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  1. I occasionally play my plasmaman Mateus, as a miner. Rarely, a brig physician.
  2. @Capsandi I can't find that set of laws anywhere, where have you seen it?
  3. Laws don't manage to prevent abuse on anything already lawed, I don't trust them to help here. I actually do have problems with cyborgs, medical ones included, but that's outside the scope of this thread. Although if you insist on referencing them: Borgs can be detonated, they're slaved to the station AI, they're slower than sentient bots, they're significantly more complicated to repair, they're much more expensive to build, etc. Server rules are not a catch all for behavior like validhunting. They make it possible to punish the action, but intent can be hard to prove, and admins don't see everything. You'd be surprised, then. Hacking MULEbots serves a legitimate function, and that shouldn't be exchanged just so we can have more sentient bots.
  4. Yes it would. A roundstart, sentient medibot with no "owner" would just be a better Paramedic. They have all access, are inherently space proof, and being a bot (Who has no access to the binary channel) they don't take instructions from anyone. Not to mention an infinite supply of saline, charcoal and salbutamol, which they can't lose without dying. I don't think MULEbots have all access, but they have a fair bit. It wouldn't be used for delivery, the bot would go around asking crew to hack it, until it finds someone willing to, and then it's either going to be a massive pain to the crew or validhunt. The effectiveness of a hacked MULEbot is mitigated by how unreliable and clunky to control they are, and while pAIs circumvent this, they're at least rare.
  5. There's also the implication in this thread that non-antagonists suddenly having almost no chance against an officer, even if the officer is careless, is fine. This would also affect situations inside the Brig, making a fair bit of Security almost trivial. Escaping perma via careless officer would be significantly harder, since most people rely on stealing their baton or taser to do this, after slipping them. There would be no risk at all to brigging normal prisoners, outside of escape, and pepper spray would be redundant.
  6. Problem? This sounds like something that should happen? The officer missed every shot, if I'm reading this right, so why is the chance of him being disarmed a problem? Beyond "Tasers are strong", there's still no reason given as to why this should be the case. This isn't a trade-off, this is a second buff.
  7. This makes two incorrect assumptions. 1) That all antagonists interested in re-writing AI laws are traitors. 2) That all traitors will either have an emag or be willing to spend 14 TC. Not every traitor wants subverting the AI to be the main part of their plan, but they may do so just to make their objectives easier because there's no access requirement and they happened to roll or get reassigned to Scientist.
  8. I assume you're unaware of or have omitted the fact that you can teleport directly to mobs that are tracking implanted?
  9. I'm aware, but that takes significantly more effort than just stealing one roundstart.
  10. I assumed that the main attraction in the assembly line was the toolbelt.
  11. Doesn't it already show what was used to cause the damage?
  12. I would greatly prefer this to the E.X.P.E.R.I-MENTOR, interacting with dangerous and uncommon events is much more interesting than mashing a button until you get the result you want. It's a shame about the validhunting though, I think research on antagonists is neat as a concept.