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  1. Name: Kaskreyarawkta Gender: Male Orientation: Asexual Nicknames/Alias: Kask Picture: Age/D.O.B: 34 Place Of Birth: Shoal Arkship Species: Vox Blood Type: B+ Alignment: Chaotic Lawful Affiliation: Nanotrasen Security Corps, Nanotrasen Medical Department Religious Beliefs: Atheist Childhood: The Captured Raider Adulthood: The Husked Guard Detailed Information Appearance: A 4'6 vox, with short green fur covering his body. Brown crested quills adorn his head, with dark blue eyes. No tattoos visible along his tail, unlike many of his kind. Character Voice: While still high pitched, is typically lower than most vox. More calculated, quiet. Personality: Outwardly, generally very bitter and fiercely loyal to kin. Medical Record: Soreness on scars adorning chest, anti-depressants and light painkillers prescribed. Character Biography Background: The general early background of a Vox Primalis, Kask joined a raiding skipjack and had a moderately successful campaign of thievery. Like a lot of raiding skipjacks however, one slip up and a disaster happens. A raid on a Nanotrasen supply depot went catastrophically wrong, causing his crew to be slaughtered and himself to be beaten within an inch of his life. He was given the ultimatum of a parole contract or execution. That was ten years ago, the vox having been grounded down into the system in multiple departments. Family: Kin History: [2527] - Kaskreyara is killed in a mechanical accident on the Shoal. [2528] - Kaskreyara’s stack is mated with a larva, Kaskreyarawkta is born. [2546] Kaskreyarawkta joins the skipjack Silver Viper. [2552] - Silver Viper’s crew is killed in a botch raid, Kask is hospitalised in Nanotrasen Brig with severe injuries. Kaskreyarawkta is given a Parole contract. [2553] - Kaskreyarawkta is assigned sanitation in remote listening facility. He does not have contact with another vox for four years. [2556] - Kaskreyarawkta is transferred to medical. He rotated around departments as an assistant due to shortages, able to pick up various skill sets due to the sharp nature of his kind. [2559] - Kaskreyarawkta is assigned to Security. He is moved to the NSS Cyberiad, an out of the way facility past it’s prime. His parole is relaxed. Personal Relationships Mercy Haliber: Romantically Involved - “She makes me feels usefuls.” Shina Hoonkins: Close Friend - “Always likes me speakings pidgins to hers, kikiki.” Lucretia Aletmagne: Good Friend - “She stopped me killings self. She is good kin.” Kikeri: Friend - “Where the skrek have you been…” Aaakiya: Acquaintance - “Where the skrek have you been!” Rachidiyayakikihirirawk: Acquaintance - “WHERE THE SKREK HAVE YOU ALL BEENS?!” Tony Marsilona: Acquaintance - “He saves me once, but scares me.” Kitchi Ikamura: Unsure - “He didn’t tells me the whole stories.” Katiki: Unsure - “Needs to resolve things.” Chayakriti: Unsure - “We should fix things, yaya..?” Equanimity: Dislike - “You helped Chaya, buts you still is a skrek.” Ruum-Ovv-Oumn: Hate - “Skreks you, get jobs, skrek your soaps.” Warden Derrick Anders: Death Wish - “In times…” Romantically Involved | Romantic Interest | Admire | Respected | Close Friend | Good Friend | Friend | Acquaintance | Neutral/Unsure | Dislike | Hate | Despise | Death Wish | Fear Faction Relations Shoal: Allied - “Somedays. I feel sicks without your calls.” SolGov: Like - “They trades, no problems.” Jupiter Trading Federation: Neutral - “They keeps losing their fugitives, kikiki.” Nanotrasen: Dislike - “They owns me. I wants out.” Syndicate: Enemy - “Skrekking dies.” Cult: Enemy - “If I didn’t have to let’s you all lives…” Wizard Federation: Enemy - “You is all mad.” Changelings: Enemy - “I’ve seen what you does. Dies.” Vampire: Enemy - “My bloods is happy where it is, skreks.” Allied | Love | Like | Neutral | Dislike | Hate | Enemy
  2. Why has this become a popular thread. What are you all doing.
  3. You can't ask a question by not asking a question. That's also not a question.
  5. Enough that we had to add templates giving us different reasons to deny faxes because they suck.
  6. We physically can't, we don't have lips.
  7. No but that's fine, I don't think you can read.
  8. Adds sound to *moan