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  1. 10 nerds have posted a number since the last admin.
  2. Message To: CENTRAL COMMAND Message Sender: TOODLES Message Title: HELLO CENTRAL COMMAND ITS ME TOODLES! Message Body: HELLO CENTRAL COMMAND, Its me Toodles! I managed to sneak my way into the Internal Affairs Office and the Fax machine was still logged in. How are you guys doing over there? I have a question of the most importance importance that it had to go straight to the Central Command! I cannot bug our Captain with this, nono. I hope you guys are the right people to ask the question to, but if not try to answer it anyway okay? OH before I forgot! I have to say that I think the Clown should have access to those cool new DONK Machineguns! I have no idea where they come from, can I even buy them? I would love to buy them using some of the money I make on the uh... CiyberYiad! Phew, hard to write that thing. Pieces of paper are so old. We should make those little drone technology more advanced and have direct communication chips in our brain! That would be c... Sorry I digress - I had this important message to all of you, and I just need to find the paperclips. Ah yes, here found them! Can I be captain? Like... just for one or two shifts. I would do it for free! What do you guys say? TOODLELOO - HAVE A NICE DAY. (OOC: I am so sorry, but this is in character ><)
  3. Very pretty! Reminds me a little bit of the humongous games - Great art ^_^
  4. Hmm to be honest, a few? But recently I am a big fan of Chloros - he knows his stuff. :) Otherwise mostly... *thinks* Nice Mime and Clown players. Also Chad Wolf and Mike Murdock. And of course Aurora <3 best NT Rep
  5. ~While walking around the station you find an old book under a crate. It is relatively light and looks to be bound and written by hand.~ Chronicles of a Clown I do not know who you are, how you found this book, and why you would even read this. But now that I have your attention, I’d like to share the story of my life with you. Harald the Brig Physician said it’s a good idea to cope, but if you ask me this is Bullcrap. Regardless – HI! My name is Nuke Operator – And I am, or by worse, was – A clown. Let me tell you how I ended up on the Perm Brig – How I was unable to talk my way out of a false accusation, and how I may or may not killed many people in the process. 12:00 – Honk Office I can only remember that arrival was cramped when everyone was rushing towards their office. It seems that everyone wanted to be on their spot, right on 12:00 – Every single person. It’s a miracle that nobody died in the process. I was luckily right on time, followed by the reassuring chime of the AI – Today could have been good. Books are interesting. Considering that I am hiding this, there is no reason for me to hide it. What can be worse than Perma right? I was recruited by the Syndicate, and I had easy objectives. Kill two guys, die on the station to avoid questioning and my Family will be taken care of. Easy. I never questioned the Syndicate, but to this day I don't understand why they asked me to start the Clownschool. Regardless, one summa cum laude later, I was, if not the best, Clown available for the station. They recruited me as quickly as I gave them a call after I received my papers. This might sound weird, but we learned about a great deity - OUR deity. The Honkmother. Think about her like Space Jesus - big, mighty, nobody ever saw her, but everyone claims she is real. Considering that I made it on the station, and that I can combine both smearing the station a little and contacting Honkmother with this, I at least tried. 9 Runes - just like in the course. Eight around me and one right under me followed by a prayer to her. It couldn't hurt to get some luck for the mission right? Oh honk was I wrong. Whoever that Honkmother thing is? It exists, and hell it is evil. Not only gave she into my prayers, she also requested a task from me: N.U.K.E. T.H.E. S.T.A.T.I.O.N. After reading all this shit I wrote you probably didn't noticed this. But the very existence that you are reading this book should hint towards the fact that I failed, and that the station you stand on right now, is still there. I hate that computer shit. And the Nuke was no different. Get that, press that numbers, make it deployable, do these do that. Whoever designed that thing, he really didn't want anyone to tamper with it - far away from everyone, nearly impossible to get. That thing is - No, this whole objective was insane. Regardless: I started with becoming a Clown Engineer, gathering equipment. Honkmother was kind enough to share some details. I need a disk – some kind of disk. Honkmother gave me a Device called "Honkmothers Blessing" which will pinpoint me towards it. I need the nuke, which is hidden in the vault and nearly impossible to get – and when I have both, smash it together and run as fast and as far away as I can. This was the first plan I made out in my mind: Get nuke first Hide the nuke Kill Head of Security Get the card/disk/whatever Arm Nuke Kill people Die a glorious death and become a legend. So what went wrong? Getting the Nuke To be more precise: Do not get seen by a random walking medic who runs around and looks for his friends. If he spots you, kill him as quickly as you can. No questions. I didn’t do it and had to argue myself out of horrible accusation of me being what they call: "Nuke Ops". This resulted in the nuke being impossible to reach. AI and Security had high awareness of all the zones around, no mercy. This could have been the end. I was out of any ideas and I couldn't fight against 3+ guys. A runecircle and prayer later, Honkmother, who was not amused, allowed to cause chaos, to ease my approach to get the disk and the nuke. New Objective: Free Tesla Kill Head of Security Get the Nuke Disk and find the Nuke for the rest while chaos takes the upper hand. What went wrong here? Well, you might guess that AI stopped trusting me, and damn you are right. AI started to watch me on every single step. Turns out bombing that Power cell thing and the APC WILL get you attention, and WILL make the AI look for you. At least I fucked up the power of the station. /Or did I?/ Turns out the Shield Generators were somehow hardwired to the tesla, and as long as they are not destroyed, there would be no free tesla. My fingers hurt writing this shit, and I don’t know why you are still reading, but long story short: The Perma Brig isn’t such a bad place. You can grow Vegetables and play Basketball… What did I learn? KILL I cannot write that as often enough – Kill the shit out of everyone you see and who sees you doing badly. If you get the chance to escape, just pick the id – do not try to impose the Security Guy and RUN! If the lights flash – then its most of the time a Ghost who tries to warn you. Do NOT fuck with Honkmother. Have a suicide switch. And stop wasting your time with this bad Book – do something useful. It's not like you can help me anymore.