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  1. My potions are too strong for you, traveller!
  2. Heard the round was very stressful on station.
  3. Fire has no sound itself. Neither bonfires. Air alarms and status consoles could give some low key sound indication when changing states. Terror spiders need *hiss and *chitter to demoralize the enemy. Entertainment monitors need some indication when there's active cameras broadcasting. If pipes creaked and hissed every now and then when they carry 9000 kpa, clicked when they are very hot and clanked when cooling down it'd be neat too.
  4. What if it's a headless IPC...
  5. You can also get 5 bananiums by smashing the clown statue. It's enough for crafting a bananium bike horn or a few floor tiles. Takes a while to break but it does break eventually. I've found potato batteries handy when I had a defib without charge and no easy access to a replacement battery.
  6. How to be ready for Ashwalkers without leaving the veterinary: 1. Shotgun with +20 shells. 2. AoE incendiary grenade 3. Molotov 4. Strategically placed fuel tank 5. Table barricades 6. Hacked machines for munchies. 7. Stationary medibot. 8. Bolted external airlocks. 9. Cigs.
  7. You can suicide with the box of hugs in the veterinary ghost role spawn. It gives you a funny message and crunches you to death. You can use shark teeth in place of scalpel for surgeries. They are actually glass shards that do half damage. You can weld them into glass or use them in a pneumatic cannon.
  8. This is the adventure of Bloom, the terrarium diona. The terrarium was busy as a beehive, partly because of all the bees. While the other sisters worked on making nymphs, spreading glowshrooms and making tesliumatos, Bloom set out to grow and science the heck of some gnarly vines. After creating some acceptable seeds, she set out to spread life a safe distance from the terrarium. Miners and lizards came and went, the bodies of many rescued to be ascended to vegetablehood. Vines quickly expanded south, so Bloom set up some sandstone constructions to prevent them from interfering with the diona works. The sister that worked on the tesliumatos and tesliunettles joined Bloom to explore the extent of the vines. They had hardened on the north, and they forced them to take a detour. On the West a mining outpost was found, along with screams of spiders and gamma squads and whatnot. That sounded just a tad too unappealing so they headed East, to find some gnarly ruins just a short distance away. The terrarium's goal of spreading life was completed, but the island in the lava lake was still untouched. They looked around for a ledge they could jump to. Bloom asked the sister to be thrown over the scorching fumes towards the ledge. As impossible as it seemed, if anyone was to succeed it had to be a diona. In a mere fraction of a second, Bloom withered and shriveled into a clump of charred weeds. She had made it tho... but alas, to what fate! A turret was still active in the middle of the rubble, pinning her down within an instant of her body regenerating enough to stand. With no means to fight back, it should have been the end. Except... A space vines major victory! The turrets were soon obscured and crunched by flowering vines! Bloom started to make her way through the derelict outpost, using the tesliunettles to remove the dangerous venus flowers. To great disappontment, power was long gone in the bar, now a eerie mix of plasma, burnt tiles, lava glow and looming vines. Meanwhile, the main station had started the self destruction sequence due to rampant spiders. But not even a nuclear detonation was going to stop Bloom now. Some sort of "death squid" was now dispatched to finish the last survivors. Rummaging through the rubble, Bloom found a funny headset and proceeded to inform the squids that they had no power there. The squids attempted to enter lavaland, but were immediately deterred by the expanding vines. So was the terrarium's goal finally secured. As for Bloom, she spent the rest of her time talking to the extremely disturbed nymphs that awoke inside her, in the middle of a hellscape.
  9. Your round has been terminated
  10. Vaal and I ensured all trash was properly sterilized by chucking it into a chamber with 1.5 million kPa of superheated CO2. We also added some plasma statues and oxygen canisters for good measure.
  11. I never realized until then that outpost to construction could be bridged. Bridges don't work over random level transitions, but that one is fixed. Atmos pic shows the tank purging to avoid storing plasma with some air residuals.
  12. Any idea which type of data is the lion's share of those 9.8 TB, other than admeme obnoxious midis?
  13. What's the lore justification for having any path of plasma to supply tho. N2O and CO2 are ok, they'd have a purpose as fire suppressors, but having a prebuilt mechanism to cause a widespread uncontrolled fire... The real meta is requiring an atmos technician to ignore something extremely logical from their job perspective and follow instead a "pretend default atmos isn't three pumps away from destroying the station" meta rule. Specially when the setup has no safety measures that can't be bypassed with a wrench and breaking a window.