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  1. Bolas, maybe? They are easy enough to craft, but I'm not sure how effective they are against methies. Better than nothing, I'd assume.
  2. Jebediah here. Some of the older people here may know him; these days, he only shows his face every now and then. IPCs are cool as heck. I love the idea of not feeling pain and just being able to walk up to Robotics, full of dents and missing limbs, then calmly ask for new parts.
  3. Hey there, you hot, smoking, sexy person. Who do you play? I play Tithonus. You'll see him doing all kinds of jobs, expect for science. Tithonus is a rad dude, not a nerd.
  4. Defibrillators can only be recharged by removing the power cell with a screwdriver, but curiously, medbay doesn't have even one screwdriver. It has a wrench and a crowbar by the cryotubes, which I assume are there for changing the oxygen tanks (even though that probably happens once in a blue moon). I don't see the harm in putting a screwdriver on the table with those two tools.
  5. Make cluwnes more valid. Give everyone a big red message when a cluwne is created saying "you feel an intense urge to purge!"
  6. Say hello to the Greytide Legion. We managed to have about 15 people in this pile before someone slipped us all.
  7. Katherine Pixel and I made a fidget spinnaz display, then Mike decided to lay down in it.
  8. Follow a changeling into space as a security officer, tase them, then remember that changelings can get up from tasers in 1 second and will probably maul you afterwards.
  9. Someone built a clown trap. The AI stopped us by shutting down power to cargo >:^(
  10. Speaking in an antag hivemind over common. Say ";8 Alright, I'm evolving in the morgue."
  11. I was the Roboticist, and you certainly did do a good job.