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  1. Why would you go through all that trouble to get a single diamond when you can reassign someone as a Miner to bring in heaps of it within 20 minutes?
  2. Sec Pod Pilot is a neat job and can have surprising use, especially when there are nasties, npc or player, in the exterior of the station. Even more useful if Research makes you better cells and gives you an X Ray implant, which they probably will if you ask. Highly recommend for 30kp.
  3. How to be a tyrant in only a few easy steps
  4. I don't think that getting 500 blood as a vamp should punish you by making you permanently unable to use huds or flash protection..
  5. I would suggest making a PR for these changes, I actually really like all of them.
  6. They could watch for embezzlement, although considering how the rounds' baddie can tie things up, they probably won't..
  7. Years ago a persistent economy was already tried. Too many problems arose with money being too easy to find (think of all the random credits lying around in space or maint) and players who couldn't spend as many rounds playing per day were greatly disadvantaged. As well, having to pay for medicine sounds good until you die from sickness or injury in an emergency and the chemist still set the medicine you need at a price you cannot afford.
  8. All of those seem pretty cool. The pen gun's cost and damage are between the stetchkin and revolver's (stetchkin = 20 brute, revolver = 60 brute), but unless the gun is silenced and shows no attack messages or projectiles, it'd be fairly obvious who the shooter is and you'd be exposed right off the bat. Mind Hack dart seems pretty expensive, as if you control someone and make them do something illegal, if they are searched and nothing is found on them, they obviously wont be charged with EoC as they'd probably be believed when saying they were forcefully controlled, you'd need to slip some traitor gear onto them too, or not much will happen, and with only 4 TC left should you buy it, there isnt many options. For a one-use, third-of-a-minute controller, I'd say drop the price a bit.
  9. I dislike Vox raiders the most. Boring as hell, as the Vox only interact with command and security, and their tools for both raiding (some stealth items and laughably terribad dart guns) and trading (items from their own equipment) are not sufficient for either playstyle. It's overall just a boring roundtype and a pain in the ass for the Vox too.
  10. Retired Draxxl, added Jenny!
  11. I have a feeling this could die off quickly because most sick people will run off into medbay and quarantine themselves before it spreads, as soon as they see symptoms. The viruses would need to not show symptoms but still be infectious so it has time to spread before patient zero runs to medbay.
  12. Not quite. It has just been updated so upgrading it wont make it WORSE. It wont be improved much.
  13. I will note that you don't /NEED/ to do your stated objectives as traitor - generally you're allowed to have fun with it as you wish so long as it isnt total murderbone (unless you have hijack). These days I often ignore my objectives if they're boring (Steal this and escape) and just screw with it. A thing I've done multiple times is terrorize the station by looting the spacepods, the armory, many offices, breaking into the AI core, etc, and I've gotten people saying they had fun and certainly so am I. As a plus, I've killed very few people if ANY during these reigns of terror, meaning nobody is abruptly kicked from the round. Having fun is more important than your objectives.
  14. Various changes made. Oooh, organization! oohh, theme music!
  15. The oath of peace wouldn't help in firefights because you can still shoot with help intent. But otherwise I agree, this would make the chaplain more useful in non-cult rounds!