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  1. From my POV a guy can say whatever the hell they want if they're giving me karma. If they say something constructive or nice that's dope but if they use it to OOCly tell me to neck myself cool lmao, get disregarded If this encourages flamers to give karma just to say hateful things they just got reverse psyched anyway, thanks for the internet points I don't think we should be too sensitive about filtering karma feedback.
  2. Definitely not, I had to put my OG in the dirt! I was 'widowed' for a time but the void has doubtlessly been filled. I loved but let go; I can't carry on addicted to a memory. We do and I sincerely hope it never ends. Right now there are no other games I enjoy as much as good ol' space.
  3. Ahaha, I knew Mercy Haliber was still kickin' it somewhere. Turned out great, ace expressions
  4. Was years deep into GMod and one of my buds told me about Baystation and how wild SS13 was. I was totally enthralled I watched hours upon hours of videos about the game from the likes of yorp, plump, hippie and many more and forgot about it for a year I eventually got thinking again when my scene in GMod started to die (RIP :'() and naturally as I needed a replacement I dived headfirst into SS13 on the most populated server I could find, which was Paradise. I never really made it to Bay. It's been years and I still miss the hell out of my main squeeze but SS13 has done alright for me since.
  5. I feel like I was one of the few people who enjoyed that mechanic's existence and regret its removal. Stuff like that going away has always been disappointing to me.
  6. The 'digitigradism' was removed from the game at some point for tajara and vulpkanin, before they used to need the toes cut out of certain boots or to wear sandals/wraps
  7. Mining and janitor, always has been and always will be! It's how I started and how I'll end.
  8. That pompadour is absolutely glorious. Awesome to see this thread so alive and well!
  9. Had to stop by to address point 2: That's part of the design rationale behind my original implementation of colourblindness on the race, you take it you get 8 darksight, you don't and you get 2 (standard) darksight Now I just feel nobody's got no idea what it's all about so we just wing it, IMPROV FTW
  10. I like to keep it chill 'cuz I can't seem to do aggro without regretting it later. Bad vibes. Here's a bit higher quality. Actually ended up stumbling upon this track years ago on z0r.de It can be found in the Need for Speed: Undercover soundtrack which has heaps of other awesome tunes like this one for example.
  11. Rev round that was masquerading as a tator round with people shouting wololo Set about mining the entire asteroid and ended up blowing my leg off near the end of the shift Kept going and eventually finished off the last of the west asteroid/its tiny roidlets Got back in time for the round to end due to rev memes because I found a RIPLEY Miner lifestyle
  12. I'm really glad I decided to check the forums today, that OST is bomb.
  13. Still not enough for Teshari it seems, but enough to bail myself out if my favourite races get gated 100KP a pop all at once. even at 500kp I'd shill to pay the bill for the lil raptors man lezzeeit