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  1. Personally, I liked the rework after playing in medbay for a few high-pop rounds. The update seems to be aimed at making medbay more highly skilled, and I can see how this could be detrimental in the eyes of most players. There is an adjustment period, and anyone NOT playing medbay might have to spend more time until they are resuscitated ( Considering that most doctors aren't knowledgeable enough to perform increasingly more complex procedures without making it take forever ( which is very not fun for the dead players )), however, for those who are well-versed in medbay resuscitation times shouldn't be affected, but antagonists will now have more incentive to carry a saline/epinephrine mix if they intend to get in combat. As a big fan of SR, the fact that it doesn't cause any more genetic damage in the light of these changes is a huge appeal to me, since treating brain damage if a patient has been dead for too long is quick and easy with mitocholide anyway.
  2. okay do you honestly want someone like this as your captain
  3. Hey, I didn-- eh, whatever. Nice mini guide for an often overlooked branch of research.
  4. My attention was brought to this topic, so here goes. Personally, I take incompetence and chaos with humor most of the time, but that's probably because I rarely end up on the receiving end of the baton. I've also noticed a few new players playing sec badly, worst cases being HoS players who remain ignorant due to stubbornness, but I rarely have issues in a single round with sec as a whole. Still, certain people going power tripping can seriously sour someone's day. I've even heard a report of straight up murder recently, which brings me to my next point: IMO, as far as solutions go, nothing short of the community taking up initiative and offering help, essentially becoming role-models, correcting actions and answering questions both in and out of game, guiding players who are struggling in various jobs ( or sec in this case ) is going to improve sec quality without cutting down the numbers. Most people won't ask for help, but will accept it, if it helps them be competent. If someone's just outright not willing to learn, accept help and keeps screwing things up, ditto, job ban. 'Course, it could be possible to put certain restrictions on security jobs as well. There's a lot of options here, like progression ( required hours played as sec before HoS, since you pretty much should NEVER be one without experience anyway ) or approval requirement ( something like an application or having at least 1 mentor+ vouch for you ), but I bet the admins have already considered these before.
  5. Are you talking about that officer who arrested a clown for honking ( 30 minutes ) then arrested you, then you broke out, undressed him, cuffed him and made a parade out of him in the sec lobby with a honker? Oh, man, even if it's not that guy it was fucking hilarious. This is true. Unless you're an HoS or higher, you really can't take down other sec officers as one yourself, unless you have a lot reputation or like-minded individuals on the sec roster, but you could get more creative *wink* if taking it OOC is out of the question.
  6. Saaammyyy, I rigged the deck.
  7. Grey


    I've definitely seen you around in-game, though the vox names... it's all a blur, but Hichiyahikahti is the one with a purple tail, often in security department, right? If so, always glad to see your character on the station.
  8. Yeah, I remember doing something together, albeit a bit vaguely. This sounds kinda wrong, but I'm not gonna edit it now. Here's another question for you: Do admins see a player's OOC name or just their IC name when using help? Cause I've got an entirely different OOC name in-game.
  9. I recently came across a situation where I wanted to personally commend one of the staff, but couldn't due to not being able to PM the heads of this community and then I thought: Why not have a thread for players who want to formally thank and raise awareness of staff? Either for being very helpful or taking their own initiative to help out players when it seems like they're struggling or being efficient in some other way, whatever a player thinks is worth an honorable mention. Besides, everyone likes it when someone says something nice and it'd be a nice contrast to the admin complaints forum. Is this a good idea?
  10. That sounds like a good idea. I'll check it out eventually.
  11. Hello everyone! Sorry if I mislead anyone, I don't have any titles yet since I've only been playing for a bit on the server, but I've finally come to the realization that I'm here to stay so why not properly introduce myself? I usually play as Siegmund Freundlich on the server which some staff might recognize me for seeking help and asking silly questions often, though, in my defense: this is the first SS13 server I've played on, despite it being hidden from the public list, but I like it a lot so far. I've been playing security almost exclusively since I've unlocked it, but I'm also considering learning some more about the jobs I've been neglecting lately. As for my playtime... I've just unlocked heads of staff roles and I'll be unlocking blueshield sometime soon, so cross your fingers and hope this newbie isn't going to be in charge of or guarding you in the coming days. Well, this more or less sums it up. I'll be seeing y'all in-game!