow SoP!!" rather it's "Here's X, your sacrificial lamb when incident Y surfaces. The paperwork showing they are 100% to blame is all in order." This kind of deceptive behavior actually bothers Willow to the depths of her soul. Her job is to pretend to be friendly and stab her co-workers in the back by offering them up as sacrifices to NT as needed. It bothers her so much that she has a serious drinking problem; usually starting every shift by acquiring two buckets, and asking chemistry to fill them with straight ethanol. It's how she copes with needing the job NT provides but having to put NT's interests above human beings in order to do it. The ill-treatment of prisoners by security is just another ugly reminder of the terrible human cost of her horrible job. I love this character and the IAA (HR) role.
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    Ansari has become a maintainer, as some of you might have noticed on the github! He's also stepped down from CM to focus on this. DarkPyroLord has been granted leave as a Christmas present, stepping down as CM and going on leave. Guiltybeans has stepped down as a CM back to a regular GA. Normalyman, Shadeykins, and Dragonslayer/Shatteredcoyote/Terry/too many names has become our new CMs! Dumbdumn has stepped down from Headmin, and FreeStylaLT has been elected to replace him Brandon, Denth, and Shockpoint, have passed their TA terms, and are full GAs BryanR, EvadableMoxie, Breenland, and 6thechamp9, have been signed up as TA's Neca should do these posts more often.
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    General thoughts: Everyone feeling like they understand the rules and can play without fear of getting in trouble if they're honestly trying to follow them is more important to me than what the rules actually are. Very sympathetic to what Rurik is saying. I would like less traitors, but each one having 2 objectives again and having more freedom to go beyond them. Getting an antag role should be special, not 5 minute objective then you're just crew again. It's always going to be hard to have RP between antags and sec in a game where RP opens you up to a single shot stunning you and ending your round. Requires trust, which is hard when you get burned for doing it so many times. Feels like Sec and Antags are just two factions detached from the crew and crew generally doesn't care who wins as long as they're left alone. Crew doesn't fear antags since the rules protect them, when that should be sec's job. Hard problem to solve. Strongly disagree that sec should be 'open season' to antags for bunch of different reasons. Elaborating on it could fill a post in itself. We have way more people than the game systems were really designed to handle right now. The tide is still too high and it's throwing everything off. We're seemingly stuck on box forever so it's not getting better until the tide recedes.
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    Slow Cooked Braised Stuffed Lamb Breast - Gordon Ramsay 00˸00 - 00˸03.3 (VaWYE8dvDGk).mp4
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    So the dev's hate it, it doesn't get implemented. Dev's like it, it gets implemented. That's sadly how it is. Look at medbay and all that. The blueshield does need a buff. The validhunting is NO excuse, we have a rule for that and admins to enforce the rules. If that's not possible, change the rules or get more admins. Validhunting in general needs to be punished more severely, but I'll not go into that here. The blueshield is supposed to be highly trained. CQC would fit in that. Or some other form of training. If the blueshield doens't need CQC, IMO the warden doesn't need krav maga. Because that makes even less sense IMO. Blueshield acting like redshields should get reprimanded. The captain can also just fire them. We have OOC AND IC options to deal with validhunting. Witholding the implementation of new features should not be one of them.
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    It was satirical actually, as in an attempt to use humor to prove a point. I'm sorry you didn't like it, but it wasn't a dig at you personally. Let me try to explain to you where I'm coming from here. What I hope to avoid is medical doctors on Paradise becoming simply cloner operators. To that end, I want methods to actually treat people, not put them in a machine that just makes their injures irrelevant. There are two ways to do that. One way is to nerf cloning. The other (which I personally think is the vastly superior option) is treatment methods that rival cloning. Treatment methods skilled doctors can use to get people back alive and kicking more quickly and efficiently than cloning. So when you have newbie doctors they just throw everyone in cloning and it takes awhile, but if you have skilled and robust doctors they can use other methods to get people back alive and kicking. Who is staffing the medbay becomes vitally important and has a major impact on outcomes for patients. The thing is, this is exactly what people want to get rid of. The argument there is to nerf everything BUT cloning, so everyone has to use cloning. Then cloning won't be so good because there will be a backlog. By removing or nerfing everything but cloning, we actually in effect nerf cloning by creating pressure on it. If this isn't your actual argument, please correct me to what it is. That just seems to be my impression from what you and some others have said. I don't want to misrepresent you. That argument makes sense if your perspective is solely on the overall balance of how easy or difficult it is for people to get back into the round, and you don't care at all about how fun or interesting the medical profession is. If you do care about that, even a little, this option is disastrous. I'd also argue it's inherently flawed since the bottleneck can be bypassed by building additional cloning pods, but that's getting off topic a bit. So, why is that option so bad in my opinion? Before, everyone who came into medical who was dead for less than 5 minutes could be defibbed, and then you had a patient to work on and do your job as a doctor. Now it's 2 minutes. If the new crit system passes, everyone who comes in dead will be someone doctors cannot interact with beyond throwing them in the cloner or morgue. So the window of patients we actually have to do medical work on will become incredibly thin. We'd need someone who has taken enough damage for there to be something more for us to do than a few patches, but yet not taken too much damage to die. And we need them either not in crit, or in crit but arriving in time to be saved. Will there be patients like that? Sure. But a whole heck of a lot less than there were when you could treat anyone who died in the past 5 minutes. The majority of 'patients' won't be people doctors can actually do anything with beyond throwing them in a cloner or morgue tray. On other servers that might be fine. Maybe because on Bay there is a much larger emphasis on roleplay. Maybe lethal attacks are rarer, and when people do die, it's a lot more about the aftermath of being cloned and the necessary counseling for the mental issues that arise from it, than it is about the actual medical treatment. And maybe it's okay on TG because TG is more about the antags and the action they provide than how each department operates in a bubble. And maybe the medical system is designed more to get people back into the round fast than it's designed to be fun and challenging for the doctors. I don't play on those servers regularly, so I don't know. I do know that not everything that works on other servers works here, something we agree on when it comes to this critical system. And I do know that if the critical system goes through as is, and cloning goes through as is, doctors will largely be cloner operators with a very narrow band of actual patients who need to be treated. That's going to be a massive blow to what was a fairly good and rewarding medical system. That's why I'm really, really concerned with the idea of nerfing everything but cloning in order to pressure it. I hope you can understand that, even if you can't agree with it.
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    Yes and no. As someone who used to make medical their main department of focus, cloning has always been easy, it's something that tg and bay style medical have had in common, so nothing has REALLY changed on that front. Cloning is NOT the reason medical has problems. However, back in ye olden day, cloning was the ONLY method of revival, there was no defibrillation and no SR, if someone was dead they were either cloned or they were SoL (I feel like I remember doing brain transplants into humanized monkeys so they could be cloned however...) The amount of ways a person can come back from the dead has gone up over time with cloning being the easiest of those three for a new medical player to grasp and no room for errors. It works or it does not work. Cloning is also simultaneously the most efficient and inefficient method. Depending on how someone died, using SR or Defib may require you to do extensive work and surgery to fully revive someone back to top shape, cloning doesn't have that issue. However, cloning also can only get one person at a time, and takes time for each person to be cloned. This leads to a backlog of dead folks during a crisis and can lead to a spiral of problems as more people die, a bigger backlog forms, with people staying dead longer, they're less able to handle the crisis which causes more dead people. Additionally, cloning is one of the only methods of revival that can be reliably tampered with to make more difficult. Defib emagging is unreliable as there's multiple units and even if you managed to emag ALL of them, there's always SR which cannot be tampered with at all, unless you are the chemist in question and are misabeling the SR pills or are the doctor applying it to gib people. The game, for a very long time, was balanced around cloning being the one and only method of revival. It's not that cloning has made people complacent, it's that cloning is now one of multiple forms of revival and it's primary downside, that it took time and you had a queue of corpses form, is now entirely negated since it can be used selectively to bypass it. You can now reserve cloning for people who are SUPER fucked up an everyone else can be defibbed, so that you avoid having to do tons of surgical repair on them or loads of organ fuckery from SR. Medical has issues, because, like Security, everyone likes to shit on medical for the most minimal errors which slightly inconvenience them, which is not exactly a quality environment for "I sure do wanna learn this job better". Similar to new sec officers being called Shitcurity and fucked with driving people out of the department or learning it, I see people leap on "Malpractice Bay" when it isn't even really that bad, a minor error was made, easily correctable, and yet everyone will happily tell new doctors how god awful they are, while Bob McMop the Janitor will shove them over to do surgery on their barkeep friend themselves. And if the greytide doesn't do it, other doctors will, instead of explaining and teaching, they get frustrated watching new doctors make so many errors and just yank the patient away to do it themselves, thus denying any chance for new docs to learn better and helping keep the overall skill level of said docs on the decline as people either never learn or just stop trying. This ensures those more veteran players deal with new docs who know fuck all that much more, so they get frustrated so THEY leave an now it's just a cycle of fuck As someone who played medical for a lot of years in SS13 on various codebases, I turned all preferences for medical roles off because I got tired of dealing with people's shit and having people jump on my ass because I made a single misclick or I took longer .3 nanoseconds to heal someone. It's not as bad as Security has it, but you're dealing with a similar issue. TL;DR: Holy fuck this turned into a goddamn wall of text, I'm semi-sorry. Medical has problems for a few reasons, cloning isn't really one of them. Cloning was designed for a different era of SS13 and it's negative aspects are able to be bypassed entirely these days, it probably needs a more substantial change and refactor then what this PR tries to achieve. It needs am ore comprehensive alteration in the face of now being one among many forms of revival, as opposed to the one and only.
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    heeeeey, little art thing for fun. really fun
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    Were it to become policy that warnings and the like were to become public, admins who hide notes without good reason would be dealt with. But, that doesn't matter, because after discussing this with numerous players, staff, and staff of other servers, I am absolutely against this. The current system we have is completely sufficient. Hopefully people with take the time to read what the staff have said here, and my own clarification on how disputing or reviewing notes can work, and stop spreading misinformation, or just outright bullshit. I don't think continuing this thread will be at all productive. The points have been made, discussed, and I've come to a decision here.
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    This is a bad idea and will have the opposite consequence of what you think. Most of the time I see people greytiding or LRPing, they are using random names. I have mentally come to associate random names with greytide. It takes time to flesh out a character. If they are actually a new character each shift, they will either never get defined, or people will treat it as the same. This has happened before on a smaller scale, back when Vox were first introduced as a race, they would get a random Vox name at the start of each shift. I always played it as "Other species can't understand Vox names." But it did not have a meaningful effect on much other then reinforcing the Vox clique. Without an individual identity, the Vox identified as a species. Which was really cool for the development of the Vox culture, but also created the Vox greytide hivemind. The effect both created higher RP, in the form of unique Vox culture, but it also created greytide birbs. The "Kin, Shitcurity has steel VOXYGEN! SKREEEEEE!" thing came from when that would be yelled, and all the Vox would swarm security to rescue their kin. So.. I guess mixed? It will stop the IC favouritism, and replace it with OOC favouritism, you are suggesting removing the IC component. We already talked about the group-greytiding aspect (Cappy is crappy, is demand Vox rights Ya ya! Kikikikikiki) It will not create a healthier role playing environment, it will create a healthier PVP environment, as we move from a repeated game to a non-repeated game. This has consequences in player behaviour that is going to focus very much on the round, and payoff to ones self. A non-repeated game is call of duty. More on this at the end on what I have seen in the past from players who make this argument. I don't view this as a problem. It is a problem, if that OOC friendship starts moving to other characters that did not become friends IC. First, from a community perspective, people will be more OOC friendly to each other if they have some sort of OOC bonds. SS13 does not always have the best community, but we are not the CS:GO or Call of Duty communities either. Second from an IC perspective, we are a MRP server. We can't really say "Everyone should try to RP realistic characters" while at the same time saying "Except for the most fundamental part of the human social experience." ]-----Endnote-----[ This has come up before, it essentially boils down to "People should not be able to know who plays a character or use information from previous experiences in the round." I have been around long enough to notice a trend. This argument is most frequently raised by players who are concerned with "Metagaming" which they define as "I am an ass to people, and people have started to react poorly to my characters in game. SS13 should really be each round being unique with no pre-existing relationships." I am not saying the OP is in this category, just that whenever this has been brought up before, its brought up by people in that category. The end goal is to not just have randomized character names that opt them out of the "meta-grudges" but to make everything randomized so that "meta-friends" do not exist as yes, that does provide an in game advantage. Characters who are known as being friendly and well meaning, get way more leeway with other station staff then those who are known to be anti-social or murdery who are treated with less mercy. What these proposals seem to come down to is "Anti-social behaviour should not have a negative effect beyond one round, and positive behaviour should also not have a positive effect for more then one round." Where people fall on this seems to be controlled by where they fall on that spectrum. This is essentially "Why do I get the bad ending in Prey/BioShock/MassEffect if I murder everyone? That sucks."
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    A commission for Danni, here we have Lazz gifting Slade a sword she made. Slade thinks it's great, and will put it on the fridge.
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    So, here's an idea: mobs that are able to vent-crawl should also be able to access the pipes through open/unconnected/"broken" pipes, not just through vents/scrubbers. Additionally, when a mob that's ventcrawling runs into a broken section and leaves the pipes, it also removes the tile on top of that broken section of pipe, if any. Why? It makes sense that a mob that can fit inside the pipes can also enter through an open pipe. It nerfs the "strategy" (which I personally think is borderline metagame) of unwrenching pipes all around the station to fuck with xenos/terrors/swarmers/etc. It will be still annoying for them if they randomly walk into a broken pipe and pop out, especially in populated areas, but now they can climb back into the pipes instead of being basically fucked/stuck in some cases, especially considering vents are welded 90% of the shifts anyway. The tile on top of a pipe with an open end should pop off whenever a mob crawls out of it, to allow the mob to see and access the pipe it walked out of. Might give that unused pipe cap noone ever bothers with *some* usage. Unlikely but hey.
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    My suggestion is to nerf telescience, since I don't think suggesting it's removal will go through (although it has it's own issues, and even /tg/ removed it from their own code). Science already has enough stuff to do antag stuff, without having something so strong, because they can easily steal stuff from the armory, they can steal/destroy the AI without warning (and with the AI with almost no counter to it). My suggestions are these: * Randomize the telescience coordinates each round, so people don't just keep it in mind the exact coordinates each round they do telescience. * Blacklist certain areas - Not allow high secure areas to be used with telescience, such as the AI core, the armory, and the secure tech storage. * Not allow telescience to work on solid structures - As in not letting anything teleport in or out of walls and other solid objects, like airlocks and tables.
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    I still stand by every argument I've made thus far as to why I'm against removing this. Furthermore, I'm gonna put out there that this feels like it's "Looking for reasons" to remove a system. That bad experiences were had, so some people want it on the chopping block, that it has little to nothing to do with it being "Overpowered" in actuality. Because the facts don't add up, especially when a fix to the proposed issues was put forward and subsequently ignored. The problems proposed have been corrected and debunked several times an the legitimate ones have had a proposal put forward to fixing them, but apparently nuking this is just the only way to be sure for some reason. That doesn't seem like "Balancing" an OP system is a goal to me, that seems like it's about removing one that's made people upset because they happened to be on the bad side of it, those few rare times a month it happens. I'd respect this idea a lot more if it came across being honest with ourselves. If we wanna say "Hey, we just don't like this system, we think it's not fun. We don't think how it works is fun and that it can't be made fun in it's current form." Then I'd at least respect the honesty put forward, because that's just as valid a reason to propose something's removal as anything else. But this? Saying it's "Because it is too strong" ? This feels like we're looking for "Boogey-man" situations to emphasize how secretly OP the barely used system is and trying to use those outlier rare circumstances as justification that the entire thing is broken. Because the majority of arguments made in favor of removing this system are grounded mostly in anecdotal evidence or are assuming that a LOT of variables line up perfectly to make telescience this unstoppable god of death, and the facts simply don't match that accusation. It is factually easier, faster and simpler to do a lot of spooky antag things by hand, then it is through telescience. It is easier to dispose of bodies unless you happen to specifically be an antag scientist and telesci is already set up, and saved coordinates to space to use in just this sort of rare circumstance, which the vast majority of players do not have. It is far easier to dispose of targets with any number of science weaponry or antag specific weaponry, it is impossible to use telescience to do mass bombings unless you are, specifically An Antag Scientist with Hijack due to the nature of server rules. That is a lot of variables that have to line up for it to be worth the effort or in the case of bombings, even allowed. When it comes to blobs and rogue AI, AI do have a problem, that's true. AI also have a means to counter it via cyborgs and sabotaging APCs, but it's still true that it's a hard counter so to speak. Blobs however, unless you know the precise coordinate location of the core, dropping a bomb in, is liable to kill as much crew as it is blob, and you can't exactly drop in a max cap even then, you will not be looked at kindly icly, oocly or from administration. So we're talking precision, pin-point blob execution and that is not as easy or feasible as it sounds, not compared to just massing flashbangs, X-rays and mechs. The facts of the matter are that any proposed issues made against telescience thus far exist in multiple game systems right now, and there's not a single peep about them. I bring up Chemistry a lot in comparison to this because for every single complaint of "I could get a bomb dropped right on me and die instantly and there's nothing I could do about it." there's a dozen more complaints related to hellmixes and memechem formulas where one application of a spray bottle or one click of a syringe gun is instant death. For every complaint of telescience stealing victims from antags away, there's a dozen more accounts of Virology basically patenting immortality and distributing it to the crew/command/security. None of those departments are removed. They get changed, they get tweaked, but we never even dream of removing them, I wouldn't want them removed. Virology has the worst of it right now, but that's because a major system change is more what staff are looking for (Swapping to /tg/ virology if I recall discussions correctly.) But it still is not removed. A proposed tweak to fix the problems of stealing items easily has been made, why is that being overlooked? We've made far more sweeping changes for far less issues before but adding a single new "Jammer" item or using the no teleport flag or combination of both is a bridge too far? So I'm again going to ask, because I've never really been answered on the topic. What is the difference here? Why is it perfectly fine for those systems to have outliers where they can be potentially extremely powerful, but Telescience is just a bridge too far? What makes 1 click deaths from a spray bottle any better then 1 click deaths from a console, when they are far, far fewer in number and farther between then those other systems everyone is seemingly okay with?
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    Nukies deployed a weapon of mass destruction.
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    The change is university unpopular, so it will be implemented and the community will have 0 say.
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    Just removing SR without anything replacing it effectively means once a Slime person or Vox is out of defib range, they're dead forever. Since Slimes already have a good chance to have their core killed by defibbing, it's kind of even worse for them. It would be an incredibly massive nerf to these races, far bigger than simply increasing cloning times is to everyone else. SR could simply be made to not work on clonable races at all, which would solve the problem of it being weaponized as well as prevent a bunch of people from being gibbed after these changes go through, if they do.
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    Wow, this is a pretty good guide on how to get job banned as captain! Good job!
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    Hey folks. Seen a few requests for up-to-date R&D guides, so here's my stab at it. Reminder that deconstructing an object will raise tech to its level, then beyond if possible - (E.g. deconstructing a heart (Bio 5) at Bio 2 will advance to Bio 5. If deconstructing AT Bio 5, advance to Bio 6) - so if you need Materials 7 for a recipe, look for Materials 6 in the guide to advance. Stage 0: Prep A couple things to grab before you start. First, Scichem. Fill a beaker with 30+ units of Radium. Grab the monkey, or spawn one from a cube, and run through to Xeno. Throw the monkey on the table, and use the circular saw to amputate the Head. Then use the saw on the removed head to butcher out the brain. Bring it with you. Stage 1: R&D Lab The stuff on the tables Micro Manipulator (Materials 1, Data 1) Basic Capacitor (Power 1) Basic Microlaser (Magnets 1) Welding Tool (Plasma 1, Engineering 1) From a toolbox on the desk Toolbox (Combat 1) High Capacity Cell (Power 2) Table at the bottom of R&D, next to the door Stage 2: Basic Production (P)rotolathe, (C)ircuit Printer (P) Advanced Capacitor (Power 3) (P) Mass Spectrometer (Biological 1, Magnets 2, Plasma 2) (P) Health Scanner HUD (Biological 2, Magnets 3) (P) Advanced Reagent Scanner (Biological 3, Magnets 4, Plasma 3) (P) Floral Somatoray (Biological 4, Materials 2) Load the Radium from earlier into the protolathe. (P) Advanced Matter Bin (Materials 3) (P) Advanced Hard Disk Drive (Data 2, Engineering 2) (P) Holographic Sign Projector (Data 3) (P) Security HUD (Combat 2) (P) Large Grenade (Engineering 3, Combat 3) (P) Tracking Beacon (Bluespace 1) (P) GPS (Bluespace 2) (C) SUPERPACMAN Board (Engineering 4, Power 4) (C) GYGAX Weapons and Targeting (Combat 4, Data 4) (C) Telepad Control Console (Bluespace 3, Plasma 4) (C) Quantum Pad Board (Bluespace 4) (C) Teleportation Hub (Materials 4) All your standard techs should now be level 5. Remember to Sync to the server! Print 10 Pico Manipulators, 10 Super Matter Bins, 5 High-Power Microlasers, 5 Advanced Scanning Modules, 5 Advanced Capcitors into an RPED. Upgrade R&D, then Xeno (if anyone is there), then beeline it to the ORM. This should be at about to 10-15 minute mark, so it is super unlikely mining will be back yet. On your way back, upgrade Medbay Sleepers and Cloning, and Genetics (If anyone is there). If miners are taking their time, also apply basic upgrades to Robotics Mech Fabs and Botany's DNA scanner and Biomass generator (you might need to print more components). Nuclear War Ops Attacking? Rush this. Build Tech disks for cargo. Get them 6-800 points in 10-15 minutes, and get them to buy ALL THE GUNS. They will love you. Stage 3: Miners are back! You will need at least 2 diamonds and 2 bluespace crystals to max out tech. You will need at 3+ of each to really upgrade the station. Hope mining are decent. Load 1 Diamond into the Circuit Printer, and anything else you have into the protolathe. Monkey Brain from earlier (Biological 5) (P) Reviver Implant (Materials 5) (C) AI Purge Module (Data 5) (P) Diamond Mining Drill (Materials 6, cheaper than a single diamond) This unlocks Femto Manipulators. Perform a quick upgrade to your Protolathe and the Robotics Fabricators to minimise the cost of the following before you continue. Captain's Chain of Command (Combat 5) Robotics PX-Tesla Cannon (Combat 6, Magnets 5) Robotics PX-Tesla Cannon (Magnets 5 again) Robotics Phazon Torso (Plasma 5) Refined Bluespace Crystal (Bluespace 6) Use a Polycrystal / Mesh from the ORM in hand to break it down to individual crystals Refined Bluespace Crystal (Bluespace 6 again) Xenobiology Charged Yellow Core (Power 5) If Xenobio aren't there yet, just use Super Capacitors to upgrade and come back to this later. At this point you should have top-tier components for everything. Remember to thank and upgrade your Miners as you go! Print 20-30 of each component, into a Bluespace RPED. Also print 10 Technology Storage Disks, and load them with your current tech levels (Should all be 5s, 6s and 7s) - this will net Cargo just over 1000 points. Perform the upgrade lap of the station. Start with R&D, Robotics, Xenobio. Upgrade Cargo and the ORM, dropping your Tech Disks off as you go. As you drop the disks, order Cargo Machine Prototype Crate (Engineering 6) Cargo Machine Prototype Crate (Engineering 6 again) This can be skipped if Mining bring you a Miners Jetpack (engineering 5) before you do the first one. Then proceed to upgrade the rest of the station. Stage 4: Endgame, or your friends in Botany A completionist, hey? The techs above should get you the ability to print most things, but if you want the super high tech stuff: Xenobiology Sentience Potion (Biological 6) XRAY Laser Gun (Illegals 1) Doesn't have to be taken out of its lockbox! Mining Drone AI Upgrade (Data 6) Then its time to ask the botanists. Sometimes a competent botanist will get you all of this in 20 minutes, saving you half a tech tree in research. Sometimes you'll have to break in and do it yourself. Remember, deconstructing two of these is an instant skip to Tech 7, so if you have a competent botanist thank them profusely. Botany Glowshrooms (Plasma 6) Botany Glowcaps (Power 6) Botany Ambrosia Gaia (Biological 6) And that should be it. There's still more to find in Illegals, and if you happen to get Abductor tech you can do some fun stuff there. And there are many other methods to use to reach the top tech levels! Feel free to experiment, to work out your own methods. But this has been my tried and tested, and is yet to let me down.
  29. 3 points
    All together. "Kickin nerds in the nose!" Nailed the outfits perfect! Thanks for making me part of this I plan to sit down at some point and write up a full or at least partial parody of Candy Store that is more befitting for security squad in spess.
  30. 3 points
    Same. Or I'll simply forget to add a note or not bother to because it was something so minor and they'll assume that I made it invisible. We already have a lot of bad faith assumptions and misinformation - this thread is a great example here - that people aren't going to assume the best at all. Players are already able to record any interactions they wish. Players are able to appeal or raise concerns with notes already, in which case I have shown them on quite a few occasions - although this has more been for peace of mind with the player, as the notes generally have been incredibly minor. We are in no way denying players the ability to record admin feedback and improve upon it. This is just completely untrue. I have state in a previous post I'm happy to hear people out, have done so in the past, and that there are means to do so that have been used in the past repeatedly. If you wish your concerns to be heard by the admins, then you need to give us the courtesy of also listening to us when we reply to them. Having to repeatedly make these points in the same thread is incredibly frustrating. It's incredibly disrespectful to the admins who are trying very hard to address these concerns and putting a fair bit of time and effort in to do so. The idea that there is "no means to review or dispute" these notes is completely untrue. I very much hope this is because you just didn't bother reading what I had said, rather than the possible alternatives to that. We require secret tracking of things like VPNs, ban evasion, Metagaming, bug exploitation and server crashing, etc, as has been now stated repeatedly. Of course we have to save information like this. It's incredibly naive to think otherwise. Overall this thread is showing me the problem here isn't that notes are private - it's false assumptions and incorrect information. While I've tried to clear a lot of this up, it's incredibly disappointing that people are continuing to repeat things that we've taken the time to address and show otherwise. I'll state again for hopefully the final time before the meeting: The admin complaints forum can be used for reviews or disputes of notes. You can contact admins to talk about your notes. Headmins might be happy to reveal your notes to you. We require information on ban evasion, metagaming, etc, to be secret, and this will not be changing.
  31. 3 points
    I highly encourage this if there is any problem or concern - but first of all it might be best to just chuck us a message. Often these things can be cleared up with just a quick, straightforward chat. This is especially easier if it's done when everything is fresh in memory. I'm really not interested however in showing someone all their notes for their curiosity so they can be nitpicked over. This is especially the case with notes that are incredibly subjective. Is player X "a bit too aggressive" in OOC? Were they not grieifing, but actually trolling? Does it really matter if they only hit the clown 22 times with a toolbox, rather than the 24 the note claims? We really have better things to do than have players argue all that with us. That's not however to say you can't dispute warnings, or discuss them with admins, to clarify situations or have the note rectified...but we're really not interesting in digging over things from potentially 6 years ago. I'm happy to discuss notes, bans, or just general concerns...or other video games etc...with anyone who PMs me - whether from the server or not. I can't guarantee we'll show you your notes, or show all of them, etc, but I can say I'll hear you out and try to address your concerns. I may be busy, IRL etc can be a bitch, but I'll at least try to direct you to someone who does have time to address your concerns. This will not ever happen, at all. We will not reveal sensitive information that players have trusted us with, nor will we make it known how we investigate or detect metagaming, ban evasion, etc. This is not worth discussing, because it won't happen. This is not the "end of the world", of course, but stopping ban evasion, metagaming, etc, is much more important than what is ultimately a few nitpicks over 0.1% of notes for 0.1% of players. PM an admin of your choice! Even our trialmins by now have a few dozen bans under their belt. If you have any problems with how they discuss it with you, or just want further clarification, feel free to drop me or another headmin a PM. I don't particularly mind if you come to me first either. Hell, we even have some lists around of what languages people know if you think it'd be clearer and more comfortable with another language than english - pm me or another admin to try to find someone of your language. We really don't like a peanut gallery chipping in or people getting a small snippet of it, and running wild with it. Also, ESPECIALLY if it's a recent ban, feelings may still be running a bit hot - it might be best to wait a day or two. There's a sweet spot between "too long ago to remember well" and "too recently to be objective". Yes...and no. Bwoinks and notes over accidents happen - if you welderbomb or release plasma or the singularity by accident, you might still get a note about it. This is more so we can note that you now know what not to do, and that if it repeats the next round (and another, and another...) then it's likely not an accident. This can be a very intimidating game to newcomers. How is a newbie to know that a toy lasertag gun is a toy when they just see red beams and white on their screen, or that a single hit with a hatchet isn't really that lethal? People shouldn't be afraid to be wrong sometimes, but they should learn from it (and not call the admins powertripping nazi-fags when pm'd about it.). We really do take into account the amount of time that has passed and how new you are at the time. If you ICd in OOCd and welderbombed and beat an SSD in your first 20ish hours of playing we really do not give a shit a few hundred hours of gameplay later.....assuming you have stopped. I'd like players to be able to do that for their own bans for sure. Not for other peoples however, as this I believe would lead to people being treated poorly. Warnings here really aren't anywhere near as "official" as Steam or the like, they very in severity heavily. It could be a "hey could you tone that down" to "seriously do not ever do that ever again". There really seems to be a lot of assumptions here that are incorrect, whether from misinformation, or bad-faith assumptions about the admins and how we operate. No admin app is denied simply "because of notes". Discussions are held about all candidates. For anyone to be banned rather than warned because of their notes, it's rarely one single note. There are plenty of cases of people with 10-20+ notes. If it is one single note, it's because of something directly relating to what you were just recently warned about, or it's a realllly bad offense. If you start to think of the admins in less of an "us vs them" mentality when it comes to players (of which admins also are), and more people who spend a lot of time PMing people to explain to them why you can't hit an SSD with a toolbox, that you're not to use racial abuse, ERP with Ian (yes, multiple times), etc, as well as trying to get a good RP atmosphere without a validhunting murderboning culture, then it will make a lot more sense why we do the things we do and the way we do. Yes, we make mistakes obviously, the appeals and admin complaints list many, many, of the mistakes over the years. We're human - if we're having a bad day we might be a bit harsher or grumpy or abrupt. But all in all, what bans come down to is - do we think this behavior will continue, and do we think this person makes the server a better place.
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    AMA: Artificial Multitask Automation Azul: Badass Because Sunglasses Firak: Got Me Banned Xrim: Cheerful And Depressed
  33. 3 points
    Security being bad at their job, and players hating security, are both symptoms of the same problem: security has a very high player burnout rate. The burnout rate of sec means it is typically staffed by less experienced players, relative to other less stressful jobs. Fixing this requires efforts on both fronts - cracking down on players being shitty to security for no reason, AND helping sec get better at their jobs, faster. The former would require us doing things like bwoinking people who self-antag, harass security as non-antags, or just create a toxic atmosphere for security. The latter will require us to make structural changes that help sec be better at their jobs, such as having a 10m timer that's actually tracked in prisoner processing to prevent people being accidentally left in there too long.
  34. 3 points
    It's! Zeke! Your favourite drunk Skrell. PhantasmicDream was kind enough to do an art trade with me, so this is my part! They did such a good job! Ah! I hope you like it, Dream.
  35. 3 points
    Little did the human know: Qerrballak and it's people thought the name of the game was hilarious, and many were avid players since childhood. Though it was an even game for much of their time together, the human accidentally put his entire hand into the card deck not too long after power was restored to the station. Some might call it an accident, others would call it a hasty escape.
  36. 3 points
    I appreciate how OP made an extremely detailed and intricate post on how to make vulpkanin more realistic and you just have ZN in the corner silently mumbling about vulp.
  37. 3 points
    I've seen it abused but I'd rather Security get their own morgue for EOCs or other dangerous personnel who the entire station would be better off dead with a DNR tag on them. It is kind of baffling how many security will drag vampires, changelings and occasional shadowling to the cremator, completely bypass the access restrictions to it (the door and cremator button itself requiring Chaplain access to use.) and not even blink an eye about permanently removing them from the round, but these same players raise hell in saltchat (and presumably ahelps) if an antag kills them and takes steps to prevent their own eventual revival. IMO Cremator should only be used when there is an actual threat that the subject can self revive, or Security has confirmed that co-conspirators will attempt to revive them (thus Security admitting they are incapable of containing the threat.) Idealling, with a signed and Stamped Death Warrant from the Magistrate and/or Captain (which can easily be prepared in advanced if Security already knows such a threat exists on the station), or at the very least a fax sent to CC to get approval A more desirable solution would be coding in new methods of containing such threats alive and in the brig that don't involve bucklecuffing them a roller bed with an anesthetic tank forced onto them. Allowing antags to continue existing in the round, RP or seek out an escape if they would like to continue pursuing their objectives.
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    I can one up this. Slime Powered Taxi. Step 1. Have Xenobiology produce Black Slime Extracts. Step 2. Find someone willing to behave as a sentient slime. Step 3. Have Research and Development construct a temperature gun. Step 4. Set the Temperature to the highest hot setting. Step 5. Have the sentient slime drag you as you fire them with the Hot Temperature gun. Step 6. ...help I am going too fast now. This probaby is faster than old meth speeds, it is absolutely hilarious and silly. Enjoy slime races.
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    Come one come all and marvel at the latest technological advancement achieved by NanoTrasen's wonderful Central Research Department! In our current technological age, the use of ballistics has become horrendously outdated and yet, for some odd reason certain organizations that will remain nameless insist on using this outdated and wasteful technology to launch chunks of metal at high velocity like barbarians! Unfortunately these same organizations have forced the wonderful and civilized organization of NanoTrasen to respond in kind with weaponry designed to nullify the clean, resource friendly use of beam technology instead! Unfortunately while we can simulate a defense against beam technology for the longest time the damage from ballistic technology has been difficult to nullify... UNTIL NOW! Introducing KRA-Armor otherwise known as Kinetic Redirecting Armor! Using patented technology, we've woven together a new combination of metals, plastics, and gels to create a unique armor with properties that absorb the kinetic energy from a projectile that comes in contact with it and redirects it from the object to be redistributed rather harmlessly away thus preventing penetration from the projectile and minimizing the damage done to the subject encased within. Now you might be thinking, wait... if it absorbs kinetic energy coming into contact with it, how will I be able to move? GOOD QUESTION! The combination of gel and plastic polymers incorporated with the highly secretive woven metal alloys allows for a threshold in which the effect activates, allowing for minimal kinetic energy to exist around it but preventing major sources from doing the same! However there is one unintended but serendipitous effect in that the kinetic energy being redirected from a ballistic projectile will cause the subject to be launched in the opposite direction of the trajectory of the projectile! Now our Security never has to chase those filthy criminals that shoot them as they'll be launched towards them almost immediately! Expect to see these sweet pieces of... Wait... what was that? ... Oh damn, it seems that the Quality Control and Safety Review boards have teamed up with the Legal Department to put a hold on distribution at the moment. Something about how test subjects can repetitively be launched into walls or even worse the ceiling or floor which will inevitably cripple them as they hit it at near the speed of sound. I say hogwash! Who would dare be so low as to shoot their targets with a wall between them or a thick piece of cover! Its just plain unfair! Until next time! Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open for the latest technological renovations from NanoTrasen Corporation! Building a better future, for the sake of profit!
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    A close friend with whom I've had secret vice of regularly having LAN's - of course with absolutely nerdy games - since kids, introduced me. That was last summer though if I remember right he did tell me of it a time before that, but then I didn't try. Both times it was Mandalore's video during a break after extensive DOOM sessions, so I guess we both count as being bought here by Mandalore. That my friend plays here too, but we don't interact much in station. As far as I know he isn't even around OOCly (if you read me anyway, thanks, nerd). But yeah I was immediately sold for it. My first two rounds comprised of getting killed by oxyloss at arrivals at first and then being introduced into the art of flipping by some chaplain and being thralled by Slith while maintlooting. My successes back then were being able to flip, to talk into the sling hivemind and to make a spear (for I thought initially that being armed is mandatory in order to stay alive, couldn't actually believe they were not after my spaceman. As you could guess got quickly to know that oh yeah they aren't, and when they are, they will slip and honk you to the chest faster than one could spell Desmond Summy, and then kill you, probably squishing in the process). Then got into medical, somebody effectively taught me chemisty during my first medbay shift. Played medbay until I felt comfortable enough with the game mechanics to try security. Thankfully, that shift HoS Heidi Kujala did recruit me from the manifest, so long I've most been into sec, if not a med. Mentioned these, for I love it most because of the attitude here. Couldn't think a video game to get much more human, while still being a fun game about some men in space.
  41. 3 points
    Enter Takker Khan, my Chaplain. He worshipped a rather untraditional religion: The Pantheonic Multiverse. The belief that we lived in an infinite multiverse, and that occasionally, we would get a glimpse of another universe, causing fiction to spring forth. The most influential beings in the multiverse would become Ascended, the equivalent of gods. In partly an attempt to show off and partly to show people that yes, this was real, I created a magic circle and asked the Ascended to put something harmless but interesting there. The ascended (played by @Normalyman) put the multiverse sword there. (Yes, it's actually real.) It refused to budge, so I prayed and was told that it would kill me if I tried. James Picard came by and tried to get it. I told him this, and he cursed the ascended, which caused him to become retarded. After he got Mannitol, he expressed an interest to fight the ascended. They responded to this by shocking him with a lightning bolt and throwing him around a bit, followed by M.D. House in the form of a medibot running by and healing him. James Picard still continued to want to fight them, so I decided to humor him and set up an arena in the Holodeck. After he issued a challenge to divine combat, Bruce Lee showed up to fight Picard. After getting elbowdropped to death, he got cloned, returned to the holodeck, and decided he wanted Round 2. So I fought him myself with my Extradimensional Sword. After winning thanks to said sword, I cut off his head, put it in a magic circle, and recieved a blessing in the form of genetic boosts. I had to cryo after this, but I was informed by Normalyman after the fact that Picard got cloned again and said he wanted to join my religion.
  42. 3 points
    All of the changes that have been made seem to push the opposite way of what the community was asking for. I.E; shortening the window of revivability (or removing revivability entirely). If anything, medbay needs small buffs and tweaks to take strain off of cloning and leaving it as a last resort. I could be reading the community wrong, but I'm pretty sure we voiced that we wanted to lessen the amount of cloning.
  43. 3 points
    Prescanning being removed is great. It doesn't even make sense that the cloning machine somehow knows that you've died anyways. The "do not resuscitate" is a good UI change. Making being cloned an opt-out rather than an opt-in makes a lot more sense. If you accidentally forget to opt-out, you can always go cryo, but if you forget to opt-in, well, then you get stuck in the morgue for the rest of the round.
  44. 3 points
    happy holidays, and a happy new year. treat yourselves and each other well.
  45. 3 points
    The Maime should make others near it also mute.
  46. 3 points
    War ops have the odds stacked massively against them. Stealth ops might be a 6v6 stealth operation. War ops might be a 6v60 full combat operation where the 60 have 20 minutes' advance warning to prepare. That is gonna be some steep odds no matter what gear you have. Experienced players know that war ops generally does not win, and thus, they will push for stealth ops. The result is that war op teams tend to be dominated by newer op players, and/or op players who don't actually care about winning. This further reinforces the fact they are unlikely to win. Ultimately, the ops' ammo and weapons are finite, whereas the crew can clone, use pets, golems, etc. Further, the crew controls the location of the disk, which means the ops have to come to them, through their defenses. The longer a nuke op round lasts, the better armed and more prepared the crew, while the more of the ops' resources are depleted. So, a quick stealthy smash-and-grab is always going to be more effective than a full-on drawn out military siege. Once the nukies' comms are compromised, they can't even co-ordinate effectively. The tactics that work during stealth, or surprise ops, like having one person create a distraction, simply don't work during war ops. A lone op somewhere else can create a distraction for a few minutes, but eventually, crew will kill them. In stealth/surprise ops this does not matter since you'll hopefully have the disk by then. In war ops it means you're down a player without reducing the strength of the crew significantly. For all these reasons and more, war ops are at a BIG disadvantage, to the point that many admins (including me) outright refuse to send ERTs during nuke ops, because we reason that the ops have little chance of winning even without an ERT / etc helping the crew. I'm not sure what could be done to make war ops a fairer fight... or even if we should make it one (truly a 6v60 fight where the 6 win may not be satisfying to most players). It definitely isn't a fair fight as things stand, though. Of all the ideas I've heard to make war ops a fairer fight, perhaps the one I like best is: upon declaration of war, turn 1-3 crew into traitors with objectives to assassinate different members of Command. This way, we're discouraging the HoP/Cap from giving everyone guns and all-access, without outright prohibiting it. We're also evening the balance in the number of players on each side, a little, and ensuring that the crew doesn't have 20 minutes' hassle-free prep time. Rather than outright prohibiting anything or making it impossible, we're introducing some disincentives that curb the most problematic behavior on the crew side, and even up the fight, without making anything totally impossible.
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    Its pretty easy! My husband and I will make three. One for each of us and one for our little black kitty :3 A Jack O'Lantern starts off as a pumpkin, but once its carved then its officially a Jack ? Fun fact they used to carve turnips originally! They are meant to emulate the ol' Will-o'-the-Wisp of ancient peat bogs and other tales. Here is a horrifying turnip one for reference. While we are on the topic of Jacks! Have you heard of the tale of the Headless Hessian Horseman?!?! One of my favorite colonial ghost stories! Sleepy Hollow is a fascinating tale, and the township still exists.... to this day!!! Who would dare to walk the bridge on all hallows eve, the witching hour drawing near.... *Insert spooky laughter!*
  48. 3 points
    When the nukies declare war, plow through the crews defense, get the disk, and then... DAMNIT! YOU HAD ONE JOB! ONE! JOB!
  49. 3 points
    Here comes 3 sprites depicting a beryllium copper wrench, intended to have the same stats or nearly the same stats as a normal wrench but feel more rare and exclusive. Beryllium alloy tools are much more expensive than steel tools but do not create sparks when stuck against a hard surface and are therefore are used out in the real world when working near flammable material(Such as plasma on a plasma research station perhaps?). My idea for the use of this sprite is that this wrench would be stored in the CE's office, the secure storage or QM's office, and be given out as a reward for good work or stolen by greytiders. I've made two different shades so far and one with a lighter outline, the outlines of two of the sprites are probably way too dark.
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    Your character's money is persistent and vending shit costs money even from places like medbay and the bar unless you work in that department. This means the chemist can put meds in the public fridge and set prices and shit on them and people can pay for shit unless they're medbay staff because they can dispense it for free. Also it has paychecks which vary from job to job. Edit: And by persistent I mean your money saves between rounds
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