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  1. Or have Cargo order the parts and have the Engineers assemble them, perhaps?
  2. Hey guys, So I've gone through a few threads here on the forums and a consensus I seem to be getting is that Engineering, in recent times, has become quite a dull job, having not all that much to do before the implementation of the Tesla Engine, but even less so now due to it apparently requiring no maintenance whatsoever. Now, I don't usually play Engineering, so what I'm saying here is as an outsider, but I would like to take the opportunity to invite those who do play Engineering on a regular basis to give their input here. That being said, as the title implies, I don't believe the Tesla Engine should be removed completely, rather I wonder if it would be possible to looking into making some amendments to it, for example, the capacity to fail (assuming of course, it can't currently fail on it's own without malicious input from a crewmember). I've heard several complaints that the TE has become the go-to soft option as once it's up, the Engineers can literally just leave it. I believe in one post, someone said that once the CE has ordered it's installation (apparently CEs invariably choose to have the TE ordered over the Singularity these days), they literally just sit around and hope a bomb goes off or a compartment decompresses so they actually have something to do on the station that NT is paying them to be on. So, my suggestion, to kick things off: Just as the Singularity has the capacity to be fed too much and break out of it's containment field, give the Tesla Engine the capacity to short out, blow a few circuits in various areas of the station, maybe a few electrical fires. This could be instigated by outside interference of course, debris getting caught in the currents, a stray meteor hitting just the wrong place and/or just a small percentile (not too small as to be nigh statistically impossible, but enough that it may happen once every few rounds) chance that the circuit could just overload/short out. N.B. electrical short outs with that kind of voltage can also be quite explosive, giving our Engineers the opportunity for station maintenance as well as the sense of urgency that comes with having the station's power source suddenly go out. Any thoughts/opinions on this would be greatly appreciated
  3. Hey guys, Been part of the SS13 community for some time but it's only recently I've heard the term "Greytiding", I'm not quite sure how I've missed it all this time but I guess I could just use a bit of clarification. What exactly is greytiding and why it is hated so much?
  4. But that's one of the problems you face when look at making Security open to antags. If tasers are too OP for antags, what are you going to do to replace them? You can't really replace the weapon with anything else otherwise it'd be a dead giveaway, not to mention that you wouldn't really be able to justify ICly, the organisation that sent said antags, depriving their agents of a tool that could make their job a hell of a lot easier. Personally, I think there is a lot of contempt towards security anyway, some of it warranted, some not to so much, but I think, at least in the formats discussed, giving Sec the capability to be antagonists will, to quote an earlier post, add fuel to what is already a relatively strong fire.
  5. Oh I've been playing SS13 for years and this server is by far and away the best I've ever come across, so yeah, I intend to stick around for some time. I've recently come back from a break, before which this was my server of choice, incidentally and this certainly isn't enough to put me off. As I say, it was just something I observed and I wanted to see if it wasn't just me being nitpicky
  6. Hey guys, So the past few days I've been involved in a number of both low and high population rounds, and something grabs my attention: Low population I find, while generally slower, seems to allow for much more character interaction/development/roleplay. Whilst on higher population rounds, I see a lot of, well, people just doing stuff. That's a very vague comment, I realise, what I mean is people just run around, doing everything, almost autonomously, without so much as a word to their colleagues, no attempt to establish who their co-workers are. This I imagine would vary from job to job, but I'll give an example: I was playing a Roboticist over the weekend, one round where I had the lab to myself when the server was low population. I got to operate for the first time on a mechanical crew-member to implant their Positronic into a new body. It was the first time my character (and indeed his player) had ever performed the procedure on a mechanical, but was able to do so with the guidance of his new-found friend, S.Q.U.I.S.H, the engineering cyborg who'd come to the Roboticist for a cell replacement that quickly evolved into a philosophical debate about the co-existence of synthetic and organic life and my character's love of bringing life to the inanimate. Then a high population round occurred later in the day whereby I was sharing the lab with a fellow Roboticist who quickly set to work, doing everything as fast as possible and being completely unresponsive to any questions or attempts at roleplay I put forward, which left the round feeling rather flat from my personal perspective. I also understand that people's desire to get shit done yesterday is perfectly fine, though I always assumed that the idea was to roleplay, we're people, we don't always operate at full tilt, we certainly don't get it spot on every single time. Now, I realise this might sound like I'm complaining, I'm not, I promise. But I am curious as to whether or not it is just me that experiences this sort of thing? Anybody else ever get the feeling in a high population round that "winning" takes precedence over playing the role?
  7. Might sound like a bit of a dumb question but what is there to do as a civvie? Can they get involved with anything?
  8. As the title implies, I'd like to know what people prefer to go to as their first choice of job aboard the Cyberiad My choice tends to depend on my mood but usually I go for: Either Geneticist or Roboticist for the most part If I'm feeling like being a bit more managerial I aim for Chief Medical Officer I used to play Security as my main role all the time, but I find myself having much more opportunity for roleplay and character interaction working in Science or Medical, though I still find myself drawn to the red jumpsuit every now and again Over to you guys!
  9. Hey guys, You may have seen me on occasion as either: Tom Vettel (CMO) Sam Lonnigan (Geneticist/Roboticist) Mark Mason (Security Officer/HoS) Been playing SS13 for around 5-6 years now, mostly Bay12 but moved to Paradise around 6 months ago, took a long break and now I'm back to stay Looking forward to seeing you all aboard and hope to roleplay some awesomeness with you sometime, any questions or anything you'd like to know, feel free to ask! Stay Robust!