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  1. Blob really is my favourite game mode.
  2. Are you sure IAA allows newer players than sec officer? I'm pretty sure it's the other way around. But yeah, IAA has to investigate everyone, not just sec. They have to check if Robitics or borging anyone without papers, or building combat mechs without authorization. They have to follow up on reports of genetics handing out powers. They have to take care of crew screaming about cargo not giving them stuff. I also tend to investigate an astonishing percentage of HOPs.
  3. The onyl way I could possibly see this fly is as a re-skinned version of an ERT. I.e. admin-spawned.
  4. I now have this traitor dream of a fire extinguisher full of fluorosulphuric acid. Thank you for that image.
  5. Yeah. I should go back to playing more sec, but it's quite stressful.
  6. Oh come on. I (Grin here) weren't even that sneaky. I walked in through an open door and took a HOP headset and a captain's hat off a table then disposaled myself. While several people were watching. That's not sneaky, that's just blatant. And I still don't know why you and sec believed I had an all-access or captain ID. I didn't. I came in through an open door when someone else walked in and went out through disposals. All legit.
  7. I'd absolutely trade for some fancy cosmetic items. No need for them to do anything cool. Insert other media
  8. As a clown player fond of teleporting into the bridge to check if the captain forgot to log out of the console, I can say it's about 50-50.
  9. The Maime should make others near it also mute.
  10. I've seen terror spiders a lot lately. How likely are they?
  11. Along those lines, gibbing a Vulp should produce scraps of fur, too.
  12. That's more blitz rounds than war rounds, though. In war rounds, even a team that is focused and together can get absolutely bogged down in waves of greytide.
  13. The other thing is that probably no one wants other antags converted to cult or thralls. Tatorlings are bad enough, now imagine Cultlings or Thrallpires.
  14. We did have that relatively nightmarish round for sec last week where a wizard screwed up so badly that the admins spawned more antags. So in the end, we were fighting a wizard, followed by at least two vampires, a cult and traitors. None of them were very successful, but it made excellent paranoia fodder.
  15. We tried a sleeper agent yesterday, as far as I can tell, they did nothing whatsoever except cost us 40 TC. I'm however still tempted to try a war round where the nukies don't buy anything except sleeper agents, and go in just with their starting shotguns and free suits and jetpacks, about an hour in when absolute chaos has broken out. Because almost 10 sleeper agents, in a shift where everyone gets shotguns and all-access? Yes please.