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  1. Name of Event: Advanced Xenomorphic Warfare. One Sentence Description: Due to lingering radiation around the NSS Cyberiad, and the unfortunate issue of Xenomorphs boarding the station due to smugglers, the mix of which has caused a distress in the Xenomorphs resulting in both mutations and increased breeding speed capabilities. Map Changes: None Will this work with the standard NSS Cyberiad map: Yes Code Changes: Most likely, *but* possibly not? Will this work with the standard Paracode base: Most likely, *but* possibly not? Suggested Number of Players: ~∞ Full Description of Event: My idea goes somewhat like: A increased amount of radiation storms each lasting longer and longer each time, keeping people in maintenance. I'd say 3 radiation storms would be the max before questions would be raised. each lasting longer and the last lasting maybe 5 minutes. Also to reduce snitches who are able to withstand radiation there should be an Isopheric storm resulting in loss of communication via headset and could also possibly kill the lights. now with this time of 5~ minutes during the third radiation storm after the com's / possibly lights have been hit offline the first couple of Xenomorphs are spawned. These Xenomorphs will be kitted with a vast amount of new abilities (mutations) based on the class they choose. The basic way I was thinking this could work would be to use the mutations from: https://nanotrasen.se/wiki/index.php/Guide_to_Genetics as an administrator is able to force these mutations upon a player why not any other carbon based lifeforms controlled by us? The basic idea i was thinking could be done would be: Hunters: X-Ray Vision Heat Resistance Sentinels: Chameleon/Cloak of Darkness Polymorphism? Drones: ? Queen: Speed Boost ? and all basic abilities requirements and recharges would be cut in half or less or however much you want fam. Of course as i have not played xeno's very much this could be changed I just selected what I did from a look over the wiki page: https://nanotrasen.se/wiki/index.php/Xenomorph
  2. Name of Event: Stowaway One Sentence Description: An insane group/person (>insert race here) has stowed away in the cargo ship and arrived here at the NSS Cyberiad to cause terror. Map Changes: No Will this work with the standard NSS Cyberiad map: Yes Code Changes: Yes? maybe no, It would requre the spawning of a player/s/ into the cargo ship before it arrives to the station. Will this work with the standard Paracode base: Yes? Suggested Number of Players: 1-5 What type of population level would this be best for?: Any? Full Description of Event: >Player/s Are spawned into the cargo ship at Centcom (Could be taken from pool of ghosts somewhere mid way into the round or whenever would work best.) >A range of weapons that they can pick from in a bunch of unlocked crates already waiting for them. >and possibly with a objective to take someone hostage or overthrow command. >could have the ability to do whatever they needed to complete >insert objective here. >This could be a alternative to the almost always expected Xenos around 13:30.
  3. Well do keep in mind this could be a Borg job subset like the janitor or engineer one, which I would find more preferable than sitting around as a ghost
  4. I guess it would be like a surgeon with no patients, possibly "SSD" could be added to the crew monitor as a state and anyone who's clasified as SSD would be alerted to the *insert job name here* via i dunno PDA?
  5. Coding Difficulty: Simple (In theory?) Scope: The general idea is a new job would be implemented, similar to the coroner but instead of dealing with dead bodies it would be ones that are slightly less dead, The SSD. Now I wouldn't know what to call a job such as this but something simple i'm sure would do. This *insert job name here* would go around and collect bodies which are SSD, with some elated access (Not sure how you could balance the higher than normal access but i'll put some ideas in the Balance area.) and basically taking the SSD to Cryo or in special circumstances take them to their quarters. (EX: Captain) There could be a possibility of maybe having a goal for this job as to how many bodies were brought into Cryo. I would not assume any large or if any map changes would need to be made, the *Insert job name here* could just be spawned in the dormitories just outside of Cryo. Balance: I'll list this in a pro's/con's format providing some detail. Pro's. Ease of work for administrators dealing with people stealing / killing the SSD. More job spots! Mid Round. - This would help reduce the Greytide amount possibly 10-fold. Cleaner hallways and departments, we all know you're not gonna take that SSD person to Cryo, someone has to. Con's Ultimate Greytide with crazy access: the access would be of course limited and anywhere a SSD body was that they could not reach would require the help of a nearby person with access or the AI who would know if there was a body that needed to be cleaned. Some Resolutions and ideas on how it could be structured: The Job could be a Karma Paid job. The Job could have a similar wait time to the head's of staff, 30 day's i think, but it could be longer. (possibly bogging down on grey's who wont stick around long enough to get their hands on it) maybe could be assisted by a PAI or Robot dedicated to helping the *insert job name here* into places with the SSD but denying access to places that their is no need to go into preventing full blown godtide Now that i think about it you could probably just make it a job for Borgs but I've just spent the past 25 mins writing this so if you got this far take that into considderation also that this could just be added as a Borg job subset. Edit: Possibly could have a Loyalty Implant therefor making it a lot more punishing to do something out of character. Any Suggestions? i'll add them here: