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  1. Hihi Jenkins! Is Krichahka here, and is was many wondering why is not heard from Comms Officer Peggy so many time ago! Station voxxies is missing the timings when Vox Opera was blastinged through station radios and is just itching to getting claws on an autographed Peggy-mixtape. If she is having retiringed, is it was planninged to get a "token vox employee" for diversities? Is a many efficient morale improvement with using notmany budget! Also, speakings of budgets... Is a while since definetly-friendly-definetly-trader kin Skipjacks showed up. Any newses from that? Is really wantinged to get claws on voxxy armor, since is many comfy to wear. Don't getting voxxy wrong, the hardsuiting you provides more-or-less fitting, but is can tell that is was designinged by a treeless skrek who only sawinged a voxxy anatomy on "Vox Gone Wild" magazine. Many thankings for answer in advance! Krichahka
  2. While I approve of getting rid of the pre-scanning, since it had a bit of a meta-gamey feeling, I still feel that cloning makes death just a slap on the wrist, and that people prefer being cloned than actually getting their original body getting healed up. In a roleplaying perspective, I think it is obvious that a clone is not the continuation of the previous person's conscious, but rather an exact copy: if you die, you die, and a clone won't bring you back, rather it gives a copy of you. In a gameplay perspective: at least trying to bring back dead crew via SR+Surgery gave medical something to do, instead of slapping people in the cloner. I have seen it way too many times, that if defib didn't work due to damage being too high, or if it would require too much surgery, then they would rather just clone and be lazy about it. Erasing SR would make unclonable races broken: since it's too punishing, if you would die from a mistake/accident and medbay is incompetent (which unfortunately is not a rare thing) then you have to sit out the entire round, GG. Alternatively, I think humanizing a monkey still works, but I guarantee it that if they get reviwed in a human body, the first thing they do is to head to cryo.
  3. If I only knew this was a thing here. I actually made a calculator myself. In Excel. Honk.
  4. If you ever wondered how the first cultists got into the book club when they arrived on the station. Remember! Stranger danger!
  5. Unlocked every job and species, and have 57 to spare. Don't let that stop you from giving me karma. It makes me feel accomplished. Honk.
  6. So, I decided to make the mistake of playing as Magistrate. It was all chill, not really getting into security's way, but helped out here and there and tried getting involved, like giving a prisoner, who was about to be executed via a firing squad, the permission to stand as he was about to be executed. Hell I even went and fetched him a blindfold and bought a cigarette. Suddenly, captain calls me to the bridge, and shoves a fax message in my face, that basically says that command and security are incompetent and that ERT should be called to purge them; it had a stamp, it was written in my name (and of a IAA who I haven't met, but was on the manifest), but naturally, it wasn't signed. So I headed to the IAA office, and /surprise/ there was the original message that was faxed, and an automatic response from CC. Well, it was either the other IAA who was messing about, or something else was up. I called the detective who scanned the papers aaaaand... we got a name. Not too surprisingly, that name was on several cell logs, with the crime being of breaking into places, and currently ,said person was punching himself in a cell, until restrained, and kept shouting to kill ourselves, and that we are stealing his shit. He even started punching when second he go out of cuffs, and when I accused him of the fax messages, he naturally denied it. I showed him the detective's scanner reports, that had his prints on it. I was told to kill myself. The IAA's ID was discovered then, which was in his PDA (security failed to notice it before). Then he suddenly turned catatonic, to be stuffed to cryo. Well. I guess it was a better experience than just spamming my gavel on the bridge, but damn. Sometimes I wonder what sort of people are behind these sort of 'characters'.
  7. Well, mostly because from security players, it is expected to play their role seriously, and are expected to do their job with a much higher standard than any other: -If engineering leaves a breach in maintenance, or around arrivals unattended, and you have to keep circling around firelocks, while the engineers are slacking off / do their own thing? Nobody really cares. -The chef doesn't make food, or just keeps making brainburgers, roboburgers? Not much happens as a consequence (didn't see one arrested for workplace hazard, ever, but I digress) -The comdom spaces himself, or loses the disk? He just gets told he's a comdom, MAYBE a demotion. -The miners slack off and don't bother supplying the station with minerals/plasma? They won't be punished for not doing their job properly. -If security ruins your fun by following the law? You might be in the right, but not ONLY will you be verbally assaulted by the offender, you will be seen as the no-fun police by the crew, and risk a bwoink if the offender is too childish and persistent. It's rather complex to play as seccie, because not only you have to be somewhat robust, but you have to: Keep watching the chat for calls for help. Know space law by heart (or at least have it open in a tab) Have a massive amount of patience when you have to chase down greytide, who only will keep causing havoc the second they leaves the cell, when you know, that everyone would be better off if you just spaced the offender. Have to keep track of the arrested peeps, and it's really hard to do, when the processing room is full, and nobody knows why are people wanted. You have to know the players. Is the suspect someone prone to metagaming/powergaming? Is he someone who actually talks and roleplays? You might want to react differently to either. In a nutshell: you have to play at a higher standard, and even if you do your job, there's no 'reward' to compensate for the added stress (because it mostly is a bit of a stressful job), and you either do your job and nobody gives a damn for the extra effort, or you will be called shitcurity.
  8. That's kind of the idea I presented, and I agree that it would tie down 2-4 officers, I would suggest (again, just throwing out ideas) that maybe it could be an entirely new job, like basically a 'Security Guard Cadet' or something like that, one for each checkpoint, with very basic brig access, and is only allowed to carry flashbang and pepperspray, but no weapons whatsoever. On green and blue they can be basically a lookout guy, report anything suspicious, and if someone needs to report something to security in person, they could report it to them, who will pass on the info over the security channel, or PDA the hos himself, instead of the civvies having to chase down the roaming security officers and get in the way. Would it change up the 'meta'? Absolutely. People won't roam around the halls as much on code red, which actually would make it /feel/ like code red. And you can either wait in line to be let through the checkpoint, to be searched, etc. or those who are 'desperate' and/or stupid enough will take the maintenance for a shortcut, where antags would lie in ambush. On the other hand you can bet your ass that there WILL be people who will, as usual, do their best to grief them and run away screaming because they are bored and/or because being searched and in some ways being restricted does not run in paralell with their idea of 'fun'. Hell, I know quite a few regulars who would be there with picket signs protesting against the whole thing before disassembling the thing with screwdrivers. All I'm saying I guess is... I for one would love to play that role, and in my opinion it would spice things up in bigger ways with smaller changes, and I guess provide more opportunities to interact with people along with it. And anyone who played 'Papers Please' would love to play the role, I guess :V
  9. I would personally like it, if it would be enforced to stay in your department, however, it only sounds good on paper. Enforcing it would be literally impossible, partially, because security usually have their hands full as is, so dragging people back to their departments (or to brig) would tax them even more so. Not to mention that more people would use it as an excuse to troll skrekurity, than there would be people actually obeying the code red procedures. As an RP standpoint, it is a double-edged sword: it's good for RP because you are actually acting that there is a serious threat and not just 'Oh, just another traitor/cling. Guess I'll go bother the comdom in front of the bridge'. And it's also bad for RP because what little social interaction one can have, it would be taken away as you twiddle your thumb in your department. I think, what it would be really ideal, that would be unfortunately near-impossible to do, but would make the most sense: security checkpoints, with mandatory searches on code red at certain chokepoints on the station if you want to pass. You can come and go, if you REALLY want/need to, but expect to be searched and questioned thoroughly. I reckon even just two would be enough around the Central Primary Hallways, and the one at arrivals should be removed, since it's only used by antags who need sechud... For example, moving one of it to the secondary tool storage and adding a few deployable barriers, and adding the other checkpoint to somewhere around the opposite side. Guess I'm just pitching in my two cents, and see what sticks.
  10. Hihi Rissa, this is voxy. Why is you not wanting to taking fliptonium? This time is not even floorpill!
  11. My name would suggest that I would go for unathi, which really was the case until I unlocked vox. The reson why I play vox: A proper weirdo alien race, who works/thinks/talks completely differently than any other race They are like a mix of kobolds from D&D and birbs with quills. In spess. Can't get much more awesome than that. Higher chance of interaction with the crew: bigger suspicion from sec (not to mention that often time they get confused over the vox names and accidentally arrest/bring in the wrong vox with a similiar name), the crew in general either are fascinated by them, or they are hated by them, and vox on vox interaction gives the individual a sense of security, that you can rely on your 'kin'. (Yeah, I guess it can be a clique, but then again, it's also in their lore :V) What's a voxcaster? *quill, *cough, *sneeze, *scream
  12. I'm not sure it is explained how they ended up working for NT, but you can always come up with somethig, as it's not set in stone, I reckon (for example my vox is a raider who is working off the damages he caused). Outcast, voulenteer, exchange worker, whatever, I reckon it's all good as long as you come up with something that fits. The speech pattern is easy, since it's just a 'general outline', but no two voxtalk is the same. For example, with my vox the grammatical mistakes are not 'consistent', as sure, he doesn't know the language that much, but most of the time, he just doesn't bother even trying to think how he can say something gramatically correctly, due to him thinking that Galactic Common is too boring, theer is not enough screeching in it, and he barely needs to use his second tongue for it. To add to the preciously said pointers: -Singular/Plural is mixed up, sometimes by just adding the '-s' or sometimes changing up the whole sentence, like when as engineer, the station survives a meteor shower, he might go like "Skrek. That is a many breachings" -Every time you cuss, use some form of 'Skrek'. It is very weird to hear a vox use the f-word. If you think someone is dumb, then 'He is a skrek'. If you want the greytide to stop pushing in the HoP line, you might go "SKREEE! STOP THE SKREKKING PUSHINGS" -Although many make fun of the 'Hihi!' and 'Yaya!' and "Kin" it is part of being a vox, to use it, but don't go overboard with adding 'Yaya' into every sentence, because that irks even me who plays vox all the damn time.
  13. Gosh, can't believe I missed this post. I was that holopara, and despite me regretting my decision immediately, when I've seen I've been made into an explosive type, I was rather surprised how effective it turned out to be in the end at that hectic as hell fight. I was rolling after boobytrapping the dropped shotguns; poor seccies didn't know what hit them. Better luck next time lizardbro!
  14. "Hey CE, could you please /unlock/ this crate of Thermo-Electric Generator? Just unlock it, don't ope- Oh... Nevermind... Thanks anyway."