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  1. This used to be an actual item, called the 'chem sprayer'. Technically its still in the code, but it was made admin-only, due to its strength.
  2. PR created. Please post any further feedback on the PR itself:
  3. That appears to be true, but the damage minimum ("damage_deflection") only seems to be checked for melee attacks. Ranged attacks, including lasers, bypass it.
  4. I used a stream of laser shots to destroy the airlocks as I approached them. I also focused on airlocks that were already damaged, to minimize the amount of damage I needed to do to destroy them and get past. You can get through airlocks using damage, but you do have to do a lot of damage (hundreds) and you may require a weapon that does a certain minimum of damage per hit. I wouldn't suggest attempting it without a weapon at least as good as a welding tool (15 damage) or better. But, it can be done... and it really isn't hard if you know what you are doing.
  5. The damage is entirely dependent on the mob. Space Carp do 15. Same with hivebots. This is as much damage as a crewman with a welder - but crewmen attack much faster. So players still have the advantage in this matchup, especially because they're smarter and they can heal themselves. Even a supposedly dangerous simple animal mob, a simple_animal xenomorph hunter, only does 25. And again, they attack a lot more slowly than players can. Airlocks are not hard to break. I busted several as a borg the other day - they did not even slow me down. Yes, syndi agents in the wild west, or russians in the old centcom gateway, shouldn't really be using punches. They have guns, and should be using them. Would you prefer to be shot, rather than punched? There is only one syndi NPC that is set to only use punches. It is the first syndi you encounter in the WW away mission. I made him use punches so it was easier to kill him, and to clue new explorers in to the fact the area they were entering was dangerous. He's a soft introduction to the area - before you face the syndis with burst-fire guns.
  6. The 'AI shell' feature is a tg thing that I am not going to port in this PR. Its its own feature, really, with balance implications... so I would prefer to keep it out of this PR. AIs can already be downloaded into mechas in our codebase, anyway. By 'plasma vessel', do you mean By 'acid gland', do you mean the xenomorph acid gland organ that lets you use corrosive acid to dissolve things? As a general rule, "_____ is balanced on TG, therefore it would be balanced here" is never a valid argument. There are no restrictions on who can purchase what. Items are only placed in department-specific crates for ease of inventory management - there are no restrictions on what you can sell to whom, or what you can buy from whom. I am not familiar with the tg medship. I do not play on TG, nor do I typically look to it for design ideas. Thanks. I still intend to put this PR up on github soon.
  7. Added /obj/item/organ/internal/heart/gland/ventcrawling, the "fleshy mass" that gives ventcrawling. Gonna have to think about the cyborg modules. Arguably the strongest existing upgrade options would be self-repair / illegal upgrade modules. In terms of a new module, an EMP-immunity module would be probably doable... but it seems a bit niche - EMPs are not exactly common. And it would primarily be used to enable borgs to hunt antags in safety. An EMP-immunity tool for IPC might be doable, though I'm not sure if I want to make it. I imagine every IPC player would want one, though. There are already several special items for robotics in the loot table (including an anomaly core, and two exclusive mecha weapons, the mecha-mounted x-ray projector and the mecha-mounted heavy explosive missile launcher). All of those are pretty solid options which aren't available on station normally / at all. As for the AI... the loot table already includes robotic brains that can be used to create more cyborgs, which is arguably an upgrade for the AI (more borgs). But if I think of any other ideas I will look into it.
  8. Added sunglasses to their outfit. Added a variant of strange seeds called 'exotic strange seeds' that are like normal seeds, but have more traits/genes (and are thus more useful to botanists). Slime speed/transferrence/sentience potions are already included. "Limberness" I do not recognize, please explain its proper name / functionality. Nanopaste has been added. IMS has been added. Tickets I will have to think before I add. Autoimplanter has been added. NT indulgence doesn't make sense. These will do things like spew plasma, or create hostile spiders. Not very useful to crew. Experimental Accelerator added. It functions like a KA with half the cooldown and 2x the space for mods. Rare and valuable, though still limited to working in no-pressure environments without modkit upgrades.
  9. Idea #2 might annoy sec a little, but being left in processing for 30 minutes can annoy someone a lot. Perhaps sec getting a small radio message once or twice a round would be worth it in order to not have people languishing in processing forever.
  10. Lately, I've been finding that IAAs don't really do their job a lot of the time. They're more likely to be standing around in their office than they are, say, watching sec process prisoners, making sure sec records are accurate, and so forth. Quite often, even when someone is mistreated by sec, they have to wait upwards of ten minutes to even be able to get an IAA's attention. IAAs also tend to consider faxing centcom to be the first resort, rather than a last resort. I'm wondering what could be done to change this. To provide incentives for IAAs to do more in the round. So far, I came up with these ideas: Have the IAA office right next to processing, so they can see prisoners being processed, and are more likely to overhear those conversations. Have a timer or two in processing that automatically tracks non-sec presence in processing, and posts an alert to security radio when anyone other than security spends more than 10 minutes there. Alter the way sec status changes work, such that altering someone's sec status (or simply setting someone to arrest) broadcasts a radio message to everyone on sec radio (or perhaps on a new, legal channel). Add a radio channel specifically for IAA/NTR/magistrate/HoS/Captain, the 'legal' channel for resolving disputes regarding poor security or other department conduct. Do you have anything you think would work? If so, please mention it here.
  11. This doesn't seem viable to me, for many reasons. Top three problems: - Command already has the ability to prioritize jobs, and even transfer crew between jobs, which largely fills the role of 'we need more people in job X' on the station. Why would command want to use a contractor when they can just hire a legitimate person into that role? - 200 karma is unafforably high. Even plasmaman is rarely played, and its only 100 karma. Requiring people to have 5 karma to even ask for a contract also means most players won't bother. - This would require a surprisingly large amount of dev effort. E.g. the contracts system you describe, not to mention the code to switch out their shuttle.
  12. Will investigate. No. Will investigate. Rare ingredients: you'll have to specify. Cleaning spray bottles are already included. Donor fluff items I won't include without the donor's permission. A pocket isn't really an item. Will investigate, but no promises on this one, there may be reasons they require points. Is the item literally called 'strange seeds'? If not, explain more. With regards to defense, check out the attached screenshot. I have annotated it to illustrate how I handle anti-boarding defense. Basically: Crew can freely walk through the green-Xed airlock and sit in the green area. Traders and crew both take their seats and negotiate a deal. That done, traders use the wall buttons inside their secure red area to open the orange-Xed airlocks, allowing crew to enter and drop their money/barter items there. They then leave, and the airlock closes. Traders then enter through the red airlock, take the payment, leave the things the crew bought, and return to the red area. They then use the button again to open the orange airlocks and let the crew take what they purchased. In this way, traders and crew are never in the same room together, and there is no possibility of table-hopping to try to get into the trader area. Access to the trader area requires going through special airlocks which are access-keyed to traders only, and which have level 6 security, so they are difficult to hack. In the event that the crew in the trade area start trying to break the windows, there are both flasher and privacy shutter buttons available for the traders to use. The privacy shutters seal the three front windows, as well as all external shuttle windows. The flasher button hits the entire green-boxed area. This setup's security is actually better than the HoP line's, as it uses level 6 security airlocks instead of windows, there is never a clear path from crew area to trader area, and there are both flasher and privacy lockdown options for the traders. It is still possible for the crew to break in if a cyborg opens the doors, or they RCD down the airlocks, but it is is well beyond the ability of most crew to do this. Plus, the traders do have weapons in their crates, and can use them for self-defense if threatened.
  13. Last chance to post your feedback here on the forums. I'm likely to move this to Github soon. Work in progress screenshot attached. Note that the items in this screenshot are drawn from random tables, they won't be the same every time. crates are: civ, minerals, donksoft science, medical sec, eng largeitem, vehicle, service Unfortunately medical got a bad roll and ended up with almost all pill bottles, but the rest should give you some idea of the stuff therein. Before you ask, no, the 'largeitem' spawn isn't a dance machine every time.
  14. During nuke ops, security doesn't have time to be searching crew for contraband, and if someone is walking around in a nukie hardsuit, for example, they're likely to be shot by their fellow crew. More generally, not all crimes have equal priority. Security can and should focus on the most important ones. Sometimes that means letting more minor crimes slide. Specific complaints about someone's conduct in a specific round should go to ahelp at the time, or player complaint afterwards. Not in the guides forum. SS13 is not real life, and comparisons to real life are often unhelpful. Most crew members don't get in trouble most shifts. Given that the general opinion of this guide is that it is at best unhelpful, and at worst advising people to do things that might get them in trouble, I am going to lock this thread. Feel free to create a new guide, but I advise you to discuss it a lot more with other players, perhaps on Discord, before posting it.
  15. There's a lot of stuff in this guide that seems highly questionable to me. Examples: "Merely "thinking" something is metagaming could make it so in the eyes of the staff and get you in trouble, so keep your damn mouth shut about what you always do, even if it is to rush science into replacing tiles." When a player has an opinion about whether something is metagaming or not, it is simply an opinion. When an admin does, in their official capacity, it is a judgement, and a ruling that must be followed. Encouraging people to do things they think the staff might consider metagaming, but keep quiet about it so they are not caught, tends to be read as encouraging metagaming by the staff. "This is useful for head of security, as it's hard to find someone who knows space law enough to play the role without them getting permanently banned for abusing their power" -- no, it isn't. We have plenty of HoSes that know space law well enough, and even if you don't you can look it up in many cases (e.g: sentencing times) as you play. "Security officers will sometimes try to commit mutiny against you even if they aren't antagonist" No, they probably won't. This is super-rare, and if it happens to you really at all, take a hard look at your own actions! "Department Proxy Sabotage: This requires you, the captain, to promote another crew member to have extended access, preferably with the knowledge of security, to go on a mission to infiltrate a specific department and purposely sabotage one of your own work stations." Why on earth would the Captain ever want to give someone extra access for the express purpose of sabotaging the station they are in charge of? I could go on, but I have to cut this post short for RL reasons. In summary: lots of the advice in this guide seems to be questionable, with some of it extremely questionable to the point of you probably getting bwoinked for doing it. Not the stuff you flag, though - I've never seen a captain get job banned for dropping the code below red during an emergency, but I have seen them get banned for doing other things you encourage, like deliberately trying to skirt around what admins consider to be metagaming. Overall, I think this guide needs a lot of editing.