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  1. I would urge against sending convicts through the gateway since its usually a one way trip, and SOP strongly implies Security is to look out for the well being of Convicts and revive them ASAP if/when they die. Also would basically be a free escape attempt for the convict since they'd be evading custody.
  2. Alright, finally have a keyboard so lets hit the problems areas as people see them so far. Job slots: At a minimum I'd like to see 2 but for a maximum I'm not sure I care if its hard or soft capped at 4 or even 6. The more convicts the station has the more they can use them as guinea pigs or to do hard labor others can't do, and I know several security mains that would basically have their convicts running a fight club in perma during slow or extended RP rounds. Late Joins: It's been repeatedly suggested to have a Cryosleeper in Perma to begin with, though I haven't glanced into perma in a while to know if such a thing ever got added or if it would be difficult to do. So long as Security Channel gets a late join message there is little reason Security has to get worked up about a late join unless perma is breached, which frankly this just gives them a reason to get it fixed incase carp or something does smash it up. Self-Antagging: As already stated, they wouldn't not be given a license to grief and under normal circumstances attacking Crew or Security would only be when such an action could result in their freedom. A Convict ditching his Janitorial detail to run into maint would only be allowed to combat people in his way or actively attempting to detain him. (I.E. pushing down the maint assistant to run past them is fine, beating them repeatedly with a toolbox is not. Disarming and stealing an ID or equipment is acceptable, killing someone solely for the purpose of looting them is not.) And as previously stated this works against the Convict more than for them, as they have no default equipment, PDA or tools (and they would generally be restricted form having such things without permission anyways). If a passing assistant wanted to assault a Convict on a detail, it would be a simple vandalism charge and not assault. If a convict is being violent or uncooperative then they'd be opening themself up for harsher treatment from security or even Forced Cyborgification if they took it too far. Races: While not brought up much, I'd say to start that Karma races should be black listed at least until a perma remap could account for round start Vox and Plasmamen who could just break a window and float on to the asteroid or something. Backgrounds: It's important to note that Convicts are Convicted of a crime but that doesn't necessarily mean they are guilty. While initially I was hoping to leave it free form enough that players would be able to choose which crime and background they'd be accused of, it seems we'll probably need something a bit more solid. An RNG system would need to be set up to randomly assign crimes to a convict (similar to the old XenoArch mad libs on items) that would vary from Grand Sabotage, Manslaughter, Mutiny, Murder, Attempted Murder or Grand Theft. Some of these crimes could be considered accidental or unintentional, encouraging a player to be more nonviolent or repentant of their crime, while others would be more malicious and encourage a more resistive convict who would want to escape. Others, such as captured Agents, would potentially given a background with them aware that since they failed their mission they are likely marked for kill by their former Syndicate allies, or perhaps hoping that if they escape with something valuable to NT they might be able to regain their trust from their former employer. Alternatively, an Antagonist Convict might be a deep cover Agent assigned to kill or clean up any captured agents on the station (think Breaking Bad). And of course, there could be falsely accused, framed or otherwise innocent Convicts who could attempt to plea with the local magistrate, lawyer or security personnel to review their file, seek out inconsistencies and compile the data into a Fax in hopes of CC determining they were wrongfully imprisoned and could be released. Human Testing Initiative: A random event for cargo could be to receive a crate or two of experimental gear: weapons, tools, virus samples, medicines or other equipment, and given a directive to test upon a Human(oid) or other sentient organic under certain conditions and gather data to send back as test results to get rewards of points or other unique gear. Some of these tests would be insanely lethal, others might trigger bad events (like a SE turning the convict into a Blob) where as others till might demand testing a new kind of surgical tool on a specific type of internal injuries.
  3. CO2 suffocates you but doesn't knock you out till you're in crit. N2O explicit use is for putting people to sleep.
  4. I'm on mobile right now so can't give a proper response. Long story short I was in the process of doin a reformat and supplement write up to flesh out the role more but RL concerns on top of lack of coder/dev response or interest put this on the back burner. The 'antag status' detected earlier was supposed to be a shoe in for the potential of failed or captured antag agents with goals or objectives to survive and escape, while regular convicts may not have had violence convictions and this would be more inclined to just do what it takes to survive a round or potential assassinations. Said leeway cuts both ways and puts convicts at a disadvantage given they get no access, no tools and extremely limited mobility and freedom. If a convict is caught trying to escape security would be reasonably allowed to give them a minor beating even in non violent breakouts. Convicts without proper antag objectives wouldn't be allowed to kill as regular crew save for last resort self defense where all other attempts to disuade conflict still result in someone violently pursueing them with a lethal intent and weapon.
  5. N2O, not CO2. White flecks in the air denote the presence of Nitrous Oxide which is both a laughing gas and anesthetic, its what in the Anesthetic tanks in Surgery. Wearing internals (breathe mask and oxygen tank active) will prevent you from passing out. I do believe gas masks block out N2O so you won't pass out, though if there isn't enough oxygen in the air you will suffocate.
  6. Blueshield's Office is primarily a place for them to spawn, equip their gear and store anything they might deem useful but not immediately required. BlueShields aren't required to stand 4 tiles from the Cap or HoS at all times. During Code Green situations or other low stress moments where the Blueshit has no indication that any of his charges are in danger, they are free to go back to their office and relax, it's proximity to the HoP office and Bridge meaning they can relax (or have somewhere to go if all the heads told them to get lost) while still have a reasonably quick response time if they hear a call for help over Comms or hear fighting in the HoP line. It's also not a terrible (though not that great) hiding spot to shove a Head into while you try to sort out the situation. It's hardly ideal, though if the Bridge/Cap office has been bombed, having them stay in the safety of the BS office is a preferable to them standing out in the open for the bombers to get another easy attempt. If the CE/RD is bored you can request remodels, camera console installed or go fetch the BarMat from old bar and do a bit of drinking, just never get too caught up in your RP that you can't respond to the CMO screaming about a ling in surgery.
  7. Xenoarch, once upon a time, was a proper science job, though nobody in their right mind would ever call it required and few would claim it reliable. Northern Mining Outpost was a much larger Science Outpost entirely kitted for Xenoarch with a variety of machines and testing labs for discovering what their artifacts could do, and/or their origins. The initial part of the job was to put on your special EVA softsuit, go into the safer area of Mining and start scanning mineable turf for buried treasure. When you got a hit, you'd use a variety of special tools to unbury it without destroying it, and then haul your find back to the outpost. The items you could get could vary trinkets with no functional use and some flavor text, to random items that may or may not be present on the station (like a katana made of plastic that's 100 billion years older than the universe.) to full tile machines that would have a random effect and random trigger for that effect. Some would spawn critters, some would heal the user, some would dust them, some would create gases, radiation or just change the terrain around them and other still would grant powers. Many were dangerous, many more were just obscenely annoying to deal with such as the infamous power drain artifacts that would spam borgs and AIs with power drain alerts several times a second so they were effectively deaf to the station chatter or even admin PMs as the spam would shunt the text up faster than they could read it. The job was officially removed when /tg/ mining was imported and things like Kinetic Accelerators and the ORM were added to paradise, the code used to determine where and how ores were distributed on the asteroid also contained the code for where artifacts could be found. The algorithms were fundamentally different and nobody on the coding team wanted to splice in the xenoarch code because of all the variables and references that would have to changed or updated, and the code for Xenoarch itself was a sloppy mess that nobody even knew how to approach and clean up. The questionable usefulness of the career combined with how many extra runtimes it generated and general processing cycles it hogged up for the server lead to the decision to just cut it out of the live code and if anyone wanted to tackle the beast and update it to a sleeker version they could. 2 years go by without anybody even stating they've put any effort into the code so it's understandable that the outpost would get removed and the job title just stuck around. TL;DR The title is ironically an artifact from a precursor codebase as the job it revolved around is little more than dust on the asteroid. On that note, some coder should make a dead scientist with a plastic katana and corgi statue randomly spawn on the asteroid with some useless tools and a bag of antique candy bars and trash.
  8. Also works for Borgs and hilarious way to kill a CE is ripping apart a SMES or APC and leaving the sabatoged cells nearby. booby trapped lights can cause some hilarity as ghost haunting can trigger the boom, though most lights aren't near switches so it's difficult to lure a target that way. The more plasma the bigger the boom. clown shoes can be washed with crayons to make them look normal, but they still squeak. Steal someone's shoes and leave the duds around for them to grab instead.
  9. I treat credits as fun bucks or prize tokens at the arcade, useless outside the station. Syndicate Brief case with 50,000 credits is 1 tc for agents so it's not hard to fake or reproduce them. Also the only item of value on the station, insulated gloves, is bought with a silver coin, not credits.
  10. In all seriousness though, Ian has no sprite states aside from his hats. Nothing for resting to be sitting like a good boi. Also can not nose nuzzle buttons to trigger them like medbay door opener.
  11. This is more fun. Also not in Suggestions. Is just SS13 relevant.
  12. Make this happen. Now.
  13. Clearly these workers had no childhood and were put into a very regimented educational system shortly after they learned to walk. This not only explains their lack of social skills, but general immaturity as they never developed an understanding of social norms and common courtesy while hooked up to a computer for 15 years.
  14. I personally play it as a quirk. If I'm doing a task that isn't vital to the station as a whole or otherwise risking a player's removal from a round, I'm chatty those surrounding me will be, goofing off and doing what I can to make things fun even if I know they aren't efficient. But when B.E.T.A. or Dr Ward is working surgery and someone is dragged before them in crit, fun stops, mask goes on and work gets done till that person is out of the red. And god help you if you're between them and their goal of saving a life or preventing the destruction of the station, many a person has been forced into a locker and pushed aside until things could be taken care of. People get tunnel vision when they are working on something very serious to them, so its not unrealistic for a character to go from social butterfly to ill tempered feline when things get dicey.
  15. Can't speak for them personally but most Caps I've seen give the pointer to the Blueshit or HoS.