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  1. Not... a fan of the idea of potentially killing "kids" causing trouble on station even if they're 17 or 18, especially with the charged political climate in places such as the U.S. Maybe if you were to brand it as a rehabilitation field trip for prisoners?
  2. High-level RnD items that can bump a tech above 7, stacks of minerals, anomaly cores. All useful stuff a scientist would definitely trade for.
  3. Four tiders tiding, or is that 0 now that I've said something...?
  4. Yessssss, give me tritium for those sweet, sweet toxins bombs. Realistically though, this would most likely require an overhaul of a couple areas of our code, including atmospherics, toxins, air alarms, ect. Would probably be a complicated port?
  5. I actually started off on Goon, moved here, took a break and played CM a while, and now am back and play pretty much exclusively Paradise.
  6. Mindswap and Summon Guns/Spells have led to some of the best and most interesting Wizard rounds I've ever seen. The problem is Wizard has such a high learning curve, the solution isn't to remove or limit them by removing spells the crew thinks are "OP" or cheesy, because the reality of the situation is it's very commonly 1 vs. 50 if not more.
  7. It actually serves as an incredible defense mechanism, if everyone is the same it makes things hell for security, effectively providing a mask for antagonistic actions provided nobody blatantly see's you murder someone. You can literally just grab some random person's ID and you now have an effective disguise, as half the crew is the same person and they only way to identify them is via ID. Also, no need to get riled up over such a little thing. I personally much prefer antagonists/changlings have their fun this way then relentlessly murderboning the crew.
  8. I'm not in favor of removing or nerfing one of the changlings more fun abilities when the only detriment to the person stung is a name change.
  9. The inability gather accurate statistics doesn't give justification to make up vague ones that seemingly support your argument. Doing so means you lose all credibility, atleast in my eyes. It honestly seems to me that you chose a hot-button issue and threw out some buzz statistics to sensationalize things. Also, I'll take the bait here. The statistics your provided in your most recent post in no way implies causality. Quoting random statistics doesn't make your argument stronger, you'd need a very specific study that examines all variables that could have increased police casualty rates. You'd also need to examine a much larger time-period for police casualty ratings to determine if there's a constant trend, and that's just off the top of my head.
  10. I got to here before I just stopped. I don't know how you expect anyone to take you seriously when you very clearly just pulled this number from where the sun don't shine.
  11. There's just no way any of these would ever be available at roundstart... They're really cool ideas, don't get me wrong, but these races are all incredibly unbalanced, and would be difficult to incorporate RP wise (Or atleast zombies would). That being said, a sort of infection that could turn people into zombies and cause a stationwise crisis would be really cool.
  12. This enforces the exact wrong type of mentality, absolutely not. Karma points are meant as a reward for RP and this has exactly the opposite effect.
  13. This was suggested a while back and the main concern was how to remove it from said person (Mainly how could they themselves remove it).
  14. Alright, I'm not really for or against this but I'll give you a platform with which to better explain your argument with a question, since I'm curious. What difference would being put into crit make? I fail to see how being put into crit makes any difference whatsoever, minus a couple minutes in repair time. You'll still be disabled on the ground, and your radio will be off, how does this make any difference for the player in any situation other than when an antag attacks them; in which case the IPC can better scream "X DID THIS TO ME, LYNCH". A lot of people see IPCs as balanced, and I haven't really seen you give a convincing reason as to why you should have this other than "EMPs are strong and other races die in two shots instead of one". Each race has numerous upsides and downsides, and it's not really fair at all to compare them.