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  1. I don’t feel so good after seeing that.
  2. Seeing it today, I’ll come back to this.
  3. Yes. Favourite is probably Warden. Least favourite is probably scientist.
  4. It might give the psychologist on station something to do.
  5. Should we not discuss this in my thread get out now. I think you don’t understand this threads purpose. I’m going to get my shank. Get out.
  6. Syndicate Minibombs instead.
  7. This is not a question. rb303 Das ist keine Frage.
  8. You can catch the flu so, yes.
  9. I've seen a security officer try to change a lightbulb and ends up throwing the new bulb against the wall and breaking it. I'm not hopeful. Probably one, because the rest can't do it.
  10. I know. I try to be one of them.
  11. To get a lightbulb they would've had to have taken a limited resource, that's Petty Theft. You're nicked lass.
  12. Churchy is going to be fuming.