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    Kind of like brig physician but a mind shielded engineer who's job is to maintain and improve security. Same karma cost as brig phys
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    0111 1000 0100 0100
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    You can use "490", as in Roman numerals it's "XD". Nobody will know what this mean, so you can form "buddies" without "peasants" knowledge.
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    XD is for old peeps, it's all about now
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    So this is a story of my first rounds of being a nonhuman, this was yesterday. I was a hydrophonicist doing botany things when I needed saltpeter. I went to chemestry which were always ready to hand me unstable mutagen and asked for some saltpeter. Unbenonced to me I got more mutagen. I put in 30 units into my beutiful first batch of mutagen producing shrooms when I put in mutagen. This ruined my batch. I went to the CMO to complain that their chemists were utterly incompetant when she called me by my first name. This was a grave insult and I swore on my life I would murder her family and demanded a apology. She called me by my first name on comms. I was outraged, how could she be this much of a racist biggot. I told her that where I came from we lashed people who did that on a cross and beat they limbs into a dark mangled mess and forced their family to watch. I threw a couple punches and headed off the the IAA. Little did I know she used racist statements on com when addressing my situation. I told them I was going to sue NT unless I got monetary compensation and that I needed a SolGov rep. No. I wrote a letter and tried to get someone to fax it to NT. I was imprisoned by the biggots and warned. I went to the iaas office and a new iaa was there i asked her to send the letter when she started pushing me. I clawed back to defend myself when the biggot shitcurity arrested my and briged my for 30 mins. The biggots were arresting another unathi 4noraisin at the time.
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    I didn't mean you, I meant the dude that posted the thread. Going utterly batshit for people using his name and running around being a tard the entire round due to it. I like your character a lot actually xD
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    As a... fluff rep I believe I was called, I will represent you. *Flexes*
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    On my end all I knew is you were brought to the brig for assault charges. Twice. First time I let you off with a warning. Second arrest you tried escaping, stole a tazer, and used it against security. 30 was gentle because I was too busy to add up the exact max charges. I could have practically given you perma for that. ...and the round had just come to an end so you didn't even have to serve the 30. So in review. First offense given a warning. Second offense a lenient sentence. Shitcurity indeed. If this is just a narrative I apologize for my overly serious response. Was fun for me regardless.
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    It would be nice if the Brig Tech could also cooperate with the Brig Phys in regards to IPC/Cyborg repairs as well.
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    I present an alternate solution: X^D
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    >:O @ . @ ~.~ <.< Git guud youngsters. Back in my day we had to MAKE our own emojis. mumbles something about entitlement
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    Funny, I actually asked HoS/CE if I could be "Security Engineer" a couple days ago :^). ((CE did not aprove for unknown reason?)) The problem with that would be: Even if brig gets breached from time to time, there is not much hull to fix there. Besides making autolathe,body scanner, surgery table, making back-up SMES and maybe reinforcing floor there is nothing to do. Brig phys has something to do, sec officers or prisonners always get demaged, and brig-engineer? Uh.... I REALLY like the idea. But I'd expand his resposibility to also help security outside the brig. Like, helping them break in certain areas etc. I actually would main that job. I love the idea.
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    Same round Turns out a locker of catfish does not count... Sparks...
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    you forgot about the new kid on the block, ex dee and its spinoff ec(k)s dee
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    Taming of the shrew act one thing one
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    Necaladun has retired as of this time, although it'll take awhile to weasel all the bastards permissions out of the system and hand things over properly.
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    I was going to say something but...I have nothing nice to say. So I'll say this; Stop using lore to be a massive jackass IC. ^ Actually nicer than anything else I was thinking.