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  1. So, there's been a few JoJo references that I've drawn now. And while me being a basic white girl browsing through Instagram, I came to a post where it was a compilation of JoJo pictures and memes... And I found one that I had to redraw with Jonah and Vamp!Zeke.
  2. People tell her that a crop top isn't standard issue. She stuns them.
  3. Because of course Zeke would have the charisma stats to convince Garoon and Jonah to do this. And I'll share the reference, because its a sort of meme in the art community, of the whole "draw your OTP/Squad/OCs like this"
  4. Yeah, every now and then I like to read over other server's lore because it's can be fun! And I personally just like people's creativity. That's a good question, it's been a long time since I've played him as a traitor ingame or any antag role in general so I don't remember my old go to for things. But it'd it helps, he'd definitely be flashy about it, if he got found out early he wouldn't care. Now I'll share some new arts!! This first one... Well started off with me not knowing what I wanted to draw so I googled "draw your OTP" to see what I could find for weird poses, a well I guess I wasn't disappointed because this here was a little weird. And while I had my boy @HereticChurch telling me not to draw it, @TullyBBurnalot said do it... And a bunch of other random people want it too... What a world we live in Drew another Skrell based off of Aurora's Skrell lore. They had this neat thing where it mentioned something about disorders, and this one here was of their gills growing externally rather than growing internally. And because I like being a special snowflake, I thought I draw up a cute lady Skrell these external gills. Shirts are fun, and can speak a lot about a person... This was another one of those, "I wanna draw, but don't know what to draw" where I then had someone send me a reference thing basically going 'here draw this!' And ofcourse had to make it a comic.
  5. Thats a face I could trust. But more serious, it's nice seeing art from you again!
  6. Well you know, life is a theater and I'm a star!
  7. I got into a bit of a drawing funk for about a week or so... but getting back into the drawing spirit to do personal drawings and commissions. ^^ My boyfriend and I were reading over a bit of another server’s lore on Skrell, and if I remember correctly some of the traits they had was telepathy but also have a sort of “dreamspace” they can go to. Side note: “Dreamfast” was just me making a reference to The Dark Crystal. And and here we have traitor!Zeke or Agent Varloss. Because I dunno, villain-esque characters are more fun. ;w;
  8. Cute IPC! Also, someone who does normally title their pieces... it’s still hard to find drawings.
  9. @Spacemanspark Yeaaaah, I'm going to use my one time admin ban on you now. :angy:
  10. Here's Jonah putting on his coat, because I felt like this was something that needed to be drawn. YEP Working behind the scenes with @necaladun (kinda) we thought it was time to have @Kyet's "fursona" drawn up, but not just Kyet, we also have an appearance of Kylet... Kyet's "evil twin" I'm starting to wonder if maybe I need to get writing an apology... in an essay format.
  11. So like, it's been almost a year since I've done anything with this and it's really sad! What makes it more sad is that I don't plan on continuing with this at all. And there's a few things I didn't like about it, the approach and the pacing have issues. However, if you had follow along you can read the rest here! But in more better news is that I started working on a new version which so far I'm really happy about. I'm still on the fence of whether or not to hide all the posts in here when I start working on the new pages. ^^'