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  1. Updated to my current list with a few changes and updated details.
  2. 8 minutes 40 seconds. That includes travel time from the lower spawn to actually start.
  3. IN PROTOLATHE Basic Capacitor, made in PROTOLATHE, AUTOLATHE (Power: 1) Micro Manipulator, made in PROTOLATHE, AUTOLATHE (Materials: 1Data: 1) Basic Micro-Laser, made in PROTOLATHE, AUTOLATHE (Magnets: 1) toolbox, made in ? (Combat: 1) welding tool, made in ? (Plasma: 1) High-Capacity Power Cell, made in PROTOLATHE, AUTOLATHE, MECHFAB, PODFAB (Power: 2) Science Goggles, made in PROTOLATHE (Engineering: 1, Magnets: 2) Reagent Scanner, made in PROTOLATHE (Biotech: 1, Plasma: 2) Health Scanner HUD, made in PROTOLATHE (Biotech: 2, Magnets: 3) Advanced Reagent Scanner, made in PROTOLATHE (Biotech: 3, Magnets: 4, Plasma: 3) advanced hard disk drive, made in PROTOLATHE (Data: 2, Engineering: 2) Holographic Sign Projector, made in PROTOLATHE (Data: 3) Mining Drill, made in PROTOLATHE (Engineering: 3, Materials: 2) Tracking Beacon, made in PROTOLATHE (Bluespace: 1) global positioning system, made in PROTOLATHE (Bluespace: 2, Materials: 2) Advanced Capacitor, made in PROTOLATHE (Power: 3) Advanced Matter Bin, made in PROTOLATHE (Materials: 3) IN CIRCUIT IMRPRINTER Machine Board (SUPERPACMAN-type Generator), made in IMPRINTER (Power: 4 Console Board (Telepad Control Console), made in IMPRINTER (Bluespace: 3, Plasma: 4) Machine Board (Quantum Pad Board), made in IMPRINTER (Bluespace: 4) Machine Board (Teleportation Hub), made in IMPRINTER (Materials: 4) IN PROTOLATHE Security HUD, made in PROTOLATHE (Combat: 2) Large Grenade, made in PROTOLATHE (Combat: 3) Exosuit Board ("Gygax" Weapons & Targeting Control module), made in IMPRINTER (Combat: 4, Data: 4) cybernetic heart, made in PROTOLATHE, MECHFAB (Biotech: 5) cybernetic heart, made in PROTOLATHE, MECHFAB (Biotech: 5) wired network card, made in CIRCUIT IMPRINTER (Data 5) Under stock parts print 10 Pico Manipulators 10 Super Matter Bins 1 High Ultra Micro Laser 1 Rapid Part Exchagne Device Upgrade Protolathe and Circuit Imprinter Print 10 Technology Disks and put one technology group on each disk, you will have enough to do from Mateirals to illegal and one disk left over. Order a machine prototype crate from cargo as you upgrade the Ore Redemption Machine and drop off the technology disks. While waiting, bug either the Captain for the Chain of Command, or break into the Clown office and welder their clown statue. Build an exosuit fabricator while waiting for materials, preferrably just above the deconstructor. chain of command (Combat: 5) or Banana Mortar (combat: 5), made in EXOSUIT Fabricator. Sync Exosuit Fabricator Run down to Xenobio, upgrade both Monkey Recycler and Slime Processor Bluespace Crystal Bluespace Crystal Diamond Mining Drill, made in PROTOLATHE (Materials: 6) IN EXOSUIT FABRICATOR Insert 10 Silver sheets, 30 Metal, 30 Glass, 10 Plasma sheets. Phazon Torso (Plasma: 5) P-X Tesla Cannon, Made in Exosuit Fabricator (Material 4 Engineering 4Combat 6 Magnet 5) P-X Tesla Cannon, Made in Exosuit Fabricator (Material 4 Engineering 4Combat 6 Magnet 5) Go back to Protolathe X-ray Laser gun, Made in PROTOLATHE (Illegal: 1) Ask for: Mining: mining Jetpack if no machine prototype. Either of these is 100% required. Captain: chain of command Botany: glowshrooms, deathnettle if no combat 6, glowcaps, ambrosia gaia. Only Glowshrooms is really the only unique tech from botany, see xenobio. Xenobio: charged slime core, sentience potion. Both of these can be replaced with botany for Glowcaps, Ambrosia Gaia Branch Cargo: Machine Prototype. This is 100% required. For upgrading make: 1 Bluespace Part Exchange Device 30 - 50 Femto Manipulators 30 - 50 Bluespace Matter Bins 10 - 20 Triphasic Scanning Modules 20 - 30 Quad Ultra Micro Laser 20 - 40 Quadractic Capacitors (If Available) 20 - 40 Super Capacitors (If Quadractic is not available) 20 - 30 Bluespace Power Cells (If Available) 20 - 30 Hyper Capacity Power Cells (If Bluespace Power Cells are not available) For Priority Upgrades: R&D Robotics Xenobiology Science Chemistry Ore Redemption Machine Cargo Autolathe Mechanics Pod Fabricator Engineering Cyborg Recharger Medbay Chemistry Medbay Sleepers Medbay cryogenics Medbay cloning Genetics Brig Sleeper Perma Garden Arrivals Garden Dorms Cyborg Recharger Arcade Claw Machine Bar Kitchen Botany If Machine prototype was deconned, make 1 Jaws of Life (For easier access to upgrade) If you feel like being kind make another 10 Technology disks and take them down to Cargo for another 700 points after upgrading.
  4. We will ever start enforcing a higher standards on Roleplay and possibly meta information restricts (i.e. antag, gateway, other departments)
  5. A simple fix in that regard is making it just scan for the ID. If an antag somehow managed to get a security hybrid taser, then they likely have or even any weapons access would do. I'd imagine AEGs wouldn't have this requirement as they aren't standard security made items.
  6. Or just remove all communication that isnt towards people around them. That'd solve the Death alarm +++ issue
  7. I thought about it for a while and decided Rumi is pretty right that pAIs are death alarms++ which is why I'd say remove Radio/Messanger from the Experimental pAI for balance/(Saving space for more important experimentla functions) which would remove the death alarm+++ concern about it.
  8. Xantholne

    Vox Leap

    Well the funny thing about in real life even is the sudden pressure change is so drastic without a suit that your lungs would literally explode almost instnatly, causing major blood loss, and many bones would break as well very quickly.
  9. I thought I put this in the thing but yeah pAI would die when the host dies. Mutual partnership
  10. Robot pAI's don't move insanely fast anymore, they're back down to animal speeds which are slower than regular people marginably.
  11. Something I was thinking about for a while that would be pretty interesting to have. Essentially it functions like this. Can provide minor benefits such as minor healing, slightly increased speed, better melee attacks similar to Cortical Borers functionality of providing chemicals Works as a Personal artificial intelligence downoaded through the implants activate button interface Similar to how holoparasites work it can directly commune with the host, nearby players, and use it's inbuilt radio for radio chatter. Software options would be similar to current minus Door Jack for obvious reasons and include beneficial buffs as stated before, potentially some others EMPing would silence it like normal pAIs and deal minor brain damage to the host aslong with some burns on their head. If the Host was ever decapitated or killed the pAI like guardians would also perish inside. Host can wipe their pAI like normal ones through the activate button while the pAI can also wipe itself when need be. Cryoing with it active would delete it as normal Other benefits it could have is taping in to the Radio headset of the host allowing them to use other keys if they had access such as Command, Security, Syndicate, etc Would be made at R&D likely requiring some fairly high engineering and power tech levels, along with some 15-20 sheets of metal, 5 sheets of glass, 5 sheets of gold, 5 sheets of silver, and .5-1 sheet of diamond to create. Would be surgically implanted through organ manip on the head Does not also get a chassis as it is just an implant in someone's head. These are entirely theoretical and I can't say for certain how well these would be to code but it would be a nice alternative compared to current pAI and potentially other softwares to try and make it more beneficial for both Antag and non-Antags.
  12. I was actually going to make a PR addng Rapid Crate Senders into the cargo console requring some 20-30 points for 2 more RCS' There's only 2 round start and one the QM can only access but miners sometimes take because reasons and if you cryo with one or it gets loss, stolen etc you're SOL when Security orders 30 hecking crates because Security wants dem guns and armor
  13. Xantholne

    Vox Leap

    I'd rather just call them Raptors
  14. Xantholne

    Vox Leap

    They where explained as space resistant, but mechnically it turned into space 'proof'