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  1. You wish to be flatten? *Flexes*
  2. Briggs. I could care less what other captains accept or do not accept. If you come at me with any kind of makeup, I will promise you that I’ll shove it where the sun don’t shine. - W
  3. Rskuzu. This is nothing more then harmless teasing. This started back before you were enlisted on Cyberaid. They way Rsik reacts to me is oh so adorable, fuels me for the rest of the day. Disinterest from Rsik is a false claim, but I won’t go into details. - W.
  4. Be nice to see those compliments too.
  5. I also agree. As I know some GAs like to stretch the truth then what actually happen. Seeing notes would at least have players peace of mind knowing correct information is being displayed for all GAs. This goes same for GAs who reads on those players notes, no more biased information.
  6. My office is open once more.