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  1. They must have lost their tail in a fight with the greytide!
  2. @ZN23X Knows what's up ♥ Somewhere along the lines, the tag saying "NT Rep" changed.
  3. Oh hey, here's another art dump!! *sweats* Some "concept" art for a contest where we make our own Dark Witch character based off of the contes host's setting. Here's a demon, fallen angel, and a Cherub! The next drawings are actually things I did in a drawing live stream! Here's a Zeke, honestly everything in this was made up on the go, I don't know what it means Sketches Blame HereticChurch (and me not being able to talk properly), something went horribly wrong. #JokeGoneTooFar Sidon and Link, idea was supposed to be cute fangirling and cute blushies. maybe I shouldn't be allowed to live stream.
  4. Here's a confused Zeke. The people wanted more human Zeke... Right?... Here's Terry and Zeke having a nice chat at the bar. Here's a sort of Spooky Zeke. None spess characters, here's Lavinia and Ma'Zul Here's Ellerith
  5. More arts, because we like art... right? Starting us off is this fun morning picture. I like to think Jonah isn't much of a morning person, and this was totally not an excuse to draw a man shirtless. This was a redraw of an older picture I did back in 2015(?) My humour is still the same. Look, it feels so old. When your slime wife hands you a heart This was going to be something else, but it took a 180 to being something completely different, like a bad anime. it was sort of effortless and meant to be silly(?) HereticChurch's niece and i had some fun drawing together, I followed a long to the character she was designing. Her parents where an angel and a demon, she has traits from both and she's also a catgirl and has a firedress (I forgot to draw the weapon) After drawing this, I kinda feel like I need to draw some wacky characters, Here's something that the people want, a sexy human Zeke done in watercolours (and some markers) noticed the jaw line is off and will never be able to fix it. Which is a lovely flash back to this "oil" painting I did back in college where I originally gave Human Zeke blond hair
  6. Sometimes I get art from other people (either commissioned or gifted), thought it'd be fun to share the ones that haven't been posted!! FuFnStuff (I'm not sure if I spelled that right) Drew a Dreamy head! Shazbot drew a R.A.B.B.I.T! Nomanoah drew Zeke, and then one of Zeke and Jonah! Jedr made a smol Zeke! (I'm not sure if this was ever posted on the forums) (commissioned) Arofexdracona did up a cute Chibi drawing of Dreamy and Churchy! Unfortunately I lost the name of the person who Sketched up this Zeke. (commissioned) Ataricynical did a cute cartoonish Dreamy! (commissioned) Hivon did a sort of anime(?) like style of Dreamy and Churchy! Vailelir did up a cute drawing of my bun Ginger! (commissioned) TheZodiacLord did up a fun drawing of Dreamy and Churchy! He also Sketched up R.A.B.B.I.T and Azriel Amadeus And we did a sort of collab (I did the sketch while he coloured it. ^^ ') Of my character Nathaniel and his character Lust. (Commissioned) FinestFox did up my floofy characters Ginger and Timothy! (Commissioned) YuiVS, a few different characters. (Commissioned) My good Friend Sumico did a lovely drawing of Jonah and (human) Zeke dancing!
  7. I drew this up because I wanted to try making a "speed paint" video, you can watch it here. Out of the seeeea, wish I could beeee, part of that WOOORRLD! A Vampire visiting a blood mage
  8. Huzzah! Slowly I'll make the whole playerbase be Skrell.
  9. I did an animation thing, and I'll probably do more in the future!!
  10. Drew silly comic in relation to me forgetting that Jonah has a robotic hand/arm when I did up another drawing (i ended up fixing it ofcourse) Drew up something dark and dramatic
  11. Some Zeke and Jonah drawings Non SS13 related character, he's a fallen angel. Fun(?) faces
  12. Drew a "Meet the Artist" kind of thingy... Here's some sketches! Here's a buff Ansari And then I sketched this up to try an convince Ansari to give his character a cute sister.
  13. @Spartan and I are in a bit of a disagreement?
  14. Here we have Kerri, E.L.O, and MURA-128