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  1. Emagging a toolset implant and then getting it inserted into your arm gives you an arm combat blade. This can be then sharpened with a whetstone.
  2. Everytime. Can't fight aliens without a clean flooring to get a good grip with on your jackboots.
  3. There is one, but it's next to Perma.
  4. Cap it to an only roundstart role, 1-2 max. There.
  5. Travel with a borg if you really want something.
  6. Don’t tag me to that god damn it
  7. Evelyn, why are a lot of people asking you uncomfortable questions?
  8. To your points. If something can be conceived as a mistake, it is usually discussed within our private chat to death. We're not twirling out 1800s moustaches with feet in the past, we review and discuss these decisions and policy. We're not a static entity, we do comb over where we can make changes. Obviously, bigger policy changes take more time, but we're hardly ignoring anything. If somebody wishes to give an admin critique in a public thread, expecting nobody else but the admin in question to reply to it is an extremely tall order. We have a section for that, and PM if you don't wish to use that channel to provide feedback. Otherwise, expect people to reply. I'm not sure what you mean in regards to the Admin Complaints. We only reply if we have something to add generally, which again, players who have relevant and evidence adding posts can do as well. You generally just see admins doing it more however as we have access to logs and such that players do not; even so, most replies to Admin Complaints are by Heads. Disciplinary action, if any is taken due to a complaint and such, is generally mentioned in the complaint. There's no need for anything like a thread or whatever to shame the administration, like we don't have a public thread to shame any players we bwoink. Overall to the point of the thread; people will say we have bias towards antags and people will say we have bias towards sec. We deal with these complaints like it's a revolving door, differently sided every other week. Important things to remember is that we can only administrate what we see and seeing everything is not an easy job; so if we're looking at sec and one admin might be apparently focusing on sec and biased towards them, there may be another admin that same shift watching antags and speaking to them. As a player (having been one for a long ass time), you'll never see all the sides of the story, you only hear snippets. However, all feedback is appreciated and I can assure you this was discussed within our private channels.
  9. I think I just died a little inside. Voxie will gives many hugs yaya?
  10. Oh god it's an art thread. I'm so into this. Evelyn, do you think Val will pick you or Mercy?