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  1. Trubus

    Rsik's Art

    Leave it to the professionals, rookie. I do a full body inspection when treating.
  2. Trubus

    Rsik's Art

    Don't worry, Rsik is free with Wolf. *Puts on gloves*
  3. Disagree. Especially since range stuns are being getting removed.
  4. Trubus


    Ew gross. Just kidding, welcome.
  5. Law 3 would prevent you from entering core to beat it to death. Law 1 would be borderline because it wouldn't allow crew harm.
  6. So, after picture four. the engineer turned it on after we lowered the gas. The SM decides to shock me. Standing back, I started getting radiation poisoning, which made me hide in the bathroom. Not sure what or who, but someone decided to light the plasma gas in the captain's office, starting a plasma fire, which made me trapped in the bathroom. Luckily, Flufferton was able to get me out of the bathroom in time. Short time later, you guess it, it exploded because of the plasma fire. I will not be doing this again. I didn't think of the cons of this and should have been more thoughtful.
  7. The start of my SM Shard Chamber Ft: Wolf O'Shaw, Graynt and Rolhar who was the main engineer in this project.
  8. How GAs are handling the non-security players is fine. Though GAs shouldn't jump on the ban wagon until information is fully gathered. If it was self defense, it should be looked away the first time but warn that they shouldn't our right kill or arrest the said antag. Should be treated like the blueshield does with command, stun the threat and get away. If you want to kill or hunt antags, join as an officer. Officers should know SoP, this isn't a get-away-free ticket to kill antags, follow the proper procedures before you go killing someone. I feel some information is left out and are quick to judge on what is going on. I honestly don't think punishment shouldn't change, but getting a fully story before committing. EDIT: For antags, if someone is straight up after them, same applies. Just stun them and retreat if it isn't part of your objectives. As long as they don't commit to killing. If they do kill that greytide or whomever is chasing them, should hear out why they did it and judge if the action was appropriate, which GAs already do. Honestly think, they should not hide the bodies though. Make it so they can be revive easily. If they get attacked by same person, it should be reported for valid-hunting
  9. Tit for tat. Ruin a player's round by grabbing early, get shit on and have the same happen to you.
  10. Trubus

    Rsik's Art

    Rsik x Wolf when
  11. It could take a day to a few weeks. Admins have a life outside Paradise. Take the time to think what you did.
  12. Trubus

    Hello there

    Hello. You should have an idea who I am.
  13. Part of the reason I am leaving too. Take care DTX toaster