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  1. Sept 19: freestylalt has returned from leave, and resumes his position as Game Admin
  2. Exile implants don't kill the implanted upon return to the station. They block the person from being teleported back by the gateway.
  3. Spoilers in the forums now display like this: The change is that you can now read them - no more light text on a light background. Credit @Rebel0 for the extensive spoiler use that made me first notice this issue, and @xProlithium for poking me enough that I fixed it.
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  5. Sept 11: eler00 (aka: TDS / Zix) has joined the team as a Trial Admin
  6. Kyet

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    @John_bigless I would like to update my tool to use your list for its 'Recommended' status for items. Please contact me on Discord and we'll sort that out.
  7. Aug 30: Kluys (Game Admin) has retired from the staff. Guiltybeans (Game Admin) has retired from the staff. TheSardele has joined the team as a Trial Admin. Sept 3: Landerlow has become a Trial Admin.
  8. Cyborgs should be stronger than normal sec officers, but they don't need further buffs on top of their existing advantages.
  9. Grays already get a boost to health regen. Certain other classes (like Prince) have a worse health regen than normal. If you want quick health regen, you need to work with other spiders to acquire a corpse, and then wrap it. Spiders (and everything else that can ventcrawl) really should be able to crawl into pipes that are wrenched open. Spark is correct, this is a general mob AI bug. I have a fix up that fixes it in the terror spider case, so once that's merged, we should not see as many cases of perfectly fine nests being depressurized by a purple smashing a wall as they spawn. I think having it automatically apply when a gray is in a web, and not apply otherwise, is a stronger encouragement than having to use a button to toggle it. Queens: you make a good point that queens are already strong. My primary goal with queens is to give them a more active playstyle, NOT to just buff them. I'd ideally like them to have more things they can do actively, like incubate eggs, watch other spiders and advise them on tactics, or similar. Essentially giving the queen more things to do beyond 'wait for timer'. Queens are deliberately designed to be a doomsday timer (they're the most dangerous sub-type of the most dangerous biohazard). I don't want to change that, but I do want playing as a queen to require more active use of abilities rather than just sitting there watching the clock and occasionally making a new set of eggs. Prince: another good point. Princes often require a group to take down, and giving them an anti-group AOE would potentially make them too strong. I feel like giving them a lunge ability might make them OP as well, seeing as they could line up their lunge, smash through a wall, activate the lunge and then knock everyone down (who weren't even aware they were there) and kill them before they get back up. I'd like to avoid adding any mechanic, like that lunge, that has no counterplay options and feels to players like an unavoidable death when it happens. The proposed change I have for princes is "one stun every 30 seconds" so they still have a stun, but its not RNG-based, and doesn't help them close the distance. Gray: I think you're understating the requirements of playing a gray successfully. Yes, it requires skill and cunning. That is true. It also requires you to be able to find an unwelded vent next to an area the crew use, and often, you just can't do that, because every vent is welded. I'll make a point of playing some grays during terror spider infestations in the near future, to see if what you're saying about them is true. There are other reasons beyond players' unwillingness to play passively that I am interested in applying the "passive stealth on webs, full visibility otherwise" rule to them. The primary one is their AI coding, which, right now, is really long and perhaps unnecessarily complicated. Passive stealth is simpler for AI spiders to use, and having the same playstyle between AI and player spiders makes the away mission a better tutorial in how to deal with player-controlled grays. I wonder if there's some sort of environmental ability I could give them instead, perhaps "break lights in an AOE" that would encourage their stealth playstyle. White: I have to disagree with you here, and say that yes, white spiders right now definitely are overpowered. You're correct that while 90% of white spider victims will be treated... even those that aren't will have the infection pass eventually. The thing that makes white spiders OP is that you only need one character (not even a player, a monkey or a slime suffices - or at least it suffices until my patch is merged) to carry the infection to term, and then you have a princess, which becomes a queen, and the infestation becomes very hard to deal with. More often you end up with 4 princesses or more, which is stronger than a queen infestation. In a normal queen infestation you can (and players sometimes do) kill the queen, but in a white scenario there can be 3 backup queens ready to take over if the first one dies, which is almost impossible for the crew to win, even with ERT. You do have a good point about the experience of the lone player caught by the white being terrible under a 'only infect one person' system, though. Perhaps that isn't the answer, and I should instead look to re-work princesses so they don't evolve to queens, and having 4 princesses isn't an instant lose condition for the crew. Mother: mothers were removed from rotation awhile back due to various issues. I'm not going to give them an EMP ability, if I was going to do that there's an unused yellow spider sprite I could use for that. I was more thinking about giving them support abilities, like healing, spiderling transport, etc. Spitting webs to effectively web at a distance would be another option. I like that idea. Green: I agree with you that while no terror spider should be "harmless" they shouldn't be guaranteed to derail the round either. Greens definitely are meant to be the easiest infestation to deal with. "Boring" factor: You seem to be under the impression that I'm saying "some terrors are boring to play as, lets buff them to make them more fun". That's NOT my point. My point is more "some terrors have a playstyle that is so passive, many players don't enjoy playing them, regardless of how strong or not they are. To fix this, lets include more active things they can do, even if the new active abilities aren't very strong they at least make the player feel like they're actively playing rather than just waiting for timers". Atmos/Space: I have been considering giving queens (and only queens) webs that block atmos. Currently their webs have a hallucinogenic effect (like their spit) which is nigh-useless. I don't think "bomb the nest" is a good solution for crew, non-antags generally aren't allowed by rules to use bombs like that, even to attack antags. At best you might be allowed to do it if you ahelped, but more likely the admin will say "if we allow crew to TTV bomb antag nests then no antag is going to be able to make nests anymore as they'll just get quickly bombed every time". Terror Queen v Xeno Queen: while you're right that the terror queen has advantages over the xeno queen, the reverse is also true. Xeno queen has devastating stun and chain stun attacks. Not to mention the ability to place eggs as defensive structures that both stun and infect crew who walk near. She also has effectively a built-in taser... her ranged spit attack is an instant stun. Overall player behavior v class: I am actually fine with the idea of having a stealth specialist spider that everyone knows is a stealth specialist and is only played by players who want that playstyle. The issue is that gray is one of the three ultra-basic T1 spider classes. As such, it is in this weird position where it isn't one of the T2 specialist spiders, but it plays like one. So it tends to be made in numbers, and most players playing it don't get its intended playstyle - and even if they do, its hampered by vents. Maybe I should just swap browns and grays? Have browns be the T1 basic spider which is straightforward to play, and have grays be the T2 specialist spider that's more dangerous but requires a stealth playstyle. Outcomes: I'm interested in having outcomes beyond "crew wins by killing spiders", "crew wins by escaping", and "spiders win by taking over the station or forcing code delta". If you have suggestions for other end-states and how I could facilitate them, let me know. Knockdowns: It doesn't really make sense to me that something bigger than a human, and with eight legs, could be knocked down easily. Maybe by being smacked by a mecha or a missile, yes, but aside from that I can't really think of anything that should knock them down. Even colliding with each other. Mechas: Mechas already hard-counter spiders. They're flat-out immune to most spider abilities, such as all kinds of poison, infection, even hallucinogenic spit from queens. They have a huge amount of health, almost endless ammo, can have damage reduction versus spider attacks, etc. Making mechas even stronger against spiders then they already are I feel would be bad for balance, it would turn every spider round into "how quickly can we make some mechs?" The same argument applies to TS hit by mecha missiles. Fire: Yes, I agree, it would be good if terror spiders could be lit on fire. Lone guy with flamethrower enters terror spider nest... that's how heroes are made. It makes for a good story. Heck, ideally all simple_animals would be flammable and programmed to stop, drop and roll if they're set on fire when controlled by an AI. Beartrap: Yeah, it would make sense if these did massive damage to anything that stepped on them, not just bears. It would also make sense if terror spiders (with their many legs) have a massive penalty against bear traps.
  10. Currently I've got a PR up that does the following: Gray: gives them stealth (like xeno hunters) but only while they are standing on a web. White: removes their ability to infect slimes. Mother I'd like to turn into a healer/supporter, or maybe a spiderling growth-booster and transportation spider, but I'm not sure on the details yet.
  11. @TDS Mothers already create spiderlings that grow twice as fast as normal: I don't want them to be either "run up and die" spider, or "reskinned queen" spider. I've been thinking about giving them some form of spiderling-buffing ability. Perhaps they can scoop up spiderlings and carry them around? Or perhaps they have a 'here, baby spooders!' ability which calls all spiderlings in the area to them. The question really is - assuming the mother becomes a support spider for the queen, how do I make this gameplay fun and useful for both of them? Playing a spiderling-carrying-device isn't fun either, there has to be enough of a concept there that it is viable. I do want there to be different types/progressions of infestation, some easier versus some harder, and some strong earlier versus some strong later.
  12. Gray: I could make it so that gray spiders have a similar alpha (transparency / hard to see) as xeno hunters do whilst on a web. Would have to test that idea. My main concern is that if I have to check "is this spider standing on a web?" every tile they move, that might be too many checks. We'll see. Something like a movement speed buff while on webs, though, that would be easier (because if it takes a few seconds to update after the spider enters/leaves a web, its not as big a deal). Prince: I'm really not a fan of the stamina damage concept. I feel like if a prince gets enough hits on you to knock you down via stamina damage... then you're dead or crippled anyway before the stamina damage even has a chance to have an impact. Mothers: Spawning a whole stack of fully-grown spiders on the same tile looks... a bit buggy. I'm more leaning towards the health regen buff idea. Greens: the problem with greens is... if I buff them for cases where they're the only starting spiders, I ALSO buff them for cases where queens/etc lay them. Perhaps the best solution is to change the starting mix of spiders, either give the greens some reds/grays as backup, or something else.
  13. I think the time is approaching where I want to do another significant terror spider update. For this update, I have a few goals: Improve the balance between different classes, e.g: whites will no longer be stronger than queens Improve the fun of playing certain classes, e.g: grays will no longer be considered trash, playing queen well should be less boring, and mother will no longer be a suicide class Improve the diversity of infestation types. e.g. end the concept that people can meta "princes always appear alone" and the fact that white infestations always turn into a queen infestation Here are some of the changes I am considering: Gray Spiders Problem: they're not fun to play, as they rely on a 'hide and wait in ambush' playstyle that few players enjoy. Since most vents end up welded quickly, they quickly become useless Possible solutions: Give them the ability to break open vents, but unlike higher-tier spiders with this ability, make it cost them, say, half their health to do it. So it isn't something they can run around doing a lot. Give them permanent stealth (alpha) so their sprite is harder to spot, especially in darkness. Rather like xeno hunters. They'd still be weaker in combat than other classes, but at least they'd have a use. If we just accept that they'll be weaker than other classes... discount their point cost so you can lay more of them as eggs for the same price. White Spiders Problem: currently, white spiders infestations are overpowered. Not only can they create more spiders in a shorter time than a queen can, but they can also hatch princesses which morph into a queen. Possible solutions: Remove their ability to create princesses. Instead, make them create larger numbers of lower-tier spiders, like greens, as well as vent-breaking browns. So, the spider hive could still survive after the initial wave of infections, but it would be harder, and no longer always snowball. Re-work white spiders so that their infectious bite is a special ability rather than a standard attack. So, you can't spam it. Instead, you have to find an isolated human and bite them, which very quickly immobilizes them and knocks them out. So, each individual egg infection is much stronger, but far fewer people get infected with eggs. Maybe one or two people per white spider. Remove their ability to infect monkeys, slimes, etc. Their ability to do that is too cheap for the benefit it provides. Prince Problem: they have a 15% chance to stun on hit. I'm generally opposed to RNG and making spiders rely on stuns, so I'd like to get rid of this. Possible solutions: If they need the ability to stun in combat, stop it being RNG. Instead, just have it always be used when available, and have it available once per 30 seconds or so. If they don't need the ability to stun in combat, give them something else to make up for it. Perhaps an AOE move like Princess Problem: Right now, its trivial for them to become queens, which doesn't really develop the full potential of the class. It is also weird that they're the only class to evolve into another class. Possible solutions: Re-work them into a hybrid of greens and queens. They'd have perhaps some ability to lay eggs without feeding (like a queen) but their egg-laying abilities would be boosted if they do feed (like a green). They could lay more types of eggs than a green, but less than a queen. Notably, they would not get the ability to lay purples to the same degree the queen does, if at all. Mothers Problem: they're not fun to play. Their entire playstyle is 'find an unwelded vent and persuade the crew to kill you near it'. That isn't fun. Possible solutions: Give them a reason to stay alive - and to fight alongside other spiders. Perhaps all spiders (either in visual range, or on the same zlevel) get a buff to healing when a mother is present. Or perhaps she has an active ability that transfers regeneration points from herself to other spiders - and rebuilds them way faster than any other spider. Give her strong utility abilities which make her valuable outside of combat. Example: the queen's 'break cameras and lights nearby' ability, but re-usable. Upgrade her suicide-spawn-spiderlings attack so that it is harder to ignore. Make spiderlings created by this ability tear open vents, or have a high chance to create something nasty. Queens Problems: Queen play is boring. Good queens hide in a room and just churn out eggs like a factory. This isn't very engaging. Queen abilities are often not very useful. Being able to sense where your spiders are, for example, is useful, but if you can't see them or tell what is going on around them, its quite limited in effectiveness. Being able to create fake spiderlings might be spooky the first time, but it quickly loses its spook value once you realize they are fake. Queens aren't that strong relative to other types of spider infestations. They're the only T4 spider. They should be markedly stronger than all other types, and the most fearsome spider of all... but they aren't. Possible solutions: Give the queen more interesting active abilities. An 'overwatch' ability that lets her remotely watch any spider under he command. A 'rally' ability that calls all spiderlings on the zlevel to ventcrawl to her (if they can). An 'incubate' ability which has a long cooldown but dramatically speeds up the evolution progress of a spider egg, and gives it a chance to produce an extra spiderling for free. A 'specialize' ability which, when she's sufficiently old, gives her the ability to lay either a prince egg, a mother egg, or a princess egg - each of which would support her in a specific way. The prince is a heavy attacker, the mother is a behind-the-front-lines supporter, and the princess helps create new spiders faster. She can pick one of these to help her out at high-level, but only one of the three. General Balance Problems: Welding all the vents on the station is arguably too effective at shutting down spiders. Unwrenching the pipes is even worse. Solutions: More spiders being able to unweld vents, but at a heavy cost. So its still advantageous to the crew to weld vents, but it doesn't shut the spiders down completely as it does now. Some sort of negative atmos consequence for having all the vents welded up. This list isn't finished yet, and its mostly just brainstorming at this stage. Still, I'd like to put my ideas out there and see what people have to suggest. Please try to avoid oversimplifying feedback, though, like "spiders are overpowered" or "spiders are underpowered" - the truth is usually quite a bit more nuanced by that, depending on spider types, numbers, the situation, etc.
  14. I'm locking this thread. If you want to discuss changes to a race, you can, but you need to raise the topic in a constructive way. Don't make untrue, inflammatory claims.
  15. Today, I discovered a bug in our Patreon integration system. The bug affects about 6 patrons who registered their forum accounts between May 6th and today, and caused them to not get all the patreon perks for their relevant Patreon tier. Thank you to @JamesShekelstein for helping me chase down this bug. All of the affected accounts have now been fixed, and now get all of their relevant patreon perks in-game automatically. You don't need to do anything to benefit from the fix. In addition, should any of these 6 contact me on Discord within the next week, I'll issue refunds for their June, July and August patreon donations. As a reminder to all other active patrons, here are the steps needed to claim your Patreon perks in-game: Register a forum account Activate your forum account by clicking the link in chat in-game Associate your forum and patreon accounts using: Assuming you have done all of these, you should get your perks in-game automatically within about an hour. If you don't, contact me on Discord and I will help troubleshoot your case. The new patron who did this today was the reason that I ultimately discovered the bug and fixed all affected accounts.