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  1. Tigercat2000 has retired from their position as Maintainer to the rank of Coder/Server Developer.
  2. Varghh has retired from their position as a Game Administrator.
  3. Normalyman has passed their trial and has risen to the rank of Game Administrator.
  4. PhantasmicDream has unretired and rejoined the ranks as a Game Administrator.
  5. Necaladun has weeded their way back into the system, he has rejoined us as a Game Administrator!
  6. Late to this due to time taken off but I'll list stuff out: rb303 - Mentor -> Trial Administrator blessedtuna - Player -> Trial Administrator BrandonSacawv - Mentor -> Trial Administrator dragonslayer932 - Player -> Trial Administrator R1f73r - Mentor -> Trial Administrator A late congrats to all who made it into the team!
  7. Evelyn, don't say that now, Val hasn't made his choice just yet! Though will have to soon... can't just stay in this state forever.
  8. Tayswift has passed their trial and is now a Game Administrator.
  9. Wait, who was the one who let this get high, WHO, I MUST FIND THEM Also back to zero I am sorry, I had to
  10. ZN23X has retired from their position as Game Administrator.
  11. ZN23X has passed their trial and is now a Game Administrator. In other news, Normalyman has joined the staff as a Trial Administrator.
  12. I was around as an admin when Paradise was hitting around 160 players per day from OneyPlays and the small bump that came from the Mandalore video (which was surprisingly less than that), most of them faded out after the first week or so due to the learning curve of SS13, if a large youtuber was to make a video on SS13 again, to be honest, 50% of them would be turned off by BYOND alone, 40% would be turned off by the learning curve after a short while and only 10% would probably stick around in the long term and possibly contribute in positive ways to the community. In other words we have weathered this before, we didn't even unlist back then and now we do when the admin/player ratio hits a certain amount, I think we are more than prepared if it does happen again, have faith in the admins because honestly, it would be a temporary bump.