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  1. To apply for adminship on Paradise, carefully fill out and post it in
  2. I figured that new players don't care about the forum (its only real use is ban appeals), and the SS13 community in general might not always have the best of intentions when joining our Discord. The most useful thing for new players in terms of learning how our server works is the wiki... so that is what I linked to.
  3. Right now, our hub entry looks like this (attached). The "Medium RP, varied species/jobs/modes" bit is a config option. It was my effort to come up with a SHORT tagline that explains what makes our server unique. I settled for "medium RP" because most servers are light RP, and "varied species/jobs/modes" because well, we have more variety than most servers. Is there something better I could put here? Is there anything else which you think makes our server unique, or which I should consider putting in our hub entry? Before you ask, yes, I already want to get rid of the 'Hosted by ParadiseHost' bit. No, I don't expect that doing so will free up additional space. Ideas for things that could be included: Current round time, e.g: "Round time:1h30m" Current map (in the super-rare event we don't run box) Some other unique features of our server The game mode (if its widely known) Something set by the Captain? Debatable if this is a good idea...
  4. Hey everyone. I'm happy to announce some updates to our Patreon system. 1. A new $15/mo tier called the Silver Tier has been added. It grants access to silver, prisoner, and emag ID card skins as loadout options in your character preferences. These skins can be applied to your ID card to turn it that color, but do NOT grant any additional access. 2. The Emoji Tier ($20/mo) is now called the Gold Tier, and grants access to a gold ID card decal, instead of the ability to create an emoji for our Discord. We had to make this change as were running out of emoji slots in our Discord, and we wanted to make it because we wanted our top donors to get an ongoing perk for their kind support. 3. We are moving away from our old system (where every change to any patron's status required manual database updates by one of our staff team). Instead, we have a new, automated system, where linking your forum and patreon accounts (via the patreon button on our forum homepage) and setting your ckey in your profile preferences on our forum, should be enough to get you in-game perks automatically. If you can't get that working, at least set your forum email to the same email as you use on Patreon, so we can link your accounts that way. It will take longer, but it should always work. 4. We now charge patrons up front when they become patrons. Primarily this was done so that someone can't pledge to us on the 2nd, enjoy benefits until the 29th, and then cancel right before they get charged. As a secondary goal, this allows us to give patrons their perks quicker (because our integration software will show them as having paid) sooner than before.
  5. Alffd, who has hosted us for several years, is retiring from that role today. We owe him our thanks for years of high-quality hosting, managing the ~17 (!) back end servers that made up Paradise. We wish him well. As of today, I've officially taken on the role of host, and we have completed our migration to a new set of servers. You may notice some changes as I settle into the role and implement new back-end systems. For example, the game server MOTD now tells you the last time the server was updated, as well as what version of paracode it is running.
  6. Mar 19th, 2019: Vargh has gone on leave from his position of Game Admin for a few months. Mar 22nd, 2019: MarkVA has rejoined the staff team as a Coder. Mar 28th, 2019: Alffd has stepped down as host. He remains a Game Admin. Kyet has become the new host.
  7. 1 & 2 really just need someone to put up a PR for them. 3. Living playtime is only used for stats tracking, and...the pollCandidates function: Since most ghost roles use the pollCandidates function(!).... this means that living time, including time spent as a pet, already counts towards unlocking "ghost roles".
  8. Thoughts: Some pets already can claw/bite. I'd be fine with giving ian/runtime/renault a very weak (<5 point) bite/claw attack. They'll still lose any fight they get into, though. Eating/drinking as a pet sounds like a neat idea, but in practice we used to have a pretty much unrestricted version of this, and it led to griefing. Specifically Ian would run past the chef's counter and eat EVERYTHING on the counter in under a minute, ruining huge amounts of the chef's work. Maybe it should be possible for humans to feed a pet by clicking them with the food item on help intent, and that would heal them a little. That would be good. Giving them the ability to eat anything they find, though, would not be good. Pets count for "living" playtime, same as any other living mob. They do not count for crew playtime, and never will, because they are not crew.
  9. 1. I'm neutral on lore. It isn't my domain. 2. I'm fine with that, but I'm probably not going to code it myself. 3. I'm too busy to poll currently (distracted with technical projects). Frankly I don't want the distraction right now. Maybe later.
  10. Being able to eat, say, raw meat, but chocolate making them sick, might be interesting. Taj and whatnot can already eat mice, so it would be consistent. Making their sense of smell stronger would also be neat, though it would have to be of limited usefulness.
  11. It isn't possible to make them 'slightly' faster. Speed operates in step increments. Even changing the value slightly can make a large difference. There is no way to change the value just a little bit. Ideally, I would like vulps (and all other races) to have some unique mechanics that make them genuinely interesting to play. Diona for example have slow speed but regenerate, which makes them different to play in an interesting way. Unfortunately, most mechanical suggestions for tweaking races (including vulps) are either technically unworkable, or undesirable for design reasons, or both. It is actually really hard to come up with an idea for tweaking vulps (or any other race) that most people would truly agree is an improvement.
  12. I don't generally touch lore stuff. I don't really mind what the lore contains as long as it isn't used as a justification for un-fun gameplay. I consider lore that requires certain races to snip the fingers off their gloves / ends off their shoes to be un-fun gameplay. I don't think it adds anything that helps define the race as alien or interesting. All it does is add a tedious task that players of that race have to do regularly. "Unique" is NOT necessarily valuable or interesting.
  13. I don't think they (or other species) necessarily need to conform to our understanding of biology. They're aliens. Not just that, but they're aliens in a sci-fi game. A soft sci-fi game, at that. I'm also not keen on making them take more brute damage, since brute is the most common damage type, and it would be a major and likely unpopular nerf to them to do that.
  14. Kyet

    Antag Tokens

    About Antag Tokens: Antag tokens are given out by admins, at their discretion. Typically, they are only given out to antags who have their antag round ruined by an admin's mistake, such as if an admin accidentally crashes the server. You are never entitled to an antag token. If you want to know if you have any antag tokens, ahelp and ask. There is no other way for you to check if you have one. If you have an antag token, you can ahelp "''I would like to use my antag token to become an X''" (where X is "changeling", "traitor" or "vampire") at the start of the round, to become that type of antag. You cannot use antag tokens to become any other type of antag not listed above. You cannot use the same token more than once. Even if you die 20 seconds after using the token. You cannot use antag tokens if you are playing a job that is typically mindshielded, like Captain or Security. Admins may deny your request to use an antag token in any certain round. When this happens, it is probably because there are too many (or too powerful) antags already in the round. It can also be because you waited too long into the round to try to use the token. If this happens, your antag token is NOT used up, and you can try using it again in a future round.