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    I didnt think I needed to write this but people asked so here goes. Reasons for resignation are as follows: - Im not happy the direction the server is going in - I am tired of the way members of this community are treated, not even being informed, let alone asked before big changes happen (The community managers werent even informed of the nickname changes, and thats just one example) - It ate into far too much of my time and honestly just hurt to deal with (Not to mention this shit is literally right in the middle of my finals) Let me just elaborate/debunk a few reasons people thought I was gone: Salt over boxen being removed: I requested that removal as part of my leave Salt over being fired from mentor: I asked to resign as part of my leave The fluff cuff removal PR: I made that, and I dont plan to be a tiger repeat Thanks for a good 2 and a half years, but I am moving to better places now, possibly see some of you around on other servers, but for now, goodbye - AffectedArc07
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    Hi everyone, I recognize it was probably a bit improper to leave without so much as a bye. I've had a lot of fun over the five or six years I've spent here. I've spent a lot of hours frittering away on projects (wiki out of date ree) and spent even more time just shooting the shit with members of the community (including staff!). It's been a pleasure having the opportunity to work/play with all of you and I wish you all the best going forward. It's my hope that someone will eventually take up the reins for the wiki (most of the hard work is done!) and that the community continues to be the warm, glowing, and sometimes stressed out and shouty place it's always been. Paradise is a project that I've easily sunk several thousand hours into, so I hope and look forward to all the best things in the future for both the server and the people who elect to continue playing/volunteering here. I have tremendous regard for the community here and I know that you'll all continue to diligently work, play, and contribute to making Paradise the server that it is. Godspeed, Cyberiad. - Shadeykins (brb absorbing people in the morgue)
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    Well I finally thought it's about time I actually use the forum! Ive been playing for about... 5-6 months give or take. This is my first actual experience with any kind of forum, so please excuse me if I don't take full advantage of features, or otherwise make mistakes! My main (And only) Character is Srusu Rskuzu! You've probably seen them around at some point! I look forward to being active here!
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    New art, this time, something different... Babby Rsik!
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    I can't speak for the entire community of IPC players, but myself personally and those I have chit chatted with about the current state of IPCs is that the people who 'main' IPC characters do not want their immunities or vulnerabilities tweaked. EMPs are an entirely different bag but that's a topic for another time. What IPC players want is the 'Easy to damage, Easy to repair' philosophy to be true. It currently is not since IPCs require the most outside/second person help to repair what any other species might consider a minor injury. Having to run to robotics for 5-20 minutes of surgery and topping off on oil multiple times per hour is not easy to repair, especially if the roboticist doesn't know or doesn't care to work on anything but their mechs and borgs. Allowing them to quick disconnect limbs (or even their head) to make repairs themselves is something that might be desirable. Becoming space proof tincans is not. To some it makes sense that an IPC would survive in space without much problem, to others it does not. Me personally, I consider them air cooled so taking damage in space makes sense to me, take away the atmosphere and all that heat has to go somewhere. TL;DR: 'Easy to Fix, Easy to Repair' is a Myth in the current build. Making IPCs space proof or rolling back damage they take isn't what people want. Giving IPCs a viable route to repair themselves on par with MedChem and Virology heal viruses is what players want.
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    So in case anyone has noticed, I haven't been around lately. I generally don't talk about irl stuff or my personal life, but I feel like I should say something instead of just disappearing. I finished studying for my A+ and I have a new job on an IT help desk. It's higher paying than my old position I was laid off from, and has a lot more opportunity for advancement. They're offering access to cbt nuggets and to pay for testing when I eventually go for my Network+ cert. However, while I am in training I have hours that require I endure a 2 hour plus commute each way, which means I've been putting in over 12 hours a day between actual work and the commute. I basically have about two and half hours of free time in the evenings to do anything I need to do, including cooking and eating dinner. Once I'm out of training, I'm going to be on a later shift where I avoid most of the traffic and cut the commute down by more than half. I'll be less tired once I'm acclimated to my new schedule as well and there may be some opportunity for work at home shifts in the future. I'll try to pop in here and there when I can. Good luck on your spess adventures in the meantime.
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    Slow Cooked Braised Stuffed Lamb Breast - Gordon Ramsay 00˸00 - 00˸03.3 (VaWYE8dvDGk).mp4
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    Who is it? It's my favourite IPC! Torque! They taught me how nonchalant IPCs are about death, and how cool engineering is. *Bweep *Bwoop *BUZZ
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    Gosh, there's so many amazing artists here, I thought I'd plonk down my work too. As you can see by my profile picture I've doodled my girl, Jay. (Jay 'Justine' Chase, I went with 'Justine Case' first, but then I realised having a pun for a name is a bad trait for a long term character... And everyone kept mistaking her for a guy.) She's a smilie human who's a bit bland, but tries her best. I really like starting items, and after a few tries, I found that the flat cap and the old scarf I realised that they fit together quite well. If I wrote a backstory for her it would probably come from one of her parents. Anyhow, I hope you like it! I hope to be posting a lot more art here, this is a very good game to draw, so many different characters and shenanigans... If you ever find Jay in game, if we happen to have a fun exchange just give me a message, I might as well draw up your character hanging out with her! I hope you all like it anyhow, I'm hoping to improve as time goes on.
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    A commission for Danni, here we have Lazz gifting Slade a sword she made. Slade thinks it's great, and will put it on the fridge.
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    Lavaland is a big addition and with it comes some roles to add even more content to an already very large change. I'm laying down this as a guideline to keep things consistent. Below are some baseline things to know for the roles, as well as a few extremely likely to arise scenarios. Ash walkers: Your job is to protect lavaland from invaders, that includes miners, golems, and possibly syndicates. Your job is NOT to amass enough people to invade the station. Attacking the mining outpost is a large move with an impact on the round as a whole You and people from the station are mutually valid. A miner can kill you, you can kill a miner. This is valid in all circumstances. Ash walker and miner befriend each other and ashwalker goes to the station or miner goes to ashwalker camp Yes that's very nice and all but the validity remains. If a miner brings an ashwalker to the station, Joe Toolbox can run up and beat the ashwalker to death, and that's still 100% valid. In the same breath, that ashwalker could suddenly go hostile and kill someone before being put down by security. Ashwalkers are not a recognized species and as such, Nanotrasen does not entertain the idea of giving them any kind of status as crew. Ashwalkers cannot be hired into a job. (don't fax asking for it, the answer is no.) If you intentionally bring an ashwalker, a primitive, hostile, and inherently violent alien to the station, you are legally liable for any crime it might commit. Syndicate: The Syndicate roles at lavaland can be chosen by ghosts. You are manning an outpost dedicated to bioweapon research. You are 100% justified in using whatever you have at your disposal to terminate intruders. While it might be logical to think you should plot to harm the station in some way, remember that as an outpost you aren't necessarily prepared for a full scale engagement. As with all things of this nature, ahelp it. You should make it a priority to keep your presence at lavaland a secret from the station. Note however that you're more likely than other lavaland roles to be a factor in an admin event, so this is subject to change. A traitor seeks entrance to the base and wants to work with the syndicate staff Bear in mind that the syndicate is not a very cohesive organization and that various entities within it are actively hostile to each other. While both parties can decide to work together, they likewise might not. Indeed they might also turn on each other at any point and this is a hazard of attempting such an arrangement and 100% valid as well. The syndicate staff may assist a traitor but should not leave lavaland or in any way compromise the secrecy of the base's existence to Nanotrasen. if you decide to work with a traitor you may invite them inside the base but that's a risk you have to weigh. I'm a lavaland syndicate and I need to leave the round. If you can, ahelp it first, if not then don't worry about it. It won't result in a ban. Ideally though you tell the admins so we can let someone else take your place. If you do SSD without warning for an extended period, expect that you might be replaced. As people are eager to play these roles. Diona: You’re a small group of diona on a crashed ship. You have an elaborate botany setup. This is a perfect role to potentially play around with the botany mechanics and figure things out. This has no grand goal to it, you’re a diona who grows plants. You’re not crew, as far as synthetics are concerned. You have no real reason to ever leave the shuttle and do so at your own peril. Miners should not seek out the diona just to kill them for the hell of it, likewise diona should not go out looking for miners. You aren’t ashwalkers, you’re essentially reclusive farmers. Treat the role as you would a station diona that grew from a nymph. You’re still bound by OOC rules as you’re a fully capable person/mob. Much in the same way a station grown diona would be. Im a lavaland diona and I want to join the station crew Theoretically you could do this but it’d require you get to the station. And at your movement speed, that’s easier said than done. Lavaland mobs are vicious.
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    Felt like doing up a cute AU (Alternate Universe) where Churchy is a little girl that Zeke ended up adopting.
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    My latest infraction inspired me to draw this Please dont hate I know it's crap
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    What do you do when CC sends someone to demote you for being a crappy head and letting prisoners die? Threaten to say the n-word, of course. Other things he did that round include the navy seals copy-pasta and saying he got demoted because he 'redpilled' command.
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    Dayana Shaffer! Very good slimeperson. My first round as HoS was eventful, but I managed to hold it together... That is until I had a troublesome Doctor asking if I wanted to get any implants. Well, obviously I wanted to try out those neat new Non-drop and rebooter things, but I was suspicious. We had no brig doc. So, I decided I'd get a PAI to watch over me. Great idea. (Not great) So, I get my implants and go to get some surgery. Apparently I got an extra implant free of charge. That PAI didn't... help much... She said these words as I got back up, missing that green flashy 'Mindsheild' of mine. So my first round of HoS was also my first round being Mindslaved. Go figure. Fantastic work by Day though, she managed to play me like a damn fiddle, and I helped her win by calling the warden in and watching as she gunned them down in cold, slimy, blood. *squish (She also mind-slaved me again like one round later to the tune of Rock the Casbar. Apparently I'm that easy.)
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    So yeah, I made maps of all the station's Cabling, piping, and disposals. As of now I added them to the page 'Maintenance' and replaced the redirect to Locations with a 'see also:'. https://nanotrasen.se/wiki/index.php/Maintenance Would making these maps publicly available be a detriment to the game? I am sure we'll see more creative ways of sabotage with them known and easily accessible. Maybe only link to it from the engineers tab??? So do we even want them on the wiki? Otherwise I might just make a post here and call it there. But that is also a better question I have; Where and how should they be integrated into the wiki if doing so is alright? I think probably the engineers/atmospherics pages, then also possibly antags? Also tell me if you think they could be improved in any way, Thanks.
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    A commission fro Taac of their Kidan
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    Been playing for about 2 months now, as Torque if you've seen me around. Decided I should finally get more involved and made a forum account. Hello!
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    New character art of a new character of mine. - Orissa
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    Hello Im J.O.E Hello everyone, after long time (Well if you dont count rough start) i finally decided to say hello to everyone i have meet on the server, and which are probably sitting on this forum for a long time. I also want to thank you people, for giving me a ton of reason for laughs and smiles, durning my time playing on the server, and i just hope that you had some good time interacting with my character as well. I hope that i successfully integrated myself with the rest of the crew. See you around on station ^^
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    Everything is fine until someone gets stuck in the vents, and you have to call for your hunky Unathi friend to fish them out. In other news, it time for me to share my half from an Art Trade that I did with Drakeven! You can see their half on their thread post!! So here's Jay Chase. :3c
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    I'll preface this saying I am against IPCs getting space proof, but just want to point out IPCs are in a bad place balance wise, and have been for sometime. But hey were still waiting on vulps to be balanced since colorblind was decoupled from darksight. The major difference between organic broken bones and IPC malfunctioning limb is that an organic can heal the damage to the limb once it's broken, an IPC can not. The threshold for dropping items is very low on IPCs (I've dropped items with only 5 brute on an arm while mining plenty of times) so they are hit with the penalties sooner. If a human takes 30 damage to their arm, breaking it preventing it's use, they can still use healing items on themself to remove the damage and splint it if surgery isn't an option. An IPC on the other hand will break a limb and be stuck with that damage, unable to repair it. They can't splint it and because they can't self repair internal damage they are stuck with that damage, and thus closer to critical/death. As for nanopaste, it repairing internals without surgery must be new, since I've made attempts to use it in the past to rapidly repair IPCs and borgs and ultimately found it not doing the job. That and nanopaste has a relatively high metal cost that science will rarely print it for anything other than MedSurgery to use to repair implants. I'll have to test that but I'm not holding my breathe. Cyborg chargers definitely do not repair internal damage. If the limb is broken the charger won't fix it, I've shoved IPCs in chargers before and it only repaired topical damage I could have repaired with my own wire and welder, the limbs stayed broke. And this is over the caveat that the vast majority of science players do not upgrade chargers, if ever. I've seen more drones upgrade chargers than scientists, and they have to drag each component one by one to accomplish that.
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    It's! Zeke! Your favourite drunk Skrell. PhantasmicDream was kind enough to do an art trade with me, so this is my part! They did such a good job! Ah! I hope you like it, Dream.
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    I would like cryo cells to eject you after you died of suffocation or some other sort of death, to allow medical doctors to acknowledge that you are dead and therefore to give them the chance to deffilibrate you. Currently one will just stay in the cryo cell for five to twenty minutes, when it is too late to revive you without cloning, just to wait the same amount of time again to be cloned. In my 150h playtime as a human it only happened twice to me, however if we consider the average playercount (lets say 75, plus minus considering other species like IPCs, Vox and Plasmamen) and the average shift time (nearly always 2h, if the engine doesnt get loose or a wizard is on the station) we will come to the conclusion, 2/150 * 75 * 2 that nearly every shift two crew member have to live through this horrible fate. One could say that because of the conditions of the last two values and because i am bad at the game (and so visit medbay more frequently), the number of crewmembers who have to experience this long kind of death per shift shrinks to one. However one is still too much! I would say that this is something that happens not so often (i am not even sure if i am not the only one who experienced it), but when it happens to you it is really awful. Currently i am playing as an IPC (so it wont happen to me), but i dont want anybody to go through this cryo death ever again.
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    One of the things to remember is that this isn't a game we're trying to sell or get lots of player for. We're not interested in appealing to the masses, or doing things because they're popular or not. In the end, we're trying to make the kind of server that the staff want to play on. That's always what we've wanted, and it so happens that the way the staff want things to be has been popular enough that thousands of people have enjoyed it. The general idea of a "player" vote - however you define player - is either going to result in a useless internet poll where "hitler did nothing wrong" or "boatymcboatface" win, or will be some elite clique of players that the staff decide get the "right" to vote on how the server goes. I have no interest in making a system where the server staff are forced to make changes they don't agree with, or where PRs are decided by popular vote, or just popularity in general. I am interested in discussing why changes happen, what the implications are for them, and all these other aspects with players. I've done so a lot over the past few years, and the admin staff continues too. These discussions are invaluable for feedback, ideas, and working out what effects changes have, and sometimes even can just be fun by themselves. This is something I intend to continue, ofc. Transparency is for the most part, a matter of time and effort. Most PRs people really don't care why we approved them, it's obvious for the most part. We try to give the main reasons behind closed ones, but people are always free to ask for more details or information on what would be accepted. Do remember we only have so much time available, and are not necessarily going to choose that repeating old arguments or repeating ourselves, and especially aren't going to engage with people making things personal. The latter there is a big part of why we don't really want to make it public who voted how. Experience has shown us that people can take who approves which PRs much too personally.
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    Hello! I'm Drakeven. A lot of people pronounce it Drak-Even, but that's because I'm a dummy and forgot to capitalize the V. I've not been playing for long, so I'm still quite a baby, but I'm quite eager to learn and I've already come across a load of really supportive teachers! Honestly, there's some really good community around this game. To the point, I'm actually USEFUL in Medbay. I draw art sometimes too! I hope you all can make room for me. Because I'm loving the station so far. Oh, while I'm here, any tips on writing out your character's Medical and Security records? I've read through the lore, but it seems to me you might want to keep them short. Thanks again for everyone being so darn welcoming!
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    In my opinion I love the admin's care for it and the community. There's lots of great people to meet and its very engaging. I very much dislike security and people who dont follow SOP or guidelines. Security literally almost arrested me for "attempted theft" even though being told by others it isn't a crime to attempt at theft but to succeed is. Honestly if there was one thing I would change about para is people's desire to RP. Most people will just scream "TRAITOR" or go run to security. Its much nicer with RP as it adds more feel and immersion to the game. Basically my opinion is: I love paradise. It has its flaws but it is extremely fun and theres plenty to do. I enjoy my time here and wouldn't prefer most other servers over paradise. Nothing can replace the people I've met. List of those that I find cool Meex Z-something: She's good at her job and seePLEms to take care of her duties seriously. Aaron Whelen: He's a nice guy and makes a great HoP. Kitty Vast: Honestly she just seems interesting. I dont know what is so interesting about her always having someone drag her around or laying in front of the bridge though. Hoff: He is a kind warden and one of the few people who has shown a care for his prisoners. Its nice to have someone like this on a security team full of harmbaton users. Theres more but I cant remember everyone. Thanks for the experience everyone! Remember: the clown is a very important role and should be treated as you would a member of command!
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    Annnnd another one. I wanted to make sure I had to pieces to show off before I made a thread, to show the first one wasn't a lucky break. This one is of Iris Cooper, the CMO/Surgeon who taught Jay how to doctor, and stuff. Their player was really helpful and taught me a lot of things that turned out to be useful in the chaos that erupted in the later round. They're heckin' cool and I'm glad I got to draw them.
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    Why is this a thing. I do feel dirty because of it
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    Little did the human know: Qerrballak and it's people thought the name of the game was hilarious, and many were avid players since childhood. Though it was an even game for much of their time together, the human accidentally put his entire hand into the card deck not too long after power was restored to the station. Some might call it an accident, others would call it a hasty escape.
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    Hello, I hope whenever you are reading this that your day has gone well. I plan on writing a long post, detaling my reasons, and as such I'll leave a TL;DR at the bottom for anyone that just wants the gist of it. With that out of the way, let's get into it. Disclaimer As the title says, I'm proposing what seems like an extreme buff to a race that already enjoys a plethora of immunity's to some of the game's most lethal hazards. IPC's do not need to breathe, and suffer no oxygen damage, thus making them immune to many dangerous gases like N20 and C02. IPC's suffer no toxin damage. IPC's are immune to all diseases. IPC's are immune to radiation. IPC's cannot be infected by White Terrors, or Facehuggers. IPC's are immune to pain. IPC's cannot suffer eye damage from welders, freeing up an eye or helmet slot. IPC's are extremely easy to repair and perform surgery on, needing only general tools that can be found all over the station, as opposed to the specialized tools and chemicals. IPC's can regain blood by chugging oil, bypassing the complexities of restoring blood in organics. IPC's cannot decay when being dead for long periods of time, and are just as easy to fix if the body was recovered in 5 minutes, or 40 minutes. Finally, IPC's can restore hunger from just about anywhere on the station from an APC, and do not have to find time to visit the kitchen like many other species. It probably sounds ungrateful or even greedy that on top of all of these amazing benefits, I would ask for another immunity on top of all of this, and a pretty big one at that. By now it should be no secret that I am extremely biased in favor of IPC's, doubly so if you recognized the name Torque. I wanted to lay out all of the benefits I enjoy every round as an IPC player, and make it clear that I do not take those benefits for granted. IPC's get to shrug off some of the most chaos inducing events on the station, like massive viral outbreaks or radiation storms. IPC's have the extreme conveniences of built in welding goggles, as well as never having to breathe, the later of which I've gotten so used to, that several times OOC I forgot that my organic friends need internals before going EVA and have almost gotten them killed in the process. Yet perhaps the greatest boon to IPC's is their extremely easy to fix nature, with the most extreme example I can think of is coming back to life after 40 minutes of being webbed up in a terror spider nest that eventually got cleared out. All of these benefits make IPC's extremely fun to play on a mechanical level, and these conveniences have genuinely made me shy away from choosing other races. I say all of this to be open about the fact that I am extremely IPC biased. I will try my best to be fair about the whole situation, but this is ultimately the perspective of someone who has played IPC for 350+ hours, and it would be arrogant and dishonest to say I'm being 100% objective in my arguments, though I will try my best. Let's get into it. Lore While I believe the arguments regarding the Lore are the least convincing on either side of the argument, I still think they are worth mentioning, just to be complete. I haven't quite seen an 'official' explanation as to why IPC's are vulnerable to space but Cyborgs, Maintenance Drones, and even pAI's are immune. I understand that the chassis part of IPC is made on the cheap, and readily replaceable, leading to the extreme ease at which they can be destroyed. Yet the even cheaper Maintenance Drones and pAI's are completely immune to the hazard of low pressure and temperatures of space, and it leads to IPC's being space vulnerable being very awkward and immersion breaking. I don't know a lot about real world conditions in space, but seeing as how Satellites can have extremely thin antennas that work just fine in space, it feels odd and unrealistic that a machine would be slowly destroyed by lack of pressure. Not that the real world should have any true impact on our game with koi that swim through space and mice that can speak every language in the universe. Now one could argue that considering the IPC's were originally designed to be what is essentially a slave race, with the disposable nature of a cyborg yet without laws restricting their creative thought, that the original creators designed them to be space vulnerable intentionally. Giving the IPC's a full strength Cyborg body would be too dangerous without laws, so they could have made a chassis that was intentionally easy to destroy, and one that could not escape into space to flee the subjugation. It would make sense to intentionally construct a chassis that cannot maintain itself in space to keep them in line. However, once the IPC's achieved freedom and independence, why would they keep this intentional defect in themselves? Why would they not build a more hazard proof chassis for themselves? And if we're talking IRC's in the 'modern day' when the game takes place, there would be no logical reason to keep the IRC's space vulnerable, as they are mechanically slaved to their masters. They would not need to be a fail-safe anymore, and lack of a space-proof IRC means you have a useless robot if you need anything done in EVA. Ultimately, I don't see a good 'In Lore' reason as to why IPC's start to 'die' in space. As far as IC interactions go, I either gloss over the fact completely like with SSD or Bugs happening, or chalk it up to 'the will of the space gods.' Neither is a very satisfying answer as to why IPC's need to have Hardsuits for space travel. However, as I said I believe this is the least compelling argument in favor of either side. As far as I am aware, the lore is written to compliment the mechanics and rules in game, as opposed to lore being written, and then game mechanics being adjusted to fit that lore. I also don't see what's stopping the lore from being changed to better suit new mechanics or what have you. I could be wrong, I've only scratched the surface of the lore anyhow. So let's get into the real meat and bones of the argument. Mechanics and Balance Finding a place to start here is quite difficult, as there's a lot of mechanics, and a lot of roles for a player to take. So many in fact that I cannot speak to experience with a large amount of them despite the 350+ hours I have invested into IPC. Since there's so many factor's I'll start where I see myself using theoretical IPC space immunity, and trying my best to justify that. Most of that 350 hours has been spent in the engineering department, a department with no trouble accessing EVA gear. I believe my playstyle would stand the most to benefit from this buff. For both IC reasons and mechanical reasons, I like to not where a hardsuit, and instead opt for a hazard vest when there's no current EVA activity needed to be done. IC this is for the 'engineer look' of the hazard vest, and mechanically it is for the speed. The hardsuit cuts into your movement speed by a lot, making it something I don't wear when I can afford not to, for IC and OOC reasons. Yet I find most engineers opt to grab a hardsuit at round start, and never take it off for the entire round. This is mostly due to nature of engineering, as breaches can happen at a moments notice, and always being ready to quickly enter depressurizing areas is a huge benefit to have, and worth the speed penalty to many people. So the obvious question is why should IPC's get both the speed from a lack of a hardsuit, AND the space immunity of a hardsuit? I believe it comes down to why someone would pick a human or another organic race over IPC. IPC's along with, I believe, Diona's and Slime People, are the races that do not experience New Crit. Now I'm no expert on New Crit, but my understand of it is that races with New Crit do not immediately lose consciousness upon reach 0 HP, and through a series of Dice Rolls, progress through stages of Shock and Cardiac Arrest. They may slip in and out of consciousness based on the roll of the dice, but can be conscious up until around a total of -200 HP is reached. I could be very wrong about the specifics here, as I said I'm no expert, but I believe I have the gist of the idea down. Now IPC's, Diona's, and Slime People all lose consciousness when they reach 0 hp, and must be helped by a second party to survive going into critical condition. Since I don't know New Crit well enough to gauge on average how long people can stay conscious, let's just assume our theoretical human loses consciousness at -100 HP, and our real IPC loses consciousness at 0HP. On top of that, our IPC takes 1.5x the damage from Brute and Burn damage sources, arguably the most common two types of damage in the game. This put the 'effective health' or the amount of damage you need to do to incapacitate a IPC at 66.7 damage, comparing that to the effective health of human, nearing around 200 HP on what I believe is a conservative estimate, there's an extreme imbalance in durability. However, I actually believe this is extremely appropriate, and even good to keep moving forward. IPC's by their design mechanically, are not meant to be fighters at all. I don't agree with desires to have their durability buffed. IPC's are meant to have the durability of a wet cornflake. They can be punched to death, and it has happened to me and this complete lack of durability is part of the IPC's identity mechanically. IPC's make for nice and easy antagonist targets too, due to the easy access many antagonists have to EMP. An inconspicuous flashlight that's only 2 TC for traitors. An AoE Shriek for changlings that leaves no chance of escape. Cultists that can present a slip of paper that instantly kills the IPCs. Let's not even mention Revenants. Even barring EMPs, the before mentioned 66.7 effective health means that even without an EMP it's gonna be a really easy kill. I sincerely believe this is a core part of the IPC identity. They are NOT fighters. In exchange for the extreme ease of being robusted, IPC's are given that myriad of benefits I mentioned at the start of this essay. They are the single most convenient race to play. IPC's don't need to worry about welding goggles. IPC's don't need to worry about diseases. IPC's can 'eat' from almost anywhere on station. Etc. So why on top these should Space Immunity be added? It would be extremely mechanically fitting to the specialization of the IPC, which is their high amounts of utility. IPC's are made to shine for the duties of the crew. Considering IPCs can avoid so many of the problems that organic crew members get afflicted with, they end up being much more efficient at getting tasks done. Stopping and eating takes almost no time for an IPC where as organics have to make a whole trip to the kitchen. Disease outbreak? Organic crew members should get to medbay when they can, IPC's carry on. Etc. I believe adding space immunity on top of this would extremely fitting to the IPC's 'hyper convenience' toolset. Space proof IPC's would be a huge boon of convenience for themselves but also for other crew members. An IPC engineer means one less highly valuable hardsuit is taken from the limited supply, and a faster response time to fixing breaches. An IPC paramedic can immediately respond to a spaced body without having to report back to their office to put on a hardsuit. A bored IPC civillian can just space themselves and go on an adventure. This is of course for the average IPC, what about Security or Antagonist IPCs? To be perfectly honest I do not know how this would effect security IPCs. I have never played one, mostly due to the fact they are not meant for direct combat, which security would see a lot of. I think maybe space-immunity would make Security IPC slightly less of a meme, and offer a bit more of a specialization for security teams. I don't think it would be overpowered, its just too easy to kill an IPC to have them following you into space being a huge deal, I imagine. Again however, I have no experience here. Antaging however I do have some experience with, and I must say, it would make an IPC antag a bit more of a threat, considering they would be able to move around at full speed on station and immediately bail out like a Vox if they needed. Though an Ion rifle shot ends an IPC antag so I sincerely don't think it would be a problem. If someone does think it would be overpowered by any means, please feel free to say why. I don't believe it would be at all, and I'd say at worst we could give the feature a test run and if it's too overpowered, then adjustments can be made. Ultimately, I believe space-proof IPCs would be an extremely appropriate buff to the toasters. As far as I'm aware, when the New Crit feature was introduced, IPCs, Dionas, and Slime People received no changes while the other races received, 2 to 3 times the effective health of the Old Crit races. I have not played either Diona or Slime People, and I cannot speak for what changes might work for those races, and I wished to keep this purposed change as 1 dimensional as possible. I personally believe it would be most fitting to buff IPCs at what they are already good at, as opposed to trying to figure out an entirely new system that somehow keeps them on par with New Crit races. A buff to the utility of a race meant for high amounts of utility. TL;DR I believe IPC's should not be vulnerable to space. Not only does it not make any sense in the lore, it would make for an effective and appropriate buff to IPCs. The races that operate under New Crit have 2 to 3 times the effective health of an IPC. Rather than try to fix the lack of durability that is iconic to IPCs I purpose that IPCs should instead be buffed to become space-proof. I believe this would not effect the overall balance of combat and antagonists, but rather serve as another utility for IPCs, a utility that fits well with the overall high amount of conveniences IPC already trades for the ease at which they die. Code Due to my extreme bias I mentioned before, I would like this feature so much that I went in and coded it myself and made a Pull Request even. Here it is. https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pull/11672 Thank you so much for taking the time to read all the way through if you did, I spent the whole day trying to get my thoughts into words and communicating them properly. I hope I did a good enough job. You all have a fantastic day.
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    Are you happy, Citizen?
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    More of my cute Alternate Universe setting!
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    Alfred Keitel -- There's some of me in there. When he's on to something, he'll commit 100% to it. Be it cleaning or commanding a station. Also random bouts of OwO fun (*cough* @MysticLiger @TheSardele *cough*) and getting along splendidly with some colleagues who I feel are a bit alike ( @Regular Joe )
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    Kikeri!!! FOOOR @gangelwaefre ... I just realized I can tag people. That's neat! Anyway, I've had a ton of nice interactions with Kikeri, she's a real nice character and her actions are so... descriptive, I suppose. Cute. This is a moment I had with her while we were building a BSA (that we couldn't test-fire before the shuttle launch because of that TROUBLESOME CE ) and then I accidentally threw myself into space. Kikeri showed me how to save myself, by throwing things, and then when I got back I see her wandering around in space around the BSA. Vox. With their pressure-suit skin and everything... Gosh, they're neat. It's going to be hard to decide between Vox and Slimepeople when I do try and get a race... Vox are real cute, but also, *squish
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    There is a reason we utilize permabans over tempbans, as per this link. As for the other bits, it's all up to you. Where do you feel most at home? Where do you feel like you have the most fun? Do you have friends on whatever server? The list goes on, but only you can really answer those questions, as other players will have differing experiences than one another, and likely, you will as well. For all you know, you might hate /tg/ and come back to Paradise. For me, it's the atmosphere. I enjoy the atmosphere we have here, and I really couldn't connect anywhere else like I could here. I like the people here and how most of them act, ICly and OOCly. I don't feel that way on other servers because of how they operate, and that's fine; other people like those sorts of places so all the more power to them. Like Pokebro said, just bounce between servers and see what catches your attention.
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    Those sentient mobs are pretty tough. Butterfly eats spider.
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    I make art. Captain tried to have me arrested for it. Engineering tried to cover it up. But I make art.
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    Currently, your bones will break if your limb damage exceeds the bone break threshold.. this is 15 damage for feet and hands, thats about three punches. I'd like to make bone-breaking less predictable and way less common, there should be a minimum damage threshold necessary to actually break bones(so something like ants don't break your bones). and instead of having bullets break bones they should embed themselves in you.. its kinda weird having your elbow snap after you've been shot by a 9mm. I'd also like a raising probability of bones breaking the more damage a bone takes instead of just OOP IT HIT 15 DAMAGE GUESS ITS BROKEN NOW. Thoughts? Details i'd like to work out with community feedback: How can we make bone damage unpredictable but still make sure its not unfair/unfun RNG? Can we change the downsides of bone breaking to be less debilitating and game ending or perhaps raise the downsides but make them much more rarer? If we want to handle bullets differently and have them embed themselves in you how would we do it? Having lead in you could lead to toxic damage and even infections. This should be around the same level as having a broken bone but should still be unique in its own regards.
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    So you want to be an amorphous, station devouring scourge of space? Unfortunately for you, there are a hundred other smaller, less blobby people who want your yolk-y core on a dinner plate. The official wiki will tell you the basic functions, but what about strategies? Alright, settle down and lets get into the specifics. -WHERE TO BURST The core (pun intended) of a good blob is location location location. The more time spent away from fighting early on, the better; that means NO BURSTING IN HALLWAYS, and definitely don't burst near engineering without a plan, lest you want to get surrounded by welders in seconds. Now assuming you're a human blob, obvious ideal burst locations are deep in maintenance. - Science maintenance, a bit above solars, creates several chokepoints and breaches that creates an incredibly difficult-to-assault position, impossible without a space-proof suit. - Bar/Chapel maintenance can be maze-like, but lacks the size of sci-maint, and is much weaker late-game once all the walls are gone, not to mention its proximity to RnD. - Arrivals maintenance has a shocking amount of breachable space, and all of its hallways are 1 tile wide, but consequently being in arrivals means a very low chance of being hidden for long. However, there are multiple strong, non-maintenance areas to take advantage of: - Toxins Test range, should you be able to get into space to reach it, can have all its cameras cut for a perfectly isolated, large blob starting point. Expanding may be difficult. - Secure Storage is a large chokepoint, and has a plasma canister in it that can be used to make the area inhospitable for attackers for a long period of time. Just make sure not to hit the fuel tank first. - Toxins Storage similarly has a lot of dangerous gases that can be immediately unleashed, though you risk canisters and shrapnel being launched at your core at high speeds from the pressure. If you're a blob infested mouse, you can even get into areas you wouldn't normally be able to as a human. Namely: - AI satellite. The turrets do not target blob walls (they do target spores), meaning the AI is helpless against you. You can kill the AI instantly if you're feeling rude, but most people can't reach your core. Of course better locations may appear depending on the situation of the shift. An example: Permabrig is a strong spot if all of security's weapons have been destroyed. Be smart and have a location planned in advance. -I BURST, HOW DO I START Assuming you picked a good spot, you should have a good few minutes before someone finds you, and before someone threatening appears. The focus of your early-game is RESOURCE MANAGEMENT. You have very few resources, so make each one count. -Ignore people with random blunt objects, a person whacking your tiles with a cane or a broken bottle isnt worth wasting resources attacking. -Build Resources/Factory NEXT TO YOUR CORE. You can destroy a tile with Alt+click if it got reinforced. Resources have MASSIVELY reduced output speed the farther away it is from a core/node. A resource 3 tiles away from a node/core might as well not exist with how few resources it creates. -Rally spores instead of attacking directly when you can. Spores are your main attack force, and the smoke they create when they die is DEADLY. Also they're FREE. Spending zero resources flinging an army of spores instead of 100 resources directly attacking someone with walls is the difference between a living blob and a dead one. -Nodes+Resource Everywhere. Nodes are how you should be expanding, and nodes are needed to get more resource blocks. You're entire goal should be to make as many nodes and adjacent resource blocks as close to you as possible. Create factories where you can, but never forget the resources. -SPLIT! Use your 100 resource split consciousness button on a node! It creates a SECOND BLOB controlled by ANOTHER PLAYER. You also GET THEIR RESOURCES. It's effectively doubling everything about you. It's your strongest ability, so make sure you use it. -DO NOT create blob tiles randomly. I know it looks pretty to fill a room with blob, but those blob tiles you spent 60 resources making can be destroyed with one laser shot each, and don't come back. Always make a node instead, which infinitely creates more surrounding blob tiles as long as its alive, and lets you make more resources. -DO NOT make blobbernauts... yet. While they are strong and tempting, they are wildly inefficient, especially to a newly burst blob. They cost a total of 100 resources to make, will die, and can not be controllable by you. A factory is only 60 resources and makes deadly spores infinitely. There is a time and a place for blobbers, but not now. Early Advanced Tactics: At this stage, people will be coming at you with welders, small laser guns, and occasionally flash-bangs. -Eat any weapons that fall on the ground. If you haven't noticed already, you destroy/eat all the garbage on the tile you grow over. Use this to destroy welders and guns people drop, and destroy flashbangs people stupidly toss right next to you before the go off. -Hit welding tanks when people are nearby. Aside from destroying their source of fuel, anyone caught in the explosion will be set on fire and likely forced to retreat. Rally your spores on them if you really want to drive the nail into their coffin. -Put reflectives at the end of chokes/hallways. The thing that will destroy most of your tiles is laser fire. Reflectives are expensive, so try to get the most use out of only one or two. If theres a long hallway you know people will be firing lasers down, put one or two shiny new walls at the back end and watch as their forced to get into smacking range to deal with it. -Cut off their escape. Its a huge waste of resources to try to nip at someones back while they're running away. If you see someone diving too deep into your territory, close off, and maybe even reinforce their exit before smacking them into oblivion. -Make another hazard. As stated above, making breaches to space and/or busting open toxic gas canisters is an effective way on making sure the rabble leaves you alone for a long long time. -If someone refuses to die on the ground, destroy your blob (alt+click) and rebuild it on top of them repeatedly. This is necessary for races like diona, who constantly heal despite being on top of your blob tile. Just keep destroying the blob on top of them and smacking them again until they die. -Save up resources if you hear a mech coming. A well-built mech can be an unstoppable force even a large blob can't deal with. If you're dealing with a durand, you'll need a very large resource stockpile in order to deal with it. Try to cut off its escape and hit it as many times as possible. If its using lasers, block it with reflectives. Get your split to double-team the mech if possible. -Know the differences between the chemicals. Boiling Oil may be good for crowd control, but flames die in space, and you can't break bones with burn damage. Cryogenic Liquid may do tons of damage to people in hardsuits, but it's spread out slowly over time, which you may not have if they're assaulting your core. Memorize the colors and... -Change your Chemicals to best fight your enemies. The ideal chem may change through future updates, so know which ones best work to your advantage. If dionae or IPCs are giving you trouble, avoid being Lexorin Jelly, as both your attacks and your spores won't do much to races that don't breathe. Switching to something like Ripping Tendrils or Kinetic Gelatin will hurt them a lot more. -I'M BIG NOW, WHAT NEXT Once you've gotten big enough that a person with a welder is an ant squashed with a single spore rally, it's time to choose to make a play, because the station will be making theirs too. You'll experience a short lull where people are forced to retreat, but soon they'll bring in bigger guns, and the real fight starts. -Invest in reflectives around vulnerable points. This includes openings to space and windows, ESPECIALLY NEAR YOUR CORE. It's extremely common for a single person with a laser to shoot your core from behind, so nip that in the bud early. -Build a couple of storage blocks. Place these close to your core, but proximity to nodes doesn't matter, they just need to stay intact. Should you get even bigger, your resource input might be too high for a limit of 100 to handle. There are advantages to having large resources pooled up as well, as we will get into later. -Build some Blobbernauts around vital points. Should you have a high amount of resources flowing in, blobbernauts become a nice back-up investment. Destroy and rebuild a factory in places you want to keep guarded. You can even build multiple blobbernauts at your core to pummel any cheeky intruders. Just make sure to rebuild the factory. -Always check up on your core. Again, you never know when someone jetpacks in from space with a big ol' gun to drill right into your core. They WILL do that, so dont get too distracted and use your "Jump to core" button frequently. -Expand towards vital station areas. Cloning, cargo, science, whatever is closest you should take out. If you're feeling cheeky, you can forget nodes and just tile rush straight to it. -Know your enemy. If they're shooting you with lasers, build a reflective wall. If they're not using lasers, build reinforced. Keep rallying spores if they're humanoid, and save up resources to rapid-smack mechs and cyborgs. Remember that if a mech only has lasers, then reflectives shut them out 100%. -Keep expanding. There is NO LIMIT TO YOUR POWER! Keep expanding until... - THEY CALLED IN GAMMA If you've made it this far, congratulations, you're a real, bonified threat. But unfortunately that means the stations called in its big guns, and its big cyborgs. The time for expansion has stopped. Now its time to hunker and survive. -Immediately surround your core with reflectives. They WILL attempt to laser into your core from space now more than ever. A core not surrounded by reflectives during GAMMA is a dead core. -If you're not under pressure and you're close to a vital machine, like cloning or robotics, try to rush it. They took their kids gloves off, now its time to take off yours. Hit the station where it hurts, and break open toxins plasma canisters while you're at it. Just make sure you aren't going half-way across the station to do it. -Check all your sides. You will be fighting a multi-front war, and it's a battle of attrition now. -Know who to rally your spores against. If to the east is a small team of ERT, and to the west is a durand, rally your spores against the ERT, who are vulnerable to the smoke, whereas the durand is immune. -Understand that you WILL lose a large portion of your mass now. Its a fight to see who gets whittled down first. Reinforce and build more nodes/resources close to your core and don't try to expand while under attack. -Kill those GAMMA borgs! These borgs now get really deadly lasers, which you will need to build a ton of reflectives to fight against. Take any opportunity to smack a borg around. Enough hits and you can destroy them for good. -A single reflective tile can be deadly. And I do mean a single tile. The weakness of GAMMA is that it can be over-reliant on lasers, meaning a single reflective tile in the middle of the room may be impossible to take out without getting into melee range. Take advantage of this. GAMMA essentially ends up becoming an inbetween of Early blobs resource management, and late blobs mass resource expenditure. It will be a constant back and forth between the blob and the station until either the station runs out of ammo and manpower, or the blob dies. Don't give up hope, because when you least expect it, everything might suddenly get quiet... - THEY CALLED IN A DEATH SQUAD What now? -Build Huge reflective walls in the hallways and watch them friendly fire themselves to death. Many of them forget they have a ballistic pistol and an energy shield. -Die. CONGRATULATIONS! You're a successful blob now! If you make it far enough to be nuked, that's still a victory! If you make it far enough to need a Death Squad called in, that's the biggest victory you can get! Now go out there and be a menace!
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    Last in the ELO series for now! Not even a terror spider will take a patient who can be saved!
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    What's this I hear? Some poor soul wishes to make an abomination between Cake, Cat, and Human? A lofty goal, I must say! Fear not, for this achievement is possible for even the lowliest of civilians, provided you have the speed and charisma to back it up! What you'll need: In order of Most Difficult to Least Difficult to obtain: 1 Sentient Brain 1 Beaker filled with: 5 units of Sprinkles 1 unit of Teslium 30 units of blood 1 Whole Birthday Cake 1 Heart 3 Pieces of Meat Quite the shopping list, yes? It's nothing like making your typical makeshift weapon. You'll likely need to get help from the chef, chemistry/sci-chem, and Surgery if you can't get the access yourself. Lets get hunting. Getting the Goods: Assuming this is the start of the shift: First thing to do is run over to the kitchen counter and grab 3 Pink Frosted donuts from the donut box before anyone else can take them. Brown donuts are useless. You only need the pink ones, as each one grinds down into 2 units of sprinkles; you'll need 3 to get the 5 units needed for a single cat. If there aren't enough pink donuts by the kitchen, there are more donut boxes in the conference room, captain's office, and in the Security vendor. The chef can also make more donuts in the microwave. Next, grab the cake hat from the bar before someone tries to use it for "Fashion" or the bartender tosses it down the trash. This is needed to make the birthday cake, and as far as i know, there is only one on the station. Don't lose it! Go to the arrivals maintenance abandoned kitchen and pick up the 3 meat on the floor, and optionally, 3 dough. It's an easy, free 3 meat to grab. You can also butcher and animal or mix cryox and blood to get meat if someone else took it. The dough is if you want to make your own cake instead of trusting the chef to do it. Make the cake! The cake takes 1 cake hat, 3 dough, 5 units of sugar, and 5 units of milk (Exact units. Don't put too much or too little in or you get a burnt mess!) If you took 3 dough from maintenance, you can ask the chef/bartender for the sugar/milk and make it yourself in the arrivals oven. Otherwise, give your cake hat to the chef and have them make it for you. You can also wait for science to upgrade the kitchens oven so you get multiple birthday cakes! Make sure they dont slice the cake, you need it whole! Get the Sprinkles! Beakers can be gotten from Cargo or Medbay, and grinders can be found in the kitchen, botany, chemistry, xenobio, and scichem. Break in (CRIMES) or just ask to use the grinder and grind up your pink donuts. You'll end up with a beaker of Sprinkles, but also Nutriment and Sugar. Use a chem master, preferably the hidden one in sci-maint, to remove the Sugar, Nutriment, and Excess sprinkles. If you've never used a chem master before: Transfer all the chems you DONT want into the lower menu, and keep what you DO want up top. When the only thing up top is 5u of sprinkles, eject the beaker. Get the Teslium! If you can't make Teslium yourself, ask Chemistry or Scichem to do it for you. Like asking Mom or Dad for something, if one chemist says no, the other might say yes, so ask both. Use a dropper to put only 1u of teslium into your beaker, or use a ChemMaster again to seperate the excess. Kalimah! (If your Cake Cat Participant has their own blood and heart, skip to next step) Grab a syringe from medbay and a monkey, Pun Pun will likely be available, but Genetics always has spares. Inject two full syringes (30 units) of blood into your beaker and seal it. You should now have a perfect 36 unit mix of sprinkles, teslium, and blood. Have a surgeon take out the monkey's heart, or do it yourself. No one really cares except for the Janitor. A Willing Participant! Lastly, you need someones brain who is willing to become a Cake Cat. You can choose yourself, but then you have to trust someone else to put the Cake Cat together, else you might just end up a corpse. Robotic Brains do not work. Have a surgeon take their brain out, or do it yourself and get arrested. Additionally you can take their heart/blood if they have some and you haven't gotten that already. Make a Pretty Cake Cat! Now that you have everything: Put the Birthday Cake, 3 Meat, Brain, Heart and Beaker (SEAL THE BEAKER SO YOU DONT SPILL IT) onto a table next to you, open your crafting menu (The T looking button on the bottom right of your UI, above throw and resist buttons) and scroll over to the food section. Should you have all the ingredients correct, you can make a "Cake/Cat Hybrid" at the very top of the list. Should you be missing an ingredient, it'll be greyed out at the very bottom. Hit the craft button, and 3 second later VIOLA! You've created a sentient Cake Cat! Don't forget to take the volunteer's ID and pin it to a pet collar so the Cake Cat can keep their old access. They can't speak Galactic Common anymore, but who cares, they're a Cake Cat! Congratulations!
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    Was a great shift. One of those fine examples of how players in a event can make it turn a very random direction. I went in thinking I wouldn't get elected, bringing the values of Crewmocracy to the stand. Somehow Greytide liked that and voted me in ((Even when the polls were rigged by two of the candidates)) My first order of business was to establish the Rangers... I didn't even know they would betray me. When Sepulchre said he was glad he was retiring I forced him out of retirement to be the secretary of Defense... Job name Forced Out of Retirement. When a syndicate killed the nanotrasen officer the crew voted to wage war with Syndicate, and wage war we did. While I was doing my duties the Vice president handed a very suspicious document to me and founded a Red Guard. I knew it would endanger democracy to have such a political party, but I had no proof to act on until one of the party members ratted out Boris. But the investigation was cut short by the USSP attack. With Sepulchre's help we disabled two mechs and killed their pilots, then we retreated to SEC to be met by Solgov. The battle was tough, and Deathsquad had stepped onto the field. I would eventually die in my office after requesting a nuke which would detonate shortly after. Good times fellas. 10/10 would die before letting democracy fall... Space Ronald Reagan would've been proud
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    Oh god, that was an AMAZING ROUND. You forgot to mention the Texas Rangers! I swear, it was as if EVERY faction was there! Rangers, Russians, SolGov, NanoTrasen, Democracy, etcetera. That was possibly one of my most favorite shifts... love it!
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    I love this image for several reasons - how casually having a business trip between planets is mentioned, the username "lordzekiel", the fact that the image is supposed to be about Jonah (judging from the caption below)but Zeke takes up 70% of it, the attention to detail, and the cherry on-top is Jonah taking a pot of coffee.
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    Vox are smol, but ELO is also tol! Speaking of, here is more of our dear surgeon/CMO extraordinaire, featuring Runtime
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