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  1. Minimize the amount of 'stuff' spawning in and to maintain the usefulness of some of the other mechanics (autodrobe, cargo, etc.).
  2. And this is why I don't play a Vulpkanin. Thanks, Dreamy.
  3. Just port the /tg/ moths, they look a lot better. Nobody plays Kidan anyways, so we can just replace those right? :^) (Sorry Ki'Li!) But yes, port moths.
  4. The permits are only actually useful if you need to designate a new room.
  5. As mentioned by ID404, @Warior4356 is working on VR.
  6. Shadeykins

    Id Shredder

    Just make it an ID recycler. Old ID in, new ID out. Would be cool if the HoP's computer was replaced with it--demolecularize an ID card and reform it into a new one with different access.
  7. This entire thread shifted from "useless mechanics" to "useful secret tips."
  8. This is more or less true, but the same effect can be achieved by just measuring your input and setting a gas pump accordingly. There's almost no situation where you want specific pressures in pipenets that can't already be achieved by the very simple gas pump.
  9. Very useful in conversion-type rounds like Shadowling, actually. It's also a quick "spur-of-the-moment" way to bucklecuff people. Useless mechanics? Passive gates in atmos are just a recoloured gas pump.
  10. There's a lot of good suggestions in here, but the bulk of it would mean touching Legal Standard Operating Procedure which isn't presently on the table. When that can of worms gets opened, we can take a look at expanding upon/streamlining the trial process.
  11. I think the issue here is that it hinges around a "convert only IPCs" factor.
  12. As Regens stated, because it picks from players from a karmalocked race. Raiders does not do this. If you do not have Vox, you can still be a raider. It's selected at roundstart and forces people into random Vox-named characters.
  13. This is great on paper, not too great on security records or in the heat of a round. I'm not sure that the argument for impersonation laws are convincing enough. If a person has someone else's ID, it's already Theft. If they have a voice changer, it's Contraband. If they're injecting people with body-changing SE's, it's Assault.
  14. oh, single round thing. I was thinking just implement a tiered rating system where admins can award a rank/rating to players with good roleplay. It would give rewards in a tier and incentivize, y'know, roleplaying. Give them a royal crown.