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  1. Isn't there a Wiki for all of this all ready
  2. Have food in hand, click yourself repeatedly until said food is gone from hand. Chicken noodle with water fills your food bar quickly. Stuck in game, press F1 and mentor help for quick assist
  3. I'd wrestle him. *flexes*
  4. The best way to be an apprentice is finding one in round and learn on the spot. Some might feel uncomfortable hiring an assistant but they need to learn not all assistants are there to cause trouble. Ask to be mind shield to gain a better trust between you and security. Even a tracking implant.
  5. I believe the brig doctor room was only to treat minor treatments. They are to be cuffed in all treatments and rolled to medbay if require more serious treatment with security escort. That is how I play it anyway
  6. That picture of Terry is spot on. Tired and upset
  7. Tough call.. they may not.
  8. The decline is mostly due too not enough information was provided and was auto declined.