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  1. Skeleclown: Omae wa mou shindeiru Captain: "NANI!!"
  2. Assistants are clearly the worst department. They never assist!
  3. Mr. Screwdriver and Ms. Multitool
  4. Tator fakes stumbling in the arcade and dropping a pizza box. "Hahaha, that's obviously a pizza bomb" I open the pizza. It's a pizza bomb.
  5. ACK ACK like an idiot because I'm an actual plasma skeleton. Realize I never considered plasmamen reproduction biology.
  6. He's the plasmeme Cyberiad deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll nerf him. Because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent nerd, a watchful powergamer. A dark blue knight.
  7. Screenshot dump time. After 4 or 5 recalls: When Paradise was down and we went to the clone server: When the Chaplain recruits you for their church:
  8. For general spider buffs I'd make 1 cost small npc spiders that deal little brute but inject ether. Greens can spawn these when they can't get the second body and open vents are scarce. Mothers would spawn these naturally (until they die and release the real spiderlings). And white infections would have some chance of being these instead of PC ones.
  9. The problem with unwrenching pipes comes from the change that was made years ago to allow pressurized pipes to be unwrenched safely without a pipe freezer by simply standing on top of them, plus whatever was done to reduce the damage done by unwrenching from the side. Back in the day people learned quickly not to mess with pipes without the freezer. Wrenching off a pressurized pipe should deal serious damage. Just give atmos techs back a pipe freezing wrench that prevents it. Botany changes that removed strange plants that produce gas also had a little impact on the importance of vents. Lower frequency of space carp breaking windows also had a little impact. Negative effects for closed vents/scrubber that wouldn't break immersion (i.e. not buffing CO2 respiration when it's just a 2h shift): * Scrubber filtering could intake a bit of O2 and N2 along the contaminants, not so much that it creates drafts, and normally will be replenished easily by the vents. You start welding things shut and uncompensated scrubbers here and there start to mess up pressure. This may not be feasible though if performance relies on not having to update many tiles each tick, so maybe they should only suck O2 and N2 when the vents in the room are off or closed and we just pretend they do all the time. * Fires could release more CO2 than they do now, including some "effect" fires like phlogiston that probably don't release that much, if any. * Add "noxious" (CO2) and "toxic" (N2O) types to the atmos anomaly, they'd emit gas (which doesn't clear by burning) and spawn an oil / silver slime. * Running PACMANs should produce almost enough CO2 to saturate the room's scrubbing. * Scrubber backpressure event could include gas releases. Or it can be a separate event. * Kitchen machines could release some CO2 * Trays and plots could produce small amounts of O2 and N2O (fertilizer and bacteria do that), and maybe bring back gas production for random mutations. * CO2 build up at room temp or colder could sporadically cause wet tiles (i.e. as a proxy for water condensation)
  10. Speaking of atmos related code. air_transfer.toxins = air_transfer.toxins // This is me not comprehending the air system. I realize this is retarded and I could probably make it work without fucking it up like this, but there you have it. -- TLE From the flamethrower code.
  11. Medbay reception desk should be manned and medical records checked and updated. Wheelchairs should be available in Medbay's reception. Key departments should have a loaded backup PACMAN that is relatively out of view for tiders. Specially if you split the power network with a SMES, because then you can't keep the department running during blackout by hotwiring stuff. Biohazard disposals room should have proper lighting and access restricted to specific departments. It also shouldn't be dumping valuable scrubber air to space by default. Atmos tanks shouldn't have catwalks on the maint side. They allow gas to flow over instead of venting to space in case of breach. Backup atmos filtering should be set up, preferably in the fore starboard area. Cargo should be sorting trash and not belting it straight to waste disposal. Maint should be free of random plasma stacks. Chemistry stations should have fireproofed, reinforced floors and walls.
  12. Syndicate Operative diona ashwalker. Nuff said.
  13. My potions are too strong for you, traveller!
  14. Heard the round was very stressful on station.