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  1. They are expandable, disposable, splendid meat shield efficiency and great for meat industrial business.
  2. Not at all. I just like western cowboy accents. But I also like neo-noir stuff. So a bad mix-up was made.
  3. GutTC


    Yuuuup. Would love to see somebody gamble all their cash away and then turned semi-hobo asking for little penny and live around the maint. And maybe this could make Cargo a bit worth and fun doing their job should the crates not only demands supply point but also credits. Or literally anything really, even Bartender charging the drinks. I'd be very interest to see how each of players play their way with their credits so to see people won't feel that lazy anymore where you can just get anything you want from the vendors or whatsoever with the current cash system.
  4. GutTC


    Playing along with some coloring details. And an attempt to make a semi-poster-screen.
  5. A same inhuman friend who forced me into Dwarf Fortress forced me into SS13 as well.
  6. GutTC


    More silly shenanigans. Be wary of your co-workers. Or your very close friends. they might not be as nice as you normally think. Another Hydroponic shift with Ruby. "Is this 'Valuable'?"
  7. I don't know. It's literally combo with dark-vision in disguise. Make it like traitor thermal vision google or something might be just fine. And now that I've said it change its name as well to Thermal Vision instead of X-ray Vision. What are you. Looking for other's skeletons?
  8. A lot of clothing that aren't available through station vendors. Such as the clothing that required limited point in character creation tap.
  9. I hate cockroaches. A lot. If they flies. It's worsen my sanity.
  10. The only problem is that the time to pull the trigger takes really long and might merely reach before the slip cooldown. And it also leave a notable notification for everyone surrounding that you are doing something with the clown on his mouth no matter if it's silenced or not.
  11. Ouch. Good to know. Although I tried with one bullet from the stechkin and the assault submachine gun on the people during round end shuttle dock and they were completely dead one second after. I guess I'll experiment more on that.
  12. You can perform one shot insta-kill by point-blank your victim with any lethal firearms while aiming for the mouth. This however takes a while for you to shoot as much as you trying to shoot yourself and it require your victim to hold still. So take your times and whisper your victim in the ear as you slowly pull the trigger. Or just the good way to save ammunition.
  13. If they took your brain out, turn off your speaker and put you in the locker. It's as good to say that you are already dead for good after 10 minutes of not recovering. Feel free to ghost out and hopefully some events will happen for you to play as instead. While then you can try ahelp but it is very doubtful that someone who is willing to debrain you and lock you in the locker isn't an antagonist. While I'm not entirely sure, maybe it is possible to just dor out as IPC or robot brain by typing in succumb or suicide. Mh. And at the another case. It might still be possible that someone can still reactivate your prosthetic brain even if it's deactivated or ghosted. Oil is annoying. But so the blood. And IPCs are not and don't deal with many trouble more than the organic does. Look at their needs of internal breathing and pain in the ass of virus or toxin damage. Not to mention internal bleeds or broken bones. But I do kind of interest on the IPCs ability to reattach their limbs but it should be double slower or maybe that your limbs can be just blow up and gibbed.
  14. What can I say. It's either a blessing and curse. TL;DR: IPCs are nerds. Play nerds. Be nerds. Fight less, Work more. EMP is universal hates, don't worry. Laugh at everyone when catbeast or brainrot virus broke out. Oil leak isn't bad but you are fucked if no welders and people forget about it or Roboticist are dicks. Do remember that playing as IPC, you chose to play as the race character that has unique style. You sacrificed the play style of being the organic and become fragile skeletal machine people with TV head. And indeed as said, IPCs are fragile. But Physically. A few hits and their limbs wold pop off or having their TV head flung away from one simple high-five slap in the head. And being in void space without any space suit will also damage them as much as organic do. The only and obvious problem with the IPCs is that they are, like androids, sustainable to EMP and ION greatly. But you should know that EMP is never a good thing to almost all the races or players at all. Vox can die from EMP due if their sack for example. And a lot of players do like to set up their spessman to have Cybernetic limbs. Or at worse case but hardcore and awesomeness: Cybernetic heart. EMP blasts also mess up a lot of any electronics near by let it be the vendor, camera or the airlocks especially the fire airlock and will crush the unfortunate player that come upon during the EMP. Security Officers will complaint about their laser weaponry being instantly drained and have to run back to Brig for recharge and restock, the victims will feel bad to realise their headsets are disabled and not being able to call for help or even certain antagonists will have issue on using the EMP but not unless they are completely cybernetic-free but they will still have to deal with disabled airlocks and others. Now lets talk about good news being IPCs. You are very suitable for Engineering and Medical tasks (while completely useless on Virology and Genetics) due of you being immune to most of unseen hazards that the organics fear let it be suffocation, radiation, virus outbreak or harmful atmospheric. You can even walk free into plasma leak as long no one dare light and ignite up. Unlike how Vox suffocate and grow dust in their lungs if they breath Oxygen while others oganics are vice versa, Plasmamen won't go far with their suit off and plasma out. And surprisingly, water won't do anything to you, EXTERNALLY, unlike Greys. Just don't drink water. Another thing to note is that IPCs are also immune to pain which will come in handy in certain situations. About all the races will slow down the more pain they gain and eventually succumb to it. Meanwhile, IPC will be still be able to run with many dents and burn they endured AS LONG both of their legs are still attached. So consider to avoid any unnecessary combat. You know organics will eventually complaint if there's no Chef on the station or that he refuse to cool anything good and are forced to live up with snacks and hot chocolate cup. Organics will go famished and have movement speed penalty if not well fed (or getting Weight Even virus from Virology). While in the same time. IPCs feed on the Station power via APCs. And there are many APCs in every corners. And engine power would never ran out as it's the top priorities of all. Now speaking of the recent "nerf". I think it's kinda important to have but also need to be heavily adjust from its current state. Oil leaks as bleeding to IPCs is quite interesting and help out the situation of being in eternal Crit. Back then IPC can just still be alive but remains in Crit forever and not being able to talk, stand or die out unless ghosted. However. I did encounter an issue where I could not fix up one of the IPC's leaking (after fixing much more awful damages they got into by playing with EXPERIMENTOR) no matter what I do. I tried to weld their every parts only to get message "Nothing to fix!" while examining them clearly says that they are still leaking to the point that I had to put their robot brain into new IPC body from Roboticist Lab as the only way to fix them. And while Oil Leak can be common damage IPCs will encounter and welding themselves to fix it up can be easy enough. Having enough Roboticists to help you out with the oil is not. As the only way to get more oil is to go to Roboticist and ask them to offer their oil canister to you to drink or the issue is that only the Roboticist have only two canister cans and one Tank to refill. If their Lab exploded from that silly syndicate payload bomb, you are fucked. While Organics relay on large Medbay, the Medical Staffs, pills/patches and being able to regenerate blood by consuming food, get IV dips or iron pill and many others benefits from Virology and Geneticist or implants, IPCs must relay on only two limited Roboticist or breaking into the Lab and hopefully they can get what they needed to fix themselves or at worst case is to meet real pain ass Roboticist players that will completely ignoring you for their Phazon project whole shift. And the way they have to "drink" oil canister for me seems a bit ridiculous logically. As I expect it to worked like IV dip or at least some sort of injection on my first time using and drinking it. But yeah... While I don't mind Oil Leak. I say the way IPCs Oil works, how to fix it, how to refill it and where else to get it could be adjusted a bit comfortably.