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  1. Morph is very annoying to fight given how much health they have, how much damage they deal, and general ease they have of acquiring more mass without any visual indication of their strength. This also assumes they don't spend much of their round just running away from any conflict that isn't 1v1 where they know they can win. Blob is much better round type imo as the entire crew is given a goal to work against, the blob is largely stationary so much of the 'action' isn't people welding vents, but rather gathering tools to fight back and the actual attempts to stifle the blob's growth. You slow a morph by... throwing everything in a locker and hiding it away from a vent easy access area for the morph. The only 'fun' morph rounds I've seen are those in which much of the crew is generally unaware of the morph's existence as they vent crawl disguised as a bot, drone or monkey that might be a typical sight in the area, eat everything when nobody is really around to look, and move onto the next empty area. Such engagement. Much fun. I don't see the point in pushing combat focused antags to be mid-round RP events when we actually have RP focused roles that could be made into midround events such as the Merchant or Vox Traiders, and we could easily make things like Refugees, CentCom Civies (Centcom is not solely staffed by 1 admiral or comm officer, by definition there HAS to be some form of support crew) or even the suggest Wizard Apprentices
  2. I do like the idea of Wiz ops (why did Vox Traiders get fully removed again?) As for Ragin Mages as a full game mode, I'd really only back it if there was some level of RNG to what spells you have or can choose from, so everyone doesn't just take the same 5 or 6 spells.
  3. Borg Saddle. When applied to a borg, lets you ride them. ONWARD VALIANT ST---oh its Spark 5.5... we broke.
  4. Principle of Equivalent Exchange: Even if you're unaware of it, something else of equal mass is turned into nothing every time you use this power. You just never what until you make yourself a juicy steak and notice a steak sized hole in your dinner table. You have to confirm admin privileges everytime you make even the smallest change, and must manually confirm each overwrite. This also causes you to lag somewhat when making large changes. I now possess the power to alter someone's perception of time.
  5. I would generally agree with crime stacking going away or at the least only overruling lesser charges (such as multiple assault charges against one person just being upped to attempted murder). If someone does the same thing crime x times before getting caught, they should be charged with each violation. If I steal the boots from every member of security, I should be getting a longer sentencing than the guy who only stole one pair before getting.
  6. Glow sticks Fireworks. Bouncy ball. Vox assorted headgear. (Can it fit on your head? Reward.) Fully stock the beach getaway so the chef can actually have a BBQ. Also ensure there is an industrial outdoor grill and players can get 'You smell the [meat/food/what ever] grilling!' if they are within 4 or 5 tiles of an active grill. A toy horse Plastic Rocket Fist. With grapnel upgrade that can be used to snatch and real in items from a distance. The NT Foamsoft nerf guns. Or what ever they are called. A Xeno exosuit that hisses and spreads oil over the floor as resin. A magic lamp that just blows raspberries at you and huffs insults when rubbed (used) VR Pods for mini-thunda dome and FPS coop shooters. (VR Deffsquids vs Xeno hive anyone?) Rock-it launchers that can actually launch any pocket sized item. RC Copters and drones. Perhaps even a race track for them. Also, Battlebots. 'I survived the gateway and all I got was this lousy jumpsuit' apparel. Fat stacks of mining loot. Ore/Sheets of material and other fun loot. Scooters, bicycles, unicycle (for the clown) and other vehicles. Also the old school cargo tram. A massive pile of (worthless) bitcoins. And an unmarked hard drive with hundreds of them. Antag tokens. (The coin, not the actual status)
  7. Not a fan of the Aiding and Abetting change, deterrence is one thing but serving an equal sentence is already said deterrent. For Self Defense, not sure on the wording "Persons intentionally getting involved in fights which occur in a department that isn't theirs is an act of vigilantism, not self-defense." That means if I see someone in the bar being beaten with a stool and I intervene and accidentally or otherwise injure the attacker, I'm suddenly charged with assault for saving another crew member who wasn't in my department? Also why is a chameleon projector consider a 'Dangerous Contraband Item' , it's not capable of inflicting harm.
  8. Wouldn't the HoP be the Queen, HoS be the Rook, RD and CMO be the Bishops? Not enough chess pieces, we must make more.
  9. The go to tactic is throw your recently deceased crewmate at them, though the advanced strategy is to meth up a clown and/or install a no drop so they can kip up and begin the beating.
  10. I've literally taken down desword users with nothing but a baton and bolas. If you can't manage it >git gud Sec has a massive arsenal to deal with them. If they have a bowman and sechud, you can still pepper spray them. If they are wearing a mask, you have bolas. The clown and janitor have slip items you can easily commandeer, not to mention BEAR TRAPS. If there is a miner get their KA, it ignores the block rate and just aim for a hand till it breaks while kiting. Non-sec can throw crap, use pneumatic cannons, disarm spam in groups to keep flanking, or just literally throw someone at the desworder to garuntee knock them down and allow you to run up and snag the sword or just pummel the tator tot into oblivion. What the hell is with the nerf frenzy on paradise trying to hugbox items that have literally been in the game for years.
  11. >Security main can't baton a melee oriented item.
  12. They do require human intervention. An emag doesn't find and slap the drone by its lonesome or automatically. It's far easier to create and convert a golem than it is to track down a drone to emag it.
  13. i ded plz nerf Is a very good summarization of the process where people are making changes to the overall balance of the game without first considering all the balance that is in place. You don't nerf d-esword because it can deflect most projectiles fired at it, because members of security are upset their tasers aren't working. You point out that there was still plenty of options that COULD have worked if the salty player didn't just want to hit every problem on the head with their preferred tool and call it a day. Drones have a number of weaknesses from their pitiful low health, blatant EMP/Flashbang rendering them immobile for a long period of time to their reliance on the piping network to get around. Tay's first suggestion was to remove vent crawling all together. Then they wanted to make them pAI with door access. Then we got the crap fest that is in the current build. I was the one who suggested the timer On the understanding that the other nerfs would be removed from the PR. Spoiler, they weren't. Which leads us here today, where people who supported the nerfs are still dancing around the question as to why they were necessary to begin with. If you're going to argue 'you just don't like the PR so you're argument is invalid' you could at least come up with some half ass excuse to why any of this was necessary from the get go.
  14. Golems are a literally infinitely respawnable role, can be converted by cult and slings. I've seen far more golems used in this manner then I've ever seen emagged drones. And unlike the drone, the golem can't even try to evade the conversion if they aren't antag fishing. Drones on the other hand are rather obvious if they are antag fishing since the tator has to be at the fabber or the drone must track down someone they know to have an emag. I'm just constantly astonished people act like hack drones are a round ending event, I rarely see them, in 5 years of playing this game across multiple servers I can count maybe 20 instances of emagged drones and at least one group of those was a metacomm group that got banned years ago. I have to disagree strongly with this assertion. Tay's intention was to nerf hacked drones into the ground not because they upset the balance, but a because a few rare cases in which a hacked drone was able to damage the station in a manner nearly any emagged borg could. There is no sensible reason to throw multiple game changing nerfs onto a role, ignore almost all criticism in the PR, promise that only 1 or 2 of them is going to take affect and then just apply all of them. This is literally the same behavior that has seen tg borgs get nerfed into obsucrity. Not because they had some aspect of the role that was over powered, but because a few select players are so good at the role or game in general that they can reliable dunk less robust regulars with their knowledge of how the game works. Despite said roles having numerous hamstrings, limitations and hard-coded weaknesses that their opponents never bothered to get ahold because we can't have antags having unique flavors that bring different elements to the game ensuring that no single strategy, weapon or item is the end all be all for any valid hunting crew. In the end, Tay gave no reason for the nerf to begin with, saying 'they are too powerful and annoying' without citing any examples. Changelings and Vampires are too powerful and annoying to deal with, I don't see their powers nerfed into obscurity, do you? TL;DR the entire PR was salt i ded nerf plz without any consideration for what lead to it.
  15. Basically anyone running around not on help intent. I got so sick of it yesterday as HoP running errands for my dept I just started batonning people. Yes, I'm hauling a bee crate, no if you fucking try and open it I'm going to beat you. Anyone who works medchem and blows the dispenser. In nearly 5 years of playing this game, I've never done. Why is it so common? If you don't know how to chem. Ask. There is a literal wiki that tells you everything you need to know. If you want to make bombs, Science has their own deluxe chem lab to be an antag workshop. Metacliques. For a while it seemed they were dying out and people were starting to play as a community. Then just the other day I have the vulp mafia trying to break into my office because I wouldn't give McFluffy access to engineering when it was pretty damn clear she wasn't going to help the CE fix the breaches and power net. Basically any engineer and CE who doesn't at least attempt the station goal or make repairs. Yes, your autism fort looks pretty with the floor tiles. Don't mind the screams over the radio, that's just everyone else yelling that the main hallway has been breached and unbreathable for the last hour while you stole all the metal. Gateway missions. Specifically Wild West but in general. Loot pinatas designed around exploits in the code, it'd be one thing if these were VR missions and thus players could make multiple attempts without getting game breaking gear, but it's another when 30 minutes into the round some greyshit can have an L6 and more C20s than they know what to do with. Medical personnel who don't do Body Scan printouts. These things can be a life saver, as well some level of proof that malpractice bay isn't in full effect when they can show mr corpse didn't have those injuries before walking out of medical. More IAAs need to look into how many people medical is actually saving and how many bodies are piling up. When you try to play Warden and been goodsec, but all your sec officers are just buckle cuffing crew to chairs without even saying a word or putting a blip in their crew records, then freaking out 20 minutes later after you release them because so and so was totally an antag or assaulted someone. HoS's who assume anything they have access to is theirs by right, from the Warden's gloves, the medkits in storage, gloves in engineering and all the ammo cargo's lathe can print. Somewhat less so but equally infuriating when Blueshit walks into medical and empties all the synthflesh from the fridge to use on light bulb burns. Sec mains who try to use SoP and Space law to get you brigged, demoted or executed for not doing what they want, but suddenly become blind and deaf when they are the ones breaking SoP/Space Law. Bonus points for McRedshit last week who was using an emag he confiscated to access RnD.