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  1. Lets see, players who care about their character(s) will have to make an effort to be productive and not fuck off with their clique and take up job slots, or they'll have to keep rolling rando names and faces and making it harder for the cliques to stay together and know who each other are without some more obvious metacomms going on. I'm not seeing the downside.
  2. I don't even know if its worth justifying a response to 'Low RP system' in a game where the lore is about a mega corporation sabotaging their competition to secure a monopoly on plasma and development of such technologies for the sole purpose of making one hell of a profit... and the employees of said station operate in some socialist dystopia where they can afford just about anything they'd ever want and receive services for no work on their part? Back on topic, one possible iteration for if/after economy gets ported would be accruing debt. Just showing up for a round and doing nothing shouldn't even break even, people who sit in the bar and drink all shift digging themselves into a whole, cloning and complex medical care charging a fair penny, and if a player ends a round dead they are deducted even more as NT pulls up an offsite back up, force clowns and sends them in on the next shift to make up for productivity, each death then carry round to round penalties where you need to take out loans just to be able to eat some rounds and failing to show up for work (not logging in to a character for 3+ days) could have a penalty tossed on as well, these of course would need to be capped. And dare I suggest running the risk of putting yourself into debt and not being able to legally afford most services the station offers, the Syndicate or other nefarious organizations might prioritize such a candidate for work over mr money bags who always works the high paying jobs and never has less than 8 digits in their ATM balance (or, alternatively if the Syndicate made the loan to you in the first place a rival agent being tasked with harvesting your organs and shipping them out for sale to cover the debt)
  3. As long as most of the paychecks are coming form Department Accounts (with perhaps a stipend from CC to each account to support but not fully cover costs) I feel the system could work really well. SOP and Space Law would have to be updated to cover Embezzlement and Fraud, with the HoP and IAAs having to keep an eye on accounts to watch for suspicious activity and do audits if someone suddenly gets rich for no reason. Clever agents just finding a way to create or hijack multiple accounts and play the shell game with their money. I guess for me the perfect system would be that all EFTPOS transactions go to the dept account with the seller (who ever configured the scanner) getting a commision of 5-20% of the sale (Dept Head can set this from their office) and 5% being taxed by Command and another 5% being taxed by CC. Command could alter this tax rate to suit their needs as could CC change their rate. Admins could run events where CC bumps the tax rate up to cover costs, or issues fines or the like upon Command that must be paid or face severe consequences (with the extreme example being the crew fucking up so bad they have 15 minutes or so to raise 100k or 1 million or else CC will send in a Deathsquad, and going off the lore as is they might just send the squad in anyways.)
  4. While I do agree that money is generally too easy to find with perhaps a half a dozen garunteed spots for a few thalers to be laying about, I disagree with your example of dying because you can't afford the medicine. As already pointed out, departments can get their resources for free, you'd only die if no doctors or medical staff were willing to assist you. All it does is incentivise crew to go to department staff first rather than just bypass them and take what they want. This system actually has some promise of working so long as department accounts came make direct orders through Cargo using their own funds, so if say medical was low on medkits, they could use their funds to buy more from Cargo without cargo needing to spend their points on it, and if medical chose they could sell those kits for a profit and just order even more medkits in the next batch. By making it prohibitivly expensive to be the jack of all trades and do every job yourself and never rely on anyone else, the system at least passively encourages people to allow others to do their jobs and get a little bonus for it. I'm not 100% what /tg/ economy entails on its own, but the idea of being able to pay a fine instead of spending time in the brig for minor/moderate crimes certainly is something that appeals to me, particularly if the HoS/Warden could turn that income into more equipment around the brig for use by the officers. I'm am doubtful that jobs like Janitor, Clown, Engineers or Chaplain have any reliable source of income though in rounds, as they'll get yelled at for trying to charge money to do their job (where as Bartender/Chemist/Cook get away with charging for their products), botanist too has me somewhat worried they might try charging the Chef for ingredients and thats just bad for everyone.
  5. I knew Blueshield could Swipe but didn't know they had bonus privileges like that. Though yeah, I do agree that if the Blueshield has it the magistrate should, as well as any other perks shared between the NT Rep and Blueshield that the magistrate might otherwise not have.
  6. Sarcasm and ironic posting aside, Vampires really aren't fun to play with since their abilities are too powerful for the minimal effort it takes to acquire them. They would be a LOT more interesting if their stealth mechanic wasn't 'Jaunt to a new area', but rather had things like Dark World vampires obfuscating and being able to blend into shadows or (temporarily) appear to be another person. Things like Celerity, Protean and Potential would be far more interesting and fun mechanics than aoe stuns.
  7. Metastation is kind Boxstation .89 to me. It's not worse by measurable standards but the more you play it the more you question why some departments are set up the way they are or why things they are or why certain areas don't have more space or utility while others are given things they don't really need but the map maker thought it would be cool for them to have. It's not a bad map to start a map rotation system on, though if we start doing things like delta, omega or asteroid you're going to get very bad responses as those maps are all very niche for specific playstyles, like low pop and low rules, particularly in terms of space law. I wish Polaris station could be modified for Paradise use as the 6(7 if you count the tether) z level station gives a feel of depth and antagonists rig traps to cause people to fall 2+ z levels or gib people by throwing them down the elevator shaft. Though, even as I suggest that I know it would be a nightmare for even a coordination of all out mappers working together to get it optimized for paracode, so thats more of a pipedream than anything.
  8. Tasers are strictly line of sight, you can't shoot further than you can see and you can't hit people through glass or most other passable barriers because the bolt is solid and behaves as one (rule of thumb, if you couldn't throw your shoes at a person and hit them, odds are the taser won't either.) If it connects its an immediate stun how ever and without adrenals, meth or some other combination of drugs they are not likely to stand back up before you can cuff them. Disabler has a faster rate of fire, better ammo efficiency (more overall shots allowing for stuns even if you miss a few shots) and will continue to travel until they strike an impassable object or mob. It takes 3 hits to stun most people, as disablers are about the only thing that actually deals with stamina currently, coffee and other 'energetic' drinks and chems (such as certain cigarettes) can offer partial resistance to disablers as they regenerate stamina when in your system, but overall the disabler is the best option unless its imperative you floor someone immediately.
  9. Delightfully Ticklish Xenobot?
  10. The Dirty Tin Xylophone is back? Hurrah!
  11. The ability to place a pAI into a vending machine so that they can fling product or advert their machine. Exosuits for dogs/pets; Ian gets a miniRipley that he can mine with and a special bark module that scares away monsters, Runtime gets rescue mech like an Oddy but only enough power to get halfway across the station before a required catnap to recharge, E-N gets a Barkand that can launch tennis balls and lob bones to play fetch with himself or other dogs. Splashing water on a machine to cause them to spark and break down, if done to borgs it corrupts their laws. When a mime talks, CC is auto notified and the BSA is targeted to them awaiting a trigger pull. A clown rifle that uses 'banana mags' where a banana has 3 rounds per 5 potency, and the banana is automatically dropped when empty and leaves a peel. GET TO DA SHUTTLE! Mag clamps on all shuttles and escape pods that can be sabotaged or overridden to prevent launch or premature release causing the pod/shuttle to go off course or drift away uselessly. A bartender specific modification that allows them to merge a guitar with their shotgun to create the legendary shotgun guitar. Their music will blast your socks off one way or another. Donut webbing. Specially designed security webbing that can only hold donuts and coffee. For tactical use of clown chasing fuel. Clown traitor item of lube concentrate, a tube of power that can be used upon a water tank to convert all the water into space lube like a chaplain converting it to holy water. If a Xeno or other large vent crawling mob is moving through a atmos pipe, the pipe displace a visible bulge moving through it and upends all floor tiles said bulge passes under (think Tremors.) 'Using' a soda can or bottle in your hand while on harm intent shakes it instead of opening it, which would allow you to shake them till you get a 'Its shaking and feels like its gonna pop!' to allow you to throw them at people for harmless ghetto grenades. Opening a shaken can causes the contents to spray over you if shaken recently. Disabling a nuke with a set of tools that requires you to play a random number of pipedreak (Bioshock hacking) levels before the timer runs out. Complete the gauntlet and the core ejects, fail too many times and the timer reduces itself dramatically. A Mass Driver cannon off of engineering that consumes large amounts of power to charge and can be armed with custom made warheads using metal and mining ores, and TTV or chem grenades, to launch a kinetic strike at the asteroid to mine large swathes at once... or sabotaged to fire into an orbital trajectory and have the shell swing around and hit the station after a long delay.
  12. As a regular vox player I'd welcome oxygen allergy turning into a full blown lethality that confused, disoriented or gave them a minor stun in the form of coughing and wheezing when breathing enough oxygen to sustain a human, as well as the toxin damage being increased by a fair amount so that even short burst of O2 can be more dangerous than a spider bite. Perhaps adding a mechanic for punches to the head/mouth and/or disarms to the mouth having a chance to knock off facial wear (but not through face covering helmets) That said they take almost as much extra brute damage as IPCs and have other vulnerabilities like EMPs damaging their cortical stack (which will kill them eventually like any other organ failure if enough damage is accrued) As far as the examples go, Vox, IPC, Vulp all have their cliques that toe the line of the rules if not outright breaking them in terms of metabuddy and improper escalation of violence. Other races have it too but I feel these races get noticed doing it more given how they stand out in their own way (and tend to attract some of the cringiest players) For the first example, if you have logs or know a specific time/date of the incident I'd strongly suggest passing that information onto Admins for investigation. Second example could be grounds for a job ban, blueshield should prioritize caring for Command staff over everyone else, leaving the corpse unattended to be looted is certainly a no go. The last example has some information missing. What was the crime of the first vox? What alert level? Did the officer make any attempt to conduct a proper arrest or did he just stun and cuff? Crew are allowed to resist and evade security at their own peril (IC wise) so long as they don't take it to far (such as beating or killing the officer/stripcuffing them and such.) Aiding and abetting charges would apply (ontop of resisting arrest) for the crimes committed.
  13. It's literally in the rules. If 4/5 ops want to stealth or go quiet but #3 Op decides to go Rambo and alerts the entire crew then yeah he deserves the roleban. If a player is new ignorance of the rules isn't pemission to break them. Mentor help and the wiki exists for this reason, other ops are almost always willing if not outright yelling at new players to cooperate and guide them them through it. And if mentors aren't on or responding and other ops aren't helping a new player figure out how to get their gear and play their role? They can ahelp it and an admin can whisper them what they need to know. If the op team decides to all go solo for maximum chaos that's their choice but it needs to be a decision made by the team and not just someone disregarding their team. More of the same. It's in the rules and there are ample resources available for a new player to be brought up to speed and nothing is stopping them from asking questions. Follow the leader is not a hard game to play. I also seriously doubt an admin will automatically replace an antag without first seeing why said player isn't cooperating with their team, and if they are new and oblivious then getting bwoinked and informed to pay attention is probably exactly what they need to get with the game.
  14. I'm sorry but since when is the clown being addicted to shut the duck up a bad thing?
  15. Nuclear Operative is a team role. If you're not a team player, unwilling to follow orders of your leader and just looking to run around murderboning Turn of your Operative Eligibility. It sounds harsh but the reality of the situation is if you're trying to solo a team based game mode you're just making the game less fun for all involved. First and foremost, to be a good ops and not fluke ops Stay as a team and follow your Team Leader unless ordered otherwise. Your leader has the code, slightly more starting TC to buy useful gear and will often be willing pool resources together if most if not all the team is willing to play ball and look out for each other. Ops have OP gear by default, true, but vastly being outnumbered by the crew, limited inventory space and numerous fuckery that can be thrown at an OP to completely remove them from the fight is damn unlmitted. Gearing Up: Each operative should state what their intended loadout should be BEFORE buying a single item. This goes for Commander down to Op 4 who's browsing the uplink instead of paying attention. Leader should typically go for a well balanced or catch all approach. An E-sword, Emag and bag of shells for the bulldogs on the shuttle are a good approach, with spare TC being put to an elite suit, explosives or donated to other ops looking to draw fire or support the team. A medic is vital to your success and in since they can heal in a firefight makes it even more. And L60 gunner is equally desirable as they can gun down large number of greytides and valid hunters, where an esworder can mop up anyone that gets close. Ultimately decide on a plan first then start buying gear and assigning spare TC. 1 or 2 specialized weapons is good, Everyone trying to get an L60 or Sniper rifle is just begging for disaster. A pin pointer is a must have for every Nuke, it can fit on your PDA slot! An Emag is almost always a good decision, the team should have 2 or 3 of them incase you get separated, as well as a set of tools should you find yourself against a Door that's bolted or unpowered. Implants are important to at least consider, thermal and xray giving your far better awareness of potential ambushes, adrenals allowing you to counter stuns and run very fast, though as a one use item should be used only when needed. CNS and no drop are somewhat cheaper alternatives that prevent someone from stealing your gear, but only in very specific circumstances. Maintain radio contact. If you get seperated, use your radio to relink with your fellow ops. To an OP leader, if someone isn't responding, staring at their console or being totally mute, I'd strongly recommend ahelping it as Rule 6: Team Antagonists (Nuke Ops, Cult, Shadowlings, Abductors, Swarmers, Revolutionaries) must work together at all times; means anyone not working with the team can rightfully be smited and replaced with a ghost player willing to be a team player. Keep moving: Any time Nukes get bogged down or try to fortify an area, they've probably already lost (unless they are cheesing with one person remaining behind on the shuttle to escape the blast while everyone else dies in fission made hellfire.) If the disk isn't nearby keep moving towards it best you can. If you have the disk make your way back to your nuke and get ready to arm it. Beyond that if you find yourself stuck in one place you're definitely going to find yourself being surrounded by validhunters sooner or later, even if you can kill most of them it only takes one slip up from you (sometimes literally) for the crew to get the upperhand and bludgeon you into paste. Your ammo is limited and killing everyone personally is not a good idea, get the disk and get out fast as you can. Only reason you should be stopping or back tracking is to keep fellow OPs on their feet and moving.