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    hi every1 im new!!!!!!! holds up spork my name is s0nad0r but u can call me t3h VuLp oF d00m!!!!!!!! lol…as u can see im very random!!!! thats why i came here, 2 meet random ppl like me _… im 13 years old (im mature 4 my age tho!!) i like 2 watch invader zim w/ my boyfr1end (im bi if u dont like it deal w/it) its our favorite tv show!!! bcuz its SOOOO random!!!! hes random 2 of course but i want 2 meet more random ppl =) like they say the more the merrier!!!! lol…neways i hope 2 make alot of freinds here so give me lots of commentses!!!! DOOOOOMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <--- me bein random again _^ hehe…toodles!!!!! love and waffles, t3h VuLp oF d00m
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    Since this is a common mhelp topic, I'm gonna make a guide for this process. SAFETY WARNING Always be careful of where you're copy and pasting your scripts from. Running unknown code from other people is always a risk. You could be putting someone else's metagrudges into the game or even crashing the server if you're not careful. You can use my script if you're not sure. Step 1: Get to the telecomms satellite. If you're the AI, you can use jump to camera to do this. If you're a crew member, make sure you have access and don't get tased on your way to the computer. You're looking for this computer: Step 2: Open the computer and put in "tcommsat" as the telecomms network. Step 3: Hit scan, then hit modify all detected servers Step 4: Hit "edit code", paste your code in, and then hit compile. Step 5: Press back, and then hit "ALWAYS" And that's it! Have fun!
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    Stand aside, Steve. (I did't catch all of them but I caught quite a bit)
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    Well, ya want help becoming a good bartender, eh? Rise above the masses, and such? Came to the right place. Name's B.E.E.R, I've been tending to bars for around 33 years now. Needless to say, I know my shit. First and foremost, looks. You want to be respected, start here. See that top hat on your counter? Wear that shit, it looks good. Don't take off those shades, either. They will actually scan containers, and tell you what's in them Now for your uniform, you've got a couple choices here, fashionwise. You've got the standard uniform with a bow tie, that looks okay. Make sure you wear a jacket with this There's the Amish suit in your wardrobe in the back, which is better. Make sure you wear a jacket with this If you're feeling really fancy, go on down to the clothesvend and grab the executive suit, It's bound to turn some heads. Don't wear that armor, either. You really shouldn't need it. LACEUP SHOES: WEAR THEM. I mean, you're wearing a fancy-ass suit, and then sneakers, or sandals. Come on. Keep that bandolier on, for intimidation points. You see a dapper man with a belt full of shotgun shells, are you gonna fuck with him? If you're of the more feminine persuasion, the following is likely to look better: The standard uniform with a waistcoat would work quite well, although definitely keep the laceups and hat. If you want to go for a more fancy custom outfit, I recommend checking out the Victorian attire. Alright, so you look the part. Now to equip yourself properly. You got a shotgun in the back, it's a classic double barrel. Get rid of your bag, and put her there. Trust me, you won't need a bag. You are able to recolor the shotgun to more fit your looks. I personally like the faded grey, it blends right in. (alt click to recolor, use a pen to rename.) In the back as well is a shaker, should be right next to the shotty. For the love of Synthetica, use this to mix drinks! It's 100 units, and is made to mix things in! Make sure you set the transfer rate to 50 Back to the counter now, grab that rag if someone hasn't already. Use it to wipe off glasses when people are done drinking from them. or make a molotov There's a zippo, grab that as well. Even if you don't smoke, you can light cigs for people, and look badass doing it. You got your shit, now to make the bar look nice. You got a stack of books and shit on your table by the booze-o-mat, clear that off. Those books are junk anyway. Toss the russian revolver on that table too. This will display it, while keeping it secure. Put out some glasses, on the other counter, by the dispensers. Make them neat and orderly. NEVER make large amounts of drinks and toss them out there. This isn't the damned kitchen. Make drinks to order, and clean up when the person is done. If someone wants to reorganize, let them If you're good at construction and interior design, you could do it too So, you look good, feel good. Time for how to actually do things So, someone walks into the bar, what do you do? Greet them by last name unless you personally know them, and ask if they would like something to drink. Assuming they ordered, place a glass in front of the guy, as confirmation that they ordered, and you heard. You toss the shaker in the relevant dispenser, and mix that shit. Make sure you make more than 50u. Full glasses make for less asses. Pour out the drink, then put the shaker back in the dispenser to empty it. When they leave, wipe off the glass, and put it back. Make conversation with people! You're not a damned automa! Ask questions, or tell stories! Don't make the questions or stories too personal, you'll just creep people out. Lights went out! What now? Don't panic. Make for the office, and grab two packs of eternal candles. Light them in the packaging, and throw them around the room. Make sure you don't hit people. If the power is out as well, grab the keg, or the booze cabinet as well. How to deal with shitters I have a system I use for shitters, the three strike system. First strike, I will warn the person to not do it again. Second strike, I will shoot them twice in the chest, and drag them out of the bar. After this, alert sec Your bandolier, and by extension, your shotgun, are loaded with 5cm beanbag slugs. Two of these to the chest will knock anyone onto their ass. Third strike, and if sec is not responding, I will get violent. If they are attacking you go straight to strike three. Bottle to the head will knock the guy on their ass and soak them with nice flammable alcohol. If they continue being a shit after being bottled, you have that zippo still, right? Time to burn, bitches. If someone is climbing over the bar, you can click on the table to knock them off Most importantly: Make this your bible Feel free to ask me any questions!
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    Thank you very much, Sir! How can we define the opposite of artistic in a single word? Even without noticing, everyone makes a good portion of art, daily Anyway, the following pic is a colossal, finished version of the previous drawing I've posted here. You can notice that its initial intention was to represent a sad, hopeless and lonely person, because life was pretty shitty at the time and I've had lost a friend that was basically the bestest one I've had in my entire weblife. Alright. Earth did spin, as per usual, and now we're cool again, we healed our scars and we've learnt to convert all the imperfections into something beautiful to be seen, discussed, appreciated. How I love that person, and also there's this awesome girl, called Maggie, and she's cool as hell too, we cannot deny. That's why this pic exists now, it is a reflection of all the good stuff we lived and we're bound to live, from now. A visual anthem of love, something that, hopefully, will shine our days up. We always need someone to show us how bloody awesome we are, this is it It's called They Are Not Servo
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    Added. Great guide, thank you for writing it! Scyar Nila! disappears
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    Huzzah! I've actually been behind on updating things this week in general.
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    Hey ho! Phantasmic didn't post it here (and I don't think I did either) so I'm just replying with a commish I got from them recently. I've very happy with it, and the price was a steal!
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    Just as a disclaimer, this isn't meant to be a guide to scripting (I'm not super familiar with NTSL myself). But, I can answer your questions: In my script, to change the job name displayed, you would do something like this. This turns "Biomechanical Engineer" into "Robro": if($job == "Biomechanical Engineer"){ color = "3b3b3b"; // Science Radio cardcolor = "cb7cc5"; $job = "Robro"; } To replace text, you would use the "doAsdafagus" function or the equivalent in your script. This turns "captain" into "cap" and highlights it: $content = doAsdafagus($content, "captain", "<b><u><font color=#aa9100>Cap</font></u></b>");
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    Yeah, I know. That was actually preety funny in my opinion :P. ((And yeah, when I ask for Kira Special people often give me 30u. Cuz it's 1 part orange juice, 1 part soda water and 1 part lime juice if I remember correctly.)) PS: I'd also link guide to drinks and food at the end.
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    @Miraviel *summoning to update List of Guides* Oh my, I didn't expect to see that :P. :eyes:
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    God that was my favorite round as AI bar none
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    Necaladun has retired as of this time, although it'll take awhile to weasel all the bastards permissions out of the system and hand things over properly.
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