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  1. Said it before and I'll say it again I hate the name redspace
  2. Because it makes the antag exclusive to IPC owners, a karma locked race. Vox raiders can be anyone
  3. Vox raiders forces you into a premade vox with no fluff text, random name and no affiliation to the station crew As I understand it, your idea would just pick a random IPC at roundstart.
  4. Problem here is that it's an antag specifically for a race that's karma locked. I don't see this happening, because of that.
  5. This I can actually get behind, fits with Ian and Renault too
  6. Ok removing security
  7. He pranked me with an admin message, his name took me an alright song

  8. OOC being off is great for me as an admin, because I can't bring myself to disabling it for long, I am supposed to moderate it, after all. We have discord for people to use for OOC discussion, while it's not really the same, it's something people can get used to.
  9. Jup, my bad, I was proper confused about it today actually.
  10. While it might not be favorable, what you can do is take your character, go to a new slot, save the slot, so you basically just cloned your character between two slots. Now enable antag prefs on one of the clones, and disable them on the other, quick workaround, but not ideal.