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  1. As a drone, you can fill a fishbowl using the spray with water loaded in it.
  2. Drone Syndicate hideout in science maint.
  3. Server activity has changed a lot in recent years. The servers that still exist are basically the ones that always had decent pop. Looking at the hub right now on a Tuesday there's 20 servers with more than 10 people, but that hasn't been the norm most of SS13's life. Looking at a list of servers from yore, you are more likely to see "weekend hobby test" servers on the top ten than now.
  4. The secret to great cuisine is reusing empty plates.
  5. You can fit so many Watts in this bad boy
  6. Pressurized garbage spesstruck by Bored Drone Works Co. Accidentally disposaled the recycler too.
  7. IAA could pass a report to the Magistrate detailing any costly damages and the Magi set fines/compensations that the players would get a notification about. Not that spess cash does much but it would be amusing when an engineer has to ask someone to buy them a coffee cos they screwed up the engine set up.
  8. Here we have, a thread about why some people leave a server turned into a bunch of people asking for this or that to be nerfed/removed/cut off. About the actual topic -- SS13 is a complex game. You will get bwoinks. Admin notes will pile up. If you play long enough, you'll eventually have enough for a perma. I think some people don't like the feel that their days are counted.
  9. Nobody ever talks about people chucking drones into the disintegrator for giggles.
  10. Slime people should bleed space lube.
  11. So, like wiznerd. Dunno. Just decrease the plasma gains if xenos are too stronk.