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  1. I'm against making it a crime to merely criticize security. I'm for making it a crime or SOP violation to needlessly antagonize security. There is a difference. "Security confiscated my stuff when they shouldn't have" is a criticism, and fine. "SHITCURITY ABUSING ME IN PROCESSING HELP!" (when security are simply processing you without actually doing anything abusive) is needlessly antagonizing security. Basically, if your complaint is reasonable, and/or expressed in a constructive way, its fine. On the other hand, if you're going out of your way to make life as difficult as possible for security, and you are not an antag, you shouldn't be doing that. Nobody should. Even if security is bad at their job, making life extra difficult for them WON'T improve matters.
  2. In general: I think we should look to code-based solutions, not simply admin-policy solutions. Admin-policy solutions exist to do things we cannot do with code, NOT to do things we could instead do with code. I think that any solutions we do implement should be carefully thought out and aimed at (A) making security more fun, so more people want to play it (B) making security more competent, so it has a better reputation, and (C) making the crew treat security better. Some specific ideas: I still think we should have a device in processing that automatically times how long suspects/prisoners are in there, and generates an alert on security radio when someone has been in there over 10 minutes. This would help cut down on people being left in processing far too long, which always results in a worse relationship between security and crew. I also think that batons should have an inbuilt sec radio, which generates a one-time message on sec comms the first time each baton is used on harm intent. This would help magistrate/HoS/Captain notice and stop shitty officers. I'm also inclined to believe that security should get automatic basic department access on red. This means security officers should be able to simply walk into medical, eng, science, etc on red. The airlocks should open for them. It doesn't make sense to me that security are supposed to have access to these areas... yet they usually don't. I believe that yelling 'shitcurity' over radio for no good reason, or otherwise needlessly antagonizing security, needs to be a crime under space law or a SOP violation. Security should feel like the crew will treat them with respect, and we should make whatever changes are needed to ensure that happens. I'm still keen on my idea of 'give the head of every department a medal in their locker that they can award to excellent crew from their department'. Something to reward players for being great at their jobs. In fact in this case I'd go further and I'd deem the magistrate a head for these purposes, allowing them to give out a 'Legal Excellence' medal to whoever they feel is the best at upholding space law each shift, including say IAAs who challenge unjust sentences. I am skeptical that security cadets would be a good idea, as I think they'd just end up as loot pinatas. Even with lesser gear, merely being able to get a stunprod, sec ID and sec comms from them is already reason enough for antags to kill them for their gear. However, I am willing to let the idea be testmerged and trialed, and willing to admit if the results of such a test prove me wrong.
  3. As Alffd points out, this suggestion eliminates one of the biggest incentives we have for positive behavior towards other players. That is not a good thing.
  4. June 30: DarkLordPyro (Game Admin) has retired from staff. July 1: Twinmold has unretired and is now a Game Admin again. July 2: Regen (Server Dev) has retired from staff. July 3: Ping has unretired and is now a Game Admin again.
  5. Electrical maint is one of the most common spots for terrors, xenos, etc. Its quite likely the engiborg just checked it out of habit, rather than them having any specific idea you were there.
  6. Having just tested this: Queen screech does not trigger alarms. Physically smashing the camera to bits (attacking it until it totally deconstructs) though, DOES trigger alarms. I think this is fine.
  7. Queens have to nest before they can lay eggs. When they nest, they emit a screech. This screech breaks lights/cameras near them. The intention is that by automatically breaking nearby cameras, it stops the AI instantly tracking them down by the 'locate on camera' option. Obviously, if their screech breaking cameras generates an instant alarm for the AI, that's a bug. It shouldn't be doing that.
  8. When people say "server died", "server crash" or "game down" they can mean one of three things: A network issue which is preventing people from connecting to the server, even though the server itself is fine. This can be a local issue (their router is messed up), an internet issue (a temporary outage between them and the server) or an issue with our ISP (our ISP gets knocked offline by some major event, as has happened twice in the last 24 hours). You can identify this type of issue because it usually only lasts a few minutes, and when you do reconnect, the same round is still going on. This sort of issue isn't worth contacting us about. We can't really do anything about it. A github code issue is where the game application locks up or exits, disconnecting you and, when you reconnect a few minutes later, the server is starting a new round. This sort of issue is typically caused by a bug with our game code. This is the sort of issue where if you were doing something very unusual (or saw weirdness) just before the crash you should contact our maintainers/coders about it, so we can better debug the issue and patch our code. A windows server issue is where the underlying physical server that runs the game has a problem. This can be as simple as an unexpected windows update restarting the server at a bad time (shouldn't happen, but just as an example) or as serious as the server's hardware failing. While I do take steps to prevent this sort of thing as much as possible (scheduling updates, having redundant hardware, etc) its still impossible to completely prevent this, and since I'm the only person that can fix this category of issue, this is the sort of thing you need to contact me about personally when it happens (unless you know someone else has already contacted me about it). To re-iterate: In a network issue, you reconnect and its still the same round. Don't contact us. In a github code issue, you reconnect and its a new round. Contact the maintainers/coders. In a windows server issue, then nobody can connect at all for at least 30 minutes. Contact Kyet. Why am I making this post? To reassure people who have noticed the two downtimes in the last 2 days that these were network issues, not actually issues with our server. To explain how to tell the difference between the types, and encourage people to contact the right person regarding each type of issue. To discourage people from incorrectly using the word "crash" to describe network issues, which results in lots of unnecessary panicking by people who don't understand that a network issue is not a "crash" at all.
  9. Thoughts: All antag roles should have a unique sound that plays for you when you get them, to help set the tone and ensures nobody becomes antag without realizing it. While race-specific sounds are neat, personally I would suggest focusing on sounds that are often heard by everyone. For example, I believe some other servers like CM or TG have fairly neat airlock sounds that are better than ours. Maybe the same is true for glass shattering and other common sound effects. One often-neglected part of our sound is ambient music. While we do have some tracks for things like floating in space, most of the time there is no ambient sound, and perhaps there should be. Ideally having different ambient sound for different departments, or at the very least a few different tracks for the station, would be nice. A lot could be done in terms of weapon sound effects. One of the reasons that the detective's revolver is so satisfying to use is the clear, sharp bang it gives. Conversely, eguns and similar sound rather wimpy. There's a lot of improvement that could be had in the 'feel' of weapons, and probably a bunch of other items, by giving their sound effects more punch.
  10. Security being bad at their job, and players hating security, are both symptoms of the same problem: security has a very high player burnout rate. The burnout rate of sec means it is typically staffed by less experienced players, relative to other less stressful jobs. Fixing this requires efforts on both fronts - cracking down on players being shitty to security for no reason, AND helping sec get better at their jobs, faster. The former would require us doing things like bwoinking people who self-antag, harass security as non-antags, or just create a toxic atmosphere for security. The latter will require us to make structural changes that help sec be better at their jobs, such as having a 10m timer that's actually tracked in prisoner processing to prevent people being accidentally left in there too long.
  11. June 18: MysticLiger has joined the team as a Trial Admin
  12. June 10: Marsmond has unretired, and is now a GA again.
  13. Changes made: Joining Discord from within the game now takes you directly to Discord. You no longer need to register a forum account, verify the forum account, then link your forum/discord accounts. None of that is needed anymore. Now, you just join directly. Joining Discord from the forum no longer requires an activated (ingame linked) forum account. Changing nickname in Discord is now available to everyone again. Why these changes? I did some testing with typical new players, and they found the new system confusing and difficult to use, so I am mostly scrapping it until further notice. I do want to more closely integrate these things over time - but not at the cost of making it a pain in the ass for players. What isn't changing? Joining via the forum still gets you to link your forum/discord accounts (that's just how the addon we use for forum/discord integration works)
  14. More performance improvements have been made to the new server. This should resolve issues with movement/etc being slow, as well as prevent server-side cache issues. If you notice any remaining problems with the new server, please contact me about them. Thanks for your feedback thus far, it helped me troubleshoot and make these performance upgrades
  15. June 7: Dovydas12345 (Dovixx) is now a Trial Admin. xProlithium is now a Trial Admin.