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  1. Here's something that I did a little different. I've gotten a few people calling out saying Zeke is up to something devious, which he may or may not be.
  2. Pretty sure all my characters are more interesting than myself. ;w;
  3. I have some drawings that I haven't posted yet because... I forgot. Oh hai there Here's mine and @HereticChurch's Shadowrun characters Drew these two beautiful creatures again. Will I draw them anymore after this? Who knows. Might take some suggestions for them I don't know what compelled me to draw this... But at least he looks great, right?... Someone calling the previous outfit a little dress made me want to draw this.
  4. Another drawing of younger Jonah My Shadowrun character. Today I did a livestream, and thanks to Tully a few weird things came from it Also drew Tea
  5. I enjoy most of the medical field, but mostly playing as a doctor. Just because I like to be able to bring people back into the game or to fix them up to continue on playing. But really it's probably a love hate relationship I have with the role. I think one of my most favourite jobs would be bartending, just because I get a chance to interact with other people and sometimes learn things about them.
  6. After throwing the idea at Tully, I drew up a younger Jonah And maybe I'll draw up some more, who knows. Did up another redraw, the old one was done in 2016 this would have been the first time Zeke ever came on station as an officer (due to a fudge up of me clicking security officer instead of civilian when late joining)
  7. Like the end of most shift, everyone is tired and ready to get it over with. As a side note, I was informed that Zeke as a Pod Pilot is a note manly version of Zeke and maybe I just need to play Pod Pilot more... Every now and then I like to draw up something that shows off how characters look/did/acted when they were younger, and of course if you lingered around here for a while you'd know that this isn't the first time I've drawn Zeke as a child. He's had a gender identity crisis at a young age... Or just enjoyed dressing up who knows. On and Ending note; I've been sick for about a week now and if someone wants to help me get over that, that would be great. x..x
  8. They're having a good time... Laughing about something, maybe Jonah just said a really bad joke.
  9. Because I can and it's fun, I did another redraw! The original drawing would have been done around October of 2015 I believe, and for the fun of it, here's an old comic that I did up quickly that shows a bit more of the scene that was going on I'm a sucker for cheesy flirting.
  10. A sketch of a magical boi wizard. A character design I bought from someone, she's based off of a watermelon
  11. Here's Churchy, Jonah, and Zeke rocking some fun shirts.