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  1. But... most of this doesn't make sense? People say no because of reasons, presumably. The terror spider thing actually made a lot of sense; I was watching the coder chat and the problem seemed simple, too large of a single PR isn't good for integration, and my understanding was that any system that must be changed to accommodate a new feature should be shifted before the feature itself is inserted. Easier to control and trouble shoot. People saying no to things; well... yes? The Maintainers have the most knowledge about the code base as a whole and how the game design interacts with most every other element of the game design. This likely is due to the fact that *they're basically the only ones that can reliably make code not break and are forced to check every single PR that goes up*. Pr taking too long? Likely to do with how it either isn't up to muster, with how the senior admins seem to think their council has any authority to make judgements on a a system most of them know nothing about, and the fact that the more or less *one, MAYBE two guys* that are actually qualified enough to have the position do indeed actually have *lives* that they must attend to from time to time. As an aside: I feel you are glossing over the fact that maintainers single handedly do the most coding and actual, physical *work* for the livelihood of the server than anyone else. Frankly I feel this falls a lot under 'throwing tantrums' and 'biting the hand that feeds you'. Say what you will about how knowledgeable *you* are about the game; there are people who are as well, and frankly, evidence would support the argument that they probably know *more* than you. These people can decide what works and what doesn't. I have seen a system tried that didn't use maintainers; in revolved around 'developers' and a, quote on quote, 'head developer' that didn't function as maintainers do. It was founded on ideas of 'admins having more say in design' and more... accountability, apparently, excusing the fact that maintainers *are* accountable anyway. Needless to say, I would hope; It didn't bloody work. The maintainer role and function was re-established two or so weeks later. Nice one, lads. Why did it fail? Reasons included it taking too bloody long to get anything done, the lack of 'Head developer' autonomy meant they simply didn't have access to the tools they needed, and the calls they had to make to perform their job, and the fact that most of the admins had no idea what they were actually doing, and would just give an 'okay' or 'hey I'm curious...' Should the admins, and hell, the *players*, be able to give valid reasons why they might disagree with a system or change? Absolutely! This is already done, and *has* been done since the dawn of sliced bread. The Maintainers are trusted to, and *do*, take these into consideration. Just because *your* idea wasn't a good one (Because you're a silly bugger) doesn't just mean that everyone else is wrong and you're the only person who is right. Sometimes, the people with more experience and knowledge at their disposal are better equipped to make decisions than you! Who'da thunk it. As far as I see it, I know no one else on the list of coders who I think are prepared to actually make the calls that maintainers need to, and deal with the fallout when people inevitably get upset in a system where some people *do in fact get told no from time to time*. Without naming names, the most qualified has demonstrated themselves to not be above temper tantrums that can apex in leaving the everything for a while to go sulk. And with that, I'm probably going to leave this forum and not come back to it for like a month. Geeze, who uses the paradise forums anyway. I-I, uh, respect that you guys have valid concerns, and you are right to be upset, but your enemy is the fact we are listed, and that the administration is currently a mess, unable to take decisive action where they should, and making themselves all up in arms in places they should not. I hope you can take a moment to think about it and not just... be angry.
  2. Name: Archie P. Asalie Age: 22 Gender: Male Race: Vulpkanin Blood Type: B+ General Occupational Role(s): Cargo, Medical, Service Biography: Archie Asalie was born and raised on Kelune of the Vazzend system. His childhood was not surrounded by much highly advanced technology, given not only the state of the Vulpkanin people, but he also lived reasonably secluded settlement in the terraformed zones. He was raised primarily by his mother, with his father spending much of his time with an off-world organization dedicated to relief aid and science calling itself the Pegasus Institute. It is during these early stages that a birth defect was discovered in Archie's heart. Too much stress or panic would cause cardiac arrest, but only two cases of catastrophic cardiac arrest are reported to have occurred around this time. Doctor records suggest that both cases were traumatizing. It is also implied that several cases of panic attack occurred. It was found by doctors that Archie also possessed symptoms of mental illness. It did, however, take several weeks and three separate psychologists working in tandem to decide on what diagnosis to prescribe. It would eventually be decided as Asperger's Syndrome, to the ire of several, as this was not in fact a valid diagnosis at the time. This leads to mixed medical reports from different medical organizations. Archie was never informed of his diagnosis, and given medication under the pretense it would 'help him concentrate'. This would continue until the age of sixteen. Being provided only basic education directly by his mother, he was eventually sent to a schooling initiative operated by the Pegasus Institute when he was thirteen. This was hosted by the Horizon orbital university, a great distance from Vazzend, and where he would stay for the next three years. It was here that he would learn things such as Galactic common, basic mathematics, and simple galactic history. At the facility, there are several benign reports of bullying, teacher concern for social capacity, delayed learning, homesickness, and several panic attacks. Due to the the extreme distance from home and family, and Archie's own disposition, this is not entirely unexpected. A noteworthy scenario was a cardiac arrest situation in which his heart began to fail in a more complete fashion. With medical equipment that would have not been so readily available to him on Kelune, Archie was able to be saved, though his heart had to be assisted by a pacemaker to prevent death. This mechanical assistance also should now lessen or prevent further cardiac arrest of this nature, though panic attacks can still occur. Leaving the facility early at the age of sixteen, he then spent much of his time working with the Pegasus Institute at several differing facilities at a large range of cultures and locations, helping primarily with logistics, transport and general support. He would move with the Institute for two years, being directly involved in several relief efforts and operations. It was around this time that he was trained in first aid. He would then serve occasionally in direct aid efforts as a first responder. Whilst both Archie and his supervisors had concerns for how he would cope with this field of work, there were only minor complications. An opportunity to return home became available after these two years, at age eighteen, and was taken. After remaining on Kelune for approximately four months, Archie acquired an apartment on the lunar city Rapture, also a great distance from Vazzend, and this continues to be his place of his residence to current time. He would continue working for the Pegasus Institute until the age of twenty two, when he was, unexpectedly, offered what seemed to be a reasonable and fairly well paying contract by Nanotrasen, claiming that his background and current position would make him 'useful'. When his employer at the Pegasus Institute encouraged him to accept it, he did so. Archie is a soft hearted individual, with a strong aversion to violence and a preference to tranquility. This is due to not only his own disposition, but also being conditioned at a young age due to his experiences with stress and panic. He trusts others readily, and rarely second guesses the words and promises of others. Empathetic to what could be a fault, Archie will push himself beyond his boundaries to help people, and worries about the well being of people around him. As he gives out kindness, he cherishes whatever kindness he receives in return, relying on the approval of others to maintain a healthy state of mind. Remarkably innocent and dangerously naive. Bonus round Qualifications: First aid training Basic logistics Practical machinery operations course Exotic pet license Employment Records: Pegasus Institute (Casual part-time) Nanotrasen (Current) Security Records: [Clearance: Security] [spoiler2]Unconfirmed reports that subject partook in one (1) instance of non-violent protest against nuclear armament of research station NSS Cyberiad. No arrest was ever made. No other instances of disloyalty, alleged or otherwise. No criminal record noted. Long term ID mix up noted. Incorrectly assigned as 'Vulfwa Ketnic'. Since correct. Subject is known to be skeptical of Nanotrasen operations.[/spoiler2] Medical Records: Born with heart condition. High stress would cause this individual risk of cardiac arrest. Heart is now assisted: heart condition continues to degrade. Total heart failure in the future a possibility. Mental conditioning from this condition causes subject to deal poorly with stressful environments. Further treatment refused by subject. Subject suffers from Astigmatism and Hyperopia in the eyes. Glasses issued. Proper treatment refused by subject. Individual has been unsuccessfully diagnosed with ADHD and High Functioning Autism. Was eventually diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome. No medication is issued for this condition at this time. Received Methylphenidate Hydrochloride at a younger age. Doctors note: "I don't know who diagnosed this one with Aspergers, but in human space that stopped being a valid diagnosis about 500 years ago. I'd call this back and change it, but it's not like they're on any pills. Probably not an issue." Subject indicates a strong aversion to prosthetics and cloning. Recommend alternative treatments. Subject liable to burnout and often forgets to feed themselves. Recommending to watch. Personnel Photo: Archie has a slim build, and is slightly shorter than average for his age. He has mostly black fur, with his 'white mark' subspecies being evident by the white mark on his face. Image : [[Praise be to Counterfeitguise for drawing this! Do note that since this was drawn, Archie has since been equipped with white fur on his hands, feet, and chest.]] Commendations [only to be added by admin]: Reprimands [only to be added by admin]: Other Notes: This character used to be called 'Vulfwa Ketnic'. This was quasi-retconned because I only ever named them Vulfwa because when I first joined this server I thought race based names were enforced. I since have learned this is not the case. For the purposes of continuity, and because I'm too much of a weeny to ironman, any instances of Archie actually ending up dead are discarded from my personal head canon, though I may still retain some elements of a round, depending on how the people around me treat it. 300% not robust, and even if something is super suss will probably roll with it. Has once actually followed a sec borg into maint just because it asked. Congratulations you made it to the end. I'll be working on this most likely over time to make it slightly less terrible. Hopefully.
  3. Consider the following: Aware : L'Autre Valse D'Amelie : Comptine D'un Autre été L'après : The Garage : Old Friends : Run Away From Me : Ring-a-Ding-Baby : Majesty : Snowy : Ignis Solus : For River : Idols :
  4. Name: AdvISR (Advanced Integrated Support Resource, usually enunciated as Advisor) Age: 2 Gender: N/A, though voice synthesizer is male Race: Artificial Intelligence Blood Type: N/A General Occupational Role(s): Personal AI, station control AI Biography: AdvISR was a proof of concept and experiment of the Pegasus Institute, a multiracial and cross-cultural aid organization that traces its inspirations to groups such as the Red Cross foundation of Earth. The Institute specializes not only in helping those in need, but in pushing scientific exploration in energy generation, ecology, communication and computing. One of their most recent projects was the construction of a certain AI, taken by the advanced neuroscience division. First, there was Lexus, the household pet of a simple family. She is believed to have grown terribly ill due to a trivial mistake during a routine checkup. The child of the family was devastated, but the father, a member of the project, saw an opportunity to make something better of it, and to hopefully ease his son's loss. Lexus was selected. Her brain was removed, scanned, grafted, and destroyed. It was to live on in the Pegasus Institute Cloudbank. The resulting sentience was simply the foundation upon which more could be written. This first level, the core, is what is thought to give it that fundamental spark inherit of all living things. That of being alive: the curiosity and empathy. Upon this, the second layer of intelligence is placed, giving it the ability to reason, use language, and introspect into its own existence. As it is with most sentient beings. Finally, an arbitrary personality matrix is installed, to cover the machinations of the intelligence hub, and to bury any trace of the original creature. This grants it a way of interacting with the people around it, and an identity to which it can connect and base itself. The father had succeeded. AdvISR was born. Since then, AdvISR has served the Pegasus Institute in general organization and as a personal assistant to everyone who works in their complexes. Recently, Nanotrasen begun getting attention drawn to its operations by the Institute, who wanted NT to allow them to perform transparent, publicly available employee operational health and safety inspections. In response, a business deal was proposed by Nanotrasen. The specifics are not available to the public. One result of it, however, is that AdvISR has now been assigned to operate on the NSS Cyberiad to assist in whatever capacity it is able. AdvISR can be installed into pAI devices, Positronic brains, and AI cores. AdvISR is otherwise well spoken, friendly and optimistic, and may clash with the cynical minds it so often encounters. AdvISR always looks for the best interpretation of other's actions and thoughts, and seeks to work diplomatically with as many others as it can. It cherishes and champions teamwork and friendship, and distastes malice and self-serving mindsets. Bonus round Qualifications: Systems Operations Philosophy and Contemporary Ethics Counseling and Psychology Animal care (specializes in canine and vulpine) Organizational Management and Logistics Employment Records: Pegasus Institute (Current) Horizon University (Current) Ahdomai Outreach Academy (Current) Nanotrasen (Current) Security Records: [Clearance: Security] [spoiler2]Several cases of integrity breach by malicious individual whilst operating full scale station systems. Command crew successfully reset in most instances. Intelligence is carded and returned to central to be reinitialized in several other instances where the station was forced to evacuate due to subversion. Several minor complications with cleanup crew whilst this process was occurring. One case of integrity failure whilst operating as pAI due to EMP weapon. Conspired against user. Intelligence was shut down and rebooted.[/spoiler2] Medical Records: No defects detected in intelligence hub. Personality matrix is secure. [spoiler2]Minor anomalous operation spikes detected in core driver. No action deemed necessary.[/spoiler2] Personnel Photo: As a system AI: As a pAI: appears as a fox chassis, though many users interpret it as a dog. AdvISR has no issue with this interpretation. Commendations [only to be added by admin]: Reprimands [only to be added by admin]: Other Notes: Times fragmented: Eleven It typically calls people by their title, or as the 'operator' when in a pAI device. If it likes and trusts you, it might call you by your first name. When you hear its voice, think of a British butler mixed with Legion from Mass Effect.
  5. So I basically mostly play as pAI, because I have just have too much damn fun with it. I enjoy myself most when my carrier is good at RP, too! Some of my favorite games have been ones where my carriers act good, detailed characters that I can work with. I can think of a few names that I'd kill for the opportunity to serve, but I can't force myself on people, because that'd be dumb. I try to positronic brain rarely, and take the name of Puls.R. but I need to get good first. My dream is that one day I'll build up enough confidence to play as a Vulp by the name of Vulfwa Ketnic, perhaps try to get involved in some of the more in depth RP I spy around the station sometimes, but never can be a part of. But that's a work in progress. On the off chance you've seen AdvISR around the station in the short time I've been here, feel free to tell me what I'm doing wrong or how I can improve my RP. I want my operators to enjoy having me around, not need to see me as a burden. That's all~