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  1. Both of these words are actually derived from botanical categories. Tomato being a vegetable is actually the action of grocer's unions demanding its classification as such rather than a natural evolution of language. The common usage is actually derived from the misapprehension of political worker's groups who apparently have nothing better to do. If you've ever worked at a unionized grocery and read its agreement, there's almost always a section in the CBA about tomatoes being fruit. It's real dumb.
  2. Ketchup is a preserve/dressing (like Mayo). You could make tomato jam/jelly w/ sugar and pectin. It would be closer to a chutney, presumably. Tomatoes are indeed fruit! This has to do with the orientation of the epicarp, endocarp, and mesocarp and the fact that it originates from the 'mammary' of the plant.
  3. Stims making you drop an item wouldn't balance this out to be fair, it would just make tasers/batons have an even bigger edge in combat. The real issue is instastun in general.
  4. Attack them on harm intent?
  5. Multiple people witnessing you EMPing your surroundings with no clear source of that EMP is more than enough testimony. Non mind-shielded personnel can still testify, the only difference is that their testimony is not true by default. Your blatant misreading of Space Law and SOP is not grounds for an argument. You have been told by three admins as to the actual interpretation of Space Law thus far, one of whom actually wrote the document itself. If you bothered to actually read Space Law, you would be well aware that you can't brig people during a station-wide emergency when there's an imminent threat to the health of prisoners. Space Law > SOP. Follow the server rules. /thread
  6. Laws do not overrule one another. There are several exception clauses for "Use of Deadly Force" so Security isn't hamstrung. This is not "overruling other laws," it's quite literally to allow security to do their job. Guillotine/Incinerator are not valid means of execution. The incinerator is literally only permissible because of the Changeling Enemy of the Corporation clause. If you do not follow through on proper execution standards, it's considered murder. This includes improperly executing prisoners. This is Rule 10. Intentionally violating the rules will get you warned/disciplined/job-banned. It is absolutely within the rules that security should be following Space Law. Additional adherence to SOP is expected for security because it handles things like brigging procedures, trials, and execution standards (which are not inherently part of Space Law). The override is inherent in Space Law. Space Law is not under SOP. SOP is complementary to Space Law, not the other way around. Space Law > SOP
  8. We're currently maintaining 363 content pages, 2400+ files, and over 200 redirects. Of this, only 46 pages are labeled for updating (36), expansion (7), or deletion (3) and in active need of attention. This means roughly 9/10 (88%) pages are (to my knowledge) up to date. Most wiki-development work occurs either silently (anonymous/personal contribution) or is discussed on the #wiki-development channel on our wiki. The forum section here is sadly deprecated and only really serves as a quick reference for the wiki-contributor tag guidelines at this point. If there are pages not clearly marked by a templated header stating "OUT OF DATE" but updates are required to the page, please inform me of the relevant pages/reasons so they can be tagged for updates. As TDS mentioned, you are also welcome to contribute to the wiki yourself and make emendations where needed.
  9.✓&q=is%3Apr+maint+drone Many issues get resolved on the GitHub or even on the Discord/server. Not everything is noted down on the forums. Asking administration to copy-paste a response on every single pertinent thread/venue in every location (when we may not even know about the thread's existence) is not feasible. If you have a concern about the current status of drones, you are more than welcome to create a new and relevant thread about it. Necroing a thread that has been dead for four months to try and make a critique about the coding team is not the way to do it. Reasoning is already supplied on the pertinent pull request.
  10. This was done and dealt with, as you yourself mention, four months ago. Don't necro threads, please.
  11. Minimize the amount of 'stuff' spawning in and to maintain the usefulness of some of the other mechanics (autodrobe, cargo, etc.).
  12. And this is why I don't play a Vulpkanin. Thanks, Dreamy.
  13. Just port the /tg/ moths, they look a lot better. Nobody plays Kidan anyways, so we can just replace those right? :^) (Sorry Ki'Li!) But yes, port moths.
  14. The permits are only actually useful if you need to designate a new room.