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  1. Bumping around in an old anime/rp chatroom back in 2012 when someone mentioned it and describing their first encounter of roaming the station lost before a clown ran up, stabbed them in the eye with a screwdriver and then dragged them into the bathrooms and stabbed them to death before leaving their body there and running off. Downloaded byond and hopped on the first server I saw (goon) and immediatly hated the controls, UI and sprites. Few weeks later same friends told me of another server and had me try that, would up playing as a janitor bumbling around aimlessly cleaning up water with an oh so friendly AI/telescience god who just started teleporting me and my mop bucket everywhere he saw a mess before he tricked me into touching a xenoarch artifact that borged people (the exchange being something along the lines of 'What do you want to do now?' 'I don't know, something fun.' "a moment...' **ZAP** 'That artifact is very interesting and fun.' *Touch* "I LIVE AGAIN") Since than it's been on and off over the years surfing servers and seeing the best and worst this game has to offer.
  2. Heads of Staff too chicken shit to actually fire and cull the incompetent, incapable of downright intolerable from their departments. If you get multiple reports of a security officer harm batoning non violent crew on green, a virologist that releases a harmful but non fatal disease without permission or a genecist abusing their job to hand out powers of defective SEs to force transform someone into another person, and your first instinct isn't to drag their ass in cuffs to the HoP for demotion, you need to stop playing head roles.
  3. I will strongly contend that the Warden is the worst Security position to be promoted to Head of Security. Their overall job is too important to be vacant. Someone needs to hold down the fort, ensure prisoners are secure and safe, and be the general base and center everyone can count on. If Warden gets promoted, they are likely going to spend most of their time counseling the Acting Warden while at the same time trying to drink from the hose that is HoS. Where as if another Officer, or even the Detective, gets promoted to HoS, they can lean on the Warden for advice without severely splitting their attention. If someone is good enough at Security to be acting Warden, then they are good enough to be Acting HoS.
  4. I misread your post about sending items. Honestly forgot about the labels, always hard to get enough cardboard to send out items and suck so I just end up begging cargo or stealing one of their labelera and paper. (Why can't wrap tiny objects with regular paper?) As for dept wide messaging, it's on dept to coordinate amongst themselves and the head to ensure its going smoothly. It's a lot easier for the HoP to deal with a negligent or absent supply when they are seeing all the ignored messages in real time. The system would need to be tweaked obviously, only first request get the PDA alert maybe and subsequent messages in the thread just beeping the console. High priority messages should buzz every 90 seconds or so they are unread and so on. id still urge a remap of console locations to somewhere more sensible and noticeable, many players can't even find the console tied to their favorite job.
  5. Major problem with all the request consoles (aside from most of them being tucked into corners far away from where anyone doing the job would notice them) is that they require the intended recipient to be in their office or workstation and not running errands elsewhere (or doing their job which puts them anywhere but their department like the janitor or engineers.) This could quiet easily be adressed by setting up department PDA messaging and linking to the consoles so the entire department gets a notice when a message has been sent through, and by whom if their card was swiped. I.E. Medical wants robot limbs for surgery, they send a request through the terminal and then everyone in science gets a PDA blast "New Request for Robitics, From [Job][Person] or [department]" and science could respond to the message or inform the requester why they.cant (no metal, SSD Robitics, toxins leak, ect...) As for the idea of being able to directly send items, I doub that would ever get implemented. Cargos job is to monitor disposals and do mail delivery, they can use shipping labels or mules, or run it on foot. Letting people magically blue space (or worse add ANOTHER pipe network for the damn terminals) would only encourage people to hunker down in their departments even more and take away a lot of the player interaction (and opportunities for striking their targets). If science could get everything they want or need teleported to them, they just move RnD to xeno bio and barricade the doors until shuttle call.
  6. MetaStation is built around a scavenger playstyle, very few jobs are given all the material they need to complete their task and are expected to scrounge, trade and steal to accomplish their task or feck off to do nothing until their job is missed enough they are given the resources and/or someone else does it for them. In theory, this works for some codebases. Assistants having maint as their play ground while anyone who's not some form of Security or Engineering has to stick to the main corridors gives those roles first dibs on loot, and can trade it to relevant jobs as they see appropriate and the offer is good. In theory, this is good because it encourages departments to work together, in practice this usually winds up departments unable to fulfill their job because an item or resource that might be of use to them is in some greyshit's backpack who'se waiting to trade it for a gun or some of medical's supplies. Being able to barter with another department to make one or both of your jobs easier is good. Having to deal with someone willfully with holding resources to prevent you from progressing your job is bad. On the overall I like the layout of meta, research and medical are centered nicely and the only thing that feels needlessly far away from everyone else is engineering (and thus the AI sat) but the current status of a lot of departments leaves a lot to be desires, especially when it comes to karma roles (such as medbay's double-double doors where one button opens both sides and everyone tresspasses because they can.) TL;DR MetaStation is SS13's second best map but it still leaves a lot to be desires as it's geared towards a different philosphy and governing rules that makes it less than ideal for Paradise.
  7. Bring back Vox Traiders. Add 5~ Cryosleepers to the skipjack, 20 minutes into the round ghosts are given an notice that the pods are now active and players can take control, giving them a grocery list of goodies they need to collect from bars of gold to a kitchen knife or even some used or useless trash items and the occasional kidnapping 'Guest of Honor' objective. Enforce the involaite, so as side antagonists they can't start shooting and killing people, but they are free to loot anything they feel they can run away with, and are encouraged to defend themselves or capture anyone continuing to show hostile intent towards them (such as overzealous security officers and tiders trying to get aboard their ship.)
  8. Beepsky just needs to have an option to react hostile to anyone without valid records attached to their identity. If you don't have a security file then it's safe to assume you don't belong on a secret state of the art research station. also HoS and CMO should have hardcopy backups of round start records in their office.
  9. Another idea for Data 6+ item(s): Advanced Departmental HUDs. Adv Med Hud would allow the wearer see a person's health stats on examine (Brute, Burn, Oxyloss, Toxin) as well as any sign of broken bones and such. An optional overlay for the Health HUD could be added for Adv models that shows what kind of damage and gives a more real time representation of that user's declining or improving health, or a clever coder/spriter could attempt to make overlays that would highlight body sections or limbs that are damaged or suffering internal injures. Adv Diagnostic HUD would work like the Medical but for robots, allowing the wearer to see component damage, if any, upon examination. Adv Meson Scanner would add material scanner to the meson vision, allowing the wearer to see items through walls and darkness. This could also be used to examine machines to see status of internal wires (cut or what lights/functions are active) or even immediately highlight which wires control which functions for hacking, as well as allowing to them to examine cabling, pipes and tanks to their contents (how much power is in a wire, how much gas is in a pipe and composition, ect...) Adv Security Hud would likely just be relegated to showing a person's intent while moving around, or even flag automatically anyone carrying a weapon or dangerous contraband level item I don't really know how you could improve Science and Hydroponics HUDs except perhaps to see the tempature of reagents or the last reagent, if any, that was in a container, or the age of the plant and estimated time until next stage/when it will be harvestable or die. Beyond that, a combination HUD might be in order, such as a Med/Sec HUD or Meson/DIagnostic HUD
  10. Add inductors would be neat, I believe tg code has them where they can transfer power from a cell in the inductor to another object, be it an APC, SMES, Borg, Stun Baton or other battery powered equipment. Could split it up so power 2 or 3 gives a low efficiency one that only passes 50w per 100w used, a mid level one at power 5 that does 1 for 1 and power 7 could be a bluespace inductor that can remotely transfer power to anything in line of sight. Engineering 7 could be an Advanced RCD, 'Clone Tool' that could scan and detect an area up to 5x5 tiles and then build it somewhere else. As for Data 7, hard to say what would be applicable. A remote body/surrogate system perhaps, VR-like pods where you build an IRC or similiar body then hop in the pod and control it remotely, good for allowing crew to work on radiation or toxic hazards without putting themselves at harm, though obviously leaving the controller completely blind and oblivious to any dangers around their actual body. Or a pAI implant that allows you to directly install one into your head and chat privately chat with them in psuedo-telepathic whispers (think Cortana plugged into Master Chief's helmet in Halo.)
  11. Not to get off topic or beat a dead horse, but on the topic of reviving methods and what is broken and what is not, it never ceases to amaze me how people claim IPCs not reliant on the cloner is too strong of perk and they need to be nerfed farther, then you turn around and people say the cloner is too powerful and needs to removed out right because it's too good and requires no work to run it. So which is it? Because it can't be both.
  12. Aside from keeping new or inexperienced players out of certain roles, I don't actually think this is a good idea. Head Roles are the only ones that should be time gated behind certain amount of hours in a department, most other jobs should have enough variance between them that playing them requires different kinds of thinking and play to succeed. For example, Security Officer, Detective and Warden all have very different responsibilities and play styles. The only shared ground and responsibilities they actually have are Space Law. Requiring 5+ hours as a Sec Officer before unlocking Warden could perhaps wrongly influence a person into thinking it's okay for a Warden to randomly patrol the station or spend most of their time in maintenance, when in fact their primary duty is to stay in the brig to watch prisoners and the armory. Doctors and Paramedics have similarly different roles and Virologists and Geneticists have very little in common with Medical Doctors. For Head Roles, I'm a little more willing to see department play time locks, though I'm skeptical about those as well as I feel a head of staff should be familiar to competent in most of their department and able to fill the gaps as needed, but heads of staff shouldn't be exclusivley working a job unless nobody else is available to do it (such as the RD running RnD alone, CE setting up the engine or CMO doing chemistry/setting up camp in Surgery, their primary job is getting other people do theirs, not do it for them.) A far better system, in my opinion, would be for a backend where the game tracks player hours in certain roles, such as Head Roles or slightly more complex ones like Virologist or Warden, and if they have less than 10 hours in such a role, Mentors who are logged in (or via the Discord bot if that function is working) are notified and given a link to message the person directly to greet them and offer assistance and their knowledge as many new players don't know or seem to remember Mentor help is a thing but would probably engage in a PM conversation if they were more directly made aware mentors were active and willing to help without disturbing everyone else's rounds. Beyond that, I would like to see interns added in some shape of form, dept specific assistants who can help during high pop rounds as an extra set of hands and during low stress and drama moments fully fledged dept members could try and help teach interns the ins and outs of the job. TL;DR Time locks rarely improve the quality of play for most players since many locked jobs don't share the same responsibilities and mechanics as the jobs often used to unlock them, and a more proactive use of the mentor system would help educate players willing to learn a new job.
  13. My father did not die fighting the great silent oppression for my brothers in arms to be denied rightful pay for their honking service to humanity.
  14. Seems like the new crit system is screwing up antags far more than regular crew. Lings, Wizards, Nuke Ops, Agents. If they go into shock once they basically have no hope of recovering. Also what was the point of adding variance to medical when you're simultaneously removing many of the basic tools and items?