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  1. Hey cool I'm in the screenshot.
  2. Heads of Staff are supposed to be the ones enforcing SOP, and Captain ensuring they are enforcing it, and NT Rep ensuring Captain is enforcing it amongst the heads. Security won't give two shits about SOP because HoS will never check or care what their officers are doing as long as antags are being pursued. Captain will never know or care if HoS is turning a blind eye towards SOP, since it will almost always benefit the Captain to let security powergame and do what ever they want to pursue valids. Anyone who complains about security breaking SOP gets called a greytider and told to shut up, if not outright brigged under some stupid charge like aiding and abetting an unknown antag, the NT Rep and IAAs that try to curb Security get told to stay in their lane and that SOP isn't their responsibility and/or Code Red is just a blank check for security to do what ever they want to enforce martial law. This leaves it down to CC/Admins to actually enforce SOP, who are going to declare it an IC issue unless it actually gets so severe that server rules are being broken. X-ray should not be something non-antags/security can get reliably, and I'd argue it's far worse than when Science could print guns without a lockbox. At a bare minimum the crew should have to have high level illegal technology at their disposal to make X-ray since that at least would require some effort and coordination of the departments to obtain and research.
  3. I'd prefer X-ray get removed all together save for the Orb of Scrying, no other antag that gets it has a good reason to have it over thermals, the genetics power was always cheesy and the implant was hard to get but equally necessary. I never really felt Nuke Ops deserved it, and definitely against vampires and other antags who don't explicitly have hijack level objectives by default. If we're only going as far as nerfing it, hardcoding it so eyewear doesn't work (aka Kidan) and helmets don't offer eye protection (welding mask and Hardsuits) would be the way to go. Toggle just doesn't seem like a good enough debuff for a power that makes you almost completely aware of people through walls, even if it caused significant eyestrain if left on too long and could drain a person's nutriment level to starving in under minute. On the overall Genetics needs a serious retune to put it in line with other departments such as needing RnD done to get high level powers and needing mining materials such as Uranium to create the SE injectors, or make all powers temporary to begin with the upgrades of the machines and materials used to craft the injector giving them longer durations before a person's SE reverts to default.
  4. Toy AI is the traitor AI upload item.
  5. You can not honestly justify things like Lockboxes on RnD weapons and then turn around and say X-ray is okay.
  6. Put a soft suit locker in the head of personnel's office. With the caveat that it's actually a Corgi space suit. The HoP can wear it, but if he does he looks like a large misshapen blue corgi walking around on two legs.
  7. Anything that could be classified as unique or difficult to obtain under normal circumstances would be a start. Bananium/Tranquilite and items made there of comes to mind. (Sentient?) Pets and exotic friendly/passive animals might also be a thing (I can see a Warden trading away what ever he can get away with for a space bear just to one up HoS's pet spider.) NTSoft crates or even their Riot foam dart equivalents for nonlethal ranged fun. New Implants that NT can't reproduce (bionic legs that make you run faster, Bionic Arm that can extend to grab something 2 tiles or more away, a synthetic liver that rapidly purges or nullifies alcohol and/or toxins, or one that can produce it on demand. Bionic Hand for HoP/IAA that has a different color pen in each finger) A barrel of monkeys that is Inquisitor approved. New jumpsuits, outfits and clothing apparel that may or may not be branded to non NT affiliated companies. (Shirts with Logos for the various food products, Mascot uniforms, and the ever classic 'SPORTS' and 'HONK' t-shirts and alumni gear.) PDA 3000s that can play lite versions of arcade games but offer no prizes. Tribbles. Clown Car and other vehicles for those too rich to walk around the station on foot. Mech and Space Pod equipment or even unique versions not reproducible on station. A large crate with a random assortment of books. Perhaps some DIY books that unlock/allow for new crafting recipes. A speshul blanket that when used drops to the ground in a heap and renders the user invisible for 2 seconds (unless they run into a closed door) IRCs (active or awaiting activation)
  8. The turret blind spots are a problem, the turrets being against the wall is another major flaw. Having them against the wall makes it possible to smash one of them in melee by hopping back and forth before it can open. If there is one space between them and the outerwall (like old sat had) then its harder to get in and take your swing before it's ready to fire. Turrets could use an overhaul in general, from taking reduced damage when undeployed (or opening) to having a 'hot' setting where they deploy and have their first shot charged and waiting for when someone gets in range, maybe with a larger power passive power draw when in this mode. Why the AI APC hasn't been made EMP proof like engineering SMES is similarly beyond me, EMPs have been given to almost all antags for negligible costs or otherwise easy to access (anyone with ORM access can make an EMP grenade if Mining is the least bit competent.) and Ion Carbines backpack storable and printable for cheap.
  9. Why not replace the IPC's epipen with a non refillable oil injector? Off topic but I'd also like to see duct tape be able to make temporary repairs to IPCs as well as hobo rig up casts for broken limbs in general.
  10. TBH wouldn't be much of a fight. Drones aren't hurt by disabler beams so its just the Swarmer trap and TP if they can hold a drone still for 3~ seconds. Drones would kill Swarmers in 2 or 3 clicks of their welders.
  11. Last I checked, Maintenance Drones don't care so much if something is Organic as much as it is an entity, hence why Borgs, AI, IPCs and non-crew are off limits for them. Swarmers fall under entity and Drones are not allowed to directly engage them. Drones may improve or repair the station in the wake of Swarmers eating everything in the area though I would highly discourage it as it could be interpeted as metagaming if a Drone(s) was to repeatedly rebuild for a swarmer to consume and feed. As an unofficial rule if a Drone player realizes they are in the same area as an antagonist they would be best to leave the area and come back to repair when things have died down. (This coming from a Drone player who got bwoinked while following it's laws to the letter and repairing windows as Xenos were hilariously trying to create a breach and moving about their hive repairing all the damaged walls and furniture while ignoring the eggs and nested hosts.)
  12. Nukes winning or losing pretty is determined before they leave their hangar. If all nukes are working together, formulating a plan and gearing up in a way to synergize, they'll dominate. If everyone just buys what ever toy they wanted to use and equip to solo or cause mass chaos with little to no care if anyone grabs the disk or nuke, nukes fail. Veteran ops who like winning know the best way to do that is to work closely with others who know what they are doing and try to minimize the screw ups rookies will do. Problem is most rookies don't read the chat window and spend the entire prep time browsing the uplink then walk out the air lock with their suit in combat mode or their internals off and die of exposure. In the long run the actions of the crew are pretty much irrelevant. If the ops are working together and being smart, no amount of preparation by the crew will help them since the nukes always know the general direction of the disk. If the nukes are solo ramboing then the crew will pick them off one by one till the shuttle arrives. The solution isn't to make it harder or less time for the crew to coordinate and resist, but better emphasize to the nukes they need to work together and not act like agents carrying out personal goals and vendettas. Its one of the many reasons I've been pushing for months for VR consoles to get ported and one of the minigames being a nuke mode so people can get a chance to use nuke gear. Nuke is a role that I feel everyone should get a chance at playing sooner or later, but the occurrence of getting it is rare enough that throwing people in blind isn't really fun or fair.
  13. Seems like a knee jerk reaction. If there is an OD it needs be very high (+100) as its meant to be used in massive quantities. Lowering the amount of chems a body can hold or just making it so having a combined total of 500 or more chems can have other side effects. Even if you put an OD threshold on SGS people will just drink a ton of water and pop salt/sugar pills to regularly top off. IMO SGS is too ineffective at healing anything to make it worth abusing, I regularly pump monkeys full of it to harvest blood for synth flesh and after 15 minutes the monkey will still won't be fully regen'd. Justifying SGS to get an OD level would require it to be more effective.
  14. Vamps having xray at all is ridiculous, especially given that it comes bundled with immunity to holy water and the chapel (their only weaknesses), they already get thermals to begin with. X Ray has been a no risk, high level power for years. Even with the listed cons (which if you read the whole suggestion can still be avoided by just getting the eye implants stalled) you still gain a huge tactical advantage over everyone else. Xray has no downsides for its power, nor does it have any visual tells that it is active, unlike TK or Hulk which both make your sprite very noticeable. A PR was thrown up to remove Xray from the genetics list, and despite popular support from the community it was closed by maintainers. My suggestion is a compromise to keep an overused power in the game and stopping it from making Thermals redundant. That in itself is the very definition of balance.
  15. My proposed changes (and overall nerf) to X-ray would be as follows. In short, if you want to see everything, you will see EVERYTHING and only science/medical implants have a hope of countering the draw backs. If everyone in security gets X-ray then they do so at the risk of their own flashbangs hitting them and without their HUDs without implants from robotics. If Vampires are still going to get Xray as a bonus for their true form power, then the meta of harass sec and jaunt away, then smart security gets to pop a flashbang quickly and stun the vamp through walls if they know the little turd is there.