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  1. This has been totally dead for a while and I'm way behind. *awkward laugh*
  2. Little does Zeke remember was that I was a bad shift.
  3. I heard all the cool kids genderbend their characters. For the fun of it, here's Joline Bright and Zayna Varloss. Not the first time I've drawn them as ladies, and probably won't be the last Fun fact, back in 2016ish, Zeke was forced... Turned into a woman a bunch of times. and now you know why he looks so overly feminine...
  4. It basically is. At least he's sexy... Right... Right?...
  5. This is probably common, but my main fear is the unknown. Either I being something I can't see or don't know, it scares me. This lead to my fear of open waters and my fear of the dark. Because I can't see exactly everything that could happen, who knows what could be in that dark corner. But this fear could cause by me jumping to conclusions all the time, and most of the time it's for the worst.
  6. Here's something dramatic; And nothing is more dramatic than popping out of the cloning machine nude and on the cold floor, thinking to yourself how you fucked up or how did this happen. How at this moment and time you're vulnerable and exposed.
  7. I have a fear of finding a spider (or an insect) in my shoes/slippers. I think to myself, when I put my foot in this shoe will something else be in there... I love swimming and being in the water, but have a slight fear of open water. Only because I think to myself what if a shark or some other fish/creature swims up behind me and attacks me even though we only have fresh waters where I live.
  8. Here's an animation!! Look at this sexy bastard being all full of himself.
  9. @Irkalla yes... I don't see a lot of humans with that kind of nose. He also has eyebrows.