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  1. Wolf O'Shaw I will see you around.
  2. Isn't there a Wiki for all of this all ready
  3. Have food in hand, click yourself repeatedly until said food is gone from hand. Chicken noodle with water fills your food bar quickly. Stuck in game, press F1 and mentor help for quick assist
  4. I'd wrestle him. *flexes*
  5. The best way to be an apprentice is finding one in round and learn on the spot. Some might feel uncomfortable hiring an assistant but they need to learn not all assistants are there to cause trouble. Ask to be mind shield to gain a better trust between you and security. Even a tracking implant.
  6. I believe the brig doctor room was only to treat minor treatments. They are to be cuffed in all treatments and rolled to medbay if require more serious treatment with security escort. That is how I play it anyway
  7. That picture of Terry is spot on. Tired and upset
  8. Tough call.. they may not.
  9. The decline is mostly due too not enough information was provided and was auto declined.
  10. It can be good or bad. It can be against or as nukes. I am generally want something to read. I will start. This is back when I started playing SS13, played a human named Tyne Reinhardt. Nukes decided to go stealth and break into my office without being caught. Back then, I hid my nuclear authorisation disk in that safe with a 5 digit code. I carried the pinpointer on me. I was radio maybe fifteen minutes into the shift that nuclear ops were spotted leaving my office with the disk. I am not sure where all four ops went but I had my pinpointer online and it took me to science maintenance alone, just below the solar maintenance on the lower left side just before the room. Of course, back then I was new, I went solo after the disk. I caught up to just the one operative, who was clearly alone, in putting codes into the nuke as it was clear they had the disk inside it. They didn't hear or see me before it was too late because I had the rapier out just stabbing him. I had no hardsuit so it hurt when he exploded, I was deaf and in critical but manage to get to the nuke and eject the disk and call for help in maintenance, HoS and a bunch of officers wasted no time getting to me, I kept repeating myself to them that I had the disk on me before blacking out. Cyberaid won that day.
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    Didn't realize N2O could knock you out
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    CO2 aka laughing gas.
  13. This happen yesterday, I played as NT rep. Heather was on point on getting the benefit virus ready to send out. Being first in line, got my shot and carried on. The captain was easy going so I didn't pay attention to him. I had a vox note me next on the PDA about the head of personnel permitting the gateway explorer to order gun crate. Question over command coms why the HoP allowed this. Captain was oblivious to this, which I wasn't surprised. The HoP stayed silence, CMO was being cranky about something and HoS never really said anything. Doing what I do best, visit the cargo to see what was happening and denying that order to explain we weren't going to waste points on gateway explorer. CMO situation decided to get bigger when CMO realized that Heather was giving out the virus without their permission and wanted Heather arrested and fired. HoS I guess was ignoring the CMO the captain wanted to shift the spotlight onto something else and the HoP was trying to tell CMO to stop fighting about it. Being Rep I gave my point of view. On the headset, I explained the CMO was following SoP and allowed to fire Heather because releasing virus without documenting what was in it was very dangerous. Captain tried to change the subject, CMO was happy I was seeing things their way and HoP was being salty. I added that Heather should have given a chance to fix this. I was heard by deaf ears. CMO acted on their own and apparently locked Heather in his office and took her ID and crew were not happy and was screaming over coms. HoP was getting worried that CMO would cause a riot. I had to simmer the situation for both parties and ran to my office to make a station announcement. In the middle of making one, about to send it, the station had to turn off the power grid was announced. I am like, great! How long is this going to take before the situation goes out of hand? It gotten to the point that gravity shuts down and a minute passes after that before power came back online. Finally able to send the message, crew weren't happy about how it was part of sop so nothing was wrong. I did advise that Heather should have given a chance to fix her mistake and apologize to those who received the treatment. Suddenly, someone shouts Nukies were in maintenance. Are you kidding me? I ran out of my office and up between cargo and HoP office to have the maintenance airlock open behind me with a single nukie. Oh yeah, Steve was there and was bitching about no welcome mat and wanted the captain to greet him properly. Anyway, the nukie and I stared at each other for a second before I bolted to bridge to warn captain. The captain was at bridge in his seat with the blueshield while I yelled at them to take the captain and leave. They didn't seem to hear me as much moving wasn't happening. So I repeated myself while Brendan grabbed the fire axe from the shelf. Conference airlock snag open with the same nukie I spotted earlier with a shotgun in hand. I had my cane out with Brendan behind me. Stun him when he reached to the doorway and Brendan let him have it with the axe. Nukie dies and explodes, my leg removed. Virus healed me quickly though. Bridge explodes a few times so went to investigate that. 2 more nukie shows up with duel swords. I was dazed and down but virus got me back up, I got struck a few times to have a broken chest and hand. I manage to drop my cane and disarm the nukie with a single push to the floor. Crew tackled the down nukies and I ended them with their swords. Two more exploded. A vox in nuke gear saves me and throws me I to captain's office. After the virus kicks in, made my way to robotics with some help to get a new leg. Broken chest and now coughing blood, made my way to medbay to hopefully get my chest operated on. A little disappointed I couldn't keep my duel blades since I dropped it when the explosion from killing the third ops knocked me down. Quick surgery later make my way to bridge to see who in command was still alive, coms were offline. Found my duel blade, captain was dead but nad was safe. Pocket the duel blade, exit bridge to find the fourth ops attacking who I think was HoS. Quickly ended them with the duel blade while accidentally nicking HoS who wanted to fight back. Lost her arm. Whoops. I believe the AI called the shuttle due to no comms and most of command was dead. Heather's virus prevented my death 4 times. TLDR: Robusted nukies with some assistants. Heather saved Wolf's life by going against a little of SoP and make a fantastic virus.
  14. Don't know you, or, I don't remember you. ...hi
  15. Another story. Wasn't sure if we declared war or not. All I know is I decided to play the douche canoe duel wield energy sword. From what I remember it was team based.. you know, I think we did declare war. Anyway I had a Borg as my partner and we decided to breach maintenance south of science. A security Borg and 2 sec found my Borg and blew him up with me. Fortunately my suit was set to combat mode and damage was minimal. Deaf, I remember screaming at them with my swords out if they wanted to dance. I wish I could hear their response. I think I took one out before the Borg rescued the other sec and ran off. Still deaf, trying to weld my partner back but I guess it was too damaged to go back online. So alone with a missing leg. I decided to make route in maintenance north to medbay. I was found lucky to have my partner with a healing gun take out the 2 I tried attacking g earlier. We decided to team up and head to captain office. I believe @PhantasmicDream was a civvie inside the office and she had the nad on her. It was her or a vulp ... forgot her name... was a mentor at the time... blonde vulp. Anyway, was kill. Took Nad and pocket it. We were ambushed by sec with weapons firing. My partner and I decided to have them drag me behind them while I would act as a shield with my blades out to prevent any more harm. We made it back to our shuttle with boss man in the shuttle (played by an admin so not an actual nuke). For some odd reason, they couldn't get the airlock open so we were stuck in space with a broken chest and arms fighting off crew while he got the airlock open. What felt like a century, finally got it open. After operating on ourselves we noticed the NAD fucked off from my pocket. So we decided to drag our nuke back to station and relocate the nad. Crew seem to noticed the nad was missing from me as well I think and went looking for it. It was just the 2 of us as our other ops were long dead. We finally located the nad in construction in that room engineering can get I to across the storage tech equipment... wrench, arm, retreated. Most of crew were dead or at medbay. Can't remember. End round, victory to me and my partner who turned out to be another admin.
  16. Just thought we could have memes of yourself and the reaction of another. Can be GIFs, comic strips, pictures or text. I will start with Wolf (as himself) and Central Command navy officer (as Leon) Tumblr