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  1. What could be combined is the "execution" action. Takes the same time as setup, and then does the multiplicative damage when wanted. Closest thing, and given they could just execute, can't be abused. Still, won't stop reviving the victim.
  2. Wow, you almost reached 25, must have been one of the highest number this count did get to.
  3. A d0zen of doses of ether to keep the xenos morphs down.
  4. Was actually recently asked: TL;DR: Can't do it yourself, are at the mercy of Regens for that.
  5. There already are multiple ways to open up the crates, with a at least half being achievable by normal station crew, but still have at least some work behind it. The options include EMP, correct (stolen) access, shooting, drilling, and maybe a few hostile mobs. Not sure if there really need to be more. It might also make it too easy, you either have a 100% chance to open it with abundant tools, or you have it a bit like the bombs. No matter how you do it, 50/50 chance to defuse or blow, so you can just go quick. Sure could shift the balance around, but seems somewhat flawed and probably resulst in the same. Depending when you do it, might just be able to order 2x crates when you have a 1 in x chance to open them, and be done. And with it "just" permalocking, you can still do the forced opening, so it might just give you a timesave/quieter way.
  6. We are at 7 consecutive admin posts now, step up your games.
  7. But Taac did reset the count to zero, not one, so you counting two now is false, should have been one, so back to zero again.
  8. You mean like, besides, walking away?
  9. Sorry, would have needed to start at 1, by the decree of ye old, only Dumbdumn counts as regular player for the count, any other admin resets.
  10. They basically blinded you with it, given your description, sounds like a very good distraction to me.
  11. It is just that way, vox can't love. The most "love" they can show is just for distraction so they or their kin can steal your shinies.
  12. Yeah, it's probably a bit of QoL instead of 100% realism with the backpacks, i think one problem with making it fixed storage is where? The normal inventory is already in use, lower part of the screen is already quite packed, where the whoole inventory lives. Then codewise, it probably needs a good bit of special handling, can't just take the simple storage type handling.
  13. A whole different kind of horror from terror spiders. Also, it should have been 88w88, not OwO