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  1. IPC's are welder flash immune? Then why does the flash still happen for my IPC?
  2. it's suppose to be guidelines and not be 100% enforced
  3. MrRogueAce

    Leg Cuffs

    It might've been bay, but I believe we used to have the ability to cuff legs before. If we did have the ability to do it before, I would have no idea why we got rid of it.
  4. Flattest, the person who made the jackets, will not have fun doing this. Cause they didn't have fun making the jackets...
  5. ooh, I get to post this again! so I don't know anymore but doesn't this server have nudes (as in nipples on females)?
  6. I'm pretty sure there's less than 5 safes on the station, so it's pretty hard to learn how to do it aside from playing as the roles that get safes or as somebody that has to deal with the safes. Safes sometimes spawn on the asteroid. I attempted to open one, took me 30 or so minutes to get it open and that was after googling how to open a safe, cause I had no idea what I was fucking doing. So telling somebody to get better at safe cracking is stupid, specially when they are under fire from the crew
  7. here's another challenge: have a assassinate objective on a mechanic and kill them without using any TC
  8. I say yes to custom sprites cause I made a custom sprite for drones
  9. it is server end, the server is in an area that gets constant thunderstorms and all other fun shit.
  10. pfft, that's already been done!
  11. If let them wear pumpkins (do we even have pumpkins in the game?) and you guys will already have sprites for them, courtesy of me. Also, you guys should remove the sechud and medhud they have... That's a good way to ruin somebody's round.
  12. This honestly reminds me of a video I watched earlier today:
  13. I've had a secborg arrest me, had officers search my stuff (and take my objectives), then let me free when nobody answered it on if I was completely searched...