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  1. Tobehonest, I've never thought about using the brushes as something other than clouds.
  2. Sometimes I think to myself, maybe I shouldn't draw ... On a different note, I wonder how many people would know what Anime I took these scene from. :3c
  3. A commission for Danni, here we have Lazz gifting Slade a sword she made. Slade thinks it's great, and will put it on the fridge.
  4. More of my cute Alternate Universe setting!
  5. Everything is fine until someone gets stuck in the vents, and you have to call for your hunky Unathi friend to fish them out. In other news, it time for me to share my half from an Art Trade that I did with Drakeven! You can see their half on their thread post!! So here's Jay Chase. :3c
  6. Felt like doing up a cute AU (Alternate Universe) where Churchy is a little girl that Zeke ended up adopting.
  7. Sometimes I get people asking me how to draw something (or to look over at drawing they're working on) to see what my input is, sometimes that leads me to sketch up something to help show them better. When I bored I would attempt to redline some drawings... because I have nothing better to do. *Redline-ing is just when an artist (or someone) draws over a drawing/picture to help show any possible flaws that could be improved on. I thought why not show some of the stuff in here to see if it'll help anyone else!!
  8. Some more Star Wars themed stuff!