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  1. Oh, I saw one of those bars
  2. If you can't escape the confusion state (e.g. due to a white spider bite), you can make your way where you want to go by using a table. If RNGJesus sends you the wrong way just climb back the table to try again. Once you move in the right direction, rebuild the table under yourself.
  3. I have a pet peeve with a specific type of toddlers that think it's badass to chuck away food from kitchen tables. Like, what the heck man, who let them out of the pram.
  4. It works if you wrap the box first.
  5. I use them a lot as coroner to send IDs to terminate to HoP, autopsies to sec or other items that may be needed to the respective departments. The main gripe is that disposals is almost always broken by midshift. I wish the disposal pipes were way more resilient against explosions. There's no particularly good reason gameplay wise for them to be so fragile.
  6. I was thanking admins for the announcement before realizing they were scapegoating him. Here's Hero NPC Pun Pun protecting the station after being teleported in by a wormhole
  7. I think one of the old "free games ranking" sites of yore, along some fame from SomethingAwful forums setting up their own thing.
  8. From yesterday's cooking contest:
  9. White spider glitched me into permanent dizziness while soloing the spoder gateway, but still managed to dump all the plasma cans into supply so the remaining spoders could be burninated.
  10. Missing the part where Pckables was methed up to the eyebrows by a poor borer during the medbay and the durand fight. After said sad borer left his corpse he found a crit guy escaping the summons via disposals, nursed him back to health, and the guy proceeded to loot a fire axe and a miner suit to make an epic last stand at the arrivals pods chopping harvesters, to escape alive in the end. The other borer also fought with their host to survive the final summon.
  11. Dead janiborgs still clean floor like a janicart with floor buffer upgrade.
  12. You have a bad day as a cultist when an ER engineer, a security officer, a clown, a baton vigilante, a civvie, a miner, a fish and a one-limbed cat human lynch you in the bar.
  13. When golems break the "do not interfere" rules by telestealing the armory, you get a three pod ERT kicking down your doors. Do not break the rules, kids.
  14. Engineer doesn't wake up in the abandoned station? No problem! We build our own!