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  1. A commission for MrSynnester of their character Shesi A commission for Tigercat of their catgirl A commission for someone who plays on CM of their character they play on there A commission for Goolies / mamafarthole(?) of their Drask character
  2. A commission for ZN23X of their IPC KR4-3SHA A commission for someone on DA Alkonium of their Pathfinder character character Two commissions for Selmy, these were for friend(?) in a DnD group from my understanding
  3. I took in some Sketch commissions this week Starting off was two for Aceluke! One is of CM character, and the other is a cute wedding picture of his character Alex Rockwall and my character Dreamy. ^^' A commission for Von_bon that was a gift for Frick Frack of their demon boi A commission for Taac of their Skrell character Vol, and their Unathi Lyn I may draw Skrell all the time, but my god is is hard to draw other Skrell, lol A commission for Shazbot of their lizard elf(?) character Patricia I've been slowly uploading all the completed commission on my Deviantart, so I thought I'll just post them in "waves" Commission are still closed, this was just an "open for 24 hour deal" kind of thing for only Sketch Commissions.
  4. Here's a Valentine's day themed drawing that I actually did up some times ago ... Also, I guess I'm weeaboo trash, I did up some fanart of my favourite character from My Hero Academia.
  5. Dramatic setting in place! There was a fight and they fell off of something but they're fine, it's fine, everything is fine...
  6. A General Question We're interested knowing more about the strange disturbances that have been happening more frequently on station, is there something about the NSS Cyberiad that just draws all this attention? Is there any way to reduce these "disturbances"? Sincerely, The Anonymous Lurker in Maintenance
  7. I should! I've thought about it some time in the fall, but then got caught up working on other things.
  8. I'm not sure how much people enjoy watching these kinds of things, but it's been kind of fun making them up, and now that I found a more effective way of making them (kind of effective) I might try to make more, maybe? It's been a while since I've drawn anything star wars related, so here we go! Anyone unaware of my Star Wars AU (Alternate Universal) I basically took a few characters and threw them into a Star Wars setting, everything is now awkward and tension is in the air. But basically to throw here a picture from August; we have Zeke Varloss ( a Twi'Lek) who's a Padawan and was found to be force sensitive a lot later than most, Slade who is a Jedi Master and still very much a pacifist and very powerful with the force, lastly we have Jonah Bright who's a Jedi Knight who isn't as hot headed as he used to be but still can be very reckless. However, on the other side of things We have Dreamy Rockwall as a Sith and Alex Rockwall as an Imperial Officer; Here's the rest of the pictures. I started this all up on the forth of May last year
  9. Devious catgirl noises What everyone has been waiting for, Zeke popping out of a cake, Whose cake is this? What was it for? Who knows! Did an art trade with Ume, she drew these nice pictures of Zeke! He's fabulous
  10. Ohmygod I can't believe I forgot about the cake idea! I'll have to sketch something up today for it!
  11. Some random live stream doodles and art!