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  1. Station's First Panzer Division assembled next to their tanks. We were soldiers....
  2. I think that validhunting rule is fine as it is. However... how does it work with Xenobiology's creatures? I had a round when I've become an alien hunter and was SPECIFICALLY told by my Master AND the Security that my job is to hunt a certain Vampire. The Vampire killed me, but before he did that I was called a validhunter. Again, I had no hard feelings towards the players, so I pinged an admin, who was also civil about this and told me that my Master shouldn't even ask me to do such a thing. Is this an official statement of the server? Because xenobiology creatures seem to be sort of a grey zone in regards to that... and they do not have a "job" per se. I'm not saying that the Vampire was unjustly angry at me, nor that the Security and Xenobiologist intended to do validhunting. The whole situation just felt.... weird?
  3. I have to be this guy and ask... What abouuut voice changer? Should the same limitations be added OR do we treat it as a piece of syndi tech that is intentionally superior? In later case it would increase VC's usefulness while also making it easier to identify. Both options seems viable, imo. EDIT: There is also option C, where old VC gets deleted altogether and replaced by something more expensive, that might be implanted in one's neck. Sorry for drifting slightly off-topic, but I feel that both things are kinda connected.
  4. What abouuut...instead of replacing existing changelings adding the one you've proposed as some sort of Alpha Changeling? With goals that don't exactly need to agree with the goals of smaller lings or other traitors. Hell, would've been cool to see the Alpha variants of some other antags too, to spice everything up a bit. Of course, taken in moderation.
  5. Tiered SOPs sound kinda cool, although we are stepping in a territory that bugs me a little bit: our station is sometimes trying to be more lawful than God damn Federation from Star Trek. And yes, I know - it's a game and we need rules, but I feel that dertain violations of the SoP should have more IC consequences. I really like, when CC takes action against something or when tension exist but I understand how annoying it can be for admins. I'm just wondering how much can we stretch the SOP to not actually loose that bit of shadyness that we love in NT. As for the Civies, HOP has already ton of stuff to do and while technically being responsible for civvies... well, we all know how it is. Maybe we should assign a new role/authorize existing one to be able to do something about so called "human resources"? How about making Heads of staff being able to recruit people to their departaments on their own? I know it may be crazy, but maybe there is a way to handle it.
  6. I also think that we should differ "friendly vampires" from "opportunistic vampires". Borers are pretty good example, it IS in their interest to care for the host. I like the idea to having vampires function in the same way, cause it gives more occasions for player interaction. And doesn't really take anything from your classic "powerbuilding" vampires. Instead you just get different paths for the same goal.
  7. Really like the humanity system, would be no doubt a challenge for coders and spriters (full morphed, vampire voxes and greys, yes please!) Though a new vampire system could require some new anti-vampire weapons... Holy symbols? Stakes? STAKE GUNS? (as a high-end weapon, ofc)
  8. You know, we need to ask a question - what is the outcome we wanna get from the shadowling round. Do we want lings to always win? Do we want the crew to always always win? Do we want equal chances for both antags and the crew? Also, shadowlings aren't the only antags in the game and there are a couple situations, where secborgs are next to being useless. Not that long time ago I remember one nuke ops kiting two sec borgs and a sec officers, who were literally spamming at him, but he still managed to get the upper hand thanks to his crazy adrenals and he simply killed all three. Isn't it a bit of house of cards situation that when you move one card, the whole structure might simply collapse? On the other hand I agree that standard sec guards feel a bit underpowered, when compared to borgs - at least in a classic "chase and mob" scenario and all those ideas with targetting, viruses and alternative ways of hurting a bot look super spicy. I think that with current balance, removing secborgs completely would create a batch of brand new problems, connected to other antags, that we aren't discussing here ATM.
  9. I would say SR is the bigger issue than cloning itself. While it's true that cloning can be out of the jail card situation it can go a bit hectic when the population overflows. And still it takes time to clone somebody. SR on the other hand is insta magical life juice I really like that quote from Dinarzad, I think it summs up the situation perfectly. It opens a discussion for more thoughts, like some people treating ss13 like a competitive game and such and trying to "win" over others. But that are the problems of Medium Role-Play, really when L-RPers and H-RPers clash with each other. I think that getting people back to life should be a little bit harder, maybe give clones a longer hibernation period that they would need to be fully formed? And give additional cons and disabilities if someone would rush it? I dunno. It's hard to rebalance one revival method without rebalacing the others, really. If cloning will be nerfed we will be more dependant on defibs and SR (we kinda are right now). Likewise, if we do something with one of the other two the cloning could become the primary way of revival. The problem is to make returning from the dead more... meaningful to a player? Does that make sense?
  10. I really like the "Space Wild West" vibe that it has. Is this even doable? It has so much potential with even Roanoke specific stuff, that you can get only there. Would it be possible to make it colder for example? To give some love to the cold-loving races?
  11. And you know, even violent objectives might be fun if the game encourages the more subtle approach than just simple beating someone with an e-sword to death. But I think it's cool to get more options. I like to assassinate, from time to time, but I can see a niche for those solutions. If we want to trully create a medium RP playerbase instead of "I'm unsure of whatever I RP or just robust". There is a very subtle difference here..
  12. Nothing suspicious here... just couple of borgs, having fun...
  13. Yes, because medbay doesn't have anything to do and just spends all the rounds stoned. As for your second opinion, I'd say it won't be worse than super-bullshit-SR-magical-resurrection. This IS making antag's life harder. And playing a medical staff member less fun. Having someone dedicated to get rid of people, who.. let's say... break in to the ORs during operations, or steal medpacks, or just slip you when you're attending a pateint because it's all damn funny... That sort of thing, you know? That's the thing that medbay guard should deal with.
  14. Glad that you tested it. I think it shows that there is a niche for such job. And yeah, I'm not saying that the medbay is the only place that would need such bodyguard-ish service, but it's one of the places that needs it the most. Also gives sec more time to focus on actual antags and not being forced to chase greytide that are breaking stuff in medbay. Medbay guard isn't meant to be lethal, the priorities that this class should have is just keeping the patients and medical staff safe from troublemakers.
  15. I mean, you are sort of supposed to be confused during these rounds. That's the whole thing, that the lings are trying to outsmart you and incidents WILL happen. So, you know, paranoia is pretty understable.