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  1. emagged drones are literally free, prenerf they were disproportionately strong to an insane degree
  2. give people a second elective language and add the ability to interpret racial languages as language options
  3. It's not my favorite way of killing people but the X-01 is sexy and reliable, I'd have to say it's my favorite.
  4. there's nothing engaging about the antags openly being the dominant force on the station and doing exactly as they please with no fear of reprisal, there's a difference between a interesting story where the station is in genuine risk of falling apart and the crew being completely defenceless. sec are heavily discouraged from using all the tools at their disposal to succeed but also have the odds stacked against them to an absurd degree, any round on highpop is going to play out in the same uninteresting way yeah and 2 of the 4 officers are going to be total garbo, recruiting sec from the crew isn't a great proposition when there's a 1:6 chance you're recruiting a literal antag and a chance beyond that you're just going to worsen the situation by creating a loot pinata. the massive buff to syndicate comms and the price staying at 2tc makes it absurdly easy for traitors to collaborate, which quite frankly isn't constructive to the round when the deck is already stacked heavily against the crew; changelings literally get the ability innately.
  5. having 10 traitors and 4 members of security is retarded
  6. I play a variety of races but my main is a human, and I have to admit to being partial to the less constrained rp humam offers compared to the other races. I enjoy Head of Security for a variety of reasons, it's a challenging role that's almost entirely based on player interaction where no two rounds are the same. I dislike the ooc baggage involved with the role.
  7. unless the pool was unreasonably large all of the objectives would end up being done over and over
  8. I'd like pAIs to be able to access their owner's radio channel, perhaps with an encryption key. As someone who likes using pAIs as an actual PA, it's quite a big gab in their ability set.
  9. combat knife is incredibly satisfying to use
  10. keep the ic rules on excessive force and ooc rule on validhunting, but don't bwoink people for dunking antags who start shit, make hostile antags valid oocly for sec even if non lethal options are there (ic punishments still apply) this takes all the "will i get banned" guesswork out of antag dealings, reduces admin workload, and lets situations go in more directions than the current rules allow
  11. Nanotrasen is a politically independent entity that doesn't operate under any government
  12. I'm curious as to why the naming rule was changed back to it's former LRP variant? I searched around a bit and couldn't find any discussion, so I figured I'd ask.
  13. gamemodes can be objectively observed as more or less mechanically dynamic and variant which as a rule of thumb correlates to enjoyment in an emergent multiplayer game
  14. see also: every gamemode