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  1. Keep it up, I love the new style
  2. Tsk, every time I come here an admin replies soon after. Stalkers
  3. I don’t see a difference
  4. Damn it, you were there? I had Desmond and I go to cargo because I thought you flushed yourself. Manage to get your ID and CE hardsuit for you to wear. Left a station announcement too. Went to arrival escape pods because I thought you would be there. Instead, found my killer who shot me dead.
  5. Trubus

    Rsik's Art

    I wonder who fired the bullets
  6. Wolf O’Shaw Wolf by Saimes Drunk Arcade by Bombs Away Professional Griefers by Deadmau5 and Get Busy by Sean Paul
  7. I work and spend time with the fiancé. When he is away, then I get to play
  8. If you read SoP for Legal... hostile eoc like Xenomorphs, Changelings, Shadowlings, and powered vampires are kill on sight. Thralled are to be detained and deconverted. Those who escape perma are considered shot on sight. Attempted escaping perma is not a kill on sight as they can still be detained. Its not an execution, it’s more of a punishment for escaping. All of this says it in SoP for security
  9. I agree, as someone who plays captain regularly, I would not do any of this