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    Hello everyone. As you probably know, I was recently elected by our staff team to be a Head of Staff for Paradise. You may not know exactly what a Head of Staff (henceforth: "Headmin") does, or what my plans are in particular. This thread is going to explain those things. First, what does a headmin do? Headmins have a few responsibilities beyond those of a normal Game Admin: Co-ordination and management of all branches of the staff team Handling Admin Complaints Enforcing staff policy and admin guidelines Moderating interpersonal conflicts, as needed Managing certain back-end things, such as our Patreon Voting on the acceptance/rejection of PRs submitted to our Github (IE: changes to the game's code, features, sprites, etc) Representing Paradise to other SS13 servers Handling anything that doesn't get handled by other people, eventually, for whatever reason Like any Paradise headmin, I will be doing these things, as they are inherent to the position. That said, most staff (including me) who run for election as headmin also have a specific platform that they run for election on. My platform was: Transparency Accountability Better Communication I know those sound a bit vague. So, let me give you some concrete examples of what I intend to do. First, let's take PR voting. Yes, headmins vote on PR acceptance. But I plan to do more than simply vote. I consider every PR author that contributes to our codebase to be valuable - part of the team that makes our server awesome. I want to encourage PR authors and grow the number of people who contribute to our codebase. As such, I will be following a set of best practices, designed to ensure PR authors feel valued, and treated fairly. My hope is this will encourage quality contributions over time. I will not be voting against any PR, any author's work, without first explaining exactly why, clearly and directly, on the PR itself. If my issue with the PR is fixable, I will explain how it can be fixed, and give the PR author some time to fix it, or at least respond, before I consider voting against the PR. In essence I want to be sure PR authors know they are getting a fair shake, that they never feel like they're being left in the dark, and they never feel like they need to guess what they need to do in order to get their PRs merged. If I consider a PR idea totally unviable, to the point it cannot be fixed, I will aim to say so as early as possible, so that the author doesn't invest more time into it under the false impression it has good chances of being merged. More generally, when I comment on PRs, I will aim to be very clear about who I'm speaking for, and what I mean. I will also make myself available to any PR author who has questions. While I recognize that this will give PR authors direct feedback they're not used to getting, ultimately I think (and as a PR author myself, I believe I have good reason to think) they will quickly appreciate it and be encouraged by it. I have also be encouraging other headmins and maintainers to follow these best practices. More generally, I want a more constructive, informative atmosphere on our github and I am working with everyone involved, especially the maints and other headmins, to achieve this. As part of this effort, I have already appointed someone to be responsible for helping to moderate Github, and discourage toxic comments there. Second, let's take accountability. I have already promised to put myself up for re-election in 6 months by the staff team, so, if they don't think I'm doing a good job after that time, they can boot me out and get someone else in. Accountability is for everyone, though, not just me. This includes admins, players, and even visitors who don't play here. If someone has an issue with an admin's conduct, they need to explain the issue in our Admin Complaints forum. It is against the rules to discuss bans and other punishments in our discord server, and for the sake of eliminating toxicity, holding admins accountable under our guidelines, and holding players accountable under our Discord rules, I will be enforcing this rule, and pushing admins more generally to do the same. Consider this your forewarning that under my plan, complaining about being banned in our Discord will not be tolerated like it has before. This also applies to in-game LOOC, deadchat, OOC and similar. This is not a new rule - such talk has been against the rules for a long time. What is new is that I will be enforcing the already-written rule, and encouraging all other admins to do so as well. Third, let's talk about better communication. One of the long-standing issues we have as a server, with our elected leadership, multiple branches of staff, etc, has historically been a lack of unified vision for the future of the server. Obviously, this is an enormous topic to tackle, and progress on it is going to require lots of work, and not just by me. It is the sort of thing that will require lots of discussion over a period of time. Still, I am already taking steps to move us in this direction. The first change you may notice is the creation of a #changes-wanted channel on Github. This channel is the new central repository for lists, posted by headmins and maints, of all features/PRs/etc they want implemented for the server. There are many benefits to this, such as helping PR authors choose a PR topic that's more likely to get merged, triggering healthy debate on server direction, etc. Ultimately though, this is just a first step towards what I really want for the server: a more general development roadmap. I know we're a volunteer project, a 2D spaceman game, and we're never going to be as organized/detailed in our future development goals as a professional game company is. Still, I don't think its unrealistic for us to take basic steps, like agreeing a list of long-term goals, trying to make progress towards them, and tracking that progress. This discord channel is the first step in that direction. I hope I've given you a sense of what I'm about as a head of staff. Obviously, the changes I want to make will require that I work closely with the rest of the staff team. My hope, though, is that I can push the server in the right direction. That I can get people pushing together in the same direction more effectively. And, if not, well, the staff can always vote me out again in 6 months. Here's to the future! -Kyet
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    Introduction: Let me tell the story of a round I played earlier today: The station is full up on jobs, >80 players. Every single Medbay role is filled to capacity...except for Doctors. Previously, there'd be up to five MDs on the manifest, with at least one or two bouncing around the Medbay at any given time. Yet in a round absolutely stuffed with players, with everything from Chemistry to the Coroner all staffed up properly, only two people even bothered to play MD. Needless to say, both of them are nowhere to be found. Two large bombs go off, in the middle of the station. Casualties are everywhere. Of course, between fastmos and the explosions themselves, it's >2 minutes by the time the bodies are brought to Medbay. None of them are revivable. Previously, MDs would receive them and begin the difficult and dangerous job of trying to SR and revive these players. Instead, they're all dumped at the Cloner like a stack of logs, where a Chemist and the CMO take turns shoving each corpse through like it's a microwave. Cloning was jam-packed, and both surgical theaters were literally spotless. I have a very, very hard time imagining the ORs being clean back when they were still relevant...but when no one's revivable, who needs 'em? This same pattern has repeated itself almost every single round that I've played during the recent changes, with only slight variations in each one. Reviving and Strange Reagent made for interesting, suspenseful resuscitation efforts, where you had to repeatedly zap someone to keep their heart afloat, do surgery to patch up their many injuries, transfuse to keep them from bleeding out again, clean as much as possible to prevent infection, etc etc etc. The new changes make Medbay - even worse, death itself - downright boring. The problems: Speaking as a real-life RN, the old approach of suspenseful, high-acuity action alongside regular, low-acuity fractures or cloning made for surprisingly on-point gameplay. The actual practice involved in treating someone is surprisingly simple most of the time; the issue in RL care is not some Dr. House-esque mystery solving and much more a question of efficiently managing resources. The new medical system, though, is less like working at a trauma center and more like working at a community health clinic (where I've seen nurses downright panic over epistaxis, a.k.a. "a nosebleed"). To try and summarize the basic issues in play: 1. Predictability: Past the two-minute mark, it's over. Boom. Done. Minimize the game and go do your laundry. Needless to say, this does not make for an interesting and engaging experience. There's no question of whether you'll get found in time, because you never get recovered in time for a defib anymore. There's no question of whether or not a competent MD will hit you with SR, because all they can do is to pop you into the cloner like a Hot Pocket and wait for it to finish cooking. Death has become boring; it's now just a question of twiddling your thumbs and watching something on YouTube until the metaphorical microwave has done its work. 2. Lack of human agency: If your corpse gets recovered, you'll likely get cloned eventually. There's nothing anyone can do to speed it up beyond the basic R&D upgrades, which means that there's no point in having anyone competent in Medbay; even the best players can't do anything more than wait for the magic cloning pod to churn through the corpses. Medbay could be crewed by the A-team or a pack of dribbling incompetents, and it has little impact (if any) on patient outcomes. 3. No effect past Medbay itself: Cloning has some new temporary downsides, but those are easily fixed with a trip in the cryopod or a bit of mutadone. It may mean more time spent twiddling your thumbs (yay, such fun, much excite), but once you've done a little more time in the cryopod then you're in the clear. The new death system means more time spent being dead, but it means literally nothing once you're alive again. 4. Lack of alternate playstyles: I've had quite a few games where some whiz-bang MD patched me up in the SS13 equivalent of a back-alley medbay. Rare, to be sure, but being revived even when the original Medbay was a flaming crater made for an interesting round that I can still recall today. The current system prevents all that, because without the cloner or getting really lucky with a defib, you're basically toast. Whoo-wee, such fun, much excite. Personal aims: I'm looking to effectively reverse these four factors. To elaborate a little on what I'd like to see: 1. Unpredictability: I don't want death to be the same thing every time. Maybe I'll get found, defibbed, and get back on my feet in no time. Maybe I'll get patched up in a cave by a guy with a box of scraps. Maybe Malpracticebay is in full effect, and the best I can hope for is to get cloned. Maybe, maybe, maybe. 2. Human agency: In keeping with the above, I want a good Medbay to be able to save lives like there's no tomorrow. Sure, make SR expensive and difficult to acquire - that just means it's cooler when the Chemists are on-point and the stuff is available in spades. Make bodies rot sooner, forcing them to be quickly injected with formaldehyde in order to be saved, or put more restrictions on how it can be used...but leave the option open. It makes for much more suspenseful, interesting, and compelling gameplay when things could happen. I don't mind failure, but I want there to be a chance of success in the first place, because having an alternative to failure makes it that much more poignant and interesting. 3. Long-term effects: To put it bluntly, I want the cloning pod to be the failure-state. I want people to hate being cloned, and the easiest way I can see that happening is to put some sort of un-fixable, long-term penalty to being cloned. Having some sort of unsolvable penalty counterbalances the ease of the cloner: it can still be the simple answer, but it's also not the one which people should want to take. The possibility of a full recovery would leave an incentive for good doctors to go through the effort of patching every boo-boo and fixing every wound (and for players to sit around in their broken bodies long enough for docs to fix them), whereas the cloner would still be a potential, if undesirable, option for people to re-enter the round. More on this below. 4. Allowing alternate playstyles: I'd like to give more options for fixing people, rather than a "one-and-done" approach. Maybe Genetics has a a power which prolongs defibrillation time with few downsides; the issue then becomes one of effectively spreading that same power stationwide, or at least to the most at-risk individuals (i.e. resource management). Maybe Medbay is reliant instead on the Coroner or a similar triage person during an MCI (Multiple Casualty Incident), with them running around and moving defib-able people to the cryopod area while injecting the long-term cases with formaldehyde before they start to decompose. Maybe transplantation would remove the cloning penalty, allowing for someone who'd been cloned by MD-McDumbass to get fixed if there were other MDs and Genetics on the ball that round. Overall, though, I'd like to see the game mechanics encouraging more options rather than simply railroading everyone towards the magic cloning microwave. Suggestions: A. The defibrillator issue: -Slightly increase defib times. IIRC the old defib-capable times were up to five minutes, while the current number is two. The current number is far too small, given that defibrillators are rarely ever used in the field; unless you die inside the Medbay itself or near a mediborg, there's no saving you. I'd suggest moving it back to five minutes, to be counterbalanced with a significant penalty (see below). If you're dead-set on reducing defib times, though, then please at least split the difference and make it 3.5 minutes instead of the current "flash in the pan." -Increased defibrillator times could be counterbalanced by having defibrillation inflict severe damage on the heart like it does IRL. This would require doctors to be careful and sparing about their defib use, and make it a gamble every time you place the paddles. Inflicting variable 10-35 heart damage per shock would allow someone to survive a single defib at a bare minimum, but would make multiple uses of the defibrillator a very dangerous game (i.e. suspenseful). Heart damage requires either chest surgery or mitocholide to fix, so either Chemistry or an MD being on the ball would be able to fix the damage. This'd add additional uncertainty due to the ever-present question of player competence, and would allow for meaningful success-stories to happen, such as "a competent Chemist saves patients from a defib-happy MD's mistakes" or vice versa. B. Strange Reagent: I'd suggest limiting SR through: -Requiring a higher dose and/or more exotic materials. Space fungus might be a good 'un, or diamond, or some similarly hard-to-acquire substance. The goal here should be to make SR achieveable to make, but only by someone who knows what the hell they're doing. Alternatively, it could require help from another department, such as needing a high power draw from Engineering, ambrosia gaia or a similar higher-level plant from Botany, or upgraded parts from Science. -Shortening the time available before a body begins decaying. I'm not sure how long the current time is until bodies start decaying, but the first stage (i.e. "They are beginning to smell") is the cutoff point for SR. If you shorten that time down, then formaldehyde and good corpse-triage becomes vital to saving them. In other words, something like this. -I think the current system of "SR revives with brain/genetics" damage is good enough as-is. It allows for revives in the field, but inflicts a serious penalty if you lack access to a cryotube, and also requires that the field medic have remembered to pack along some mannitol as well. C. Cloning: As mentioned, I'd like cloning to be the "failure-state" of Medbay. People should have a real, lasting reason to not want to be cloned, and I'd suggest the following mechanisms for doing so: -Implementing Clone Memory Disorder (CMD) for an in-character penalty. A rule like "you aren't able to remember anything that happened for the past thirty minutes" would allow for some interesting RP opportunities for anyone who's so inclined, and also keep people from being able to easily nail their killers. After all, if someone starts yelling "JOE IS A 'CLING!" the moment they pop out of the cloner, that's fairly bwoinkable. There won't be 100% compliance, and the initial implementation will be patchy as usual, but having some IC penalty for getting cloned should make RP-heavy, powergamey-light players want to avoid it. If possible, I'd like to also include some mention of "You will only be able to retrieve these memories with heavy counseling" or the like, to provide people with an IC reward for visiting the Psychiatrist. Basically, if you sit down and RP out talking through "shit I'm a clone, what happened back there," you can circumvent the penalty (and ID your killer). This should hopefully make the Psychiatrist a little more relevant, while also allowing for a method of dealing with the penalty providing the player is willing to put in enough effort. -Implement some sort of [was cloned] penalty tag for anyone whose body was cloned. This would have a significant mechanical drawback which cannot be easily removed (that part is key). Options here include a brute/burn damage multiplier like IPCs, decreased maximum health, or a similar significant mechanical disadvantage. The goal here is to provide a penalty which even the powergamey-est of players would have to sit up and pay attention to; even if you don't give a shit about CMD, the mechanical cloning penalty would still make you sit up and pay attention. This could then be circumvented by brain transplantation into a humanized monkey (which would require both Genetics and an MD to be on the ball), or a similarly-circuitous method for anyone who really wants to get around it. -I don't mind autoprocessing and autocloning, and I'd suggest keeping it in light of the above penalties. This would make prescanning a gamble: do you hope that your body gets found, or do you just say "screw it" and hop into the cloner, hoping that you can find a competent Geneticist and MD to help you out on the other side? (or will you be too busy once cloned, and have to just deal with the penalty anyway?) Conclusion: Thank you to whoever took the time to read all this, and I hope this provides some decent food for thought. I agree that the previous Medbay system was definitely flawed in some respects, but I don't this approach is a positive one to fixing it. In lieu of the current changes, I'd like to provide labor-intensive methods to circumvent death, and to make cloning a last-resort option which no one wants to have happen. If you have any questions or comments about my proposal, feel free to make 'em.
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    A new critical system is on its way that is more involved, chaotic, and engaging to deal with--it's a long-awaited companion for Goonchem. This new system doesn't apply to all races--station races that do not utilize this new system are Diona, Slime People, and IPC; they will die using the old method of blacking out, slowly accumulating damage, then dying. Treating people is basically the same as before, with a few nuanced caveats. You apply patches or advanced trauma/burn kits to heal people, you inject them with chems to heal them, you can throw them in cryo to stabilize them. That said, how people lapse into crit will be fairly different. When your patient hits 0 health, they will lapse into a critical state where they can't see well, their movement can become scrambled, and they fall down a lot. During this time, they can acquire shock. Shock worsens these conditions. If shock is not treated, then the person will start undergoing cardiac failure. Treating shock can be healed by injecting saline or healing the underlying damage and getting their health solidly back into the healthy category. It's recommend you still inject saline as a primary tool, especially if they have heart failure (or you can't treat them in time while you're running to get some other medicines). Cardiac failure is even worse than shock; it'll become even more difficult to breathe, and if left untreated, will result in full out cardiac arrest. Treating cardiac failure is done with atropine or epinephrine. This condition will not go away by merely curing the underlying damage. You must treat it with atropine or epinephrine. Both chems are equally good at treating it; having both in the bloodstream, at once, increases the chances of treating it. Finally is cardiac arrest. When acquired, you'll flop on the ground and rapidly take brain and oxygen damage. Treating cardiac arrest can be done with full size defibs or the new handheld defibs. It it strongly recommended you utilize handheld defibs, as they're specialized in treating cardiac arrest. Death occurs primarily by brain damage; if the brain dies, your patient dies. A few helpful pointers and tips: -STOP RELYING ON CRYO. Cryo just heals damage, but doesn't treat the underlying conditions when someone is in a critical state. Time is your enemy under this new system; it's faster and better to apply patches (or advanced burn/trauma kits) or medicine directly to the patient than to throw them in cryo and wait for it to kick in and their body temperature to be low enough. Cryo should be used to stabilize patients who you don't have time to treat, but it shouldn't be the primary treatment method you rely on. -THERE IS A NEW HANDHELD DEFIB. Hanheld defibs work differently from full size defibs. They do not revive people from the dead. They purely treat patients undergoing cardiac arrest. They can also treat heavy O2 damage, so even if a patient isn't undergoing cardiac arrest, they are still useful for rapidly lowering O2 damage. Full size defibs cannot treat the O2 damage like handheld ones, and have a sizeable delay before activating; it's not recommend you use full size ones unless it's a desperate situation. -PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR HUD. A frowny green face is indicative of viruses; it could also mean they're in shock or undergoing cardiac failure. -CPR CAN SAVE A LIFE. CPR has been buffed dramatically under this system. It heals a significant chunk of O2 damage and completely resets the losebreath timer on a patient. In can really help, in a pinch, when someone is in critical condition. Don't expect it to save someone in full out cardiac arrest though. -Treating patients in deep critical is going to require a broad range of medications. It's strongly recommended you keep saline, epinephrine, mannitol, and salbutamol on you for dealing with deeply critical patients. Handheld defibs can help correct high amounts of O2 damage as can utilizing CPR, but handheld defibs can be unreliable at this task. O2 damage can accumulate incredibly rapidly, leading to a death spiral that will result in the patient's death in no time flat. In some situations, there will be cases where there nothing you can do. Treating a patient's damage is important, but always factor in shock, heart failure, and cardiac arrest into your plan of treating your patient, or else they're going to pay the ultimate price; their death. I'm sure there's more, but this should help you get a good start and help you treat patients on some level. Feel free to ask me any questions though!
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    So I've been spending some time on the Bad Deathclaw server and they have a system there that I really thing should be something that we tried to implement. This IS just a suggestion though as I lack the code knowledge to implement it myself. Anyways, the first thing I noticed when I joined was that the different roles were all time locked, as per usual for all of the servers I've been on except CM. But what was different was that each of the different factions on the server, the NCR, Brotherhood of Steel, all had different time locks. So, for example, the Brotherhood of Steel had two starter roles, the Initiate Scribe and Initiate Knight. In order to unlock the next role, the Scribe, you needed 10 hours of playtime as the BoS specifically. The NCR had the same thing for the Sergeant and officer roles and the like. Anyways, my idea is that this mechanic should be applied to every department except service. So for example, in security, if you wanted to play Warden or HoS then you would need to play as a security officer for 5 hours to unlock warden and then 10 hours as Warden or Officer to unlock HoS, for example. The exact timing can be figured out later. Then for like medical, if you wanted to play CMO, you would need 10 hours of experience as an MD or Paramedic. Maybe a 5 hour barrier on Virology. Same for science with the RD. Not sure about HoP. Maybe like a 1-2 hour time block on QM with experience as a cargo tech. And then for Captain you would have to play 10 hours or something as any of the other command roles. AI would require maybe some time spent playing a cyborg or something. I'm unsure how hard it would be to code but I think the game already keeps track of play time as specific departments already from what I've seen in the player playtime menu so the system is already there to track department playtime. Anyways, that's all, appreciate any thoughts.
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    Alffd, who has hosted us for several years, is retiring from that role today. We owe him our thanks for years of high-quality hosting, managing the ~17 (!) back end servers that made up Paradise. We wish him well. As of today, I've officially taken on the role of host, and we have completed our migration to a new set of servers. You may notice some changes as I settle into the role and implement new back-end systems. For example, the game server MOTD now tells you the last time the server was updated, as well as what version of paracode it is running.
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    Hey all, TL;DR: If you're interested, some of the game files could be made smaller with assistance to keep the process ongoing for new files. Cut the current sprite source size by 27% (12.8MB), audio source by ~38% (~30.7MB), paradise.rsc lowered ~28% (~28MB) with sound optimisation, another ~12% (~12MB) with sprite optimisation (~100MB -> ~66MB total) Too long; read anyway: (thanks for reading :) ) This isn't a code thing or feature to be added, but I know someone involved in the server and through them took an interest in the game data. I have experience in image / web site data optimisation and used those eyes to look over the git repo. After I grabbed a copy of it I saw that there was some data being used up that didn't need to be in the game resources. I'm not intending to step on any toes so any issues / rejections aren't a problem, just something I managed to do relatively easily (taught myself a few things) and figured I'd offer it up to take a look at in case it was helpful to the people running the server as it can be integrated into the media workflow or simply done on a semi-regular basic after a number of updates. Basic explanation: Sprites and sound files can be optimised to keep 100% of their quality (or 99.99% in the case of sound) with, in some cases, significantly smaller file sizes. What does this accomplish? Aside from the game taking up less space (Yes, it's already extremely small by todays standards) it means that the server updating clients takes less time, the resource file can be pushed out in a shorter time in a smaller size, consuming less bandwidth for the server infrastructure etc. The savings get multiplied for every player that connects for the first time, or with a broken resource cache, or after an update etc. How is this done? The sprites can be batch optimised, I've already done a complete test to crush them as far as they can possibly go with 100% exact pixel accuracy to their originals. I've written a batch script for this but I want to add some final safety measures so that I can package it and provide it in a 'anyone can use this without necessarily knowing how it works, or risking data damage in the process' with statistics and warnings if issues arise (also without overwriting files if there's an error etc). The final step is just a safety check to confirm that the DMI metadata (The bit that tells BYOND how to render the directions and animations of the sprite sheet) is completely unaltered during the process so that it can warn if an issue arises that may need manual intervention. If a user repeats the optimisation on already processed data there will be no change and no damage, just wasted CPU time. The audio optimisations are a lot more complex and I do not have a way to automate them (and might not ever without potentially destroying quality or losing space efficiency), but someone with enough knowledge / practice and a Digital Audio Workstation (even a free one) can do some manual analysis and alterations (spectrum analysis, lowering the sample rate if it doesn't need to be so high based on frequencies used etc) to the sound files before encoding them, and testing which encoding setting provides the most accurate data for the lowest file size (basically encoding several examples at different settings and then just comparing them to the original, because 'the highest setting' is not always the best. A file might only need to be 1MB in order to be 'perceptably perfect', but higher settings may make that same file significantly larger). These kinds of optimisations must be done on the highest quality source available (not the existing ogg files unless absolutely necessary) and should only ever be done once per new sound file added. As I've gone I've also been writing the basic outline of a tutorial / best (ish) practice to guide others through the process, depending on demand that may be turned into a full fledged tutorial on the process. After the sprite optimisation I ran up a private server and had a poke around, but not being a player I was only able to run around and do basic interactions, the sprites seemed fine as far as I tested. The sound optimisation I'm not currently 100% sure will work as I have not tested that and there may be edge cases with the alterations I've made that cause some files to fail, though I am not able to actively test this myself, I have simply stuck to the limitations of the FMODex sound system that BYOND uses, so 'on paper' they should work. In reality however, I do not know and would appreciate testers if people are interested. I've forked the repo and added a testing branch to my own for this purpose until I know my alterations are sound, it can be found at: https://github.com/timegrinder/SS13-Paradise/tree/testing Currently it only has the audio optimisations as I want to thoroughly check the DMI metadata on the sprites to make sure they are all intact before uploading them. The process can also be backported to the other stations / code bases if people care, whether just them finding out your data is in a better envelope and pulling it, or them processing their own in some way. Hope you survived the rant! Any responses or comments / questions etc are welcome, I might not respond terribly quickly or sometimes forget to check back.
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    Hello, I recently found out that back in the day the Blueshield had CQC before it was nerfed. I propose we bring it back and allow to Blueshield to have CQC, either in glove form like the Warden or just inherently known. I think we should implement this because the Blueshield is a highly trained bodyguard sent directly from centcomm. They are someone who has undergone extreme training in order to protect heads in the most hostile environments, it does not make sense to me that they don't know some form of martial arts. It is a karma bought job so the likelihood of abuse is lower I would imagine, for some people 30 karma is impossible to get. Anyways, I think this would be a great improvement and provide more roleplay aspects, being able to grab someone who runs straight for the captain with a knife or some such. Not having to rely on your advanced stun revolver and the likes. Make the Blueshield great again! If you have something to add please do, hopefully, we can get this added.
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    Made forum account just to vote. There are other ways to make death impactful without hamstringing our already always-busy medbay, like increasing cloning timers and minor changes to chemistry, restricting the amount of omni they get at start of shift from the CMO-hypo, etc. I feel that these changes were made through theorycrafting. The reason medbay works (as well as it does, when it does work well) is because people who play it know what they're doing. Not because their tools are too strong. Now medbay is as annoying to play as it is to be stuck in as a patient. This didn't make death or injury more impactful in a healthy way, it just made the unfun parts of medbay more tedious, and puts unwanted pressure on chemists, a job which has all of its TG-shortcuts gutted from it/never implemented. Also there's lights above the chem machines that seem specifically designed to splash your chemicals on by accident - that's the PR we actually need. Not something to make playing a non-surgeon medbay staffperson into a dumpster fire the second it gets busy.
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    My most beautiful creation! Credit to Alffd for the images.
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    Private detective clown out to solve crimes for a fee: This guy was so ashamed his fibers were on the glass he walked back into the cell and repaired it. The actual detective was fairly amused. Went out to get a proper hat, and found a syndie crate with apron fibers, tho sec never aprehended the botanist. Followed some cold case trails to an abandoned ambulance, then had to use my mighty cap gun to escape from a suspicious snowman that chased me away from the scene. After writing a report for the detective, I repo'd next the botanist's janicart from chapel maint, and sold him the fingerprints for 250 credits. Some called for help for a Ripley thievery. The guy had used it to drill Ian to death. Got his confession on tape and Miranda paid me 2500 for handing it to Security and helping to get him out of the Ripley. Tho I have to say, cap guns aren't very effective against mechas. QM blew up! Not much on the scene, but then my keen souless eyes noticed a shipping manifest on the desk. QM had bought security gear for his office. And, as it turned out, they had actually been buying null crates and selling illegal gear all shift without being busted until then! After all that work I finished the shift as any proper private detective -- gambling and drinking.
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    UPDATE 04/24/2019: The official Draft for the SEC Instructor is published along with a poll to determine which sprites should be commissioned! Both uniforms will eventually find their way into the role if everything goes according to plan, worst case scenario we will have to choose one or another. That's where the poll comes in! UPDATE 04/29/2019: The first iteration of the PR is up! Shout our to @AffectedArc07 as well as @Christasmurf and Mocha for their assistance! This is a vague post with not ALL the details inserted because this is all on the phone. Feel free to ask questions or assert opposing opinions! So we were having a discussion on discord in reference to the new wave of security officers joining the department without any guidance. Over the course of the discussion the idea of a Field Training Officer job came to light. . . In a time where the population influx is ALOT more than 8 officers can handle there is a need for a job where the job holder goes into the job knowing his responsibility is to train the newer officers coming into the department. Here are a couple footnotes brought up to help establish a foundation for the job. Criteria: 24-50 hours time as SEC ((or less depending on how this discussion goes) Job Name can either be Instructor, Drill sergeant, or FTO ((names suggested by discord)) Now many folks out there might be asking “Why is this needed? Why should I waste coding resources and time to make a job, a new premise ID, as well as new premade access? Why is Furasian on forums? Why isn’t the head of security doing this?” The reasoning behind this is that the job title helps new security officers designate who they can turn to in order to learn to ropes. The job holder also goes into the job understanding he/she also inherits the responsibility to guide and train sec officers on how to be robust and remain within the legal boundaries of space law at the same time. This also helps relieve a burden on the Head of Security’s shoulders so he/she can focus on the commanding responsibilities rather than balancing both teaching and commanding. Not to mention it’s less intimidating to turn towards someone of similar rank rather than your boss to tell them that you don’t know how to do your job in some aspects. Security officers are under great scrutiny and their walking targets for antagonists. To have a officer prepare them will help increase the retention rate and help establish a new wave of security mains. This also establishes a new layer of responsibility. NewSec won’t be able to just simply say “I didn’t know” everytime they step on their meat. I’ll try over the course of the week to test this idea out. In game I’ll try to get a custom job name of FTO and dedicate my time to training new officers to determine if this idea would have a significant impact. Please go into this idea with a open mind! I know everyone here has had a shitcurity moment where they wished someone who knew what they were doing had stepped in and educated the officer. OFFICIAL DRAFT *Icon here* SEC INSTRUCTOR Difficulty: Very Hard Guides: Guide to Security, Space Law, Standard Operating Procedure, Riot Control Access: Security, Brig Timers, Maintenance, Warden Sec Instructor is the field training officer of the Security Department. They consist of veteran SEC Officers who have walked the beat many shifts and survived the worst. With similar duties as a SEC Officer, it is their duty to shape up new recruits so they can be the next generation of veteran SEC Officers. TEACHING THE ROOKIES You are a instructor above all. While you carry a baton and a badge you should be more focused on making sure the rookies don't get themselves killed. They will look up to you, be sure to set a good example for them to follow. You are expected to be able to teach officers how to maintain all duties from patrol to perma brigging procedures to even some head of security responsibilities should your head request the guidance. While you might not end up taking over these roles over the course of the shift you should at least have knowledge of the roles. The Security Instructor is not required to report SOP Violations to IA Investigators and instead direct such reports to the Head of Security for corrective action. They still have the option to refer to Internal Affairs, should the officer show no remorse for his violation or no hope of improving. Old Green You are a officer among officers, you carry no rank over the Warden, Head of Security, or individual Officers unless stated otherwise by the Head of Security, Acting Head of Security, or Captain. Should the Warden or Head of Security go MIA/KIA, you are the third in line to be Acting Head of Security. As Stated before, the Head of Security or Captain, can give you command authority, but this is at their discretion. CODE GREEN PROCEDURES 1. Training new Security Officers takes priority. Security Instructors should take the initiative to identify and train new officers. 2. Security Instructors is permitted to carry out arrests under the same conditions as Security Officers, but they should not arrest if a Security Officer can make the arrest instead. 3. The Security Instructor is permitted to carry a taser, a flash, a stunbaton, and a can of pepperspray. 4. Security Instructors are expected to be able to brig in accordance to code green brigging procedures. 5. Security Instructors are not permitted to have weapons drawn during regular patrols. 6. Security Instructors should not conduct searches unless there is a clear and immediate threat or it is during brigging procedures. 7. Lethal Force is not authorized unless there is a clear and immediate threat to the station's integrity or the Officer's life. CODE BLUE PROCEDURES 1. Guidelines 1, 2, 3, 4, and 8 are carried over from code green. 2. Should security numbers decline, the Security Instructor may act as a reinforcement and assume all Security Officer Responsibilities. 3. Security Instructors are permitted to carry around any weapons or equipment available in the armory, at the Warden's discretion. 4. Security Instructors are permitted to carry weapons in hand during patrol should they have no equipment space. 5.Security instructors may demand entry into specific departments during regular patrols. 6. Security Instructors are expected to take new Security Officers during patrol. CODE RED PROCEDURES 1. Guidelines 2 3 4 5 and 6 Carry over from Code Blue 2. Security Instructors may arrest like normal Security Officers during code red. 3. Securities Instructors may forcefully relocate crewmembers to their respective departments if necessary. 4. Lethal force is permitted if the target is confirmed to be guilty of Capital Crimes and actively, and aggressively, resists arrest. CHAIN OF COMMAND The Security Instructor works under the Head of Security. During extreme circumstances the Head of Security or the Captain can promote the Security Instructor and give him command responsibilities. Should the Warden and Head of Security die or go missing, the Security Instructor is third in line for Acting Head of Security. POLL ANNOUNCEMENT Hello everyone! Furasian here, I have currently put out a poll to see if we can set a foundation for what the SEC Instructor should look like. Here are two options I've developed based on discussions here... Since we've weeded out the idea of SEC Instructor being a centcomm asset like the NT Rep and Blueshield I've currently taken those two appearance options out until otherwise. I am currently looking at two options, feel free to add more in the discussion! Option 1: 1980s copper- A true sign of a veteran! You've done your time and got some stripes. Now you stand with your fellow officers like the grumpy veteran you are! You smell bribes and loafing around so get those coppers on the streets to write those damn tickets! WHAT?! What do you mean we don't write tickets on this station?! Inspired by the pixel game Beat Cop, the true image of the tough old days, where you had to actually take fingerprints to a machine to get DNA instead of a handheld device. These rookies have it easy compared to the days you were on the street! Despite this vote having the upperhand as of 4/27/2019 Option 2 has been removed from the poll. Leaving only Option 1 to be our viable option Option 2: Drill Instructor- STAND AT ATTENTION! You lead these maggots and turn them into hard core officers! This is a paramilitary organization! If they don't like it they can leave! YOU ARE NO LONGER BLACK, OR YELLOW, OR GREEN, YOU ARE NOW RED! YOU ARE NOW DARK RED! Inspired by well.. Drill instructors. https://www.strawpoll.me/17878229 Vote now! Let your opinion shape this job the way YOU WANT it to be shaped! I've seen a couple discussions about the job along with a couple of ideas on the discord, reminder to post them here on this thread so it's all together in one location instead of being buried in the chaos that is discord THE VOTE WILL CLOSE ON 05/01/2019 (ONE WEEK FROM NOW) 05/04/2019 FINAL TALLY FOR DISCUSSION YAY: 5 NAY: 3
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    Some backstory: Lich, everyone's favorite NT Rep, has been attempting to assist two of his friends in getting married. Every time they attempted to FINALLY get somewhere- all hell would break loose to the point that it was neigh impossible. Between the usual chaos of the station or one or more parties not being present, it turned into quite the wait before everything was minimally ready. After much patience and a few space cows: It finally happened.... Sorta. Current Story: So the shift started off rather normally, nothing jumping out as being otherwise dangerous or requiring a lot of action on anyone's part to handle. It just so happened to finally be the day that both parties were on the same shift with enough people to finally get the paperwork done. Lich, being the master of paperwork that he is, eagerly stepped up to the plate when it came to filling out the appropriate forms. With pen in hand, he laid down the foundations and before long- the basics of the marriage certificate were all but officiated. For the paperwork to be considered complete, Lich needed to get a Minister and three witnesses to make the document complete. With his own signature, he turned the number of witnesses down two just two. And so started Lich's adventure to get signatures on a piece of paper! What could possibly go wrong? Fast-forward ten minutes later and Lich is banging his head against the wall. Lich failed to remember that he had a strange encounter with the Chaplain and their friends prior to starting the paperwork. They were requesting the nuke of all damn things to worship! The captain was a bit unsure about giving it to them but wasn't tossing the idea out the window due to threats from the chaplain regarding the 'Wrath of Atom'. The captain decided at that point to leave to go ask CC if they could have it, this raised two problems: 1. The Chaplain was clearly not going to help Lich sign as a minister unless he was ultra lucky. 2. The Captain was too busy doing other things to actually sign his form and was not answering any of his requests regarding it for some time. Lich did what any rational person would do in his position. He sat infront of the captain's door and spammed the shit out of it until the captain got so annoyed they opened it up. Success! Once inside, Lich had it easy as the Captain was all too happy to sign... As a WITNESS. They signed it, stamped it, it was done unless he wanted to start all over again but apparently that's what the couple wanted anyway so-... He'd have to figure out Something. At the same time, the Captain politely informed Lich that the church was likely not going to be TOO happy given that CC gave a rather strongly worded response about handing the nuke out to random people. With this information in hand, he left and did what he could to try and make amends with the chaplain in HOPES that he could get this paperwork filled out. Another witness would be easy, the minister signature? Now that was a bit harder, so this was critical to his success. Lich made his way to the chapel and found one of the chaplain's friends in there but the chaplain was nowhere to be seen. Lich was apparently in so much of a rush that he didn't really register that the chaplain's friend was putting down green flooring... And was wearing a radiation suit... And was holding uranium... Needless to say Lich did his best to quickly leave that place and head towards the medbay, attempting to recover from this situation and get some treatment. Yeah.. That didn't happen. As Lich finally got to the Medbay, he learned very quickly that someone had gotten into the space lube and had coated all of the area in front of Medbay with it several times over. So there Lich was, slipping from one end of the hallway to the other, slowly dipping further and further into a crit state while he was clutching this precious document for all it was worth. Then... He passed out. Lich awoke with a start! The defibrillator going off as he was hip tossed into a cryopod and returned to his comatose like state... Another start! Again on the ground, Lich found himself being dragged up and hip tossed BACK into cryo. Another start! And again Lich was on the ground but he didn't even get to see the damn cryo before... Another Start! And again Lich... Another start!... This happened for about four or five times before they seemed to give up. He felt his spirit finally start to drift a bit as his body slowly rested... Another start! Lich was semi-conscious enough to look over and see himself... Sort of. A half of his face floated by in the mess of biomass that was the failed cloning attempt they had tried on him. Perhaps it was watching the literal blinder mess that was his clone's body or perhaps it was the fact that he was going into cardiac arrest, either way- you know the drill. Another start! Thankfully it's the last one. Lich finally stood up, stark naked in the middle of Medbay but not really caring. He NEEDED to get his paperwork back. He didn't care about ANYTHING other then his damn paperwork. Rushing to the cloning area, he managed to get in and recover his dignity as well as the precious documents before skulking off towards the bridge, defeated for the moment. Screw it, he decided, I'll just PDA them and tell them to come HERE. After all, it's the least they could do after THAT mess, right? Just as he hit Send on his PDA, asking rather politely for the chaplain to come to the medical bay he heard something in his headset: The chaplain was in critical state in the medbay reception area. Lich banged his head against the wall a few times before going to see if the chaplain would survive or if he'd have to wait for her to die about five times too before she'd be deemed okay to walk out again. As he entered the Medbay he noticed the CMO hovering over the chaplain, perhaps there was hope after all for this situation! The CMO, to their credit, wasn't involved in his care until the very end when he was able to walk away- so perhaps the chaplain would actually make it out of there in a timely manner!.. Eh, sorta... The chaplain died about two or three times total, a mixture of advanced radiation poisoning (ironic), cardiac arrest, and perhaps some legitimate wrath from a deity. Either way, the chaplain was FINALLY spit out of the cryotube and given the CMO's blessings to walk out. Lich was ecstatic, shaking the chaplain with the goal of waking her up or giving her brain damage in the process, which ever came first. She finally managed to stagger to her feet and Lich whipped out his trust PDA, eager to send his request to her to SIGN THE DAMN PAPER AND HOLD THE DAMN CEREMONY. Just as he was going to hit send he heard a ping overhead: Ionospheric anomalies... Telecoms down... FUCK IT! Lich grabbed the chaplain and handed her a pen, practically stabbing it into her with the urgency he had. As he went to hand her the other form he realized she had fused her arm into a fucking arm blade because of course she did. Frantically, Lich grabbed ahold of her and dragged her over towards the nearest table. He slapped that paper down and pointed to the Minister line. It was RIGHT there. The chaplain raised her hand, moving to sign before collapsing over again. Lich thought she died for a moment then he realized.. She's just asleep... SSD... Lich proceeded to flip the table and get on his knees, silently crying out to whatever god was deciding to take a serious piss on him at that moment. After a private pitty party, Lich grabbed the SSD chaplain by the ankle and hauled her to the bridge. If she was waking up, he'd be there dammit. And yet- he was running out of time! He had to think of SOMETHING! Smashing his head against the bridge walls again, it finally hit him- the chaplain's friends! They were given titles of Clergy! Frantically, Lich PDAed them as soon as he could and thankfully- it worked... They showed up, or the first one did and proceeded to hand it to the second one who THEN proceeded to hand it BACK to Lich until Lich showed them EXACTLY where to sign. Thankfully, he FINALLY got that signature! Lich turned around and went back into the bridge, having only been just outside of it. Now inside, the couple was there, their other friend signing as witness, THINGS WERE FINALLY GOING WELL! They even decided to hold the chapel service then and there, not wanting to hold any other delays, right on the bridge. They closed the shutters, blocking out the Christmas tree that was attempting to wail on the bridge window and actually managed to get through the whole process! They were finally married! Then they were all eaten by a slaughter demon... Literally. The end.
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    I'd usually make a PR with my changes but with the flood of revivability PRs, the maints decided not to accept any further PRs about the topic, so instead I'll just write down my thoughts. I decided to make this its own thread instead of putting it in the crit discussion since it extends beyond the changes of the crit rework and touches on other things as well. Let me first define what I consider interesting and boring gameplay in medbay. The Issues First, interesting gameplay is when a doctor manually fixes a patient, using their knowledge of the game mechanics, chems, the patient's medical state and so on. What counts here is that he is making decisions and is actively engaged. The prime example of this is surgery, as the probably most involved medical procedure. But also things like brain and other organ transplants, etc. Secondly, boring gameplay is when a doctor puts a patient in a machine, turns it on and then walks away, or otherwise takes a single action and then leaves, especially if there is no or very little decision making involved in this. For example, deciding which chems to give someone in a sleeper is still somewhat more involved than pushing them in the cloner. The cloner is the single most boring and uninteractive machine in medbay. It fixes a patient regardless of their body's state and proceeds totally automatically. Most often the poor clonee even has to go poke a doctor for a mannitol pill for his brain damage. You can grab a greytider with no medical knowledge whatsoever, give him a one minute crash course and he can clone. Once cloners are upgraded, even that part is moot. The current main issue of medbay is that cloning is easier than fixing people in other ways. We've seen a PR that reduced defib time from 5 to 2 minutes, an attempt to increase cloning time and an attempt to make SR not work on non-clonable races. And now, the big crit rework will completely remove the revive function of defibs. Raising defib times was an attempt to, in the words of the author: "Push[ing] more individuals to use cloning". The now closed 'Revivability Update' attempted to double clone times as if it fixes anything besides doubling the time you can fuck off before checking on the cloner before putting the next body in it. The crit rework being test-merged has the same issues. By removing defibs as a revival method, you incentivise cloner use, pushing people into the least interesting 'mechanic' of medbay. Now, in the crit rework's credit it also attempts to make you survive longer in crit and give medbay lots of chances to stabilize and pull you out of crit, which is definitely interesting gameplay, but the issue persists that players can avoid that (and often do) simply by letting the patient die and putting them in the cloner. So, to summarize the current issues: 1. Involved, many-step processes that benefit from player knowledge and experience are interesting. IE surgery. 2. One-click solutions that fix all issues with a patient are boring. IE Cloning, Cryotubes to a lesser extent. Solutions Now, how do we fix this issue? Clearly, we should push people towards 1 and not 2. I've thought about a number of approaches: Make cloning take longer. This is a solution that's already been attempted, unsuccessfully. Faced with waiting 4 minutes for a patient to clone instead of 2 doesn't actually make doctors chose the more involved procedure, since they aren't the ones waiting as a ghost to rejoin the round. You could raise the time to ridiculous levels before this actually starts having an effect. This solution is clearly unworkable. Rejected. Make cloning consume meaningful resources. Biomass is easy to make in raw amounts, and besides that all a cloner needs is some power. You could make it necessary for cloners to be fed with some hard to get or valuable ingredient to work, but it would be hard to think of something lorewise fitting, imo (maybe something cargo has to order in an expensive crate?). At least, of something that doesn't just tax the chemist even more. Other servers have cloning cost money I think, but money has no meaning in our economy. Rather bad, imo. Make cloning come with not easily removed downsides. Having cloning cause some permanent downside or disability that isn't instantly removed by a pill of mannitol or clean SE could potentially work. For example, you could give cloned people a chance of getting a 'cloning trauma', which gives them a mental issue that they then have to play out (maybe even give them a little 'objective' like abductor victims get?). (Bonus: Give the psych something to do). Potentially interesting idea. Less RP-intense alternatives might just be stuff like unremovable disabilities, but I can already see players REEing about that. Workable, maybe? Make cloning no longer the default/lowest tier revival method. The most 'radical' method. Cloning is used because it is easy and available from roundstart. We could simply...change that. Remove the roundstart cloning setup and lock cloning behind decent research levels. You'd have to undo the nerfs to alternative revival methods while doing that (IE give the CMO omnizine in his hypospray again, raise defib timer, make defibs not insta-kill slimes again because brain damage multiplier lol). This would mean medbay has to carefully preserve their SR pills, patch people up, rush in with their defibs to save on SR, perform surgery to fix internal bleeding, broken bones, etc each time someone dies. Radical, but IMO the best idea so far. Something that can go hand in hand with 4., make more people reach medbay alive. The crit rework, as far as I can tell, somewhat intends this already. Have the paramedic bring in less dead people and more crit people, so medbay can patch them up, work under time pressure to stabilize, etc. To do so, we could introduce some more tools to stabilize patients, like stasis bags, or simple tweak the crit numbers to make dying slower. Nice but not enough on its own, imo. So, what do you all think? Do you agree or disagree with my analysis of medbay's issues and what makes good gameplay? And what do you think of the possible solutions I talk about?
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    I can't believe no one has posted this yet:
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    Galaxy brain cultists fill their base with a plasma-air mix. It had predictable results
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    My latest infraction inspired me to draw this Please dont hate I know it's crap
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    NOTE: I am not writing this out of hate but out of a desire to fix the race so that they're not just "dog people". So I have an artist friend who deals a lot with animals, anthropology, and such and I asked them to draw my character. When attempting to explain what a Vulp is, I used the Wiki article and that's when we both discovered that there are some things that definitely need explained if this race is going to be anything other then "Dog Person". I have a background in medicine so we put our heads together and came up with a few things to point out. Based on their anatomy and physiology we determined that prior to NT finding them they were likely a hunter-gatherer society that likely had some amount of farming capability but primarily relied on tools and ambush tactics. This idea is supported by the fact that they have low light vision, opposable thumbs, and plantigrade feet which would not make them very fast in comparison to something like an actual dog. Their ribs are apparently fused in a web-like lattice structure. This structure, we deduced, has to be relatively flexible not only to suit their ambush tactics but if it was rigid, they'd have more 'barrel chested' appearances. Additionally, having this lattice like structure would actually give them more blood flow then a human (as humans have bundles of veins and arteries tucked under each rib in a small notch) since blood flow can go and reach just about anywhere in the chest cavity without major obstruction. This would require them to have rather tough lungs to help push up against their own chest. As far as organs are concerned, it is noted that they have two primary differences to humans: 1. A two chambered stomach. 2. A 'special' liver. Ill discuss these later. Their face will have to have center focused eyes (like a human) that don't offer as great of a field of vision as a prey would have. In addition, due to their overall structure and nature they can probably smell very well but at the cost of requiring them to have strong muzzles. Their jaws, on the other hand, don't need to be as strong nor do their necks as they don't appear to need to be able to hold thrashing animals in their teeth, thus their teeth aren't too tough in comparison to humans. Here are the things that we feel need to either be clarified or otherwise changed as to make the race actually make some means of practical sense. If Atlam was a temperate world, why the increased blood flow to the ears? You wouldn't need greater thermo-regulation in a temperate environment, regardless of how 'big' their ears are it's otherwise excessive. If you're saying it's an evolutionary adaptation, it's been about 4 generations since they've moved and become space fairing, that's very fast evolution by anyone's standards and while variances in height might be possible in that time, developing entire networks of collateral blood flow in ears to accommodate space? Color blindness and correction. The reason why a lot of creatures are colorblind is because they've got an advantage in light conditions that we as humans (who see more color) don't have. Most wild animals are able to see in low light areas which increases their ability to hunt. As we already mentioned, we're pretty sure that they were ambush predators who relied on hunting so them having relative color blindness in favor of low-light visibility makes sense. What doesn't make sense is if it's later corrected, they should, in theory, lose the ability to see in the dark as effectively as they previously could. Possible solution: Only one eye is usually fixed. The brain will be able to bridge the gap and fill in the color blindness while also allowing them to retain their low light visibility. Chest cavity. Due to how their chest is made up, it's got to be more flexible then a humans. This would be a lot more akin to our floating ribs due to their overall requirement of flexibility and allowing expansion during inhalation. The ribs, in conjunction with the muscles of the chest, would support them taking breaths in and would also do decent jobs protecting their chests from slashing damage but would be relatively shit at protecting them from blunt trauma. This is due to the fact that, unlike a human's semi-rigid chest thanks to the presence of a sternum, they have nothing but a flexible chest that prioritizes supporting their stream-like design rather then being protective and thus take more organ damage from blunt trauma. Organs. While their heart is likely 4 chambered, lungs will have to be different in the sense that they're more tough and able to support moving their chest in a uniform motion as they draw in a breath. Otherwise, the muscles on their chest have to be rather significant as they're always relying on these (what would be to a human 'accessory') muscles to help move their chest in a meaningful way. Additionally, their stomach is two chambered apparently? We actually figured this is reasonable if they're able to consume raw meat. We're aware that creatures like bears are able to do both with a single chambered stomach but we realized that while the stomach is very strong in a bear, it requires a ton of intestines to help support its large structure as the whole system is generally inefficient when compared to the relatively compact design we're going for here. Thus, the stomach should be noted to probably be able to handle raw meat a lot better then most other crew members could be able to. What about the specialized "vulpkanin liver" as when a vulp is gibbed, it's even denoted as such? Well that thing has to support a very fast metabolism which makes since with the +11% loss to hunger. In turn, medications, toxins, and food should all be processed quickly though the body but remain for very brief amounts of time. For example, if you give a vulp and a human the same med: The vulp will have the medicine activate sooner and end sooner then the human would by a significant amount. This means that vulp may require more medication to heal them then most crew. The issue with the tails: Since they're plantigrade creatures they are able to enjoy all the benefits that humans do with their hands and feet, like the ability to be bipedal, climb, pick things up, wear clothes, etc. Since their so plantigrade why have the tails in the first place? Tails are usually used as a means of providing some amount of balance to a creature as it moves in some form or fashion. Cats use it to turn while running and falling. Now, their tails do have some use in the way of communicating in their language as well as playing a role in their overall body language. Where this doesn't make sense is that their tail has a similar bone structure to a limb rather than a usual tail? Monkeys, dogs, cats, etc all have tails that are essentially part of their spines and play an active role in such. They are, thanks to their spinal nature, light weight and generally easy to control in some form or fashion. Vulps apparently have a bone structure more akin to a limb? For a vulp to wag their tail as they do in game, that means that we know it's at least greater than one to two bones (likely closer to around three to six at least) because the more long bones present, the less flexible and able to 'wag' the tail. This means that not only is their tail Heavy due to the bone presence but the flexibility required to communicate would be staunched greatly. Simple fix: have it as a part of their spine. Makes it light weight, non-weight bearing (can't pick shit up with them), but able to be controlled to some degree that would make it essential for communication. Simple fixes: Amend the wiki and potentially give them more organ damage as a result of blunt trauma to the chest.
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    To be honest, I don't know what's going on anymore. But at least @Spacemanspark helped @shatterdcoyote with his eye sight issues.
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    About Antag Tokens: Antag tokens are given out by admins, at their discretion. Typically, they are only given out to antags who have their antag round ruined by an admin's mistake, such as if an admin accidentally crashes the server. You are never entitled to an antag token. If you want to know if you have any antag tokens, ahelp and ask. There is no other way for you to check if you have one. If you have an antag token, you can ahelp "''I would like to use my antag token to become an X''" (where X is "changeling", "traitor" or "vampire") at the start of the round, to become that type of antag. You cannot use antag tokens to become any other type of antag not listed above. You cannot use the same token more than once. Even if you die 20 seconds after using the token. You cannot use antag tokens if you are playing a job that is typically mindshielded, like Captain or Security. Admins may deny your request to use an antag token in any certain round. When this happens, it is probably because there are too many (or too powerful) antags already in the round. It can also be because you waited too long into the round to try to use the token. If this happens, your antag token is NOT used up, and you can try using it again in a future round.
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    Kaskreyarawkta. I am not a bird.
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    Alright let me open up my comment with I have spent dozens of hours mastering telescience along with every single aspect of it (from hubs to quantum pads to z level loot to the depot etc). I've even edited the wiki and wrote the majority of the page itself. And yes, I am the guy who makes that "public hub" that has been mentioned before, so I can most definitely touch on that as well. I'm Crangus Pangaria btw. After reading both the original post and people's comments, there are some discrepancies that need to be corrected. 1.) The telepad can only teleport objects from z levels 1, 3, 4, 5, and 6. So no, you can't teleport anything you want from any z level. And, as I will touch on with depot, there are areas where telescience is not permitted. 2.) A large amount of space ruins are procedurally generated, all non-procedural telesciencable loot can be found by a google doc I created here. After using telescience dozens and dozens of times for multiple rounds, I've found that the combat gloves are the most teleported item I get from space ruins (even though there's a free double barrel shotgun, white ship circuit board, infinite hardsuits, and abandoned crates). 3.) Anything important that should not be telescience accessible that is not procedural are on z level 2 (admin ship, abductor ship, golem ship default spawn). All procedural space ruins are on levels 7-whatever the max z level is, which again is not possible with the limited 1, 3, 4, 5, 6. 4.) As far as "if your suit sensors are maxed you can get anyone," this is true unless the target is inside something with density, say a terror spider cocoon or being buckled to the ambulance. That or they're on a z level not listed above, therefore making it impossible to even use the teleporter. They're called quantum pads to be specific, and yes they can only be linked to eachother hence their harmless nature and the reason why I use them as a "public hub" rather than say an actual teleporter hub or a public telepad setup. There is a flag that can applied to an area that, when attempted to teleport to, will make the console bleep "ERROR! Target destination unreachable due to interference." This flag can be found in places like cent com, I believe the escape shuttle, the syndie depot, and probably more random places. ALL AREAS ON THE CYBERIAD ITSELF ARE NOT PROTECTED BY THIS FLAG. Yea the flag added to an area is the map altering bit that was specifically designed to prevent teleporting, so it kinda already exists.... As for the topic of calculators nobody friggen does the math by hand. It's not a question of "they're out there, and some scumbags are using them to robust telescience" its just plainly a part of telescience as it is. The actual reason why this hinders a telescience user is not difficult math but the fact that you have to manually enter target coordinates, press calculate, then enter the bearing and elevation. This stops users from pulling moving targets, as has been a real pain in the ass when I'm trying to pull a dead body being dragged by a spider... Also, absolutley nothing can stop people from using calculators, literally nothing within the realm of possibility. Ok now for me bein mad Whoever thinks that telescience has no non-antag purposes is absolutly undeniaably unequivalally wrong. There is no debate, there is a 100% productive and legitamte use for telescience. Telescience paramedic. If anyone wants to argue with me I will literally join any round, fire open telescience with a one-way quantum pad leading to medbay next to the telepad (or have my own cloning setup next to the telescience setup) and count the number of bodies I save from otherwise permanent death. There is a good chance somebody who commented on this thread has been saved by me, or has used my quantum pad network, or has been unlucky enough to be a rogue AI. As for telescience being easy to setup, yea it's stupid easy to setup. As soon as you get 6 bluespace crystals your friggen done, literally 3 minutes to build and calibrate the offsets. As an antagonist I find telescience as an omega cheese, but only in certain circumstances. In order to properly use telescience to complete objectves, you have create stuff (eg bombs) to actually use it. This makes it slightely less robust, however still powerful. Personally after 500 hours of paradise I have never once been killed by telescience; however, I have used telescience to greentext myself as well as subvert rogue AIs. My suggestion to nerf telescience (speaking from massive amounts of experience) prevents two of the most powerful aspects of telescience that I personally abuse. 1.) There is no area on the cyberiad thats protected with the no tele flag 2.) You get 20 something teleports per calibration My suggestion: Make it so you have to re-calibrate for every teleport and add the flag to certain places like the armory and the AI sat. If anyone has any questions regarding telescience or science in general, I am walking encyclopedia.
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    After the singulo got released, engineering rebuilt containment and prepared for making a new singulo. but something about their setup seems a bit off...
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    He is the worst enemy of any lazy cook or bartender and he's prepared to report even the smallest of health code violations! Enter: Health Inspector! His areas of access would be Bar, kitchen (and maybe botany not sure about that one). His job description? Enforce some basic hygienic standards. No food lying all over the floor and those blood stains on the kitchen floor better be cleaned up soon. Also the person you call for checking food left in random hallways for drugs. Job specific traitor item would be a box of hyper active mouses that he can let loose to let them eat the entire kitchens storage (Or a lot of wires) Now regarding any comparisons with the internal affairs agent, I think the health inspector job would be different enough to not overlap. Especially because the internal affairs agent is busy enough arguing with the heads about proper hiring/demotion procedures that he really doesn't have the time to check on food related service roles all the time. I know the idea is still in its early stages so I would love some feedback on how to turn this into a paradise worthy job.
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    Runtime killed a mouse, like a good kitty. But it wasn't a mouse, it was a... BLOB MOUSTER
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    As a test, I used an admin spawned human and used admin tools to deal 200 burn damage, then timed how long it took for them to die. These times aren't precise as I don't have a stopwatch and had to alt tab back and forth, but are generally accurate within 1-2s. Test 1: 2:28. Subject started taking brain damage after 1:47. Died with 664 respiration damage and 75 brain damage Test 2: 0:56. Subject started taking brain damage after 0:35. Died with 297 respsiration damage and 36 brain damage. Test 3 0:18. Subject started taking brain damage after 0:08. Died with 139 respiration damage and 18 brain damage. Test 4: 1:33. Byond bugged and didn't update the scanner so I don't know when brain damage started. Died with 818 respiration damage and 102 brain damage. Test 5: 1:43. Subject started taking brain damage after 1:05. Died with 530 respiration damage and 60 brain damage. I'd hazard a guess that in a real scenario the odds any of those test dummies could have been saved by medical, even if it was staffed by the best medical players in existence is practically zero, simply because none of them would likely have made it to medical before dying. Keep in mind, these numbers are withn me using admin tools to deal 200 burn damage. In a realistic scenario where someone is taking brute by an antag or atmos death blender, it's probably going to be a lot worse. There definitely needs to be some adjustments made on the time til death, and there certainly needs to be a floor so patients can't just randomly die in 20 seconds. Edit: For some practical advice to anyone playing medical. At round start acquire a bucket. Go to the mendvend. Vend a bottle of Epi, Sal-Glu, Atropine, and Salylic Acid. Then vend 1 pill of Mannitol and 1 pill of Salbumtol. Add 20 of each bottle to the bucket, then disolve both pills in it. Grab a syringe and fill it. Inject literally everyone who comes into medical in crit with that. If you're the CMO, use your hypo instead of a syringe, it's faster. Normal hypos won't take atropine sadly, and if you have to give it separately it kind of defeats the point of the hypo being faster. Edit 2: Actually, forget all that. Just carry Atropine, it's all you need. They can't die unless they suffer cardiac arrest, and they can't suffer cardiac arrest if they have Atropine in them. Defib if their heart is already stopped. Once atropine is in them, treat as normal to get them out of critical. In fact, it should generally be safe to just inject 15u of atropine from a syringe and then dump them into cryo as long as their heart isn't already stopped. Edit 3: Theoretically, you should be able to just add atropine to the cryomix and just cryo everyone. Will require testing. Once that's done, your biggest issue will be your fellow doctors trying to drag your patients away and throw them into cryo. I would recommend murdering them with a hatchet.
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    Alright so, First I was very against the new medical system. I disliked it because it doesn't seem to have the goal of making medical more fun in mind, and punishes those who want to play it. I think it's a great system. But I did not think it's a system that belongs in paradise. It takes too long to fix people, for a server that has this large of a population, leading to unrevivables and excessive cloning. I also feel like from an RP standpoint, cloning should absolutely be a last-resort as it would have major psychological problems for a lot of characters, and in other servers it carried a price tag - People who were cloned had to pay a fee. This was in keeping with the fact that cloning is supposedly expensive. An issue I have with paradise is that cloning is supposedly expensive, but is not expensive in any way for those on the server or in the game. It costs nothing except biomass and power. My first suggestion would be, keep the medical system but with changes - We want it to feel fun and rewarding to be able to get people back on their feet without having to become a clone. The new medical system precludes that, but Strengths and issues of the new system. Point one. Chemistry. Strength : It makes Chemist feel like it actually has a job. Chems are actually needed, and very important - Theyre also very very important for the paramedic. Problem 1 : Chemists are never rewarded for actually doing their job. Nobody notices, nobody karmas, nobody realizes that their meds saved them, and worst of all : Chemists get hated on and slandered if there are no chems, but nobody ever rewards them if the chems are great. This causes the issue that chemists almost always sit there playing Walter White. You also get a situation where one chemist is working their ass off to help people to the very vest of their ability, but there's a 2nd chemist sitting there making meth and taking 30 minutes to do so, to zero detriment. This makes the working chemist feel unhappy and soured, honestly. Problem 2 : There's often not a very good chemist around, because those that are good at it do not want to play it for aforementioned reasons. This creates a vacuum where everyone must struggle to fulfill requirements either without the chems necessary or they just break in and do it themselves, leaving any decent chemist wandering why chemistry even exists because every doctor can just make the chems they specifically need or like to use. Chemists should be important. But it needs to feel rewarding. In some ways this makes it feel as though doctors should just have access to chemistry themselves, the paramedic as well. Perhaps chemistry should be reworked to reflect this fact instead of fighting against that. Perhaps Chemist or something similar should just be an alternate MD title for those that want to focus on it, but all doctors can still get in and do what needs to be done. It would also reduce on the amount of people picking chemist thinking "Oh man, I'm gonna make some meth it's so cool, that's why a chemist exists, right?" Point 2. Paramedic. Strength : The new system makes paramedic feel important. Valued. It makes you feel good to do your job right, turn up 30 seconds after someone dies and revive them there on the spot with the chems required before taking them back in a stable condition able to get the surgery they need! They get to communicate with heads of staff when people go die in suspicious circumstances, and they get the equipment they need to save people from dangerous atmos or space issues. This is all great, and feels rewarding. Problem 1 : The portable defib should be a paramedic item, first and foremost. Therefore it'd be proposed as a good idea to rework it as such. Problem 2 : They are exceptionally reliant on a competent chemist, this could be mitigated by giving them something like the borg hypospray and would in fact greatly boost the efficacy of the more inexperienced player using the role. It wouldn't make them stronger - it would only mean they don't have to waste all their time preparing for the role, or causing grief and stress for the chemists by havign to break in themselves if the chemists are not giving them what they need. Give it chems that cannot be used to heal except in a critical state, so they do not get too overpowered at self healing. Like a hypospray that can switch between Epi and Atropine that slowly refills. You only need a small amount of it, and you only need enough to stabilize. It should provide enough of a boost to allow them to stabilize a lot of people without running out or becoming a cure-all shaman healer. Epi is readily available in emergency injectors or by putting it in a med hypospray so would not be an overpowered buff (but it takes up bag spaces and it's already inventory management extreme in this role), but the med hypospray filters out atropine because of it's possibility to harm. If it only existed for the paramed it'd also blow their cover if it was used in a harmful way, or maybe it has to be emagged before it can deliver atropine to someone who is not in crit! Problem 3 : The new system completely and utterly relies on the presence of a decent paramedic. Now this is a tricky one. In fact, I would say it not only relies on a decent paramedic . . . It relies on the presence of an absolutely stellar one who is able to instantly be on scene, even during a massive trauma emergency, and get as many people as livably stable as possible. Retrieving them to a safe area, getting them alive, AND making sure they get to medbay is a difficult task when there's only one paramedic, two ends of a station, and a bomb just went off and 12 people are dead, what with the high population paradise can have. It's very unlikely you'd have someone that dedicated there in most shifts. This is an extremely difficult problem to fix without reducing what makes the paramedic feel good - doing a great job against extreme adversity. I would propose that there would simply be more tools for them(Such as the aforementioned hypo), and more then one paramedic... but then it becomes too difficult to kill people as an antag when you've got more then one fussy person staring at sensors and calling for help, or even worse, when they start pushing the boundaries of validhunting or just outright get in the way of antags and don't act like they are worried about the possibility of getting hurt from doing this... which more then one paramedic would reduce... It's possible that they could be reduced in strength but replaced with more, I'm not sure. It's a very difficult balance issue at this point. I'm afraid I don't have any suggestions on how to fix this issue other then to hope that people start to recognize paramedic could be a fun and rewarding role and to get experienced at it, thus mitigating the issue caused by not having a good one. These are the main issues I've personally come to know with the system thus far. Besides the whole "Should avoid cloning because of roleplay" issue that making people so hard to resuscitate is providing. To conclude, after playing it for a bit I found it rewarding and came to feel like I did actually prefer this system to the old one, but that it has some bumps along the way. To me it feels more "realistic" and rewards paramedic play, which on a selfish level made me enjoy it because it felt like people actually took you seriously and cared about what you were doing for them. It just needs to be causing less reliance on cloning, not more. And that it should cause some sort of issue for those that have to be cloned along the terms of a monetary setback of somekind or like if they can't pay enough they get poorly cloned or something. It's an idea to think about.
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    I'm not opting for a poll at all, but to seemingly dismiss feelings about the change as not being part of the discussion or feedback feels a little rash, to me.
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    To be fair, isn't how people feel about the changes part of the feedback and discussion?
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    So the dev's hate it, it doesn't get implemented. Dev's like it, it gets implemented. That's sadly how it is. Look at medbay and all that. The blueshield does need a buff. The validhunting is NO excuse, we have a rule for that and admins to enforce the rules. If that's not possible, change the rules or get more admins. Validhunting in general needs to be punished more severely, but I'll not go into that here. The blueshield is supposed to be highly trained. CQC would fit in that. Or some other form of training. If the blueshield doens't need CQC, IMO the warden doesn't need krav maga. Because that makes even less sense IMO. Blueshield acting like redshields should get reprimanded. The captain can also just fire them. We have OOC AND IC options to deal with validhunting. Witholding the implementation of new features should not be one of them.
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    It was satirical actually, as in an attempt to use humor to prove a point. I'm sorry you didn't like it, but it wasn't a dig at you personally. Let me try to explain to you where I'm coming from here. What I hope to avoid is medical doctors on Paradise becoming simply cloner operators. To that end, I want methods to actually treat people, not put them in a machine that just makes their injures irrelevant. There are two ways to do that. One way is to nerf cloning. The other (which I personally think is the vastly superior option) is treatment methods that rival cloning. Treatment methods skilled doctors can use to get people back alive and kicking more quickly and efficiently than cloning. So when you have newbie doctors they just throw everyone in cloning and it takes awhile, but if you have skilled and robust doctors they can use other methods to get people back alive and kicking. Who is staffing the medbay becomes vitally important and has a major impact on outcomes for patients. The thing is, this is exactly what people want to get rid of. The argument there is to nerf everything BUT cloning, so everyone has to use cloning. Then cloning won't be so good because there will be a backlog. By removing or nerfing everything but cloning, we actually in effect nerf cloning by creating pressure on it. If this isn't your actual argument, please correct me to what it is. That just seems to be my impression from what you and some others have said. I don't want to misrepresent you. That argument makes sense if your perspective is solely on the overall balance of how easy or difficult it is for people to get back into the round, and you don't care at all about how fun or interesting the medical profession is. If you do care about that, even a little, this option is disastrous. I'd also argue it's inherently flawed since the bottleneck can be bypassed by building additional cloning pods, but that's getting off topic a bit. So, why is that option so bad in my opinion? Before, everyone who came into medical who was dead for less than 5 minutes could be defibbed, and then you had a patient to work on and do your job as a doctor. Now it's 2 minutes. If the new crit system passes, everyone who comes in dead will be someone doctors cannot interact with beyond throwing them in the cloner or morgue. So the window of patients we actually have to do medical work on will become incredibly thin. We'd need someone who has taken enough damage for there to be something more for us to do than a few patches, but yet not taken too much damage to die. And we need them either not in crit, or in crit but arriving in time to be saved. Will there be patients like that? Sure. But a whole heck of a lot less than there were when you could treat anyone who died in the past 5 minutes. The majority of 'patients' won't be people doctors can actually do anything with beyond throwing them in a cloner or morgue tray. On other servers that might be fine. Maybe because on Bay there is a much larger emphasis on roleplay. Maybe lethal attacks are rarer, and when people do die, it's a lot more about the aftermath of being cloned and the necessary counseling for the mental issues that arise from it, than it is about the actual medical treatment. And maybe it's okay on TG because TG is more about the antags and the action they provide than how each department operates in a bubble. And maybe the medical system is designed more to get people back into the round fast than it's designed to be fun and challenging for the doctors. I don't play on those servers regularly, so I don't know. I do know that not everything that works on other servers works here, something we agree on when it comes to this critical system. And I do know that if the critical system goes through as is, and cloning goes through as is, doctors will largely be cloner operators with a very narrow band of actual patients who need to be treated. That's going to be a massive blow to what was a fairly good and rewarding medical system. That's why I'm really, really concerned with the idea of nerfing everything but cloning in order to pressure it. I hope you can understand that, even if you can't agree with it.
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    The idea to move away from the more common TG medical of “Fuck they died, cloning time” was and is a noble move. Except everything done has done the complete opposite. I am genuinely impressed at the absolute ineptitude displayed in understanding of the game systems and how they interact with one another in regards to player culture. If I'm not mistaken part of these updates have also been echoed to move the codebase further towards MRP. While yes, one can use mechanics to inform roleplay, roleplay is always secondary to mechanical systems. One falls into the fallacy of Dungeons and Dragons, wherein you have persons that play the game to smash and kill things with big dice rolls, while the few others at the table wish to roleplay and speak to the NPCs primarily. When the game systems are built around mechanical interaction (The game doesn't prompt you a moral question before you slam a toolbox into your co-worker, it just encourages you with screaming), roleplay becomes secondary to the moment to moment systems. This is further exacerbated by the fact that this is a video game. A video game that inherits most of it's tonal themes in regards to gamemodes from social games like Mafia, Werewolf, Town of Salem, Trouble in Terrorist Town, and others. The list goes on, but primarily, when players understand this mindset that x is not with y, and it's their job (specifically as a medical player) to prevent x from eliminating y through their practice alone, you'll see a trend towards the stereotypical silent super doctor who will wordless slam you onto the operating table and cut your septic spleen out not expecting thanks. And you, non the wiser will wake up from surgery, and impatiently wait for them to open the door to the operating room so you can continue with your round. Exceptional roleplay, 10/10 very robust everyone. Even the Head of Security stood up and clapped. You cannot enforce roleplay through heavy handed mechanics. Full stop. Please stop trying. Roleplay is suggested and informed via mechanics, not controlled by it. Seriously. In regards to the actual mechanical changes themselves? Well personally I'm a fan of Goon crit, and more specifically I'm a big fan of CM pain mechanics, however those systems specific to their codebases and style of gameplay work very well. They fit because they were designed with their player culture and other systems in mind. Here? Well first, you can't discount the other medical changes that have happened in respect to the critical state changes; and everyone has already said it. Medical was fine the way it was. Sure a little tedious at times, and yeah no one wants to make morphine but someone's gotta do it. But it was fine for what it was. It worked, it had interplay with other systems. It was fine. However this reminds me more of attempts to port Lavaland, which inherently is flawed for Paradise player culture do to the culture and codebase it was designed towards (TG). To make an analogy, you can't put a Prius Electric Engine into your 1990 Honda Civic and expect it to work. Goon is a Prius and we're a 1990 Honda Civic made out of spare parts that TG and Bay left behind. What's happened here boils down to: “Cloning bad, but other revival method bad, roleplay good... cannot roleplay if dead. Fuck” By obfuscating the systems instead of actually creating complexity off of what was already present, these updates have done the exact opposite of what was intended, and instead have exacerbated the outlying issues already present and brought in a whole slew of new ones. I guess we can all get participation medals though, this has been quite fun to talk about. I am very interested in how the player concerns are eventually addressed if at all, as right now if I'm not mistaken, no one wants this that regularly plays medical. Take what I say with a grain of salt, as we all should do with everyone, as it is just an atmospherics simulator with too many layers to count. Sorry if I've stepped on any toes, be they big or small.
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    In my head, since dying, your killer and how you died are the most "recent" memories that brain has the brain only keeps them in short term memory upon death. When cloned, the cloner fails to restore that short term memory, which is why you "forget" who killed you. Which also accounts for how you remember who you are and what your role is. It's a sort of retrograde amnesia of a traumatic experience. From a gameplay standpoint, if an antags kills me and leaves me in a state that can be cloned (aka doesn't gib me, strand my corpse somewhere it'll never be found or steal my brain) then it's kind of just good sportsmanship for lack of a better term. I've seen a guy get cloned, pop out of the cloner and immediately start screaming on comms "X IS A CHANGELING" when nobody was any wiser and said antagonist had been trying to keep a low profile. That to me is kind of powergaming.
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    Departmental lathes would solve this problem. Instead of the protolathe being one all in one machine to all the best stuff, each department gets it's own protolathe that can only print things relevant to their department. Each lathe would be locked to an ID of that department, so even if engineering builds a science protolathe it won't do them any good without a science ID. It has the added bonus of decentralizing power away from science. Part of the reason departments do this is because sometimes getting science to actually give other departments stuff is pulling teeth. Half of science is usually traitors and you're lucky if you can find someone who will be nice enough to actually man the RnD window and not just print all the best stuff for themselves and go wander off blow up monkeys or something.
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    Yes and no. As someone who used to make medical their main department of focus, cloning has always been easy, it's something that tg and bay style medical have had in common, so nothing has REALLY changed on that front. Cloning is NOT the reason medical has problems. However, back in ye olden day, cloning was the ONLY method of revival, there was no defibrillation and no SR, if someone was dead they were either cloned or they were SoL (I feel like I remember doing brain transplants into humanized monkeys so they could be cloned however...) The amount of ways a person can come back from the dead has gone up over time with cloning being the easiest of those three for a new medical player to grasp and no room for errors. It works or it does not work. Cloning is also simultaneously the most efficient and inefficient method. Depending on how someone died, using SR or Defib may require you to do extensive work and surgery to fully revive someone back to top shape, cloning doesn't have that issue. However, cloning also can only get one person at a time, and takes time for each person to be cloned. This leads to a backlog of dead folks during a crisis and can lead to a spiral of problems as more people die, a bigger backlog forms, with people staying dead longer, they're less able to handle the crisis which causes more dead people. Additionally, cloning is one of the only methods of revival that can be reliably tampered with to make more difficult. Defib emagging is unreliable as there's multiple units and even if you managed to emag ALL of them, there's always SR which cannot be tampered with at all, unless you are the chemist in question and are misabeling the SR pills or are the doctor applying it to gib people. The game, for a very long time, was balanced around cloning being the one and only method of revival. It's not that cloning has made people complacent, it's that cloning is now one of multiple forms of revival and it's primary downside, that it took time and you had a queue of corpses form, is now entirely negated since it can be used selectively to bypass it. You can now reserve cloning for people who are SUPER fucked up an everyone else can be defibbed, so that you avoid having to do tons of surgical repair on them or loads of organ fuckery from SR. Medical has issues, because, like Security, everyone likes to shit on medical for the most minimal errors which slightly inconvenience them, which is not exactly a quality environment for "I sure do wanna learn this job better". Similar to new sec officers being called Shitcurity and fucked with driving people out of the department or learning it, I see people leap on "Malpractice Bay" when it isn't even really that bad, a minor error was made, easily correctable, and yet everyone will happily tell new doctors how god awful they are, while Bob McMop the Janitor will shove them over to do surgery on their barkeep friend themselves. And if the greytide doesn't do it, other doctors will, instead of explaining and teaching, they get frustrated watching new doctors make so many errors and just yank the patient away to do it themselves, thus denying any chance for new docs to learn better and helping keep the overall skill level of said docs on the decline as people either never learn or just stop trying. This ensures those more veteran players deal with new docs who know fuck all that much more, so they get frustrated so THEY leave an now it's just a cycle of fuck As someone who played medical for a lot of years in SS13 on various codebases, I turned all preferences for medical roles off because I got tired of dealing with people's shit and having people jump on my ass because I made a single misclick or I took longer .3 nanoseconds to heal someone. It's not as bad as Security has it, but you're dealing with a similar issue. TL;DR: Holy fuck this turned into a goddamn wall of text, I'm semi-sorry. Medical has problems for a few reasons, cloning isn't really one of them. Cloning was designed for a different era of SS13 and it's negative aspects are able to be bypassed entirely these days, it probably needs a more substantial change and refactor then what this PR tries to achieve. It needs am ore comprehensive alteration in the face of now being one among many forms of revival, as opposed to the one and only.
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    My suggestion is to nerf telescience, since I don't think suggesting it's removal will go through (although it has it's own issues, and even /tg/ removed it from their own code). Science already has enough stuff to do antag stuff, without having something so strong, because they can easily steal stuff from the armory, they can steal/destroy the AI without warning (and with the AI with almost no counter to it). My suggestions are these: * Randomize the telescience coordinates each round, so people don't just keep it in mind the exact coordinates each round they do telescience. * Blacklist certain areas - Not allow high secure areas to be used with telescience, such as the AI core, the armory, and the secure tech storage. * Not allow telescience to work on solid structures - As in not letting anything teleport in or out of walls and other solid objects, like airlocks and tables.
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    I still stand by every argument I've made thus far as to why I'm against removing this. Furthermore, I'm gonna put out there that this feels like it's "Looking for reasons" to remove a system. That bad experiences were had, so some people want it on the chopping block, that it has little to nothing to do with it being "Overpowered" in actuality. Because the facts don't add up, especially when a fix to the proposed issues was put forward and subsequently ignored. The problems proposed have been corrected and debunked several times an the legitimate ones have had a proposal put forward to fixing them, but apparently nuking this is just the only way to be sure for some reason. That doesn't seem like "Balancing" an OP system is a goal to me, that seems like it's about removing one that's made people upset because they happened to be on the bad side of it, those few rare times a month it happens. I'd respect this idea a lot more if it came across being honest with ourselves. If we wanna say "Hey, we just don't like this system, we think it's not fun. We don't think how it works is fun and that it can't be made fun in it's current form." Then I'd at least respect the honesty put forward, because that's just as valid a reason to propose something's removal as anything else. But this? Saying it's "Because it is too strong" ? This feels like we're looking for "Boogey-man" situations to emphasize how secretly OP the barely used system is and trying to use those outlier rare circumstances as justification that the entire thing is broken. Because the majority of arguments made in favor of removing this system are grounded mostly in anecdotal evidence or are assuming that a LOT of variables line up perfectly to make telescience this unstoppable god of death, and the facts simply don't match that accusation. It is factually easier, faster and simpler to do a lot of spooky antag things by hand, then it is through telescience. It is easier to dispose of bodies unless you happen to specifically be an antag scientist and telesci is already set up, and saved coordinates to space to use in just this sort of rare circumstance, which the vast majority of players do not have. It is far easier to dispose of targets with any number of science weaponry or antag specific weaponry, it is impossible to use telescience to do mass bombings unless you are, specifically An Antag Scientist with Hijack due to the nature of server rules. That is a lot of variables that have to line up for it to be worth the effort or in the case of bombings, even allowed. When it comes to blobs and rogue AI, AI do have a problem, that's true. AI also have a means to counter it via cyborgs and sabotaging APCs, but it's still true that it's a hard counter so to speak. Blobs however, unless you know the precise coordinate location of the core, dropping a bomb in, is liable to kill as much crew as it is blob, and you can't exactly drop in a max cap even then, you will not be looked at kindly icly, oocly or from administration. So we're talking precision, pin-point blob execution and that is not as easy or feasible as it sounds, not compared to just massing flashbangs, X-rays and mechs. The facts of the matter are that any proposed issues made against telescience thus far exist in multiple game systems right now, and there's not a single peep about them. I bring up Chemistry a lot in comparison to this because for every single complaint of "I could get a bomb dropped right on me and die instantly and there's nothing I could do about it." there's a dozen more complaints related to hellmixes and memechem formulas where one application of a spray bottle or one click of a syringe gun is instant death. For every complaint of telescience stealing victims from antags away, there's a dozen more accounts of Virology basically patenting immortality and distributing it to the crew/command/security. None of those departments are removed. They get changed, they get tweaked, but we never even dream of removing them, I wouldn't want them removed. Virology has the worst of it right now, but that's because a major system change is more what staff are looking for (Swapping to /tg/ virology if I recall discussions correctly.) But it still is not removed. A proposed tweak to fix the problems of stealing items easily has been made, why is that being overlooked? We've made far more sweeping changes for far less issues before but adding a single new "Jammer" item or using the no teleport flag or combination of both is a bridge too far? So I'm again going to ask, because I've never really been answered on the topic. What is the difference here? Why is it perfectly fine for those systems to have outliers where they can be potentially extremely powerful, but Telescience is just a bridge too far? What makes 1 click deaths from a spray bottle any better then 1 click deaths from a console, when they are far, far fewer in number and farther between then those other systems everyone is seemingly okay with?
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    See, but you can't have it both ways. We can't say "Telescience has no non-antag uses!" And then immediately follow up with "The non-antag uses make antag life hell." It either has them or it doesn't have them, that is a binary state. Telescience, as Jazz has said far better then I could, has legitimate uses, mostly body retrieval. And as for making antag life hell, there's really only the antag to blame for that. Because without suit sensors to get a coordinate to shoot for, you can't teleport anything back, so if you forgot or neglected to remove suit sensors, well... Even without a teleportation device the paramedic or pod pilot can easily go retrieve that body. So that's kind of a wash either way, and is still on the antag for not turning off the sensors. Secondly, I don't think it's entirely fair to say "Remove Telescience cuz it's OP" as some others have. Because if we're gonna talk about 'no counter' antagonist fuckery (Even though in my years of playing on paradise I have never once seen it happen.) then we also have to talk about CHEMISTRY. The nature of "Hellmixes" and other meme chems that cause near instant death with a single click have been the source of more salt then telescience ever has, but we don't see anyone really up in arms are railing to get Chemistry removed. It's just a facet of the game that we have all adapted to, and changes have been made to mitigate it's OP nature. Why should Tele-sci be any different? Why is it when another system is OP we just make adjustments, but when Tele-sci is questionably OP, we just go to delete it outright without even a token attempt at a balancing pass first? Why? And lastly, the counter to Telescience is pretty easy. Move. Turn off suit sensors or just move around and the guy is never going to get a lock on you, especially since the crew monitor console now updates every 5 to 10 seconds these days instead of it's early more frequent refresh rate. In terms of countering theft, I see no reason why just adding a "Jammer" item should be so outlandish, we've done more intensive additions and reworks to curb chemistry or botany, but again, nobody is screaming to remove those systems. If it comes to dropping off bombs, well, it's against server rules to do that unless you have hijack and at that point the bomb was gonna happen either way. Also bear in mind the requirements to build Telescience. It's easy to put together but to get telescience not horribly limited for range, you need bluespace crystals, which means either mining comes through or xenobio pulls through. And if you're relying on bluespace slimes you are rolling dice to see how fast it happens. It;s not HARD but this isn't EXACTLY a "No effort required" project, particularly if you ARE going to antag with it since you need to keep it secret or the AI is just gonna blab about it and turn off the APC. I am open to the idea of nerfing it somehow, but the idea of removing it entirely for these reasons is, to me, entirely silly and borderline hypocritical in some ways.
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    More of that please @Veloxi...good stuff! Kudos to @Cheeseman as well. I had a round once as an officer where I caught a rather charming vampire early. I visited them in the perma a few times and took quite a liking to them. So much of a liking that at one point I was concerned for how starved they looked and pulled my collar back offering them to feed. They refused. I decided that they were not the monster everyone was making them out to be. When the shuttle came, I volunteered to escort them from perma to the shuttle, only we went to the arrivals shuttle and I uncuffed them telling them that they don't deserve to be exprimented on and mutilated by NT so I was setting them free. I've actually since attempted to replicate something similar any time I'VE been vampire because it was so interesting for me as an officer and I wanted to share that experience with others.
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    These are old, so I don't remember the context exactly. I think it involved Captain telling us to finish BSA at all cost about 15 minutes before the round end. We have chosen this location because CE was useless/dead/gone/whatever. Good thing Captain was so dumb we looked remotely responsible in comparison.
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    This sounds nice and all, but the server culture is distinctively different, too. It also makes things incredibly administratively grey. If you have no objective, this inherently means that you can do just about anything. Some players will definitely use this to do actions like releasing the singularity literally every single time they get antag or carpet bombing the entire station. Other people will do as above---and yet other people may run silly little gimmicks, too. I kinda doubt most players and staff would be too keen on allowing people to do whatever whenever. Putting such a rule in place then puts the player in the very strange area of "what do I do then?" This also, administratively, puts extra scrutiny on "why did you do X"--likewise, it becomes very difficult to judge what someone is really going for. Did they just murder those 5 people to set up for the most epic and hilarious IC joke while also making a definitive point? Are they trying to roleplay out some scenario or situation and they had to kill those 5 to do it? Orrrr do they just like killing people and did it because they can? Situations like this invariably invite favoritism, with those who individual admins deem to be "good" at roleplay can get away with a lot more than those they do not. Given that we're aiming to be medium RP, objectiveless antags are really awkward, and trend towards "do whatves man"; I'm not sure how well it'd work here; it'd either lead to antags just doing...well, whatever the heck they wanted...orrr it'd result in situations where antags did even less for fear of getting bwoinked (an oversimplified version of what plays out on Bay). It's an unfortunate problem with no good solution. While allowing antags to do whatever leads to some pretty hilarious situations, interesting roleplay adventures, and great gimmicks....I'm not sure it'd be great here. Having a designated time, once or twice a month of "Syndicate Slaughter Day" where antags can do whatever on those days may be a way to alleviate this to a degree, without going full chaos, but who knows.
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    Having a good or bad Warden has as much of an effect on security as having a good or bad HOS...and a good Warden will pick up the slack where a bad HOS is lacking,,,and vice verca. I'd like to get into a debate regarding how too many HOS think its their job to go be a super officer and get their asses killed far too frequently...and that's the main reason there is even ever a NEED for the Warden to be promoted to acting HOS...but that's not why we are here. Things I think are important to be a good Warden... Pay attention to comms. You are in less danger then most of security so its easier for you to pay attention to comms and catch things others who are busy in the field may miss and help direct officers where they are needed. I usually have the brig doc grab me a crew monitor and make sure officers sensors are maxed so I can direct assistance their way when they are in danger. Keep records up to date. Set people to arrest promptly when asked. Clean records save a lot of time, confusion, and unnecessary conversation. (Officers...you can assist in this by actually giving a reason for an arrest instead of just saying "SET JOHN SMITH TO ARREST" because it ALWAYS leads to the follow up question of "For what?") Reward good behavior from criminals. You can let people off with a warning for most crimes. If someone gets brought in and they are very cooperative and understanding, skip the brig timer. Pat em on the head, tell them to keep their nose clean, and send them on their way. Much of the time they'll leave security in a better mood then they came and won't be hell bent on trying to make security miserable the rest of the shift. On the other side...if they are being an asshole? Brig them for all they are worth. Can even give them a chance to try to attack you by taking your time while uncuffing them in their cell to see if you can add more charges for them attacking you. Or even verbally taunt them to provoke them into doing something stupid. They really can't help themselves most of the time :^) I don't think anyone should play Warden if they aren't prepared to pick up the reigns and become the HOS if needed...but then again there are plenty of people who play HOS and other command positions that have no business being there. Most importantly...and this could sort of be said for all of security. Don't take it personally. Try to have fun dealing with the people who are intentionally being pricks. There will always be certain players who are just going to treat security like crap no matter what cuz you know...fuck authority...right? Once you can learn to have fun with those people, however you go about doing that, you are in a good place.
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    Warden is, from my experience at least, a bit 'easier' than Security Officer in some ways since you don't need to be as 'robust' in split-second combat but instead it feels slightly more based on knowledge and SoP. Yes, you will probably get into some sort of scuffle with a prisoner, a brig invader or the rare time you have to leave the brig such as when the HoS dies or more 'hands on deck' are needed - so you still have to maintain a certain level of 'robustness' - but otherwise you're basically Sec's babysitter and backup officer if the crime is in range. A sort of miniature guide to Warden/things you're going to want to know and keep on-top of: You have to know your timers for crimes. Having the wiki open to consult is very helpful. You're basically IAA in that you're a stickler for wording. If the wording states, 'more than four punches' is assault - then make use of that. You have to be prepared to communicate in some way with your security team. Figuring out why someone was brought in even though they are not set to 'wanted' in the system, dealing with officers arresting the clown for graffiti honk or other false charges is surely to happen every shift. To avoid this you have to correct officers and make judgement calls. Manage your prisoners well. Don't stand there and wonder if Perma is in flames or if the prisoner finally offed himself because a nosy lawyer got involved so you couldn't execute him. Be prepared to handle attempted breakouts, reset timers of rowdy prisoners and restrain prisoners if the pose a threat to themselves or others. You don't want to be remembered as the warden who forgot to take off the confirmed syndicate's PDA, tool belt full of explosives and didn't implant check him for a storage implant or EMP implant. Remembering to thoroughly search and process people is highly needed. Know your alert levels. On code green you cannot make arrests, must read out what the person being processed is guilty of and you may not give out firearms. Code blue allows you some more freedom - being allowed to hand out lethals if permitted by the HoS or Captain. Red is where you get to shine as you can finally make arrests if needed and guns are surely handed out. If you choose to play Warden you have to remember that you're not just a security officer - you are the warden. Your priorities are the brig, armory and prisoners unless stated otherwise by the situation at hand - such as nukies or an extreme case of code red/gamma. Be PREPARED to step up to the post of Acting Head of Security if the HoS dies or if you're (un)-lucky and don't have one at round start. You can decline the promotion but it's typically frowned upon by the rest of security unless you have a proper reason to do so or another security officer offering to step up willingly. Finally, my biggest issue with most wardens - THE ARMORY IS NOT YOUR TOY. While an officer is responsible for whatever murders/lethal action he takes it is your responsibility to make sure lethal firearms are turned in when not needed anymore (such as code green alert and code blue depending on situation) or are issued out when hostiles are known to be operating with ether harmful intent or are unable to be subdued in any normal fashion. No one should be that type of warden who does something like: Fill his pepper spray with acid, carry around a lethal despite not being permitted to hand any out to security, etc. Most of all - just remember Rule 10 and Security SoP still applies to you as Warden. You're expected to be more 'serious' when you play warden as compared to an engineer or medical doctor. Not exactly 'serious' in being a dick but serious in how you run things. Sure, making a bar in the Sec lobby to say "I'm not allowed to leave the brig sooo I bought the booze here!" is fine and funny but it can be round ruining to others if you do things like acid-spray prisoners, purposefully let their wounds get infected or other things similar can ruin someones entire round. That being said people have a habit of treating it like "Security Officer+" or "Security Officer but I call the shot but don't have the HoS' responsibilities" and that's not how it's really supposed to work. It's best to picture it like a 'stand alone' job. You're still part of Security, you're still /like/ a Security Officer but you are the Warden. Best tip of all - Humor the clown or he'll ruin your day and launch a prison riot.
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    New crit is terrible and unfun for literally everyone involved. I can't forsee myself playing the server much in the future if it were to stay.
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    I really just need to say I agree that making slimes and dionae change to fit the new system is... not ideal. Slimes are the race I play as so they're the ones I will comment on. Not having organs is the point of playing a slime, and having a heart isn't even unrealistic. Many species in real life have no heart or have a very simple one, and slimes appear to be modeled on essentially being a giant amoeba which don't need to circulate their cytoplasm to get chemicals where they need to be. Additionally, they are entirely immune to respiratory damage, hence taking toxin instead while in crit, and it sounds like either that will change too (in which case why not just play human?) or it won't (in which case why mess with slimes at all?) Also, slimes are already weak to brain damage and can't be cloned. If a brain damage and cloning reliant medical system is applied to them they will need to be reworked.
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    I took in some Sketch commissions this week Starting off was two for Aceluke! One is of CM character, and the other is a cute wedding picture of his character Alex Rockwall and my character Dreamy. ^^' A commission for Von_bon that was a gift for Frick Frack of their demon boi A commission for Taac of their Skrell character Vol, and their Unathi Lyn I may draw Skrell all the time, but my god is is hard to draw other Skrell, lol A commission for Shazbot of their lizard elf(?) character Patricia I've been slowly uploading all the completed commission on my Deviantart, so I thought I'll just post them in "waves" Commission are still closed, this was just an "open for 24 hour deal" kind of thing for only Sketch Commissions.
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    Tell you what. Let's do a test. Do 1 day where Defibs/SR isn't available, an then you tell me how super duper fast cloning is and how it has no problems what so ever. Especially when it gets bombed. You also did nothing to even slightly address any point my post brought up whatsoever, in favor of a massive passive-aggressive salt pit, which is super helpful and absolutely benefits a discussion and will in no way sabotage feedback at all and is SUPER professional coming from an administrator. But yeah. You're right. Everyone else is the problem. TG, Bay, Goon, every other major codebase? Fools. Foolish fools who are foolishly believing their own foolishness as they seem to all agree a mechanic works across High, Medium and Low RP spectrums. They're all just to dumb to see the way, clearly, it could in no way be the minority opinion is wrong. Y'all are gonna do what you want anyway, feedback or otherwise, an apparently get you meme'd on if you disagree, so just like... do whatever, man. I'm done puttin' in effort, lemme know when you're done ruining the medical department though.
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    I'd also like to say as a more general note: no one likes dying, and no one likes to stay dead. Please don't make reviving people too hard. That's just telling people they can't play for the next hour and that's often really galling.