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  1. @everyone If you have our server bookmarked in BYOND, please update the bookmark to: byond:// This ensures you'll always reach the current server we're using. This is from the announcement. From Byond, click open and paste the address. Have you also cleared Byond cache?
  2. How are you connecting? If you are on Discord be easier to help
  3. Would outflex easily *Flexes*
  4. Terry and Tetra make a great couple
  5. Needs to be shirtless
  6. I wouldn't call Spark a pig but...
  7. Wolf needs to get married
  8. Changeling we thought up: Transform Poison Jab Recover Giga drain
  9. This was on Discord, but we decided to move on forum for those to add their own. Just like the Pokemon you are only allowed 4 move sets. Try and have it close to your race, like don't have a human have fly attack or whatever. For antags, team effort, what would their move set be? Wolf would have: Glare/Mean look Siesmic Toss Metal claw Roar
  10. Trubus

    Host Switchover

    Yes, I remember when you started. Thanks for hosting and taking the time