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  1. Mentors could benefit from msay so we don't have to use ahelps or PMs to talk to each other which would allow us to ask questions of other mentors, or general staff, and just chat without spamming ahelps.
  2. You should've intervened when the arrest was being made. Parasites can pull their hosts. I told them not to. Honk.
  3. I Squish Master Z approve of this please continue good ol chaps
  4. I do feel radium is a bit of a cheap way of just insta curing viruses. I feel it should be way more dangerous to use radium over producing a legitimate cure. With radium being the man form of cure to a virus it takes away half of virologies job.
  5. I think you're on to something. Though we slime players want nothing more to be up to our no good shenanigans via vents, I think this vent idea is rather decent. Would be a win-win imo. But I doubt it'd be easy to do.