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  1. Do blobs other than dark matter even exist anymore? Dark matter blob + fastmos = instawin for blob. Remove dark matter blob, then we'll talk.
  2. I agree. There should be punishment besides demotion for not following lawful orders. Too many times a head and the Captain get in a pissing match and it ends up taking a half hour of the shift. And it all hinges upon doing something they were told not to do, or not doing something they were told to do. Too many times this pissing match takes up all of command's attention, and sometimes sec's too. Meanwhile the antags have time to act while command and/or sec is distracted on internal matters. Now if we can make AI insubordination punishable by wiping, haha... I think some AI players get off on making command think they are rogue when they are clean. By not following commands requests or doing things like disabling the ID scan on the upload door even though the Captain asks that it be restored. And then they play the "I'm innocent, why did you storm my sat to card me?" card while I am certain they are smirking behind their screen.
  3. @Shadeykins I understand how it currently operates and that the wiki has been designed to reflect how it currently operates. I am saying that, in my opinion, the current setup doesn't work and needs to be changed. I made my points and I stand by them - it makes more sense if IA was under the Rep instead of the magistrate. The NT Rep is most apt to respond to SoP issues, not the magistrate. The NT Rep's commission is more in line with what IA does. Yes, they have different areas of focus, but that distinction is not incongruent. It is big picture vs. nitty gritty. I think IA's get on their high horse often because there is no one who cares to manage them. Magistrates don't give a shit about IA, often. So they go rogue. If they actually reported to someone and that someone had the time to care, maybe IA's wouldn't often spiral into a major headache for security.
  4. For the record, I have no problem if the alt titles are removed from IA. The one change I would like to see that I think would better accomplish the intended goal here would be a reorg of IA to be under the NT Rep. Move IA to the Blueshield's office. Move Blueshield to Magistrate and Magistrate to the larger IA digs, having a space both for office and for brief hearings. If IA is under the NT Rep and, probably more importantly, physically located as far from security as offices can get, it can help quash the idea that IA are supposed to tangle with security all the time. I know there is resistance to a reorg of IA, but I really think it just makes more sense to have IA under the Rep. The magistrate is already busy as hell typically while the Rep twiddles his thumbs on the bridge more often than not. As IA, I have gone to the magistrate with other station concerns, even about command officers, and the magistrate never cared about them - only if it involved security. This, by the way, is part of the problem. If your boss is the high-and-mighty spess law czar, you can often have a bunch of mini-magistrates running around with all of the talk and none of the authority. Give IA to the NT Rep, and your boss is suddenly someone that has exactly zero authority and power save what he is granted by CC and command in certain circumstances. This proposed change also satisfies the thought that the NT Rep needs something to do.
  5. It takes an absurd amount of time to test for a cultist. It takes an absurd amount of holy water to test for a cultist. Cult teleporting is OP. I really don't want sec to kill cultists. I don't like to see cultists kill sec. But as long as it is wholly inconvenient, even dangerous, to bring in cultists alive, sec will shoot to kill, and the cult will shoot back. Time to deconversion should be lowered. Amount to deconvert should be lowered. Cultists should not be able to teleport if on, say, a blessed tile. (Chap could simply bless all of processing) Now, to OP's original point: I agree that there should be some severe consequences to testing anybody and everybody besides an admin's slap-on-the-wrist. Toxin damage is a good idea. Perhaps in the same vein as one of the types of poison, feeding someone holy water who does not need it will give a huge, delayed lump sum of tox damage after a given time: the more holy water given, the more delayed and larger lump sum of tox damage received. So if I'm a sec member and I test someone for cult, I feed them 20u holy water. Nothing happens. Oh shit. 120u of tox damage is going to drop on him in 30 seconds! Better get him to medbay! Suddenly the sec officer has to stop what they are doing and get this person medical treatment. That means they are taken from the cult hunt for 3-4 minutes or so. It can be added to sec SoP that if you test someone for vampire/cult, you are responsible for getting them medical treatment if you are wrong.
  6. I haven't played IA in some time, but I use the title "Public Defender." And I actually find the opposite of OP's claim to be true. More than once, when I have gone to do an audit of cargo or an inspection of medbay, I am informed "You're not IA, your job title says 'Public Defender.'" And I have to explain that, yes, I am indeed IA. I use that title in the hopes that, one day, I can be counsel in a trial. I've been a magistrate judge in a trial in at least three rounds, but never as counsel. Just once I would like to try that, and I think defense would be the more challenging role. I also use the title to make prisoners more likely to engage with me. I'll sometimes whisper to them that they don't need to answer any questions, but don't typically get in sec's way unless sec is shit.
  7. -AI's. AI's who campaign for law changes and act like a shit if they don't get it (heard the exact thing before but it is worth repeating). AI's who don't respond to command's requests. AI's who don't do anything but aren't actually SSD so everyone is pretty much screwed. (I'm against whitelists in general but the only position where I come close to saying we need one is station AI) AI's with an annoying theme that they spend more time working on than opening doors and responding to requests. -Darkmatter blobs on fastmos. -Xenos as they currently are. -Volume of the newly added instruments. Holy shit. -Clowns in general -Civilians who roam maint hoping for one of two things: to be a hero redtide, or to get thralled. The latter has a special place in lavaland. -IA's who don't know shit and interfering with security or clogging up their comms. I will say that a well-played IA player, in the right round, can be valuable, getting the ball rolling on shitcurity officer/warden/HoS demotions, or just taking the case direct to CC and having them order it. But the stars really need to align for IA to be worth their existence. -Blueshields not being able to access the bridge through the HoP's office door at round start. -Blueshields not having security comms. I get you don't want bluecurity but sometimes threats are kept on security comms before the Captain or HoS bring them to command comms. -Captains who don't secure the disk -Captains who leave the pinpointer and spare just sitting in their office -Captains who teleport while holding the disk -Adminspawned memes -Polymorph wands -Cluwne wands -Wizards in general -Ragin' mages -Clowns in general -Cults who kill -Security who kill cultists -Cult rounds with SSD/fucked off to admin-knows-where chaplains -the BEST cookie for my prayers (j/k it is hilarious) -Antag players without hijack who think they have a license to murderbone -Thralls who think they have a license to murderbone -Powergaming antags who don't play security ever -Atmos plasma everywhere when the antag just needs to steal your jetpack -Engi's/CE's/Engi borgs who don't fix emagged doors immediately when everything else is fine -Clowns in general -HoP's who don't man their desk -HoP's who stock up at security at roundstart -HoPcurity -HoP's who give themselves all-access -Xenobio golems -Xenobio xenos -Xenobio slimes -"Friendly" xenobio mobs who on a dime become terrors -Xenobio in general -HoPaperwork -High level syndicate gear from the gateway, and a civilian's insistance on "finder's keepers" despite it being high contraband -Engisat not having cameras. -Command and Sec members who don't max their sensors -Command who don't want a death alarm implant -Command who leave their locker unlocked and valuables inside -Clowns in general -Annoying voxxy -Telesci klepto voxxy yaya -Telescience in general -Players who lose their shit OOCly for being brigged without committing the crime they are accused of. It's going to happen, and antags will lie and act the same way ICly. Deal with it. -Being brigged without committing the crime I was accused of. ::eyes:: -Chefs who poison their food for LOLs -Botanists who don't support the chef -Botanists who only make drugs -Bananapeels. Now with acid! -Voxxy clown thinks self funnies yaya -Large banana peels -Tiny bananapeels -Bananapeels in general -Janitors who mop/lube/grenade the escape hallway and escape shuttle while boarding -Loose tesla or singulo cutting short an otherwise fun round of cat and mouse between security and robust antags -Captains who call the escape shuttle for any little thing. -Captains who don't call either a shuttle or ERT when things have gone to utter shit. -Roboticist: "Don't touch that, HoS! That's my personal phazon!" -RD: "Don't touch that, HoS! That's my personal phazon!" -CLOWNS IN GENERAL
  8. Will unstable mutagen do the same on a person? Surely we need more than two syringes from a syringe gun to get greentext...
  9. Can a coder speak to this? Can the gateway just log someone into the different server and spawn them in front of the gateway? Still seems like a coding nightmare, but perhaps less so than how I originally imained this.
  10. I think it would be worth it to test removing maintenance access from civilians for a few rounds, just to see what would happen. It sure makes sense from the IC perspective that they are guests on a Nanotrasen space station and expected to keep to common areas. And, for blobs or other threats where freedom of movement is necessary, command can simply swipe to release access. ... or not, and possibly prevent a half-dozen welder bombs near the blob. I'm not exactly sure what the dynamic would be, but we should test it out and find out. People would certainly be clamoring to see the HoP, for jobs or simply maint access. Not sure if that's a good thing or not because of the potential volume of people seeking the HoP.
  11. This would take some doing. In a similar vein to Spark's suggestion of an "old Cyberiad" in disrepair through the gateway, what about having two identical Cyberiads connected by a Gateway. Better yet, jobs (and antags?) would roll twice. Two Captains, two CMOs, etc. This would have to be done in super high pop. For coding purposes, one set of players would really be selected to be gateway players but not know it. Not sure how to deal with mining/other z-levels, but the more it is possible to make the stations identical, the better. The goal would be for players to realize in the course of the round that they actually have counterparts through the gateway. Perhaps send a ridiculously OP nuke squad late round after shift change is announced onto one Cyberiad and force them to evac into the gateway. It's a fun thought experiment, I doubt it could ever be coded. I would love for someone to prove me wrong on that count, however.
  12. Was I the one who gave you the medal? Jack Edwardson? I gave a distinguished conduct medal to a coroner for that very reason a week or two ago. I gave it to the coroner on the emergency shuttle right outside the shuttle's bridge.
  13. Obviously I can't code so it is mostly gibberish to me, though I did notice something interesting in the code (below - no indentation because it didn't copy over correctly) ____________________ //make sure we have chumps before we try misinforming them. if we don't make a note of it. if(!chumps.len) message_admins("<span class='notice'>Game mode failed to find ANY chumps. Possible causes: no one is opposed/skeptical, or FalseIncarnate can't code.</span>") log_admin("Game mode failed to find ANY chumps. Possible causes: no one is opposed/skeptical, or FalseIncarnate can't code.") return 0 //we've got chumps! misinform them! _________________ This was on the code for determining collaborators. Does this mean the only way to be named as a collaborator is that your loyalty to Nanotrasen has to be "Opposed" or "Skeptical"? And does loyalty have any affect on determining command roles like Captain of Head of Security?
  14. Yes, that is true. There are people that want to be converted, and I think it enrages the antag they blatantly seek out just as much as the rest of us. (If I were absolutely positive that was happening, I would ahelp it) However, I'm not sure it is always camping out in maintenance on cult/sling/vampire rounds. I've heard that readying up right when the server resets has a much greater chance of rolling antag than if you don't. And, in fact, I've tested this over the last month or so. When I've wanted to be an antag, I try to ready up ASAP. When I want the top job on my occupation preferences (mindshielded), I'll wait until the end. In about 4-5 times readying up early, I think I rolled antag 2-3 times. In the many more times that I've readyed up late, I think I may have rolled it just once, if that. This could be entirely coincidental. Can a coder speak to this at all?