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  1. My point IS that if there's no mechanical nerf at least there should be some sort of adjustment to SOP/Space Law preventing miners from walking around with killing gear in hand at all times, because no other department can legally do that. As far as making a big deal over nothing, I suppose that depends on what side of the issue you're on, because I've never seen a blob/xeno/tspider round instantly discovered by a scientist or a roboticist or a chemist walking around with dangerous items looking for trouble. Can't say the same for mining, where it's a frequent occurrence.
  2. My entire point in bringing those up is that they have rules that govern them. A miner, once they get back on the station, is just someone loaded up to ERT levels without any governance past the most basic 'don't get caught attacking people without reason' bit. They don't even have to keep their weapons hidden on green.
  3. Or maybe we've just had vastly different experiences. RnD can't start making weapons and taking them out of the department, roboticists need permission from the HoS to even think about combat mechs, and the moment a toxins bomb becomes visible outside of toxins sec starts really buzzing.
  4. Server is asleep, post wetskrell.
  5. My point is that if science or chemistry walks around with almost any of the dangerous stuff they make, people react. Nobody bats an eye at a miner with a meathook...which despite needing to be aimed, has a fast projectile speed, making it pretty easy to aim. A miner can walk around with all of their loot fully visible, and security won't react at all. Whether it be an SOP change or personal lockers or something, something needs to change about them being about to walk around with weapons visible without any consequence when literally nobody else can. Even gateway and space explorers at least need to keep their weapons in their bags.
  6. The big difference is that a guy walking around with a maxcap is far more likely to be stopped by security than a guy walking around with a meathook or hiero staff. The people who talked about there needing to be SoP about it and how there's nothing enforced about mining loot on station are right.
  7. I'm not sure how I could prove my case, but even that doesn't really deal with the idea that giving miners the opportunity to become overpowered killing machines without the restrictions and duties of being security has not resulted in a good play experience for me at least.
  8. I've seen tons of miners hunting in maint before a threat is ever revealed, but even then, just because they 'earn' the gear doesn't mean it's good that there's a secondary security force on the station with fewer restrictions and duties. Like, you can have a super-challenging gauntlet with a Staff of Instant Gibbing as the reward at the end, but even if the reward is 'earned' doesn't mean that it's a good idea for it to exist in the first place.
  9. A lot of that comes down to when the xenos or terrors pop, because at the 2h mark the crew is usually on high alert from whatever threats are already around, but I do agree with the sentiment that the focus on fighting in lavaland makes resource availability on the station extremely binary. Either the station is absolutely loaded, or absolutely dry. From what I understand, the original reason why mining became the way it is was because miners felt like the job was too boring, but I don't think that treating mining like it's an entirely separate experience only tangentially related to the rest of the station is the way to fix this, because the effect mining has on the station as a whole is not a very positive one. The on-off nature resource gathering and the tendency for miners to bring equipment on the station that trivializes security and antags both doesn't really help the SS13 experience in my opinion. EDIT: Now that I think about it, mining also cheapens the Mechanic by basically being a better version of it when it comes to acquiring exotic gear for the station. Space exploration is somewhat random, very time consuming, and doesn't yield power nearly as high as a miner can get while all being limited to basically just one person getting geared up, rather than an entire department.
  10. Yeah, certain antags are valid, but is it really okay for miners to be prowling maints actively looking for them? I've seen a ton of rounds where miners wandering around maints with high-end gear just instantly nuke a random valid antag because there's really no way you can plan for someone in drake armor with a meathook inspecting every square inch of the station for something they're legally allowed to kill, and if you question them on it they'll just say they were wandering around the station like anyone else does. It's not like I can prove the miners weren't just coincidentally there less than 2 minutes after this xeno or that blob pops. Well, honestly, I'd love to see lavaland loot reduced, but I figured I'd get burned at the stake for even suggesting it, so I tried for what I hoped was a more moderate solution.
  11. Now, I understand that mining is all about fighting megafauna and not about acquiring resources for the station, but it's getting tiresome for miners to get geared up and then start patrolling maints for antags as drakes and maniacs with meathooks. It isn't their job to be security, but there are no restrictions enforced on where they can take their weapons, meaning that they essentially become a security force that answers to nobody, and I've yet to see security ever enforce restrictions on miner weaponry. So, to cut down on the miner lynch mobs roaming maint looking for people to kill, I propose that like the gateway energy gun, mining weaponry doesn't function on the station. Honestly I don't know how much coding it would take, perhaps just a z-level check as a safety switch for the stuff, but having them come onto the station geared up like gamma and start hunting for antags without even having probable cause is common and, in my opinion, unfair. TLDR: Remove mining's ability to be an unopposed lynch mob by keeping their weapons from working on station.
  12. That is a Syndicate Standard Issue Combat Wrench. Thanks for the drawing of Dee!
  13. On the derelict, there is no gun. There is a gun on the abandoned medical frigate, perhaps that's what you're thinking of, but the same things don't always spawn in space, though the derelict always does. To get a gun, you'd have to not only have the right bits in space there for you to find, but to actually be able to find them as the Z levels randomly take you wherever when you reach the map edge. You shouldn't have to jump through so many hoops just to fight a single security bot.
  14. My one security experience, I ended up not knowing all of the mechanics and having people jump down my throat when I made my only, and first, legitimate arrest. I don't really have any desire to try again after that round, because if I want to play guns, I can wait for an antag round and have a lot less bile directed at me than at the people actually trying to protect the station. People love to cry shitcurity, but as it stands, there's not really much reason for /good/ security officers to take the role, because of how much flak, IC and OOC, they get.
  15. What if there was a printer attachment for computer consoles, to print out any text on the console, so that doctors, scientists, anyone who needs to relay text information, can do so in a way that is both efficient, logical, and good for paperwork enthusiasts?