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  1. Your round has been terminated
  2. Vaal and I ensured all trash was properly sterilized by chucking it into a chamber with 1.5 million kPa of superheated CO2. We also added some plasma statues and oxygen canisters for good measure.
  3. I never realized until then that outpost to construction could be bridged. Bridges don't work over random level transitions, but that one is fixed. Atmos pic shows the tank purging to avoid storing plasma with some air residuals.
  4. Any idea which type of data is the lion's share of those 9.8 TB, other than admeme obnoxious midis?
  5. What's the lore justification for having any path of plasma to supply tho. N2O and CO2 are ok, they'd have a purpose as fire suppressors, but having a prebuilt mechanism to cause a widespread uncontrolled fire... The real meta is requiring an atmos technician to ignore something extremely logical from their job perspective and follow instead a "pretend default atmos isn't three pumps away from destroying the station" meta rule. Specially when the setup has no safety measures that can't be bypassed with a wrench and breaking a window.
  6. Anti-Nanotrasen incompetence in my book. They hired cheap contractors that left a path for plasma into supply, it's normal to fix it right away. AI can get engiborgs to revert it, doesn't have to be a guaranteed point and click flood option.
  7. Missed my drone by two tiles when I was minding my business near biohazards disposal. Luckily the halves were sewn together again before they drifted apart.
  8. When you help botany to crush 23429834 monkehs as a mulebot you end trailing blood pools essentially forever. Not pictured here, the part where I ran over a cultist that teleported into disposals maint during a rad storm.
  9. Oh, I saw one of those bars
  10. If you can't escape the confusion state (e.g. due to a white spider bite), you can make your way where you want to go by using a table. If RNGJesus sends you the wrong way just climb back the table to try again. Once you move in the right direction, rebuild the table under yourself.
  11. I have a pet peeve with a specific type of toddlers that think it's badass to chuck away food from kitchen tables. Like, what the heck man, who let them out of the pram.
  12. It works if you wrap the box first.