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  1. I feel like I'm missing context there.
  2. But mash potatoes are made with butter, not cream. Also, they contain no eggs.
  3. Wait, they took epipen from the starting boxes too? Do they just want everyone to spend all shift dead?
  4. All those people who get annoyed over whether tomatoes are fruit or vegetables hsould just realize that the meaning of words is depending on context. In a botanical context, a tomato is a fruit. In a culinary context, it's a vegetable. Which is a category that has no botanic meaning at all, beyond "Plant part we eat and that is not sweet." There's lots of words that have different meanings in different disciplines.
  5. If anything, Warden should be a more trusted role than Blueshield.
  6. That still takes a few minutes, and during that time, engineering has to be there and not otherwise busy. And during a mass bombing event like the one we had, with a six tile wide crater to space where the bridge used to be? Engineering is very busy. These changes have two effects: more people spend time salting in ghost chat because they can't play, and medbay becomes really boring for the doctors since they could effectively be replaced by a conveyor belt leading to the cloner.
  7. ISN'T THE NEW SYSTEM LOVELY. Someone blows up the bridge, kills half of command and about ten other people. The cloners are booked for the next hour, but no one else in medbay can do anything to help. Several doctors just standing around, since one of them is enough to shove a new corpse into the cloner every few minutes. Yes, that just happened. How are the other servers looking anyway?
  8. Oh man, yeah, those damn lights. I've smashed them so often with empty beakers, too.
  9. They sound incredibly annoying. I mean, do I now need to get eye surgery every time I weld without a mask? What are cryotubes good for, exactly? And how does this lead to anything except long lines in front of the cloner and surgery and salty even saltier ghost chat?
  10. For a moment there, I read this as "Swarmer roles" and was all excited to talk about Swarmer Warriors and Swarmer Queens.
  11. I'd also like to say as a more general note: no one likes dying, and no one likes to stay dead. Please don't make reviving people too hard. That's just telling people they can't play for the next hour and that's often really galling.
  12. NEVER! RnD spent years making that new type of papier maché that is succeptible to EMP, we are not going to just change that!
  13. So, reading the guide, is it me or is the new "lazy" medbay meta to just let everyone die and then clone them, instead of dealing with all the mess that is the several new crit levels and the complicated treatments? By that I mean, if you have someone who is almost dead, they would require surgery for brain damage, saline-glucose for shock, healing the damage and then probably more surgery for whatk illed them. Or you popl them on a stretcher in cloning, wait a minute or two for them to die, then clone them. Sure, it's a bottleneck, but at least it's manageable.
  14. Maybe not random values to items, but how about: We compile a list of high tech endgame items (Xray, implants, certain mech upgrades, telescience, etc.). Maybe make a few more. In every shift, a random subselection of these is available. Science doesn't know which ones. Then we'd make them harder to research. Or is that just tedious?
  15. Oh yeah, good point. Damn science, always ruining good ideas.