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  1. A take on from an old drawing i did of Jenkins braiding Nurn'Kal's hair.... I'm sure it's the only way to calm him down random dialog is random... Because I tend to come into "trends" when they're dying, here's Zeke doing the Bubble Tea Challenge because I felt like this is a think people needed. A JoJo reference.
  2. @Machofish Either of those things would be rather cool! Every now and then I'd jokingly say that I'd make up a SS13 dating sim. It probably wouldn't end well. lol Also, I do have two more scenes continuing off with the same setting but in the Nanotrasen facility! I live for dramatic things, and having Jonah snooping around this building would ofcourse lead him to Zeke. And a fun call out to the many times people have called Jonah 'Jonas' I thought why not have him pick up some keycard that belonged to a Jonas. And yes, I've already gotten a "pickled twink" joke.
  3. Here's a sort of shitpost(?) 'animation' featuring Comms Officer Jenkins and Nurn'Kal
  4. Another drawing for my 80s AU! This scene is just showing off Jonah's shotty apartment, and I guess Jonah as well...
  5. I always find pages of studies charming. (And really need to get back into doing them myself again) And like always, I enjoy seeing your sketches and works!!
  6. What is an Alternate Universe but just a bunch of What Ifs We're taking things a step back in time, What if this 80s sci-fi esque setting was actually taking place in the 80s. And because I like to go all out on these things, here's some ideas that I've have so far for this. I'd also love to hear what your characters would be doing in this sort of setting We have Jonah, a detective that has recently been transferred to a new town. Trying to adjust to living in his new shotty apartment and dealing with his work place, he'd probably have his mother calling him every now and then to see how's he settling in and maybe trying to hook him up with a lady/date. Because "Jonah you're a 35 year old man and you need a lady in your life so you can bring your mother grandchildren" But you know can't really be too open about being gay. Moving on we of course would have Nanotrasen in this town. They have a nice science facility around the outskirts of town, and of course like most places a lot of rumours have been spread around. "What is it that NT is doing out there? Freaky experiments? poor practices? Are they even scientists or are they just a bunch of cultists?" Some how they manged to stumble across a sort of dimensional like thing that is known as Bluespace, eventually figuring out they now have the ability to teleport things they decided to test it out by teleporting things away from them and to themselves. This may have lead to them grabbing a few other species from their own homeworld. Lastly Zeke, living in a technocracy based Skrellian society had been teleported away during his own wedding ceremony. During this time Skrell didn't really get with anyone due to being in love, more for a society thing. Did this benefit both side at all? Are they doing it for the purpose of having a child so they too can help with SCIENCE! Having families isn't important, but getting more skrell involved with pushing Science/ Skrellian Society as far as they can go! Zeke being the emotional and love driven character he is didn't want this marriage to happen, he didn't care for this Skrellian Lady however he didn't know what to cared for. But for a short moment he was happy to be mysteriously taken away from the altar, but quickly realized things might have gotten for the worst.
  7. I love Cecilia, But I may just have a thing for strong women so there's that.
  8. Amazing! We should bring back vampire IPCs Designing Movie posters or even book covers is always a good time.
  9. A redraw!! UwU Damn, I remember at the round thinking to myself 'I need to draw up how this PDA message interaction could have been like' probably staying up most of the night because that's what I did back in college (actually I'm still up half the night now) and being super excited about the outcome because damn I'm starting to hit peak of my abilities. The composition, the mood, the everything was mwah perfect. But you know what, 2016 was a different time.
  10. For Bryan a pretty pink doctor. for SpeedyBst of their Cyborg lady Kaeli Hawke
  11. Is this too much attitude in one drawing?
  12. Gasp! Exciting to see a new post.
  13. I'll have you know that this is comedy at its finest.
  14. Ahoy there sailors! You know, even when I put Zeke in a setting to be more villainous... He's still beautiful I guess I can only draw sexy pretty characters. So, yes.... I drew the same pose twice, and that was only because when I was first drawing up Zeke and Jonah in it I had and after thought of I should be drawing Jenkins and Nurn'Kal doing this. But ofcourse saying this to my boo Tully, I decided why not just draw both. One of the things my boy Heretic said to me was 'It looks like Jonah and Zeke planned this, but with Jenkins and Nurn'Kal it doesn't... for a joke they told Jenkins to pose for a promotional picture and then Nurn'Kal just shows up' And ofcourse I did take the pose from something, it was in a discord server I was in and I was like I HAVE TO DRAW THIS POSE!
  15. Part two of the favour for Fethas And here we have a commission of Srusu