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  1. This is another excellent point. Speaking from experience you have to factor in your players. Just because something works when you the developer dose it or in tests, does not mean it will work well when deployed to the player base. You have to ballance what you want with how your players use what you provide.
  2. It's like fake thermostats in offices or Russian democracy. It's an illusion to make us think the staff care about the player base when they don't.
  3. The defib reviving is not realistic yes, but not being able to restart a heart is incredibly unrealistic. As I've said multiple times, if real doctors in real ERs are working on a critical patient and their heart stops, they can and frequently do revive them. A shot of epinephrine and chest compressions can restart a heart. So I agree changing the defibrillator was a good idea as a one click revive like that is dumb, but there are times when trying to stabilize someone where restarting their heart is apart of the process. Needing to clone everyone who's heart stops or use a really hard to make chemical to do so is unrealistic and not fun. Not to mention heart transplants, head and brain situations. You need to remember, just because the system works when Admins test it, that does not mean players will be efficient smart or play properly. Have you actually played ss13 before? They don't call it malpractice bay for nothing. You need to build it for the community not yourself. You need to think about how it will be played not how it should be played. The new crit system has lots of positives but it has massive problems that I guarantee won't be adressed because let's be real, this thread is less a feedback discussion thread and more a "suggestion box" sign over a paper shredder.
  4. Alright so they are forcing the medical system to be far less realistic and less fun. Neat. Imagine going to the ER and the doctors where like "sorry their heart stopped in the ambulance so we just body bagged them because there was nothing we could do, chest compression are witchcraft" They should put a conveyor system into and out of the cloning pod because that's all med bay will be now.
  5. The new crit system has good aspects, I just think a revival method should be available if someone dies as you're working on them or if they die right before the paramedic arrives. The defibrillator reviving people with the click of a button was kind of dumb, but having no quick revival options is sketchy and un realistic. Again if anyone is taking suggestions I still think if someone dies they should be able to be revived by getting an epinephrine shot and chest compressions. Make it so it only works if they have been dead for no more than 1 or 2 minutes so it's not OP. Or have it the longer they are dead the more brain damage they accumulate until they can't be revived at all. I also like the idea of adding cardiac massage so if someone dies during emergency surgery you can start their heart manually but that's probably too specific. Epinephrine and chest compressions to revive is my suggestion. It's more involved than the defibrillator, would add to paramedic, is more realistic, would make triage more flexible during massive injury situations. As a small addition, giving the paramedic epinephrine at round start in this system would be good. Also I didn't realize until now but as said above, without the defibrillator heart, head and brain transplants can't be done. That's something to keep in mind.
  6. That's the thing. Looking at the posts on the forum, discussions on the discord, people keep posting in detail why some of the changes are pointless or dumb and the staff keeps ignoring it or branding legitimate criticism as sarcasm. A lot of the changes (but not all mind you) are pointless and will make medbay a clone-o-matic with little reason to do anything but clone people for every issue. Trying to make stabilizing people more important and making the paramedic a medic are good additions, but are implimented poorly. However my biggest concern is being unable to revive people outside advanced chemicals that wont be made most rounds meaning a lot of people will spend a lot of time dead. In actual medicine there are ways to mechanically revive people. For example of an idea, If a stimulant like epinephrine was available round start there would be a way to revive people who just died by giving them a shot of epinephrine and doing chest compressions (you know like reality) it won't heal any of their damage but will make reviving freshly dead people viable without the defibrillator. Defibs not starting hearts I get because that's unrealistic so some of the changes are good. If you want to be extreme and add another more sever way to revive people you can do cardiac massage to start a heart but that requires opening the chest. Not all the changes are bad but over all the whole concept needs to be re worked using community feedback to help. I do game development and I will listen to player feedback to see what needs to be fixed added or removed per update. You do not need to do polls to understand your player base, just look at the over all consensus. I'm 1 person and I can do it with no help, I'm sure Paradise can do it too. The takeaway is in my opinion removing the defibrillator as a revival tool without replacing it with something equivalent is a bad idea. If hospitals where unable to revive people who crash without the usage of hard to get medication they would be usless.
  7. The change is university unpopular, so it will be implemented and the community will have 0 say.
  8. I used to play drunk a lot but I don't drink anymore, honestly didn't improve or detract from the experience for me.
  9. I love my own character a ton but that probably doesn't count so.. Slith Skaar Is pretty neat, Pretty much every vox, a couple specific ones but I forget their names because.....vox names.
  10. I really don't and I generally don't know why, it's just an irrational dislike that makes me just hate them. something that isn't Earth Latin for "Wolf related" would be nice, you know, give them an Earth moniker that sounds better or a name that is of their species and not a human name.
  11. Not bad except a few minor changes *change the name to something not akin to a furry character page on DA "Vulpkanin have a unique language that only they can speak and understand, called Canilunzt. It's a series of barking noises" "a unique language that only they can speak and understand' " It's a series of barking noises" "Canilunzt" I get why the Vox language can't be spoken by others structurally but why them? maybe not spoken but at least understood, seems a bit too special snowflaky. The name mostly gets to me, "Vulpkanin" may as well call the Vox "Avianin" because they are birds and the Tajaran "Felisinin" because they are cats, if we are just going to name species after their anthropomorphic animal counterparts on Earth... seriously fix their name people.
  12. Replace the Vulp sprite with this for a day, see if they are still disproportionately played.