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  1. Condition: but all you have is knowledge, you need to have an assistant to do any of the work (any they're a little slow at it) Power: I can cast hexes on people
  2. I like this one a lot. I find that the written bit placed a spooky but sort of calming setting in the picture , I'd be a little concerned/scared though if I had a Chaplain/Cultist saying that to me.
  3. Vampire things? I drew this up for @Spartan because he "loves" fishnet clothing
  4. What if SS13 became some sort of dating simulator? On second thought maybe the world is not ready for anything like this.
  5. How long can Admins chat before a player makes a comment?
  6. A drawing of a character that hardly get any attention, a human gone IPC Cute lizards, here's Garoon Garuda and Alistair Sslas Here's Keyreehee
  7. Name: FAERIE Age: N/A Gender: Male Race: Machine Person / IPC (?) E R R O R . . . E R R O R SWIPE AUTHORIZED ID . . . CLEAR Biography: There is little to no information on the personnel "FAERIE" to be found. Upon doing more research we found out that FAERIE previously human before joining NT. Name: Farris Reid Age: N/A Gender: Male Race: Human Biography: Farris Reid, now currently known as FAERIE, was a working Psychiatrist in one of the colonies on Mars in his more earlier years. Eventually Farris grew bored and tired of his job, he began to crave for something more interesting. Figuring that leaving his job would be the worst plan of action do to money being tight, he decided that he could always find a way to manipulate his patients... they were so weak and vulnerable, they would probably listen to anything he would say. Between scamming people, using people for his own personal needs, and a various of other crimes; Farris was eventually found out. Unfortunately before he was taken to court, Farris found a small company... or a group of people, who found a way to take his conscious and put it into a cleared Machine/IPC. He ended up getting out of any charges due to the statement of, "He's no longer the man that committed those crimes" It was reported that even though his conscious was 'uploaded' into the body, some of the memories of those past events have been blocked out, which is probably for the best. [ ATTACHED NOTE ] It's concerning the amount of people NT hires that have a dark and/or uneasy past, here's hoping they don't go back to their old ways.