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  1. 1- RnD, Containment, Cloning, Warden's office (4) Destroying cloning puts a huge hamper on things, especially with the Revivability update in the works, and destroying RnD makes it a huge bother to rebuild it, unless they remember the boards in tech storage (I'd say to steal them while you're at it, but if we're limiting ourselves to bombs, then oh well). Warden's office is in a prime spot to hamper security. Breaches the hallways, breaches the Armory, breaches the locker room. And releasing the engine is basically ten shuttle calls on it's own. While you could simply bomb the containment to fulfill that goal, the Tesla/Singu might bugger off into space, and there's the very real possibility of Admins just GOATing it. 2- RnD, Cloning, the Engine's SMESes, Warden's Office, Tech Storage (5) RnD, Cloning and the Warden's Office for the same reasons above, but this time removing Tech Storage too. With no power charging the APCs and the surrounding areas being screwed up, chaos is but assured, especially with mass bombings. 3- RnD, Cloning, Cargo (Hitting both the cargo computers + mining ORM), Warden's Office, Bridge (5) Same as the above, but hitting Cargo to cut off supplies being sent to the station, and the bridge as well to cause more mayhem.
  2. Bribing someone with the Briefcase Full of Cash. It actually works.
  3. Granted, but it broke soon after. I wish I could genuinely enjoy SS13 regularly again.
  4. With Cult/Vampire confirmed, our hero rises up to the occasion.
  5. "Why refuse an order from a civie as an AI? 'Cause fuck the civies, that's why!" I'm sure there's a ton more applications for this Gif.
  6. Came back, and it seems like everyone but you changed their avatars. No surprises there. 7/10
  7. This used to be, word for word, what slimes had. I still don't know/remember why it was removed.
  8. Ask any admin and you will be told that being a civilian means having the same basic rights as everyone else. They even have maintenance access. Doesn't that scream "CREW" loud enough? Now, if someone's ID is TERMINATED then that is probably a different matter... I'm still not convinced. Few people and even less admins have said that my interpretation was completely wrong and invalid.
  9. They are crew because they are officially listed as crew on the crew manifest. They have a legit permit to stay on Cyberiad and are part of it, and their life depends on the station's wellbeing. And vice versa. They live there, they're real people. They're crew. The fact that they're on the manifest doesn't mean they're crew. Then again, it's up to the AI to interpret what "crew" means.
  10. Well, everything has been said. As to your other question, Civies aren't crew, they're not hired by NT.
  11. Nope, no such luck. It just appears that this color system CANNOT accept an orange color.