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  1. You should just be able to order the vending supplies from cargo and put it in the vendors without taking it apart...
  2. I am against this if it surely for that reason. Janitors or cargo techs are to refil the vending machines if it is empty. That is why there is an ability to order more stock at cargo. Tsk. Lazy.
  3. Should we call ERT for the over run Xenomorph. Bonus question, should it be Janitor
  4. Wolf O'Shaw. Normally your surgeon, mostly the representative or captain. Nice to officially meet.
  5. It is 2XXX. You would think education is much more advance then presently. Those focus on studies would be advanced in training and rank. Those who didn't, are grey tide obviously.
  6. Yeah, none of them had it that round
  7. Just curious where the pirate captain keeps the pinpointer. You cryo one round and left everything but the pinpointer on the captain's desk. Could not find the pinpointer and CC wouldn't bluespace a new one.
  8. My only worry is security all ready have a hard time checking in in permanent. And when they do, they prisoner is dead, missing, or breached a hole into space to escape. If there was a way to better monitor them.. like camera console in warden office or something...
  9. Nerd, mew. 

    1. GuiltyBeans


      Ams the best nerd!!!

  10. I don't understand why this was screen shot and shared