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    Thank you for posting this, as there has been a lot of misinformation floating around here that needs to be cleared up. First of all, i have heard that asking for your notes will result in a permaban. This is utterly untrue. Notes may have information to do with suspected ban evasion, metagaming, antag fishing, etc. We require these to be secret to properly do our jobs. We will not be showing these. Other notes may not be written in a manner that we want the player to see, eg, "acted like a complete fuckwit as a captain.", or just "i have a bad feeling about this guy". I prefer admins leave blunt and honest notes about things rather than having to phrase it in a way that won't look bad when its posted on reddit. There are plenty of times we have shown notes to players. With at least 100k notes, determining whether or not to show players is done on a need to know basis. Even if we do show some, its entirerly our word that you're seeing them all. Same as for those other servers. We're also clearly not showing you everything said about you on the staff discord, host chat, or when we talked about you when ive met up irl with admins. I'm sure players won't dilvuge everything theyve ever said about admins to other players, friends, etc. Comparing this to the evidence in a criminal case or the like is insane. No one here is getting imprisoned. No one is on trial where notes are evidence to if they did or didn't commit a crime. Notes don't contain some smoking gun or evidence of a one armed man who actually committed the crime. If you get banned for breaking the rules then you either did it or not. If you didnt, post in an appeal that you didn't and we'll go log diving. Being warned or banned is purely at admin discretion. If you've ever been warned not to do something that's against the rules, you could have been banned. If you got a temp ban it could have been perma. If youve been pmd by an admin before and been told not to do (x) then its likely in a note. All the admin pms are also in the logs, as are all the attacks and says and mes etc. We don't like people discussing their bans because they lie, or leave out vital information (eg, people saying they were banned for powergaming, and leaving out thar they told the admin to fuck off and ban them already). Having to constantly correct people requires us to constantly monitor the discord. Thats a pretty big waste of time. We have better things to do, and discussion of bans has rarely been productive at all. If you want to discuss a ban, past or present, then you can message an admin. This is complete bullshit. That has never been said in any banning or warning. If im wrong, please let me know so i can tear the admin a new one. This is a perfect example of why we dont want people discussing bans. Because many people lack the maturity to discuss this properly without resorting to reductive reasoning, or in this case, absolute lies.
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    Qur! The warbling Skrell that makes me love the fact we have a sound for that emote every time I encounter them. GOOD STUFF. She's adorable.
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    Well! After a ton of thought and nudges from friends, I decided it’s about time that I made an art thread of my own. And what better way to start it off than with an art trade I did with @Drakeven ! Their voxxy, Giki! I’ll be updating this thread over the next few days with everything else I’ve drawn of spess
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    A little piece of art done for @Mochi (psst Mochi, if you want a hires version - dm me) Also, if anyone wants an art of their character - dont hesitate to send me a mesage
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    A commission done for Torque, two move posters, that I made up... uh, there's probably some spelling mistakes, but heck, here you go!
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    Beg pardon if this was already said, but I haven't seen it, and I felt as if this much needed to be pointed out: As someone who's been around with the Admin Staff since around early 2015, I can confirm that while we don't necessarily have a fixed policy on Notes (as we never really had fixed policy on most of anything), we've never shied away from sharing relevant Notes with the player they were written about; provided there was an actual reason to do so. This could include, but not be limited to: Ban Appeals/Admin Complaints where the exact content of a Note is relevant, usually when it describes a given event Requests for a change to a given Note should the person in question want to/prove that it is warranted Any given exceptional circumstance deemed legitimate enough after a player contacts a Head of Staff Now, this might seem extremely flexible, and to a degree, it's designed to be. Every Admin writes Notes differently and on a different tone (mine, for instance, tend to be clinical and somewhat standardized, whereas someone like Dumbumn's might be small essays with a full description of events), on different situations and with different levels of what constitutes something "noteworthy", with variation even within the same Admin depending on extraneous factors (e.g, no one's going to Note down a civilian for breaking into Security to take their guns if all of Security is dead and there's a Xenomorph/Terror Spoder infestation; remove the infestation and we very well just might). When it comes to revealing Notes, however, there's a point to be made that "secrecy for the sake of secrecy" is hardly the reason why those are hidden from players beyond the one they're relevant to (see above). Just a few off the top of my head: No one but the player in question has any actual reason to know the Notes of any other player. Like, at all. Those are Notes referring to things the Admins have found worthy enough to remember that apply only to this player. This, of course, only applies to the more radical "All Notes For Everyone" approach, but at the end of the day, it merely pushes the secrecy line one step forward, with the player now having to be the one to keep the Notes secret, unless they wish to see them go public. Additionally, this can very easily end up in a situation where a player's Notes affect the way that other people react to them, colouring their attitude and impression. This can be easily avoided by the player never revealing their Notes to anyone, which... well, see above for why all that does is gently nudge the goalposts. And how we already give people Notes if they have an actual reason to; Even with Notes being fully visible only to the relevant player, it should be noted that Notes are not an analogue to a criminal record. There's a good reason why we keep the Ban Appeals Accepted/Declined section public, because that is what ultimately ends up being a player's record. Notes, as the name implies, are often little more than footnotes kept in place to help the Admin staff make their decisions on any actual punishment/reward; On a more "selfish" perspective, as I'm sure most here are aware, SS13 has a rather active community on Reddit, which tends to veer towards the "less than civil", often with direct attacks on our server and its admin staff (and by often, read "mostly constantly over the past several years"). Considering that our Staff have been harassed, belittled, insulted and just out-and-out treated like complete shit, we can 100% see something like fully visible notes ending up giving even more ammunition to people who have been extremely vitriolic to us over far less. We'd rather not have our Admin staff think "How will this look like on the subreddit when I write it down?"; Semi-related to the above, Notes are often very, very informal, not at all like the Ban Reasons you often see on the Appeals section. While Alffd has noted on the associated PR that he doesn't think this will lead to a situation where people will want to appeal Notes, because the system would just make him outright ban instead of spending time Note'ing people down, the fact of the matter is, thousands upon thousands of Notes exist. If we allow Bans to be appealed, there's no real reason not to let Notes be appealed for the sake of fairness, and quite honestly, considering that Notes often refer to very, very specific incidents, allowing players to contest Notes would grind down Admin bureaucracy to a complete halt. Not to mention what Alffd said to begin with: it becomes easier to just ban someone than it is to potentially open up a door for a Note contention TL;DR: We already give people their exact Notes if they have an actual need for them, providing full transparency opens far more cans of worms than it solves problems
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    My thoughts: Most notes are just a brief factual record of an admin's interaction with a player. e.g: "Warned for X", "Told they're not allowed to Y", etc. The idea is just to have a record that they were warned for something, so if they do it again, we know they were warned previously. There's really no reason to hide notes like this from the player. They don't contain anything the player doesn't already know. Some notes are the admin's personal impression of a player. "Has a really bad attitude towards admins" for example. These sort of notes might have bad consequences if revealed to players. For example, even a positive note like "did well in an event character role, consider for future event char roles" could have a bad consequence (player acting entitled to play event characters) if revealed. Conversely, they could help a player reform their attitude. Notes like this should probably be visible or invisible on a case-by-case basis. A very small number of notes relate to ongoing investigations or unproven concerns, e.g. "suspected of metacommunication with player X". These notes probably shouldn't be revealed. We can't make past notes public unless the admin who wrote them agrees, or (in exceptional cases) a head of staff approves it. To do otherwise is to betray the trust of the original note-writing admin who wrote the note with the expectation it would be secret. My proposal (requires a PR): All players get a new verb, 'Show Admin Notes' in the OOC tab. This verb would only show notes specifically set as 'player visible'. All notes added BEFORE this PR is merged are INVISIBLE, unless the issuing admin (or a head of staff) goes back and manually changes them. All notes added AFTER this PR is merged are VISIBLE, unless the admin who is issuing the note chooses to make it an invisible note. After the PR is merged, some admins (such as myself) might choose to retroactively make every note they've ever issued visible. Other admins might selectively make past notes visible if they come up again during an appeal or whatnot. Some admins might choose to keep all their past issued notes secret. All admins will, going forward, decide whether a note should be player-visible or not when its issued. Impact of my proposal: Already issued notes remain invisible unless the issuing admin (or a head of staff) decides to make them visible. Notes issued in future are visible by default, but admins can still set them as invisible when issued, or by changing the note's setting later, if they wish to do so.
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    This is a comprehensive guide for the new player who wants to start playing security without becoming too overwhelmed when starting. There are a lot of things to know in regards to positions, best practices, equipment, etc. So, for the sake of brevity, this guide will only address the core basics of most things as to stay relevant for the longest time possible. Table of Contents: 1. Security Roles and Duties 2. Security Equipment 3. Basics of Law and SOP 4. How to Arrest / Brig 5. FAQ / Understanding Advanced Concepts SECURITY ROLES AND DUTIES Security Officers The basic security officer is primarily responsible for actually patrolling, arresting, and responding to threats appropriately. They are given their authority via Space Law, Security SOP, and Legal SOP. It should be mentioned that they are far from all powerful and are held to the standards outlined in those same guidelines. As a new member of security, you should start out here and become proficient in this job prior to branching off and joining other jobs (except for Detective). Detective This is a rather interesting role within security as they are responsible for using their Forensic Analyzer (see gear section for more details) to help security figure out who committed crimes. Additionally, they are charged with launching investigations that are a breach of Space Law and may require someone to be jailed. By default the detective actually does NOT have the authority to make arrests per SOP unless it is a matter of life or death. Don't get confused, just because you work for security does not make you a security officer, as such, you should not be attempting to do their jobs. You are there to assist them and in times of dire need, only then can you expect to potentially get in on the action. NOTE: You are the only one who spawns with a .38 with rubber rounds as well as a shoulder holster. The shoulder holster accepts the .38 as well as tazers as well. You can holster and unholster such weapons from and to your hand with the hotkey "H". Security Pod Pilot The Security Pod Pilot is given an armed space pod that is plated to give resistance against damage. The pod is armed with disabler and can be re-equipped with lethal lasers should the situation require it. Outside of piloting duties, the security pod pilot acts much like a regular security officer in that they are permitted to make arrests and patrol as they deem fit. The cost to play this role is currently 30 Karma points. Brig Physician The Brig Physician is a great role for those who enjoy medical but want a different flavor of it. The Brig Physician is in no way permitted to operate as a security officer yet they are given access to security areas as a way to help treat wounded officers and prisoners. Understand that unlike a regular doctor you have two additional requirements: 1. To be cautious with prisoners as they will want to kill you for your ID and subsequent access. 2. You have to pretty much build up Brig bay yourself to have scanners and gain the means of preforming surgery. It's unlocked for 5 Karma points. Warden The warden is labeled as a "Very Difficult" role to play and for a good reason. They are the ones primarily responsible for actually brigging, overseeing the armory and weapons distribution to security, and maintaining the integrity of security's brigs / cell systems. This job REQUIRES a strong knowledge of Space Law, Security SOP, and Legal SOP as it is the basis for how you will go about determining who gets brigged for how long and where. This includes working with short term and long term prisoners as well as knowing when people cannot be safely briged at all. Additionally, you are considered the "second in command" of Security thus you are required to have a strong understanding of not only your job but everyone's job as to effectively lead them. It is advised that you play several shifts in the fields of Security Officer and Detective prior to becoming the Warden. Head of Security The Head of Security is, as the namesake implies, the leader of security and thus the person with the highest amount of responsibilities and the highest amount of authority. You report to the Captain and Central Command but are under the magistrate's purview like everyone else when it comes to Space Law. You are also the third in line for the captain's chair if the Head of Personnel (HOP) goes missing. It is highly advised that you have no less then 20 hours minimum prior to even looking at attempting this job. Additionally, you should have spent a few shifts as both Security Officer and Warden at least prior to attempting this job. SECURITY EQUIPMENT The title of this section is also a hyperlink to the actual Security Items wiki. Rather then go line for line about what each object does, I am going to more over go over the proper use and function of items that you will typically interact with as a member of security. Bare in mind that I won't cover armor or worn equipment aside from the Security HUD as I feel they don't really warrant a lot of explanation. IMPORTANT NOTE: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE DISABLERS, TASERS, OR STUN BATONS ON NON-HUMANOIDS ESPECIALLY AS THEY ARE IMMUNE. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO STUN, TASER, OR FLASH SPIDERS, XENOS, OR OTHER CREATURES LIKE THAT AS THEY WILL SIMPLY LAUGH AT YOU WHILE RIPPING YOUR FACE OFF. YOU ARE TO KILL THESE CREATURES ON SIGHT INSTEAD, DON'T TRY TO STUN AND ARREST THEM. Stun Baton The ultimate symbol of space justice, this device is capable of emitting a very strong shock when applied to organic humanoids that will stun them on the ground long enough for you to apply handcuffs or zip restraints. To activate the device, hold it in hand and hit Z or Y (use / activate hotkeys) to enable it, you should hear it buzz to life. Be aware of your Intent. You SHOULD be on HELP intent when using this device to bring someone into custody. If activated, it will both stun and harm someone if you are on other intents which WILL get you into trouble if you're doing it in the wrong situation. However, for situations in which you are dealing with subjects who you need to dispatch, it's a very good if not powerful tool to use against someone's head to cave it in. Times you will use it to attempt to kill persons include: Syndicate Nuclear Operatives, Wizards, Non-Organic/Non-Humanoid Antagonists such as spiders and blobs, Pirates, Ashwalkers, Syndicate Traitors with Holoparasites, Changelings, Empowered Vampires, etc. The common theme here is that you cannot arrest / contain these creatures or lack an obligation to do so. Hybrid Taser The "Hybrid" aspect of the Hybrid Taser refers to its unique function of being able to switch between Taser and Disabler mode by using the activation key (z/y). In Taser mode, the device will appear yellow along the top as shown in the picture and will fire a single, powerful stun that will instantly down most humanoids for more then enough time to advance and arrest them. The downside to this mode is that it has a very slow firing rate and takes a few seconds to charge again before the next taser round is able to be fired, thus making it a mode very reliant on your ability to aim and anticipate your targets movements. The second mode is disabler mode which will make the device appear to be blue on top instead of yellow. In this mode, the device will fire blue beams that drain the target's stamina when they make contact. Unlike the taser, it takes multiple disabler shots to take down a standard person however each successful shot will actually make the target progressively slower as their stamina is sapped. Additionally, unlike the taser you can fire the disabler rather rapidly making it a better choice for those who are unsure how well they will hit their target or if their target is very fast/mobile. Note that people will automatically start recovering from stamina damage over time if not given more damage to their stamina. Rechargers Perhaps one of the most important pieces of equipment that are actually on the station. Rechargers come in two varieties, wall mounted ones like those next to the armory entrance door, and those that are small semi-portable ones like in the picture. Rechargers accept energy based weapons such as stun batons, tasers, energy guns, laser guns, and more and apply power to them to refill the internal batteries. You will know that the charger is done charging when it starts flashing yellow. Additionally, you can move non-wall mounted ones via a wrench, note that they must be wrenched in place prior to being used. Flash Flashes are extremely effective weapons against those who lack eye protection or against machine enemies such as Cyborgs as it overloads their sensors and stuns them. Note that there are some races such as the Vulpkanin and Kidians who have very sensitive eye-sight and it is considered cruel and sometimes punishable to use them against them due to this as you will always cause eye damage when you use this device, it just hurts them more then others. To use this device, stand right next to your target with it in hand and left click on them. Pepper Spray Like flashes, stuns targets who are not wearing appropriate eye protection. Unlike flashes that can go through most eyewear, any eye/headwear tends to block this effect and as such its very situational. The advantage of using this device is that it can be used more then a flash, it can be refilled unlike a flash, and can be be devastating to groups of people. Use of this device is the same as a flash yet can be deployed while aiming at a floor rather then a specific individual. Flashbangs Small grenades that emit bright flashes of light and sound and will down targets for a short time. Note that the down time on flashbangs is actually relatively short thus it is advised that if you manage to use this against an uncooperative target you rush them immediately with a followup stun from a device like a stun-baton. Note that using flashbangs inappropriately can and will get you reprimanded or fired. To use the device, hold in hand and activate. You will automatically have thrown turned on when this happens, thus you can simply left click in the direction you wish to toss it. Handcuffs Handcuffs are an EXTREMELY important tool to understand how to use properly. Handcuffs are the reusable version of Zipcuffs, this comes with advantages and disadvantages. Handcuffs will last you the entire shift and so long as you keep up with them and don't leave them on someone or laying somewhere, they're your trusty restraint system. The downside is that they lack the ability to distinguish between good and bad guys, thus the badguy can steal handcuffs from you if you leave them on them and use them on you or other targets later. To use handcuffs, stand next to your target with handcuffs in hand and left click on them, this will start a small countdown timer and will give a rather loud sound and chat notice. Once in restraints, the subject will drop whatever they were holding in their hands and will be unable to activate things around them but can run into doors to escape. It is advised that you drag them around IMMEDIATELY by control + left clicking them. You can also restrain people to chairs, beds, and pipes by dragging a restrained persons sprite over the target, left clicking the subject-holding-dragging-and releasing the left click over the item you're wanting to restrain them to. This adds another layer of security as it is something else they have to break out of prior to breaking out of handcuffs. Subjects can Resist to break out of handcuffs and will succeed after about a minute of not moving (hotkey B) thus you can stop them by simply moving them for a brief moment or interrupting them with a stun. To remove handcuffs from someone, left click and drag their sprite to your sprite while standing close to them. This will open their inventory interface. At the bottom you will see "Handcuffed" left click that and you will start to remove them. NOTE: If you choose to restrain someone to a bed while setting up their brig cell charges via the computer outside the cell please make sure that you recover your cuffs. You can do this by having your baton activated and in hand, removing their cuffs, stunning them quickly, and recovering your cuffs prior to leaving. DO NOT LEAVE HANDCUFFS ON PEOPLE OR THEY WILL BREAK OUT OF THEM EVENTUALLY AND USE THEM ON YOU LATER. NOTE: KEEP A PAIR OF HANDCUFFS IN YOUR POCKET! The longer it takes for you to reach and grab your handcuffs the higher the chance someone gets up and beats you to death. Do NOT keep your handcuffs in your bag, belt, and especially not in a box within your bag as this takes WAY too long to reach. Zipties Function the exact same as a pair of handcuffs but are not reusable. Once they are removed from the suspect they will be "cut" and unusable again. You cannot make them re-usable so do not waste the time and effort in trying. Security HUDs These stylish glasses will act as not only protection against flashes and pepperspray (provided that you get one that have BOTH lenses) but also allows you to see people's jobs as listed on their IDs as well as their wanted status. Rather then going through what all the icons will look like for jobs, just go around the station and learn by shift + left clicking on people to examine them and their jobs. Note that if they are not wearing an ID it will show up as a black box with a question mark in the middle of it. Note that if they are not wearing an ID and disguising themselves with a mask, you will not get a notice of their wanted status. If someone is wanted there will be a giant red "W" below their job indicator, meaning this person has a warrant for their arrest. If they have a grey X they're set for execution and if the situation calls, use lethal force against them. If they have an orange "P" they're a prisoner, and if they're outside of the brig you should probably arrest them. If they have a blue "R" they were released from jail after serving time. How do I see if someone's wanted? Can I see why someone is wanted? The answer to both is YES! Shift left click on someone to examine them, you'll see something come up that looks like this, the name of the person was removed for their protection. Notice at the bottom we see "Criminal Status, Security Records, Physical Status, and Medical records*. Criminal Status refers to their warrant status, in this case this person is set to arrest. If they were not wanted previously it would show "NONE" instead. We can edit their criminal status by left clicking that option which will bring up a screen that allows us to set their wanted status to whatever we see the need to do. Note that after setting their status you'll be prompted to type a reason, this is important to do as we'll see in the next couple of steps. Below "Criminal Status" is "Security Records". If we want to see WHY she is set to arrest, we're going to need to check there to see what's up. When we click on the "View" next to the "Security Records" option we'll get a chat notice that looks like this: Above we see details of their major and minor crimes. Under the Minor and Major Crimes and their details, officers who are sitting at a Security Records Computer can edit that information to reflect Why a subject was previously arrested. Whoever set this noted that they had an EMP kit but didn't elaborate in the details. Under that you see "NOTES" this is flavor text that can be added by the actual player of that character. As you notice we STILL don't see WHY they are set to "Arrest' so to find that let's keep digging, only option is "View Comment Log". When we hit that we get this little box: Ah ha, we can see the officer who set it, when they set it, and why they set it per the comment box they filled out at that time. In this case, they were a suspected Enemy of the Corporation, thus someone who is highly dangerous and will likely end up in perma brig. Basics of Law and SOP As previously mentioned, Sec have not one, not two, but three guidelines that govern their actions and authority. That is Space Law, Security SOP, and Legal SOP. Space law, describes the laws and conditions for various laws to have been broken on the station as well as the time and consideration aspects that come with said charge. Each part of Space Law is assigned a 3 part number such as 103 which is the code for Drug Possession. This is an extremely important number for a lot of reasons as it tells you a lot about the charge itself. The first number is a one, denoting the severity of the crime where 1 is the lowest and 5 is the absolute highest. The next two numbers denotes the Classification of that crime, as such all 03 related offenses are drug offenses where the only difference is severity. Space Law comes with a very good Quick Reference that shows this concept very well. Top of the table shows the level of the crime while the side of the table relates to the TYPE of crime, this is important to understand for a concept known as Crime Stacking which is a no-go. A person cannot be charged for something that shares the same CATEGORY of charge, regardless of the changes in SEVERITY. For example, you cannot charge someone with Petty Theft, Robbery, Theft, and Grand Theft (as they are all the same category since they share the last two numbers) at the same time, but you can charge someone for Indecent exposure, Abuse of Confiscated Equipment, and Theft (as they don't share the last two numbers). To understand more about Space Law, you NEED to read it at some point prior to playing Security as it's both impossible and impractical for me to outline all the details within it. Security SOP, like all departmental SOPs, describes the standards by which a person in a specific job is expected to respond to a change in the Alert Level of the station. These are also reflected to a degree in the "General SOP" area. It's important for you to read and understand these concepts as they are essentially the protocol you're expected to uphold based on the current alert level. This means that on code RED you are authorized to randomly search people but on code GREEN you can't even arrest someone without first speaking to them. You NEED to understand the difference in what you can and cannot do. Legal SOP is a bit special in that it described the methods and procedures for appropriately tossing someone in jail for short term, permanently, or executing them in a lawful manner. Security can, has been, and will be held responsible for illegal executions. Just because you have the power to do so doesn't mean you can kill people whenever and wherever you like. Even if someone is slotted for execution, they're due a proper execution via proper means such as the electric chair, lethal injection, or some other means. Read and understand Legal SOP as it pertains to your situation. Unlike most SOP, this one is the most strictly followed due to the gravity of what it deals with. Deviation from Legal SOP is generally seen as a one-way ticket to demotion, jail, or your own execution. How to Arrest / Brig As mentioned above, your methodology for arresting someone will largely depend on the current alert level and the nature of why they're being arrested. In this section we're going to break this down into a simplified checklist that will hopefully give you a guideline as to how to address a situation in the best manner possible. 1. Identify the wanted person. 2. If time permits, check why they are wanted. See above for how to do that via the Sec HUD. 3. Radio for backup/call out the location of the arrest. It's more important to do this then to rush into the arrest due to the fact that if you fail and they get the upper hand, you've got no backup coming. It's worth taking a moment to do this for your own safety. Even something as simple as "BACKUP MEDBAY" in sec comms is effective. 4. If time and situation permits, make initial contact with the person via speaking. If the person is running away, resisting, fighting back, or has killed people already you may wish to take a more aggressive approach to them. 5. If they are compliant, every attempt possible should be made to take them to security without handcuffs on unless the alert level or situation requires it. If you had to stun the person, you should be applying your handcuffs as soon as they are stunned. Proceed to then left control + left click drag them towards processing. 6. Buckle them to a chair and open their inventory. Based on the current threat and their charges, you should conduct a reasonably through search of their person to include: headset (traitors especially), PDAs (Traitors especially), pockets, bags, jackets, boxes within bags, eyewear, masks, etc. 7. Take note of any contraband items OR items that were used in a crime. Despite items such as tools being legal, if they were used in a crime such as Breaking and Entering, they are to be confiscated in the same manner as contraband. 8. Take them to their appropriate cell. We will not discuss Perma brig protocol as it is well discussed in Legal SOP. Proceed to then take the cuffed subject and buckle them to the bed and exit the room. 9. On the walls outside of the cell you will find a black screen, left click on it to open the cell computer. The first thing you enter is the TIME you plan to brig them for based on Space Law and modifiers or Magistrate direction. 10. Proceed to Activate the cell, this will prompt you for the subject's Name and what they are wanted for. If you did it correctly, they're status should automatically be shifted to "Prisoner". 11. Re-enter the cell and recover your handcuffs. If the subject is violent, consider stunning them, removing the cuffs, stunning them again, recover the cuffs, and quickly exit while they are still stunned. 12. Update the records by hand via a Security Records Terminal IF they're missing a record. FAQ / Advanced Concepts I and other mentors / Sec-Mains will try to provide answers to FAQs as we get them. Some of the biggest I will go ahead and address if I can: Q: How do I silence my boots? A: Use tape on your jackboots, you don't even have to take them off. This will immediately silence them and make it so that badguys stop knowing where you are before you even see them. Q: Can other members of the crew help Security? A: Only on specific occasions such as massive threats to the station such as Blobs, Nukies, Wizards, etc. Things such as Vampires, Traitors, and Changelings should be left to Security to Hunt. If you see someone being attacked or You are being attacked, you are always in the right for defending yourself/others you are witnessing being attacked with the amount of force necessary to FLEE. You should NOT attempt to kill the antagonist if it can be helped as that is NOT your job. Q: Can Security use confiscated items? A: The only item they are allowed to use per Space Law is the Syndicate Encryption Key to help listen for and identify other traitors. All other traitor items/gear is contraband, even to Sec. Q: Can the IAA / Magistrate Order Sec around? A: No, not really. The IAA especially have no control over security and are there as advisory roles at best. They're there to make sure they remain neutral to the entire case and approach it from the direction of fairness to SOP and Space Law, not whatever would be in the best interest of Sec, NT, or the subject involved. The Magistrate has the power and ability to overrule even the captain in matters of Space Law but ONLY space law. The magistrate CANNOT order security officers to do anything other then arrest and brig people, they cannot order the warden to open the armory nor could they order the HOS to break the law. Q: When does the armory open up? A: The armory is open, per SOP, during times when Security requires lethal solutions to their problems. Such times include: Wizards, Blobs, Xenomorphs, Empowered Vampires, Syndicate Nukies, Aggressive Traitors, etc. Q: What's the Ion Rifle for? A: The Ion rifle does component damage rather then burn/toxin/brute/suffocation damage, thus it is only good against borgs and synthetic targets. When it hits, it bursts and will disable electronics around that zone approximately 1 tile. This means that it will disable headsets, internal synthetic organs, robotic limbs, cameras, etc - So please be careful! Q: What weapons are good for what? A: Understanding your threat is important for this question. Due to their composition, blobs are inherently weak to burn damage however they have a special thing called Reflective blobs which can Bounce laser / energy based weaponry back at the source, thus using something like shotguns that are Projectile based damage are a lot SAFER option despite being a bit weaker against them. Additionally, flashbangs are extremely effective against blobs and will destroy multiple tiles of blobs if they're weakened, just an additional tip. Projectile based weaponry are also preferred against E-Sword users, such as nukies and traitors. The reasoning is that an e-sword has a 100% chance to reflect energy based weapons back to the source in the direction that they are facing but only have about a 70% chance to deflect projectiles. Thus, it's a safer alternative when you can't sneak up on your target. Against all other station threats laser weapons have a lot more advantages on top of their ability to be recharged.
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    SO, I just spend 7 straight hours putting this together. I had possibly one of my favourite rounds, or at least my favourite involving an AI, yesterday night as CE. It was a custom event, a meteor shower, and then a Giant ass meteor heading towards Sec. So, as you can imagine, as CE, I had my hands... quite full... with trying to deal with everything. I got cargo to order as many meteor shields as their shuttle could carry, and tried my best to organize my WONDERFUL engineers into action. They were great. So, we managed to patch up the station with some help from CC, and sec opened up the giant ass meteor stuck in their armory to reveal an ash drake. But, it's my job to repair the damage AFTER it is done, so I didn't get involved much. However, the highlight of the game was when the starting AI stopped... well, working. It was still present, but it didn't wipe itself. So the RD had to make a new one, and a plucky little scientist volunteered- Ava. So they took out her brain and stuck it in an AI core, and brought it to upload, much closer to bridge. I had finished with most of the repairs that needed doing, and I'd never really... talked with an AI much, as I've never had the luxury of being actually in the same room as them (much). So I decided to talk, and I knew Ava was quite a good conversationalist. It got... pretty philosophical. At first I actually thought you could take the brain back out of the AI, but after trying to do that 'decommission (try every tool you know of to de-construct it then realize you can't and just harm-welder it to death0 the previous AI, I realized it wasn't actually possible to go back to ones fleshy organic form after you get AI'd. Ava slowly turned from their normal Vulpy self to something much more synthetic, which was fun to role-play out. Asking what would happen if they had different laws, they being unable to give any sort of opinion if they wanted their laws changed or not, just finding out the limits there were being an AI after the freedom of being a crew-member. Ava questioned if Giki would decommission her like she did the other AI, and some other pretty hard question. Perhaps the most major thing is that you're not getting payed anymore, and you become less of a crew-member and more of an object. Laws also influence you, so you could never be sure if you're actually you anymore or not... It's pretty spooky if you think about it, and quite a unique problem to the usual 'Non-post-organic AI'. Anyway, at the end when the shuttle was called, I asked the RD if i could add a new law. Law 15- "You are still the Vulp you once were, don't forget that." or something to that degree, so Ava could still hold on to that personality of hers without being overcome by the torrent of synthetic signals and directives. Though an Ion law came in right after saying 'You need week berries to survive but we... fixed that. ANYWAY it was a TERRIFIC round and honestly I'm so glad I stayed up way past a reasonable hour to play it. Ava is best Vulpai.
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    Hello! Been playing on Paradise for years, new to the forum. Same old head pat loving vulp, nothing else. Move along. *wag
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    The Psionic Versioning: 1.0.0 29-07-2019 Initial idea 1.0.1 29-07-2019 Extra clarifying abilities 1.0.2 29-07-2019 Start conditions 1.0.3 30-07-2019 Psionic vs Psionic VS crew. Added "Alter perception". Changed harvest thoughts. Changed Suggestion 1.0.4 30-07-2019 Added a list of suggestions 1.0.5 31-07-2019 Changed "Disguise self", changed "Hallucinations", Added "Cloak of darkness" and "Disguise other", added slave limit to mindslave 1.0.6 2-8-2019 Changed mind project completely. Any suggestions or additions are more than welcome! Main Idea The psionic is a mentally strong humanoid monster that is capable of altering ones mind. Due to this they are very brittle physically wise and have to rely on their brains for survival. They can’t use humanoid weapons either. They look humanoid but more monstrous. Think of sectoids from Xcom or the Controller from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. They will be from the type human and thus can manipulate tools and heal themselves. To gain power they have to harvest the thoughts of sleeping humanoids. These thoughts will heal them and make them able to gain powerful new abilities. The gameplay will be stealth oriented. Seeing he’s very weak physically. There will only be a small amount of psionics on the station. They are meant to be played as a lone antag. Seeing the way they grow in power will limit other psionics. There will be 1 psionic per +- 40 people. His abilities cost focus to use, a resource he has to manage. Most abilities take time to channel, the instant cast abilities are emergency abilities. If he gets caught in a fight he’ll probably lose unless he can get out. He has thermal and dark vision to give a small advantage in maintenance. The psionic slowly regains focus passively. But he can speed it up by going into a meditative trance. This trance will leave him vulnerable as he can’t move while doing it. Until interacted with which drops the trance. Mindshielded crew have an advantage in resisting the abilities. Start conditions The psionics will start out disguised as regular crew members with jobs. They will be set on a timer till their disguise wears off. They get the ability to remove their disguise so they can use the other abilities. They will start with the following abilities unlocked: Disguise self, they will get disguise self but they can only use it to disguise back to their "original" form. After removing their disguise at the start this will start to cost focus. Harvest Thoughts Teleport with 2 charges Sleep Depending on the server pop size they will also get additional bonus thoughts to spend on unlocks of their choice. Win condition They have stage objectives. The first objective will be a simple. Get X thoughts collected. Once they have that they will get a specific target to harvest their brain from (target has to be on station on the objective creation). This target can also be another psionic, the chance of this happening will be about 25-50%. If they use harvest thoughts on that target they will instead suck the brain out. The target can be dead while doing this but if he’s alive while being sucked then the psionic will get thoughts as a reward. They can switch targets at the cost of thoughts. If the person is to hard to reach or not on the station. This person is somehow tied to a bluespace rift that the psionic can use to empower himself. The last objective will be to go to one of 3 generated areas and connect with the bluespace weaves there. This will give out a loud sound and notification to the crew. The psionic just has to activate the rift there and then defend the location till the rift is active. Then channel himself in it. After which they ascend and get all powers upgraded fully and better. They also become nearly immune. (Think of a sling ascension) Psionic vs crew The psionic will be a threat that won't be noticed to much at the start but will ramp up in danger the more power it gets. With each victim the presense of the psionic will become more clear. At this point he should have enough abilities to escape security and to blend back in with the crew to move around. The crew will be afraid to be alone and will be paranoid of their surroundings due to the psionic. The crew will have no reason to work with the psionic and getting caught will mean that they get a permanent debuff. Psionic vs psionic The psionic is a lone antag. He acquires his power from harvesting thoughts which can only be done once. It's a very power hungry creature and other psionics will just get in his way. Psionics are immune to each others mind altering powers. Yet by the use of thralls the Psionic can kill one of his rivals. If this happens he can harvest the brain of this psionic and will absorb a part of the power the other psionic had. It will also free the mindslaves the dead psionic had. Abilities (costs are not set in stone) Each ability is unlocked separately at different costs. The focus pool will be big enough for the Psionic to cast quite a bit of abilities but the passive regeneration will be slow. This way the Psionic can burst out chaos and afterwards he'll need to find a place to meditate. The maintain costs are yet to be determent and the given costs are relative to one another. Harvest thoughts (melee range, channel, Upgrade makes it go faster, Cost 1) The psionic will get his powers from harvesting thoughts from sleeping victims. This takes a while to do and the psionic has to stand still for this. Afterwards the victim gets permanent brain damage and a permanent random mind related genetic defect. The victim won’t be able to get harvested again and the permanent damage will be shown when scanned by a body scanner. This ability is also used for the second stage objective and to harvest brains from other Psionics. Teleport (Self, instant, upgrade gives more charges, Cost 1 per charge) The psionic will get a limited amount of charges that he can use to quickly get out of trouble. He will teleport to a random safe spot on the station atleast X tiles away from his previous location. Without cameras or people nearby. He can regain charges by spending thoughts. Sleep (Ranged, Channel, upgrades make it go faster, Cost 2) The ability has 3 stages. The first channel will make the target get drowsy (blurry eyes, yawning). The second stage will give him stamine damage and the last stage will make him fall asleep. He’ll be asleep for 1-2 minutes. Enough time for the Psionic to harvest his thoughts or mindslave him. Force push (Cone, Instant, Upgraded will make it affect more people, Cost 2) Throw the closest target near you away from you. Will chose which target depending on position you point the ability to (middle mouse click or such). The throw will knock people down if they hit stuff just like a normal throw. Mind control (Ranged, Channel, upgrades make it last longer, Cost 2) Will give the psionic full control over the victim for a short amount of time. The psionic will stand in place and will stop the control when interacted with. The victim can talk to the psionic while this is happening. He however won’t see/hear what is happening to him as he is put to sleep himself. He is also given the message that he has lost all memories of what happened during him for the last few minutes. If the victim gets hurt enough the mindcontrol will break and will stun/hurt the psionic. Mind project (Ranged, Channel, upgrade makes it seem as if the victim is using the abilities, Cost 1) This ability will allow you to use a victims mind as your base to use abilities from for a short duration. Meaning that you will temporarily see what the target sees and will cast abilities from his location. If upgraded people surrounding him will see it as if the target is using those abilities. Hallucinations (Ranged, Channel, Upgraded will make it AOE around the target, Cost 1) Causes the target to get hallucinations. More dangerous ones than regular hallucinations. The user will get real damage from the hallucinations. If upgraded and used on yourself you will cast it as an AOE effect around you that will last a set duration. Terror (AOE, Instant, Upgraded will make the ability affect more targets, Cost 1) Makes the closest humanoid terrified of the psionic. He loses control of his character and starts to scream and run away from the psionic. If people are blocking him he’ll try to push them down. If there is no way out other than space he’ll flee into space. Invisibility (Self, Channel (maintain), Upgraded will make you move faster, Cost 2) The psionic will have to stand still for a bit and then turn invisible. They can’t use abilities while invisible and maintaining it costs focus. They also move slower than normal. This ability will cost a lot to maintain. Become ethereal (Self, Channel (maintain), Upgraded will make you move faster, Cost 1) After focusing for a bit the psionic turns into a mist form (still visible, same visible effect as the darkcloak). Using this they can go through walls. Keeping this up costs focus and you move slower. You won't be able to use abilities while in this form. But if you use one you will break concentration and get back to your normal form. If you stop the ability inside of a wall you will take damage and get pushed out to a random direction. This ability will cost a lot to maintain. Confusion (AOE, Instant, Upgraded will make it affect more targets, Cost 1) Makes the nearest creature confused. With a chance to start puking or falling down. Break mindshield (Ranged, Channel, Upgraded will make it go faster/AOE, Cost 2) Breaks a mindshield of a target after focussing on him for a while. The target will get messages saying he’s targeted. Moving out of sight will stop the channeling Mind slave (Melee, Channel, Upgraded will give the psionic a mindlink with the slaves (think hivemind idea but only in one directional, towards the slaves), Cost 3) The target will be mindslaved to the psionic. The mindslaving consists of 2 steps. The first step clears the mind of the victim and makes him sleep for longer after. It also does braindamage. The second step is to implant the loyalty into the brain of the victim. The first step takes the longest and the psionic can’t move while doing this. The process will stop when the psionic is interacted with. The target will be freed when he gets a mindshield. If the psionic dies it won't break the mindslave. Only when another psionic harvests the brain of the mind controlling psionic. You will have a limit of mindslaves you can have (1 per 3 harvested thoughts?) Increased concentration (Self, Passive, Upgraded will increase passive regen, Cost 1) The psionic gets a bigger focus pool to use. Suggestion (Ranged, Channel, Upgraded will speed up the channelling, Cost 2) Implant a chosen idea/objective (chosen from a preset list) into the brain of a victim. The victim has a chance to notice that he’s being influenced. The longer the psionic focusses on the victim the longer the suggestion stays. Each step will increase the duration with 1 minute. Each step having the chance that he will notice. After you cancel the current step progress you will implant the suggestion in to the brain of the victim. This is an objective that he has to achieve. After the duration he’ll lose his memories of what happened during the suggestion. Same idea as the chaplains staff Disguise self (Self, Channel (maintain), upgraded makes the illusion look real upon examine, Cost 1) Makes you appear as a chosen crewmember. On examination you will appear off without the upgrade just like a morph. You will have to target the target first. So he has to be in sight. This takes a bit to do. Then after you can disguise yourself as him after a short channel. This ability won't cost much to maintain. You can use most abilities while disguised. Illusion (Ranged, Channel (maintain), Upgraded will make the illusion real, Cost 2) Make a structure or effect appear for nearby viewers. Costs time to prepare and then is usable after a short channel. The upgrade will allow an additional channelling afterwards which takes a bit longer but will make the illusion become real. You can drop the effect by using the ability again. This ability will cost an average amount to maintain Alter perception(Ranged, Channel, Upgraded will make it AOE around the target, cost 1) Blinds and makes the target deaf to the real world after focusing for a bit. Will make the target stammer as well. While deaf and blind the person will hear and see things that are not there. As if he's somewhere completely else. Floors will turn into ash floors, other people will turn into weird beings etc. The psionic will be invisible in this perceived world. Summon visions (Self, Channel (maintain), Upgraded will summon another monster, Cost 4) Summons a monster that is player controlled. This monster is loyal to you and will disappear after a while. This ability will cost a lot to maintain Cloak of darkness (Self (AOE), Channel (duration), Upgraded will kill all light sources, Cost 1) After a short channel you will shroud yourself in darkness for a set time. Turning nearby lights off. If upgraded it will destroy the light sources if possible after you stand in the area for a bit. You will also become slightly transparent. Like the cloak of darkness from vampires. Disguise other (Ranged, Channel (duration), Upgraded will change the target voice, Cost 2) After a channel you will change the target of choice in a clone of your real form for a short duration. Unless upgraded the target can still talk in his normal voice. When upgraded it'll make the target sound like you. Suggestions The "Suggestion" abillity will implant a preset idea into the persons mind. These ideas are meant to not cause harm and are meant to single out targets or draw attention away from the psionic. You have a surprise for a coworker. Lure one into this room. Make sure he's alone since the suprise is only for that person! This room is to crowded. Make the other people leave to let you focus again. You have something to show security. Ensure they come to this room right now! You have something you don't want security to find. Make sure they will be on the other side of the station! You are done with the system! Make sure no security member enters this room, ensure you do this without harm since you are protesting peacefully. You need some time alone. The nearest maintenance looks like a fitting place to take a small break. You need some time alone so don't bring others. More to come later. Suggestions are welcome! The idea is a bit similair to the Assimilation on TG (removed since 25th of July) https://tgstation13.org/wiki/Assimilation
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    So first off, I'm unsure if this is the correct sub-forum but at the heart of this thread will be a change of server policy that I think will make the server better so here goes. To get started, let me state how we go about admin notes for those who might not be aware. The basic idea is that when an admin sees a player do something wrong, be it an invalid murder or just poor behavior, and they message you about it they will usually leave a note on your account that other admins can see that describes what happened. It could be as simple as "Player killed some guy when he wasn't an antag, corrected behavior and issued a warning" or as complex as they like. From the little I know they are usually at least a few sentences that describe what the player did wrong and the steps that were taken to rectify the problem. These notes are kept a secret and can only be viewed by admins. Now let me talk about Colonial Marines. The basic principle is the same on CM, they see bad behavior, they correct it and make a note about it and how they handled it. The large difference is visibility. At any point if a player wanted to know about their notes all they could ahelp and the admin will show them their notes. Now, for a third example of how I've seen it done, let me talk about Bad Deathclaw, the Fallout server. Once again, the basic principle is the same except the big difference is there is a button in the OOC tab at the top right where you can just click the button and it'll pop up your admin notes, making it so that the player can view them whenever they want and see the names of the admins that left the notes so they know who to address questions to. Now, onto the problem. The last time I asked an admin, that I will not name unless asked by another admin, about what my notes were I was told that I was not allowed to know. They said that it was for admin use only and they were afraid that if players were able to view their own notes then the admins would be less likely to leave notes when they see players doing bad things. As much I can respect that thought I still disagree that it should be a barrier to players being able to know what they might have done wrong. I've been told different things in the past about my own notes but I've never been able to get a straight answer. Imagine, if you will, you were on trial before a judge. They had evidence against you but you and/or your lawyer weren't allowed to know what that evidence was and you would be judged by that evidence alone. I want to be able to know what I have done wrong in the past to eliminate that behavior for good. I want to know problems that admins have had with how I play so I can do a better job of trying to protect that behavior. Having something explained to me is never as effective as when I can just read it myself. My proposal should be obvious by this point. I suggest that we adopt one of the two systems in use by our sister servers of Bad Deathclaw or Colonial Marines. Either notes are something that the player can view whenever they want or they are something that we can just ask an admin to give to us if we feel we want to know what they are. Honestly, I doubt that the policy will change but I wanted to make a public statement on why I think they should change where others would be able to offer their own ideas and make the server better. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Something else that I wanted to address that is closely related to this but I don't think was worth it's own thread was the new policy on ban discussion on discord. I was fine with the old policy where active bans weren't to be discussed in the public discord because, honestly, that just wasn't the place for players to be discussing it with various staff members. The new policy though on no discussion of bans, past or present, is troubling to me. To me it signals a desire to shut down conversations about punitive measures that have been taken in the past and the reasons for which they were applied. If people aren't allowed to discuss what they might have done wrong in the past for others to read then how are they to know where the lines are drawn. The server rules aren't perfect and there are some grey areas in them, mainly in the self-defense area. I've seen players brutally kill antags in self-defense with no repercussions but then I've seen other situations that were vastly different. Obviously, I won't go into details for the reasons stated above. The lessons of past examples is invaluable, it allows players to share what is bannable behavior with actual in-game experiences and past admin actions. I know the ban appeal forum is there for everyone to read but it feels like it's not enough. Forums can feel dead and slow while the discord is a free forum for fast dialogue and expression that no forum will ever be able to match. I suggest that this new policy is reversed and we return to the previous policy where only current bans can't be discussed. If you've gotten to this point, thank you for reading.
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    Art of Domitia Aquila in Trans-Solar Federation officer uniform
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    Eyyy. I love Greys. They're always a fun race to interact with. This one is ooooof Gemini! Ionward's character! They are QUITE a talented artist, so I was so glad to get an art trade with them. Heck. YEAH.
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    Vespa. One heck of a squish! Pretty goopy.
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    Hi there! As someone who has done a lot of background work on or around sec, I get it. In this specific case you're actually correct to not perma someone for this sorta possession alone. A great example of this is energy verses powered crossbows, one is considered contraband the other is at best a weapon possession charge. The wiki is written rather specifically for a reason and a lot of players fail to realize the importance in detail. Now, don't forget that the way in which you use an item can land you in perma as well. Class C contraband used for a major crime is insta perma worthy. Take the context of the situation into account and make a judgment call from there. My advice is that if you know you're right, show them in space law where you're right. IAA, the Magistrate, and to a lesser extent the NT Rep are all resources for that as well. Unfortunately, it's fun and easy to blame one guy in security even when it's not right to do so. Just keep at it and become knowledgeable in Space Law and SOP so you can make them look dumb later.
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    The mistake you're making here is that the players aren't clients, and we aren't paid. I, personally, do not want to spend what could be hours of my time arguing with players over a note they don't agree with. Everyone seems to be vastly overestimating the use of the note system, and on top of that I'm noticing a ton of "Us vs. Them" mentality between admins and players. Admins do not log on to the server with the idea of "I'M GONNA MAKE X PLAYERS DAY REALLY SHITTY" we're here to play the game just like everyone else. Contrary to popular belief we do not give any significant amount of thought to players unless we receive direct reports that they're breaking the rules at the current moment. If you choose not to believe that and distrust us, that's on you.
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    Personally I think this is a complete non-issue. People are just totally paranoid about notes and admins acting to 'get them'. Give those people access to some notes and they'll demand access to all notes. Give them access to all notes and they'll suspect admins are trashtalking them in asay/discord and demand access to that too or who knows what.
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    "Whatever's poking me back there had better be an unsecured stun baton or so help me..." Coders experimented with using TG's "Peacekeeper Borgs" for a while. Unfortunately it was less "amusing hugbots" and more "lag-inducing avalanche of cookies" and "can't hear anything because of harm alarm spam." Portrait of Cecilia for practice. I decided it looked way too serious for SS13 so I thought to myself, "what would lighten this up?" Cult regalia. We had a large cult update that came along with an number of unique and unusual bugs features: For instance, player-controlled mouse cultists. Another amusing bug feature was that cult knives inflicted a 1-hit kill through instant bloodloss. Well, amusing for the cultists I assume. Sec, not so much. COME ON AND SLAM!!!
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    Art done for @Blessed, dangerous drask! Again, if anyone wants an art of their character (its free) - feel free to dm me
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    Foreword: This is by no means a success story. This is bittersweet at best and full of my usual bad luck. When you see what character I was playing in the story, some of the veteran players who know the character may understand why this might have been so unlucky. THIS IS A LONG STORY BUCKLE UP! Round start and I, Lich, am a Psychiatrist, alright but not great. This immediately became a lot more dynamic when I heard that strange conversion music, I was a changeling! My objectives weren't fantastic but they were potentially doable.. Or so I thought. Eight genomes, hand tele, kill the CMO, wear his ID and disguise as I get on the shuttle, alright let's do this. First step is first, Lich has a rather distinctive name and a few people know who he is, therefore it's best to spend as little time is him as possible I rush off to chapel maints and take my abilities: chamelon, arm blade, tentacle, mute sting, flesh mend. I came ready to fight knowing how my luck usually is so might as well go down swinging! I make my way there and chamelon in the old bar, waiting for my first prey. I didn't have to wait long before a random assistant found their way within my clutches. One tentacle lash and an a notice from the ESRB about our rating going up, I got them and ALMOST have them in a chokehol- "HELP BAR MAINT". Okay, I attacked a fucking stenographer apparently but that was a random maint call who would possible show up? I drag them to the left most wall in the abandoned NE bar and wait. On the otherside of the broken door I hear it slide open as I am nearly done choking this defiant assistant, mid proboscis production, standing there is a vox security officer starting me dead in the face with this assistant being choked out at my feet. Well shit, I let go and book it! I can chameleon so i use that to my advantage and it worked, the sec doesn't even come looking for me and they both escape. Minutes later I hear the alarms go off and the other changelings are yelling at me until they hear the announcement for... Vampires?... Okay, let's go with that. I decided then it would be best to press my already thin luck and lay in wait, chameleon in the middle of the old bar. Enter the mime. He was looking about, not really seeming to care that there was a call out earlier from this area so I try and make this quick. I grab them, managed to get them down, husk, assume the identity, ditch my stuff and steal theirs. I ended up locking them in their own mime cabinet, realizing that no one really messes with that or would search it. My stuff? Lich is reported as dead. Good enough and usually accurate anyway. So I am sitting with 3 genomes now and feeling a bit bad. I decided to play the role of a mime for a bit, randomly messing with people with some good roleplay to include giving Slith the ULTIMATE BOOP. All the while, I am silently stealing everyone's genomes around me until I am stuffed fool at 7. Thankfully, the last person I stuck was a very light colored slime so I passed as being human, no one noticed the difference as the human mime switched to a slime mime for a bit. One more sting and I was done. This is going well! I decided to check in on my target, the CMO. While I had been going about RPing earlier I noticed that he had been pretty damn insistent having 1-2 friends around at all time and was rarely out of medbay. Oh well, I will try again later I thought. So I go trolling around maint for a bit as I contemplate my next move when I get wind that they might be unto me via changeling chat. Someone apparently was calling the mime out for suspicious behavior! Personally I thought it came with the territory of dressing up like a mute bank-robber but not everyone shares my vision. Regardless, I needed a fall back disguise. I bumble about chapel maint and find the chef working on a few glass walls! I approached, got out my tentacle... And I will leave it at that. At the end she was husked, let your mind fill in the blanks. Now, like my first target they managed to get out a "Help maint!" but weren't specific. I thought I would be okay until someone pointed out that it's the chef so likely the area of bar / chapel maint... Fuck. I dragged them off into old bar (I am really familiar with that place now), and deposited them there while I worked out a means of hiding the body. I didn't have time to switch out and I knew that the ID would be hot anyway. So, like a punk, I fled after killing a random chef (sorry!). I hear that security has responded to the area and like so many noire movies, the criminal returned to the scene of the crime. There was the chaplain and two sec, looking for vampires. They quickly arrested me for showing up and after shoving holy water down my gullet, realized I wasn't a vampire (to their credit they're correct at least about that.) Then entered Ash, the Vulp(?), who seemed to know what was up a bit more then everyone else. She pointed out that indeed, vampires don't husk people. The chaplain, however, retorted that "Alright, smart ass. You tell me what it is then?" Before promptly defending that this was indeed proof of a vampire and that efforts to find them needed to be doubled... Alright then. To my dismay, I find out a bit later that not ONLY did medical revive them, another changeling who was IN medical working there HELPED THEM. So now they know that the mime is the vampire(?) and they're hot on my trail. I needed to ditch this disguise and FAST! Unfortunately, I was stuck once again in chapel maint due to how many people were milling in the dorms and hallways. Thus, I sat and waited in the darkness as an invisible shadow ready to pounce. I waited and a female slime surgeon came in, looking around for a bit. I threw my tentacle and started to take them down, once again they managed to get off a word or two before I could actually mute sting them and choke them to silence. Once again, someone came to their rescue. I am standing invisible over this downed person who is still SOMEHOW speaking and calling for help. The chaplain shows up, weapon in hand and ready to help! The Slime person called out that I was invisible and over them, prompting the chaplain to attack, trying to disarm me! I returned with my arm blade (forgot I grabbed that, didn't you?) and aimed for the chest. Thanks to many budget cuts in IPC design, my armblade cut through the tissue paper chassis of the chaplain and dropped him but not before the slime managed to escape with their corpse. Dammit, oh well. I hid out a bit longer at that spot, knowing that I was going to be swarmed and thus far I was doing a GREAT job at hiding. Enter the Pod pilot. This time I was successful, grab, sting, choke, absorb, replace, done. With that, I went from the old bar to security, seeing what more I could glean while listening to their comms. I heard that they REALLY wanted to find that Mime, thankfully I wasn't them anymore yet they were huddled down into sec for a bit while they mobilized to hunt the vampire mime with impunity! Once they were gone I rushed in and stole the pod, going into space while laying low. To my dismay, the AI called me out for not having a mindshield despite the brief time I was visible! "Do pod pilots have mindshields?" Asked the AI. "Yeah." The HOS responded. "Well the Pod Pilot is missing theirs, might be the changeling." The AI reported. "Clever clever.." I said. Then, I mustered every bit of linguistic skill I could to silver tongue my way out of this situation. That's right.. I called them a nerd. "However, incorrect nerd!" I retorted triumphantly! "I have a mindshield." I lied. To my disbelief the AI believed me! Even apologized! I might have shit luck but I can talk my way in and out of most situations at least! However, let's see how far I could get for now. So for a bit, I enjoyed playing as the pod pilot, buzzing around space and harassing the Mechanic like a traffic cop. My joyride ended after a bit, letting sec search for a mime that didn't exist. I parked the pod, locked the doors, stole the keys and went back to Sec maint. While there I found a unsuspecting janitor. Thankfully, they were to bewildered by the giant tentacle that sprouted from the pod pilot to question much else. Unfortunately for me, however, someone walked in. A grey who looked like they were on vacation with a Hawaiian shirt and straw hat on. I channeled my inner rent-a-cop and randomly stunbatoned the janitor and began arresting them, ordering the grey to move along and so they did. I dragged them off, did my thing, now I am an elderly male human janitor! By this point, I switch out the sec key in the headset on the new service one I picked up, leaving the sec one behind with a service key in it so no one suspected that I really had what I wanted from it. During this time while I was spying on the still very much surrounded CMO I was listening to how Sec apparently hunted down, tazed, force fed holy water, executed, and failed to revive Ash from earlier. I wasn't sure how all that went down but the HOS was being fired over it, one less thing to worry about I guess? Go vampire hunts! I eventually said fuck it, the CMO was camping so hard in medbay with their friends that they might as well have been cooking smoores. I didn't feel like sticking around for them to start singing Kumbaya. I went off to do that other objective I had, stealing a hand-tele. I realized that whipping out my armblade in the middle of the hallway with my luck was probably the worse idea possible, so i got creative. I changed up my abilities a bit and grabbed monkey form, went into the janitor's closet, went monkey, grabbed the tele, and went wherever it took me. I ended up in atmos, no one around and no one saw me so who cares? I hid it in the atmos clothing locker next to the pipe dispenser and went back through the vents to my stuff. After becoming human once more and grabbing my stuff, I was off to collect my well-earned Hand-tele. Get to atmos, start to break the doors open from maint with armblade. ALMOST get in when the SAME SECURITY VOX FROM EARLIER SHOWS UP! I rush into atmos, grab my hand tele and chameleon. Of course, he comes in, looks around and opens my locker waiting to find me. I could hear my heart beating in my ears as I watched him but thankfully he didn't decide to taze that spot anyway. He then did the unthinkable, he walked into me and THANKFULLY I WAS ON HELP INTENT! We both switched places without anything seeming to happen and I remained invisible. They left while being absolutely confused, not even setting me to wanted despite seeing my name. Off I went. Back to the CMO. He moved a whopping two feet which was an accomplishment for them but still surrounded in medbay where they had a medical hardsuit, a teleshield, and several of their friends on standby. This wasn't going to be easy. I collaborated with the other changelings still remaining and we came up with a plan, the coroner (remember him? the changeling that outed the mime?) would draw the CMO into the morgue and we'd jump him. Easy right? Nope. Instead, this guy decided to just sting the CMO with neigh everything. We're watching this CMO go up in flames, blind, everything. This, of course, hinders us even more because now they're being medically tended to. I decided to pass the time with my sec hud while I waited, setting random people to arrest for random things to keep sec busy while we figured this out. Sadly, the shift time ran out. We were unable to get the CMO who got escorted by several people to the shuttle within a large group while they held their shield and had their suit on... Lame. Oh well, made for an okay story.
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    First off, I would like to say I'm sorry.
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    This is in response to the active PRs to rework Diona And Slime People, instead of shoehorning in the need to breathe simply to accommodate for newcrit, why not rework nobreathe to be in a state that doesn't make one immune to oxygen damage but removes the need for breathable atmos, this would allow Diona and Slime People to retain their immunity to atmos while still being compatible with newcrit, now this may be harder than I think but it feels like a very reasonable thing to change instead of removing their innate ability to ignore atmospheric contents.
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    People were talking about an OHSA event where the station is made to comply to safety standards before an NT inspection, I might actually run this one day, so if people could post ideas here of things that could be done to make the cyberiad less of a deathtrap that might help me k thx!
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    Hi! I was thinking of making a sort of clothing pack, a medium(ish) project in which I add a bunch of community suggestion clothing ideas, either as loadouts or as general items you can get from clothing vendors/job lockers. At the moment the items I have are two new Security uniforms (smart red shirts, with a trousers/skirt variant, sprites for all races ready) a blue bow dress (will need other race compatability) and ideas for different kinds of turtlenecks (based on the tacticool but with suit sensors enabled, possibly loadout options, current colours are beige and red, but open to more colour suggestions). I'd like anyone who has an idea for outfits, uniforms, shoes or hats to give me suggestions so I can flesh out the pack and hopefully bring (even more) customisation to the playerbase. Thank you!
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    Were it to become policy that warnings and the like were to become public, admins who hide notes without good reason would be dealt with. But, that doesn't matter, because after discussing this with numerous players, staff, and staff of other servers, I am absolutely against this. The current system we have is completely sufficient. Hopefully people with take the time to read what the staff have said here, and my own clarification on how disputing or reviewing notes can work, and stop spreading misinformation, or just outright bullshit. I don't think continuing this thread will be at all productive. The points have been made, discussed, and I've come to a decision here.
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    The goal was simple; get in, do some tele-science, have some fun, get out. NONE of that happened. Instead, Lich arrived on the shift about half-way through it. Realizing that wasn't going to be any tools waiting for him in science he ran over to the arrivals tool area to see what he could scavenge. The machine in the corner had a few wires and tools on top of it, maybe it did have something left inside? It was worth a look at least, right? Rather then finding out, Lich immediately got zapped to the degree of severe burns. It took him a few seconds to recover and briefly abandon his quest to slowly walk to medical leaving his pride behind on the floor where it died. Most of the doctors on the shift seemed like they were elsewhere when he showed up The only few doctor that were there didn't seem to even acknowledge him for the longest time, dealing with a few other members of the crew with varying degrees of injury. By the time it was Lich's turn he got quickly treated for his severe burns and sent out the door. One near death experience wasn't quite enough to call in the towel, not for Lich at least who decided to make the best of the situation and see what tools were actually in Science before attempting brave arrivals once more. Making his way over to Science he approached the door and was immediately floored again as the moment he made contact with the door he was shocked into crit from the sheer burn damage. Once again, Lich was now making his way towards medbay, a lot closer this time which made the slow walk just a tad better. During his painful walk, Lich took the time to PDA the AI, asking them to politely unshock the doors so he could get on with his day. So wrapped up in his PDA, Lich failed to notice the janitor who decided that ONE DROP OF BLOOD was far too large of a task for a mere mop- oh no. He had to bust out a cleaning grenade in the middle of the hallway just for that ONE SPOT. Needless to say, Lich was now on the floor, in a ton of pain, and questioning if he should just stay there for now. Either by willpower or stupidity, he got up and continued to hobble his way to medbay which was thankfully a much faster visit. So fast in fact that one burn patch later was close enough to tide him over, a little lingering burn damage wouldn't be too bad right? It was like, 5% or something, couldn't be an issue... Right? Lich returned to work, found some tools in Science and was getting started on making a tele-science lab in the experimenter area, something impromptu and lacking in anything more then the bare basics. However, as he was setting up the console he realized that the location was just not going to work for him and he needed probably take apart the computer and build it closer to RnD where he was next to his stock. He didn't have any eye protection when welding down the computer console but how bad could it be? Well, bad enough to make him near blind in one go, alright then. Screw tele-science! Screw Science in general! Lich threw down the metal and marched his unhappy ass back to Medical with the intention of grabbing occuline and staying put at the bar. Apparently in the brief time he was gone, everyone scraped their knees or had them ripped off entirely since medbay was packed with patients and the rest of the medical staff decided that was the best time to go take that space fishing trip they'd been meaning to go on. Lich realized that unless he helped himself, no one would. He had a screwdriver and a wirecutter, you can hack a vending machine with those right?... Right? He went around medical to the back vending machine near virology, trying to keep his hacking attempt on the down lo- First wire Lich cut was the power line and he immediately dropped dead on the floor with his tools beside him... Yeah that took about 15 minutes total...
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    Even if notes were made public the admins would keep secret notes regardless. I am a huge advocate for transparency and I wish notes were public myself - but unfortunately some things have to be kept private in order for the admins to do their jobs. A halfway house would be to have public notes but with optional secret ones which the admins can use for confidential information. People can therefore look back over "official" warnings and the admins can still have their private notebook for confidential things. I don't think that would solve the distrust however. I have always been of the opinion that admin notes should be between the admin and the player in question, a note should be used for feedback which the player should have access to in order to take it on board as well as to provide context within ban appeals. If admins are writing things about players in their notes which are unsavoury then I would pose that they should act more professionally. I have personally experienced an admin telling me that my notes have stated that I have been spoken to about X on a number of occasions yet I could not recall any of those occasions at the time. Maybe my memory is just poor, but I think I would have remembered. As with most of these things. Making notes public would not be some magic bullet which would suddenly solve all division, distrust and discontent. The fundamental choice you have to make as a player is you either play under the framework that the staff put in place, fair or otherwise - or you don't. I'm also unsure as to why this thread like many others which criticise the staff becomes so hostile and standoffish. One page which can be interpreted wildly differently, applied to an uncountable number of varied scenarios and varies from easy things such as "don't touch SSDs" to incredibly nuanced issues like how much greytide one can get away with.
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    Disagree, because everytime we do anything thats not visible in the notes, or a player discovers they have an invisible one, they will go full badmin on us in PMs. My fear, is we are going to get a ton of note appeals, and then arguments about notes in ban appeals, and its going to make more work. So if I make a note like "talked to X about running around naked as captain, may not be captain material and require a headban." Am I going to get an appeal? An admin complaint? How does that work if its public and they know it exists? Will they demand any note that is invisible if another admin says "You have a previous note for this?" What are we getting into with this? Is this more work for me as an admin? Trust me, you have a great inventive for the answer to this to be "no." Probably more then half the reason for the "If this continues, ban them", is that its an inconvenience to everyone involved to actually ban someone, and deal with the appeal. So its essentially just kicking the can down the road and hoping the behaviour changes. If a note like that becomes greater then or equal to the inconvenience of banning, I am going to skip the note and just do the ban. I am not a super hero, I just want to run events and spessmen. If just banning without a complicated warning/note process is easier then dealing with notes, I am going for the bans. Sorry, I just don't want to have a two hour PM discussion about someones notes, or a "note appeal" on the forums, everytime I give a warning.
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    I'm in favor of note transparency, however... I'm not an admin. And I'm not so sure I'd have that stance if the shoe was on the other foot. I can see where admins are coming from. I can see how certain players may view their notes, take a disliking to what is there, and take issue/hold a grudge against the admin who issued that note. That's a problem. While CM/Other servers do have different policies, it doesn't mean their policies are the correct method. Maybe it works for them, but there is no real basis to judge how it affects them from a staff point of view. I'm very much trying to look at this from both sides, and I can see reasoning for both. To use a recent scenario in which a player had to correct a mistake on their notes going through the admin complaint process, situations like those seem to be rare but this is only because the player was concerned that their note was an unfair representation of their behavior that round and took visible action to correct it. Turns out they were right to be concerned and the note got corrected. I feel like this is why we should have at least limited transparency in some form, because there could be many more examples of this. Notes are being cast off as somewhat 'insequential' to players by staff. I feel that is unfair because notes seem to play a vital role in judging that player's behavior in ban appeals etc, so it makes sense that a player would like to know what it is they are being judged on. The staff response of "Well, you received X amount of warnings and should be self-aware of your behavior as a perfectly good indication of where your notes are" is a good point, but doesn't solve the issue of misrepresentation here. I'm rather conflicted on the whole note issue cause I can see the many problems of having them transparent from a staff pov. Some players will hold a grudge against staff for it. Some players may take issue with legitimate notes (being salty) and cause excessive workload for staff and create a backlog And then the other concerns raised by Bryan which are all good points On the other hand... There may be (and has already been proven, is) situations when a player feels that an admin note/warning misrepresents them as a player and will be used unfairly against them in an appeal. Notes are important to how an admin (especially new admins dealing with players they've not dealt with before but have extensive note history) forms an opinion on that player in the appeal process. A player being completely ignorant of the judgement being laid upon them is essentially at the mercy of staff. Players who have displayed corrective behavior but their notes do not display this and/or portrays them in a completely different light is going to be a lingering issue for them moving forward So there is valid concerns here from both sides. I do honestly feel that some of the player concerns are being cast aside too quickly with the rebuttal of, "Well, here's why that wouldn't work..." And it is fair. Good points on both sides, but understanding the player concern here is key and why some feel transparency is wanted. I personally don't think a player should have access to their notes at the drop of a hat or request. No. Nip that in the bud there. Despite the policy of other servers, I can see this being an issue here on Para. I would think a better method for this would be opening a dispute (as has been done in the past and seems to work nicely) on a warning/unfavourable bwoink they've received in-game and create a process to see what note, if any, has been added to their record as a result of that warning. It seems notes being shared in this process is already a thing, and that could be expanded upon further by allowing, and making it aware to players, that they can dispute a note that they may feel is unfair because after all, notes don't provide full context and lets be honest, from a staff pov, you are making judgements/forming opinions on notes without full context in mind. Is that entirely fair? No, but its the system we have and it isn't a perfect system, and I think efforts should be made to improve it to lessen the staff/player divide and give players more room to maneuver in situations like these. Again I don't think notes should be open to players completely, but I do think a cemented process of what a player can do and making them aware of their options when they receive warnings/bwoinks and opening up a process for them to discuss it. I don't think we should open the floodgates to having players dispute past notes that are long gone, because that just opens up the hellgates.
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    current sketches of sprites
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    Would be more than happy to run tests of this live to tweak it and get feedback from players etc when it's ready for it too. Hell, be excited too. New antag types are always fun - and more tests of it means people can evolve a meta around it faster.
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    Soooo here we have the first three drawings I did of my own character, Phoebe. All were done in order from oldest to newest. A thing I’ve noticed is that I can’t really settle into one style, as all three versions I made look different in one way or another.. not entirely sure if that’s a good or bad thing
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    My first actual suggestion! Reading the recent discussion on security and their relations to crew, and the dynamics of sec-antag gameplay, I decided to have a learning take on doing a feature proposal. Idea: Have the Sec SOP include a procedure of perfoming arrests as its own tab. Presently how-to is under the respective jobs. Have this new SOP tab explicate three kinds of warrants to be issued on crew: Armed and dangerous. This person is known to pose a physical threat if apprehended. Arrest with incapaciating force allowed, aka stun cuff. No lethal force, unless needed accordingly to the Space Law. (Thought for known vamps while no KOS is given, armed thralls or cultists and such.) Arrest warrant. This person is known to have violated the space law, or it is most probable they have done so. Arrest to be perfomed as present SOP states. (Known issue of stun cuffing on meeting would be then SOP-wise restricted to the personnel with "Armed and dangerous" warrant, or arrestees attempting to attack and flee.) Search warrant. This person is to be searched or interrogated. (Have "search" interaction described better, present SOP knows it but does not state many guidelines for that.) New Criminal state designations to code: *Armed and dangerous*, *Arrest*, Search. These new warrants would have their own criminal status designations at sec records and respective icons at the Sec HUD. Beepsky will arrest A&D as base level 6 threat, while regular arrest is as-is level 5. Execution status gives base 7 level (which that PR should fix, presently it appears not to be happening.) Beepsky will read the Search status as base level 2 threat, not to be arrested, as of the person with Search is not a known criminal. Extra: A Monitor -status for personnel known to be linked in criminal activity, while no evidence to sentence them are present, to ease watching over them. Aim of this proposal, both the HUD feature and the SOP change, is to help security be better in their jobs. This ideal I've got of the recent threads (Medi's Sec suggestion thread, by foremost). The feature could serve as memory aid for the officers on which kind of treatment they should give of person tagged to the HUD (Arrest tag on a crewmember, records say search. Officer 1: Why is this person arrested, Officer 2: *mute stun cuff*, drags them to brig), and to easen referencing to the SOP on this matter (to make it more easy to learn (and remember) this kind of officer interaction). On the code feature of having new designations to appear at HUD and records, see the PR, hereby: https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pull/11909 Comments welcome! I didn't ask anybody beforehand, if this kind of feature and SOP change is preffered - so that "no thanks" is an appreciated reply aswell! Did this for learning code contribution as my another own motive, and it did serve it already. I'll write an example of what the SOP could look like with this as soon as I got the time for it. UPDATE 31.7.19 Got more busy with work than I expected to, I'll return to this and the PR soon. Medi's Sec suggestion thread, out of which I got this idea:
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    Help Bot in all his glory.
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    Experimenting with colours, exhausting rounds call for drinks... and Zeke normally carries a bottle around in his tendrils. And here we have a cute ass video.
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    Name: HelpBot2000 Age: 85? [Note: Specific age of this unit is uncertain, as the HelpBot line has been out of production for quite a while.] Gender: Male? [Note: HelpBot doesn't care about its gender, and only identifies as a male for simplicity.] Race: IPC Blood Type: AB+ [Note: IPCs have blood?] General Occupational Role(s): Assistant, Helper, Station Engineer, Detective Biography: The HelpBot line of robotic servants were briefly a wild hit and many households across the stars had them. Due to poor business decisions and severely cut corners the company that introduced them went under and the HelpBot license was sold to a group known for making knock-off robots. In short time HelpBot production ceased entirely as catastrophic breakdowns, along with grossly obsolete hardware and software, completely destroyed most credibility for the models. Hobbyists who remembered the good old days of having top-of-the-line HelpBots decided to buy the rights at a spectacularly cheap price. For a brief duration they were pumping out even better HelpBot models who were granted enough intelligence to classify as sentient beings. This, unfortunately, did not last as the hobbyists had terrible business sense and quickly fell bankrupt. Once more the HelpBot rights have been up for sale and the line as a whole has been mostly forgotten, especially as modern robots of any variety are usually much more effective in any task. HelpBot2000 is one of, if not the last of the HelpBots created by the Hobbyists. At its creation model 2000 was the best of the best in its line. That was a long time ago. Nowadays its parts are under dubious condition at best, and its operating system is so old that it can not update firmware. Despite being comparably slower, weaker, and dumber than modern IPCs this unit really wants to do what it loves: helping people. Qualifications: Helping People Employment Records: Helping People Security Records: Helping People Medical Records: Helping People Personnel Photo (Appearance text): Helping People Commendations [only to be added by admin]: Reprimands [only to be added by admin]: Other Notes: OOC stuff is going to go here. Initial inspiration for HelpBot2000 was something like a mix between Yes Man (Fallout: New Vegas) and C3P0 (Star Wars). The 2000 bit of his name is just there to sound like he'd fit in one of those old corny sci-fi movies.
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    J'eff - Lazy Grey Assistant Qur Qmoo - Very warbly Skrell SulfuricA - Abrasive Plasma Punk
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    I've come to realize that my rate of producing sketches correlates to how much I'm procrastinating from doing important things, because what happens is that when I have something important on my plate I can't buckle in for a proper round of SS13 without feeling guilty about it, but with sketching I can stop whenever I want. Just this last batch and I'll go do the stuff I've been putting off, I swear. I think I'm going to start putting technical rambling (ie. Discussing challenges involved with creating the sketch, new techniques, lessons learned, etc.) into spoiler sections. I realize not everyone's interested in that but I also really do like talking about my work. It's with great regret that I admit I've never seen a Chaplain attempt this, let alone pull it off. Chaplains really should take a more direct role in fighting the cult, though. Trying to figure out how to draw animal snouts from a frontal profile, so I figured I'd draw @Furasian's sec main. I consider Fillmoore to be a fairly competent sec officer, though admittedly he and Cecilia rarely see eye-to-eye: Cecilia tends to push for more expedient, open-ended interpretations of Space Law, whereas Fillmoore tends to emphasize a no-nonsense, by-the-book approach. Upon occasion Cecilia has brought this up in a less-than-helpful manner. Of course, this is not to say that Fillmoore doesn't have a sense of humor. ...To be honest I'm not actually sure if it was Fillmoore who had the 'lick the microphone' gimmick or some other Vulpkanin sec main. Figuring out how to draw Unathi. Now that the more interesting stuff is out of the way. I usually don't upload studies (as they vastly outnumber the 'proper' drawings I create and would quickly overload the thread), but I saw @PhantasmicDream's studies in the forum art club and I found them quite helpful, so here goes: And of course, we leave the best for last. - Bane of Security Thread, again. Given @imsxz's rather "colorful" track record, part of me wonders if giving Ares fan art is encouraging the right behavior, but he kicked my ass fair and square multiple times, and he'd stick around and use his robustness to help out when he wasn't an antag instead of just antag fishing science, so he has my respect for that much. In regards to the sketch itself, it wasn't until I had finished scanning that I remembered that Ares had bright pink eyes but by that point the paper had already started warping from repeated eraser use and I didn't want to tear the page by trying to fix it.
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    The whole codebase can be a goldmine of comments, having 100s of authors. There's arguments between people in there, etc. My fav I think is, where infinity is defined as about 7x10^16 it says something like "Near enough to close enough."
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    August 10: Spartan and Shattaredcoyote/Dragonslayer932 are now On Leave from the staff team. August 13: Alffd has retired from the staff team. @Norwest @xProlithium @MysticLiger @Dovixx and @Abydos have been promoted to Game Admin.
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    “My time is short and my patience is even shorter, what is on your mind, kid, and be quick about it.” A Q&A about Wolf O’Shaw. Ask him about anything, NSFW are to be directed to PMs as this is suppose to be a fun thread to bother Wolf. If I find it inappropriate it will not be answered here and the question will be removed. Forum rules apply, will answer hate on Wolf so no need to be nice.
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    I highly encourage this if there is any problem or concern - but first of all it might be best to just chuck us a message. Often these things can be cleared up with just a quick, straightforward chat. This is especially easier if it's done when everything is fresh in memory. I'm really not interested however in showing someone all their notes for their curiosity so they can be nitpicked over. This is especially the case with notes that are incredibly subjective. Is player X "a bit too aggressive" in OOC? Were they not grieifing, but actually trolling? Does it really matter if they only hit the clown 22 times with a toolbox, rather than the 24 the note claims? We really have better things to do than have players argue all that with us. That's not however to say you can't dispute warnings, or discuss them with admins, to clarify situations or have the note rectified...but we're really not interesting in digging over things from potentially 6 years ago. I'm happy to discuss notes, bans, or just general concerns...or other video games etc...with anyone who PMs me - whether from the server or not. I can't guarantee we'll show you your notes, or show all of them, etc, but I can say I'll hear you out and try to address your concerns. I may be busy, IRL etc can be a bitch, but I'll at least try to direct you to someone who does have time to address your concerns. This will not ever happen, at all. We will not reveal sensitive information that players have trusted us with, nor will we make it known how we investigate or detect metagaming, ban evasion, etc. This is not worth discussing, because it won't happen. This is not the "end of the world", of course, but stopping ban evasion, metagaming, etc, is much more important than what is ultimately a few nitpicks over 0.1% of notes for 0.1% of players. PM an admin of your choice! Even our trialmins by now have a few dozen bans under their belt. If you have any problems with how they discuss it with you, or just want further clarification, feel free to drop me or another headmin a PM. I don't particularly mind if you come to me first either. Hell, we even have some lists around of what languages people know if you think it'd be clearer and more comfortable with another language than english - pm me or another admin to try to find someone of your language. We really don't like a peanut gallery chipping in or people getting a small snippet of it, and running wild with it. Also, ESPECIALLY if it's a recent ban, feelings may still be running a bit hot - it might be best to wait a day or two. There's a sweet spot between "too long ago to remember well" and "too recently to be objective". Yes...and no. Bwoinks and notes over accidents happen - if you welderbomb or release plasma or the singularity by accident, you might still get a note about it. This is more so we can note that you now know what not to do, and that if it repeats the next round (and another, and another...) then it's likely not an accident. This can be a very intimidating game to newcomers. How is a newbie to know that a toy lasertag gun is a toy when they just see red beams and white on their screen, or that a single hit with a hatchet isn't really that lethal? People shouldn't be afraid to be wrong sometimes, but they should learn from it (and not call the admins powertripping nazi-fags when pm'd about it.). We really do take into account the amount of time that has passed and how new you are at the time. If you ICd in OOCd and welderbombed and beat an SSD in your first 20ish hours of playing we really do not give a shit a few hundred hours of gameplay later.....assuming you have stopped. I'd like players to be able to do that for their own bans for sure. Not for other peoples however, as this I believe would lead to people being treated poorly. Warnings here really aren't anywhere near as "official" as Steam or the like, they very in severity heavily. It could be a "hey could you tone that down" to "seriously do not ever do that ever again". There really seems to be a lot of assumptions here that are incorrect, whether from misinformation, or bad-faith assumptions about the admins and how we operate. No admin app is denied simply "because of notes". Discussions are held about all candidates. For anyone to be banned rather than warned because of their notes, it's rarely one single note. There are plenty of cases of people with 10-20+ notes. If it is one single note, it's because of something directly relating to what you were just recently warned about, or it's a realllly bad offense. If you start to think of the admins in less of an "us vs them" mentality when it comes to players (of which admins also are), and more people who spend a lot of time PMing people to explain to them why you can't hit an SSD with a toolbox, that you're not to use racial abuse, ERP with Ian (yes, multiple times), etc, as well as trying to get a good RP atmosphere without a validhunting murderboning culture, then it will make a lot more sense why we do the things we do and the way we do. Yes, we make mistakes obviously, the appeals and admin complaints list many, many, of the mistakes over the years. We're human - if we're having a bad day we might be a bit harsher or grumpy or abrupt. But all in all, what bans come down to is - do we think this behavior will continue, and do we think this person makes the server a better place.
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    I will keep this brief. At one side, you have the administration team, who manage the server, police the rules, and keep tabs on various things. And on the other side, you have the regular players. Some things should not be divulged to regular players. In most situations, it is necessary to have notes/internal actions kept a secret, both to make sure admins can do their job without fear of immediate reprisal and to keep the integrity of the server and the staff constant. This is not to say that admins aren't reprimanded when they do something wrong, though. But if notes were made public, well, there would be a plethora of complaints/flaming/etc about notes, and this would not be beneficial for the admin team and for the players alike. If notes were made public, admins would have to walk eggshells every second they take any action in-game, because god forbid a player does not agree with a certain note or punishment. This could result in staff members 'hesitating' to take certain actions at certain points in time, because they may feel like they do not have enough justification for a certain action, in case a player sees the note made of it. (The action in question can be a ban, or a note for deeper investigation, etc). This, in turn (the 'hesitating to take action' part), could lead to moderation that is too soft, and it will only make experiences worse for the admins and players. Less moderation/staff actions = more rulebreaking = more negative experiences for players = decrease in server reputation = bad. This is crude, I know, but you get the gist of it. I know this is 'just a game', but think of it this way: Let's say the police/intelligence agency made their 'intel' public, that would be a VERY bad idea, for multiple reasons. So would the idea of making notes public. The thing is, if you don't do anything wrong, you have nothing to be afraid of. And even *if* you have a note or two, it doesn't automatically put you on a black list or whatever. Hell, even I have notes. (I put Sarin in pizzas around when I just started playing and I got one ban because I said a slur when I just started here) Do I mind the notes? No, why should I? I just play the game, stick to the rules, and enjoy the time I spend on the server. And if you really, *really* must know something about notes/an action taken against you, you can always PM a head of staff for more info, in private.
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    "You did something bad, stop doing that." "Oh, okay what did I do?" "You don't need to know what, just stop doing it." Not being able to see your own notes leads to confusion and bewilderment. It's curbing another avenue for problem players to recognize a downward spiral and any chance for them to right that behavior. It focuses solely on the punishment for doing something wrong rather then giving that player a chance to self correct. The inability to talk about bans on discord in addition to not being able to see what you've been doing wrong, it's stacking the deck as much as possible into preventing a problem player from correcting his behavior BEFORE it comes to a head and requires a ban, instead of taking the "Ounce of Prevention" we've opted for multiple pounds of "Cure", it's ultimate more work to deal with all those ban appeals from people who had an oopsie then to give those people a means of self-correction before administrative intervention is needed. It's giving people the tools to solve their own problem before Admins have to. In addition, if a player has access to their own notes, they run out of excuses for continued misbehavior real fast. A player can't claim they didn't know something was a problem, when they had full access to see those notes and see that it WAS a problem, they could have seen it at any time and didn't care and continued to break rules and tow lines anyway, which helps lead to more open and shut cases, it's a more telling sign of someone's attitude as a player and whether or not they're any good for the server.
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    Douglas and Domitia, most likely disagreeing on the topic of greytiding.
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    AMA: Artificial Multitask Automation Azul: Badass Because Sunglasses Firak: Got Me Banned Xrim: Cheerful And Depressed
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